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How to drink real brandy?


The use of elite alcohol is in many ways different from the banal home feast, on which hardly anyone thinks about etiquette or tradition. An expensive brandy, whose fortress is close to a degree of good vodka, needs a special approach. Only strict adherence to all rules of the process of drinking a bottle of this amazing liquid will allow you to fully experience all the notes of this alcohol.

How do they drink brandy correctly? First let's define alcohol itself. It has a lot of differences from brandy. Therefore, it is not necessary to draw an analogy between them. Brandy is made from special raw materials. In addition, the technology of creating this noble drink is truly unique. That is why good brandy is easily recognized by its characteristic tart flavor and unique aroma from a glass. What is the best dish to drink?

A brandy glass should be low and with a neck that is significantly narrower than the base. It is called a sniffter and can also be used for brandy. In this case, brandy is poured in such a way that the amber liquid is swaying exclusively in the wide part of the glass. If you fill the container completely, you will lose the opportunity to enjoy a stunning bouquet of aroma.

It is not recommended to use brandy in a noisy company or at a party. This alcohol requires a calm and peaceful atmosphere. He is called to bring with him blissful relaxation. If you are tired after a hard day at work and want to relax a bit, now you know for sure how. Brandy is also drunk in a narrow circle of close people. The main thing in this case - the focus on the drink and leisure. Brandy is drunk exclusively in small sips, pre-rinsing the oral cavity with liquid. Only in this way will the taste buds capture the maximum amount of information about the rich bouquet of this alcohol.

As a rule, brandy is drunk without any snack, so as not to be distracted by extraneous ingredients. However, this drink is quite strong and at the same time has a very tart taste. Therefore, not everyone dares to take even a quarter of one glass in its pure form. How to drink brandy with a snack? Stop your choice on a few slices of fresh lemon. Also chocolate is perfect for the drink. The latter is recommended to take it bitter. In combination with strong alcohol, this dessert takes on a completely new flavor.

Before you start drinking brandy, a glass of warm in the palms. The drink should be at room temperature (not warmer). After that, you can safely enjoy the aroma and unique taste.

How to drink brandy in cocktails? First you need to remember the basic fact. For cocktails are used only inexpensive varieties. Top brand luxury brandy can not be mixed with anything. This would call a true blasphemy every connoisseur of strong alcoholic beverages. Liquor, coffee, fresh orange juice without pulp, cream of average fat content, various fruit syrups, milk and even ice cream will be good neighbors in a cocktail for brandy.

Many connoisseurs of good alcohol of this type prefer to drink it with ice. In their opinion, this makes the flavor much softer and more delicate. After all, not everyone will like the rich astringency.

What is this drink?

Brandy - this is not a specific drink, but rather a whole group, which combines the method of preparation. The basis is distilled grape juice, fruit juices (using the fermentation method), wine or marc. The result is a drink, the strength of which can reach 45 degrees.

The first brands appeared around the XV or VVI century, and thanks to the Dutch sailors. They bought wine, but did not always have the opportunity to store it properly, so they began to use it to produce distillate, which was produced by distillation or burning. By the way, the original name fully reflects the essence of this method, because in English it sounds “brandewijn” and translates as “burned out or distilled wine”.

Options for use

What is the best drink brandy? Everything will depend on your preferences, but the following options are considered the most correct:

  1. In pure form. Brandy has a pronounced noble taste (especially high-quality and expensive varieties) and a bright aroma, and in order to feel them, you should serve the drink in the right glass. The ideal option would be a snifter having an extension at the bottom and a narrowing at the top (it looks like a tulip). Moreover, it is necessary to fill only a wide part in order to enjoy the smell during use. The optimal serving temperature is about 20 degrees, but it is best to warm the drink with the warmth of your hands. Drink brandy in small sips (not in one gulp) in order to feel the taste and feel the light heat spreading all over your body.
  2. With other soft drinks. For example, you can use coffee, but always fresh, natural and high-quality. You can also use strong tea. If you want to slightly reduce the strength of the drink, then use mineral water, and non-carbonated, for dilution. Ice is suitable for this purpose. You can also add grape, apple or orange juice, tonic. The proportions should be equal, if the brandy is smaller, you will not feel its taste, it will simply dissolve and drown.
  3. As part of cocktails. Inexpensive brandy can be used to make various cocktails. So, it is combined with “Cola”, fruit and berry juices, creamy or fruit sweet liqueurs, syrups. You can use both generally accepted proportions, and the ratio obtained empirically and specifically satisfying you.

What to bite?

What snacks are combined with brandy?

  • Light fruit or berry snacks, such as oranges, lemons, grapes, bananas, pears.
  • You can serve a drink with a dessert, especially harmoniously, it is combined with ice cream.
  • Try snacking on brandy with unsalted nuts: walnuts, peanuts or almonds.
  • This drink is perfectly combined with meat dishes, and in any form. You can serve him cutting, hot dish or kebab.
  • Cheese will also be an exquisite addition.
  • Sweet lovers can use chocolate, but preferably dark and of high quality. So, you can first put a small piece in your mouth and let it melt, then drink a glass of brandy, and then eat a slice of lemon.

Tip: do not use fish and seafood as a snack, they will muffle the taste of the drink and will not let you enjoy it to the fullest.

Great brandy complement

It is believed that brandy goes well with cigars, which is not the case with some other strong drinks. First, drink 50 ml of the drink, and then slowly and slowly, smoke a good cigar. But ordinary cigarettes, especially of low quality, will not work!

A few recommendations:

  1. Choose a quality brandy to enjoy its taste. The smell should contain light fruit and vanilla notes, and the drink itself should be transparent.
  2. Find the perfect option for yourself. Perhaps you will like the unexpected combination, it is quite acceptable.
  3. Remember that in everything you need to know the measure, including the use of brandy!

Let the brandy give you pleasant emotions!
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What is brandy, what is it made of?

Brandy is a product obtained by distilling wine material. Initially, this drink was obtained after the usual distillation of wine. This was done by traders in order to reduce transportation costs and make the drink more concentrated.

At the very beginning, brandy was planned to be diluted with water until the fortress of wine was obtained. But after tasting the drink, it was found that it, when stored in an oak barrel, acquires a pleasant aftertaste and unique aroma.

Accordingly, after such an experiment, a new drink appeared.

Brandy made from grapes. There are also recipes using fruit. Such a drink is also produced by fermentation and distillation. This is not a specific drink, but the general name of the whole series and technology of preparation.

What is brandy, what is it made of?

What do the stars on brandy mean?

Stars mean the duration of exposure. Any brandy must be aged in barrels - at least 2 years. Three stars speaks for an exposure of 2-3 years. If five stars, then the exposure is 5 years.

Outside can not designate a drink with an exposure of less than 2 years brandy. Of course, in order to keep stocks in the cellar and maintain the right temperature, investments are necessary.

Accordingly, the cost of such a drink will be higher.

What glasses to serve for brandy?

Drink a drink from a low semi-circular glasses. The capacity of such a glass is 165 ml. Before drinking, take a glass in hand between the middle and ring finger and pinch. A few minutes drink warm palm. The glass is usually filled to a third. Sometimes the drink is warmed up candles. It enhances the flavor.

How to drink brandy and what to eat?

The ideal temperature for feeding is 22-25 degrees. It is at this temperature that the aroma and taste manifest. Some experts recommend cooling to 16 degrees. Ideally, brandy does not bite.

But now very few people drink strong alcoholic beverages, so you can put ice in brandy or snack on chocolate, lemon.

If you are at a tasting or at dinner, then brandy can be served in small glasses, which contain only one sip.

Quick recipe

The drink is prepared instantly, no need to wait.

  • 3 liters of moonshine
  • 10 g dry black tea
  • A pinch of baking soda
  • 5 cloves
  • 10 g vanilla sugar
  • 5 bay leaves
  • 10 peas allspice

  • You need a moonshine can and an enamel pan
  • The strength of the initial drink must be at least 50 degrees
  • Pour the moonshine into the pan and heat on the fire to 75 degrees

  • Pour all ingredients and cover again.
  • Turn off the heat and leave to cool, strain


Prepares for longer and requires an exposure of 5 days.

  • A handful of dry orange peels
  • Handful of walnut partitions
  • 3 liters of moonshine
  • 12 g of tea
  • Pinch of potassium permanganate
  • 15 g vanilla sugar
  • 10 studs

  • Put all the ingredients in a jar
  • Close the lid and shake
  • Put the container in a dark place for 5 days.
  • Eliminate drafts, strain

How to make brandy cocktails at home: recipes

It is a lot of recipes, they can be prepared both for the noisy company, and for modest gatherings of the house.

  • 25 ml of champagne
  • 110 ml brandy (strength 37-40%)
  • Burnt sugar
  • 3 drops of bitter tincture

  • Take sugar in a glass and put tincture on it

  • Enter the champagne with cognac
  • Leave until sugar is completely dissolved.

How to make brandy cocktails at home: recipes

Unusual and thick cocktail with hints of peach.

  • 20 ml brandy medium strength
  • 25 ml of peach liquor
  • 20 grams of banana
  • 45 ml of cream with fat content of 10%
  • Some chocolate

  • Peel the banana and put it in a blender
  • Pour in cream and alcoholic beverages
  • Turn on the machine and turn everything into a smooth mash
  • Pour into a triangular glass and sprinkle with grated chocolate.

How to make brandy cocktails at home: recipes

Prepared according to the principle of a milkshake.

  • 240 g ice cream
  • 120 ml of milk
  • 25 ml brandy
  • 1 banana

  • Peel the tropical fruit and throw in the blender
  • Turn it into a puree and enter the ice cream
  • Beat until frothy, pour in milk and brandy.
  • Whisk again

How to make brandy cocktails at home: recipes

As you can see, brandy is a well-known drink, which we call brandy. It can be made from moonshine. With the use of ordinary brandy, delicious cocktails are obtained.

What can you drink?

To fully experience and enjoy the taste of this drink, you need to know how and with what brandy they drink.

There are relatively few rules on how brandy is drunk, so remembering them is easy to discover the full aroma and taste of alcohol.

—Brandy— —this drink for the evening in a small friendly companytherefore, to make your evening go as best as possible, find out for yourself how to properly drink brandy and what to eat.

How to serve

First you need to understand what kind of brandy drink, and then it becomes clear how to drink it. This type of alcohol arose from the fact that the wine, which was so popular at the time of navigation, could not be stored for a long time, and the spoiled alcohol was too much to throw out.

Then navigators and came up with distill wine againto save expensive product and save space in the hold. So today brandy is made from grape wine, fruit or berry mash.

It turns out quite strong, from 40 to 60 degrees, alcohol, which reveals notes of fruit or berries.

  • To reveal the full aroma and taste of alcohol, its It is customary to serve and drink from cognac glasses and fill only its wide part.
  • Pouring into a glass, you should heat it in your hands, so he gave all the fragrance.
  • It is best to use it not at noisy parties, but in the circle of close friendsto fully enjoy the alcohol and atmosphere of the evening.
  • Real connoisseurs do not eat or drink this drink, but follow the rule: coffee brandy cigar. That is, they first drink a cup of coffee while the alcohol is heated in the hand, then slowly drink 50-80 ml of brandy and smoke a good cigar. This is repeated several times.

What do brandy drink

Most often, brandy is usually served with bitter chocolate or lemon as a snack, so as not to interrupt the taste of the drink. Taking sweet chocolate is not recommended.

If you're wondering how to properly drink a certain kind, such as Torres brandy, you can go deep and look for variations, but a win-win is to drink it in its pure form.

You can also add ice to a glass to reduce the strength, and wash down with coffee or strong black tea.

Light Salty Snacks

  • For strong alcohol a good snack will be plain sausagebut without fatty varieties, sandwiches and canapes.
  • Cheese plate also goes well with the taste of the drink.
  • You can also serve vegetables, but preference is better to give olives, small tomatoes or sweet peppers.
  • You can still file shrimp or lobster meat, but other fish dishes will be superfluous.

Light sweet snacks

  • Can often be seen as a snack ice cream or dark chocolate.
  • You can file walnuts, almonds or unsalted peanuts.
  • Fruits It goes well with strong alcohol, so you can chop apples, bananas and pears, as well as serve sweet grapes.

Hearty Meals

  • Very often on big holidays you can see that brandy served to meat low-fat dishes, salads and potatoes, which is also quite appropriate.
  • It can also be a meat plate.

  • If you are served fish dish, then it is better to set aside a drink, because you still will not feel all its taste.

What is washed down brandy

Most often it is not washed down, but interfere with grape or apple juice, still water or tonic. You can simply put ice in it to make the taste softer. But if you still want to drink something, then it’s best to use good coffee or a cup of strong black tea.

Other options

There are a lot of recipes — brandy cocktails — for it is a good basis for them. Many prefer to drink cocktails that add liquor, there are also combinations with “vodka”, “calvados” or “rum”.

But “sour brandy” is best mixed with juices to get a long drink for a big company. If you don’t have it at all, you can find a substitute in “good cognac”, which, although different in taste, is perfect for cocktails.

Or at least you can make — coffee and brandy — to rest after a hard day.

Brandy is an excellent drink for a quiet cozy evening in the company or even for thinking alone, which is difficult to replace with its analogues. It is suitable for true connoisseurs of comfortable rest and good alcohol. If you are unprincipled, you can buy a good brandy, but the aroma and taste of this brandy can not be completely replaced. How do you like a drink? What kind of snack did you choose for him? Tell us about your feelings in the comments.

What dishes are served?

Brandy - a drink that has received wide acclaim throughout the world, including in Russia. It is represented by many different types, made on the basis of grape wine or mash. Gourmets say: in order for a drink to reveal the entire bouquet of taste, you need to know exactly what brandy is drunk with and what dishes it is served with.

What is brandy?

“Brandy” - behind this name lies a large family of various strong alcoholic beverages with a strength from 40% to 72%, which are made by distilling grape wine, fruit or berry mash. For the first time the drink appeared about 500 years ago, when the enterprising Dutch figured out how to transport light wines to distant countries, and began to distill ready-made drinks, resulting in strong distillates.

After 6 or more months of storage in finished oak barrels, the finished product matured, taking on the properties of wood, and acquired a new soft taste, golden brown color and a stunning bouquet of aromas. So brandewijn ("distilled wine") turned into brandy.

Brandy is often confused with brandy. But in fact, these are two completely different drinks.

What makes brandy different from brandy? The first is made only from grape juice of certain varieties by double distillation and aging in oak barrels for about 2.5 years.

The finished drink has a fortress of 400 - no more, no less. As you can see, brandy has a completely different cooking technology and foundation.

How to drink brandy and how to eat it?

According to gourmets, a real brandy should be drunk only at room temperature (18-200C). A glass with a drink does not need to be warmed by hands: on the contrary, it will prevent it from opening up at its natural pace.

There are several basic rules for its use:

  • they drink brandy undiluted, from brandy glasses, not filling them to the top. There should be enough space for the fragrance to open,
  • take a sip of the drink in small sips,
  • expensive varieties of perennial exposure are not used in cocktails and are not diluted, but are drunk only in pure form. It is believed that the only way to feel the true taste and aroma of noble alcohol.

In its pure form, it is served only after a meal, but as an aperitif drink, it is diluted with soda, tonic, carbonated water, orange and grape juice (1: 1 ratio) or cocktails are made using inexpensive, low-end grades. The simplest cocktail is brandy with cola: the ingredients are mixed in the same proportions and served in tall glasses with ice.

Cocktail Charleston

Orange liqueur, cherry brandy and orange lemonade are taken in the same proportions. First, mix the liqueur and brandy in a shaker, pour it into a glass, then add lemonade and a little crushed ice.

English "Eg-legs"

The traditional drink of the British, which is prepared mainly for the Christmas holidays. Mixer beat in a strong foam 2 tsp. sugar syrup and 1 yolk, then 50 ml brandy and 100 ml cold milk are added to the fluffy mass. The glass is filled with half crushed ice, then the finished drink is sprinkled on top with a small amount of nutmeg.

What can you eat?

To feel and, most importantly, not to spoil the taste of the drink, you should choose the “right” dishes for it, allowing you to enjoy its true aroma.

  • cold cuts (ham, dry-cured sausage),
  • sandwiches of white bread with red caviar or red fish, smeared with a thin layer of butter,
  • Maasdam, Emmental,
  • vegetables: thin slices of sweet pepper, olives and cherry tomatoes,
  • tartlets with tender meat pate,
  • walnuts, almonds, unsalted peanuts.
  • grapes of white varieties, green apples or pears of the same color.

  • shrimp and lobster dishes
  • Hot beef, lamb, poultry with a garnish of boiled or fried in vegetable oil, odorless with salt, potatoes,
  • fresh vegetable salads, dressed with olive or other vegetable oil.

  • tender souffle of nuts
  • thin pancakes with chocolate mousse,
  • charlotte with savory apples.

But lemon and chocolate are not well combined with noble brandy. Of course, lemon can also be served as a snack.

But, in order not to interrupt the taste of the drink, it is best to cut the citrus into very thin slices (not thicker than 3 mm) and:

  • caramelize half rings in sugar or in dark chocolate icing,
  • sprinkle with coffee, cinnamon,
  • put a lemon circle between the slices of cheese.

We use a little and with pleasure!

No one really knows who invented the brandy.

Obviously, the idea of ​​concentrating alcohol, so that it could be economically transported in large quantities, soared in the air and was implemented in ancient Greece, Rome and China.

Distillery distillery became popular in Europe in the Middle Ages. Perhaps the hand to the invention of the brandy put the Spanish monks. However, the word English itself goes back to the Dutch brandewijn, which means “burnt wine”.

About how they drink brandy and with what - a little later. And now let's figure out what it really is.

A little bit about stiffness and liberalism

Even if “brandy” is written on the bottle and there are five stars on the label, this is not necessarily brandy.

The drink must be produced in the French district of Cognac, according to very strict technological rules of double distillation of fermented grape juice and further long-term aging in oak barrels.

Since the European Union introduced draconian rules in defense of brandy exclusively from Cognac, even Armenians - since 2010 - have been forced to change the familiar brand to “Arbun”.

Moreover, brandy liberalism is so wide and comprehensive that this group of drinks includes the product of fermenting not only the juice of the grapes, but also its pulp, stems and seeds (Italian grappa, Georgian hour, Balkan raki).

And fruit brandies are made from apples (Calvados), plums (plum claret), raspberries (framboise), cherries (kirschwasser), pears, peaches, apricots, currants, blueberries, strawberries, juniper. Some types of brandy also add coffee beans or flower petals. About at least three to five years of aging in a wooden barrel before acquiring a golden brown shade is often out of the question.

Brandy fruit or otzhimk, as a rule, do not stand at all and it is transparent, like banal vodka. Some manufacturers trash and tint brandy caramel.

All this eclecticism does not really interfere with the reputation of the drink as noble, genuinely masculine and requiring certain etiquette when used. How to drink brandy?

Correct temperature

Here, connoisseurs of diametrically disagree. One part of them requires brandy to heat up - on fire or simply in hand. Like, only then will the drink give up all its rich flavors. Others believe that it should, on the contrary, be cooled, and even add ice to it, since concentrated vapors of heated alcohol are unpleasant.

Still others manage to find a compromise. It is advised to drink brandy cold before meals (as an aperitif) and warm - after dinner (as a digestif).

Correct amount

This is probably the most difficult rule for our compatriots: 40 grams - and no more! And in small sips. Otherwise, it is no longer a gourmet and gaiety of the spirit, but a banal booze that will not allow you to appreciate the three waves of brandy bouquet that go one after another:

  • vanilla,
  • fruit and flower,
  • apricot-violet.

If you managed to feel all three - you came across an extremely high-quality brandy.

The correct "age"

If you start to rotate the snifter around the axis, you can determine the brandy's exposure. For this you need to see how it flows along the walls of the glass. If the drops are visible for five seconds - the shutter speed is from three to five years. If you hold fifteen seconds or more - the "age" of the drink is also about fifteen years old.

What is combined with what-2

If you serve brandy as an aperitif, you can drink it with soda, tonic, soda or orange juice. Or make a sophisticated cocktail.

For example, “Charleston”: cherry brandy, orange liqueur, chilled lemonade, ice. Pour brandy and liqueur into a glass, shake well, add ice and lemonade.

English "Eg-legs", on the contrary, warm. The shaker mixes brandy, dark rum, sugar syrup and egg. The resulting thick mass is poured into a bar glass, cold milk is added, and nutmeg is sprinkled on top. Brandy-Saur is refreshing in the summer. Put ice in shaker (approximately to the middle). Top up with brandy, lemon juice, sprinkle with powdered sugar. How should mix, garnish with fruit. If it seems too sour, add orange juice. Another popular brandy cocktail is Motorcycle Stroller. Also crushed ice from below, then - brandy, “Trill Sec” liqueur, lemon juice. Mix thoroughly, decant in a pre-cooled glass. From above to decorate with slices of orange, lemon, cherry berries.

More about the drink

One can hardly be considered a real man of one who does not know what brandy is drinking with. This is not just alcohol with a 500-year history, but a real secondary sex trait for many generations of sailors. For several centuries of existence, the manufacturing technology and traditions of use have changed. But one thing remained unchanged - tart flavor, taste and high strength.

General rules for drinking

Everyone has the right to choose the preferred way of drinking. But nothing prevents to listen to the experience of other people and traditions developed over many years:

  • The temperature of the liquid in the bottle should be no more than 20 degrees,
  • There is an alternative opinion: the ideal temperature is 15 degrees. After bottling the glass is heated on the flame of a candle. If overheated, the taste will be unpleasant and acrid,
  • Brandy lovers never put ice in a glass,
  • You should not taste it in a noisy unfamiliar place. Preference should be given to a quiet home environment with close friends,
  • It is necessary to fill a glass so that the liquid produces a small whirlpool,
  • Before you dry a glass, it will not be superfluous to taste the aroma of alcohol, especially if it is an expensive variety with a long exposure,
  • Drink brandy in small sips, carefully savoring every drop,
  • The original method of use - with coffee and an expensive cigar.

Drinking goes well with milk, cream, sugar, liqueurs, soda, fruit juices ... It is not only possible to mix it with other substances, but also to bring a high degree down a little.

Wine glasses and snack

This alcoholic drink is not used in large companies as entertainment, they need to enjoy. It is important to drink it properly. To begin with, a suitable glass is selected - “snifter”, or cognac. It is small in size with a short stalk.

The shape in the form of a tulip allows you to drink slowly and feel every touch of flavor. The amount of brandy should stay at the level of the wide part of the glass. That is, the fourth part of the snifter is filled.

Many do not bite this drink because it is served after a meal. But if there is a habit of seizing alcohol, then you can use any meat dishes and products. Another feminine option is to put a piece of chocolate in your mouth, wait for the melting and take a sip of brandy. You can also eat a slice of lemon.

How to drink brandy: pure or diluted?

These connoisseurs believe that it is correct to use this alcohol in its pure form, lighting a cigar and swallowing strong coffee in breaks. But for some, such a drink is too strong, so you can dilute it with soda, tonic or cola, adding ice. Also brandy goes well with orange juice.

Adding ice while drinking in its pure form, immediately the aroma becomes brighter. Therefore, warm brandy is not recommended. Connoisseurs with experience recommend warming a glass of drink in hand, because they have been drinking brandy for a long time and they know a lot about it.

Cocktails - delicious use of alcoholic beverage

Women more often use this drink as a component of cocktails. Because the fortress is great or like to feel every time new tastes. But men do not neglect cocktails. The recipe and components they can be very unpredictable.

  • Orange liqueur (50 ml),
  • Cherry Brandy (100 ml)
  • Lemonade (50 ml),
  • Ice.

Liquor and brandy are sent to the shaker and mixed thoroughly. The resulting liquid is poured into a glass, then lemonade and ice cubes are added. Cocktail is pretty fresh.

The glass is decorated with an orange or lemon slice cut off by a ring. Also there is a tube for convenience. "Charleston" is ready to eat!

  • Brandy (100 ml),
  • Granulated sugar (2 tbsp. L)
  • Dark rum (100 ml),
  • Milk (50 ml),
  • Pinch of nutmeg,
  • Drinking water (2 tablespoons),
  • Chicken egg (1 pc.).

Caramel is made from water and sugar. Sugar is poured into a small saucepan with a thicker bottom and is filled with water. Wait for the appearance of large bubbles, reduce the flame and cook until honey-colored. You need to make sure that the syrup does not thicken.

Alcohol, egg and syrup are mixed using a shaker. It is necessary to interfere until the complete grinding of eggs and the appearance of foam. The resulting liquid should be poured into glasses, add cold milk and sprinkle with nutmeg. No wonder “Eg-legs” is a favorite cocktail of English lords.

Brandy Sauer

This is a pretty fresh cocktail. The name translates as “sour brandy” because it contains lemon juice. It is pleasant to drink such a drink on a summer day in order to refresh and cool down, since it is better to drink brandy (with ice).

  • Brandy (100 ml),
  • Lemon juice (50 ml),
  • Icing sugar (pinch),
  • Fruit (for decoration),
  • Ice.

Alcohol, lemon juice and powdered sugar are mixed using a shaker. Ready cocktail is poured on ice cubes, thrown into a glass beforehand. The drinking pot is decorated with fruit. If it turns out too sour, then you can dilute the cocktail with orange juice. Since drinking brandy is not necessary in its pure form, you can turn on the fantasy and experiment with juices.

"Brandy Martini"

This is a simple and extremely tasty cocktail. Brandy, tonic and vermouth are shaken up in a shaker along with crushed ice. After that, everything is decanted into glasses. Brandi Martini is ready!

  • Brandy (50 ml),
  • Dark rum (50 ml),
  • White rum (50 ml),
  • Cointreau liquor (50 ml),
  • Lime juice (20 ml),
  • Orange juice (40 ml),
  • Ice.

Alcoholic components are mixed in a blender or shaker, then sent to a glass and added lime and orange juice. On top you can put a couple of ice cubes for cooling.

This is a wonderful drink, which is used undiluted and as a part of many cocktails. To truly enjoy its taste, you need to know how to drink brandy. Above were listed all the simple ways by which the rest for a glass of this drink will turn into a true pleasure. Drink alcohol properly, and then it will be fun!

How to drink brandy correctly and what to eat?

Drinking alcohol at 60 degrees should definitely be combined with the use of food. In addition to eliminating unwanted rapid intoxication, a properly selected snack will highlight certain flavor notes of brandy:

  • Citrus fruits (especially orange and lemon), grapes and berries. Fruit mix will add exoticism,
  • Sweet: chocolate, cookies, cake, candy,

  • The traditional dish is ice cream,
  • Roasted Peanuts no salt added. Strong alcohol already dehydrates the body,
  • Almond or Walnut,
  • Meat in cold or hot. In our country, it is customary to seize a strong drink with kebabs or smoked meat,
  • Dear cheeses,
  • Chocolate with a slice of lemon or lime is a classic snack popular in the West. The main thing is that the chocolate is bitter.

Seafood is not recommended for serving, as they completely spoil the taste of drinking.

What glasses do they drink brandy from?

Full compliance with the intricacies of the process involves the presence of the correct dishes in the house. There are several types of glasses, specially created for tasting this drink:

  1. Snifter - round container with a wide base and a low leg. Suitable for expensive varieties of alcohol more than 5-year exposure. To complete the sensations, the glass is never completely filled - 25% will be enough. After bottling, the snifter is held in their hands for a minute so that the alcohol absorbs oxygen properly,
  2. Wobble - identical to the previous type, but does not have a stand, which is why it is constantly tilted on its side. Due to the structure of the vessel, the liquid in it is continuously mixed,
  3. Tubular snifters - have, in addition, a soldered glass tube (like a hookah),
  4. Tulip - a thin shaped vessel on a high stand. Visually reminiscent of a tulip bud, hence the name. The glass is designed for tasting young varieties of alcohol. They are widespread in continental Europe, in contrast to snifters popular in England,
  5. Some prefer to use brandy from whiskey glasses with a thick bottom.

How to drink apple brandy?

Drink obtained by the method of distillation of apples, requires special treatment:

  • Snacking this sort of liquor with fruits is considered the height of vulgarity. Ideally, you should drink it clean, but as an alternative, you can consider desserts,
  • The French prefer to seize drinking local cheeses and breads,
  • When aged for up to four years, the apple drink is consumed before meals or during breaks between meals,
  • Drinks with a more advanced age are taken after meals,
  • If the fortress exceeds the 45 degree bar, then it is considered good practice to light a cigar during the process,
  • If desired, you can prepare a variety of cocktails to your taste. The compatibility of fruit alcohol with other drinks is extraordinary.

The most famous brandy variety is Calvadoswhich is produced on the territory of Normandy. Fruits with high aromatic intensity are selected for it.

If you know what brandy is drinking with, you can get an indescribable pleasure from tasting this Dutch alcohol. Meat, desserts, ice cream, cheeses and fresh fruit can be used. And only true connoisseurs know that a better addition than cigar and cup of coffee, you can not imagine.

В данном видео профессиональный кавист Антуан Лонни расскажет, как следует пить винный бренди, с чем его можно мешать, с какими продуктами сочетать:

Технология изготовления и полезные советы

Бренди является весьма необычным алкоголем, отличить который от другого напитка порой бывает непросто. Зачастую любители ошибаются при определении бренди, решив, что это виски. It cannot be said that brandy is called the final product, most likely, it is the technology used to make the drink.

Make this exquisite drink from different products, depending on taste preferences. This may be grape juice, distilled wine, or various berries that can be fermented.

The time of brandy is considered the period betweenXvandXVIa century. European sailors, going on a long voyage, took with them on the road various varieties of wine.

But, unfortunately, the duration of such travels sometimes amounted to several months, and during this time the wine had time to spoil. Do not throw the same expensive product into the sea! The sailors approached this issue wisely, becoming the distilled wine.

Firstly, it helped to save the drink, and secondly - its volumes were reduced, which saved space in the hold of the ship. Initially, the resulting drink was called “brandewijn” (distilled wine), but soon this alcohol was called abbreviated as “brandy”.

The name is preserved, and the drink has become very popular among connoisseurs of alcohol.

Brandy history is about 500 years old.

The process of making brandy is a creative element, since it is not limited to any formulas or schemes. Only three main types have strict rules.

These include:

In some countries, there may be their own unique recipes for making brandy, but these may well already be independent drinks with different names.


This option is suitable for drinking alcohol at the buffet tables. Choosing food, stop at meats, sandwiches or small canapes. If desired, take low-fat sausage or caviar - this is also a good option. Enough to enjoy the original aged flavor of the drink will help you vegetables and hard cheese as a snack.

The choice of vegetables should also show refinement and give preference:

  • olives,
  • tomatoes (preferably cherry varieties),
  • Bulgarian pepper.

The following fruits are perfect from fruit:

  • lemon,
  • grapes (preferably white variety),
  • an Apple,
  • pear,
  • banana.

In the CIS, it is customary to use brandy with chocolate, but this combination is ignored in many European countries, as sweet chocolate can change the taste of a drink.

While tasting expensive brandy varieties, many try to not bite it at all, enjoying the delicate aroma. There is even a rule of drinking. This is a rule of three "C" - Cafe, Cognac, Cigare.

At first, you need to drink aromatic coffee, after which 50 grams of alcohol warmed from the heat of the palm of your hand, only then a cigar is smoked.

This ritual is taken several times to repeat (to heighten the pleasure).

The rule of three "C" - Cafe, Cognac, Cigare

Hearty snacks

At a large feast, this alcohol is recommended to eat meat or other dishes that are served hot. We are talking about potatoes, meat and salad. In order to taste the drink is not spoiled, try to avoid fish dishes. This applies to almost all dishes, with the exception of lobster and shrimp.

What to drink?

Having dealt with snacks, you need to figure out what you need to drink brandy. Trying to lower the degree of the drink, it is diluted with orange juice, tonic or mineral water without gas. The ideal proportion is 1: 1. You can also use grape juice.

Brandy diluted with orange juice in a ratio of 1: 1

Some varieties of alcohol connoisseurs are consumed with black tea or a cup of strong coffee.

Cocktail Cherry Laver

Try the unusual Cherry Lover cocktail that combines the taste of brandy and cherry liqueur.

Cocktail Cherry lover ("The Cherry Lover")

  • 50 grams Cherry Brandy (special cherry variety)
  • 25 grams of vodka
  • 50 grams of cherry liqueur,
  • 25 grams Maraschino (liquor),
  • ice.

Put all ingredients in a shaker and mix for 20-30 seconds. After that, pour the resulting liquid into a special glass - Cocktail Glass. If desired, ice cubes are added to the cocktail. As a decoration is perfect cherry.

Applejack Cocktail

The original American drink using Calvados. Due to its uniqueness and unsurpassed taste, Applejack has remained popular for many years.

Applejack Cocktail (Apple Jack)

  • 50 grams of Calvados
  • 15 grams of orange liqueur,
  • 1 gram Orange bitter (bitter orange tincture),
  • half lime

Add all the ingredients to the shaker by squeezing half a lime into it. Then whisk all the contents and pour it into a pre-cooled glass. Use a strainer for fluid overflow. The process of cooking Applejack will take you no more than 3 minutes.

Cocktail Scorpion

All brandy cocktails have an unusual taste and a high degree. And Scorpio has a really sharp sting that expects everyone who wants to enjoy this cocktail. Blow up your brain with a hot mix of rum and brandy!

  • 20 grams of dark rum,
  • 15 grams of white rum,
  • 15 grams of brandy,
  • 5 grams of Cointreau (clear liqueur of French origin),
  • 5 grams of orange juice,
  • 5 grams of lime juice,
  • ice.

Put some ice on the bottom of the shaker by chopping it up. Then add the remaining ingredients. Shake the liquid for 20 seconds and pour it into a special highball glass, at the bottom of which should also be crushed ice. At the final stage of preparation, dip the lime rind in a glass with a cocktail.

That's all! We also recommend reading about how to drink absinthe.

How to drink brandy?

Brandy - a great alcohol for a small company of close friends who want to relax quietly and quietly. This amazing drink is made from different products. It can be grape juice, fermented fruits and berries, as well as wine distillate. To extract the maximum enjoyment from the process of absorbing brandy, it is useful to get acquainted with the culture of its consumption. Such tips are suitable for apple, grape and other types of drink.

Tips on drinking

Experts recommend drinking brandy, adhering to some simple tips:

  1. Fans of this drink like to pour it into cognac glasses. This gives a person the opportunity to slightly warm the exquisite drink with the warmth of his hands.
  2. Pour brandy into the sniffter should, filling only its wide part. Otherwise, the taster will not be able to catch the subtle notes of the aroma of the drink.
  3. This alcohol is ideal to drink in a narrow circle of the closest people and only in small sips. Noisy companies and parties will not allow the drink to fully disclose its taste - its perception requires a relaxed atmosphere.
  4. The most suitable temperature for supplying brandy is 22-25 ° C. For this, some connoisseurs warm up a glass a little above the flame of a candle.
  5. But brandy manufacturers insist that at lower temperatures, the drink has a more pleasant taste flavor. The aroma and taste of brandy will become even brighter, richer and more velvety at a temperature of 15-16 ° C.
  6. This drink is made to drink without a snack. But if a person is used to still feast on something for alcohol, then it is better for him to opt for lemon or bitter chocolate.
  7. Ordinary brandy (with medium exposure) is drunk not only clean, but also as a part of many cocktails. It will ideally be combined with coffee and liqueurs, fruit syrups and milk, ice cream, whipped cream and citrus juice.
  8. If the brandy smell seems too harsh, it can be served along with ice cubes. So do many fans of this valuable drink, although in the original version of the filing is unacceptable.

What to drink brandy

Brandy - a unique drink that you can drink with absolutely any snack. It is combined with almost everything, but it is best to serve it with sandwiches, cold cuts on small canapes. Also excellent sandwiches with caviar or hard cheese. If you choose vegetables, give preference to tomatoes, olives or bell peppers. Fruit is best combined with brandy:

  • Bananas.
  • Apples.
  • Lemons
  • Pear.
  • Grapes

It is not recommended to drink brandy with chocolate, as its rich taste can interrupt the power of brandy. Many experts do not recommend snacking such alcohol at all. Some of them adhere to the following rule: drink 50 grams of coffee, then smoke a cigar. And only after that they drink alcohol heated at the hands. This ritual can be performed until you get the maximum pleasure.

At a serious feast brandy need to eat hot meat dishes. Various salads and potatoes are also excellent. In no case should not eat fish, since you interrupt the taste of the drink. The only exceptions are shrimps and lobsters. It is best to adhere to the traditions of the kitchen in which country alcohol was made.

If you decide what to eat brandy, is not so difficult, then decide what to drink it, much more difficult. To reduce the strength of the brandy, it is necessary to dilute it with orange juice, mineral still water or tonic. It’s best to do this in a 50/50 ratio. Also brandy gives an excellent combination with grape juice. Many people find a pleasant combination of such alcohol with strong tea or coffee.

Recommendations for use

There is an opinion among people that cognac and brandy are one and the same drink. In fact, it is a completely different alcohol, they have a lot of differences in serious parameters. The greatest difference is traced in the used raw materials and production technology. Real connoisseurs and professional tasters recommend the following:

  • It is necessary to pour brandy only into sniffters. You need to pour as much as you need to cover the wide part.
  • Drink a drink should be sips. It is also suitable for use in close circles, as it requires a calm atmosphere.
  • Serve alcohol at a temperature of 22-25 degrees. After that, it is additionally heated in a glass.
  • You can drink brandy without a snack, so as not to kill its unique taste.
  • With the help of brandy, you can easily make a variety of cocktails. The drink can be mixed with ice cream, coffee, milk, cream, juice and many others.
  • If the brandy stronghold is too big for you, try adding ice to the glass.