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Unedged manicure is a safe procedure for nail care that can be done at home


Unedged manicure is a great gentle way to bring your nails in order. Unless, of course, you know how to properly conduct it. In this article I will tell you how to do a manicure step by step, what tools are needed for this and what stages of the procedure at home exist. Learn the secrets of caring for yourself on moisecrety.com!


What is unedged manicure and to whom is it shown?

Unedged manicure (or, as it is also called, European) differs from edged one in that when it is performed, the cuticle around the nail is not cut off. You can get rid of it with special products containing acids, fruit or dairy.

The advantages of unedged manicure are that it suits the owners of thin skin on the hands, in cases close to the surface of the vessels. As well as people suffering from more severe diseases, when even a minor wound after a manicure can be dangerous.

Ways of unedged manicure

There are three of the most famous methods of unedged manicure: dry, wet and hot.

With dry unedged manicure The skin of the hands and cuticle are processed without prior softening in water. Unfortunately, after such a manicure, the likelihood of allergies is high.

With wet unedged manicure, which is most common in beauty salons, hands must first be steamed in warm water. This makes it easier to work with a coarse cuticle.

With hot unedged manicure cuticle softens the most.

Cut and not cut manicure: what are the advantages of the second option?

  • 1. The composition of special tools for removing the cuticle with uncut nail polish includes special ingredients that not only help soften and push away the skin, but also slow its growth.

By the way, such a tool can be made by hand. In this article, I talk about the wonderful wax for the cuticle, as well as dry hair tips and even elbows, which I made myself. The recipe for making wax is also in the article.

  • 2. When trimming manicure, the root of the nail is often injured, which can eventually develop into furrows and stains on the nails.
  • 3. The undoubted plus of unedged manicure is that it does not cause unpleasant and painful sensations associated with cutting the cuticle mechanically.
  • 4. Unedged manicure minimizes the risk of infection in the blood.
  • 5. Such unpleasant phenomena, like burrs, accompany a trimmed manicure.

Who can not fit unedged manicure?

If you are the owner of a rough and very dry cuticle, then you better try the mixed technique first. In this case, the perfect nails from the first time may not work. But gradually (perhaps a month or two), you will teach your nails and cuticle to more gentle manicure techniques than trimming.

How to do a manicure step by step?

To make a beautiful and correct European unedged manicure at home, you will need the following accessories:

  • cuticle remover,
  • cotton pads,
  • nail file (I prefer glass, you can also take a ceramic or paper with a mineral coating, which is the least traumatic nail),
  • orange stick,
  • cuticle oil,
  • bath with warm soapy water

If you're wondering what kind of nail bath I do, read this article. I add to the water not only sea salt (as many do), but because my nails are strong and do not exfoliate.

  • paper towels,
  • nourishing hand cream.

Technique of making unedged European manicure

1. Use a nail file to update them and give the desired shape. To keep the nails from separating, move slowly, in one direction, from the center to the periphery. By the way, I do not use nail scissors at all.

2. Hold your hands in a pre-cooked bath with warm water for about 15-20 minutes. After - rinse your hands with clean warm water and wipe dry with a paper (or regular terry) towel.

3. At the base of each nail, apply a means to the cuticle to remove it. Hold for 5 minutes (or as much as recommended by the manufacturer), then additionally massage the skin with pads with the finger of the opposite hand (so that the tool works even more efficiently). With a cotton pad, remove any residues from the skin.

4. Take an orange stick and gently move the cuticle to the root of each nail.

If you only master unedged manicure, you may need tweezers. They will help remove the flaws of technology and bring nails in order. But I do not advise getting used to such an emergency method, otherwise you will switch to the edging method.

5. Apply to the skin around the nails a caring agent, oil or wax, which will soften the cuticle and moisturize the nail plate itself.

Unedged manicure ready!

What kind of manicure do you prefer and why?

This article will give you the answers to the following questions:

What is unedged manicure and how does it differ from trimming?

European, classic and unedged manicure: what's the difference?

To whom will suit, and to whom not cut manicure is contraindicated?

What is the technique of doing a European manicure?

What tools and means Need to do unedged manicure at home?

Tools for European manicure

To eliminate overgrown skin, you need the following:

  • nail file and buff,
  • remuver,
  • cotton pads,
  • pusher or orange sticks,
  • oil or cuticle cream.

Step-by-step instruction for beginners

Let's step by step consider how a European (unedged) manicure is carried out without leaving your home.

  1. We get rid of the old varnish and trim the nails to the desired length. Then we pass through it with a nail file and give our nail plates the desired shape. Then you can soak your hands in the bath with essential oils, salt, etc., or you can skip this step.
  2. Apply to the dry cuticle remuver in the shape of a semicircle. We are waiting for some time. Usually it is indicated on the product package, approximately 15 to 45 seconds.
  3. After the time has elapsed, we take the pusher and begin to move the cuticle to the inner edge of the nail plate. You will see how dead skin will gradually exfoliate. Then gently remove it from the nail.
  4. Before proceeding to the next nail plate, remove this dead skin from the pusher on a cotton pad. The tool must be clean.
  5. We do the same with each of our fingernails, removing and removing the skin with the help of a pusher or a wooden stick. It is better to apply a remuver in turn on each nail, so as not to overdo it by chance.
  6. After that, wash your hands in warm, soapy water for about 20 seconds to remove the remnants of the cuticle.
  7. Dry your hands. In the end, it is desirable to use the buff and polish the nail plate.
  8. In conclusion, apply moisturizing oil to the cuticle and carefully rub it into the nail plate.

That's the whole procedure. Nothing complicated, right?

On u-tube I found the following video with a detailed description of the process.

The list of the best remuver for unedged manicure

The modern cosmetic market offers many brands of remuver, the very means that soften the cuticle. I suggest you familiarize yourself with a small list of the most popular and effective.

This manufacturer has released two types of remuver. One of them is called Gel Cuticle Remover, and the second is Instant Cuticle Remover. The most effective last, and the first is suitable only for a very delicate skin. The second must be kept no more than 1 minute, and preferably 15 seconds. In a bottle of 30 ml, enough for almost a year. He is very economical.

The manufacturer produces the product in 2 versions: in a regular bottle and in a pencil. The first has an alkaline composition and must be flushed. The second one is based on BHA acids, it can be used at least every day, it does not require rinsing, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin, does not allow the cuticle to grow much.

This mark remuver quite budget. Correctly this tool is called scrub jelly. It softens and scrubs the skin. After its absorption crystals of salt remain on the skin. And they need to peel.

The substance does not loosen the rigid cuticle, so it can be used after taking the bath. Its main disadvantage is that it strongly dries the skin, absolutely not moisturizing it. A positive point is the low price.

Cuticle removal with a nail file

There is another unedged method of manicure. It is carried out with a special nail file, which shifts the dead skin. Removal of the cuticle is done dry.

One of the best manufacturers of such files are:

The Mertz Manicure is available in diamond and laser versions. This allows you to handle both the nail itself and the surface next to it. Tools of this brand are able to file in several directions at once. It is very convenient to work with a nail file, while the risk of obtaining negative consequences is minimal.

The file of this deutsche mark is smart. Provides safety for the thinnest, sensitive and dry skin. The point is that it removes only dead skin particles around the nail plate. It is very durable, has protection against rapid erasing of the surface and will last a very long time.

So, follow the step by step guide:

  1. Soft movements nail files grind off the skin. Where there is a burr, we work with the tool strictly from the center to the edge. Trying not to touch the nail plate.
  2. Remove all hard spots around the nail.
  3. We cut off the free edge of the nail plate.
  4. Grind and polish each nail.
  5. Lubricate the cuticle with a special pencil so that it grows more slowly.

The winning business will be the purchase of ready-made kits for a European manicure. In them you will find all the necessary tools and tools. By the way, a very convenient option when everything is at hand. You can take with you on trips. Typically, this set includes:

  • the cuticle file and the removal of dead skin next to the nail,
  • bafik for polishing nail plates,
  • pencils to moisturize and slow the growth of the skin.

I have it all. I hope this information will help you to do an unedged manicure at home. After all, this is one of the easiest and less traumatic ways to say goodbye to your cuticle. It is quite easy to do it, and most importantly - quickly.

Well-groomed nails to you! See you!

Ways to perform unedged manicure

Unedged manicure at home

Unedged manicure can be done in three ways:

This unedged manicure, in which you do not need to steam out the skin of the hands. However, this method may cause an allergic reaction.

Before removing the cuticle soften in a warm bath.

This type of unedged manicure is used if the skin of the hands and cuticle are very rough. This type of unedged manicure is very popular in beauty salons.

The most common is considered a wet European manicure. Masters claim that it is much easier to push back the cuticle softened in warm water.

Advantages of unedged manicure

Unedged manicure at home

  1. The cuticle remover has components that slow down the growth of the cuticle. Accordingly, the manicure procedure over time can be repeated much less frequently.
  2. With a classic manicure, the root of the nail may be injured during the removal of the cuticle, and then its growth will slow down. With unedged manicure this does not happen.
  3. During the procedure, unedged manicure does not cause pain or other discomfort.
  4. Unedged manicure is an excellent tool for dealing with burrs.

Unfortunately, such a manicure does not suit the owners of coarse or thick cuticle. In this case, recommended classic manicure or a mixed technique. But beautiful and well-groomed nails can be seen only after 5-7 procedures.

Technique of European manicure

To perform unedged manicure you will need:

  • special gel or cuticle remover (“cuticle remover”),
  • cotton balls or discs
  • nail file (paper with mineral sputtering, glass or ceramic - they are least likely to damage the keratin layers of the nail),
  • stick for pushing the cuticle. Take better silicone or plastic - such a stick can be disinfected before each use. If you use an orange tree stick, then it should be used no more than twice - in beauty salons such sticks are considered disposable,
  • cuticle oil, slowing its growth,
  • bath with liquid soap (if desired, you can add herbal decoction, sea salt, lemon juice or essential oils),
  • small hand towel
  • softening hand cream.

How to perform unedged manicure

  1. Using a nail file, shape the nails. To nails are not stratified and do not break, the movement of the file must be from the center to the periphery of the nail. And you need to move in one direction, not much sawing edges.

Home Manicure Technique

To master the subtleties of manicure is easy. First pick up the tools:

  1. Knipser with sharpened blades. He easily bites his nails.
  2. Cuticle clippers to create a cropped manicure. Choose small-sized models that are comfortable in the hand and do not cause discomfort when working.
  3. Pusher (another name is a trimmer). Often double-sided, made of metal alloy. On the one hand - the scapula for pushing the cuticle. The other edge is pointed, it removes dirt from under the nails or a thin layer of cuticle attached to the nail plate.
  4. Nail scissors. Straight lines are designed to form the length and shape of the nails, and rounded - to remove the cuticle.
  5. Orange sticks made of soft, but at the same time dense material. With their help, you can easily remove the cuticle without damaging the nail surface.
  6. 180 grit nail file, which is ideal for shaping natural nails. And - a file for polishing with different grit. To begin to polish a nail it is necessary with the largest, finishing the smallest. Do not get involved in polishing. For owners of healthy nails enough 1-2 times a month.

Photo gallery: necessary tools for the procedure

You will also need a deep bowl, towel, liquid for removing old varnish, cotton wool, moisturizing oil. If you want to do unedged manicure, then buy a means for softening the cuticle.

Now you need to choose a form. Having picked it up correctly, you can make the nail visually longer, and your fingers more elegant. Remember that the length of all the nails should be the same, otherwise it will be evident.

Features manicure

Wash your hands with soap and remove old varnish from the nails. Spread a towel on the table, put a bowl with warm water. If desired, add some liquid soap to the water. Now proceed to the procedure:

  1. If you're right handed, start manicure with your left hand. Dip your hand in a bowl and hold for a few minutes.
  2. Remove from the water the little finger, wipe dry with a towel, use the trimmer to move the cuticle to the base of the nail.
  3. Clean the nail plate from the hardened skin. Cuticle pliers or special nail scissors gently cut off the cuticle.
  4. Repeat the same procedure with the rest of your fingers (start with the little finger and finish with the big one).

After treatment of the left hand, change the water. Put your right hand in it. Perform the manipulations that were done on the left. After that, polish your nails and apply oil on the cuticle, carefully rubbing it into each finger.

If you do not want to use colored lacquer, then apply a base or a colorless coating to protect the surface of the nails from the harmful effects of detergents and powders.

Features unedged option

In beauty salons make hardware unedged manicure. If you do not have a special device, it does not matter. Make unedged manicure at home is quite simple.

The essence of the method is that the cuticle is not cut, but softened and moved away. To soften the cuticle apply remover - a tool based on alkali or acid. An acid-based remover cannot be kept on cuticles longer than two minutes. Alkaline remuvers are more benign, but their effect is noticeable only after 15–25 minutes.

Advantages of unedged manicure:

  1. The action of the remuver occurs in 1.5 - 20 minutes, depending on the composition. In any case, no need to wait for the skin and nails to dry, as is the case with the use of softening baths.
  2. The simplicity of such a manicure also makes it popular. The application of a remuver and the subsequent removal of the cuticle can be handled by a novice, even on his own hands.

However, there are disadvantages:

  1. There is a risk of damaging the nail plate. Remuver is a certain chemical composition, which, in addition to the keratinized skin, can eat away at the nail plate at the base, and this is dangerous.
  2. Burns and splitting of the plate are possible. Therefore, at home it is not recommended to use potent drugs containing aggressive acids.

Wash hands before wiping and wipe dry. Soak the brush in water is not necessary. Actions during the procedure:

  • нанесите ремувер на кутикулу,
  • начиная с мизинца, специальным керамическим копытцем или апельсиновой палочкой отодвиньте кожу и очистите ногтевую пластину,
  • размягчённую кожицу уберите, придайте ногтям желаемую форму,
  • wash your hands and wipe your nails with a piece of cotton wool with an alcohol solution to degrease the nail plate,
  • apply plain or colorless varnish.

The main advantage of unedged manicure is that when it is performed there is no pain associated with cutting the cuticle, and the risk of infection is minimized.

Secrets of sustainable coverage

Making a manicure, every woman dreams that he lasted as long as possible. It has long been observed that with unedged manicure, cosmetics on nails last longer than with edged.

On polished and non-fat nail plates, the varnish lays down better and lasts longer. The main thing is not to be zealous when polishing your nails so as not to damage them.. Degrease with alcohol solutions. Moisten a cotton pad with alcohol and thoroughly wipe each nail.

It is important and quality varnish. It is better to buy products of well-known companies. If you bought a lacquer that lasts a long time, store it in a dark and preferably cool place, for example, in a refrigerator.

Do not shake the bottle before applying the varnish on the nail. The coating will fall unevenly on the surface and will upset the appearance of bubbles. It is better to roll the bottle between the palms before opening.

One coat of varnish is not enough, but three and more - already bust. The best option is two layers. Before painting with varnish, cover your nails with a protective coating or base. When it dries, apply varnish. Cover with the second layer not earlier than in 5–10 minutes, let the first layer dry out, otherwise there will be a risk of wrinkling. If something went wrong and defects appeared, then the varnish needs to be erased and everything should be started anew.

At the finish, apply the fixer on the nails. Allow the varnish to dry for 15 minutes before proceeding with daily activities. Do not rush - and then everything will turn out.

Do homework with gloves. This will prolong the term of the manicure, as well as protect the skin of the hands from the harmful effects of detergents.

To make the manicure look fresh, cover it with a layer of fixer every few days.

Design Ideas

The easiest way to apply varnish - monochrome coating on all nails. If you want a variety, paint each nail with a varnish of a different color or select only some fingers.

French manicure, which appeared in the middle of the last century, quickly gained popularity among women of all ages. Not necessarily limited to white lacquer, bright colors are also suitable for french.

You can easily make a chess manicure at home that looks original. You will need black and gold lacquers, paper tape and fixer. First, cover the nails with black lacquer, allow time to dry. Using the scotch tape, they close the nail so that only a quarter is left, on which gold lacquer is applied. When it dries, they make the same manipulations with the second quarter.

Luxurious moon manicure looks. For him, too, need paper tape, as well as a thin brush for a manicure.

Using a thin nail brush, you can apply a spectacular polka dot manicure.

Your nails will be admired if you cover them with medium-sized multi-colored peas.

Apply a simple pattern to your nails. For a start, practice on paper, and then proceed to paint on the nails. Try to put a picture not on all nails, but select only a few.

Do not forget to cover the nail polish with a fixer at the end in order to preserve the manicure for a long time.

Modern manicure turned into a work of art. But also simple nails which are accurately made up by monophonic varnish cause admiration. Adhering to simple recommendations, you will make a high-quality manicure, which will long please you.

Unedged manicure at home

Many girls love to cut the cuticle almost “to the meat”, but, alas, such a manicure looks good only for a couple of days, and then you have to repeat the procedure again. Of course, it is profitable for salons - the more often you come, the more they earn. In addition, the nail plate is deformed and deteriorates when you repeatedly get rid of the cuticle, carrying, among other things, a protective function: it is she who protects the newly growing nail from external influence.

But think, do you really need it? Go to the unedged manicure is quite simple, in addition, it is both savings and benefits for your hands. We will tell you what the majority of manicurists are silent about - how to stop trimming the cuticle and at the same time keep the fingers in perfect tidy condition. Read and learn to do unedged manicure step by step!

2. Move the cuticle away after a shower

The very next day after you have done a cropped manicure (the last one!), Start caring for your nails. When your hands are steaming, gently push the cuticle back with a wooden stick. This should be done even if it is completely invisible so far - in this way you prevent the cuticle from growing. But when it does appear (alas, but it happens), do not remove it with tweezers (by any means!), But with “wiping” movements - do the same on the sides of the nail plate. The procedure is carried out once a day.

4. Buy a tough nail file

You will need a hard file for side “rollers” so that no burrs and rough skin are formed. Use it when your hands are dry, handle each finger, trying not to touch the nail itself. You'll see, soon the extra skin will not have to be cut off at all - you will remove everything with the help of the file before it grows. In addition, this simple method helps to avoid burrs.

5. Do a combined manicure

Within one to two weeks, you regularly repeat every 4 steps from our instructions for homemade unedged manicure. Of course, the cuticle will be noticeably thinner and softer, but it will not stop growing at all. Go to the salon for a combined manicure - that is, the master should not cut off the entire cuticle, but only small particles, which are after all the industry after careful care.

Then you need to repeat all the procedures again - if you have enough patience and discipline (it is important not to forget to remove the cuticle with a wooden stick EVERY day!), Then in a month there will be no need to do a cropped manicure. In this case, the hands will always look well-groomed and neat, even if you did not have time to devote them a couple of hours. As a rule, girls who follow these recommendations, then simply visit the salon 1-2 times a month.

Cons and pros

As with a different type of manicure, as well as any cosmetic procedure, here you can highlight a number of advantages and, of course, disadvantages.

  • This method is ideal for people who have a thin cuticle, as well as fear of cuts and pain.
  • Of course, it is important to note that many patients note that they have to go to the salon much less often. This has a very positive effect on customers wallet.
  • Unfortunately, we are forced to admit that an unedged manicure will not be a way out of a situation where the nails are completely inaccurate and not well-groomed.

What is needed for unedged manicure?

In order not to visit salons and treatment rooms, everyone has the opportunity to get by with a homemade unedged manicure. This is an excellent option for hand care in European society. However, it is necessary to strive for the acquisition of the necessary funds, as well as important tools that are integral attributes of such a procedure.

Important tools are:

- cuticle oil,

- means to eliminate the cuticle and buildup, you can use various gels.

If you have adverse reactions, the gel can be replaced with ordinary pumice.

- cream with the addition of firming ingredients,

- bactericidal creams and products.

The sequence of actions homemade unedged manicure

1. The preparatory stage begins with the removal of unwanted coatings from the nail. Removing varnish, you must kill all the bacteria that will cause inflammation and injury. So, sanitize the surface of your hands. Then start using the nail file to even out and give shape to all the nails. Try to use glass files. They will not accompany the bundle.

2. To soften the cuticle, as well as to facilitate all procedures, it is important to lower your hands for a specific period in a warm bath with clean water and add various oils, soaps or other cosmetic and special products. This will help to relax and soften the skin. After the bath, you should take care of applying the gel on the cuticle or cream for its direct softening. Thus, after completing such a procedure, you can easily remove the cuticle from the surface.

3. Perhaps the most important step in the unedged manicure is the removal of the cuticle. Basically, in the manicure set, you should always have an orange stick on hand. It is a more effective method of getting rid of unnecessary skin processes. Gently clean the surface of the gel and cuticle. What is important here is not speed, but the technique of execution. Try to act carefully and as efficiently as possible. If growths are removed with difficulty, you can resort to pumice. Start with the little finger. Here the skin is the softest, so it is easily removed. As a rule, it is important, after step by step, to cover the cleaned areas with oil in order to prevent the occurrence of burrs.

4. Do not forget about the skin of the surface of the hands at all. After all, nails can not decorate a woman if her hands are wrinkled and careless. Rough skin can be softened with creams of various origins.

5. Of course, the end of any care for hands, as well as nails, is a varnish coat. It is necessary to start applying it after degreasing the surface with a lacquer remover and after coating it with a base coat.

A well-groomed woman should be perfect in everything. And beautiful hands will only give confidence, and also make you much stronger and younger.