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How to care for a Yorkshire terrier


Yorkshire terriers are born blind and deaf. From birth, these puppies possess only smell and taste. The first days of their lives, babies just sleep and suck their mother's milk. A newborn puppy of the Yorkshire terrier should be quite active and independently grab the nipple. If the mother has tolerated childbirth and takes offspring, the breeder only passively watches them during the first days of puppy life. It is not recommended to even touch the hands of babies. All the necessary care for puppies provides their mother. She feeds them, licks, warms and turns them over.

Normally, puppies should not whine and squeak. If the baby makes anxious sounds, being with her mother, most likely, she does not have enough milk. In this case, puppies need additional feeding. You can use a special mixture that replaces the mother's milk, or prepare it yourself. In half a liter of cow's milk, enter 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of powdered cream. Stir the mixture thoroughly to a smooth consistency. Puppies are recommended to give complementary foods, heated to 35 degrees.

Care for newborn motherless puppies

What if yorkshire terrier puppies were left without a mother? To organize the correct artificial feeding is quite difficult. The best option: to find a nursing bitch and entrust her with raising offspring. If the mother for Yorkies have to become a man, the most important thing is to provide nutrition for the little ones. Newborn babies are fed 12-20 times a day for the first week. In one feeding it is necessary to give each puppy 2 ml of mother's milk substitute. Mother constantly licks her offspring. For hygienic purposes, it is necessary to wipe the entire body of a puppy with a warm and damp cloth before each feeding. Start with the muzzle and finish under the tail. From the beginning of the second week, you can move on to 8–12 feeds per day, one-serving portion should gradually increase from 4 ml to 10 ml.

The temperature regime is also quite important. In the first week of puppy life, the optimum is 32-34 degrees, in the second - 30 degrees, and in the third - 24-26 degrees. All temperature changes should occur smoothly. Remember: overheating for puppies is as dangerous as hypothermia. At the age of 3-4 weeks you can enter feed. Begin with milk porridges. About a month a puppy should be able to eat various types of food from a bowl. At this age, you can give lean meat (chicken or beef), eggs, soups and cottage cheese.

A puppy will appear in your house!

Purchasing a pet is a very crucial step. Before looking for a suitable puppy, try to sensibly assess whether you are able to provide your pet with proper care. York is a rather specific breed. These dogs are incredibly active, inquisitive and demanding. Care for Yorkshire terrier puppies and adults includes regular bathing, haircuts, and eye and ear hygiene. In addition to the constantly used accessories and feed, york owners regularly buy various cosmetics.

If all this does not scare you, we advise you to start preparing for the appearance of the four-paw baby before choosing a particular puppy. Get a bed or a house, 2 bowls (for food and water), toys. To care for the animals, you will also need special lotions for the eyes and ears, combs, shampoo and balm. For puppies of York, fleas are very dangerous. The baby can become infected not only from another animal or on the street, but also from objects that have been outside the apartment. For this reason, it is also advisable to immediately buy and wear a flea collar as soon as the puppy moves to its new home. Do not immediately buy clothes, carry and feed. Dresses are necessary in a cold and dirty season, but they should be chosen according to the size of the animal. Carrying is useful for frequent long trips with a puppy. Regarding the choice of food, it makes sense to consult with the breeder.

How to choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy who will become a true friend to you?

Finding a puppy of any breed depends on the purpose of its purchase. Try to decide for yourself immediately whether the animal will participate in exhibitions and whether you plan breeding. The easiest way to find and choose a pet. This is a category of animals intended solely "for themselves." Usually such puppies do not even have documents. The most expensive is the baby, whose parents have a good pedigree. Such dogs are acquired by people who have the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and regularly expect offspring from their beloved pet.

An important caveat: the breed York today has several sizes: from standard to mini. The smallest dogs in adulthood weigh only 1.5 kg. If you chose these babies, it will be useful for you to know that the Yorkshire terrier puppies (girls) are not suitable for the continuation of the race. Where do mini yorks come from then? The secret is simple: usually miniature males are knitted with standard bitches. As a result, pregnancy proceeds with minimal risks, after which charming babies, many of whom resemble dad, are born. How to choose a Yorkshire terrier puppy when meeting? A healthy animal is quite active and curious, its coat is shiny, its eyes are clear and without discharge. If the puppy bothers you or tries to hide, do not consider him aggressive or too shy. This is a normal reaction to the appearance of a stranger. It is not recommended to take a puppy that looks sluggish and sleepy. This condition may be a symptom of the disease.

Vaccination schedule

The first vaccination puppies York do at the age of 2 months. 10 days before vaccination, you must give a drug against worms. Re-vaccination put exactly three weeks after the first. Experienced breeders recommend immediately choosing "their" veterinarian and vaccinating at the clinic using imported vaccines. Remember how vulnerable the Yorkshire Terrier puppy is. 2 months is the age during which any walks are prohibited. You can go out with your pet only when quarantine ends after the second vaccination. An exception is a visit to the veterinary clinic in emergency situations.

Food Yorkshire Terriers

Most breeders donate new owners puppies over the age of 2 months. Buyers are encouraged to ask at the acquisition stage what the Yorkshire terrier eats. Care and maintenance of this breed have a lot of nuances. It is especially important to properly organize the feeding of the animal. Decide immediately what you will feed your pet: ready-made feed or natural food. In 2 months puppies can be fed 3-4 times a day. The daily diet consists of cereals in water with the addition of meat and vegetables. One meal - cottage cheese or any other dairy products. From time to time you can make an omelet or boiled egg.

How to choose a ready-made feed for the Yorkshire Terrier? Some manufacturers offer special products for this breed. An alternative option is to choose a pet food intended for small dogs. If your pet's diet is natural, regularly give it vitamins that are suitable for age and body weight. A good balanced food for the Yorkshire Terrier usually contains all the necessary trace elements and minerals. Any dog ​​can not be fed from the human table. Yorkshire terriers are strictly forbidden to give fatty meats, smoked meats, pastries, sugar, bones, river fish. If you really want to treat your pet, get special treats for Yorkies at the pet store.

Wash and grooming

York's wool grows throughout his life. Usually, representatives of this breed from among the pets are cut fairly short. The exhibition standard, on the contrary, is long wool. Short-trimmed animals can be bathed once every three weeks or more often - as they become soiled. Show animals are washed every 10 days. During water procedures, the dog is put in a bath and poured water from the shower. Be careful: the ears inside must remain dry. Shampoo diluted with water is applied twice and qualitatively washed off. After that, you must apply a balm, and then thoroughly wash it off. Immediately after the end of the water procedures, the animal's hair is dried with a towel and then dried with a hairdryer.

Care for Yorkshire terrier puppies includes a lot of rather complex hygienic procedures. And yet it is washing sometimes associated with a number of very real problems. It is very important to teach the animal to blow-dry as soon as possible. No less significant component of york hair care is grooming. Haircut Yorkshire terrier should be done by a professional. A puppy needs to be taught from an early age to grooming. If the animal is exhibition, it must adequately respond to the fact that the haircut is performed by an unfamiliar or unfamiliar person. Many owners of Yorkies (pets) prefer, under the control of a professional groomer, to learn how to trim a dog on their own. If the haircut is done for convenience, and its form does not impose critical requirements, you can easily monitor the pet's hair by yourself. And yet it is better to learn from a professional or even take special courses.

Yorkshire Terrier Hygiene

No less important procedure than cutting a Yorkshire terrier - trimming claws. The paws of dogs of this breed are very similar to cats. Accordingly, the claws should be trimmed so as not to cut anything extra, but at the same time it is enough to cut. Most york owners prefer to trust this procedure to groomers or veterinarians. Yorkshire Terriers need to wash their eyes daily. Get a special lotion, select the moment when the animal is set up to communicate. Sit the dog on its knees and gently, from the outside to the inside corner, wipe each eye. It is best to use cotton pads soaked in a special lotion for this procedure. Be sure to use a separate tampon for each eye.

Care for the Yorkshire terrier puppies includes another regular procedure. This is brushing your teeth. It should start to be carried out as soon as the replacement of milk teeth for the root (about 4 months). Special paste and brush can be purchased at the pet store. Try to act carefully and delicately. With one hand, hold the face of the animal, and the second with a brush to brush your teeth. During the schooling of the pet to the hygiene of the teeth, the paste is not used and rinsing the mouth is not required. After each wash (and at least 1 time per week), Yorkies need to clean their ears. First, the inner surface of the auricle is rubbed with a cotton pad dipped in lotion. And then wipe dry with a paper napkin.

Subtleties of education

Yorkshire terriers are dogs that everyone likes. They look very cute and touching. Probably because of so pretty appearance, many owners spoil their pets. Like any other dog, York needs to communicate with the person. But at the same time, the animal can quite quietly spend 8-10 hours alone. As soon as the puppy appears in your house, leave him alone. If, on the other hand, to overly indulge a baby with a host society, he will get used to it and will begin to whine and howl every time he remains alone.

Having a place is very important for the dog, and the Yorkshire terrier is no exception. 3 months is the optimal age for a baby to move to its own owners. For a pet, you can arrange a litter or buy a special house. Do not take the animal in your bed, even "at one time." If the puppy whines in his lounger, perhaps the reason is that he is cold. Put a hot water bottle on your baby and keep an eye on the temperature in his house. Be sure to indulge your pet with toys, balls and various tweeters will not let him get bored. If you regularly walk with your pet, be sure to ensure that it does not pick up anything from the ground. From this harmful and dangerous habit should wean the dog as soon as possible.

Yorkshire terrier breed: puppy price

How much is a york puppy? Typically, prices for kids with documents start at 30-35 thousand rubles. By purchasing such an animal, you can be confident in its pedigree qualities and good pedigree. Why are dogs of this breed so expensive? The cost of puppies consists of the costs of growing and maintaining parents, receiving awards and documents. Responsible breeders offer their customers babies with papers confirming their origin and delivered vaccinations. Depending on what rewards and titles parents have, puppies can cost even more than 50 thousand rubles.

And yet many people give birth to dogs for the soul and do not have the ability and desire to attend the exhibition with a pet. Is it worth overpaying for a pet in this case? Not all dogs can boast of a good pedigree. If desired, you can find such representatives of the Yorkshire Terrier breed. The price of a puppy in this case is sometimes less than 10 thousand rubles. However, choosing a dog "economy class", you risk. The fact is that babies may not be pure blood. Do not forget that not all amateur breeders carefully monitor the health of pets. Yorkshire terrier care and maintenance requires special. Failure to follow even minor rules can lead to the appearance of diseases and pathologies. It is advisable to take a puppy only from a breeder with an excellent reputation. How much a pet will cost is up to you.

Beauty salon

Some people dislike dogs in principle. But it is worth at least once to see the Yorkshire terrier, a man is covered with a tide of mimicity. It's all about the right care. York hair looks and feels very similar to human hair. Accordingly, it is not enough just to brush the dog once a month. Complex content includes several important procedures.

The washing up. About once every 8-11 days, or depending on the degree of contamination, it is imperative to bathe the pet completely. For this procedure, you can use mild baby shampoo without a strong odor, or you can purchase a special one, specifically for this breed.

It will not be superfluous to use an air conditioner that facilitates combing and prevents the formation of tangles.

Important! Be sure to thoroughly wash off all detergents from the wool and skin of the animal. Otherwise, instead of shiny soft waves get dim lumps of dandruff.

Drying. From a very young age, teach your puppy a hairdryer. An adult dog may react inadequately to an incomprehensible noise. Just be sure to use a comb with sparse teeth. This will help to lay the wool in beautiful waves. If you simply dry York with a hair dryer without a comb or even dry towels, the result will be a fluffy ball.

Ladies who do the styling themselves will understand what they mean. Or who ever went to bed with wet hair, saw the result in the morning? That's about it will be if you let the wool dry without a comb.

Important! The temperature of the air from the dryer should not be too hot or cold, it will give York an unpleasant feeling.

A haircut. Oh, this item may take several pages, the subject is so diverse and interesting. We will not talk about all possible options, for their great variety. But the hygienic background is worth talking about.

In Yorkshire terriers wool grows all his life. Therefore, if you let the matter take its course, in a year it will sweep the floors, collect garbage. Climb into the eyes will begin in 2 months. As you can see, a haircut is necessary. There are 2 options:

  1. You have acquired a puppy for yourself. So, do it yourself. About once every 3 months, using well-sharpened scissors, cut the hair around the anus and trim it on the legs. Do not forget about the length of the bangs and the length of all the hair on the body. In the ears it will be enough to remove hairs by a third.
  2. You have acquired a puppy for exhibitions and awards. There will have to turn to the services of a professional dog hairdresser. They have all the necessary tools. And most of them work on-site, which is very convenient.

Only by all means teach York to haircut since childhood. And do not forget that the scissors should be well sharpened, so that it is sheared, and not torn by hair. By the way, it is customary for girls to grow a tail on their heads, and boys are cut their bangs short. In any case, make sure that the wool does not fall into the eyes. This can cause irritation, and the dog is hard to see.

Important! Hold the dog firmly during the procedure. Even a completely accustomed animal can become distracted and jump off the table, which hurts itself.

Manicure. Yes, yorkshire terriers need to cut their claws. To successfully complete the procedure, you will need:

  • pliers, better guillotine type
  • пилочка для ногтей мелкого абразива

Только не стригите слишком коротко! Дело в том, что у йорков слишком близко расположена пульпа. Поэтому любое неосторожное движение может вызвать болезненные ощущения и кровотечение, которое бывает слишком сложно остановить. Пилочкой тоже желательно пользоваться, потому что без нее коготки начнут слоиться и задираться в первый день после стрижки.

Important! Some owners even make York girls a complete manicure and cover their claws with decorative varnish. This is a personal choice of each. But first it is worth considering what is more important: your own ego or the safety of your pet? After all, the dog can gnaw its claws, and eat the lacquer coating.

Combing. Strictly daily with any length of wool. All life! The hair of the Yorkshire Terrier has a thin structure, prone to tangling. Therefore, mats can appear already on day 3 without a comb. And to unravel them is oh how difficult.

And do not try to use the usual human massage brush. It is electrified and winds wool on itself, which can cause discomfort. If you already have enough money to buy a puppy, then allocate money from your own budget for normal personal belongings. For york it will be enough one comb with rare teeth for all procedures. Well, if it is metal or wood, but not plastic.

Important details of cosmetic care

You can often see a Yorkshire terrier dissecting for a walk in overalls or other clothing. Do not immediately ironic about the "fashionable" owners. This is a real concern for the animal. The fact is that yorks do not have undercoat, so the hair instantly gets dirty and wet. And the clothing allows you to minimize such incidents.

Shampoo before use must be diluted with water. And only then applied to the wool.

Some hairdressers in their services offer decoration of wool with rhinestones and even coloring of wool. No doubt, it looks original, beautiful. But think first about the pet. Would he like such beauty?

Hygiene procedures

We deliberately do not tell in the article the subtleties of training and education of Yorkshire terriers. There are other sources for this. But one of the components of pet care is toilet training. And this is education in its purest form.

From childhood, start to teach your puppy to the right place. For this, manufacturers have come up with a lot of tricks, ranging from special diapers and ending with a dog toilet. By the way, the design is somewhat different from the cat bathroom. Let it immediately work can not work out. Yes, and not always have time to carry the puppy to the pot on time. But be patient, do not swear. Gradually, York will understand what you want from him, and with the toilet problems will no longer arise.

By the way, once a week wash the litter from the bed of York. Otherwise, why all these constant bathing? Do not forget to wash paws after the street.

Other daily hygiene practices include eye care. Every morning, the eyes wipe with a damp cloth with non-allergenic composition. Or washed with a weak brewing of black tea. At the same time, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the discharge is transparent or light in color. Dark color and abundant drips on the face should cause serious concern. This is a reason to immediately see the vet.

Important! Do not try to self-medicate. This is fraught with the development of serious diseases, or worse, loss of the eye.

Another aspect of care. Teeth. This breed is prone to the formation of tartar. Because some owners forget that even though they have a small one, they still have a dog. They are fed with soft tiny pieces, as a result of natural tooth brushing does not occur. There are several ways out:

  1. Regularly visit a canine dentist. He will remove the tartar with special tools and tools. The procedure is quite expensive, but almost safe and does not bring painful sensations.
  2. Periodically offer your pet toys from the pet store, goodies for brushing your teeth, special sticks. The animal will simply gnaw at them, thereby cleaning the teeth. From our point of view, the usefulness of such items is highly questionable. They are not able to completely remove plaque from the teeth. And they stand sometimes decently.
  3. To brush your teeth on the Yorkshire terrier with a special paste and brush. Inexpensive, high quality and, with a certain skill, quickly enough.

How exactly brush your teeth - choose yourself. The main thing is that the procedure is necessary all the time, you need to teach your puppy from a very young age.

Council If you are not comfortable using a dog toothbrush, then try special tips on your finger. They look like a cap with bristles and do an excellent job.

Yorkshire ears should be cleaned every 8-12 days. For this procedure, it is better to purchase special lotion or drops. Carefully moisten a cotton swab in the liquid. Then carefully remove the plaque from the visible inside of the auricle. Do not climb deep with a stick, otherwise you can damage a delicate organ.

Be sure to evaluate the appearance and amount of plaque:

  1. Yellow tint, grabs a pair of cotton buds to keep your ear clean. There is no cause for concern.
  2. Dark or brown shade, several cotton buds are required for cleaning. This is a signal about the beginning of the disease. Immediately to the vet.

Some owners simply moisten cotton wool with warm water and gently clean the pet's ears. You can follow them. But do not use alcohol solutions! They strongly dry the delicate skin and can cause irritation.

Important nuances

Do not forget to regularly vaccinate your Yorkshire terrier. Be sure to drink from the worms and use the funds for fleas. Try not to drag the puppy to the street until all vaccinations are done and there will be a period of full adaptation after them. And protect your baby from contact with outdoor shoes. After all, on it you can bring into the house a lot of infectious bacteria.

Feeding should also be appropriate for a normal dog, and not “candy, sausage” and others like them. Naturally, the portions are needed small. Get weights. Veterinarians recommend at each meal to give no more than 1 tbsp. l per kilogram of live weight. But, again, it all depends on your pet's pastime. See for yourself on the constitution of the body. Adjust the amount and composition of food. Do not rush from extreme to extreme. And better consult with the breeder and your veterinarian. And further. All terriers have a capricious liver. Therefore, strictly follow what your pet pulls in his mouth.

Now you know how to care for a Yorkshire terrier. It remains only to reasonably follow our recommendations and love your sweetheart. We are sure that he will respond to you with dedication and mutual feelings.

The difference between mini-york

They differ from each other not only in weight, but also in character, as well as in the characteristics of care. The Yorkshire mini terrier has a long, beautiful hair, similar to silky human hair, a small head with a short and slightly narrowed muzzle, a black nose, dark, shiny oval or almond-shaped eyes. Ears - small, erect, similar to the letter V. The compact body ends with a small tail, densely covered with hair.


The modest size allows you to keep the dog in the smallest apartments. In all Yorkies, wool is similar to human hair, it very rarely causes allergies. The biggest difference between the mini-york and the breed standard is considered to be a calm, balanced, peaceful nature.

They are amenable to education, get along well with other pets. They have a gentle disposition, good-natured temperament. Yorkshire terriers were taken out to hunt rats, but mini-dogs have not so developed hunting instincts. They will not bark at any occasion, bully to big dogs or chase the cat around the house.

Miniature pets become attached to all family members. They will be excellent companions for older people who prefer active walks to quiet communication.

Mini-yorkies are less intrusive and emotional than standard ones. They will not bother their master. They are very clean, they are much easier to train to the tray than the middle or standard terriers. The coat of these dogs does not require careful care, it is not so long and thick, in addition, they do not have a seasonal molt. Mini-yorkies have high intelligence, are smart, respond well to training and education.

Mini-yorki require particularly delicate attitude and care. They do not have excellent health. Among them are often dogs with congenital problems that occur at any age.

Therefore, buying a mini-york is better in nurseries and from proven breeders who pay great attention to breeding the breed. It is best to pick up babies from breeders when they are two or three months old when they grow up a little.

Due to the tiny size of the mini-yorkies are subject to various injuries. Poor loneliness, separation from the owner. Feel comfortable and safe in the hands of their owner.

Mini-yorkies have a sensitive digestive system, even the finest food can be poorly absorbed. It is not always possible to immediately pick up the diet. In addition, they are prone to overeating. You can not overfeed pet, give pieces from the table. The smallest forbidden piece can lead to indigestion.

Mini Yorkies are expensive. A good purebred puppy can be bought for 35,000 rubles. If you are offered to buy a puppy at the cost of standard Yorkshire terriers, you have a problem animal or a “standard” representative.

Content Features

Mini-yorks have very fragile joints and bones. You should not start them in a house where there are already larger pets or small children who can accidentally injure their pet.

A small soft toy can be a source of danger, not to mention jumping or falling from a small height, other experiments and manifestations of feelings of young owners. The danger to the life of the dog is an open balcony and a staircase. Do not take your pet with you to bed - you may accidentally injure him in a dream.

Mini yorkies are not suitable for breeding. Pregnancy and childbirth represent a great burden for the body of a dog, can cause a fatal outcome. If you plan to breed a breed, give preference to standard yorks.

Watch your pet carefully while walking, do not let your baby out of sight - large and medium-sized dogs can harm a tiny terrier.

In the care of the Yorkshire mini terrier there is nothing difficult, the main thing - regularity and delicacy. Special attention requires pet diet.

Yorks have long beautiful wool that does not shed and grows throughout life. It is similar to human hair, it also becomes greasy and dirty. You need to constantly look after her. You need to wash it once a week, cut it once every 3 months, comb it every day. For combing, buy a soft bristle comb and brush. Basic rules for swimming:

  • use moisturizing shampoo for yorkshire terriers, conditioner,
  • close your pet's ears with cotton swabs,
  • you do not need to pour the cosmetic on the dog, rub it in your palms, mix with water, and then lather the wool,
  • hold the product on the wool for a few seconds, then wash it off with a small stream of water,
  • after bathing, dry the hair with a hair dryer, be sure to comb it.
You can lubricate wool natural cosmetic oil for shine and ease of combing. The long hair on the head is usually tied into a "tail" so that it does not fall into the eyes.

Teeth and ears

Inspect the ears of York 2 times a week. Gently use a wet cotton swab for cleaning, penetrating no more than 1 cm deep. When the teeth are completely replaced, start cleaning them. Yorkies are prone to tartar. Teeth are brushed every day with a mini-dog brush and dog paste. You can also use a toothbrush for small children.

About 1 time in 2 weeks you need to trim the claws of York. To do this, you need to buy special nippers or a guillotine clipper for mini-dogs. You can take the baby safe scissors. Cut the claws should be carefully, so as not to capture the skin, and no more than one millimeter at a time. Watch the condition of the fifth finger, often the claw twists on it and causes discomfort to the dog.

Usually, pets do not like this procedure, so after shearing, give Yorkie something to feast on.

The main rule of any vaccination - the dog must be completely healthy. After an illness you need to endure a two-three-week quarantine. Mini-Yorkies need to be de-wormed two weeks before vaccination. When the puppy is three weeks old, he is banished the worms for the first time, then repeat the procedure in the fifth, then in the tenth week of life. After the first three main times, deworming should be done every three months. The day before the pet vaccination does not need to be washed.

Schedule vaccinations:

  • the first - in 2 - 2.5 months,
  • the second - in 3 - 4 months,
  • the third - in 7 - 8 months (after the change of teeth),
  • rabies vaccination - in 1 year.

Vaccination and revaccination are made strictly by the same preparation. After performing the first three vaccinations, the injections should be repeated once a year at the same time, plus or minus seven days.

Veterinary medicine

Like all small breed dogs, mini yorkies are genetically prone to many diseases. Most of all, they are prone to diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In York mini detect such diseases of bones and joints:

  1. Congenital brittleness of the bones, dogs are injured even by minor falls or sprains.
  2. Congenital displacement of improperly formed joints of the limbs, the most common.
  3. Dislocation of the patella or elbow - a congenital sprain or dislocation of the joint, may be accompanied by rupture of the ligament.
  4. Separation of the femoral or humeral head - the dog is very lame, can not step on the paw, while having a sore paw at an acute angle to healthy.
  5. Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head - the bone is destroyed without inflammation, the dog whines from pain during abduction of the hip away from the body, limps, the muscles atrophy.
All diseases of the joints and bones are confirmed by x-rays, are treated surgically.

Mini Yorkies are prone to otitis. For inflammation of the middle ear is enough light drafts. Dress the dog for a walk, dry the coat after any wetting. If york is scratching your ears, shaking your head, or you notice a discharge from your ears, contact your veterinarian.

Yorks are genetically prone to false polydentia - delaying the loss of milk teeth. With permanent teeth, milk teeth, especially fangs, remain. The teeth grow in two rows, the bite, the integrity of the gums are broken, the tartar develops. Permanent teeth are bent. Baby teeth are removed under general anesthesia after 8 months.

Even puppies are susceptible to the appearance of plaque, growing into tartar. The reason - the high content of mucin in saliva. Therefore, york teeth need regular cleaning, you can wipe the gums tincture of calendula. Let the dog gnaws hard vegetables, buy him special bones and crackers.

Among other diseases, Yorkshire mini terriers are predisposed to hypoglycemia - low blood glucose. Puppies up to 4 months suffer more often, adult dogs less often. It is important not to miss the symptoms - weakness, wobbly gait, fainting. You should contact your veterinarian and adjust the diet.

Mini-yorkies are famous for their tendency to allergies. Allergens can be:

  • pollen is a seasonal allergy, with irritation of mucous eyes and nose,
  • medications - itching, skin rash,
  • products - itching, skin rash,
  • cosmetics, household chemicals, parasites (mosquitoes, fleas, and others) - itching, rashes, urticaria.

For the selection of an antihistamine, it is better to immediately contact a veterinarian.

Do not treat mini-york yourself, his body is very sensitive, you can only exacerbate the situation.

Miniature Yorkies are clean, they are easy to teach to walk in the tray. But walking in the fresh air is necessary for any dog. For normal development, maintaining health requires physical activity in the fresh air. The first time you can take a dog outside after quarantine is over - ten to fourteen days after vaccination.

The first walks should not be long, so that the baby gets comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Choose quiet, quiet grounds so that nothing can frighten the dog. Gradually, the number and duration of walking can be increased. It is better not to lower the pet from the leash, and for greater freedom to buy a leash-roulette.

Exercise should be moderate, the pace of walks - calm. Do not overload the dog with active games, for mini-york they are too tiring.

They do not have a thick undercoat, so buy clothes and shoes for your dog for comfortable walks at any time of the year. You can wear shoes on the feet, so as not to injure the delicate pads. Do not walk the mini-York in the bitter cold so that it does not catch a cold. Try to adhere to the daily regimen, walk it at the same time.

Thanks to its miniature size, it is easy to travel with York. The main thing is to buy a convenient carrying bag for your pet, do not forget to take the water, the first-aid kit, take dry food on the road so that it does not deteriorate.

When traveling by train or plane, you must follow the rules of transportation of dogs. If you are traveling by car, it is also best to keep York in your bag so that it does not get hurt during heavy braking or turning.

Пищеварение мини-йорков чувствительней, чем стандартных. Некачественная или несбалансированная еда вызовет проблемы со здоровьем.

Щенка до полугода кормите до 6 раз в день. Затем можно переходить на двух или трехразовое питание. Не кормите питомца плотно на ночь. Большая ошибка — это кормление йорков с человеческого стола. They often sit on their hands, the owners have a desire to treat them "tasty." But it can be dangerous for a tiny stomach.

The consequences of malnutrition do not appear immediately. A dog at a young age looks healthy. And by 5 - 6 years her condition is rapidly deteriorating. Natural food can be fed, but you need to cook for York separately.

Feeding puppies

Lure puppies begin at three weeks of age. For the first lure choose cottage cheese, liquid porridge, grated vegetables. Begin with once a day, immediately after sucking milk. Gradually increase the number. By the tenth week, puppies eat on their own. A balanced mini-york diet looks like this:

  1. Boiled meat - chicken, turkey, beef.
  2. Offal - udder, heart, lungs, liver, offal.
  3. Groats: rice, buckwheat, wheat, millet porridge, cooked to readiness.
  4. Low-fat ryazhenka, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese (it is better to breed it with kefir so that the dog does not choke).
  5. Boiled vegetables in a small amount: carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini.
  6. Chopped greens.
  7. Fruits: allowed apples, banana, melon, watermelon in a grated form.
  8. Boiled sea fish 1 time per week.
  9. From eggs only the yolk will approach.
  10. Dishes are seasoned with a drop of olive or linseed oil.
  11. Meat and fish are heat treated, and food is given only in the form of heat.
  12. Excess protein in the York diet can cause allergies or kidney disease.

Products that are forbidden to give Yorkies:

  • sweets,
  • salt,
  • spices and spices
  • bread, yeast dough,
  • pork, lamb,
  • bones,
  • raw fish,
  • bow,
  • sausages,
  • milk.
Do not mix dry and natural feed. Choose one thing.

Additionally, give your pet calcium to maintain bones. Calcium gluconate is given to dogs at 1 month for 0.5 tablets, from two months - 1 tablet each, from three months - 1.5 tablets each, from four months to 2 things.

Ready feed

They are dry and canned. The advantages of the finished feed:

  • easy to buy,
  • saving time
  • easy to use, easy to take on the trip,
  • All necessary supplements and vitamins are included,
  • long stored, does not require special storage conditions.

Puppy start feed canned. Gradually mix in dry food there, so you go to it completely. Pass from one feed to another gradually. Manufacturers have a separate line of mini-breed feeds, in which they produce feed for puppies, adult and elderly dogs. The feed already contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, additionally enhanced with calcium to strengthen the fragile bones of mini-dogs. Mini-york does not fit the feed below the premium class. Good food can not be cheap.

Food Yorkshire Terrier

What to eat and how you can feed the Yorkshire terrier? Full development and growth of dogs depend on proper nutrition. The menu of the Yorkshire Terrier includes both natural products and dog food. First, remember: you can not feed York abundantly and one time. Especially harmful to him a hearty dinner.

This will only lead to digestive problems. The dog does not get enough, and the walls of its tiny ventricle will stretch and become flabby. On the violation of the stomach, you will learn from bad breath. Sometimes we just want to share some "snack" with a pet, but it is strictly prohibited to do so.

Recommended Feeding Products for the Yorkshire Terrier

You can turn on the York menu:

  • Vegetables. Offer your pet carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin, zucchini. Yorkshire terriers are gourmets. season vegetables with olive oil.
  • Dairy products. Be sure to give your pet kefir and cottage cheese, but only with a low percentage of fat.
  • Meat. Give your pet veal, beef, turkey or chicken fillet, lamb, liver and heart beef or chicken.
  • Kashi. You can safely boil several types of porridge - rice, wheat porridge, rolled oats, buckwheat.
  • Raw greens. Dill, green onions, parsley - a plant source of vitamins for yorkies.
  • Seafood. Tuna, flounder and herring can be boiled with porridge.
  • Fruits. For dessert, Yorks prefer apples, melon, watermelon, persimmon, bananas.

In addition to knowledge of the diet, should be considered and pet feeding rules natural products. Divide the entire York diet into three equal parts. The first is vegetables, the second is porridge, the third is meat. Each ingredient is prepared separately. Porridge and meat are cooked, and vegetables can be steamed. Then the products are mixed. Yorkers up to 6 months of age are fed 3-4 times a day. Older dogs can be transferred to two meals.

York's daily menu

We offer Adult York approximate menu:

  1. Breakfast: boiled liver with vegetables.
  2. Dinner: buckwheat porridge with milk.
  3. Tea time: Herkul meat broth with pieces of meat.
  4. Dinner: cottage cheese mix with low-fat sour cream.

The digestive system of the tiny doggie is very delicate. That is why the diet resembles a balanced diet for people.

Care for the ears and teeth of the Corkshire terriers

Inspect the ears of York recommended at least once a week. This can be done through a cotton swab. Use for cleaning better special drops or lotion. The eye fly is removed carefully. It is also necessary to ease the tips of the ears from the hair every two weeks.

Teeth cleaned when there was a complete change. Baby teeth should change by 5-7 months. If this does not happen, contact your veterinarian. When everything is in order, we begin to regularly clean the teeth. Brush your teeth every day using a toothbrush and special paste for dogs. It is more convenient to use a toothbrush for babies.

How to care for Yorkshire terrier hair

Your pet should wash its paws after a walk and it must be bathe entirely once every 10 days. According to the type of wool, select a special shampoo.

You can wash York in the sink or in the bathroom, sitting the dog on a rubber mat. Be carefull. If the dog wants to escape from you, it is injured. So that the water does not fall into the ears, close them with small cotton swabs.

Protect the eyes of York from water. Dampen your coat profusely and do not frighten your pet with strong water pressure from the shower. After the shampoo has been applied and the dog’s body is massaged, rinse the shampoo off thoroughly. Wool will shine especially if you are using a conditioner-rinse.

Claw care

Claws will have to be trimmed if they are not worn off in a natural way while walking. Use for this special nippers or claws-guillotine, nail file, baby scissors. Trim claws gently, no more than one millimeter at a time. Repeat the procedure should once in two weeks.

Vitamins and vaccines Yorkshire Terriers

Pet vaccination - reliable protection against diseases. Schematically York vaccination calendar looks like this:

  1. Vaccination against hepatitis, enteritis - 1, 5 months,
  2. Vaccination against hepatitis, distemper, enteritis - 2 months,
  3. Repetition of the previous vaccination - 2.5 months,
  4. Revaccination after changing teeth - at 6 months and at 1 year.
  5. Rabies vaccinations - once a year.

In addition to those vitamins that the pet gets with natural products in the diet, use mineral dressing. Calcium gluconate is given to dogs for 0.5 tablets, from two months - 1 tablet, from three months - 1.5 tablets, from four - 2 pieces each.

Clothes for yorkshire terriers

Clothing for a small pet is not only a tribute to fashion, but also a way to warm your pet, especially if he has a haircut. So that protect york from hypothermia, for him to get a jumpsuit. This may be clothes made of water-repellent material, if you plan to walk with your pet in the rain.

In snowy weather, it is recommended to choose warm clothes. In her dog should be comfortable. No matter how fashionable the clothes are, it should not hinder the movements of the dog.

Walking yorkies

How many walk with york? The answer to this question is individual. Small dogs do not require long walks. It is enough to take them outside for 15-20 minutes. Let him get used to it.

After a year, walking the Yorkshire Terrier should 2-3 times a day. In the warm season, the duration of the walk depends on your free time. If you plan to pull the dog off your hands so that she can walk on her own, then you should definitely use a leash.

Safety Yorkshire terriers in an apartment with children

In order for your pets to get along in the same house with small children, there are several important points to consider. The life and health of the dog depends on them.

  • Allow the child to play with the dog only in your presence. Children do not understand how fragile the pet is in front of him. While york in front of his little master is completely defenseless.
  • Do not let the dog scare or run after her around the house. A puppy can fail to brake and hit its head on a sharp corner.
  • During the game, do not allow the child to pull a toy from a puppy. This can ruin a dog bite.
  • Make sure that the house is not littered with small parts from toys or constructors.
  • Do not allow children to plant a dog on a sofa or other elevations. A puppy may unsuccessfully jump and be injured.

Breed description

These dogs are among the smallest in the world, which does not prevent her from being loyal to her master and having a rather energetic character. When purchasing a pet, you should pay attention to all the parameters that this breed of dogs must comply with:

  1. The main difference can be considered a long, perfectly straight and silky wool, and quite thin. The main hairline, from the ears to the tail has steel shade of dark color, the very face of golden color. They get such a shade as they grow up, puppies of black color are born.
  2. Although the main separation by type among these terriers does not exist, by weight they can be divided into ordinary, weighing a little more than three kilograms in adulthood, mini-yorkies up to two kilograms, dwarf, which reach a weight of just over a kilogram.
  3. average life expectancy This breed of terriers ranges from 12 to 15 years, however, it depends on the state of health of the animal. These dogs may have problems with digestion and eye infections during their lives, they are susceptible to fractures due to the fragility of the bones, colds, such as bronchitis. Therefore, caring for a Yorkshire terrier at home is quite troublesome.
  4. With regard to the nature of York, then each dog is unique, and, knowing the habits of his pet, the owner can train it more effectively. it energetic and at the same time independent breed of dogspossessing excellent intelligence, therefore the natural mind promotes easy learning of the animal. To describe the nature of this breed, you can add: masculinity, stubbornness, tenderness and ardor, cheerfulness and common sense.

What to get a pet

Anyone who decided to purchase a Yorker terrier for themselves must first of all take this with great responsibility and choose the right accessories. To do this, do the following.

  1. Prepare an aviarywhere at first the puppy will get used to the new environment, going to the toilet in a certain place. The baby should be given some time to adapt if he was kept by the former breeder together with other pets. It is best to buy a fence and other accessories for the correct maintenance of York in a specialty store. It is recommended to place an open-air cage in a lit room away from heating devices and where there are no drafts.
  2. Equip place to sleep and rest of the animal, for these purposes it is best to purchase a plastic plank, sew a mattress with interchangeable accessories. To get the baby used to the new place more quickly, ask the seller for the bedding on which the puppy slept, at first it can be used as a mattress.
  3. Since yorkies are pretty clean breed of dogs, then for the first time you should stock up with disposable diapers to teach him to go to the toilet. The best option would be a product with a helium filler, which will not leave the smell.
  4. It is necessary to purchase dishes for food and water, you should pay attention to the fact that it was stable on the floor surface. The best option would be ceramic bowls, consisting of two compartments, for water and feed. They must match the height of the pet, for its convenience while eating and drinking.
  5. Teeth grow in small puppies, to hone them and to keep home furniture safe and sound, the pet needs latex objects, tweeters, and edible toys from the veins.
  6. The main thing in this list is purchase of feed, which must be prepared from natural products or dry, available in the store. But in order not to harm the little puppy, it is necessary to find out from the breeder what kind of food he used for his pets, in order to exclude digestive problems from a new family member. Yorkies are fed in small portions up to six times a day, for adults it is enough to feed twice.

Maintenance and care

Caring for York at home quite laborious and includes a whole range of procedures. This is not only the daily combing of animal hair, but also other important events.

The degree of pollution depends on how to bathe a Yorkshire terrier. A puppy can be bathed less often in order to avoid colds, an adult dog - as the animal's fur is contaminated, but not more than three times a month. For this purpose, use the odorless shampoo for children or special for dogs of this breed. Before bathing a puppy in York or an adult dog, prepare the water, it should be warm, the animal should be comfortable.

The shampoo should be diluted with water, evenly distributed over the entire surface, it is good to foam, and almost immediately wash it off. It is recommended to apply conditioner, this will facilitate easy combing of the animal's hair. After bathing it is important to rinse well the coat and skin of the baby to avoid the appearance of dandruff and tangles.

Since a protective lubricant is washed off when bathing an animal from the surface of the wool, after finishing this procedure, the fur should be lubricated with a special oil, which will add shine and will facilitate easy combing.

After bathing York best dry blow dryer. But before that, you must well blot the animal with a towel. During drying, it is recommended to use a comb with large rare teeth, without it there will be no beautiful and well-groomed hair. Puppies need to be taught to hair dryer from the early months.

Proper care of a Yorkshire terrier includes timely and properly executed haircut. Yorkies' hair does not have undercoat, so there is no smell from it, it grows constantly. After some time, the stubble wool will begin to close the eyes of the dog, and after a few months, it will begin to reach the ground, negatively affecting its own state and york eyes.

The hairstyle is necessary not only in the hygienic purposes. The dog should be nicely trimmed, preferably a professional, if she is to participate in the exhibition.

One of the difficulties in how to care for York at home is to trim the claws. Not all dogs tolerate this procedure. It is made with nippers and small abrasive nail files. It is not recommended to cut the nails shortly, otherwise the bleeding may begin, the nail file requires that the claws not exfoliate.