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Both battery-powered and network powered epilators are suitable for home use. In the journey it is better to take the first. However, please note that you still have to charge it, it usually comes from the network, so there is no special need for autonomously working models.

The more tips the epilator has, the better. If you have sensitive skin, you can not do without a massager and a special cap. The nozzle-trimmer and razor will help you to do all kinds of intimate hairstyles, and the nozzle for point hair removal is perfect for removing hair in the bikini, underarm or face area.

The epilator's floating head is a necessary feature for clean hair removal. Do not take models without lighting - it is very inconvenient. The cooling mitten is obligatory for those who have sensitive skin. It is not advisable to take a model that can not be used in the shower: dry hair removal is much more painful, but the removal of hair with the use of foam will allow you to part with unwanted vegetation.

Which manufacturer is better?

There are not so many manufacturers of epilators, and buyers prefer to choose proven companies, rather than risk with unknown brands. Three "whales" in the production of epilators - Braun,Philips and Panasonic, - buyers often choose the models of these firms. Firm Rowenta - Another contender for the title of a successful epilator brand.

Disk or tweezers epilator?

By and large, all epilators are divided into two types, depending on the principle of action. Both options have an army of supporters, so unequivocally say which epilator is better, disk or pinceris impossible. For greater objectivity, let us dwell on the principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages of each type.

The task of all epilators one - to pull the hair from the root. Disk devices equipped with several pairs of discs that rotate and converge, grabbing and pulling hair. Tweezers They are equipped with plates (tweezers), which, when working, make pinch-like movements. Disc at a time remove no more than 32 hairs, tweezers - up to 48, depending on the number of tweezers. Of course, if you go through the epilator with 48 tweezers, the procedure will be quick, but painful. The version for 12 tweezers is more benign, but it will take a lot of time for epilation. If you stop the selection on the tweezers, then The optimal number of tweezers - 32 pieces.

Advantages of disc epilators:

  • more productive in work, provide a better result, but tweezers with 40 tweezers can easily compete in effectiveness with them,
  • there is no risk of allergic reactions,
  • Ideal for removing hair on the legs.

Advantages of tweezers:

  • the process will be less painful, however, if a small amount of forceps is used,
  • but 36 or 48 tweezers will provide a more thorough epilation,
  • copes with hair removal in the bikini area.

Usually, discs and tweezers are made of metal, but there are models where these parts are made from ceramics. They are much more expensive, but are well suited for owners of sensitive skin that reacts to metal with irritation.

Method of anesthesia

Surely, every girl who wonders how to choose an epilator is most interested in how painful will the process be. Experienced users report that over time, hair removal is becoming less unpleasant process, because the hairs become thinner and rarer, easier to pull out. Some advise treating the necessary area with Novocain before epilation, and manufacturers on this account have prepared their decisions.

Anesthesia in epilators today implemented in one of the following ways:

  • cooling. If you thoroughly cool the treated area of ​​the skin, the process of hair removal will not be so unpleasant. For this, manufacturers use special gel bags, which are pre-cooled and used during epilation. As an option - a glove with a gel. You can use the available tools: an ice pack or a cooled towel,
  • blowing. From the special unit of the epilator to the area of ​​skin blowing cold air. This system is used mainly in devices from Philips and is great for sensitive skin,
  • vibromassage. A great option for those who are very afraid of pain, compares hair removal with torture and can not stand such a procedure. A special massage nozzle relaxes the skin, reducing pain, and lifts the hair, making the process easier and faster,
  • skin stretching system used in only a few models. The skin is fixed and stretched by a special mechanism that does not allow it to rise when the hair is pulled out. It increases efficiency and reduces pain.

The presence of anesthesia can be judged by the name of the model of the epilator. So, in devices from Philips the prefix - Satinelle Sensitive will appear, from Rowenta - Epil Active, and from Braun - Silk-epil.

How many speeds do you need?

Earlier, epilators were only at one speed, but now, as a rule, they are equipped with two or even three speeds. Of course, it is better to give preference to models where there are more modes than one, especially if you are new to epilation. At first it will be possible to work using first speed, to get used to and understand how to properly use the epilator. Also, the first speed is suitable for removing thick, hard hairs. More experienced girls can enjoy second speed: the process will be faster. In addition, this mode is well suited for removing long hair. The third speed is usually present in Rowenta epilators and allows you to carry out the procedure very quickly, but the pain will also increase.

Buying an epilator: what to look for?

Choosing a laser epilator for home use, a woman needs to understand which device is right for her.

At purchase it is necessary to pay attention on a series of nuances.

  • Brand manufacturer. It is a product of a famous brand will be the best option. As a rule, buying a good epilator in a proven place, you will have a warranty card. This means that this device will definitely serve you for a long period of time. The most popular are the products of the brand Philips, Braun, Rowenta, as well as Panasonic.
  • The shape and design of the product. Despite the fact that the main thing in the epilator is its technical characteristics, a convenient shape and a pleasant color can also become the reason for choosing one or another device. Before you make a purchase, take the goods in hand. Pay attention to whether the device fits comfortably in your palm. This criterion is important, as it will be harder for you to get the desired result with an inconvenient epilator.
  • The price of the product. The cost of the device should not be minimal. As a rule, such an epilator will often be discharged, will not be able to guarantee one hundred percent quality of the work performed, and will also serve you for a short period of time. Beware of fakes! Do not pursue an attractive price.
  • Power supply. Nowadays, epilators can work both from the network and from the battery. A device without a battery is cheaper, but it has several drawbacks. It is less mobile and also constantly requires an outlet. A long wire while the epilator is running will only interfere. You will be very difficult to reach difficult areas.

When buying a device that runs on a battery, pay attention to such a nuance as the operating time. Most of them can work for about half an hour without recharging. But making a mistake with the choice, you can buy an epilator that will work for fifteen minutes at most, and charge the whole day.

  • The principle of operation of the device. The most common are two types of systems:
  1. Tweezers differs in that special tweezers are located in the epilator. They are staggered.
  2. Disk system is that the device removes unwanted hair with special discs that rotate. During movement, they grab and pull out hair.

How to overcome the pain during use?

Epilators are numerous, which one is better to choose? The answer to this question depends on how smoothly the device operates. Very often, girls complain of pain that occurs during the use of this product.

To resolve this issue, you will need to buy a device with a cooling effect. This kind of epilator will be a real find for women with a low threshold of sensitivity.

The device includes a cooling gel or a cassette. You can also find an epilator that can be used in the bathroom. It is moisturized and steamed skin that will make it possible to remove hair less painful.

Additional features of the product

When buying an epilator, pay attention not only to the main product itself, but also to what is attached to it additionally. For example, it may be additional attachments. They are several types:

  • vibrating,
  • cooling,
  • nozzles that stretch the skin,
  • shaving

If you look at each of them in more detail, the vibrating tips massage and relax the skin. That is what will give you the ability to remove hair less painful. Also reduce the discomfort of hair removal can attachments that stretch the skin. It is this feature that will give you the opportunity to remove hair from the armpits, as well as from the intimate area more qualitatively.

If such a nozzle is not enough for you, then special razors are included with some epilators. They turn your device into a regular electric razor. With her you will remove thick hair from areas where the skin is the most tender. You can also combine several ways to get rid of excess hair.

You can choose the nozzle that will be necessary for you!

Also among the additional features of the product can highlight a special highlight. This function will become relevant when removing hairs from areas where the shadow of the device itself falls. It is with an additional source of light, you can see every missed hair.

Highlighting is completely optional if you are doing epilation in a room with good lighting. Pay attention to this feature if you are the owner of blond hair.

The speed of the device: how best to epilate the skin?

Many epilators during operation of the device allow you to adjust the speed of rotation of the disks.

More expensive devices have three speeds. What is it for?

First, the low speed of the epilator will give you the opportunity to carry out this procedure less painful for your skin. Therefore, reduce the speed of the device when it removes hair from the bikini area, underarms and knees.

Also note the number of tweezers on the nozzle. Here it is important to find the right balance between the quality of work performed, as well as painful sensations. There is a dependence: the more tweezers, the more carefully the hairs will be removed.

At the same time, if the tweezers are small, then you will have to walk several times on the same area of ​​the body.

When buying a device, pay attention to its weight. It should be average. A heavy device will be inconvenient to use, and a light one will be less stable. Also look at the level of noise that the epilator produces, it should not be very large.

Where to store the epilator?

Having bought an epilator, it is important to choose the right place for storage. This will allow your device to last a long time. Do not store it in the bathroom, wet and hot steam can damage the product. Keep the epilator in a special box that comes with it.

It will also be a good place to store extra attachments and special brushes that will be needed to care for your device. It is in this box you can carry the epilator.

As a result, we can say that choosing the right epilator is very important. Smooth skin is a very important issue for a girl who wants to look beautiful and sophisticated. Using the right device will give you the opportunity to feel confident.

When buying, study and compare the characteristics of several types of devices, as well as buy the device in a proven and good store. That is what will give you the opportunity to protect yourself from forgery.

Do not save on the purchase, because high-quality and convenient products can last a long period of time. When choosing, consider factors such as comfort, functionality, and value for money.

Power type

There are two options:

  • mains supply,
  • battery powered.

Before you decide which battery to choose, you need to think about How and where will you carry out hair removal more often?. For home conditions, a networked epilator is advised, and for those who frequently travel, a battery-powered device is more suitable, and you will not depend on the availability and location of the outlet. True, you have to regularly charge the battery. However, for travel and fit the device, powered by a power outlet, and you will not be limited in battery life. True, a significant plus rechargeable epilators - the ability to use for the procedure in the shower.

Does the epilator work under water?

Recently, all manufacturers massively began to produce epilators that support the function of not only dry, but also moist epilation. The body of such devices is reliably protected from ingress of moisture inwards, therefore, epilation can be performed while taking a shower, which makes the procedure less painful and quicker. If you are still afraid of pain during epilation, then look at the models with the ability to carry out the procedure under water, and even better - with foam. Naturally, such epilators work only on battery.

Working head

The process of hair removal involves the formation of micro-irritations, so the cleanliness of the epilator should be monitored carefully. It is better to purchase a device with a removable head: after the procedure it can be washed and disinfected. It will be much more difficult to care for the head built into the device. Make sure that the kit includes a protective cap and a brush for scrubbing hairs, thanks to which the epilator can always be kept clean.

Additional features and nozzles

At the expense of the need for additional features and attachments, the discussion does not subside. We will not judge, but simply present the main ones, and you yourself decide what you really need.

Often used as an option backlight, which illuminates the treated area, allowing not to disregard a single hair. The function will also save when you have to do hair removal in not the best in terms of lighting conditions. However, this function is easy to do without.

Together with the epilator the kit may include several nozzles:

  • epilation tips for bikini and underarms. Their main purpose is clear from the title. The nozzle covers part of the discs or tweezers, reducing the working area and allowing epilation in such tender places to be more comfortable and less painful,
  • nozzle for beginners. To get used to the process of hair removal, you can use special attachments that limit the part of the tweezers or discs. With a decrease in the number of simultaneous twitching of hairs, pain is also reduced,
  • trimmer. It is needed not for tearing, but for cutting hair. May find application in the care of the bikini area when creating intimate haircuts,
  • nozzle for peeling. Required in cases where hairs grow into the skin. The top layer of the skin is peeled off with the aid of a nozzle and ingrown hairs are released.
  • point hair remover. It will be necessary, for example, in order to correct the shape of the eyebrows, to create a straight line of bikini, or to pull out several separately growing hairs.


The name of the manufacturer means a lot, and many buyers quite rightly believe that it is better to overpay a little, but to purchase a device from a reputable company, because its reputation is a guarantee of quality. The best epilators offer such companies:

  • Philips - a Dutch company that manufactures a range of personal care devices. A series of epilators has several dozen models that are ergonomic and high quality. The range includes models of all price categories and with a different set of functions,
  • Braun - A German company that exists for more than half a century and has been releasing epilators for more than 30 years. In all devices, the company is trying to implement the latest technology
  • Rowenta - an international company, one of the oldest manufacturers of household appliances. Epilators of the company receive a stylish design, wide functionality and the highest quality performance,
  • Panasonic - the largest Japanese manufacturer of equipment of various kinds. There is in the range and a series of epilators that are of the highest quality and broad functionality.

Braun 7561 Silk-epil 7

  • tweezers, 40 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • питание от аккумулятора,
  • есть подсветка,
  • возможность использовать в душе,
  • стоимость около 6 200 рублей.

One of the sales leaders at the moment. The model is balanced in price and functionality. The battery lasts for 40 minutes of work, although it will take about an hour to charge. Epilation can be carried out in the shower, so perfectly smooth skin can be achieved quickly and painlessly, and if anything, lights come to the rescue. Included is shaving head massager to reduce pain during epilation and restrictor cap. In addition, there is cleaning brush and cooling cloths. The model is very successful and easy to use, and the experience of numerous users indicates a low painfulness of the procedure performed with the help of this epilator.

Philips HP6553

  • disc epilator
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • battery power
  • there is no backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 3,800 rubles.

This epilator also received many accolades from users. The model attracts the attention of excellent equipment, reasonable price, ease of use and impressive results. The device captures hairs with a length of 0.5 mm, comes with shaving nozzle, trimmer cap and cooling glove. The head can be washed under water, complete with a brush for cleaning. Epilation can be carried out in the shower, but without the use of foam. The battery will last for 30 minutes of work, it will take about an hour to charge. The device copes with even the thinnest hairs, and the result is perfectly smooth skin.

Braun 9-561 Silk-epil 9

  • tweezers, 40 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • battery power
  • there is a backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 7,200 rubles.

Excellent and truly multifunctional device with a lot of nozzles. If you are looking for the best epilator bikini areas, then you can safely opt for this model. For epilating intimate areas you can use tip guardto create haircuts - nozzle trimmer. Also included massager, shaving head and point hair removal nozzleso this epilator fits for eyebrowsor rather, to create their perfect shape. A cleaning brush, case and charging stand are supplied with the device. The epilator captures hairs from 0.5 mm long, can be used for epilation in the shower and with foam. From the battery runs 40 minutes. With this device, the hairs can be removed in the most inaccessible places, and the only negative - the noise level is above average.

Braun 3270 Silk-epil 3

  • tweezers, 20 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • mains supply,
  • there is a backlight
  • the cost is about 2,600 rubles.

The perfect epilator in terms of price / quality ratio. Here there is nothing superfluousand the result will not disappoint you. Reducing pain during the procedure will help massager, and keeping the device clean is easy, because the epilator head is removed, and the complete set includes a brush for cleaning. Due to the presence of the backlight, there is no need to look for a well-lit window seat, and there will be no problems with a dead battery. Comes with shaving head and trimmer. The only drawback - the impossibility of hair removal under the shower, but the price is more than acceptable.

Rowenta EP9260

  • tweezers, 24 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • battery power
  • there is a backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 4 500 rubles.

One of the best epilators on the market today. With not the highest price provides excellent results, and the possibility of hair removal under water and using foam will make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The device captures hairs with a length of 0.5 mm, runs on battery for 40 minutes, and in the kit you get mass of nozzles: besides trimmer, razor head and massager, there is a stop cap, so you can safely use this epilator for the bikini area. In addition, there is a set and pilling nozzle, which will help solve problems with ingrown hairs. The epilating head can be removed and rinsed, there is a brush for cleaning.

Panasonic ES-WX72

  • tweezers, 48 ​​tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 1,
  • battery power
  • there is no backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 3 200 rubles.

According to user feedback actually perfect epilator. It works for a very long time from the battery, it copes perfectly with its direct responsibilities, you can take it with you into the shower and use foam - then the pain will be minimal. The number of tweezers hints that a lot of hair will be pulled out at once, so the time for epilation is reduced. When treating the most delicate areas of the skin, you can use a stop tip or point hair remover. The latter, although intended for the face, is used by many for the bikini area: it is sometimes better to spend more time than to torture yourself. In the set already 6 attachments, so the device will be truly multifunctional.

Braun 5-511 Silk-epil 5 Wet & Dry

  • tweezers, 28 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 1,
  • battery power
  • there is no backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 3 300 rubles.

If you are looking for a budget epilator without extra attachments, then this model should appeal to you, especially since the manufacturer is famous and reliable. The epilator copes with its direct task perfectly, it can be taken in the shower and used together with the use of foam, it allows you to capture hair from 0.5 mm long The head can be removed and rinsed. Great thing for your money!

Philips HP6520

  • disc epilator
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • battery power
  • there is no backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 2 400 rubles.

Another minimalistic and inexpensive epilator. For a low price you get a device without any frills. There are no lights and nozzles, but the device copes with hair removal perfectly. The charge lasts for 30 minutes, you can carry out hair removal in the shower, but without foam. The head is easy to detach and wash.

Panasonic ES-WD22

  • tweezers, 48 ​​tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 1,
  • battery power
  • there is no backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 3 900 rubles.

Quiet and comfortable epilator that will provide the perfect result and will appeal to those who are looking for a simple device, and will not use the many nozzles. The epilator works under water, just take care of it, the charge holds for 30 minutes, lies comfortably in the hands.

Philips HP6570

  • tweezers, 32 tweezers,
  • number of speeds: 2,
  • battery power
  • there is a backlight
  • the ability to use in the shower
  • cost about 4 700 rubles.

If you are interested in buying an epilator with ceramic tweezers, then this is the best model on the market. The device works quite well, just in care, and to reduce pain during the procedure, a massage system is used.

What it is?

Hair removal procedure has two names: hair removal and depilation. Although they are consonant, they have fundamentally different meanings.

Depilators are cosmetics and devices that remove hair without affecting the bulb. The most popular examples of depilation products are creams and razors. There is a widespread belief that an electric depilator is called an epilator. This statement is erroneous. An example of a networked depilator is a trimmer, but it only cuts a hair, leaving the root intact.

An epilator is a household electrical device that is designed to get rid of unwanted hair by grabbing and pulling them out together with the bulb. Its use is painful even for women with a high pain threshold. But for making a decision in favor of its use there are significant positive points. For example, the ability to quickly clean up in your own bathroom, without spending a lot of time on it.

Operating principle

The impact of all epilators is reduced to the principle of the rapid rotation of the discs or multi-forceps system, during which the hair is seized and pulled out by the root.

Disc epilators have arched curved discs. The hair is in a wide gap, which is gradually narrowed by the rotation of the disk, and then a hair is pulled out. The multi-pincer system has small tweezers on the working surface, arranged in a checkerboard pattern. The number of pairs of discs or tweezers determines the duration of epilation. The more of them, the less time is required to get rid of hair.

Many devices for hair removal have several speeds. The slowest is designed to remove thin and short hairs. At low speeds, they are better captured and do not often break off, leaving the bulb. At all subsequent speeds, it is good to remove hard hairs, the quick pulling of which reduces painful sensations.

The epilator is an electric device. It works from the mains or due to rechargeable batteries. There are models that combine these two power options. Electric epilators are most common and cost less than battery and combination models.

With frequent trips and business trips, it is better to give preference to models with built-in power supplies or on batteries. They allow you to use the device where there is no possibility to connect to electricity. It is very convenient, because it is not always possible to find a socket in the bathroom in hotel rooms, and often the bathroom is common to several rooms.

When choosing an epilator on the battery should pay attention to the type of battery. Lithium batteries allow you to charge the device without waiting for complete discharge. Nickel batteries require full charge and full discharge. Otherwise, during the next procedure, the battery loses its capacity, which gradually reduces the operating time of the device.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The most important advantage of hair removal is that the result obtained by removing unwanted hair lasts for 2-3 weeks. This is due to a significant slowdown in their growth when the bulb is removed or damaged.
  • With long and regular use of the epilator, avoiding even rare applications of razors over time, the hairs weaken, become thinner, lighter, less noticeable. This is due to damage to the follicle, which, with frequent removal of the bulb, is gradually injured.
  • When using the epilator, blood vessels can be damaged, so epilation can lead to varicose veins. It is necessary to carefully carry out the procedure of hair removal, trying to allow as little as possible direct contact of the device with the skin.

The undoubted disadvantages of using the epilator are significant pain. Over time, you can get used to them, but the procedure of hair removal will never become completely painless.

On the pros and cons of the epilator, see the following video.

In the modern market of epilators there is a huge selection of products that can satisfy any requests. At home, most often used mechanical epilator. Thanks to the different nozzles, they are suitable for getting rid of hair all over the body, even in areas with very delicate skin, such as armpits and bikinis.

Devices for hair removal, working from the network, are in the lowest price category. They perform their functions perfectly at home, but they are not always practical when traveling. Therefore, those who travel a lot, should consider the option of battery power.

In the line of epilators that run on batteries or rechargeable batteries, there are devices with a body protected from moisture. This feature of the hair removal product allows epilation in water, for example, in the shower. This is not only convenient, but also practical, since the skin can be simultaneously cooled with cold jets, which will significantly reduce pain in the epilation process.

If you choose a disc epilator, you should consider models with ceramic discs. Ceramic epilation system is hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation, has a textured surface tight to the skin, which ensures reliable capture of the hair and eliminates breaking it.

When choosing a device for hair removal, many women assess not only the functionality, appearance and type of food, but also the level of noise produced by the epilator during operation. Too loud operation of the motor can cause severe discomfort, increase stress levels and pain. Absolutely silent epilator does not exist. However, manufacturers are going to meet the wishes of customers and produce more and more quiet models.

The epilator can be considered silent, in the characteristics of which no more than 75 decibels of noise level are indicated.

Recently, light hair removal is gaining popularity, based on the method of high-frequency light radiation. Epilators of this type for use at home have less power in comparison with salon instruments, which does not require the user to acquire any special skills. The principle of operation of the device is based on the heating and destruction of the hair follicles by high-frequency light flux. The market offers a large selection of light epilators in different price categories. Their cost starts from 10 000 rubles. and comes to 40,000 and above. The undoubted advantage of photo epilation will be almost complete painlessness. The skin after the procedure looks smooth and well-groomed without visible irritation.

What photoepilator to choose?

To understand which photoepilator is better, you need to understand the principle of operation of the device. Modern devices for removing unwanted hair work according to a method called photothermolysis: under the action of a high-frequency flash of light, the hair is heated, resulting in the death of hair follicles.

Regardless of the brand, photoepilators work exclusively on follicles that are in the active stage. To completely get rid of unwanted hair, it is necessary to repeat the procedure regularly for some time to remove all the once sleeping follicles.

In cosmetology offices use professional devices. They are significantly different from home. First of all, because they are able to solve several problems:

  • remove age and age spots on the skin,
  • struggling with spider veins,
  • used for photo rejuvenation
  • improve the appearance of the skin.

However, primarily photoepilators are designed for hair removal.

Features of use

Immediately it should be warned those who have never visited the salons for a similar procedure, that before buying a home photoepilator, you need to do a professional manipulation. Because for some diseases use photoepilator is contraindicated. You also need to understand that such a device at home will not give a perfect result from the first time.

  1. Cost savings: photo-epilation at home will be very profitable, since the cost of several procedures in the cabin is equal to the price of a new device.
  2. Ease of use: the procedure can be performed at any time.
  3. The procedure is quite painful for all skin types. Home photoepilators have a function such as adjusting the power of the light flux. However, with a decrease in the strength of the impulses, there is less impact on the follicles, which means the worst effect. At the same time, as the skin becomes accustomed, the power can be increased.

  1. Photoepilation is not suitable for all skin types, it can cause allergic reactions and other side effects.
  2. At home, achieved a smaller effect. This indicator does not mean that home photoepilators are of poor quality, they simply have less powerful light effects than professional devices.

Pros and cons of photoepilators

The most popular home photoepilators

Before you buy a device, you need to find out which photoepilators are better and which moments to pay attention to when choosing a device. We have compiled the top best models of photoepilators for homes available on the market, and indicated their positive, negative sides.

So, the main parameters to which you need to pay attention:

  • device power
  • the presence of a function that determines the type of skin,
  • Is it possible to customize the device individually,
  • area of ​​impact.

Rating will begin with the most effective photoepilators for the home. The list opens the device, which, according to consumers, has no flaws, except one - the high cost. In some stores, it reaches 450 dollars.

lluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction System

A unique device that allows you to remove all types of hair, even blond, gray. This is possible due to the use of new technology. The principle of its work is the interaction of light and radio wave radiation. Main advantages:

  • The device can be used to remove hair from various parts of the body, including the face, bikini area,
  • Thanks to the new Electro Optical Synergy technology, it is possible to effectively remove hair of various shades and colors,
  • the main nozzle has a large enough area, so it can be used to remove hair from large areas of the body,
  • в устройство встроен охлаждающий фен, который минимизирует негативное воздействие от светового излучения,
  • есть функция серийной вспышки – во время процедуры нет необходимости постоянно нажимать на кнопку для активации устройства,
  • photoepilator can be adjusted by the level of intensity of exposure.

This device is as close as possible to professional devices, so that the effect of photo-epilation is achieved quickly and relatively painlessly.

Philips Lumea BRI956 - the best photoepilator

Another model that deserves primacy is Lumea BRI956 from one of the most famous companies in the world. A distinctive feature is the maximum width of the window - it is 4 cm 2. However, these are not the only positive characteristics of the device:

    It is possible to change the intensity of exposure to the skin. Five adjustment modes

After using the device, smooth skin is maintained for up to six months.

The only drawback of the device is the high price - about 38,000 rubles.

Philips Lumea Prestige SC2007 - another model from the famous brand

This photoepilator is suitable for almost all skin and hair types.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • photoepilator is designed for 250 000 pulses,
  • five modes of operation
  • impact area - 4 cm 2,
  • there are special extra tips,
  • battery life for two hours
  • The effectiveness of hair removal is very high.

The only thing I would like to change in this model is the cost. In some outlets, a photoepilator costs 20,000 rubles.

Braun IPL BD 5001 - best value for money

This model has earned many positive reviews on the Internet. Besides the fact that it has a rather low cost - 17 000 rubles, the photoepilator is equipped with sets of functions:

  • skin tone sensor. This feature allows you to process different skin areas automatically.
  • skin contact sensor - the device starts to work only with direct contact with the skin,
  • The high speed of work makes it possible to process the legs in just a few minutes

In this model, however, as in the previous ones, users found no flaws.

Braun IPL BD 5001 - perfectly smooth skin in one session

Remington IPL6750 - safe hair removal

This model is also very popular. It simultaneously combines all the advantages of these devices:

  • control of skin tone: if the skin is strongly tanned, the device will not work, in order to avoid getting burned,
  • it is possible to regulate the effectiveness of exposure,
  • the width of the window is 3 cm 2,
  • there is no lamp generation limit,
  • There are tips for hair removal in different areas.

Remington IPL6750: the best result at a bargain price

This model has a delicate but effective effect on the hair follicles. The probability of getting burns is completely eliminated, and with each subsequent procedure, the efficiency of site processing increases. The cost of the model varies in the range of 15 000 rubles.

Panasonic ES-WH80 - budget model

Rather convenient in use and easy device. His battery life lasts almost three hours, which is enough to process all the necessary parts of the body. The main advantage is a good combination of price and quality.

  • large area of ​​impact - 5.4 cm 2,
  • it is possible to adjust the power of impact - five modes,
  • there is a skin contact sensor,
  • low cost - 15 000 rubles.

Low cost, high quality model

The main disadvantages include: the set limit of the lamp, it is only 20,000 flashes, and also a not very capacious battery, which lasts only three hours of work.

Rowenta EP9600 with special guide roller

One of the best models, which has a special guide roller, which does not "go astray." Thanks to this device, the process of hair removal is uniform.

  • it is possible to adjust the power of impact - five modes,
  • there is a skin sensing sensor,
  • surface contact sensor
  • low cost - 14 500 rubles.

  • insignificant impact zone - only 3 cm 2,
  • there is a restriction on the work of the lamp - 15,000 flashes, which is very small,
  • It works only from the network.

Model with guide roller

Despite the large list of shortcomings, this photoepilator is of sufficient quality. He perfectly cope with hair removal at home.

How to choose a female epilator? Read in our article.

Silk’n JEWEL 100K - Budget Model

Inexpensive photoepilator, which has a number of advantages, however, as well as disadvantages. Compact model fits perfectly in hand, it is convenient to carry out the procedure. In addition, it has several advantages:

  • There are five power modes,
  • fairly acceptable impact area - 3 cm 2,
  • built-in skin color detection sensor
  • There are special nozzles for use in different areas.

Silk’n JEWEL 100K - Budget Model

However, despite the fact that this model is very popular, many users point out a number of disadvantages:

  • the lamp is designed for only 100 thousand light flashes,
  • during operation the device heats up.

However, the low cost - 10 000 rubles - compensates for all these shortcomings.

HoMedics Duo - convenient, but not without flaws

A budget model that has all the basic functions for safe and high-quality hair removal from different parts of the body. Photoepilator has a fairly attractive design, it fits well in the hand.

  • intensity is regulated - five modes,
  • the processing area is 3 cm 2,
  • there is a skin color recognition function,
  • the cost of 10 000 rubles,
  • A replacement cartridge is included.

  • the lamp is designed for 50,000 flashes - this is very little,
  • with dark skin color ineffective,
  • burns remain at the highest power at the treatment sites.

Convenient and practical model

Choosing this model, you need to take into account all the features of the device, otherwise you may be disappointed.

Compare different models of leg eilators in our article..

BaByliss G935E - a bit overpriced

This model is equipped with all the features, as well as more budget items. However, its cost is somewhat overestimated, apparently, therefore, it does not cause multiple positive feedback from users.

BaByliss G935E - quality model

  • five modes of operation
  • the lamp is designed for 200,000 light flashes,
  • Included are special tips for different parts of the body,
  • It is possible to switch from automatic mode to manual.

Of course, all these advantages speak about the high quality of products. However, photoepilators have the same functions, the cost of which is two times lower.

  • high cost: in some stores it can reach 20,000 rubles,
  • during operation, the device overheats,
  • the impact zone is limited to 3 cm 2,
  • reddening and burns are observed after treatment.

Choose a particular model can be based on several basic criteria: cost, availability of the ability to adjust the power, as well as the quality of processing.

You can compare other hair removal methods - shugaring and hair removal - in our article.

Epilator or depilator - how is it right after all

The device, which we all know as an epilator, it would be better to call it another way - a depilator. After all, he removes only the hair itself, pulling it from the root. And the procedure of epilation also involves the destruction of the follicle. Previously, only doctors in beauty salons were engaged in this, now everything can be done at home, because devices such as photo and laser epilators have appeared. They are arranged as generators of light energy, which in the right concentration is fed to the hair and destroys them to the ground.

In general, if you follow the exact wording, then epilators are called devices with exactly this principle of the device. But it so happened that the manufacturers, without complicating and without going into details, produce all devices designed for hair removal with the epilator marking. Including those that are designed for shaving and plucking hair.

Types of epilators

There is no separate model for hair removal in the bikini area, you just need to choose a suitable nozzle. Epilators for the body are of two types:

    Tweezers. Stacked surface - tweezers, staggered. Their number can be different, from 20 to 48. The more tweezers, the faster and more painless the depilation and the more expensive the device. To remove hair with such an epilator, you will have to grow it in the bikini area up to 5 mm.

For depilation of a bikini zone, it is better to take a tweezers epilator: the procedure will be less painful. If it is a device for 32 or 40 tweezers, then it is also a thorough depilation - you will not have to process the same place 2 times.

Preparation for the procedure

First you need to prepare the skin in the problem area: steam it, take a hot bath, and make a peeling. It is best to use a scrub with a natural composition - sugar or coffee. After a hot bath or shower, the pores will open and the hair will be easier to remove. Peeling is needed in order to get rid of the horny top layer of the skin and prevent the appearance of ingrown hair.

If the skin in the bikini area is sensitive, apply 10–15 minutes before depilation to the entire problem area (except for the mucous membrane) Lidocaine Spray or Menovazine. When you feel that the anesthetic has begun to act, apply talc on the skin. It absorbs excess moisture - this is important, because the depilation on dry skin will be done much faster.

How to remove hair with an epilator

Classic bikini can be processed with a standard epilator tip. For depilation of a deep bikini a narrow applicator is more suitable.

Remove hair in the bikini area with the epilator as follows:

  1. When the desired nozzle is fixed, take the epilator and stick it with the working surface to the skin. The handle will be perpendicular to the body.
  2. In the bikini zone, the skin is particularly thin and sensitive. In order not to damage it, install the lowest speed on the epilator.
  3. Drive the device against the growth of hair, and with your free hand pull off the skin in the direction of their growth. All that it was not so painful.
  4. After all the hair is removed, treat the skin with an antiseptic. Any of those in the home medicine chest, for example, chlorhexidine, will work.
  5. Then moisturize the skin with milk or body cream, and after 20-30 minutes, when the product is absorbed, it is used to slow down hair growth.

To prevent hair ingrowth, it is useful to regularly treat the skin with salicylic acid.

Differences from the depilator

At home, women and men still often prefer depilatories to quickly get rid of unwanted hair, although their effectiveness is very arbitrary.

To get rid of hair on the arms, legs and underarms the most popular tool is a razor. There are inexpensive disposable machines, they have a small number of blades and one-piece configuration without moving parts. This leads to the fact that to achieve ideal smoothness, it is necessary to process the surface of the skin with such razors several times. As a result, the skin over time begins to flake off strongly and requires more and more thorough nutrition with creams and lotions.

The lack of floating heads leads to small cuts in the lower leg and knees, which also creates additional problems in the treatment and healing of wounds. In the armpit area, such cuts are especially dangerous because they have a high degree of pollution: sweat, dirt from the environment, deodorants with compounds unsafe for damaged skin. All this can lead to serious consequences, including infection and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

For comfortable and safe depilation, there are machines with removable razor cassettes. Their advantage is an improved design. Floating heads perfectly follow the contours of the body and help to avoid even minor injuries to the skin. Cassettes have several rows of razors - from 3 to 5, which allows you to remove all the hair in one pass. In addition, the blades surround the special moisturizing strips that take care of the skin and make it smooth and tender after the depilation procedure.

For the bikini area, where the skin is especially sensitive, and the probability of cuts is maximum, there is a large choice depilatory creamswhich gently remove hair on the area of ​​the skin where the composition was applied.

In this light, depilation looks attractive, but this medal has a second side.

Razors and tapes to them are expensive. And provided that it is recommended to change the cassettes every 1.5-2 months, they will have to be bought quite often and in a couple of years, an amount equal to the cost of a good epilator will be spent on it. Depilatory creams are also not cheap and have a high consumption, especially if they are treated not only the bikini area, but also the axillary hollows.

In addition, with regular shaving of the hairs over time, they become harder, darker, their growth accelerates and the number increases. As a result, after depilation with a razor, after just one or two days, stiff bristles appear, and the procedure must be repeated, spending time on it and increasing tape wear.

The difference between depilation and hair removal procedures is obvious. To buy a device for removing hair from the root is needed only once, it will be enough for many years of use. Epilation over time, thinning hairs, makes them rare and significantly lightens the structure, the removal process is becoming more rare and less painful.

Picking up the epilator correctly, you can significantly increase the effectiveness of the procedure, and eventually get rid of unwanted hair.

Is shugaring better?

Hair removal from the root with the help of sugar paste of various texture is called shugaring. Sugar pastes can have various complementary ingredients, such as honey, chamomile, moisturizing and nourishing essential oils. They are added to skin care during the procedure of hair removal.

Shugaring differs from epilators in that it is, for the most part, a salon procedure. For removal of unwanted hair from the legs and hands, banding techniques are used, for epilation of the armpits, faces and bikini areas work directly with sugar balls from a thicker and softer paste.

At home, shugaring is also possible. Pastes can be purchased in specialized stores or through Internet sites, you can prepare yourself from simple components. But not many will be able to shugaring at home. The procedure requires a high degree of sterility, since the paste is applied by hand, and any dirt that has entered can be entered into small wounds formed after removal of the hair bulb. In addition, it is very painful, not everyone will be able to repeat the process of the second tearing down of the bandage strip and a piece of paste, which will pull up a few dozen hairs with the root in that second.

Shugaring is best done in the salon with all the necessary procedures for preparing the skin before and after epilation. But the need for regularity shugaring has its drawbacks. First of all, these are substantial financial expenses: for the year, the cost of more than one good epilator comes together. Second is the time. It will be necessary to build a schedule every month, registering one or two visits to the salon, spending time on the road.

Epilation at home requires less preparation and it can be done at any convenient time, be it early morning or late evening.

Which is better to choose?

Epilators are universal, they do not have a sexual orientation and are a male and female assistant to remove unwanted hair. The difference between home and professional appliance is, above all, their value.

Professional devices for hair removal has a high price, they are made from light hypoallergenic materials, are virtually silent and do not heat up during operation. These epilators have rubberized massage strips that prepare and relax the skin, provide very careful hair removal, almost avoiding gaps. The result of hair removal with professional devices lasts up to 3-4 weeks.

The home epilator is most often budget, has one or two speeds, is powered by electric power or batteries, and comes with a cap and a cleaning brush for the working surface. But making a choice of device for hair removal for many years to come, you should pay attention to the more expensive models that will significantly facilitate the painful procedure for hair removal.

For owners of sensitive skin prone to redness, you should choose epilators with special nozzles that reduce the number of hairs removed in one pass. This technique is relevant for the bikini area and for the face.

For the legs and for the removal of hairs in the armpit area, a cooling glove and a special block with water, which is pre-frozen, will become a convenient addition to the set. There are models that directionally serves a stream of cold air. Chilled skin is less susceptible to pain, and the procedure for removing hair becomes more comfortable.

Epilators with a nozzle-trimmer, will allow women to create an intimate hairstyle, and for men it will become a convenient device for adjusting the mustache or beard line.

The peeling head will be very useful and functional. Upon completion of the hair removal procedure, it will remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and help avoid the problem of ingrown hair.

Более дорогие водные эпиляторы, работающие на аккумуляторах и имеющие герметичную конструкцию позволяют удалять волоски прямо в душе, что очень удобно. Кроме того, одновременно охлаждая участок обрабатываемой кожи под струей холодной воды можно существенно ослабить болевые ощущения от процедуры эпиляции.

Для многих женщин неприятным моментом, усугубляющими стрессовую процедуру эпиляции может стать слишком громкая работа прибора. In the modern market there are models, manufacturers of which have tried to minimize noise and vibration from the operation of the device. According to user feedback, this greatly simplifies the process of hair removal. At the same time, “quiet” models perfectly remove hairs and are suitable for sensitive areas.

Thanks to online stores, it is now possible to easily purchase spare parts, components, or to supplement the purchased model of the epilator with the necessary nozzles for more comfortable and painless hair removal.

How to use?

The beauty of the epilator is that it is quite simple to use at home. You just need to follow a few rules.

  • For the epilation procedure, the skin must be clean, free of grease and dry. In areas with thick or short hairs, it is better to use the very first epilator speed. Then the hairs will be pulled out by the root, and not broken off at the base, which will reduce the number of hair removal procedures to a minimum.
  • In the area of ​​the bikini and axilla, where the capture of the hair with tweezers and discs is difficult to implement, you can use baby powder. Talc will make the base of the hair thicker and remove excess sebum and sweat.
  • It is not necessary to direct the epilator on the growth of hair, it will increase the time of the procedure and will require a greater number of passage through the hair. Much better hair is captured if you direct the working surface of the device against growth at a slight angle. No need to press on the skin during epilation. This will cause scratches on discs or tweezers, and the skin will turn red and peel off. The device should be led along the skin slowly and evenly, slightly touching it and pulling it slightly.
  • For effective hair removal, their length should be at least five millimeters. Too long hair must first be shortened with scissors or trimmer.
  • It is important to remember that the most unpleasant sensations occur in the first few minutes of the procedure, then addiction occurs and the pain of epilation subsides a bit.

How to clean?

After epilation, the device must be cleaned. To do this, there is a special brush in the configuration of even the most budget epilator, which makes it easy to clean the work surface from stuck hairs.

Removable attachments are still easier. Nozzles are: cooling, shaving, for peeling, for delicate areas, nozzle limiter, and many others. All used nozzles must be removed and thoroughly rinsed under running warm water, and then dried well on a towel or paper napkins. After they dry out, the epilator is again ready for operation.

For those who carry out the procedure of hair removal for the first time, it is recommended to take tweezers and pull them a few hairs, in order to understand what sensations you should prepare yourself for. Do not turn on the device immediately at maximum speed - start with a slow one so that the body adapts. If there is a nozzle in the kit, which limits the number of hairs pulled out at a time, it should also not be ignored.

For girls, women, and men with a low pain threshold, there are some tricks to make the epilation procedure less painful. The use of a special gel mitten will cool the skin and increase the pain threshold. The same effect is achieved with the help of ice cubes or ice water. It is possible a few minutes before the procedure to take pain pills or apply an anesthetic cream on the skin.

Another option to facilitate the hair removal procedure is to prepare the skin by steaming. A hot bath with salt or a hot shower will help the pores to open up and to release the hair root from the follicle as painlessly as possible.

Which epilator is better to choose for the bikini zone

What should I look for when choosing a device:

  • Before buying an epilator, it is important to understand the condition of your skin. Based on this, you need to choose a device for dry hair removal (they can work without creams and gels) or for wet, which is suitable for skin prone to irritation. There are also epilators of mixed type, where it is possible to switch from one mode to another. For a bikini, it is preferable to take an epilator that can work in the shower.
  • The number of speeds. The maximum of them can be three, but more often there are models with two modes. The more, the better, because switching modes, you will feel at what speed to remove hair less painful.
  • Equipment. The standard set includes a brush for cleaning the device from hairs. There is an expanded package, which includes: a shaving head, a nozzle for peeling, delicate zones, massage, facial cleansing, etc. The restrictor nozzle allows you to work only part of tweezers or discs - at first it is much easier to transfer the procedure if the hair is not pulled out of all 40 tweezers at the same time, but only one fifth of them. The number of nozzles affects the cost of the epilator.
  • Type of food. The epilator can work from the network or battery. The device with the battery is more convenient, because it will be possible to take it on the road and use it in a variety of situations. Without recharging, the epilator can work for about 30–40 minutes.
  • Backlight. In most models, it is now there. The absence is not critical, but will make hair removal a little less convenient.

Which firm epilator to choose

German company that produces household appliances. Technique brand is of high quality and durability. The range has budget models of epilators, as well as devices designed for people with medium and more incomes.

Dutch brand with a wide specialization. The company produces high-quality high-performance equipment. Philips epilators have different power and high performance.

Products of the French company Rowenta are in great demand all over the world. The plant produces small household appliances and appliances for care. Rowenta epilators have a modern, ergonomic design.

One of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical and household appliances manufactures products for every taste and budget. The technique of the Japanese brand has a long service life and an affordable price.

German pedantry and the desire to be the best in everything, made the company one of the leaders in the production of goods for health and beauty. Technique brand is of high quality and affordable cost.

The most popular battery powered model

Epilator Braun Silk-epil 9 is a modern portable device that allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body almost painlessly.


  • The device is able to work continuously for about 40 minutes. This time is enough to remove hair on a large area of ​​the body. For example, on the legs. Charging time 1 hour.
  • The head can be washed under water without fear of damaging the device. Also, the device can be used in the shower. Epilation in water significantly reduces pain.
  • There is a highlight of the zone, which is currently being processed by the epilator. This allows you to consider the blond hairs that are often missing during epilation.
  • Included are several different additional tips, including: trimmer, limiter, massager and shaving nozzle.
  • The epilator has an attractive appearance and a convenient form that allows you to conveniently place it in your hand.
    The device works silently.
  • Increased working area. According to users, it allows you to fully process one leg in no more than 15 minutes.


  • Cost This is the only drawback of the device. The price is much higher than similar models of previous generations.

The most popular network powered model

According to user reviews, one of the best models of electric epilators can be called Philips HP 6570.


  • Ceramic tweezers gently remove even very short hairs, without breaking them off at the base. Due to this, the legs stay longer smooth. In addition, ceramic hypoallergenic tweezers, which minimizes the number of lesions on the skin after the procedure. The device is suitable even for very delicate skin.
  • The presence in the complete set of the comb, which lifts the hairs from the root, thereby ensuring maximum removal.
  • High quality epilation. In this device bypasses many of his colleagues, even more expensive.
  • The presence of a set of additional nozzles, including: a massager, a nozzle for small areas, etc.
  • Reduced soreness. Ceramic tweezers gently pull hairs.
  • The epilator has an attractive design and an attractive shape. Thanks to this, it fits comfortably in your hand.


  • A significant disadvantage is the cost of the device, even in its minimum configuration.

The best budget model, working on the network

The best budget model in this category, according to numerous reviews on the Internet, is the epilator Braun Silk-epil 5.


  • The ability to continuously treat the skin.
  • Wide head with nozzle. Thanks to this device provides a good capture of hairs. Processing time is significantly reduced.
  • Does not break the hairs. The epilator carries out soft capture.
  • The presence of a LED flashlight. It allows you to highlight the hairs, thanks to which the skin remains completely smooth.
    Availability of additional accessories: cooling gloves, leather cleaning brushes. The brush allows you to clean the face well.
  • The epilator head can be cleaned of contamination under water.
  • The device has an affordable price.


  • No ability to work portable. In the absence of electricity to remove hair will not succeed.
  • Insufficient wire length.

Best photoepilators

If a few years ago the photoepilator was something new and had an excessively high cost, now such a device is actively used not only in beauty salons, but also in everyday life.

Such a product with regular use helps to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever. The device acts on the bulb, gradually destroying it.

The most popular model for home use, working on the network

According to numerous reviews on the Internet, the best model of a photoepilator is Braun Silk Expert BD 5001.


  • The convenience of use. The device does not require any special knowledge and skills. Its use is actually a salon procedure at home.
  • Efficiency. Already after 2 months of regular use, you can notice areas where the hair completely stopped growing.
  • Painlessness The procedure delivers minor discomfort. Pain, as when removing hair with a traditional epilator is not. Thanks to this, the device can be used for a bikini area.
  • Lack of irritation. During operation, the risk of infection under the skin is reduced to zero. Due to this, rash and suppuration does not occur.
  • Lack of ingrown hairs. This is a frequent problem when using a traditional epilator, when using a photo-epilator such a problem does not exist.
  • Low weight. The device is convenient to hold in hand. Even with long-term work, the hand does not get tired.
  • The speed of the procedure. The treatment of both legs rarely takes more than 20 minutes.
  • Several modes of operation. For very delicate areas, you can choose a more gentle mode.
  • The device can even be used on light skin and hair.


  • Cost It is several times higher than the price of traditional epilators. However, the device pays for several months of use.

The best model for the house, working autonomously

Most photoepilators work on the network. However, there are models that can work autonomously. The device that collected the most positive user reviews, Philips SC 2006.


  • The area of ​​impact of the device is 4 cm2. This allows for a short time to process any part of the body.
  • A large number of modes. This device has 5 of them, which will allow you to choose the most gentle mode for a particular zone.
  • A large number of pulses. Philips SC 2006 is designed for 140,000 pulses.
  • Suitable for people with fair skin.
  • The presence of nozzles. A small nozzle allows you to use the device on the face to remove the antennae or extra hair on the eyebrows.
  • Effect. In just a few months of regular use, you can completely get rid of facial and facial hair.


  • Price. The cost of such a device is several times higher than the price of cheaper models.

The best model for the professional

Among professionals, the most popular photoepilator Beurer IPL10000 +.


  • The device operates on the network, which allows its use continuously.
  • The model has a high number of pulses - 250 000.
  • The area of ​​impact of the device - 7 cm2, that is, for just one flash, it is just such an area of ​​skin that is processed.
  • Beurer IPL10000 + has 6 modes of operation. This makes it possible to choose the optimal mode for a particular zone.
  • The cost of the device is much lower than the price of similar devices from other brands.

Disadvantages of the model according to reviews not found.

What epilator for women to buy

1. Those who need treatment of large areas of skin, as well as seeking to permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation, should consider the devices of Philips. Products of this brand are leaders in the production of conventional and photoepilators.

2. For a professional master performing hair removal in the salon, the best option is a Beurer photoepilator.

3. For home use and travel, it is better to choose a portable epilator from Braun.