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Caps with a veil do-it-yourself: description, models, combination and reviews


The first hats with a veil appeared in the XIX century. At that time, it was unacceptable to show their emotions, so that many women skillfully hid them behind the veil, keeping the mystery and composure. At that time, almost every woman had such an accessory, regardless of status in society and belonging to one or another class.

Gradually hats with a veil began to go out of fashion. At the beginning and middle of the XX century, they were worn only by aristocrats and public ladies, for example, actresses and dancers. And at the end of the last century, such an accessory was completely forgotten. But everything new is well forgotten old. And today, designers re-use the veil, and real women of fashion get hats decorated with it.

In what cases such a hat would be appropriate?

Immediately it is worth noting that a hat with a veil is a very bright, catchy, original and far from everyday accessory, so don’t put it on to work just like on a walk down the street (unless your goal is to attract attention).

Better to leave a veil for a special occasion. For example, you can wear a hat to a party, especially a themed one, held in retro style or dedicated to the gangsters and their ladies. And this interesting accessory may well replace the veil of the bride in a wedding dress.

Who is suitable?

A hat with a veil can fit almost any girl, everything will depend on the style and features of the accessory. But she will look especially elegant on a mysterious lady with an aristocratic appearance and regular features.

How to pick up?

How to choose a hat with a veil? There are several criteria for choosing such an accessory, and each of them is worth staying in detail.

The choice of style will depend directly on the shape and features of the face.

  • If the face is thin and elongated, then you should avoid high caps. It is best to choose a model with a flat crown (the crown is the upper part of the hat, which, when put on, turns on the head) and rather wide margins.
  • If you have a wide, snub-nosed nose, a bonnet-style cap, which has a medium-sized crown, and hard, small margins that frame the face and taper to the back of the head will help make it more subtle.
  • If you have large facial features, then a hat with slightly curved and raised fields will help make them elegant and feminine.
  • Tall girls should pay attention to models with a practically flat crown and wide margins.
  • If the height is small, then a hat with a veil that has narrow fields and a high crown will help to visually enlarge it. An interesting option would be a cylinder.
  • A universal model is considered a cap style "tablet". It fits all.

Since the main and the brightest part of the cap is the veil, then pay special attention to it.

  • Length. The veil may fall slightly on the forehead, cover only the eyes, half of the face, or cover the entire face completely. The more it closes, the more mysterious and bold the image will be.
  • The fabric of the veil. The most common option is the classic mesh. It should be understood that the larger the mesh, the more noticeable will be your face. A fine mesh will allow you to hide from prying eyes.
  • Decorations. The fabric may be the most common or strewn with small specks or peas. In addition, for the decoration can be used and more complex elements, such as embroidery in the form of flowers or curls, lace, and so on. A simple veil looks more strictly and simply, and a decorated one will make the image even more vivid and memorable.
  • Colour. The veil may coincide completely with the color of the cap or it may be contrasted with it. Dark veil will add chic and mystery and will hide your face. Light will enliven the image and make it more romantic, feminine and sweet. A white veil is the perfect choice for a wedding dress. And bright colors will add color. But they should be chosen only by courageous and self-confident girls.
  • Picture. The veil can be not only monophonic, but also color. So, painted and decorated with unusual patterns will look bright and bold. As a picture, you can choose floral, animalistic or abstract motifs. By the way, unusual prints are now in fashion.

Wedding hat with a veil

If you decide to choose a hat with a veil for a wedding, then remember that this accessory is not compatible with all models of dresses. It is desirable that the outfit was concise and elegant. For example, it can be a fitting dress of any length Also suitable models with asymmetric hem, "mermaid" and "fish." But with a classic lush dress in a ball-style hat with a veil will look ridiculous.

How to wear?

A harmoniously and brightly hat with a veil will look with a gorgeous evening dress or a bright cocktail dress. But some wear such an accessory with clothes of a more free style, for example, with trousers and blouses and even with jeans and T-shirts. As for the other accessories included in the kit, they should be elegant and restrained.

Let the veil hat make you mysterious, bright and unique!

The origins of the trend

Jill Sander is a German designer who is often called the “queen of minimalism”. She has created her own fashion house, where many talented fashion designers work under her leadership. One of them is the Briton Stephen Jones, who is famous for his non-trivial headgear. In September 2011, at the fashion show Jill Sander Spring-Summer 2012, he presented women's hats with a veil.

An interesting idea instantly caught on and became popular among celebrities. Riana, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Sandara Park, Dita Von Teese - many of the style icons began to wear hats with a veil, and this trend was picked up by women of fashion around the world.

The style of the show was designed in the spirit of the 60s, and the novelty was also created under their influence.

Fashion trends

Each woman of fashion, having decided to choose for himself a hat with a veil, asks the question: “Is it relevant today? Perhaps the time of the veils has passed? ”

A few years ago, this question could be answered with confidence: “Yes!”. Today we say: “No! It has come! ” But first things first.

The word "veil" comes from the French Voile - veil, curtain. The manner of covering the face with a mesh cloth came to Europe from the east. The once long and almost opaque cape, changing in centuries, only in the 40s of the twentieth century, acquires the appearance of a headdress with a rare flirty mesh that barely covers half of the face. Having reached its apogee in the 50s, already in the 60s, the popularity of this ornament is gradually disappearing. And in the 70s, the veil is firmly established in wedding salons as a romantic attribute of a rare celebration. And so she would have stayed there if at the beginning of the XXI century the couturier of the whole world did not embrace the craze of 60s aesthetics, on the wave of which a model of a knitted hat with a veil appears.

This fashion accessory, first introduced by Jill Sander in the Spring-Summer 2012 collection, is original and far from ordinary as far as the talent of its creator, Briton Stephen Jones, one of the best modern hats, is refined and non-trivial.

The unique combination of a sports cap and a thin flying veil left no one indifferent. The fashion bloggers' controversy about the relevance, wearability, extravagance of the new headdress did not have time to calm down, as the Jones idea was taken up and reinterpreted by Chanel. In 2015, at a show in Paris, knitted hats of pastel colors with a scattering of floral decorations and a large veil from Karl Lagerfeld again draw the attention of the public.

So, with the light hand of Stephen Jones, a hat with a veil wins the podium, finding new style touches.

Types of hats for the bride

A variety of styles will allow you to choose the right option for you.

  • Hats with veil. If you do not want to completely deviate from the tradition, then you can simply combine classic and modern accessories in one. Models hats and veils can be quite diverse. With this combination, a multi-level veil of medium length is often chosen.
  • "Vualetki" - small hats, decorated with a veil. This option will add a note of mystery and mystery to the image.
  • Wide brimmed hats suitable for both passionate and gentle romantic natures. This style is not sufficiently represented in the finished assortment of wedding salons, therefore, most likely, you will have to sew a hat to order.
  • Cylinders - an unusual solution for bold brides. This model is notable for its particular sexuality and even some kind of provocation.
  • "Pills" - an echo of the vintage style of the 60s of the last century. Neat and small, they ideally coincide with the proportions of the head and give the image an aristocratic shade. Usually they are worn, slightly moving to one side or forehead.
  • Cap, framed by lace or veil, looks very original.
  • "Nest" It is a complete composition of feathers, rods, nets and ribbons. As a rule, it is mounted on the bezel.
  • "Flower". This model is made in the form of a large flower with leaves.
  • Cowboy hat like creative brides, it is ideal for a wedding in the style of the Wild West. In combination with a traditional veil, this headdress looks unusual and beautiful.

Return to the past

Now you do not need to wait for a special party or wedding to be able to wear a veil. This feminine accessory is fashionable to wear in everyday life. A thin transparent fabric gives the image of mystery, creates the illusion of a barrier between its carrier and the surrounding world. But all that is hidden only ignites curiosity and prompts to reveal the secret, whatever the cost. In order to exude an aura of seduction and sensuality, it is not necessary to put on revealing clothes, well-chosen accessories put emphasis on without departing from the bounds of decency.

Fashion variations

The first hats with a veil were released in classic colors - black and white, and their basis was a bini hat - an elongated shape, from a knitted fabric into a very small scar. But today, experiments with texture and shades have led to the emergence of completely different versions of the interpretation of this trend. Here's how to classify hats with a veil:

Classic - a small neat beanie, almost on the head, of smooth dense material. It will be appropriate to look with a down jacket and a jacket.

An elongated, pointed or falling veil cap will embellish any version of this practical accessory. A variety of forms will allow you to create different fancy combinations.

A cap with a pompon (most often a fur one) is a playful winter version. It certainly will not be cold even in cold weather. Sometimes the top of the headdress is decorated with a flirty bow.

Knitted hat with a veil - a combination of yarn texture and tenderness of the veil gives a special chic to such products. This is another example of fashionable and comfortable clothing. The color of the yarn and the color of the mesh can be contrasted with each other.

A cap with ears and a veil is a trendy mix of two trends that successfully complement each other. Its form is different - from the usual soft drop to the pot.

A cap with a veil and other additional decorations - these can be rhinestones, flowers, drawings. An example would be such a rather simple and modest hat for every day.

But here we can also include masterpieces from Chanel, made by large knitting and decorated with Swarovski rhinestones, fabric colors and feathers. If desired, the cap for these reasons is easy to repeat with your own hands.

What to wear hats with a veil?

What could be simpler and more convenient than a knitted headdress? But with a veil, he is completely transformed. Probably, the secret of the popularity of hats with a veil (judging by the reviews of customers) is that they can be worn as with very simple, sporty, casual clothes, and with more feminine and elegant clothes. In addition, girls especially like the fact that she keeps any hairstyle in place (except, of course, the horse's tail), and can successfully disguise the "bad hair day" if necessary.

But in itself, a knitted cap (even with a veil, even without) is a simple and minimalistic accessory. Therefore, it goes well with bright eye makeup, false eyelashes or red lipstick. Large catchy earrings will give the image chic and elegance.

Hats with a veil can be worn with very different clothes. For example, with a neat dress muted coral-red color, it looks very elegant. The same goes for a strict jacket, blouse and bright trousers. However, you should not overload such images with accessories, it is best to limit them to the minimum number and give preference to more concise options.

And with a black leather jacket, shoes and a bag with rivets, the image is bold and bold. It can be softened with feminine items of clothing, in delicate shades and from light fabrics, but you can make a deliberately rude look on the contrary. With color versions of veil hats, it is easy to create bright or romantic outfits. Rich red or soft pastel - both look fashionable and attractive.

Jeans and multi-layered, comfortable clothes are great companions for a hat with a veil. It will fit into both a relaxed urban and sports style.

Hat with a veil with his hands

This fashion accessory is quite simple to make. It does not need special skills or expensive materials. In addition, it is very profitable. The original from the designer will cost about 300-350 dollars, and a homemade hat can be made for about 10-15 dollars or even cheaper.

  • black knit beanie,
  • a net of 23 cm x 60 cm in size (the size may vary depending on the size of the cap),
  • thread to match the needle
  • scissors.

Operating procedure

  1. Position the cap in the center of the grid. Back off 7 cm below its edge.
  2. Fold the remaining halves of the veil towards the center of the cap, position the outermost cells so that they coincide with each other.
    One stitch attach the mesh to the knitted fabric.
  3. Then bend the top corner of the veil, as shown in the photo.
    Secure with a pair of stitches in the same place where the edges of the mesh were joined, repeat with the other side.
  4. Grasp the middle of the veil and fold it again.
  5. Then grab a few stitches from the bottom of the cap.
  6. If necessary, once again sew the junction of all layers of the grid.
  7. On this cap is ready. It remains only to tuck its edge to hide the stitches.

The veil can be slightly raised or lowered, depending on which image you want to create.

How to determine the shape of the face

There are various ways. The most accurate - using a measuring tape. Arm yourself with paper and pencil to record the results. Stand in front of the mirror and take four measurements.

  1. The width of the forehead. Attach a centimeter to the center of the forehead. The starting point is above the curve of the left eyebrow, the final point is above the curve of the right (or vice versa, if you are left-handed).
  2. Face width Measure the distance between the cheekbones: from the protruding part of the cheekbone from one side to the other. Usually these points are under the outer corners of the eyes.
  3. The length of the chin line. Run a centimeter from the tip of the chin to the corner of the jaw. Multiply the resulting value by two.
  4. Face length Measure the distance from the top of the forehead at the hairline to the tip of the chin.

The obtained values ​​correlate with typical face shapes.


  • Oval face. The length is 1.5 times the width. The forehead and chin are about the same. Hairline and all corners rounded.
  • Round face. The length and width are approximately equal. Chin rounded, arcuate hairline.
  • Rectangular face (elongated). The length is noticeably greater than the width. The forehead and chin line are about the same.
  • Square face. The length is equal to the distance between the cheekbones (plus or minus a few centimeters). The width of the forehead and chin line are almost identical.
  • Triangular face ("heart"). Wide forehead and cheekbones, but narrow sharp chin. Hairline arcuate or heart-shaped.
  • Pear-shaped face. Big chin line and small forehead. Length can be any.
  • Diamond face ("diamond"). The distance between the cheekbones is much larger than the line of the forehead and chin. The length is also any.

Having decided on the shape of the face, you can go to the store for a hat.

Headwear for oval face

Task: Do not pull out your face too long.

Due to its symmetry, the oval face is considered ideal. Owners of this form can afford almost all hats - from caps to socks to hats (provided that the crown is not much wider than the cheekbones). But it is better to avoid too high caps with large pom-poms. Asymmetric models and models covering the forehead look great on the oval face.

Round face hats

Task: visually stretch the face.

Chubby models and headdresses that cover the forehead are contraindicated to chubby. High caps with a big pom-pom, voluminous knitted models will help to lengthen a face. Any vertical patterns are welcome. Fedora, berets and caps are also suitable. Only wear them asymmetrically better and in any case not to push on the forehead.

Hats for a rectangular face

Task: visually reduce the length and smooth out the angularity of the face.

The task is to cope with models that create a horizontal line: rounded caps with voluminous cuffs, tied earflaps, hats with a low shank and wide brims, and also caps. They allow you to hide the forehead and level the elongation of the face.

What to wear?

A cap with a veil is quite a shocking piece of clothing.And, like any outrageous thing, it requires work on the image. It is organic in spaces of styles casual and grunge, the eclecticism of which allows you to create different in character images: from business urban and romantic and refined to deliberately negligent.

  • The dark veil in combination with a blue or black beanie is good both with pieces of outerwear and with everyday sets,
  • A voluminous overcoat jacket, straight trousers, or navy, almost black jeans, chelsea boots, a voluminous rectangular silhouette leather bag is one of the options for a fashionable look.

  • The combination of an extravagant cap with a business jacket and classic or slim jeans, shirt and shorts are great.

  • An interesting set consists of a hat with a veil, a jacket, a pencil skirt, low-heeled shoes or stilettos,
  • The combination of such a hat, leggings and a large knit sweater is perfect. Laconic color bulk bag or backpack complement the image,
  • The hat with a skirt, a vest with a stylish print and a jacket made of leather or denim looks modern with a veil. Here, as an accessory, you can use a clutch of matte leather. Slip-ons, sneakers, or loafers will come to the site.

  • Knitted from bulk yarn hats with flowers, sequins and rhinestones a la Lagerfeld, require a more delicate approach to the formation of a stylish image. It is unlikely that anyone would risk trying on such a hat with a tweed suit in the style of Chanel, but it may be quite appropriate, complete with a light coat of straight cut and flat-soled shoes.

  • One of the variants of an evening dress can be a combination of a fitting green midi-length dress with a cap and a burgundy veil.

When making various combinations of clothes, it is important to remember that style is not blindly following fashion trends, but a well-calculated and built combination of things in one ensemble, taking into account the features of the figure, such as the person, age, social status. Neglecting the fact that it is you who are in favor of the philistine “now everyone is like that”, it is easy to lose individuality and become a fashion victim - “fashion victim” is a ridiculous and funny character.

How to choose?

It is no secret to anyone that the choice of cap depends primarily on the shape of the face.

  • The square face is characterized by a low forehead and wide cheekbones. Shifted closer to the back of the head, a magnificently decorated cap-cap visually balances the heavy lower part. A hat with a veil is not suitable for such a person,
  • Owners of a triangular face, with a broad forehead, high cheekbones and chin-length, need to combine a cap from Jill Sander with a properly chosen hairstyle. The massive top will balance the strands of hair of medium length. Chanel's hat is possible only in the surroundings of soft, fluffy curls, creating a harmony of top and bottom,
  • The peculiarity of the round face is smooth lines. Any headgear extended upwards visually lengthen the line of the forehead. Round and volume caps are disharmonious. A cap with a veil is unprofitable to expand the line of the cheekbones,
  • But the ladies with a rectangular face cap with a veil will be most welcome! The line of the veil will create additional horizontal, will balance the elongated shape of the forehead and chin,
  • Oval faces are universal: any headdress will look great on them.

A little bit about makeup

In creating an extravagant image, it is unacceptable to neglect the details. One wrong touch can ruin your work hours. Therefore, it is important to remember that the veil draws attention to the person on whom it is necessary to correctly place accents. Painted red lipstick lips will make the image more sexy, and active eye makeup - more romantic.

Fashion makeup 2016 is based on a combination of natural shades. Help to create a natural image of pastel colors. Classic black arrows are still relevant.

Make-up artists call the year 2017 the year of bright makeup, in which, like the make-up of the 80s, the combination of brightly colored eyes and red lipstick is not considered vulgar.

How individual is the image of each woman, so different are the decorations. With a cap from Jill Sander, a massive silver or gold jewelery is appropriate. Large earrings, rings, pendants will add an element of celebration to the image.

Modest jewelery in casual style is not bad either. Small studs, thin rings, bracelets will fill the look with the charm of everyday life.

The hat decorated with a veil and flowers does not require additional accessories. Provided that the rest of the set of clothes will be restrained and concise on the silhouette and color scale, at the shoulder level you can pin a brooch to match the decor on the hat, or put on a ring in the shape of a flower.

Features and benefits

Paraphrasing the classics, we can say that veils of all ages are submissive. And this will not be an exaggeration. The democratic shape and wide color range of caps with a veil made of thin cashmere or wool make it a versatile wardrobe item that can be worn at any age. She will look cute on a girl, stylish on a girl, and bold on a woman.

A cap with a veil and flowers carries the idea of ​​youth and spring. A large, somewhere even careless mating will harmoniously complement the appearance of a young girl, but will unprofitably emphasize the age of a woman who is a little over thirty.

Selection of stars

Perhaps, one of the most ardent and bright fans of the cap with a veil can be called Anna Dello Russo - the advising fashion editor of Japanese Vogue. Having tried on a novelty one of the first, she made her an indispensable attribute of any outfit: from evening dress to a men's tuxedo with a bow tie.

Among our stars hats with a veil came to taste Anita Tsoi, Alena Babenko, Marina Dolidze, Renate Litvinova, Natalia Shkuleva - the wife of Andrei Malakhov, head of the publishing house of the ELLE magazine group.

Review Analysis

Despite the proud march of various models of hats with a veil on the catwalk, netizens are still not unequivocal in their statements about the fashion trend. Someone falls in love with this unusually elegant thing at once, not accepting any “but”, someone conservatively denies it (mind you, me, mind), someone frankly slanders a designer find.

So what is a hat with a veil: a shocking trick, or refined chic?

Of course, the one and the other!

Any epatage over time can become a classic and it will certainly be called a sample of refined chic.

Combination with a wedding dress

The hat is just an elegant accessory, which is designed to complement the image of the bride. The wedding dress remains in the spotlight, so you need to choose a headpiece so that it is in harmony with the style and style of the dress.

  • It is worth noting that hats look most advantageous with short fitting dresses, skirt or trouser suits. Style "tablet" is ideal for a shortened dress, a model with wide brim - for a long one. "Vualetka" perfectly complement the light unimpressive dress.
  • The color of the headgear does not have to match the color of the dress.. However, it must be borne in mind that the combination of cold and warm colors is extremely not desirable.
  • Pay attention to the material from which the cap is made. Fabric texture should be as close to the dress. Otherwise, the difference will be very noticeable in the photos.
  • An incomplete coincidence of the decorative elements on the hat and dress is admissible.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Modern wedding hats allow you to perform almost any hairstyle or styling that the bride wishes. However, it should be remembered that the hairstyle and headdress should be combined with each other. Consider the most appropriate hairstyles, depending on the style of the cap.

  • Wide-brimmed hats are best for girls with medium-length hair.. Then the hair can either be collected in a neat bunch, or, conversely, to dissolve the luxurious curls. Do not overload the styling decorative elements.
  • For “pills” curls on hair of any length would be appropriate., as well as straight strands, collected on one side. Retro hairstyles of the 20s-40s and 50s-60s of the last century are also good: large “Hollywood” curls, fleece, gathered in “knots”, “shells”, and “rollers”.
  • Under the cylinder fit a variety of styling for short hair and hairstyles in the Greek style.

Where to buy (order)?

This fashion accessory is gaining popularity and is in demand among brides. However, choosing and purchasing a suitable model is still not so simple: few salons can boast a rich selection of caps.

Where can I buy this original headdress?

  • In the wedding salon. If you want to try on a finished product, it is better to do it in the salon, because there is a certain assortment. Unfortunately, not all salons sell hats for the bride, so you should inquire in advance about the availability of this accessory, for example, after looking at the store's website or by phone.
  • In the online store You can also choose the appropriate option. Often the range there is much wider than in the wedding salon. A plus is the fact that many stores provide on-site fitting services.
  • Private master To order, you can create a unique wedding headpiece, even according to your own sketch.
  • In specialized stores hats and factories. For example, high-quality and original models of headdresses can be purchased at the Cardinal & Margo factory.

Prices will largely depend on the place of purchase of the headdress and on its style. So, in the salon of wedding fashion The average cost of a “pill” or veil varies from 2000 to 5000 rubles.

The price of the cylinders is slightly higher - 4000-7000 rubles. Wide brimmed hats stand from 5000 rubles. Wedding hats, custom-made, will cost from 8000-10000 rubles and more expensive.

Photos of brides in veils and hats

Author photo: Julia Bar (Photographer in Europe)

Video: hairstyle with a hat

The stylist creates a wedding hairstyle for the bride under an elegant hat:

A hat for the bride is a fashionable wedding accessory that can make a girl elegant, bright and unique. It should fit not only the appearance of its owner, but also be combined with the dress and style of celebration.

Hats for square face

Task: slightly stretch the face and soften its features.

Holders of this form will not fit headscarves and hats with large decor. To distract attention from the massive chin will help the model with a rounded silhouette. Try on a beanie, beret or cap with a short visor. They should be worn on the top of the head, without closing the forehead. In winter, ear-flaps with lowered ears will look good, as well as creative models with pigtails and dangling pom-poms.

Triangular face headgear

Task: focus on the cheekbones.

Looking for caps covering the forehead. The main thing that they were not too tight. If you have a triangular face, then your choice is hats with small fields, cute hats with ears, berets with a fit on the forehead or to the side, fluffy fur models. Asymmetric fit is welcome.

Headwear for pear-shaped face

Task: visually expand the forehead.

People with a pear-shaped face in the fall should buy a hat with straight or raised up brim. Fedora, Homburg or Derby will do. Crows they should be wider than the line of the chin. In winter, large-knit hats and snoods look great, making it easy to disguise massive cheekbones and emphasize the forehead.

Diamond Headwear

Task: add volume at the top of the head.

Owners of this face shape when choosing a headdress should focus on the width of the cheekbones. Caps should not be narrower, but rather a little wider than them. Caps of all stripes and straight-brimmed hats will fit if you wear them by sliding sideways. Caps should be voluminous. If the face is not too long, you can afford hats and other high fur models.