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15 best eyebrow gels


To look beautiful and thick eyebrows, you need to care for them. Today, there is a huge range of cosmetics that allow for the comprehensive care of brow arcs and the creation of a new image by changing their shape. A large role among such means is played by various gels specifically designed for the care of eyebrows.

What are and what are gel products for eyebrows for?

Eyebrow gels are a jelly-like cosmetic that serves to give the hairs of the eyebrows of a certain shape, as well as their fixation. By and large, they are used for styling and fixing eyebrow hairs.

Fixation occurs due to a change in the consistency of the gel, which becomes thick after application and does not allow the hairs to change their position. The packaging of this cosmetic product resembles the shape of a mascara tube with an applicator inside to apply the gel to the hairs. Sometimes, in order to nourish and strengthen eyebrow hair, various oils and vitamins are added to the gels.

Types of gels

This product of cosmetics is subdivided depending on the purpose, functional use, as well as color shades.

By functional use, gels are divided into:

Professional tools are used when creating makeup in beauty salons for photo and video shooting, responsible events, etc.

Depending on their purpose, they perform the following functions:

  • modelingused to create the desired shape of eyebrow bending due to hair styling,
  • fixingdesigned to secure the laid hair,
  • paintingserving to give brows the desired color
  • healingused to restore the structure of eyebrow hairs and stimulate their renewal.

Transparent products mainly perform hair styling or fixation. Most often, such cosmetics are multifunctional and at the same time serve to perform several tasks. So, modeling gels simultaneously with the creation of the desired shape of eyebrows, paint them in the right shade and fix the acquired shape.

They can replace several cosmetics at once: pencil, powder, eyebrow brushes. The composition of such products include: wax, oils, mineral components and vitamins, silicones and other synthetic impurities.

When choosing a shade of helium product, you need to make sure that it is a little lighter than the color of the hair on the head. The exception is blondes, when the shade of eyebrows should be in harmony with the shade of their blond hair.

Overview of the best manufacturers

The range of modern cosmetics designed for eyebrows, presented by different manufacturers.

The most popular products are:

  • The modeling gel-like product "Giordani Gold Perfect Bend", produced by the company "Oriflame". It is produced in two shades of brown: saturated dark and translucent brownish. This gel is able to paint all the hairs, creating a perfectly smooth shade, to ensure the natural shape of the bend and its secure fixing. Additionally, due to the vitamin B5 contained in it, the brows are moistened and nourished. The package includes an applicator brush, convenient to use. The cost of this product is about 8 dollars.

  • Gel intended for eyebrows and eyelashes "Art-Visage" offered by the company "Art-Visage Holding". He is not only able to adjust the shape of the eyebrows and fix it, but also to have a significant therapeutic effect. Due to the content of D-panthenol (provitamin B5), the structure of hair cells is restored, their growth is accelerated. Means with the medical purpose is applied overnight. During this time, not only nutrition, but moisturizing of the hair is achieved. When applied in the daytime, it gives shine and forms a beautiful curvature of the brow ridges, while reliably fixing the shape. The cost of the gel is about 2 dollars.

  • MAC Brow Set product from MAC It has a consistency of cream and has a specific floral aroma. It is pleasant to work with, creates a smooth texture of the eyebrows, keeps the shape well throughout the day, and is easily removed from the surface if necessary. The product range is represented by a different color range of shades, which allows the use of gel instead of a pencil, as well as transparent means used exclusively for the correction and fixation of hairs. The cost of this cosmetic product is from 20 to 25 dollars, but it is spent very economically, so this price pays off over time.

  • Product "Pupa Eyebrow Fixing Gel" Italian company "Pupa" is a good tool for fixing and styling eyebrow hairs. It holds its shape well, gives the eyebrows a shimmering shine. Available in three brown shades. The cost of one tube is about 9 dollars.

  • Gel "Lumene Blueberry Еyebrow Fixing Gel" Finnish manufacturer "Lumene". It is intended only for stable fixation of styling. Ingredients include arctic blueberry seed oil, which is used to achieve a well-groomed, healthy-looking hair. The cost of 500 rubles.

How to use

The use of a cosmetic product depends on what it is purchased for. If the goal is to care for eyebrows, then it should be applied after removing makeup, it is most convenient during the night when cell regeneration is most active.

For shaping and fixing it, the drug should be used after eyebrow tidying up with the help of plucking hair located in an unnecessary place and trimming it if necessary. A small amount of gel is captured by the applicator and evenly applied to the hairs, giving them a certain shape after that.

If the aim is simple hair styling, then use a transparent product, giving them a well-groomed shiny look. If it is necessary to create a darker brow tint, gels with a color filler of brown and gray tones having different shades are used.

When applying such cosmetics you need to follow the following procedure:

  • The hair is given the desired shape by plucking.
  • Then with the help of eyeliner indicated contour arcs. For this it is better to use brown shades.
  • The gel-like product is applied in the direction of hair growth with uniform strokes, trying not to press hard to maintain a uniform tint.
  • To give the outline of the brow arcs a clear shape, you can use a brush with which you can additionally distribute the applied agent.

You can also apply some shadows on top of the gel if you want to get a darker shade.

Transparent modeling gel product can be applied over the shadows, which are previously used to give the desired shade of eyebrows. Then the shadows will be fixed and will last longer.

Advantages and disadvantages

The gel product for eyebrows is a cosmetology invention, successfully used in the makeup of most women. Its popularity is due to the merits and positive qualities.

Gel provides:

  1. natural well-groomed brows
  2. natural shade and shine of hair,
  3. beautiful curvature of the brow ridges
  4. protection against paint spreading,
  5. moisturizing and nourishing hair.

In addition, this tool is hypoallergenic.


Not quite a good impression can create products of some manufacturers. For example, there may be an uncomfortable shape of an applicator or brush, as a result, a lot of gel is captured and it falls carelessly. Also, sometimes this tool dries out for too long, you have to wait to continue makeup. Each product has its own nuances and individual qualities that should be considered when choosing a cosmetic product.

The best tinted eyebrow gels

One of the varieties of eyebrow gels are tint. They not only fix hairs in the right position, but also give them a natural beautiful color. Manufacturers offer a wide range of gels designed for different hair colors. Below are the best tints for eyebrows.

5 ART-VISAGE Fix Care Lash Brow Gel

One of the most top eyebrow gels is Fix Care from the domestic brand ART-VISAGE. It is designed to nourish hair and beautiful shape modeling. Suitable for use on eyelashes. The gel is equipped with a unique brush tube, which is very convenient when applied. The composition is enriched with the amount of D-panthenol that activates eyebrow growth.

Means provides good fixing, does not make heavier and does not stick together hairs. The manufacturer recommends applying it in the morning for makeup and at night for strengthening. Packaging volume of 5 ml is enough for several months. Advantages: it is easily washed off by special means, several shades to choose from, economical consumption, compact size, power. Disadvantages: unnatural composition.


Budgetary means from ESSENCE - one of the most popular in the market. It is produced in a stylish miniature tube with a brush of high quality. It consists of a pile of a different size specifically for a two-fold increase in volume. The instant result is the main difference between MAKE ME BROW. Suitable for all skin types and does not cause allergies.

It is presented in two colors: for light and dark hair. The gel gives the eyebrows natural volume and natural appearance. Another feature is uniform application. Pros: great price, convenient to carry, quick effect, does not stick hairs, brush of unusual shape. Cons: average resistance.


Another cosmetic product of domestic production occupies a special place in the top of the best. Fixateur Gel helps you complete your look quickly and give your eyebrows the perfect shape. The texture of medium density easily lifts the hair and fixes the volume for the whole day. The composition contains special moisturizing ingredients. The tube is presented in a stylish design.

With regular use of the gel, eyebrows become beautiful and well-groomed. Special brush in the kit helps to simulate the perfect shape. The range is presented in natural shades for different hair colors. Main advantages: great price, high quality, positive reviews, availability. Disadvantages: dries long after application.


PUPA is an innovative eyebrow modeling tool - EYEBROW PLUMPING gel. Special components of the composition provide the perfect texture. It does not glue the hairs, securely fixes them and creates the effect of density. The composition contains beneficial fibers that give the eyebrows a beautiful volume. Comes with a reduced-size brush specifically for spot coating. The gel has a compact size, it is convenient to take with you. Immediately after applying eyebrows look voluminous and bright.

The reviews of the girls point to PUPA EYEBROW's good durability during the day, and experts recommend it as a product with an optimal price-performance ratio. The main advantages: optimum consistency, filling voids, a visual increase in thickness, giving volume. Disadvantages: too small brush.

Any girl knows that her appearance depends on eyebrow makeup in general. Expressive form, beautiful natural color - all this makes the appearance more attractive. To give the eyebrows the perfect shape, there are several types of tools. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. What means to choose and why?

Eyebrow Gels

As the name implies, such gels are designed to retain a given shape of the eyebrows. For a modeling effect, makeup artists use wax, but this means is inferior to the gel in a fixing property. On the market - a huge range of these funds. To understand how they differ, what are the advantages of each, is difficult. A detailed description of the popular eyebrow gels will help you make the right choice and not get lost in the variety.

Art visage

This tool deserves attention. The manufacturer claims this gel as a universal remedy. It is used for modeling by day, and is applied on eyelashes at night for growth and maintenance. It contains a complex of vitamins and D-panthenol for moisturizing and protection. Eyebrows and eyelashes acquire the desired shape under the action of a functional brush. Gel "Art Vizazh" does not have its own color. Suitable for use under pencil or shadow. Another nice bonus is the low price.

It is a tinted gel. In the palette of colors, consisting of five shades, with ease there will be one that suits you. The shape of eyebrows under the action of the NYX Eyebrow Gel is maintained throughout the day. This remedy has a waterproof property. A convenient tube dispenser helps to squeeze out the required amount of gel. The volume of a tube in 10 ml will suffice for a long time.

Create beautiful lines with this tool will have no difficulty. Light texture fits perfectly, does not leave lumps. After drying, an undesirable white bloom does not form, and the hairs have a natural appearance without a moist luster. Presented in a transparent and color version. Blondes will suit the color of the blond, and burning brunettes - brown gel. This manufacturer has another tool for fixing eyebrows - gel marker, able to create a well-groomed appearance due to a convenient applicator.

This tool performs several functions at once. It can be used as a modeling means for eyebrows and as a gel conditioner for eyelashes. In the latter case, improves growth. The advantage of this tool - the gel is recommended for use in sensitive skin. Essens is a hypoallergenic product. When applied to the eyelashes as a serum for mascara, it provides additional volume and proper care. This gel perfectly keeps its shape. Among the shortcomings note the smell of tools that do not like everything.

Vivien sabot

The manufacturer focuses on a comfortable brush that can pacify even naughty hairs. Low price, good fixing properties have provided this tool with popularity among a wide range of consumers. Gel base and a special component of the PVP help to achieve the desired effect: from a deliberately disheveled appearance to perfectly laid hairs to hairs. It contains useful components that provide care and protection. Gel Vivien sabot is presented in transparent and color versions.

Main functions

The main functions that perform various types of gels - is to ensure maximum stability of the makeup, giving the eyebrows a certain shade, their strengthening and stimulation of growth. Depending on the type of the cosmetic itself, it can be used:

  • for styling eyebrows, modeling their shape,
  • for the purpose of daily care, giving them the most attractive appearance,
  • as protection of hairs from the negative effects of external factors (sun, wind, sweat, etc.),
  • to give the hair a shine or shade perfect for make-up,
  • for growth and strengthening of hairs, ensuring their softness, pliability,
  • for visually increasing the volume and masking the voids between the hairs.

Properly chosen tool can fix and maintain the shape of the eyebrows throughout the day, regardless of external factors.

Differences in appearance

To understand how to choose a care product or create the best makeup, you need to figure out what types of products exist on the market today. Depending on the form of release, you can purchase:

  1. Gel pencil Such a tool is characterized by maximum ease of use, providing uniform application and excellent durability. The best brands use in the production of waterproof formula with microcrystalline wax, which allows you to maintain the saturation and intensity of the applied color.
  2. Gel marker. Statements of manufacturers and reviews of real consumers assure that the cosmetic product provides the most saturated and bright color. Often the so-called markers contain henna in their composition, which provides the effect of tattooing when using them.
  3. Gel Mascara. Applying the composition with the usual mascara brush allows you to evenly distribute the shade across all the hairs and it is much easier to simulate the shape of the eyebrows.
  4. Cream Gel. This is a waterproof eyebrow gel that gives them a certain shade. After applying the composition dries quite quickly, firmly fixing each hair in the desired position. Due to the homogeneous thick consistency of a cosmetic, it is quite easy to distribute it evenly, creating an elegant shape.

Gels differ not only in the form of release, but also their purpose:

  • Modeling. Allowed to give the eyebrows the desired shape with elegant curves and maximum durability. Transparent eyebrow gel is invisible to others and ensures the naturalness of the applied makeup.
  • Tint. Give the hair a light and natural color. The most demanded tint gel for eyebrows of brown or gray shade. Other color variations are possible.
  • Coloring. Обеспечивают стойкий и насыщенный цвет примерно на 2-5 недель, в зависимости от производителя. Используя такие косметические составы, можно надолго избавить себя от необходимости постоянно подкрашивать брови, придавая им определенный оттенок.
  • Ухаживающие. Питают и защищают от негативного воздействия внутренних и внешних факторов. Такие средства в виде крема или сыворотки в своей линейке предлагают лучшие мировые производители косметики.
  • Стимулирующие рост. Активизируют развитие фолликулов, питают их различными полезными веществами и насыщают кислородом.

Выбор продукта под цвет волос

Выбирая оттеночный гель для бровей, важно учитывать собственный цвет волос. Это поможет создать наиболее гармоничный и естественный макияж, делающий глаза и черты лица более выразительными:

  • for блондинок лучше всего подойдут средства карамельных и пепельных оттенков, а также оттенка «блонд»,
  • for brown-haired the most suitable are the shades of dark chocolate with the marking "brunet",
  • redheaded girls can safely afford red pigment formulations
  • brunettes It is recommended to use cosmetics for eyebrows of rich dark chocolate color, black color will suit only burning brunettes,
  • to owners blond hair You can use the means of granite and ash shades, as well as carefully look at the means for blondes.

For a natural look, eyebrow cosmetics should be ashy with a cold subtone - taupe and blonde are the universal colors. Choose a tool for 1-3 shades lighter than your natural brow color.

How to use

The process of applying cosmetics often looks like this:

  • you first need to brush clean eyebrows with a brush and remove all excess hair with a special tweezers,
  • then you need to apply a small amount of funds, making it either a brush that comes in the kit, or a special synthetic brush,
  • cosmetic composition should be evenly distributed, carefully laying each hair,
  • If the cosmetic product is out of bounds, it should be removed with a normal cotton swab.

High-quality gels dry quickly, which allows you to almost instantly fix the modeled shape of the eyebrows.

If, when you dye your eyebrows with a pencil, you went overboard a little and made your eyebrows too dark, then using a lighter eyebrow gel you can easily neutralize excessive color saturation.

Top 3 best transparent gels for eyebrows and eyelashes

It contains in its composition D-panthenol, which makes it one of the best means to care for eyebrows and stimulate their growth. The consistency of the transparent composition is thick. For its application, the manufacturer offers a convenient brush. In a jar with a tool there is a special limiter that provides the most economical consumption. Waterproof eyebrow gel can last up to 20 hours, regardless of external conditions.

A cosmetic whose composition is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Complex Lash Revive provides better strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes, and biotin and panthenol reliably protects them from the negative effects from the outside. Using innovative colorless gel, you can keep the shape of the eyebrows, giving them shine and well-groomed appearance.

The product of a famous French manufacturer - the best tool for fixing eyebrows. With it, you can give them absolutely any shape, ideally putting each "naughty" hair. Reviews of women using Fixateur daily are the best confirmation of its quality.

Top 5 Color Eyebrow Gels

Color or shading gels help not only fix hairs, simulating the perfect shape of the eyebrows, but also give them rich shades. The best representatives of this type of cosmetics include:

Waterproof gel is an ideal cosmetic product that allows you to successfully mask the voids between the hairs, give your eyebrows any shape. The composition of this tool is based on a unique formula, rich in ceramides. For its application it is necessary to use a bevel brush offered by the manufacturer under the number 31Т. The wide color range of AMC gels makes them most suitable for almost any hair color.

Innovative cosmetic product from Benefit - the best solution for women who appreciate the maximum naturalness in makeup. The fixing eyebrow gel is represented by the manufacturer in three main shades: 01 - Light, 03 - Medium and 05 - Deep. Due to the presence in the microfibers of the fiber, the gel not only creates the necessary shade of eyebrows, but also visually increases their volume.

Tint gels are presented by the manufacturer in convenient and compact tubes. In its consistency and color, this tool is similar to foundation. The tool is typed with a brush directly from the tube or from the hand. The variety of natural colors in the line makes this product the best solution for creating natural makeup.

Its formula provides high-quality coloring and fixation of each hair. When using such a gel, they do not become sticky and can hold their shape throughout the day. The product of a famous manufacturer is presented in three shades: Dark Brown, Brown and Blonde.

One of the best tools for fixing, modeling and toning eyebrows. For its application, the manufacturer offers a convenient brush that allows you to evenly distribute the cosmetic on literally each hair. In its composition, the product contains light shimmer particles, giving the eyebrows a natural shine. The gel is presented in 7 shades: Blonde, Caramel, Auburn, Chocolate, Brunette, Espresso, Granite.

Reviews of women, in a beautician which is always present gel for eyebrows, will help you choose the right cosmetic product and understand how to use this or that kind of gel.

What to look for when choosing a brow gel

Purpose. Fixing gels can be colorless and used only for styling and modeling eyebrows. Tint - give the hair the desired natural color, making the eyebrows brighter. Caring - nourish the hairs and protect them from the negative effects of various factors. They come in the form of serums or creams. Stimulating growth - saturate the bulbs with oxygen, activating the appearance of new hairs.

Combination with hair color. For a harmonious look, you should choose a gel for eyebrows on the tone lighter than the hair shade in the root zone. Usually color marking is present on the packaging to make it easier for customers to navigate. In any case, before purchasing, you should test the product, seeing firsthand whether the selected gel is suitable for hair.

Texture. The gel should not be dry or very liquid. In the first case, it can fall off from the hairs and lie down in clumps, and in the second, it can dry and smear for a long time. It is better to choose products with a stable formula so that from rain, snow or sweat the product does not spread, but remains in place.

Composition. Avoid a large number of chemical components that can damage the hairs, causing them to fall out, or cause allergic reactions. Even if a non-healing gel is bought, then there should still be some minimal amount of beneficial additives in it, for example, natural extracts, essential oils, and so on.

Brush. On the advice of make-up artists, you should choose medium-sized brushes, since it is inconvenient to paint eyebrows too small or too large. Chance to blot the skin around the eyebrows or prevent bald spots.

Gel for fixing eyebrows, Billion Dollar Brows (1600 rub.)

The transparent Billion Dollar Brows gel will appeal to girls who want their eyebrows to have a glossy shine. The tool can be applied after the shadows or eyebrow pencil, fixing their color. The gel contains active ingredients that contribute to the nutrition and restoration of hairs. You can purchase brand products in all Brow Up studios.

Gel for eyebrows and eyelashes Fixateur, Vivienne Sabo (119 rub.)

This tool perfectly fixes the eyebrows and, not least, does not glue them. Comfortable long brush well separates the hair and gently puts them. In addition to the transparent Fixateur, the line also features a gel with a brown tint. It gives the eyebrow the desired color without the use of special shadows or a pencil. The tool is perfect for fastening mascara.

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Eyebrow gel PureBrow, Jane Iredale (1472 rub.)

This gel exists in four versions: for blondes, for auburn, for brunettes and colorless, suitable for absolutely everyone. It is recommended to apply it by the brand with light strokes perpendicular to the hairline. The tool perfectly masks the gray hair of the eyebrows. And some even use it to tint the hair roots between visits to the hairdresser. The composition of glycerin, panthenol, aloe vera extract, wheat proteins, seaweed extract, radish extract.

Volumizing Brow Tint, Estee Lauder eyebrow mascara (1500 rub.)

The Volumizing Brow Tint mascara for eyebrows, Estee Lauder, at the same time caring for the eyebrows and giving them the desired shade. The special fibers included in its composition increase the visual volume of the eyebrows and fill the existing voids. We also note the special design of the brush with a pointed tip, which allows you to create the desired contours of the eyebrow with jewelry accuracy. The formula of the gel is waterproof, it will not be lubricated even in the pool or after the morning run. The collection of 5 shades, including for owners of black hair.

Gel for eyebrows Tinted Brow Gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills (2075 rubles).

Enriched with essential oils and nutrients, lightweight, but firmly locking hair, Tinted Brow Gel eyebrow gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills makes eyebrows more voluminous and clear. Since the brand specializes in products for eyebrows, the palette of shades of the gel is quite extensive, there are as many as 6: Blonde for light brown and light brown hair, Caramel for golden brown and light brown hair, Brunette will suit owners of medium brown and dark chestnut curls, Espresso - for real brunettes, Granite - black with a cold undertone, Auburn - for auburn hair.

Brow Browma Brow Maymaine New York (300 rub.)

Brow Browma mascara makers decided to move away from the usual shape of the brush and made it round. Beauty product is simple and easy to use: to give the desired shape and color to the eyebrows with it is not difficult. In the palette there are only two colors, but which ones: cold dark brown without a drop of red and light brown, which is suitable for blondes.

Brow mascara Couture Brow, Yves Saint Laurent (2550 rub.)

Brow mascara Couture Brow, Yves Saint Laurent, amazes with its durability! It includes gel-forming fixatives and translucent pigments that adapt to any color of eyebrows and securely fix hairs in the right direction for 24 hours. However, there is a nuance - it is rather difficult to wash off, micellar water is unlikely to cope, this is only possible with an oil-textured product. Ink is presented in two colors: for blondes and brunettes.

Why do I need eyebrow gel?

Eyebrow gel can be compared with a lacquer or styling mousse. It fixes hairs in the desired position, adds visual volume to eyebrows, emphasizes their texture and shape. As a rule, it is produced in a bottle with a brush, which is slightly smaller than the mascara applicator. It is easy to use the gel; therefore, even those whose make-up skills are close to zero can apply the remedy - hardly anyone will refuse from neat eyebrows “hair to hair”.

The composition of eyebrow gels

Some eyebrow gels contain beneficial ingredients and oils that strengthen hair and take care of the skin.

  • Ginkgo biloba leaf extract has antioxidant properties and prevents unwanted age-related changes in the skin.
  • Beeswax and carnauba wax facilitate the application of the product, make the hairs of the eyebrows more elastic to obtain an optimal “styling”.
  • Panthenol has antiseptic properties and helps retain moisture in the skin.
  • Kaolin is a kind of natural glue that imperceptibly fixes hairs and adds volume to eyebrows. In addition, it absorbs excess sebum.
  • Vegetable oils (for example, shea butter or rapeseed) strengthen hairs at a structural level, eyebrows look more well-groomed, become softer to the touch.

Eyebrow gel and mascara: what is the difference?

Eyebrow gel and mascara are products with similar functions, and in most cases an equal sign can be put between them. Both means fix hairs, but the gel has a lighter texture. Ink is almost always pigmented, gives the eyebrows a light shade. Gels are more likely to use colorless, although hues today are not uncommon.

If you are not sure that of all existing eyebrow products, you just need a gel, take our simple test.


The most popular variety. As the name implies, this gel has a transparent texture, which means it is suitable for blondes and brunettes. Its main and only function is to fix the hairs in the right direction, so this gel is often referred to as “fixing” or “modeling” on the package. Colorless gels are best suited for girls with thick and rather dark eyebrows, as well as nude makeup fans. Such tools are, for example, in the collections of the NYX Professional Makeup.

Control Freak Eye Brow Gel, NYX Professional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru


Enveloping each hair, tint gel not only fixes its position, but also slightly tints. Eyebrows become more bright, thick and voluminous, while maintaining a natural look. By the way, in addition to the classic shades - wheat and chocolate - there are also “extreme”: green, blue, red (and even with sparkles!). This tool is useful if you want to support the fashion for colored eyebrows and create art makeup. Look for one of our favorite options in the Sourcils Styler line from Lancôme: after using this gel, your eyebrows are as if covered with pale pink glaze.

Sourcils Styler, Lancôme © lancome.ru

It could be classified as tinted, but the tool provides a more durable result. Gel-tint works on the principle of permanent staining, so the bright effect can last up to several days. Use it if you have very light or eyebrows with "gaps" and you need to visually make them thicker. One of the most visible products in this category is the Maybelline Tattoo Brow.

Tattoo Brow, Maybelline © Makeup.ru

The consistency is more like a thick lipstick for eyebrows. Often produced not in a bottle with a brush, and in a tube or jar. Since the tool provides a brighter effect, it can easily replace a pencil or lipstick for eyebrows. It is most convenient to apply gel cream with a beveled brush (look, for example, at Paradise Pomade Extatic gel cream from L’Oréal Paris). Do not forget to comb your eyebrows with a brush, until the agent has had time to harden in order to fix the hairs in the tug position.

Paradise Pomade Extatic, L’Oréal Paris © Makeup.ru

How to choose a brow gel?

There are several objective criteria that should be guided when choosing a brow gel.

Determine what exactly you need eyebrow gel for. If you naturally have thick and dark eyebrows, and you only want to slightly emphasize their shape, choose a transparent fixative gel.

If you have very thin or bright eyebrows, give preference to a tint or products such as gel-tint or gel-cream.

In hot or humid weather, give preference to a waterproof eyebrow gel. Such, as a rule, denoted by waterproof.

Blondes should buy a brow gel for a tone or two darker, and brunettes - on the contrary, a little lighter than the hair roots. In each case, the appropriate shade will be individual, but there are a number of general rules.

  • With the hair of "dark blond" combines gel of caramel color.
  • Blondes with a platinum tint are more suitable means with the note "blond."
  • Red-haired or girls with dark blond hair will also be suitable in a caramel or chestnut color.
  • Brown-haired women with dark hair should choose a means of shade "brunet".
  • Dark brown, almost black, hair shade is a reason to buy an espresso-colored gel.
  • With gray hair perfectly combines granite eyebrow gel.

The easiest way to use the classic eyebrow gel in a bottle with a brush. But if you are confident enough to handle makeup brushes, you can buy a tool in a tube. Apply it with a bevel of artificial lint.

What can be used instead of eyebrow gel?

The best alternative is mascara for eyebrows. In extreme cases, you can use mascara, but not black, but brown. If none of these products are on hand, try styling your hair with ordinary, colorless lip balm or hair spray.

What is better: eyebrow gel or wax?

Lipstick for eyebrows on a wax basis is similar in texture to gel cream, so it can well replace the latter. True, how to fix the hairs she is not able to, and it is better to use those who have eyebrows from the nature of the ideal form. Apply a fixing gel as a top coat is not worth it, so as not to erase the lipstick itself.

Pencil, eye shadow or eyebrow gel: what to choose?

It all depends on what goal you are pursuing. The pencil is needed if you want to make your eyebrows more bright, fill in the gaps between the hairs or correct their shape. Shadows add volume to eyebrows. But in order to tame the naughty hairs, it is necessary to additionally use the gel. If you have eyebrows from the nature of the ideal form, it is enough to use only a pencil or shadow.

Eyebrow gels rating: top 5, according to the editors

Over the years of the site, we have tested dozens of eyebrow gels and are ready to present the best, in our opinion, the best.

Brow Tamer, Urban Decay © urbandecay.ru

Brow Tamer eyebrow gel quickly and securely fixes each hair, giving the eyebrows the desired shape and volume. A comfortable microfiber brush combs hairs and prevents them from sticking together. Кроме того, у геля щадящий состав без вредных компонентов. В вашем распоряжении несколько оттенков — от прозрачного до почти графитового. На фото ниже мы использовали средство в оттенке Neutral Brown.

  • Елена Фаустова (Pan****[email protected]): Обожаю фирму Urban Decay и гель для фиксации бровей Brow Tamer меня не подвел. Для меня этот гель идеален, потому что у него очень удобная кисть, консистенция приятная и не склеивает волоски, быстро высыхает. Прекрасная палитра , я могу выбрать нужный цвет, поскольку есть разные тона коричневого. Я его наношу в конце, после карандаша для бровей и после теней для бровей. Он прекрасно фиксирует.
  • Sourcils Styler, Lancôme

Sourcils Styler, Lancôme © lancome.ru

Lancôme разработали средство, которое не только помогает «удержать» идеальную форму бровей, но еще и ухаживает за ними. В составе — экстракт розы. You can choose both transparent and tinted gel - a brush with short bristles paints the hairs completely, without touching the skin. Eyebrows in any case look very natural, because thanks to the short bristles on the brush it turns out exactly as much gel as necessary. You can verify this by looking at the photo below: the eyebrows of the model are fixed with transparent gel Sourcils Styler.

Most of all I like Sourcils Styler Eyebrow Gel. It gives the eyebrows more glamor and remains on them throughout the day.

Maria (umb***[email protected]) The last purchase from lancome was pigmented eyebrow gel. I have not got used to paint my eyebrows for hours, as I don’t complain about mine, and it’s not always good to do it. My gel has a special brush, like a mascara, with which you can make the right, and most importantly neat shape and fix the result. Very satisfied, I had other eyebrow products, but it completely came up. I do not have to sum up the shape of pencils for 20 minutes, just brushing. The gel is called Sourcils Styler, took a brown tint, but there are others. I advise everyone!

Paradise Pomade Extatic, L’Oréal Paris © loreal-paris.ru

This eyebrow gel is a universal remedy for natural makeup. It will help to shape the eyebrows, make them thicker and more expressive. In addition, the gel has phenomenal resistance for this category of products - up to 24 hours! In the collection - three matte shades: for blondes, blond and brunette.

Brow Tattoo, Maybelline © maybelline.com.ru

If you are tired of spending time every morning on eyebrow makeup, and you are not ready to decide on a permanent make-up or micro-bleeding, Brow Tattoo is an excellent way out. Place the eyebrows with a brush, apply the product and leave on the eyebrows for 15-20 minutes. After that, remove the formed film: the effect is almost like after dyeing and lasts up to three days.

Tint Brow Brow Tint recently appeared on the shelves of shops, and I already use it with might and main and so fell in love that I can't imagine how to use something else. My shade is Medium Braun. Ideal for dark-tilled and all who have at least a minimal hint of a copper outflow. Reviews on Tint are very contradictory, someone does not like that this shade slightly goes away in red, but I just like this effect fits perfectly. The essence of the tool is simple: apply gel-tint with a brush, giving the eyebrows the desired shape. At this stage, girls are usually frightened, because it seems that such a product cannot be held in the hands of non-professionals. And here you can! Even such a ruk was able to paint with this brush. (well, you understand), like me. Next, we leave the whole thing alone for 20 minutes (this is if you need a shade exactly for a day and you are ready to repeat the process daily) or for 2 hours (in this case, the effect of tattoo will last up to three days, and I have 4 days). The gel turns into a film, which at the end of time just tear off. Do not be scared, not with eyebrows. Eyebrows remain in place)) Not a single hair was damaged during this procedure. It is easier for me to finish eyebrows when they are already drawn. Someone prefers to tweak them before applying tint. Here it is at your discretion. Actually, everything! If you are a staunch tin soldier and waited 2 hours humbly, you can enjoy the effect of a tattoo of a few days. Tint begins to disappear from the skin, on the hairs the color lasts longer. If something went wrong during the application process, the gel is calmly removed with micellar water. Actually, even when the tint has already "laid down" on the skin, but something did not suit you, it is really possible to erase it with makeup remover. But if everything is arranged, then in the first 24 hours such means should not be used at all (otherwise the resistance will not be the same). I read many opinions that this tint from Meibellin is frightened, so I hasten to calm and please - everything is much simpler than it seems at first glance. I really like the ease of use, a long and beautiful result, so the tint will be registered exactly in my cosmetic bag, because with it no pencils, fudge and other eyebrows are needed anymore.

And I will write about cool eyebrow tint. I paint my eyebrows with a pencil and therefore the theme of long-term coloring was very relevant for me. We put the gel on the eyebrows, the texture of tint stretching, viscous. It smells fine. I try to paint the skin under the hairs. It is recommended to keep from 15 minutes to an hour. And then remove the film, it is removed easily from any edge of the eyebrow. I keep a maximum of 2 hours for a more prominent effect. The color comes out muted, not bright, as if painted with shadows. I like. In addition, for a couple of days it is washed off. The only negative for me is when washing, it leaves a reddish hue of the skin in the eyebrows !! I like the result. I will use it until it's over. Sorry for photos can not be attached.

Eyebrow Gel, NYX Professional Makeup © nyxcosmetic.ru

If your naughty eyebrows require reliable and long-lasting fixation, NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel is suitable for you. There are five shades in the palette of pigmented gels to make it easier to choose the right one. The waterproof formula will provide an ideal result for the whole day.

By nature I have quite thick and dark eyebrows. It would seem, live and rejoice, but not so simple. Every morning I combed them with a special brush, but during the day my eyebrows lost their appearance and I had to carry out this procedure again. It was pretty tiring. And then I found my salvation - Control Freak Eye Brow Gel eyebrow gel fixer from NYX Professional Makeup. A few strokes and my eyebrows are like on the cover! The gel is also suitable for eyelashes, creating a natural volume. This tool can rightly be called my favorite from the NYX, as it perfectly emphasizes the natural beauty of eyebrows and eyelashes. #nyxcosmeticsrussia

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  • Polina August 23, 21:44 Eyebrow gels are certainly not such a wow-novelty, but I can bet that every girl in her makeup bag has it. My favorite currently is Nyx Control Freak Eye Brow Gel. Previously, I could never lay down my thick, hard eyebrows, but after this super fixing gel, the hairs are smoothed, the pencil lasts a long time, and I also use it as a base for mascara! If you have a favorite mascara, but it is already running out and badly colored - there is a solution! Apply the gel on the eyelashes and on top of the mascara. Using the gel, the mascara will lay down evenly and evenly without lumps.
  • Maria August 23, 20:25 Tint eyebrow Maybelline tattoo brow. An interesting thing - it's worth a try! Compact tube, in my opinion enough to draw his eyebrows 10 times for sure. When I saw an advertisement about it and decided to try it, I did not expect such an effect from this product) The effect is already on my 4th day. It is convenient to use, do not need to wash off, just draw the form, fill the space between the hairs and just hold the eyebrow tint for 2 hours and then remove the resulting film, and voila - if you just visited the brow master! My color is brown, and it is a little red on the skin. I was surprised by the reviews that green eyebrows are obtained))) I got bright, natural-colored eyebrows. In general, I recommend Tint Tatoo brow May Mailine New York to those who are not afraid of experiments and who are tired of drawing eyebrows with a pencil every day.
  • Liza August 23, 20:04 Eyebrow fudge has become an indispensable assistant in my makeup bag. Beautiful eyebrows are guaranteed. Now L'oreal Paradise Pomade Extatic has this format. A great shade for brunettes at number 106 Ebony. Eyebrows play a huge role in the design of the face. With their help, you can incredibly transform the image, make the look more expressive and completely complete the makeup. A few years ago, there was no such boom of eyebrows, but now it’s more or less declined and neat, more natural eyebrows are back in fashion. But I was already used to making them more outlined and explicit. Eyebrow fudge has become my best solution in this business. Design Incredibly beautiful and rich, rose gold color. Cap - brush made in a glossy version. Normal cap - in matte. And the fudge itself is in a transparent glass washer, through which one can clearly see the tint. To be honest, I initially thought that it was too small and hard. And it would be inconvenient for me to make eyebrows for her, but I was surprised. It's not at all like that. It is a pleasure to distribute the product to her. Nothing happened to her, and I think nothing will happen. I usually wash my eyebrow brush after each use, as the fudge dries out and is no longer possible to use. And I forgot to wash this once - and nothing happened at all! The bristles do not stick together. Most likely because it is tougher than my usual brush. And it is nice. But, I still advise you to wash after each use in order to hygiene and preserve the pile, albeit artificial, of course. And I was interested in the tip of the brush. Why did you narrow it down? The answer is simple! Whatever the lid is not lying idle, we are offered to extend the short handle with the help of it. But, I confess honestly, I feel uncomfortable! Persistence Perhaps this is the main advantage of this type of product. I don’t worry about my eyebrows at all. She is colossal. I didn’t go with her for 24 hours, but around 15 o'clock with the gym, it stands great. Nowhere does not fade, does not smear and does not spread, even if you sweat. Therefore, I think that everything will be fine with her in the summer too.

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