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How to diversify family life


Intimate life plays a very important role in the relationship between a man and a woman. No matter how much they love each other, sometime there comes a period when passion subsides, and the fire that flared up during the first meetings gradually diminishes, turning into a small light, and what's even worse, it goes out completely. The addiction to each other leads to the fact that loving people communicate with each other as just friends, and only sometimes they remember about sex. Often, this is treated as a duty, after completing which you can relax for a week or two.

How to prevent the burning of feelings?

If you really feel comfortable living with the person with whom you are now, then you need to take all measures to strengthen feelings, love, attraction to each other. Relationship time does not always play a positive role. The routine and the standard behavior of day-to-day do not play in your favor. The longer you are together, the more effort must be made so that none of you will regret that you are with each other. In no case can not run yourself. You should always look beautiful or beautiful, without any difference, next to you with your loved one or by yourself. This will add confidence and give a sense of narcissism. If you do not love yourself, then others will feel it. You are the best and most beautiful, and your second half is very lucky with you.

So that love does not grow into a habit, you should carefully think about how to diversify intimate life. Modesty, which may be inherent to you, is not the place. Relaxation, insolence and initiative should be constant companions in this direction.

Ways to diversify intimate life

In order to surprise and amaze a loved one, you can think of many options for how to do it. Consider some of them. Having read them, you may want to add this list with your own ideas, which are most suitable for your specific situation and character.

  • Arrange romantic dinners by candlelight. Just imagine how the second half will be surprised to come home after a hard day’s work and see a corridor of small lights leading to a cozy place where you can have a good time over a glass of wine or champagne.
  • Role-playing games have always been famous for their success. Just think things through well, to the smallest details so that your passion won't grow into a ridiculous performance that can interfere with what you have in mind.
  • Learn the erotic massage technique. This is a great way to relax your partner, to give him an incredible feeling that will be remembered for a long time. The use of additional aromatic oils, incense, appropriate music will set the backdrop for a stunning romantic atmosphere.
  • A woman must have a beautiful erotic underwear. No man can resist the goddess who appeared before him.
  • Erotic toys will let you fool around. Feel free to visit the erotic shop. There for sure you can get what you need to play with your beloved or loved one.
  • Spend time studying the Kama Sutra. New poses will give you new sensations and bring you closer to your partner.
  • Practice spontaneous sex. Your partner won’t be surprised, especially if you haven’t done anything like this before. Surprise and non-standard excites and delivers new impressions.
  • Change the situation, move away from your everyday problems, run away from them together somewhere somewhere where you will be, where you can remember the good old days, devote time to yourself, surprise each other and give unforgettable moments. This could be a room in a hotel, a house in the nature, a sauna, etc.

Intimate married life

For some reason, marriage for many people is some kind of new field, and not quite from the best side. The expression “marital duties” has appeared, although the word “duties” does not evoke particularly positive emotions. But unfortunately, it is. For many spouses, sex is simply a commitment that some perform only because it is necessary.

How to diversify the intimate life in marriage should be of interest to both partners. If everyone approaches this issue creatively, then there should be no problems. Interest in the new intimate scenario will eliminate the desire of the spouses to look for something new on the side. Be the best partner in bed, conceal in yourself a riddle that will always be the desire to solve and solve.

The Role of Male Initiative

Often, it is women who are trying to change something in relationships, and they are the first to start thinking about how to diversify intimate life. However, men should also not remain indifferent to this topic, try to feed the feelings of their woman, give her compliments, give gifts or just flowers. The woman herself is like a flower that can wither without attention and blossom at the first watering with love and care. A man is imperative to devote time to think about how to diversify the intimate life with his wife. Much depends on the man. Therefore, he should pay due attention to this topic. After all, not only a woman should think about how to diversify intimate life with her husband.

Intimate life with children

Many couples are confused by the question of how to deal with children who are at home and can serve as a hindrance to intimate pleasures. Of course, if you have the opportunity to give them to grandparents - this radically changes the situation. However, this option is not for everyone. In such cases, you should try to find ways to solve this problem. The most common option is to wait for the children to fall asleep. Some install a lock in the bedroom, so as not to worry and not be distracted by the idea that the child can go at the most inopportune moment. If the living conditions do not allow making love in your own bedroom, without the presence of children, then this is not a reason to despair. There is a kitchen - a place that is even more interesting than the usual family bed, a bathroom, where you can take a relaxing bath with candles and give each other a great romantic evening.

If you are really set up to search for an answer, how to diversify family intimate life, then you can certainly find it. Only you know the capabilities and preferences of each other, having analyzed which you can make a clear plan of your actions. The main thing here is not to become self-contained, but, on the contrary, to give free rein to feelings and fantasies, relax, adjust yourself to the fact that you will be able to get new emotions and excitements and set the pace for new variations of relationships.

How to set yourself up for a change?

Thinking about intimate relationships is much easier than putting everything into practice. Sometimes, even when you have already planned something, there is a failure due to the fact that you simply did not dare to take this bold step, to a new intimate wave, were afraid to be funny or ridiculous and just shy. Nobody says that such changes are easy. Therefore, if you still need some changes and improvements in sexual terms, it is not worth delaying, let alone throwing the idea away completely.

Think over all possible options that are right for your situation in order to understand how your life can be transformed. Consider ways to diversify intimate life. Feedback from people who have started to realize this goal before you will help you to think about what is right for you and what is not, what result you can expect after certain actions. People offer many ways to diversify intimate life, for example, such as changing the situation, go together on a trip. You can also do sports together, more often arrange romantic dates, intrigue each other with love notes and so on.

Indeed, there is a lot of information about how to diversify intimate life. Reviews reflect a problem faced by many. People share experiences, ask for advice - this is a good sign that says that they do not stand on the spot, but make every effort to change the situation for the better. With such people, you need to take an example and go only forward.

This is a creative process, forcing to arrange mini-performances for a loved one. We will have to pay due attention to the preparation and study of various methods, how to diversify intimate life.

The photo, which depicts a loving couple in an unusual setting, should attract your attention. After all, people often pass by advertisements, where some method is presented for romantic spending of time, where a cozy corner in a restaurant or in nature is depicted. Ask how and where in your city you can just have a good rest with your loved one, escape from problems and everyday worries. Instead of a standard dinner at home, dine in a cafe or restaurant. Watching TV can be replaced by going to the cinema, theater or exhibition. If there is an opportunity not to sit at home, but to go somewhere - go out! Walk more often together just like that. After all, this is a great opportunity to talk, dream and just be together.

Intimate life after 45

How to diversify the intimate life after 45? Many are concerned about this issue. Is it worth changing something if it's already over 40? Someone already completely ceases to think about intimate life, referring to his age. This is a stupid mistake - to put on a cross and engage in self-suggestion that you no longer need it and are not at all interested. If you really think so, then you should immediately begin to form completely opposite thoughts. A person should not abandon love intrigues, but, on the contrary, devote time to think about how to diversify intimate life. Reviews of people over 40, prove that having sex at this age rejuvenates a person, fills him with a stunning mood, love of life, revives and gives strength and energy.

Some people who are already over 40 are well helped and encouraged to intimate actions by watching erotic films together. Someone at this age is buying the book "Kama Sutra", trying something new, which interests both of them.

If, however, age makes itself felt and all this affects your health and mobility, then there is nothing shameful about turning this problem to a doctor. There are a large number of drugs that contribute to the maintenance of sex life.

Do not forget that at this time men have a middle age crisis. Many men say that it depends on the woman how they survive this crisis. Women should not turn away from men, if he behaves not quite as we would like. Love, caress and care will help a man feel needed and brought back to life. A wife should not give up her intimate life with her husband, but on the contrary, try to be more seductive and persistent. A man will appreciate it.

It is possible that your fantasies will be more restrained, but do not forget that your soul, your inner world does not correspond to your real age. Do not even pay attention to how old you are. Live as your heart requires. Allow yourself something that will give you wings and lightness.

What to do after an attempt to change in intimate life?

Imagine that you have already taken the first step. This can be a romantic dinner, a joint shower, erotic massage and so on. How to behave after all that you have done? If the first attempt went off with a bang and your second half is still in shock, then it is worthwhile to proceed very carefully. Planck has risen, you are at a new level, a step into the past is a failure. Once you have changed something, you should continue to make changes, not only in an intimate way. Continue the topic that played into your favor. Behave so that you admired, and not vice versa, descended to earth and returned to the routine being. Soon you will see for yourself that change is great. You will want to change and correct something again and again. It should be so. This is the path that will lead you to new happiness.

If your attempts were ridiculous and you yourself were dissatisfied with yourself, well, it does not matter. In any case, your partner should take the hint that something needs to be changed and that you need something new, not the usual old one. Perhaps now the two of you will try to make the second and subsequent attempts more successful, which will bring you closer together.

Unsuccessful attempt

If everything that you did turned out to be unnoticed, or simply no one wanted to play with you according to your scenario, saying that it was stupid, maybe it went, then you had an additional problem. Your partner is either not ready for such a change, or everything inside him has gone out, and you came to him with your ideas too late. In any case, this question needs to be clarified to the end in order to understand how to proceed, and see the future of your relationship. Yet you made this breakthrough, tried to show the way how to diversify intimate life.

Reviews of such cases can help you figure out what to do next, because someone has experienced this and can give you advice. Many argue that it was bad experience that made them make even more efforts to achieve success. Someone began to more closely observe his beloved man, trying to understand what interests him, what programs he looks at, what women he looks at. What is surprising, they really noticed something that they had not noticed for many years.

Do we always need changes in intimate life?

This question worries many. Some may say at once that they do not complain about intimate life and that they are satisfied with everything. It is very important to be responsible not only for yourself, but also for a partner. To make sure that everything suits both, you need to find the right moment and talk about it with your soulmate. Conversation on this topic is necessary in any case, because if you know that your loved one loves and does not love, this will allow you to find more sure ways to satisfy each other in bed. Do not hesitate to share this, because it is worth it.

Do not ever say that you do not need any changes. You first try something new, and then you will decide. In any case, the standard behavior, as in a pattern, may get bored sooner or later, so you still need to have something in stock that will wake up new feelings and surprise. People are always interested in how to diversify intimate life. Reviews of friends or strangers play a positive role. However, any information you need to recycle, because not all that fit the other, will suit you. You yourself must choose the ways and methods to make your loving hearts beat with new force.

The main secrets of a successful relationship

These secrets really are not any secrets - everybody knows or suspects about them, but not everyone is in a hurry to put them into practice. To diversify your family life, do not forget about the following:

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in regularly being interested in the affairs and mood of a loved one, but often many of us forget to do this or simply do not consider it necessary to ask such questions, believing that they already know everything. However, your spouse will surely appreciate if you show him that you care about his health.


Often, lovers are trying to last to defend their case in quarrels, and only after that they can think about what the other half feels. In happy relationships, conflicts are resolved differently - your goal is not to have your loved one admit that you are right, but to get out of a disputable situation with the least loss.

Words of love

Some people, because of their natural shyness or other reasons, rarely say words of love to a partner, believing that everything has been said, and frequent repetitions to anything. And yet it is not. Any person, even if not everyone admits this, is nice if they speak pleasant and kind words, and most likely your lover is no exception. Show him your tenderness with words, and this will favorably affect your relationship.

Of course, words alone are few, and at times, the best confirmation of love are pleasant surprises. You probably know well the tastes and preferences of your beloved, so you will not have much difficulty to please him. Another thing is that not always there is time and desire. And yet, if you want to build a happy relationship, find the minutes to express your feelings. It can be different little things: brewed coffee in the morning, the preparation of your favorite dish, a new shaving machine, tickets to the expected film and the like.


Sometimes, in the heat of anger, we can tell our loved ones many unpleasant and insulting words, which we regret later. Бывает даже так, что мы уже и сами забываем о том, что сказали, но близкого человека это задело, и он долго помнит пережитые ним неприятные эмоции. Впоследствии это сказывается не лучшим образом на общих отношениях. Даже если партнер и не вспоминает о неприятных словах – обиженная сторона может бессознательно помнить обиду, и демонстрировать ее в самых неожиданных ситуациях.There are such phrases, after which the relationship will never be able to return to the previous stage, so it is important to restrain yourself in critical situations.

Comfortable life and cozy hearth

First of all, it is in your power to make your beloved man comfortable in your shared home. Some houses lack comfort, and this is felt immediately after crossing the threshold. But there is also a reverse situation - the house has a very cozy and warm atmosphere, and this is completely independent of the size of the room and the high cost of furniture. Coziness lies in various trifles: funny cups or a night light, a picture with a good storyline, a soft bedside rug, a pot-bellied kettle, flowers in a vase, interesting figurines and much more. Of course, all this will not create the right atmosphere if you neglect cleaning. Of course, this point should not lie only on women's shoulders, but this is a topic for another article.

Pleasant surprises for no reason

Perhaps, only unpleasant surprises dislike - there are still quite a few lovers of various pleasant surprises. If you know that your husband has no negative feelings about surprises, then do not forget to pamper him periodically. This is best done not on the eve of a holiday or your personal joint date, but on a completely unremarkable day. Surprises can be both small and large. We are accustomed to receiving serious gifts on a birthday, on New Year's Day or on another significant holiday, but you can make them on any other day, and there will be much more emotions from this! You absolutely do not need to look for a reason to please a loved one!

Joint rest

If from time to time you choose to have a rest together, then you have a much better chance of living a rich family life than those who prefer separate leisure time. Of course, sometimes it can be useful to rest separately from each other, if the spouses do not categorically agree on how to rest, but if you always do this, it will distance you from your husband. It is for this reason that it is important to find a compromise - for sure there is a place in which you would be interested in both.

To each his own personal space

In order for a marriage to be happy and harmonious, it is not at all necessary to spend all free time in each other's company, use common pages on social networks, talk on the speakerphone by phone and so on. You do not necessarily have to relate to all aspects of the life of your husband, as he should not know every little thing that you have discussed with friends and the like.

Periodically, each of you has the right to rest the way he likes, without asking for permission from the second half, if it has nothing to do with cheating or something illegal. Respect the right of a loved one sometimes to fulfill their little desires. In marriage, people should not be a prison for each other. You should also take care that everyone can have a zone at home where they can retire and have a rest from communication or just go about their business (for introverts this is a must).

Talk about love

Surely your spouse knows that you love him, but this does not mean that sometimes he would not like to hear it from you personally. Some women are rather stingy with their love confessions, and this is not always their fault (the problem may come from childhood), and if you belong to this category, then you most likely understand that for personal relationships this quality is rather a minus than a plus. It may be that you simply believe that your husband does not need such confessions, since he himself is a very mean person for emotions. However, this is not the case! Any person needs words of love, even if he doesn’t talk about it, and if your husband is stingy with emotions, it means that most likely in childhood he was accepted in his family, and now you continue this tendency. Give your loved one warmth - he will be grateful to you!

Try new poses, do it not only in bed

Most often, boredom in family life begins exactly when the couple begins to feel a certain vagueness during intimacy. Naturally, over time, the passion tends to fade, however, if you wish, you can change everything and learn to re-experience excitement, remaining alone with each other. First, do not be afraid to experiment! Even if it seems to you that you have found your “perfect pose”, this does not mean at all that others will not give you pleasure - make intimacy more diverse. Study books on this topic, you can watch erotic films to get inspiration from there. Of course, lovemaking can take place not only in bed. Of course, this is the most comfortable option, but do people seized by passion, first of all think about comfort? Surprise your spouse by joining him in the shower or sitting down in the chair in which he watches the movie. If this is unusual for you, then perhaps the husband himself will be embarrassed in the first minutes, but in the end, he will surely be delighted.

Rejoice with unusual sexual images

Monotony can pall the spouse not only in poses, but also in the image of his wife. To avoid this, many women prefer to periodically change the color and length of their hair or their style of dress, but it is not necessary to go into such extremes if you don’t have any craving for it. Intimate life can be varied by various images, and without drastic changes in the image. You can simply buy a few seductive peignoirs of different colors, spectacular underwear. If you are liberated enough, then pay attention to the costumes for various sexual images that can be ordered on the Internet - these can be images of a seductive nurse, maid, student, Snow Maiden and so on. Surely, your man will not forget the evening when you will appear before him in a similar dress with the appropriate mood.

Talk about intimate innermost desires with each other.

Some spouses feel dissatisfaction in intimate life, due to the fact that they are unable to fully realize their erotic fantasies. Often, it is for this reason that people go for physical treason, hesitating to tell about their secret desires to a loved one, and implementing them with casual partners. Over a glass of wine during a romantic dinner, admit to your spouse yourself in intimate dreams that you would like to accomplish, and call him back to your frankness. Please note that even if his fantasies seem wild to you, do not rush indignantly to tell him about it - say that you are glad that he confessed to you, and you will think about it. It is possible that after reading the information on this subject, you yourself will be eager to fulfill his dream, or at least be able to offer some close alternative.

Send each other nice sms and erotic content photos

Of course, passion can and should be maintained at a distance. Periodically send beloved messages with declarations of love, compliments and other pleasant words. You can also mention that you still can not forget the "recent night", or are in anticipation of meeting with him. Do not forget that most men "love with their eyes," so you will not regret it if you send your favorite man pictures from time to time in which you appear in seductive dresses. It is better to avoid a photo in which you are completely naked - they may accidentally fall into the wrong hands (phone theft and the like). This kind of correspondence during the day (not every day, but periodically) can be very useful for an intimate life - do not doubt that your spouse will surely have exciting thoughts about you.

If there are children in the family, look for an opportunity to stay alone more often.

The sexual life of many couples moves to a new level (the worst) when children appear in a family. The living conditions of some families force them to be constantly in sight of the children, and intimacy becomes possible only when babies or teenagers go to bed. Often, by this time, all desire for sex disappears, giving way to fatigue and sleepiness. If this happens from year to year, then this is a very disturbing sign. No matter how much you love children, it is sometimes important to be alone with your husband from time to time. If the child has a grandmother, then do not deprive her of the opportunity to communicate with her grandson from time to time. If the child is already old enough, then for a few hours you can leave him alone at home, going with her husband to a spa hotel. For young children can follow a reliable nanny, if the option with the grandmother is excluded. Look for opportunities for privacy with your spouse!

5 ways to diversify family life at home:

Prepare delicious dishes, both for your loved one, and with him

Probably, it is no secret that most men love to eat. Undoubtedly, you know exactly which dishes your lover gives the greatest preference - do not neglect the opportunity to delight him with them. By the way, pay attention to the fact that many spouses are brought together by joint cooking - of course, this should happen without nervousness and haste! Prepare a dish that you like, and arrange a romantic candlelit dinner! Although some couples may like the absorption of their favorite dishes in front of the TV screen, watching a great movie.

Breakfast and dinner in bed, especially on weekends

Pamper your loved one with delicious breakfasts and dinners in bed. Buy a beautiful and convenient tray in advance. Of course, if you do this every day, then there will be no “zest” in such surprises. Let it happen from time to time - for example, on weekends. Naturally, choose light meals in the morning or just coffee (tea), and in the evening you can show more imagination.

Pleasant baths and massages

Let bathing in your family be not only a hygienic procedure, but also a relaxation method. You can take it together - some couples really like this pastime. However, you can also just give your beloved a chance to relax in solitude - add sea salt, fragrant thick foam to the bath, allowing your lover to rest after a hard day in this way. After water procedures, offer your man a massage - master the technique of performing the massage beforehand by studying the video tutorials online.

Watch your favorite movies

Joint viewing of films will also favorably affect your family life. In many couples, over time, there comes a period when spouses cease to watch most of the paintings together, preferring to watch what each of them likes more at the same time in different rooms. Of course, this is a good way out if tastes are completely different, but from time to time it is worthwhile to look for compromises. If the lover is lying on the couch and watching a movie that you do not like, you can also lie down next to him, at least just to spend time together. Who knows, maybe in the end you will be carried away by what is happening on the screen. In any case, a man will be pleased with your presence.

Play the whole family games

If you have children, play with them together - it can be very fun and interesting, becoming one of the happiest and most memorable moments in your family life. However, even if you live together, this is not a reason to refuse entertainment - choose, for example, board games!

5 ways to diversify family life away from home:

City walks

Even if you are avid homebody, you all find time to periodically go outside your apartment or house, in order to walk around the city. If you live in a small province where you are not particularly interested in walking the streets, find time to get to the nearest big city. Visit parks, walk along alleys, squares, go to a cafe (in the summer, choose places with a convenient outdoor area for tables).

Trips to free exhibitions and concerts

Sometimes it is very useful to “feed” yourself culturally - to attend various exhibitions and concerts. In many cities, such events are often held free of charge, so such “attacks” will not affect your family budget at all. In addition, the evening spent, if not bring you even closer, then at least give a new topic for conversation.

Do not deny yourself the rest is not nature! If your spouse likes fishing, then periodically offer to go to her with the whole family, even if you do not like this pastime. As long as the husband catches fish and, perhaps, introduces the younger generation to this activity, you can sit comfortably on the bedspread with an interesting book aside. Afterwards you can have a picnic. However, a picnic is good in and of itself, so sometimes arrange a sit-in with a loved one at a campfire or with a company, get out with tents to rest.

Going to the forest for mushrooms and berries

Also quite fascinating. Subsequently, from the extracted berries, you can boil the jam, and preserve and dry the mushrooms. It will be time for cozy winter evenings, and you will prepare dishes with the gifts of the forest, and remember your family “trip”.

Rest in the country or with relatives in the village

In fine weather it is very pleasant to rest in the province. If you are city dwellers, be sure to find time for this - you can go to your own summer cottage or visit close relatives who will definitely be happy about your visit. However, you can rent a house with a plot for the required period - from a few days to seasons!

Take care of yourself

Even if you are convinced that the husband loves you “any”, you can not even doubt that in a well-groomed form you are still nicer to him. Do not forget about such phenomena as depilation, face masks, skin creams and oils, pedicures, manicures and the like. Periodically visit a beautician or hairdresser - this can greatly facilitate the care of hair and skin, if at home you forget or do not always have the opportunity for this.

Have a hobby

Men like something keen women. Moreover, many husbands proudly brag about his wife’s success in this or that field, considering this to be a reason for pride. It’s easy to choose a hobby - the main thing is to decide what you really like. It can be cooking, yoga, dancing, embroidery, knitting and more. If you can’t decide right now with a passion, remember what you liked as a child - perhaps it will be easier to make a choice.

Be interesting and interested in many

In order to arouse the interest of the opposite sex and of her husband in particular, one should also be a keen personality. Of course, this is not about other men, but about self-development. Read more classics and philosophical literature, attend interesting events, follow the latest cinema, engage in a fascinating hobby, and you will certainly be interesting to others, and therefore to your beloved.

How to diversify family life intimate life

When a family lives under one roof for more than one year and has had a lapping in the first years of life, the feelings in such a family read to subside, and all the time it takes a routine and common affairs. Why, time soothes the senses, and you should always pour oil on the fire. Therefore, you cannot allow love to leave your family.

To diversify family life, you need:

Change your usual order of things or change the situation. Start over with a rearrangement in your home or make repairs if your home needs it.

If you do not want to spend energy on repairs and, in fact, do not have time for it, do something that will be nice to both of you and help to change the situation - this is a joint journey. If your crisis got to finance, and you do not have the opportunity to travel or repair, then psychologists are advised to change responsibilities in the house, even for a short period,

Add romance to your relationship. A woman can arrange a romantic dinner, and a man can invite a wife for a date, as if you had just met. Agree that you will spend time together at least once a week,

Add role-playing games in the sex life. If during the time that you are married, you have not yet studied the teaching of "Kama Sutra", then you should immediately do it. Buy a book and study it every night together.

Take the time and money to go to the sex shop where you could find something piquant. Buy a pair of suits, both for you and for him. Perhaps your man has some old sexual desire, help him realize his desire, and he will burn to you.

If you do not know how to diversify your sex life, then seek the help of specialists, many books have been written about this that can help you. And remember that both a man and a woman can seek comfort on the side, if this part of life is cool,

Find joint hobbies where you could dilute your calm family life. Find something extreme so that you can well shake it up

Как внести разнообразие в семейную жизнь - советы

Существует несколько распространенных приемов, позволяющих разнообразить семейную жизнь, каждый из которых можно адаптировать под собственную ситуацию.

В первую очередь, это подарки. Как бы то ни было - подарки остаются самым весомым знаком внимания. Особенно это касается неожиданных и долгожданных подарков. «Второй половинке» будет очень приятно получить то, что давно хотелось.

At the same time, you should not be directly interested in “what to give you?”, It’s better to go a long way - and find out the required information from your friends. In this case, the effect of the presentation will be much greater. Great importance are the gifts, endowed with some meaning that is understandable only to this pair. For example, reminiscent of a joint rest.

Both women and men love getting clothes. Lady, it will be especially nice to wear a dress or shoes that her beloved man gave her.

There is a way that every girl can use with success. It is especially relevant for couples who do not live together, but are still only at the meeting stage. Carefully cooked lunch or dinner will not only refresh the feelings and please the man, but also make him once again think about what to legalize the relationship.

A huge role in strengthening the relationship plays a joint rest. It is necessary to make efforts so that it would be not only memorable, but also pleasant for everyone. Strange as it may seem, it brings together very well what they used to call “childishness”, for example, home pillow fights and other entertainment.

If you summarize all of the above, you can highlight a few practical recommendations on how to diversify family life:

Spend more time together. Massage each other - it is not only relaxing, but also bringing together.

Try to be close, not only during leisure, but also while working together (wash the dishes together, work in the garden, go shopping).

Despite love and the desire to be together - from time to time, relax from each other, go to different companies. Allow yourself to miss, because nothing so refreshing relationship, like a long-awaited meeting after a short separation.

Communication with a partner

It is important that the meaning of change in us be understood correctly by our partner. What, for example, would a spouse think if his spouse starts to stand in front of the mirror for hours, if the one who frowned at the mere mention of exhibition halls until yesterday suddenly starts carrying home literature on art history? and so on. P.

The fact that we are changing should not frighten or violate the unity and integrity of the family. To diversify family life, it is not necessary to cause the partner too much tension and anxious expectation that something may deteriorate in our relationship. Otherwise, he with his “means” can prepare to meet the supposed surprise.

We will not strive to surprise our partner in some particular situations, but we will try to change the meaning of our interaction with him. With a situational change, the wife does not necessarily “fall in surprise,” if suddenly her husband goes to the market once every three months.

Yes, and hardly believe that there has come some significant change in his attitude towards her. In the same way as if the spouse is often with shopping. However, it is quite another thing if he begins to devote more and more time to communication in the family.

How to diversify sex - advice sexologist

It is clear that it is necessary to fight the routine, and not only because it is a routine. Having got rid of her, you stop feeling trapped. But in any case, do not let yourself get rid of the routine, get rid of bedding comfort.

The fact that you should not always have sex in the same place at the same time does not mean that they do not have to do it at all. Routine is best fought by adding elements of spontaneity and diversity.

One has only to get rid of the routine, how sweet excitement and excitement will return. Yes, he will still know what kind of gift he is unwrapping, but now he will have to guess when and what he will receive as a result. In order to diversify family life, in order for sex to cease to be a customary duty, one must try to turn everything upside down. How to do it? There are several opportunities to diversify sex.

Option number 1: No schedules

If your sex can check the clock, it means that you are working on a schedule. And even the word "schedule" should not appear in the conversation about sexuality. Nobody said that you can make love only at night.

Sex is possible at any time. in the morning before work, at lunchtime, during a change of dishes or even when the last season of your favorite TV series is repeated on TV. Remember - no rules to diversify sex does not exist. Just go on about your hormones. If you suddenly wanted to, and the situation allows for it, why not?

Option number 2: Let's do it quickly

It seems to me that for quick sex in vain are treated with such prejudice. He, too, can diversify family life. The shortness of the process allows us to make the erroneous conclusion that a man has sprint rather than marathon qualities, but from this point of view it is impossible to approach fast sex.

Quick sex is ideal for those cases where there is no time for something more intricate and long lasting. Most often this is an unexpected improvisation, the opportunity to have fun quickly.

The best thing about fast sex is the factor of complete surprise and the inability to predict when everything will happen. So, your man will have to constantly keep his ears on top.

Option number 3: Go back to basics

As you get used to each other, it's easiest to forget how it all began. Do you remember how they put him in bed for the first time and with what rush of excitement did all this accompany? Where and when did you first try each other?

Was it some special place or the back seat of his car? And what circumstances preceded all this? Although attempts to plunge into the past look like a gesture of despair, there are no contraindications for such time travel.

Indeed, in that moment there was surely something that was remembered with joy. To diversify sex, focus on these elements and experiment. If you remember how great it was to have sex in nature or in the back seat, why not repeat all this?

Option number 4: Do not lose curiosity

You studied his body. You know what he likes about sex and what he doesn't like. He knows the same thing about you. You can think of nothing new. True?

No, it's not true. (At least I hope not.) People change. And their tastes change. And this means that you can re-examine everything from “oh, no, no, no, don't be so” to “oh, my God, do so again.”

Do not consider it an open book. You both can avoid this or that sex thing for very specific reasons. Maybe he doesn't like when you touch him in a certain way, because his previous partner has always done it wrong.

But this does not mean that you can not do right. You have ahead - a long life together and plenty of opportunities to learn how to do everything as it should, and therefore there is enough time for everything. And may he be your guide on this journey.

The same applies to those tricks that you succeed in glory and help diversify family life. If you already understand which button you need to press to start it, this does not mean that it has only one such button. No limits to perfection. And now - it's time to hone your skills.

Option number 5: Try to fool around

Surprise him, say, returning home in a defiant suit, and ask him to punish him for his bad behavior. Prepare him a feast, where you yourself will be the main and only dish.

Use the game element to diversify sex, that is, play with him on the strip in some classic board games or enter the erotic component in the "Twister". Or come up with your game, guaranteeing sexual pleasure.

Option number 6: Get inspiration from external sources

See how many supporting materials exist in the world. For example, the Kama Sutra is deservedly popular. Maybe worth a look into it. And there are so many videos on the market that Hugh Hefner himself will be frightened. Maybe it will be interesting to see one or two or three.

We hope that this article will help you diversify family life.

Do not forget the surprises

Even after 10 years of marriage together, your other half is expecting small, cute presents or surprises from you. Experiment and instead of a practical and useful gift, make breakfast in bed, invite you to a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant or put on erotic underwear. Remember, because at the beginning of your relationship, when they were full of passion, you did not give each other pots, vacuum cleaners, or warm underwear with a fleece.

Have sex

Do not just engage in the so-called fulfillment of marital duties, but experiment. If the passion has faded a little, it makes sense to look for ways to return it. There are many ways to do this: erotic underwear, role-playing, new places, poses, ways, sex toys. All this will make your sex life more interesting and richer. Just do not forget to discuss with his partner his wishes.

Do not give too much importance to everyday problems.

Honestly, life kills passion, so it should excite you as little as possible or not at all. This does not mean that it is time to turn into a hippie. Try to equip your home in such a way that there is nothing superfluous in it. Make it as comfortable as possible for your family. The same goes for the responsibilities of your family members. Drop stereotypes about typical male and female cases. You will feel not burdened with life only if you do your favorite things, and transfer the rest to specialists.

Remember: you are made to love, not to cut

Believe me, a man who constantly saws does not want to have anything in common. From such except to hide or run away. If you constantly point to things that do not suit you, you will soon lose not only family harmony, but also your partner. But this does not mean that it is necessary to accumulate negative emotions in oneself, since in the end they will break out and blow up everything around. Talk to your loved ones, and if they do not hear you, this is not their problem, perhaps you should change the approach. By the way, think about it, maybe you just exaggerated the importance of all these things. Is one dirty dish worth a scandal?

Take a weekend

It's not about work, but about family. From her sometimes also need to rest. Children, parents, this is of course happiness, but in their background, you can lose yourself. Try to give each other enough attention. Be alone, leave together for the city, do not pull the children behind you every time, sometimes you can leave them with your grandmother or hire a nanny. Believe me, this will be better for the children themselves, because happy parents are a guarantee of healthy family relationships.

Look for the good in each other

Unfortunately, the longer we live in a marriage, the more often we begin to forget about the positive traits of a loved one and focus our attention on the shortcomings. Look, frankly, everyone has bad features, but you fell in love with each other for the nice and important things for you. By the way, maybe your other half just cannot show its best sides, since there is no reason for this? For example, if your husband is great at cooking, give him the opportunity to do it. And if the wife laughs beautifully, give her more reasons for happiness.

Find a joint hobby

To spend more time together, you can do something common. It is desirable that this was not a general cleaning or a trip to the market for groceries. Find a joint hobby, for example, you can go in for sports, dancing, be fond of cooking or traveling. This will unite your family as you will be passionate about pleasant for both business, at the same time learning something new and useful.

Show interest in each other's hobbies

In addition to joint hobbies should pay due attention and personal. It is not at all important to share them and admire, but interest can strengthen your relationship. In addition, if you treat your husband's love for paintball or philately with understanding, you will always have a topic for conversation. You will always feel a part of his life and in your relationship there will be no place for detachment.

Develop family traditions

This will benefit not only your couple, but also unite the whole family. You can create a tradition by celebrating a specific date, such as New Year or Christmas, or create your own unique holiday. Choose a specific date, gather friends and celebrate the day when you had the idea to live all your life together. You can think of a funny event, for example, to celebrate the day when your husband gave you a mop. All this will be very funny and funny.

Confess your love

Some believe that after several years of family life, each family member and so aware that he is madly in love with others. We hurry to upset you, it is not so at all. Such simple, at first glance, three words play a huge role: they add confidence and joy. Feelings must always be expressed, not only with words, but with deeds. True, try to balance words and deeds.

Be attentive to each other, do not dwell on problems and strive for new sensations and knowledge. Here is a simple secret of harmonious and happy relationships that will never depend on the number of years spent together.

1. Pleasant surprises for a loved one

Your "half" is worthy to please. So please! Do what she likes. It is not necessary to give your wife a hundred and one roses or a husband - a set of new fishing rods, just do what he or she likes. Get up fifteen minutes early and make breakfast in bed. Bring something tasty in the evening, and emphasize that it was bought with thoughts of the "second half." Make a nice little gift - just like that, for no reason. Only, I beg you, avoid “household” or gifts that hint at the disadvantages of the spouse! No pans and vacuum cleaners, no subscriptions to the gym - of course, if your spouse did not ask for it himself, and you are sure of that.

This refers to the category of well-known truths about which everyone forgets. Sex (ideally) is what distinguishes your friendship from love, it is he who is the concentration of passion and love. So do it more often! Of course, we can pall each other over time, but there are plenty of ways to update relationships in bed: from new places for him to wardrobe updates. Beautiful erotic lingerie is, no matter how trite, a rather effective method of restoring lost attraction. Try new: new places, new poses, new ways. There are a lot of literatures on this topic, you can find out even more by simply speaking frankly with each other. Act! A husband who hurries home from work because his wife told him on the phone what she plans to take him in the evening, or his wife, who rolls her eyes admiringly when asked by her friends, “how about the family?” Are some of the best guarantees for a lasting marriage.

3. Equip your life

Life in general should worry you as little as possible. The ideal house is also a house where there are no things that irritate the eyes. Repair everything that is broken, buy all the fixtures that can help you ease unloved things. Put aside stereotypes about “male” and “female” affairs, the presence of the Y-chromosome does not at all bear the love of fixing plumbing fixtures or the ability to drill, and its absence is not a guarantee that you will definitely like to cook or mess with the children. Do what you do best, and put the rest on the shoulders of specialists. By the way, about shifting: it is quite possible to agree on the redistribution of duties, because what seems unpleasant to you may seem quite acceptable to your partner. Make sure that you have as few reasons as possible to blame and saw each other.

4. Pretend, but do not cut

One of the worst habits in family life that can turn you from a lover or lover into a bore that you don’t want to go back home is a “nagging” habit. Of course, you definitely need to tell your partner that you are not satisfied, moreover, this is one of the guarantors of a relaxed life together and that you will not explode once from unspoken anger. But to repeat time after time, if you do not understand - it makes no sense. Think for yourself: you told him or her so many times that you shouldn’t do that (or, on the contrary, you have to do something), and he (or she) doesn’t hear! Ask yourself a question: why repeat this again? If you are not heard, it means that you are acting incorrectly. Perhaps your spouse is not aware of the significance of what you want from him, or for some reason it is easier for him to agree with you than to explain to you why you should not do this (alarming sign, by the way). Change tactics. Explain differently, act differently, if it really matters to you. And anyway, think about it: is it really so important to you? The inability to clean the plates in the sink really puts you out of yourself? Is an empty pan in the fridge really worth the scandal? If so, change tactics and act so that you will finally be heard and understood. Infinite repetition and "sawing" will not lead to anything - to anything good, at least.

5. Stay Alone

Дети – это цветы жизни, а родителей, вырастивших нас, несомненно, надо уважать. Но семейной паре иногда надо побыть наедине друг с другом – хотя бы просто для того, чтобы уделить внимание только своему партнеру, не отвлекаясь на других людей.

Дети: нет ничего страшного в том, чтобы попросить кого-то посидеть с ребенком или нанять няню, чтобы провести один вечер спокойно. From the time of birth, your attention, once divided into two, is now divided into many more parts, and it is difficult to realize that your love is not divided in the same way (at least it should not). Stay alone, allow yourself the “out-of-the-scenes” without children or the opportunity to spend the evening only together.

Parents and other relatives: if you have the opportunity to separate - do it! Not because they are bad, bad for your spouse, for you or something like that. It’s just that each of us should be able to feel independent. It’s up to you to decide how to build your life, what work to choose and what to finally prepare for dinner - without other people's advice and opinions. There is a good saying: love for relatives is proportional to the distance to them. Of course, it is not at all worth going to the other side of the world, sometimes it is enough to live in the neighboring apartments - but your family should have its own personal space, where only you are the masters. This will help you to associate your partner only with him, so that “mom, dad, grandmother and their dog” would not unconsciously go to the appendage.

6. Find good traits.

Why did you fall in love with your spouse? Let it be even the most amusing and stupid things like "she smiles sweetly" or "he is afraid of tickling." Remember them more often. Make your spouse more often show the qualities that you like so much in him. Is the husband strong and caring? Let him show it again and again, because you and he like it. Wife laughs very nicely? Give her an excuse for her to laugh with happiness! Many of the good sides of our "halves" manifest themselves in contact with us - so use it.

7. Say "I love you" - again and again

Probably, many will disagree with me, but I believe that the words “I love you” are never enough. And the fact that the “real man” should show this only by deed, but to be silent as partisans is nonsense, and the “real woman” to pretend that he loves less is nonsense is even greater. Words are powerful. Words repeated often - possess the power of suggestion and self-suggestion. Express your feelings with everything you can - both in deeds and words. Think for yourself: wouldn’t it be nice if morning and evening were accompanied by a declaration of love? Had your partner convinced you of his love over and over again, as if still trying to conquer you? As if you have not lived together for so many years, and still run on dates, as then, for the first time? So try to start with yourself, and you will see how your “half” will flourish in response. Show your love - including words.

Stop, beautiful moment!

Virtually every young, and very experienced, family is in constant race, haste and anticipation. One gets the feeling that now we are only rehearsing, and real life will begin sometime later, but this will not happen! In this race you will not find winners, only losers who constantly put off their happiness "for later."

Stop for a moment, give a break to your body and mind from the constant running around, think, but for what you live? What did you marry for? Is it only for the endless cooking, washing of diapers and dirty socks, repairs or next achievements in the workplace? It is necessary to learn how to live effectively, managing to do what is necessary, but also to get what you want.

Personal relationships do not tolerate constant expectations: in the end you will retire, adult children will scatter by their new family nests, and you will be left alone with a person who has become a complete stranger to you.

Moreover, married couples who have never learned to see the beautiful in their relationship, value and respect each other, have been accumulating unsolved offenses for each other for many years, which, as a result, it is not difficult to guess what they might lead to.

Expand the boundaries

It may seem a bit strange to you, but in order to be interesting and desirable for your half, you need to learn how to spend time without it.

Nobody says that it is necessary to do it all the time, but at least once every few weeks you find time for yourself: meet friends, do what is interesting for you, perhaps it will be photography, dancing, drawing, communicate with different people.

That is how you can continue to acquire their own features and zest, which will spur your marriage. Communicating with someone outside your own home, doing what your husband does not do, you can find topics for home conversations and discussions that will not concern household and family problems.

Family traditions

In order for months and years not to fly by, mixing up into one indiscriminate gray mass, it is important to learn how to highlight the dates and moments in them that will leave bright and good feelings from the past day. Tradition can start as a very young family, and already more experienced spouses.

Let it be the annual celebration of a wedding anniversary, which must necessarily be accompanied by a trip out of town (a trip to the forest, a trip, a trip to the sea or a trip to your favorite restaurant). The option can be yours personally, as long as you keep this tradition year after year.

It is possible to celebrate and transform into traditions not only major holidays, but also your personal small celebrations - the first tooth of a baby, the first snow of the year, the first campaign for mushrooms and so on.

Many couples, especially after the birth of a child, completely forget what romance is, and, as a result, a normal sex life. Of course, children need a lot of attention, but, at least once every 2 weeks, they can be sent to grandparents for the weekend, and remember what it means to be in love and happy.

How to spend time without children - each couple chooses herself. Someone will go according to the standard scheme - cinemas, restaurants or walks in the parks, and someone may play with imagination.

Romantic dinner by candlelight, bathroom, dotted with rose petals, champagne, strawberries with cream, watching erotic films together, beautiful underwear, and also fruitful pastime outside the bedroom doors.


The next important tip is do not be lazy to travel. Even a three-day shake-up can show you how much you have missed something similar, something new is always on the way, people see each other from a different, new and unexplored side.

It is not necessary to go somewhere far away, start from nearby areas and, perhaps, with time, visiting new places and cities will soon become a family tradition for you.

Seek joint interests

It is difficult to remain interesting for each other, if the spouses, except for problems and concerns, and nothing to talk about. Sign up for a dance together if you both love art, attend master classes, watch movies that interest both of you, and sometimes you should probably give in and see what your half recommends.

Joint exercises help spouses to uncover each other a lot of unexplored surprises, the only way you can spend time together without fearing that there will be nothing to talk about.

There are not many surprises

No need to stop surprising your loved ones. It's so nice to make people happy just like that, for no reason. And it doesn’t matter how much money you have or how lush your imagination is. It is important that you do it from the heart.

You can, when you leave for work, write a note to your husband in which to say that you love him. Such a note can also be put him a jacket, or in a package with lunch. It would seem a trifle, but pleasant, and the mood raises.

Create your own romantic moments in your life. Do not wait for the manifestations of romance from men, because among them there are few sentimental people. Take everything into your own hands. Prepare a delicious dinner, light candles and turn on beautiful music. Have your husband dance. Believe me, he will be grateful for this, and will definitely do something nice in return.

Creating family traditions

As a tradition for your family, you can do whatever your heart desires. You can make a traditional family dinner on Sundays, the main thing is that this should be an unbreakable rule for everyone.

It incredibly holds people together, uniting them near a single goal. By the way, family traditions are one of the reasons to spend time together.

Tradition is a reflection of the well-being of the family and its spiritual components. In antiquity, traditions existed in every family, but today, unfortunately, they are almost dead.

Think of such traditions, which can unite you and unite all members of your family into a single whole. The main thing is that the traditions in your family are not just a formality, but that they truly become part of your family life.

Choose a common hobby

How often because of the everyday hustle and bustle, we rarely find time to communicate with a loved one. And it also alienates us from each other. In addition, often and weekends spouses often spend separately.

Therefore, find an occupation that you both will like. For example, you can attend a general fitness club or horse riding classes.

You can also involve your husband in cooking. He can, if not prepare family dinners, then at least decorate the finished dishes.

This is not just one of the options to have a good time, but also to get help in carrying out their household duties.

Make it a rule to be sure to get out somewhere together for the weekend. Especially those couples who already have a child. Ask grandmothers or other relatives to sit with the children so you can spend time with each other.

Go to the cinema, theater, circus, or just sit in a restaurant, usually there are a lot of options. Believe me, such a joint pastime - will be like a breath of fresh air for your relationship, will allow you to feel young again and relax.

Mark a small victory

Wives often underestimate the success of their husband; they take it for granted. Nevertheless, it is much more pleasant when even small victories of the husband will be evaluated as big achievements.

You can, for example, celebrate with a festive dinner the approval of a large project, or praise your husband on behalf of the authorities. Well, if you will perceive every good news as a reason for a mini-holiday.

How to diversify family intimate life

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to diversify family life is to make changes in their sex lives. Here is where you can show your imagination. You can start with the appropriate literature, or you can go to a sex shop.

Buy sexy underwear. Also, be sure to get rid of non-erotic pajamas or nightgowns. Try to have sex with your husband in an unusual setting where you enjoy, except for the bed. It is very good for relationships.

Constantly keep your husband in good shape. For this, flirt, sex games, erotic massage are well suited. In fact, in the arsenal of women there are many methods that can cause burning desire and a flurry of emotions in men. Be sure to use them!

Family history

Do you have a family album? If there is no album, then it is time to create it. Make a wedding photo its basis and the beginning of the collection of family photo shoots. Besides the fact that photographs are our history, the very process of photographing will give you a lot of positive emotions, the lack of which is so acutely felt in our life.

Arrange photo shoots at different times of the year. In the room and outside. Most importantly, do not forget to put the photos in the album in chronological order, and not just leave them on a flash drive or computer.

Evening gatherings

Regularly spend several hours a day with your loved one. You can visit the places where you met, or where you walked. Remember what you dreamed and wanted to achieve. What came of it and what is not?

You can in the evening, view old common photos, or listen to music tracks that will remind you of pleasant moments. As a rule, such moments return us at a time when sparks slipped between us, and our eyes shone with love.

Of course, each of the families is special in its own way, and therefore there are no universal tips that would suit everyone. Here are just a few of them, how to diversify your family life. Each couple can take something for themselves. Take care of your relationship and those initial feelings, without which your life will be boring!