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Insaniti - fitness for quick weight loss


With the well-known axiom that only with a healthy diet it is possible to count on a long-awaited tangible result regarding the improvement of the contours of one’s own body, everyone is familiar. Someone resorts to using only the correction of their own diet, someone is counting on a grueling workout.

And what are those counting on who secured the support (albeit in most cases virtual) of the notorious Sean T?

Not so long ago, in the field of health innovations of nutrition, training and methods of self-improvement, such a concept as Insanity appeared. It is Shawn T, who has already become legendary even among Russian fans of a healthy lifestyle and sports training, is the founding father of the method of fitness training, radically different from all currently known.

Sean T really deserved the title of the most motivating coach of our time. The fact of the matter is that his Insanity workouts are characterized by a very short period of time, but an inordinately high degree of load and, accordingly, a speed of obtaining a result.

Special attention is demanded by the fact that, unlike the expensive fitness instructors of Hollywood stars and the domestic beau monde, Sean absolutely does not make a secret of the methods of his training, expensive courses or an individually planned program of exercises.

On the contrary, anyone who has access to the Internet and a small amount of free time at home can try to feel the explosive result that only a thirty-minute program will provide for Sanity T.

It should be noted that the best results from exercising insanity are provided with a planned system approach of the training program, namely, with the development and strict observance of a specially selected diet, with the methods and strength of daily loads, with regular training and other important factors influencing the result.

There is even a system for calculating the daily caloric intake of food for the entire period of training. Detailed formulas are easy to find on the Internet and calculate your individual daily calorie calorie menu. Moreover, such a formula for calculating differs significantly for men and women.

Without being distracted by mathematical subtleties, you should know that the daily diet of a man during the training period for Insaniti will be from three to four thousand kilocalories per day, and for women from two to three thousand kilocalories.

Of course, many confuse such a limit of caloric mark. But that is not all. Firstly, this is an indicator of how debilitating the upcoming workouts will be, and, secondly, with insufficient energy supply of the body, instead of the expected results of improving the figure and excellent muscle tone, one should expect exhaustion and impotence.

Nutrition during training Insaniti implies two possible outcomes. The first is to maintain your own existing weight, but to improve the relief and contours of the body, muscle work, pulling up of the silhouette and atonic muscle forms.

The second is intensive weight loss along with a body lift. In this case, five hundred kilocalories from the daily diet are additionally subtracted from the result obtained during the calculation.

Regardless of what results are hoped for and for what period they want to get, the final calorie corridor of a trainee should not fall below nineteen hundred kilocalories per day.

In quantitative equivalent per day, five meals should be included. Moreover, it is important that three of them are main and two as snacks. The main focus in the diet is on protein foods. This provides not only proper nutrition to the muscles during high loads, but also provides an indifferent attitude to flour and sweets.

Fitness training by the author's method of Sean T allows you to fully strengthen the muscles and create an excellent muscular frame of the whole body. Particularly impressive changes occur with the area of ​​the body and shoulders. Since the program is designed for sixty days, it is better to train according to the scheme six days a week with one mandatory weekend.


Yes, I do not insist. Just stating the fact that this is the place to be.

From the 40th minute, see.

"Just eating fine and without exercise there is and biceps and pectoral muscles and legs overgrown with meat. As a joke, I bar the guys from the sections. "

No exercise is no load.

P.S. Take a picture, just look interesting biceps chest and legs.

gainer) tries to give him protein? From the protein he does not gain mass. Protein is a building material.

Here is from the gainer (75% carbohydrates). It will eat like an elephant, and trample meat and fat))) I have experienced it.

Once such a dance went) it seems you are a moron. Once accustomed to call the first comer so.

To begin with, protein is a pure building material. And how to cost the body when you have no energy? Carbohydrate. There is no "safety" fat layer ?!

The body is a cunning Jew. He will never build new muscle fibers when he lacks excess energy. No fat - I will not build, it is a long time difficult and energy consuming, what if tomorrow a hunger strike? That's the bait. And all your protein turns into shit.

From the fact that you will drink pure protein and sway you will not grow muscle, even though you burst. The concept of being "on the ground" means that you need to eat properly and get excess calories. Excess will give just a gainer. Very high-calorie thing. From this cocktail you have a terrible appetite and the body is loaded with carbohydrates. Your body understands that everything is okay! you can spend energy, that's when we need a protein bag. eat, drink and swing.

Yes, dude, you discovered a new method of pumping on a gainer, rather make a competition to Yugik Spasokukotsky.

For the mass, you need both a gainer and a protein at the same time, you will not get far on one gainer.

exactly! You yourself said: "builders"! Any novice "amateur" is not ready for this. His body is not sharpened by a factory for the processing of carbohydrates and proteins. The body must be trained as well as your muscles.

Always amaze people who buy expensive mixtures and drink everything, interfering with each other, while working on someone else’s program. And after wondering why not rushing mass? Drink it all separately, feel the whole effect and the impact of cocktails. Prepare the body for the upcoming real loads.

I rely on my experience and the experience of a person who could not gain mass for a long time. Any beginner needs to drink a gainer (1kg is enough for one and a half months) and then start to load with protein cocktails with creatine. By this moment you are ready to go on the rise and personal records.

It's no use arguing with you.

The man has a thin physique. he lacks energy for building and rebuilding. Weight gainers contain both protein and carbohydrates.
Gained weight. further polish it with protein and creatine. Burn everything that went through.

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Weight loss is always associated with hard grueling workout in the gym and the same grueling diet. But let us tell you a secret: you can lose weight without especially straining. Here are 10 simple tips for keeping fit. 1. A glass of water A simple and familiar rule is to start each meal with a glass of water that will fill your stomach and calm your hunger a little. I want to eat less right away, and even after that I don’t fit much. In addition, dehydration does not threaten you. But he will be effective only in combination with other tips. Read t

What could be more indicative of a fitness program than a photo before and after? The results of these women who underwent Insanity are impressive and inspiring!

The first program of Insanity was released in 2009, its author is a famous hollywood fitness trainer sean ti.

He talks about his program like this: “Get ready to“ dig deeper ”in your fitness classes, and perform the most powerful fitness training of all that was in your life. This is probably the hardest training program out on DVD. But if you decide that you are able to take the new bar, join me. Beachbody CEO Karl Dykeler asked me to create insanity for one purpose: to give you the opportunity to get a form that you have never had before, in just 60 days. This is not an empty promise. Using my training formula, I created an intensive 60-day training program for the whole body. I will alternate explosive cardio and strength exercises, plyometrics, body work and resistance exercises. This is the first step of the "impracticable". You will experience the power of Maximum Interval Training in your experience. It is she who will change your body. From now on and for the next 60 days you will be on the edge. You will need energy and self-reliance to overcome this challenge. You will become strong, slim and fit. And although you will be exhausted and exhausted after each workout, you still feel conquered Everest. "

In general, it is very high intensity interval workouts with jumps, squats, lunges and pushups. The great advantage of insanity is that training doesn’t need anything other than a small space. All movements are done only with the use of the mass of your body, no dumbbells and weights.

For a better understanding of Insanity, watch this short video. You will not remain indifferent!

Insanity - this is not just training, it's a challenge to yourselfyour body and willpower. That is why people who have completed the program at the club Shawn Ti are given a special T-shirt, which is not possible to buy with money. It says "I deserve it!".

If you want to try what it is to be really crazy, remember that for training on the system Insaniti need:
1. Initially have a good physical shape. Therefore, if you have never played sports before, start with something easier.
2. Adhere to the diet. From fatty, sweet food at workout can become bad, as there are large loads on the internal organs.
3. Be prepared to practice regularly. This is not just training, it is a fitness program, calculated according to a specific algorithm. Any failure in the schedule will negate your results.
4. Consult a doctor. This item applies to people who have health problems and who are prohibited from certain types of physical activity.

In Ukraine, a few years ago, there was a big boom in Insaniti, and now some sports clubs even have qualified coaches under this program. If you know that at home you can not fully engage, sign up for group workouts. There you are guaranteed to find like-minded people, support and motivation!

Would you like to try the training in the style of Insanity?

  • Yes, the results are amazing!
  • Probably not, it's so hard.
  • I do not like active training, I prefer yoga and pilates.
See the result
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  • Probably not, it's so hard. 0
  • I do not like active training, I prefer yoga and pilates. 0

Training "madness" at intervals

There is an online training program insanity in Russian. Its essence is in the division of loads according to the types of occupations with a certain interval. At the same time in the process of training necessarily self-monitoring participant for indicators of their physical condition. The program is not easy complicated, and exhaustingly intense. This is what distinguishes it from others: no indulgence to your own body.

High intensity of movement, a beautiful coach, every day a new occupation. Disadvantages: just DIE in 15 minutes

What is the strength, brother, or advantages of insanity

Insane training does not require special equipment, so you can study at home. The program guarantees quick weight loss: in two months you will become the owner of a good sports figure. During classes, the load falls on all muscle groups and uniform pumping of the whole body is achieved.

Insaniti strengthens joints, increases blood circulation, improves heart tone, positively affects the physical state of the body as a whole. During classes up to 1 thousand calories are burned per hour.

Note: for comparison, about 450 calories are burned during aerobics, tennis classes destroy 300 calories per hour, rope exercises will burn 700 calories per hour.

Insanity daily exhausting classes not everyone can. Insaniti is not suitable for people with a weak heart and with defects in the joints.

Where to begin

  • Go to the doctor and make sure that there are no contraindications to intense physical exertion. Otherwise, later you will have to give up classes and transfer to lighter types of fitness instead of insanity.
  • If there are no contraindications and you are still determined to quick correction figures, prepare comfortable clothes, not constraining movements. It takes strong shoes to not damage the feet during exercise. You can use a sports mat, it will save your knees and elbows from injury.
  • Download the training program online in Russian.

What to look for:

  1. An introductory video of Sean T., who starts a fitness workout, be sure to watch and learn. In the proposed video, you will receive practical advice from a trainer on how to perform certain exercises.
  2. Get a fit test. It consists of eight basic exercises, which in the future with varying degrees of difficulty you will have to master insanity. If your readings do not meet the standards as a result of the test, it is better to abandon the program.

The test must be carried out before the start plyometrics If all readings are normal, start regular classes. It will have to be repeated before starting training even at week 3,6,8, and the final test at the end of insanity at week 9.

After the first fit of the test, I fell on the sofa, and there was no strength for anything. By the end of the first month I did everything with ease, the second month began, again the tongue on the shoulder and the deadness on the couch. By the end of the second he did with little effort, he finished in May and switched to Ahtanga Nyasa yoga and strength.

What is included in the program

Insaniti is a two-month training course six days a week, one day is a day off. The program includes fourteen different load cycles training, distributed by days of the week. Exercises with each new repetition cycle become complicatedrequire more physical activity.

Training includes insanity cycles such as pliometric, cardio, circuit, and others.

They are held on a special calendar, in which daily classes with the day of the week for performance are listed.

The program is conventionally divided into three main stages.

First stage

Four weeks of training for 45 minutes a day with one day of rest every six days.

This stage includes such types training sessions:

  • Fit-test - eight test exercises on the body's readiness for the program of insanity.
  • Plyometrics (plyometric - springy jumps) for the lower body, at the same time given the load on the cardio system.
  • A set of exercises designed to train the upper body, this includes exercises for stretching.
  • Cardio Recovery - training cycle to restore the body.
  • Training in enhanced mode with an additional load on the press.
  • Cardio Abs - exercise cycle, which provides cardiovascular exercise with alternating pumping of the abdominal muscles.

Third stage

The second month of the insanity program includes four weeks of classes, 90 minutes a day, with one day off at seven days for recuperation.

The third stage of insanity in Russian includes the following types of classes:

  • Core Cardio & Balance - one of the most difficult cyclical training, with a maximum load on all the muscles of the body,
  • Max interval plio - training cycle with a maximum load for the muscles of the legs,
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs - extreme cycle cardio,
  • Max Recovery - enhanced recovery of the body,
  • set of strength exercises for the press,
  • Max Interval Sports Training - a sports cycle of professional load on the muscles of the body: the exercises of this cycle are usually used in their training by professional athletes.

Complete the third stage of training for upper body Body Weight Training, which contribute to the excellent workout the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back. The final fit test is based on the results of insanity.

Passed this program twice, I consider it one of the best ... Sean exhausts you and causes the body to include all reserves.

Applications to the program insaniti:

There are several applications that need to be used during training under the program of Sean Ti:

  • Elite nutrition plan. It provides advice on diet, recipes for some dishes for eating at different times of the day. There are formulas for calculating caloric intake.
  • Calendar of classes Insanity Calendar in video and exel format, painted on nine weeks. It should be printed out and hanged in the training room, so as not to forget which day of the week to do the exercises by type and load.
  • General guidance for conducting fitness training insanity.
  • Fit test in exel for printing. В эту таблицу вы будете заносить результаты пройденных «зачетов».

Important! По завершении инсанити поддерживайте тело в тонусе и продолжайте общеукрепляющие тренировки, соблюдайте диету.

О программе Insanity (Инсанити)

Insanity — это высоко-интенсивный интервальный тренинг. В отличие от обычной интервальной тренировки, ваш пульс будет повышаться до 85% от максимального и даже выше. Это не будет похоже на аэробный тренинг с короткими периодами взрывных нагрузок. Наоборот, в течение всего занятия вы будете работать на максимуме, прерываясь только на минутные передышки.

Insanity не для людей со слабой сердечно-сосудистой системой. В течение тренировки ваш пульс будет взлетать до максимальных показателей, опускаться во время коротких перерывов и снова подниматься вверх. Such a maximum interval training allows for 40-60 minutes to achieve such results that you do not get even practicing in the gym for hours.

Insanity Training Calendar

To the course Insaniti attached schedule, which involves 6 days of training and 1 day off. Also, once a week you will find Cardio Recovery recovery training (and Max Recovery in the second), which is not as intense as the other classes.

Insanity course can be divided into 3 parts:

  • The first month of your workout lasts 30-40 minutes, but in the first 5 minutes you will want to quit once and for all. Be patient, in a week it will be easier. In a month you will forget that you exhaled in the first minutes of your workout.
  • After 4 weeks of the first part, you will have 7 days of Core Cardio and Balance training, which will prepare you for real tin - the second month.
  • After 5 weeks with Insanity, you are waiting for a workout that lasts 50-60 minutes. It will be even harder, even more extreme and even crazier than it was at the beginning.

Before starting to do Insanity, do Fit Test (video with him is included in the course) and be sure to record the results. After 2 months, you will really be surprised at your progress! And you will understand how much you have become stronger.

Attention: if already at the stage of the Fit-test you have great difficulty with doing the exercises, then you should think well if you can stand the whole course.

Tips for those who want to practice Insanity (Insanity)

1. Remember that correct exercise technique is ALWAYS more important than speed.

2. Work out only in sneakers!

3. Reduce the pace if you feel that you can not withstand the speed set by the coach.

4. Drink more water during your workout.

5. Try to adhere to proper nutrition.

6. Do not undertake to exercise, if you feel that this is not your level.

7. As a prep, you can try the program Focus T25 from Shaun Ti.

Insanity Pros

  • You are guaranteed to lose weight. With such loads it cannot be otherwise.
  • Your endurance will increase from class to class. After a couple of weeks with Insanity, you will forget about shortness of breath on the stairs.
  • You will train and develop the heart muscle. A healthy cardiovascular system is the key to your longevity.
  • Each completed workout will bring you great moral satisfaction. Well, still, on a regular basis to cope with one of the most difficult programs of the now existing - there is something to praise yourself for.
  • Insenity is a high-intensity interval training at its best, and therefore is an effective way to lose weight and create a relief body.
  • After completing the Insanity course, you will realize that any training will be on your shoulder. That feeling when you realize that your body can do anything.
  • The program has already been translated into Russian!

Cons Insanity

  • A large number of jumps give severe strain on the knee joints.
  • It is not recommended for people with weak hearts. Anyway, with poor health, I must say.
  • Some experts question the effectiveness of Insanity. They claim that you will train your endurance, but physically you will not get stronger, because such training contributes muscle loss.

Get ready to feel overwhelmed and tired: this is kind organism adaptation to stress. You will do something that you have never done before, so the state of “squeezed lemon” is almost guaranteed. One thing is for sure, your figure will change. When you learn Insanity, you can try an even more complex program of Shaun Ti - Insanity Max 30.

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Insanity perform a month, from the training delighted. Stamina has increased many times, the body is tightened, the fat on the stomach is well gone. At first it was very hard, I couldn’t even do a complete training, especially Pliometric. I thought I'd quit) But then I got used to it. Already in the third week I was training from start to finish, I learned push-ups. Now in transition (Cardio and Balance) and waiting for me the second month. Then I will unsubscribe about the results. I advise you to keep your knees, training tin.

I did not understand the difference between Insanity and Insanity Max 30.

Good afternoon, Nikolai.

Insanity Max 30 is a more sophisticated version of Insanity. Although the Max 30 workout and lasts less in time - only 30 minutes, but in these 30 minutes you lay out 100%. Sean Ti offers the following method: you make a program at your limit and fix every day for how many minutes you have had. Thus, day after day, you expand the boundaries of their capabilities.

If in doubt where to start, choose Classic Insanity to start. But if you are confident in your abilities, you can try Max 30.

Today I finally finished Insanka, in the last week I literally counted the days, I already wanted to finish and arrange for myself a little rest. The second month is of course MUCH harder than the first. The first one can even be considered preparatory. I lost 1.5 kg, but the press became almost flat, especially glad that the lower tummy was almost completely gone. I am pleased with the result, but decided not to launch myself. In a month, I want Insenity Max 30 to try.

I think I overestimated myself. I only had enough for the first 20 minutes: (Then I just lay down, and even the strength to get up was not. Apparently we need to look for something simpler.

Good afternoon, Julia. Check out Shaun Ti's other workouts, there are easier options.

I started off with Hip Hop Abs at Sean, but I generally had zero training. Now I am in the 2nd week of Insanity and normally, I maintain the pace. Of course, sometimes I make stops (yes, even in the group of Sean, not everyone can stand either), but in general I am satisfied with myself.

If you are more or less engaged before, try the Focus T25.

Start with Gillian Michaels, she has a more adequate load.
I had been studying with her for almost a year before starting Insanity.
I do not understand why everyone is eager to perform excessive loads.
It is not only not effective, but also harmful.
The load should be commensurate with the physical abilities - any coach will tell you this.

I worked all summer with Jillian Michaels))) first 30 day slimming course, then flat stomach level 2, the effect was stunning.

good day ** please, please question ** if I honestly didn’t know anything about Sean’s program) I just found an insight max 30 in the internet I liked the hellish atmosphere in this course) I decided that it was just for my ass))) I’ve been a week I got away ** on the photo there are no changes ** but the weight has gone a little bit down. I can't jump so I use the proposed simplified version ** now after studying I realized that Sean has a lot of programs and they are different in complexity and my program is the most difficult ** because I think you can start with something different? * * or is it time since I had already lasted a week to continue max 30? and I also had a question about nutrition ** I would like to achieve better results, so I drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and L-carnitine in half an hour I drink or eat fast protein, after another half an hour I start training: first step by step, Anderson and her I replaced cardio with shona without jumping. after the first 10-20 minutes I eat egg white, then after an hour and a half complex carbohydrates + protein. then snack fruit or again something protein, lunch vegetables + protein, snack fruit or again something protein, for dinner vegetables + protein 3 hours before bedtime ** the food I made was suitable for my slimming exercises? ** I was looking for a lot nutritional information in the morning before training. Everywhere they recommend training after eating after about 2 hours. but I don't have that much time. maximum half past. I already get up at 5 to take care of myself) I don’t have another time to train if only at night ** Thank you in advance for the answer **

We answer your questions.

1) Insenity Max 30 is truly one of the most difficult home programs. But if you manage to maintain training from the beginning to the end without losing the technique of doing the exercise, then continue to practice Insenity. If you feel that you need a more benign complex, try Shawn Focus T25. There, too, a lightweight version without jumps is demonstrated, and the workout load is significantly less.

2) In the morning before training it is better to use fast carbohydrate as a snack (for example, half an hour before class), otherwise you will not have enough energy for a full-fledged training. We advise you to read an article about nutrition before and after exercise, it is described in more detail.

3) It is difficult to comment on your daily diet, too little specifics. The most important aspect in the preparation of a competent diet for the whole day is daily calorie intake and BJU. If you consume a sufficient amount of protein, do not forget about carbohydrates and fats, and also keep the calorie intake, then this will be enough to find an excellent figure.

We wish you success in achieving your goals!

I started practicing Insanity. The calendar includes 11 workouts, and I downloaded 14. where I didn’t understand the last 3 workouts?

These are bonus (additional) trainings.

The Insanity calendar has a postscript: If you have the DELUXE package, you can replace the CARDIO ABS with the INSANE ABS, and the CORE CARDIO AND BALANCE with MAX INTERVAL SPORTS TRAINING. Those. in the second month you can do Insane Abs instead of Cardio Abs. And together Core Cardio & Balance do Max Interval Training.

Complex Upper Body Weight Training can be added to any day on your own or not at all.

Hello! In the summer I worked with Jillian Michaels on several levels of pressure exercises, and after going through the beginning of strength exercises, I also did exercises with Jilian. There were contours on the body, in general, I liked everything. after Insaniti. Growth 164, weight 58.

Insaniti is a complex of cardio workouts that are not sharpened to strengthen muscles and create relief. Perhaps that is why you did not get the desired results.

To answer your question, we recommend reading the article What to do after Insaniti: the top 10 training options.

Workout is super. This is exactly what I was looking for. Complicated, but doable. After Insaniti I will definitely switch to Insaniti max.

Alain, thank you for the feedback! Successes to you in the further trainings.

True, after two months Insanity is better to take a short break. Still, such loads that offer Sean - this is a serious stress for the body. It is possible for at least a month after Insanity to slightly reduce the load in order to switch to Max 30 already fully recovered.

And when is it better to conduct it? In the morning or evening?

Hello, Dana. It doesn’t matter much if you have the opportunity. But in the evening, workouts are likely to be tolerated more easily than in the morning.

Hello. I have varicose veins. Can I work on this program?

Anna, hello. No, not desirable. A large number of plyometric exercises can aggravate the situation.

Hello, tell me! Engaged in insanity from Shawn T like the load very much! But the knees and back begin to remind of themselves! Can eat something the same energy-intensive but more gentle for the joints?

Tatiana, hello. We recommend to pay attention to the Low Impact Series from Kate Friedrich.

Hello. I am a choreographer. But now in the decree. During this time, my muscles just forgot what a load is. Therefore, I had to prepare for insanity. I started to study and I want to say that this is just super! At first, of course, it was hard even for me. But then the whole body got involved in the work. Insanity is just a treasure! So competent approach to loads. And stretching. Everything is so thought out! Very very grateful! Sean is just a great coach!

Svetlana, thank you for your feedback. Let the workout continue to bring pleasure and results!

Hello. I want to proceed to Insanity, but after reading the description, the question arose, I have no special forms (no waist stands out, such a rectangle) is not a big butt, will I not be flat after this course? Maybe you should add a workout on the ass with weighting? If so, what can you advise?

Hello Anna. Please specify which sporting equipment is available at home?

unfortunately only dumbbells but I plan to purchase foot weights and elastic band.

Anna, Insanity workouts are pretty exhausting. If you have the strength to add extra power load, that would be great. Regular intensive cardio workouts really dry out the body, so to maintain muscle tone, strength training will definitely not be superfluous.

Dumbbells are usually enough to give yourself a decent load on the lower body, but it all depends on their weight. Gradually, the body will get used to the load and it will be necessary to increase the weight of the dumbbells.

From strength training look:
Strength training from youtube-channel HASfit (there are separate segments for different areas of the body)
Top 20 videos on youtube for thighs and buttocks without lunges, squats (especially with weights, these workouts will be very effective)
Leandro Carvalho - Ipanema Booty (half-hour workout for hips and buttocks)

We also highly recommend paying attention to ballet training. They perfectly tighten the buttocks. For example, a review on the program Ballet Body with Leah Sarago.

Hello, I am engaged in this program, I do all the exercises, the last week remains, but there are no results: I didn’t lose weight, I didn’t lose my stomach, everything remained as before. What could be the reason? I eat as usual, do not overeat, but I eat sweet. Previously, it did not cause any problems, after any sports activities I threw off at least 2 kg. And then there is nothing at all, time is a pity.

Weight loss is just a matter of nutrition. Training is an improvement in the quality of the body and physical fitness, the development of strength and endurance. In order to lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. If you eat as part of maintaining weight or calorie surplus, you will not lose weight regardless of training.

The fact is that such training as Insanity takes a lot of energy and the body is trying to fill it, so the calorie deficit is difficult to maintain. In this regard, we always recommend to keep counting KBSTU.

When it comes to losing weight, you should always analyze the nutrition. Training is a nice bonus, extra calorie consumption, muscle tone and improved body proportions.

Hello again, then I have a question: how many calories are being thrown off for a workout? And how many calories a day I need to consume. I thought that I needed about 1300, but it seems to me that with daily workouts this is not enough.

Hello, Lera.
Workouts for 30-40 minutes from Insanity: 500-600 calories on average.
50-60 minutes workout from Insanity: an average of 750-850 calories.

The daily rate of 1300 kcal is not enough even with minimal loads. Write your age, weight, height and estimated physical load, we will count you KBRT.

I am 24, weight 63, height - 162. I do sports at least 4 times a week in this program.

Lera, we apologize for the late reply.

Calorie Corridor: 1704-1883 kcal
Proteins: 90-126 g
Fat: 50-70g
Carbohydrates: 179-247 g

Hello! Could you and me calculate the calorie corridor. I work on the program Insanity, I finish only the first week. Age -21, Height -160, weight -52-53.
Please also note that I am a nursing mother. Thank!

Milan, hello! In view of breastfeeding, we recommend sticking with these figures:
Calorie Corridor: 1903-2050 kcal
Proteins: 78-104 g
Fat: 56-78g
Carbohydrates: 180-260 g

Good day! Ask your opinion.
I am in Mon-Wed-Fri doing strength training (basic exercises in the range of 3-5 to 12-15 repetitions). Earlier, on Tuesday and Thursday, Jillian did banish fat boost metabolism. Then I stopped sweating on it and began to do it with dumbbells in my hands and weights on my legs, it became interesting again, but the power in the hall fell, it was the muscles that did not have time to recover. Will Insanity make me sweat without muscle fatigue? I want exactly pure cardio. This is it?

And what do you think, if I insert Insaniti only in Tues and Th between the force ones, having smeared these 60 days for a longer period, does it make sense? Or is the idea of ​​doing Insanity every day?

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Hello, Natalia. Yes, Insaniti is pure cardio, so your proposed training scheme 2 times a week is quite working.

To train on the calendar every day makes sense to those who are not engaged in other workouts. In your case, it is enough to perform Insanity as cardio 2 times a week. This is a fairly popular scheme for those who combine strength training in the gym and homemade cardio.

From intense cardio workouts, see also:

Good day! I want to start practicing but not sure if it will suit me. I am thin, but I have full arms and hips. The skin is very loose. I want a taut body and relief in my hands.
PS Previously engaged in sports and abandoned but very plastic.