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Causes of drying lips


Dry lips - common problem among many women. Moreover, dry skin of the lips can be not only in the cooler months of the year. This article will help you understand what causes dry lips and how to deal with this nuisance.

Why women dry and cracked lips: causes

Doctors and dermatologists point out several common causes of dry lips:

  • temperature drops
  • lack of vitamins
  • certain diseases
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle,
  • professional problems
  • drug reaction,
  • bad habits.

Sometimes the draining of the lips is caused by two or even three reasons, to deal with which is not so simple. It is worth talking about each cause of the manifestation of this trouble separately.

Temperature drops

Many people have discomfort on their lips during the temperature difference, when delicate skin is exposed to polar temperatures. In particular, this often happens in winter and autumn, when the house needs to go out into the street, where there is a minus temperature and strong winds that dry lips.

In the summer it is also worth being alert - many already know how the insidious sun adversely affects the hair: it dries them, makes them more brittle and dull. Ultraviolet rays in no way affect the skin. But, if the long-term effect of prolonged exposure to the sun manifests itself only years later (wrinkles, pigment spots), then the lips can dry up immediately.

Hypersensitivity to cold or solar radiation is more often diagnosed not in women, but in men 20-60 years.

Lack of vitamins

This is a big problem of the winter-spring period, when many people eat less diverse than in summer. The main fighters for the beauty and smoothness of the skin of the lips - this vitamins A, E, D and B (especially B2). Often, in addition to dry lips, there is a burning sensation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue, and on the reddish rim of the lips there are signs of fine-flaked desquamation and fine vertical cracks. Vitamin deficiencies are often painful — cracks that tend to bleed and an increasing tongue bother you.


The cause of dry and cracked lips can be any disease. One of the most common manifestations of serious health problems is cheilitis, an inflammatory process that affects the mucous membranes and skin of the lips.

Cheilitis can manifest in the form of swelling, redness, dryness and peeling of the lips, and sometimes bleeding ulcers, purulent crusts, burning and painful sensations when opening the mouth and eating. Often the problem is recurrent in nature.

Cheilitis can be caused or caused by the following reasons:

  • Fungal infections, erythematosus, psoriasis, lichen planus, syphilis, tuberculosis and other skin diseases,
  • Allergic reactions. Often manifested during contact with the components that make up lipsticks and some products. Sufferers from such troubles have clinical manifestations of dryness and flaking of the skin of the face,
  • Neurological disorders. The so-called exfoliative cheilitis occurs from strong anxiety, depression, anxious feelings of a person. This type of cheilitis most often has a continuous sluggish current, with moments of remission and exacerbations, and almost does not lend itself to self-healing,
  • Thyroid hyperfunction. Researchers have reason to believe that this problem makes the lips dry,
  • Chronic gastritis and gastroduodenitis. Up to a third of people with these diseases constantly experience bad breath, rashes on lips and mouth: dry and peeling lips are observed in most patients,
  • Anomalies of the small salivary glands (congenital or acquired). At risk of receiving glandular cheilitis are women with chronic periodontal disease, tartar and caries: these problems encourage infection of the ducts of the salivary glands,
  • Neuritis of the facial nerve. Hereditary predisposition may be the basis. A sign of these diseases can be dry lips, itching, and sometimes puffiness that flows to other parts of the face. The color of the lips and skin does not change, although in swollen places the skin becomes bluish-pink. Neuritis can manifest itself as a skewed face toward a healthy side, and the nasolabial fold smoothes.

Professional problems

It is primarily about musicians who play wind instruments. In response to the long-term presence of mouthpieces in the mouth, severe itching, dryness, pain, burning, swelling and redness of the lips occur. In some cases, bubbles appear on the lips, after opening which cracks are exposed. This is another clinical manifestation of allergic cheilitis - contact. Most often, musicians such cheilitis go into a chronic stage and manifest as dryness, flaking and a slight itch without a strong inflammatory reaction.


Some drugs can cause a number of side effects, which are described in the instructions for use. These drugs include a powerful tool for the treatment of skin diseases "Roaccutane": this drug makes the skin tender and hypersensitive - lips crack and dry during the entire period of treatment. The same effect has some other drugs for the treatment of acne - "Aknekutan", "Erase", etc.

Lip Treatments

Dry lips occur for certain reasons, the determination and treatment of which is the main task of every beautiful lady or man. In parallel, it is necessary to cure and eliminate at home and external defects.

  1. Deep health problems that cause lips to dry are treated with appropriate medications prescribed by a doctor. In some cases, effective are autohemotransfusion (transfusion of a patient's own blood), UFOC (ultraviolet blood irradiation) and other ways to increase the body's reactivity.
  2. If signs of an allergy are found on any cosmetic product or a product, then you should not experiment - forget about it forever, no matter how tasty or expensive it is. If the lips hurt badly, antihistamines are taken orally.
  3. In order not to allow lips to dry, peel off and hurt, you need to constantly protect them from cold or insolation, using hygienic lipstick before going outside - and better with SPF protectionwhich will be useful in the winter. It is also useful to use moisturizing lipstick after meals and throughout the day.
  4. Avitaminosis will have to be treated not just for one or two days - by adding to the diet foods containing trace elements that are beneficial for the skin: nuts, greens, vegetables, fish, etc. During the treatment of complex forms of dryness and irritation of the lips, it is very important to follow a hypoallergenic diet, eliminating strawberries, caviar, herbs, citrus fruits, spicy foods and alcohol from the diet.
  5. Do not lick your lips! Yes, the feeling of dryness causes great discomfort, but it is absolutely impossible to do this - and this is why: only the symptoms of dryness are exacerbated, moreover, licking leads to the formation of weeping cracks on the background of overdried skin. Lips continue to hurt constantly, and soon there is a feeling of roughness, tightness and tingling - subsequently deep cracks are formed, which are difficult to heal.
  6. You should always take care of the health of your teeth - check them for caries, periodontal and other problems. Remediation of foci of chronic infection in the oral cavity is the key not only to fresh breath, but also to smooth, delicate skin of the lips.
  7. It is necessary to increase the amount of fluid you drink to avoid dehydration. The best option is a glass of pure water in the morning and half an hour before meals.
  8. It is necessary to maintain the humidity in the room in which the most time is spent. It is especially important not to dry the skin in winter.
  9. To improve the condition of the delicate skin of the lips, it is worth resorting to the use of anti-inflammatory ointments, creams and special masks. It can be:
    • vegetable oils (olive, sea buckthorn, jojoba oil),
    • tetracycline, erythromycin and oxolinic ointments, agents with glucocorticosteroids (sometimes you have to treat with hormone-containing ointments),
    • honey, sour cream, cottage cheese masks, masks from flax seed broth, aloe juice, etc.

Caring for the beauty of the lips is an important daily ritual of every girl who wants to always look attractive to her man and everyone around her. Compliance with these simple rules will always make you smile broadly and feel great!

The impact of the environment on the skin of the lips

Dry skin of the lips in the first place occurs, as a rule, due to exposure to some environmental factors. Windy weather, the rays of the sun, low air temperatures - all this can cause unpleasant sensations on the lips. The skin constantly dries, flakes and even cracks.

In some cases, a person’s personal habits, such as biting or frequent licking, can cause dry lips. In addition, on your own you can harm the skin on the lips, eating too hot or cold drinks, as well as food.

Dry lips as a symptom of disease

The reason for dry lips can be some changes in the human body. First of all, the skin, including on the lips, suffers from a lack of fluid, which in medicine is designated by the term "dehydration". The norm is the use of at least two liters of water per day. Otherwise, problems may arise not only with the lips, but also with the skin on other parts of the body. For example, on the hands and face.

If you notice that the skin on your lips often dries out, then you should pay attention to the diet of your diet. The fact is that such a sign may indicate a lack of vitamins of categories A, B, C, D and E in the body. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement your usual diet with special vitaminized supplements. Allergies can even occur on the cutlery that you use. For example, nickel, which is part of the metal for the manufacture of forks and spoons.

Drying of the lips can be a symptom of some diseases of the oral cavity, such as periodontal abscess. It is almost impossible to get rid of such a disease on your own. In this case, you should visit the dental office as soon as possible to eliminate this manifestation.

Dry skin of the lips is caused not only by improper oral hygiene, but also the use of poor-quality toothpaste. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a component that can not only cause changes in the skin on the lips, but also cause a serious disease - perioral dermatitis. Drying the lips can be a consequence of the chosen profession. For example, the musicians who play the wind instruments most often suffer from such a manifestation.

Dry lips and allergic reactions

The skin on the lips may peel off and crack due to an allergic reaction. In this case, it is better to undergo a course of examination by a specialist and identify a stimulus. The cause of allergies can be both individual foods and elements of the environment - dust, animal hair, pollen. Most often, dry skin of the lips occurs after excessive use of drugs in the category of antibiotics.

If the lips dry up in women, then the cause of this manifestation may be cosmetics. Not always in this case refers to allergies. Lipstick from different manufacturers contains various components. Each person may experience incompatibility with one or another element. Propyl gallate is a substance that most often causes discomfort and causes allergies.

In the cold season it is better to give preference to those lipsticks that contain balsams and moisturizing agents. At the first manifestations of dry lips, try changing the cosmetic, and if the symptoms do not disappear, then the reason should be identified in your lifestyle or health.

Lack of moisture

This cause of dry lip skin is most common in summer. In hot weather, the body loses a large amount of moisture. It is worth recalling that fluid is necessary for all internal organs. With a strong lack of moisture, the body takes the substance it needs from the skin. That is why lips suffer.

This reason why the lips dry (what to do in this case, you will learn further) is the most harmless and easy to remove.

Treat this condition can and should be. Drink more water. Normally, a person should consume up to two liters of fluid per day. In the hot season, this number may increase. Drink as much as you want. Never limit your fluid intake.

Allergic reaction

Often the cause of dry skin of the lips lies in allergies. In this way, the body informs the person that some product or component does not suit him.

In most cases, allergy occurs when eating unusual foods, a large number of sweets or citrus. Also, a similar reaction may occur when changing the usual cosmetic (most often lipstick).

If due to allergies dry lips, what to do in this case? The first step is to eliminate the allergen. Refuse unusual food and hot spices. Also, for a while, stop using makeup products. If the condition of the lips does not improve, then antihistamines should be taken: Suprastin tablets, Tavegil drug, Fenistil syrup. It should be noted that such treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

From the decorative lipstick should be completely abandoned at the time of treatment. Bright lipstick looks very untidy on dry skin of the mouth.

External negative impact

Another reason why the lips are very dry (what to do while you learn further) is the negative impact of the environment. So, in strong wind or frost, the skin of the mouth can become rough. Often, when such an effect occurs, cracks that cause considerable discomfort.

If your lips dry out in the winter, what to do then? Teach yourself a good habit to always use protective lip care. You can buy such hygienic lipstick in a cosmetic store or a pharmacy chain. Each time before leaving the house, apply a thin layer of this product on the skin of the lips.

This method can be used not only in winter but also in summer. In this case, give preference to hygienic lipstick with protection from the sun.

Bad habits

Often the cause of dry lips lies in the wrong lifestyle. With the abuse of alcohol dehydration occurs. As mentioned above, the body gives the missing fluid to the organs. First of all, the cover of the lips suffers.

Also, when smoking lips can become dry. This is due to the constant exhalation of dry air in the form of smoke.

If for the above reason lips dry, what should I do? To get started is to adjust your lifestyle. Minimize, and it is better to completely give up the use of alcoholic beverages. A woman with a cigarette in her mouth does not look very attractive, so give up such a bad habit forever.

Pregnancy (early terms)

The reason for dry lips can be a new interesting position of the fair sex. In the first trimester of pregnancy is the strongest hormonal changes in the body. It is during this period that dry lips may appear or even cracks in them.

If lips dry during pregnancy, what to do? To get started is to just be patient. This state will pass with the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy, when the raging hormonal background will calm down somewhat.

You can also use moisturizers and emollients for the lips, but give preference only to natural products.

Dry lips: what to do?

If none of the above reasons are suitable for you, then you should consult a doctor with a similar problem. You may be given appropriate treatment to help get rid of dry lips and cracks.

There are popular ways to treat this disease. Let's try to figure out how to deal with dry lips.

Daily light massage the lips. Get a soft toothbrush. At bedtime, moisten it with hot water and gently massage your lips. Doing this procedure takes about five minutes. At this moment, the dry particles will disappear, the blood circulation of this area will improve, and the skin will become tender. Be sure to soften the treated area after such a massage.


Apply emollients and nutrients to your lips daily. This may be plain petroleum jelly, baby oil, Panthenol cream. If you are doing a massage, then moisturizing should be carried out immediately after it. Many ladies independently choose an emollient for the lips, mixing useful components.

Use masks

As the skin of the face, lips require special care. Treat them to healthy natural masks. There are several popular options.

Такие продукты, как сметана, мед или яблочный сок могут отлично смягчить гожу губ. Используйте данные средства вечером и держите на коже 15-20 минут. После такой обработки обязательно нанесите увлажняющее средство.

Контролируйте себя

Сухие губы всегда хочется немного увлажнить. Из-за этого люди часто облизывают кожу вокруг рта. It is worth noting that such a light moisturizing brings only a minute relief. In the near future, the lips become again dry and tight.

Wean yourself off the habit of constantly licking your lips. Especially harmful to do it on the street in bad weather and wind. In this case, in addition to the usual dry skin, you can get cracks that can bleed and ache.


The lips of a woman should always be in good shape. If you are faced with a similar ailment, it must be treated. Try to first completely revise the way of life and defeat such a state on your own. If you can not bring the lips back to normal, consult a specialist. The doctor will quickly find out the main cause of dry skin on the lips and select the appropriate treatment.

Keep track of your appearance and inner health. In this case, you will always be beautiful.

Causes of dry lips

Unusual causes of dry and cracked lips

According to specialists, dehydration occurs when you spend more liquid than you take. The body does not have enough water and other fluids to work normally. In such cases, the body takes fluid from the skin to supply it with more important organs. According to experts, the lips - this is the part of the body that is primarily dried during dehydration.

2. You often lick your lips.

When saliva dries on the lips, you lose even more moisture. In the saliva there is a chemical that dries the lips. They become even more dry and irritated, which is why a person wants to lick his lips even more.

Dry and cracked lips

3. You have sunburn.

Sometimes you may feel that your lips are cracked, but in fact they have suffered from sunburn. Many people do not understand this, but, like any other part of your body, lips, in fact, can get such a burn.

Symptoms of lips burnt in the sun:

- blisters on the skin.

* Always apply sunscreen when spending time in the sun.

Cracked lips

4. You are taking too much vitamin A.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin A is 900 micrograms (mcg) for adult men and 700 mcg for adult women.

According to experts, the consumption of too much vitamin A can lead to a number of health problems, including skin irritation.

Vitamin A is found in: green and yellow vegetables (carrots, sweet peppers, green onions), legumes, and in fruits such as peaches, apricots, apples, and sweet cherries.

5. You are allergic to some products.

Many people have sensitive lips, even if the skin on other parts of the body is not very susceptible.

If you are allergic to any ingredient in your lipstick, make-up product, toothpaste, or other skin care products, this can irritate your lips, causing them to crack.

Allergies to certain foods can also affect dry lips.

Why are lips cracking

6. You do not have enough vitamin B2.

Vitamin B2, known as riboflavin, can be found in foods such as milk, mushrooms, spinach, yogurt, and in some meats.

According to the University of Oregon, if you do not get enough riboflavin, it can lead to the formation of cracks or ulcers on the lips and in the corners of the mouth.

Prescription drugs that cause dry skin are diuretics, some drugs for cholesterol, and drugs for acne.

8. Your lips are irritated with citrus and cinnats.

Citrus acid can irritate mouth and lips. If your lips are already chapped or just dry, eating acidic fruits and vegetables can be painful.

Zinnamats (found in gum, candy, toothpaste) can also cause irritation and pain.

What to do if lips crack

Remedies for chapped lips

* The best way to treat chapped lips is to use enough liquid to prevent dehydration and the use of a lip balm balm.

* You can also use a humidifier at home and at work.

* If your lips really bother you, you should contact your doctor, who can more accurately tell about the reason for dry lips.

External causes of dry lips

Various factors can provoke skin cracking and soreness in the corners of the lips. Among them, an honorable place is given to the lack of water in the body. It is important to constantly follow the drinking regime in order to prevent this. Also, the condition of the skin is affected by addictions, lack of basic care and other reasons. Consider them.

  1. Dry air. Weather conditions are bad for the state of the lips. In the summer, the skin is subjected to a strong desiccation due to the constant presence of heat. In winter and autumn, your lips dry out because you simply do not leave the house or spend a lot of time in a stuffy room without a special moisturizer. Heating radiators contribute to the deterioration of humidity levels up to 20% instead of the 45% required for the full functioning of the body. To avoid unpleasant consequences, buy a humidifier or make it yourself.
  2. Windy weather. People who have bad habits like licking and biting their lips suffer the most. Such an addiction does not go anywhere when you are on the street. The wind envelops the delicate skin, as a result of which it becomes rough, begins to crack, it becomes thinner. You need to constantly use hygienic lipstick in the wind, which will protect against unpleasant consequences.
  3. Ultraviolet. This reason applies not only to beach lovers, but also to all those who prefer to visit the solarium year-round. Ultraviolet has the unpleasant ability to penetrate deep into the cells and destroy them. He also takes the precious moisture from the tissues, which leads to dehydration of the lips. They crack, dry, flake. Always, regardless of the weather, use hygienic lipstick with SPF filtration.

Vitamins of group B include pyridoxine, thiamine, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, choline, folic acid and others. Purchase the appropriate complex in a pharmacy and drink it. Such manipulations should be carried out once a year.

Ascorbic acid is needed for strong immunity and maintain the water balance of the skin. It is contained in almost all products, but is often destroyed by heat treatment. Take it as a habit to add citrus fruits to your diet, if you wish, buy ascorbic at a pharmacy and consume it periodically.

Vitamins E and A are responsible for the regeneration processes, as well as cleansing the skin from various harmful compounds that absorb moisture. These beauty vitamins should be ingested with food or in the form of vitamin complexes.

Internal causes of dry lips

Before you make a diagnosis, you need to pay attention to the general condition of the skin. Often the lips can dry due to serious diseases. Do not be discouraged ahead of time, it is strongly recommended to undergo a full examination and identify the causes.

  1. Allergic reaction. Because of such a trouble, there is often a problem. Allergies can occur after contact with any product. The cause of dry lips can be highly concentrated toothpaste, poor-quality cosmetics or food compositions. Such components can have a negative effect on the entire body. In this case, not only dry lips, but also problems with the skin of the face and body can begin. Try to identify the allergen.
  2. Diabetes. Do not exclude from the attention of such a serious illness. If you have not previously had a tendency to diabetes, it is time to get tested and make sure there is no disease. Often the course of the disease is accompanied by itching of the skin, severe dryness of the epidermis and the oral cavity. Frequent urination.
  3. Herpetic disease. The infection appears on the lips in the form of acne. Herpes is formed due to a cold disease and weak immunity. If the virus for any reason enters the blood, it will remain forever in humans. Herpes can be in a passive form and not manifest. Such an infection can be contained only by a strong immune system. Consult a specialist.
  4. Diseases of the digestive tract. Often, diseases of the gastrointestinal organs provoke various consequences. Dryness of the skin, in particular the lips, increases. Violated the activity of the pancreas. Also the cause of dry lips can be gastritis and gallstone disease.

general information

Most people know the inconvenience and discomfort brought by dry lips. Moreover, such a nuisance noticeably spoils the appearance of a person. In this regard, with a similar problem should certainly fight.

As a rule, lips dry and peel off, not only in adults, but also in children. It can happen at different times of the year, as well as in different weather. To get rid of the mentioned trouble, you should first determine its true cause of appearance. Consider the most likely of them in more detail.

Dry lips and peel off: reasons

There are many causes of dry and cracked lips. To determine why you are faced with this problem, tell about each of them right now. However, it should be noted that not always the cause of this trouble can be determined independently. In this case, we recommend that you contact your dermatologist.

Sharp temperature drops

In 90% of 100 the answer to the question of why the lips dry and peel off, are sharp temperature drops, as well as certain weather conditions. This fact is due to the fact that the skin on this part of the face is very thin and sensitive. Moreover, there are practically no sebaceous glands. That is why it is quite susceptible to external influences. As a rule, lips dry and peel off for those who like to stay long in the hot sun or lick them in the bitter cold.

Allergic reactions

Dryness and crackle of the lips is very often encountered by those who choose the wrong toothpaste for themselves. After all, these hygiene products contain in their composition potent active substances that harm the most delicate skin, causing its dryness and the subsequent appearance of cracks.

If the reason lies precisely in this, then it is rather difficult to guess about it without any help, since it will never occur to most people that toothpaste can cause this problem. By the way, most often the hygiene product causes cracks in the lips and their dryness in children than in adults.

Use lipstick

As a rule, lipstick contains a lot of harmful dyes, which greatly dry the skin of the lips. In most cases, women do not even realize that the cause of this problem is their cosmetic. This results in a vicious circle. Representatives of the fair sex with dry lips are trying with all their might to hide their flaw with the help of the same lipstick that causes dryness.

Other reasons

For some other reasons, the lips dry and peel off (photo of the problem is presented in this article)? Such a nuisance is most often faced by people with reduced immunity. To increase it, as well as restore the skin on the lips, it is recommended to take a complex of vitamins (A, E, C).

Also, the cause of the mentioned problem may be difficulty breathing through the nose due to regular rhinitis. With this disease, a person begins to breathe through his mouth, because of which his lips constantly dry and peel off.

Lips dry and peel off: what to do?

Above, we told you about why lips can flake and crack. If you encounter this problem, we recommend using the following tips for the treatment of damaged tissues:

  • Mask of sour cream. To prepare this tool, you need to combine a dessert spoonful of natural sour cream with a few drops of lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil. After mixing the products together, they are required to be applied to the lips and the skin around them. In this form it is recommended to stay at least half an hour. In the future, the mask can be washed off with plain warm water and smeared lips with hygienic lipstick.
  • Honey mask. If you want to quickly and easily restore the normal condition of the skin of your lips, then we recommend lubricating it with a small amount of natural honey and do not wash it off for half an hour. You can use this tool as much as you like. After all, it is completely harmless.
  • The use of oils. If you encounter such a problem regularly, especially in the winter, you should definitely buy special oils at the pharmacy, which quickly restore the damaged areas of the lips and prevent their further dryness. As a rule, for such purposes, use almond oil, grape seed oil, sea buckthorn and wheat. To increase the effect, before rubbing the lips, it is recommended to drop vitamin A or E into the remedy.
  • Baby cream. Daily lubrication of lips with this tool will allow you to forget what dryness and peeling of the skin are for a long time. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in the morning (one hour before going out) and in the evening, before going to bed.

What can not be done?

If your lips are peeling off regularly, then it is highly recommended not to peel off the exfoliated skin from them, and also to pour it regularly. In addition, you should forget about the use of any lipstick for a while (except for hygienic and balms). Also, to prevent peeling of the skin of the lips, it is required to remove all makeup from the face, if there is no need for it at this time.

Causes of the problem

  • There is a dependence of the state of your lips on the time of year. If in the summer dryness of the lips is observed, then this most likely indicates a lack of moisture in the body. Increasing the daily intake of water will probably solve this problem. In winter, lips, like other areas of the skin, are prone to bad weather - wind, snow, frost. Therefore, a thin layer of the upper epidermis of the lips should be covered with protective agents - hygienic lipstick, for example.
  • Dry lips may be an allergic reaction to some individual components of your toothpaste, incompatibility with the individual components. Therefore, if the first problem does not exactly apply to you, then you should change the toothpaste.
  • Smokers lips dry much more and more often than non-smokers. Inhalation of tobacco affects not only the general condition of your body as a whole, but also the epidermis separately.
  • Often, manufacturers of lipsticks, gloss and hygiene products for the lips add low-quality dyes, which can cause an allergic reaction. Women, not knowing this fact, paint their lips twice as often, trying to hide chapped lips, thereby aggravating their condition.
  • The condition of your lips depends on the food you eat. Such a dry effect can cause spices that are contained in it.
  • Chapped and dry lips can be a sign of a stressful state, during which a person involuntarily licks and bites his lips too often. This may be the reason why your lips dry the child, that’s why you should take a closer look at his behavior.
  • As you can see, there can be a lot of reasons, so you should carefully consider and determine exactly your case. If not one of the above items does not suit you, then it is possible that your body suffers from a lack of vitamin A, B, E. Usually, in this case, the doctor prescribes a vitamin complex that restores balance in the body.
  • Many women during pregnancy wonder why their lips dry and how long will it last? In the early stages of this interesting situation, women experience toxicosis and avitaminosis, even with a balanced diet. This is a consequence of the restructuring of the body and changes in hormonal levels during pregnancy. Again, a designated vitamin complex can help here, consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Solve the problem

It is necessary to identify the cause and fight it. Daily lip massages with finger pads, a towel, or a wet toothbrush can help. It takes only a couple of minutes, and the effect will not take long.

Lips love food. You can moisten the skin of the lips with the help of purchased hygiene products, but try to avoid the presence of dyes in them. The best remedy will be natural moisturizers - little sea buckthorn, petrolatum, grape seed oil, carrot juice, butter, vitamin A and E in oil form.

Changing lipstick, toothpaste, and nutrition can also help to combat the problem of dry lips.

Healthy food can be created using the secrets of traditional medicine. Such products have a softening and moisturizing property, your lips will thank you many times for 20 minutes spent.

Very important is the fact that with increased dryness there is a constant desire to lick them, thereby supposedly soften the skin. Here you have to control your actions, because it brings additional harm and interferes with treatment. Если губы сильно сохнут у ребенка, то ему придется объяснить этот факт и посматривать за ним, ведь зачастую это непроизвольная реакция нашего организма, которую сложно контролировать.

Питательные и действенные маски

Например, очень полезной является сметанная маска для кожи губ. В паре столовых ложек сметаны развести ложечку лимонного сока. Туда же можно добавить пару капель любого растительного масла. Побаловать свои губы можно на протяжении 15-20 минут.

Also very good fruit care. To do this, for example, grate half of the peeled apple on a grater. Mix the resulting slurry with vegetable oil (teaspoon) and apply the mixture on the lips, hold for 15-20 minutes, then wash them with warm water. In place of an apple, you can use cucumber, watermelon, apricot, banana and many other fruits.

Home-made balms also have a nourishing and healing properties. For example, a rose petal balsam - to grind fresh petals and mix with a tablespoon of lard. Infusion stored in the refrigerator and apply daily.

Be healthy and smile. After all, a smile is the most free and invaluable way to look beautiful.