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How to please the young man


How can a woman like a man so that he completely loses his mind and think only about you? It’s enough to be a real woman and know some little tricks.

Probably, every woman had such a situation: she is madly in love with a man, and for some reason he does not pay attention to her. This, of course, begins to upset us, strain and even annoy. In the end, we spend sad evenings, suffering for the most wonderful guy in the world. It's time to stop this! For happiness you need to fight, and if you, by all means, want to start a relationship with this man - proceed to action.

Even for the most desperate feminine, it is important to realize the fact that she likes her guys. It always improves mood and self-esteem. We always like to get what we want, whether it is a handbag or a married man. You can conquer and conquer anyone.

Any member of the weaker sex should have the knowledge to conquer the heart, both of a young man and older. Knowing the minimum information about the art of conquering the male body and mind, you will have strong trumps in your hands. Thanks to which you can not only improve your personal and intimate life, but also to achieve the desired career heights.

Remember that, having conquered a man, you may encounter a number of nuances. For example, for you it was just fun, and he fell in love with you. Therefore, playing, do not forget to think about what awaits you after that.

How to attract attention?

1. Objectively evaluate the guy and yourself. This is a very important stage. From how you understand it, will depend on the manner of your behavior. For example: if the guy is active, turned on modern gadgets, you should not play an ornate lady in front of him, this is unlikely to work. But, at the same time, the calm homebody does not like the avid visitor of nightclubs. Having an idea of ​​what exactly might be of interest to a man, choose the most appropriate manner of behavior.

2. Mini-skirt and stilettos. Male sex loves eyes, they all, without exception, adore girls in beautiful and frank dresses. Especially, they are delighted if a woman is wearing a short skirt, but does not look like a call girl. Dress, emphasizing the dignity of the figure - the best choice if you want to get someone's attention.

3. Learn to talk to him. Beautiful appearance is not enough, men are not interested in communicating with a girl who cannot connect two words. Be interested in the life of a man who you like, ask questions. Just do not turn the conversation into questioning. Let the man know that he is interesting to you.

4. Find what brings you together. It can be a love of football, theater or horse riding. This is an excellent reason for long conversations. Guys get excited when girls share their hobbies.

5. Be successful and self-sufficient. To please a man, you need to show that you are a person, you know your own worth and can stand up for yourself!

6. Be different. Even if you like a man very much, you should not look at him with devoted eyes every time. At first it will flatter him, and then begin to strain. Be friendly with him today, and tomorrow say hello and pass by. This will make him pay attention to you.

7. Sea of ​​positive. With a cheerful, kind girl it is not possible not to talk. So think about whether you can please the guy, if you constantly walk with a sour face and blame everyone around for their troubles. Of course not. Any man wants to quickly run away from you. So learn to be positive.

8. Do not disappear for a long time from his field of view. Constantly looming in front of him is also not worth it, but at least a couple of times a day you can “accidentally” collide in the corridor. Do not give a man the opportunity to forget about you. And regular meetings will help a man get used to you.

9. Do not make him tantrums and scandals. A man may not specifically become a witness to your nervous breakdown, after that he is unlikely to want to have something with you.

10. Make friends with his friends. For men, the opinion of his friends and acquaintances is of great importance. So try to make them respond well to you.

11. The best way to show a man that you like him is to flirt. Make it beautiful, do not turn into a vulgar person, and the man will be at your feet.

12. Try to meet a man in an informal setting. A work colleague is not always able to hint about his feelings in the office (after all, other employees may be distracting). But a corporate party or a business trip gives more chances. Take advantage of the situation.

Now you know how to conquer a man so that he wants to meet with you. Just be honest with yourself. Even if you have been seeking the attention of a man for a very long time, but having learned him closer, you understand that he does not suit you - retreat. Next to you should be only the most worthy!

How to please a man

If men often wonder: how to behave with a girl - then girls, in turn, are puzzled over how to please a man. On the one hand, there is nothing supercomplex in this, and no special knowledge is needed for this, but on the other hand, some nuances of male psychology still need to be studied. Let's talk about how to please a man.

That men did not speak, and first of all they pay attention to appearance! Yes, perhaps in the future she will not play a decisive role, and the man will pay attention to the internal qualities of his chosen one, but he will make the first impression, focusing on his appearance. Well, it is difficult to convict men for this, because we all pay a lot of attention to appearance.

In order to please a young man, you absolutely do not need to put tons of cosmetics on your face, dab your hair with varnish, make unthinkable styling or build up your nails, most of all men appreciate naturalness. This does not mean that you do not need to take care of yourself, you just have to focus not on decorative cosmetics, but on cosmetics for personal care: masks for body, hair, balms, firming varnishes and other cosmetics emphasizing feminine beauty. Do not abuse the perfume, we have already written that the smell of clean body is the most attractive for a partner.

In addition, you should not torture yourself with diets and starvation: excessive thinness also does not really like men. Of course, overweight will not make them happy, but remember that everything is good in moderation. In any case, no matter what parameters you have, do not forget about sports, no one talks about world records, but at least elementary exercises in the form of daily exercises must be performed, they will make your body and skin more toned and attractive, but is it may not like? And the man will appreciate it, and the woman will feel more confident.

In clothes aim for femininity, wear dresses, skirts, it is not necessary to buy something very expensive from the latest fashion collections, the main thing is that the outfit fits you. On the one hand, it should not be too voluminous, you should not drown in it, on the other - through utter frank or even more vulgar. Aim for simplicity, let the cut of clothes be simple, but suitable for you. For example, a sheath dress is a win-win option for almost all women, other women's dresses can be read here.

Of course, do not forget that any clothing should be appropriate, if you go for a walk, then there is nothing to worry about wearing regular jeans. Another thing is the restaurant, here you can not do without an evening dress.

Confidence, which we have just mentioned, it is this quality that men value. Of course, in order to please the young man, it is not necessary to show all the strength and power of his character. Confidence manifests itself in the absence of tightness, excessive constraint. Of course, some timidity in the girl - a natural phenomenon, but this timidity should not interfere with the manifestation of individuality.

By the way, exactly individuality most men appreciate very highly. It is pleasant for men when there is a person next to them who is different from the rest, a person who has his own view of things, his own opinion, who does not seek to imitate fashion trends and time blindly.

In addition, numerous sociological polls confirm again and again that men do not cease to appreciate in women, I apologize for the tautology, femininity and other related qualities: softness, tenderness, attentiveness, care. These qualities are manifested both in communication: gratitude for help, interest in a man’s life, a desire to support him, and in behavior: cute laughter, smile, smooth, measured movements, lack of fussiness. What do not say, but most people throughout their lives remain children, and therefore they want to be cared for, cared for, protected. Men, like girls, want to see a man next to them reliableOf course, if we are talking about a serious relationship, a person to whom they are not indifferent.

Already a few words have been said about expressing gratitude, I would like to focus on this. Is always thank a man for what he takes care of you, gives flowers, gifts, or, the most valuable thing, does things for you. It is rather difficult for some people to show sympathy if a person sees that for his efforts he does not receive any reward, even elementary thanks, the next time he simply does not want to do anything. You can not accept expensive gifts, especially at the very beginning of the relationship, this is the right step, but then you just have to explain your position to the man, say that you are pleased, but at this stage of the relationship you do not consider it acceptable.

Continuing the thought, it is impossible not to focus on straightness. Men do not like excessive amounts of riddles, do not talk to them half-heartedly and hints, always speak openly, if something does not suit you or you want something - say it directly, be silent, sulk or take offense there is no sense. Strive to build an open dialogue.

We single out the mind to a separate point for the reason that the last polls have shown: it is the mind that domestic men value most in women. It is difficult to say how sincere the answers of the respondents were, but one thing is clear: no man wants to see a stupid woman next to him. In order to please the young man, you do not need to be a doctor of science, enough curiosity and a broad outlook, men like when you can talk about something with a girl. In addition, do not forget the wisdom of life, yet any woman should be a little tricky.

It turned out that finding the answer to the question: how to please a man is not so difficult. Of course, in order to please the young man you need to pay attention to your appearance and your behavior. Do not get tired of repeating: be natural and do not go too far. Flirt a little, smile, communicate with ease, dress so that you feel comfortable and at the same time so that your virtues are emphasized, wear dresses, be soft, attentive, sociable and then the person will surely reach out to you.

Danchishina Tatyana, 01.22.2014
Date Updated: 10/24/2014
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How to please a man
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The basic rules of flirting or seduction allowance

The basic rules of flirting or seduction allowance

Not every lady is given the ability to flirt. And few know how to do it right. Flirting can be called a special art, in which theoretical knowledge is not enough. There are also need special women's "things".

It is not surprising that flirting is the most common language of relationships between women and men. Yes, there are women to whom it is given by nature. But a lot of girls need lessons so they know how to flirt with a guy. Flirt is a game of words and gestures.

Words can have a clear and hidden meaning. And the gesture is sometimes more eloquent than any word. Probably, every girl would like to always produce only a pleasant impression, to be the center of attention in different companies. To achieve this result, you should know how to properly present themselves.

Flirting is verbal and non-verbal actions that a person performs to express interest in whom he sympathizes with. And flirting is a safe, fun and natural occupation. Knowing some rules, you can make acquaintance with someone with whom you didn’t have the courage to speak. Through flirting, you bring romance into the conversation, increase the self-esteem of your interlocutor. Flirting, you feel more confident, you become more energetic.

It is this foundation that is necessary for the emergence of deeper feelings. What causes flirting? So you can find friendship, start a romance, come to marriage. Communication through flirting is filled with magic.

What often stops us when meeting with the person you like

Everyone at least once in their life faced this when they wanted to get acquainted with a man for whom they felt sympathy. Feeling very anxious or restless, unpleasant physical sensations: dry mouth, moist palms, rumbling in the abdomen. Looking at the boy she liked, the girl scrolls such questions in her head a hundred times:

  • Do I need to approach him?
  • What to say? What is better to keep silent?
  • Is it necessary to look in the eyes of the interlocutor?
  • How to behave if he does not want to communicate with me?
  • What if he stops me like?
  • What if I don’t like this guy?

Fears weary very much. Moreover, often because of fear, a person does not carry out those actions that could lead him to his intended goal. Do not forget: each of us have some fears. But only because of this, do not give up on achieving your goals! Therefore, how to flirt with a guy, we'll figure it out.

The main rules of flirting:

There are certain signs by which you can understand that a young man is flirting with you:

  • he is showing attention. Care, reverent attitude, jokes and subring. Everyone has their own weapons. Anyway, he feels at least sympathy for you,
  • the young man is open to talking with you
  • the man says that he is truly precious and valuable to him,
  • the guy is interested in you, your opinion, events in life,
  • he is ready to help, wants to become indispensable to you,
  • a man brags, wants to look the very best in your eyes,
  • he is attentive to every event in your life, remembers dates, details of your stories,
  • if, in addition to beautiful words, a man does important actions directed at you, then you are definitely not indifferent to him.

In order to earn the sympathy of a man in your address, you should not immediately flaunt after acquaintance that you are a strong and intelligent person. Not every guy can attract it. However, stupidity and frivolity is also not something that may please. So do not pretend to be such.

We have already figured out how to flirt. The main thing is to be yourself. But we must not forget about the softness, femininity. When a man feels the defenselessness of a woman, a natural instinct to protect his lady awakens in him. And in this case you should not indulge in any special tricks.

Remember, whatever course of conduct you choose, everything must be natural and natural. Let there be such a thing as a woman’s trick, but sincerity is necessary to please the young man, to make an indelible impression on him. Nothing will arrange it to you like your naturalness, wisdom, openness. After all, you see, if a person behaves unnaturally, puts on masks, sooner or later it will somehow manifest itself and become obvious to other people. Therefore, in order not to disappoint the interlocutor and not to be disappointed herself, it is so important to be sincere and natural.