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How to choose whom to invite to your wedding?


If you don’t have enough time to watch the full-fledged “long-playing” series, you can watch a mini-series. But first, find out which ones are the most interesting.

Top 10 best mini-series:

  1. "Lost Room" - a mystical and fantastic mini-series, after which many will begin to believe that there is something beyond the control of people. In the center of the plot is a mysterious and mysterious Lost Room, which was once the most usual hotel room, but suddenly became a kind of portal in which things acquire amazing properties, and people get the opportunity to move in time and space. The key to this unique room is in the hands of Detective Joe Miller. But suddenly his daughter disappears, and he himself is forced to fend off the hunters for certain objects that possess force.
  2. "Pacific Ocean". This series is based on the real stories of the marines of Robert Lecky and Eugene Sledge, who fought in the Pacific during World War II. The creators of the series managed not only to identify all the key moments of military operations from the point of view of the participants in the battles, but also to describe their inner world and thoughts, experiences, the struggle of principles and much more. In addition, it tells about the life of soldiers before the war and after it. The audience will definitely be worried about the main characters, as for their loved ones and relatives.
  3. "Pillars of the earth" - This is a grand adaptation of the work of Ken Follett of the same name, which tells about the events unfolding in England in the distant XII century. While Tom the Builder and his assistants, the monks, have erected the tallest cathedral for forty years, troubles, sorrows and political feuds are raining down on the island. The heir to King Heinrich I dies during a shipwreck, and he himself is poisoned. But the king has a daughter who decides to make a real palace coup, of course, not without the help of the aristocracy.
  4. Wild Palm - dystopian futuristic series, created in 1993 and telling about the events of the near future, and now this (2007). A successful lawyer, Harry Wikkoff, his wife and two wonderful children live in a prestigious area of ​​Los Angeles. In addition, Harry recently got a job in a huge broadcasting corporation "Wild Palm", against which not so long ago appeared in court. The owner of the company, Senator Kreuzer, plans to create a new three-dimensional television and hold it in every house. The “Virtual Reality” technology should turn an ordinary image into holographic projections. Harry begins to study the affairs of the corporation and understands that “Virtual reality” is not ordinary television at all, but a way to influence the psyche of people. Wikoff turns out to be involved in other people's games and can no longer understand what is really happening and what is only the fruit of his fantasies.
  5. "Black mirror" - a fantastic series, episodes of which are completely unrelated to each other. And the series combines, according to scriptwriter Charlie Brooker, only a satirical and sarcastic view of modern society and what is happening in the modern world. Technology has changed life beyond recognition, and people did not have time to understand how this happened. Each house has several devices, the screens of which the author called black mirrors. They completely change attitudes, lifestyles, psyche and consciousness. Search engines make decisions, and devices know more about people than their parents or even themselves. In the minds there is only a place for messages from social networks, and it starts to disturb everyone.
  6. "Lake Top" - quite complex, but very peculiar and interesting series, which tells about the relationship of generations, about the differences, as well as about the psychological trauma of children caused by their own parents. All this is described against the background of the nature of New Zealand, which in the light of the events in question was not as colorful and fascinating as it was described in fairy tales and books. All these landscapes here are regarded as sad and boring scenery that helps the main characters find refuge, salvation, problem solving, consolation or their last journey. For example, the pregnant 12-year-old daughter of local drug lord Matt Mitchum runs away from home. A woman-detective is taken on the search for the girl, and she herself spent her childhood in these gloomy places and knows firsthand how difficult local traditions and customs are.
  7. "Clan Kennedy" - Canadian-American modern version of the history of one of the most famous and changed the history of the US family - Kennedy. For 64 years, representatives of this dynasty held at least one seat in the White House, the Senate or Congress. And some even managed to change something. And there are those who literally changed the course of history. The series tells about all the events and difficulties that representatives of the legendary Kennedy family faced in the 20th century.
  8. Carlos - This is a series that tells the story of the legendary terrorist of 70-80 years of the last century, Ilyich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as Carlos. And everything begins with the fact that Ramirez, who dreams of a rebirth of the oppressed third world countries, joins the Palestinian faction, which is leading the underground struggle against the Israeli political regime. Further events unfold at a rapid pace. But since the details of most of the terrorist’s life are unknown, the story can be considered partially fictional.
  9. "Itself" - a very unusual, but very interesting television series about zombies. But the plot is not easy, since they do not fight with zombies. They are treated, and very successfully. Four years after the epidemic, which turned most of humanity into the walking dead, the government decided not only to leave the sick alive, but also to heal them and even once again allow them to exist in society. Among the survivors was a teenager Kieren Walker. He decided to return home to a small town located in Lancashire, but this is not so easy. And although the guy successfully masks, using lenses and cosmetics, it’s impossible to change the inner world. His relatives were hostile to him, but he himself can’t get rid of the past, which does not leave him and constantly reminds of himself with terrible visions and hallucinations.
  10. "Notes of the young doctor". Surprisingly, this mini-series was filmed on the cycle of Mikhail Bulgakov’s stories of the same name. In the story, a young doctor, Vladimir Bomgard, played by Daniel Radcliffe, arrives in a small deaf Russian village on the eve of the October Revolution. He had just graduated from the institute, so he had not yet had time to know all the subtleties and difficulties of his profession. A young midwife Pelagia, a cheerful paramedic Lukic and a strict nurse Anna are calling to help him. But even such help does not save the doctor from the horrors of medical practice. He has to amputate the leg of a girl who has fallen under her kneading, to remove the baby’s eye tumor (later it turned out to be an abscess), to perform a tracheotomy while simultaneously studying a textbook, and to take difficult labor with a transverse fetus.

Be sure to take the time to watch these TV shows and share your impressions about them!

What is guided by making the guest list?

So, what should be considered when making a guest list?

  • The scale of the celebration. If only the official part is planned, that is, registration, then only the closest ones should be invited to it. If you want to arrange a grand celebration, then you can allow yourself to "roam" by calling those you would like to see.
  • Wedding budget. Unfortunately, this factor is very important, so if “finances sing romances”, then the guest list will have to be significantly reduced.
  • Relationships and guest relationships. Yes, and they also should be considered. For example, if you know that some of your relatives are very hostile with others, then you should either call only one side that you think is closer, or do not call anyone. This may seem like a tough measure, but it will allow you to avoid fights and disagreements, which, by the way, can ruin the mood for both other guests and newlyweds.
  • Personal preferences. To invite to a wedding is only that whom you want to see, because this holiday is organized in your honor.
  • The preferences of the groom, too, certainly need to be considered, because he is no less important a hero of the occasion.

Who to invite?

So who should be invited?

  • Parents. They, undoubtedly, should attend the wedding, as they are the closest people to the newlyweds.
  • Godparents. They are second parents, so they must also attend the wedding.
  • Relatives, both from the groom and the bride. But it is worth inviting only close relatives who you know well and with whom you are in close contact.
  • Parents friends. This item is quite controversial. Yes, parents will surely want to see their close friends, because they really want to share such joy as the wedding of a beloved child. And if you know these people well, then why not call them? Agree with parents. If you have seen such friends only once or twice, then it is better not to invite them.
  • Colleagues, classmates. It’s not at all necessary to call them, but if among them there are those whom you want to see, then boldly include them in the list.

Who not to invite?

Who is the name of the wedding is not worth it?

  • Distant relatives with whom you do not communicate and which are practically not seen in the conscious age. It is just no good.
  • New or so-called "cap" friends who you know not so well. Firstly, for you they are not close, and secondly, they will definitely not be offended if they are not on the list of invitees. And, thirdly, you cannot be confident in them and guarantee that they will not arrange a riot or scuffle at the celebration.
  • Former beloved. Even if you managed to maintain good relations with them, it is unlikely that your second half will be pleased to see those with whom you were close.
  • You should not call to the wedding and those whom you simply do not want to see at this event. Even if the reasons for such reluctance seem stupid, the newlyweds should feel comfortable at such an important celebration.

How to invite?

How to invite to the wedding? The best option is invitations. First, they will be a symbol of respect, reverence and sincere intentions, as they contain names. Secondly, because of their forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, guests will not have to specify the place and time of the event several times, because all the important data will be indicated in the invitation. And, thirdly, using invitations, you can always know who you have already called, and who you haven't.

In invitations, be sure to include the full names of the guests and refer to them with the word "Dear (s)". Do not forget to indicate the occasion of the celebration, the place where it will take place, as well as the date.

If there are any additional wishes or requirements (for example, in the case of a themed wedding, all those present should be dressed appropriately), then note this. It is best to order invitations from a company specializing in this company and hand them personally into the hands (they may simply not be reached by mail).

If there is no opportunity to order and deliver personally the invitation due to lack of money or time, then you can simply call everyone. But then be prepared for the fact that guests can specify the date and address.

Useful tips

  1. Do not send invitations until the list is finally approved.
  2. Be sure to consult your future husband, because the wedding is a celebration, the main culprits of which are just newlyweds. And if the bridegroom, for example, does not want to see your girlfriend, then you will have to take his opinion into account, explaining with your girlfriend (if she is real, she will understand and accept everything). And yet if the reluctance to see someone has no reason and is a whim, defend your point of view and try to explain that the person you are planning to invite is very dear to you, and without it the triumph will not bring joy.
  3. You should not tell about your wedding to everyone, so as not to put yourself in an awkward position in front of those whom you do not plan to invite to the event.
  4. If parents are trying to put pressure on you and literally force you to invite guests whom you didn’t plan to call and, in general, don’t want to see at the celebration, then explain this directly, but rather gently. For example, focus on the fact that a wedding is a holiday for newlyweds, not parents and not guests at all.
  5. If parents really want to invite someone, and the newlyweds, in principle, do not mind, but everything depends only on money, then just say so. Probably, Dad and Mom will offer to pay for additional seats.
  6. It is worth remembering that the number of guests on both sides should be about the same, this will avoid insults and misunderstanding. But there are some exceptions. For example, the condition may not be met if the bride or the groom is an orphan, or someone from the newlyweds came from another city, in which most of his relatives, friends and relatives are left.
  7. No need to invite only out of a sense of politeness. First, it can bring discomfort to the newlyweds (if they do not know the guest or do not really want to see). Secondly, the guest himself may feel "at ease".
  8. About a week before the celebration, call all those invited to clarify whether everyone will be able to come, and if necessary, make adjustments to the list.

Now you can safely proceed to the compilation of the list.

1. You will become happier

If you want to be happy, then be it.
Lev Tolstoy

The happiest years of my life, including today, are the result of doing things that I wanted to do. Do what you believe in. And in addition to this - be honest with yourself.

If you do things that bring happiness to others, but do not make you happy - you just call on stress. You must put your happiness first.

2. You will attract the right friends

If you go through life, you feel like a fraud, a deceiver and live in a lie, your friends will be a direct reflection of this. As they say, tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. This statement is quite a lot of truth.

If you want to have honest friends who are not afraid of reality, you may need to first work on yourself. And only after that, you will be able to attract into your life the friends you need so much.

If you are already honest with yourself, but your friends represent the exact opposite, you may need to meet new people.

3. You do not have to prove anything.

If you want to prove your honesty to someone, consider that you have already lost this battle. When you want to prove something, it means that you are not able to do it.

When you know who you are and what you want to stand for, trying to impress others - it doesn't matter at all. Leave proof to those who really need it.

4. No one can show you anything.

If you know that you are telling the truth and nothing but the truth, no one can put forth anything positive against you. It's impossible. People will be able to use something against you if you give them a reason, or if they find evidence.

Be yourself, it’s quite real, tell the truth, then no one can bring anything against you.

5. Your confidence will show

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without faith and confidence.
Helen Keller

When you love yourself and you have no problems with who you are, confidence will definitely show itself. Confidence manifests itself when you are satisfied with yourself, your character, and stop feeling unworthy.

One who loves himself day by day has an unlimited level of self-confidence. And with this you attract people, no matter what you do, even if you cut the cake!

6. You can inspire others

Millions of people in this world do not have self-confidence. There are countless people who are afraid to be confident, to be themselves and to open up to others.

I know this from personal experience, because I was one of them. Just be yourself and inspire others with your example. After all, you can inspire these hundreds of people who need it.

You can change someone’s life just by showing them that it’s okay to be honest and follow your heart. You can inspire them and thus call for action and, perhaps, radically change their lives forever. So be a source of inspiration!

7. You will receive a high level of respect.

All people admire someone, even celebrities, musicians, businessmen and professional athletes. We admire other people because they are courageous, self-confident and honest with themselves. In addition, they have a strong spirit.

You don’t even have to say that they do what they love, what they believe in, NO ONE and NOTHING will stop them.

You do not need to be someone to be respected, on the contrary. Будьте собой, уверенными в себе и посмотрите, как другие с теплом и уважением будут относиться к тому, кто вы есть.

8. Вы будете принимать лучшие решения

Когда вы ставите себя на первое место, вы будете принимать лучшие решения, когда наступит время. Если вы постоянно пытаетесь подражать кому-нибудь, ваши решения будут основаны на том, чтобы сделал человек, которому вы подражаете. Your decisions should be based on your desires, not on what you are not.

When you are honest with yourself, you respect yourself, and your decisions will make a lot more sense. Because they will be based on how you feel deep down.

9. You will no longer feel like a crook.

No one likes to feel like a cheat. No one likes to feel like a fraud. And no one likes to feel like someone else's copy. No one should feel like any of the above.

When you cheat, you are dealing with people who can give you. And let's be honest, no one is going to take you seriously if you try to imitate Nicki Minaj or someone else.

So quit trying to imitate others and be yourself. Of course, if it gives you pleasure to deceive yourself ... then go ahead =)

10. People will trust you more.

Who would you trust? Someone who is frank with you, speaks like it is and straightforward, or someone who cannot say a few words without lying?

Honesty requires a long journey. Not many honest people are found in our society. And when you're straightforward, fewer people will want to use you.

But back to the point, if you expect confidence, start being honest. It's simple!

10 Marina Vasilyeva

Marina Vasilyeva was born on August 2, 1993 in the city of Pskov. In 2014, the girl began her acting career. The most famous film with the participation of Marina was the drama “Dislike”, which was filmed in 2017. With this film, the actress debuted at the Cannes Film Festival. Her way of life is quite rich, but among the many rehearsals she finds time for a weekend trip to her relatives. So Marina has the ability to combine career and family.

9 Alena Kovaleva

Alena Kovaleva is a nineteen year old ballerina born in St. Petersburg. In 2016 she graduated with honors from the Academy of Russian Ballet. A. Ya. Vaganova. After that, the girl was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi Theater. She began her career immediately with notable roles, not participating in the corps de ballet. Tall, slim, beautiful and graceful - already one appearance makes Alain an enviable bride. But besides this, she has a talent and dedication, which allowed the ballerina to succeed.

8 Tatyana Peniker

Tatiana Peniker is a young and talented artist. She creates unusual watercolors. The first achievements took place at a young age. Another schoolgirl Tatiana received a solo exhibition at Winzavod. Already when the artist was eighteen years old, the number of her exhibitions was impressive. So Tatiana is not only talented, but also purposeful. Now the artist's paintings are sold at auction Vladey.

7 Uliana Sergeenko

The owner of an attractive appearance, wealth and talent - Uliana Sergeenko - was born on August 30, 1979 in Ust-Kamenogorsk, in Kazakhstan. Since childhood, she was fond of fashion. Later, Ulyana began collecting vintage and vintage outfits and accessories. And then she decided to become a fashion designer. Ulyana built a fairly successful career. In 2008 she married, but in 2013 the marriage ended in divorce.

6 Katia Clap

Katya Klap (real name - Ekaterina Trofimova) is a well-known video blogger. She was born on May 19, 1993. Starting to shoot a video in 2009, she chose topics such as conversational videos, musical parodies, sketches and more. In the spring of 2018, its main channel, TheKateClapp, gained over 6.1 million subscribers. Among the advantages of the girl - an attractive appearance, charm and cheerful character.

5 Svetlana Khodchenkova

Svetlana Khodchenkova was born on January 21, 1983 in Moscow. At 16, she tried to start a career as a model, but then decided to devote herself to acting. Svetlana's debut was the role in the movie "Bless the Woman", which was filmed in 2003. Thus began a rather successful career as an actress of theater, film and television. In 2005, Svetlana married, but in 2010 the marriage ended in divorce. In 2011, the actress began to meet with George Petrishin. In 2015, he made her an offer, but they soon broke up.

4 Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987 in the town of Nyagan, in the Tyumen Region. For the first time she took part in the competition in 2000. Now the girl is a tennis player with a lot of career achievements. Attractive appearance, determination, wealth - all this makes Maria an enviable bride.

3 Daria Selyanova

Daria Selyanova was born in St. Petersburg, studied in Moscow and worked in London. Daria is the daughter of film producer Sergey Selyanov. However, the girl decided to build her career not in the cinema, but in the fashion world. As a designer, she became the founder of the famous brand ZDDZ. Thanks to his talent and dedication, Daria boasts many career achievements.

2 Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk (real name - Irina Shaykhlislamova) was born on January 6, 1986 in the town of Yemanzhelinsk, in the Chelyabinsk region. When she was in college, she was offered a job at a modeling agency. So Irina began her career and became a supermodel. She also starred in movies.

1 Natalia Garth

Natalia Garth was born on June 16, 1983 in Saratov. He is the founder of the group of companies "GRM Group". Natalia - President of the Russian Luge Sports Federation. In addition, she holds the position of director of the Central House of Spiritual Heritage of the society "Knowledge". She is the founder of Natalia Gart clothing brand. In 2012, Natalia widowed.

Each of these girls is beautiful in her own way. Many men are fascinated by the appearance and talents of the above-mentioned singles. So, perhaps, sooner or later, these famous beauties will find their family happiness.

The benefits of a free life

So, the top 10 benefits of being a free woman:

  1. Freedom of choice and action. Many married women are deprived of the opportunity to do what they want without thinking about the consequences and opinions of their spouse. And if you are a “bachelorette”, then you will definitely not be limited, and in nothing. You will be able to communicate and meet with someone you want, and at the same time no one will tell you that “this girlfriend is too bad for you” or “a former classmate has some mercenary intentions.” You will be able to spend your money as you see fit, and even after you bought the second pair of expensive shoes, no one will reproach you. And you can also give as much time as you like to your favorite activity, even if it seems strange to others, boring or unacceptable.
  2. No need to change habits and lifestyle. Undoubtedly, after marriage, you will have to change some of your habits and even life principles. For example, if you really love fish, but your spouse does not tolerate it, then you have to cook and even try other dishes. If you are a real owl, that is, you go to bed in the morning and wake up only by noon, and your husband is a lark, then you will have to change the mode a bit, how difficult it would not be. And being free, you can live the way you lived before.
  3. You can build a career without damage. Many women at some point have a choice: children and family or career. Choosing the first option, for some time you will have to forget about work and core activities and, therefore, lose some professional skills. Yes, some do not stop working throughout pregnancy and even after childbirth, but not everyone has this opportunity. But being absolutely “idle”, you can wholly and completely surrender to a career and direct all your forces towards your career. By the way, according to statistics, it is women who are not burdened with relationships that often become successful businesswomen.
  4. More time for yourself. Yes, it is pleasant and even useful to be a free woman because all the time you can only devote yourself to your beloved. You will be able to go out with friends, go to the cinema, conduct beauty, relaxation and wellness procedures, read magazines and books, listen to your favorite music, go shopping, spend time in the garden or on the beach and do other pleasant things that most married women have just is not the time.
  5. You can not perform routine and hateful duties, such as washing and ironing ties, shirts and trousers, preparing several dishes two or three times a week (or even every day), collecting dirty socks around the house, and so on. You can cook something for yourself or go with a friend to a restaurant. A dress to iron is much easier. And nobody will reproach you for unwashed floors and dishes or for uncleaned things in the closet. You are a free woman who has the right to do whatever she wants and not to do what she does not like and does not know.
  6. It is also convenient and pleasant to be a “bachelor” because you can relax, not share personal space with anyone and feel like a full-fledged mistress. Feel free to wear your favorite stretched and faded T-shirt, put a thirty-ninth jar of cream or lotion on the shelf in the bathroom, sleep across the bed in a starfish, sing loudly in the shower, even if you have no voice and hearing, eat cookies in bed, laugh loudly with a grunt at the tenth viewing of your favorite, albeit slightly stupid, comedy, wipe away bitter tears during a “snotty” melodrama. In general, in your personal nest be a queen.
  7. You can choose any men, get a lot of attention and flirt without remorse. It is not a secret for anybody that for a woman male attention is the best elixir of youth and a pleasant addition to a free life. You can test your feminine charms and tricks in action at any time. If you are invited to a date, you will certainly go to it and get a lot of new pleasant impressions and emotions, and then share them with your friends. You can receive gifts from fans and not think about what someone thinks badly about you.
  8. If you believe the statistics, then often free ladies look much more fresh, attractive and young than their married peers. No wonder: they get enough sleep and do not spend time on household chores unloved by many, they have the opportunity to attend fitness clubs and beauty salons, they enjoy their favorite activities and, of course, “bachelorette” are bathed in the attention of the opposite sex, and this also helps fight extra pounds and wrinkles.
  9. A free life without commitment and with a lot of free time is the best time to learn new skills and knowledge, develop and improve oneself. Have you dreamed of getting a driver's license? Then sign up for a driving school! Do you dream to master the basics of sewing? It's time to start doing it! Have you dreamed of singing since childhood? Why not find a vocal teacher and start taking lessons from him? Want to get a new profession? Nobody and nothing will prevent you from enrolling in a higher education institution, attending lectures and preparing for exams.
  10. You absolutely do not know what experiences, quarrels and stresses, and also reproaches are. Family life is associated with a lot of reasons for disputes, misunderstandings and heated discussions. And if opinions do not agree, this can lead to a real scandal. And if you are an absolutely free and unburdened woman, you can say anything and express your pointlessly on any occasion. You will not be shown wrong, will not be reproached and will not try to put pressure on you. This means that the causes of stress will be much less.

Is it worth changing freedom to marital happiness?

Even among men, "avid" and "eternal" bachelors are getting smaller. And if we talk about women, then they need to take care of someone and devote themselves to someone laid literally at the genetic level.

So even a “bachelor” who is proud and enjoying her freedom can suddenly feel that she really wants to wait for her husband from work, prepare him breakfasts, lunches and dinners and wash socks and shirts. And this is absolutely normal. If such thoughts have started to visit you, then it is probably time to change the status of “free” to “married” or at least for the first time to “fall in love”.

If the dreams of a family evaporate because of the frightening thoughts that you have to change a lot, then let them not bother you.

  • First, some changes can be very positive, pleasant, and even beneficial. You will probably start doing more if you start to get up earlier. You might like to cook.
  • Secondly, as you know, the one who does not risk, does not drink champagne. And it is better to desire what I did, than about what I could not do. In other words, if you do not like being a married lady, you can change your status again at any time.
  • And, thirdly, you can meet such a person who will accept you for who you are.

Enjoy your freedom while you can!