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10 worst places with ghosts for risky tourists


Unknown secrets and riddles have long attracted the interest of people all over the world. Here and the abandoned, deserted cities, like ghosts, regularly beckon with their unforgettable atmosphere and desolation - only there you can plunge into a wonderful world full of secrets, mysteries and unfulfilled hopes.

The causes of such places are many: large-scale man-made disasters, and the sudden vagaries of nature, and in some cases - unexplained phenomena that led to the massive migration of people.

Anyway, each reader will certainly want to know what he is - the top 7 abandoned ghost towns of our planet, places that still continue to excite and excite the imagination of many people.

Abandoned and buried Kolmanskop

This city is located in southern Namibia, near a port called Luderitz. Back in 1908, one of the local railway employees of a local company discovered real diamonds in the sands. Thanks to this find, adventurers began to catch up to the area, catching the diamond rush - in the hope of making a fortune, thousands of people rushed to the future city.

Thanks to unfading enthusiasm, the city of Kolmanskop was built in record time: it only took a couple of years for residential buildings, a hospital and a school to appear in the middle of the desert. Surprisingly, the locals even built a casino!

However, the new city did not survive for long: because of the influence of World War I, the diamond value was extremely low, and the volume of mining of the cherished stones was constantly decreasing. Locals also complained about the constant lack of drinking water, and the unequal struggle with the sand dunes seemed obviously losing.

Intolerable living conditions forced the inhabitants to leave the city, which in time was buried under the sands. Only the tallest buildings remained - several residential buildings and a theater, which the residents of neighboring cities maintain in good condition, and even take excursions to Kolmanskop.

Pripyat - a sad reminder of the disaster

No less interesting ghost town is Pripyat - now abandoned locality, located in the north of Ukraine, known for its sad events in 1986. It was here that people lived who worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The explosion of its 4th power unit, which occurred on April 26, crossed out the existence of this city - soon people left their homes in a hurry, taking only the most necessary things. All property of residents, acquired over the years, remained in the exclusion zone.

Today Pripyat is a real ghost town, which is periodically visited by curious tourists, extreme lovers and just thrill-seekers. Excursions to the city still exist today, but those who wish can stay here for a relatively short time - just a few hours, because the high background radiation can adversely affect the health of tourists.

The frightening atmosphere of the abandoned city, objects reminiscent of the events of the ill-fated day - all this makes Pripyat one of the most visited abandoned cities in the world.

San Ji - the ghost of the future

Not far from the city of Taipei, which is located in Taiwan, there is a mysterious area, which was destined to become one of the most beautiful futuristic cities - San Ji. The idea of ​​developers was to attract wealthy people who would later inhabit the city to new homes.

The architecture itself was truly revolutionary: the round-shaped houses were equipped with wide panoramic windows, while the tenants could descend directly to the pool along special slides. However, these plans have not been implemented.

There are many legends about what actually prevented the settlement of the finished town, and one of them speaks of inexplicable and mysterious events occurring with a frightening frequency at the construction site - during the construction of the city there were many accidents that led to death workers. They say that the number of deaths is constantly growing, and once the tragic events began to occur almost every day.

Because of this, the news of the cursed city was spread like lightning, and San Ji's reputation was spoiled forever: neither grand advertising campaigns, nor discounts on housing could force people to move to a frightening place, and the city remained unpopulated. Residents of neighboring cities believe that this area is inhabited by the spirits of the dead.

The poisoned city of Wittenum

A small town among one of the Australian deserts was also inhabited by workers - miners. It soon became clear that people here are dying with a rapid frequency: as it turned out, the cause was toxic asbestos fumes escaping from the bowels of the earth. By 1960, not a single resident remained in the city, and a dense layer of asbestos was covered in the streets and houses.

Despite the danger of poisoning, excursions to Wittenum are constantly organized, but Australian authorities warn that such attacks can be fatal for tourists.

Today, the authorities intend to stop organizing such excursions in order to protect people. However, such statements only fuel interest in the ghost city of tourists from all over the world, and it still remains extremely popular.

Centrailia: a prototype of Silent Hill

This small town of miners with a population of 1,000 people seemed unremarkable until the flames raging beneath the city in abandoned mines forced the inhabitants to leave it.

It is still not known for certain why an underground fire arose, whether the arson was a result of malicious intent or negligence. But it was he who turned Centreilia into one of the most famous ghost cities on the planet.

All attempts to extinguish the flames for several decades proved unsuccessful, and by the beginning of the 2000s there were almost no residents in the town who were seriously afraid for their own health: constantly formed combustion products now and then got into the air through cracks formed in the ground .

Hashima - an abandoned island city

Earlier, Hashima was a successfully developing city located on an island in the East China Sea. Thanks to the coal field, the town became an industrial center, and its population was very dense. However, in the 70s of the last century, fossils began to catastrophically dry out, and people independently left the city in search of earnings.

Today Hashima is one of the most popular ghost towns with a sad history and gloomy look.

Territory of Discord - Famagusta

A ghost town in Cyprus called Famagusta is known for its conflict between Greece and Turkey: at one time these states could not divide the rights to the territory, which is why the city was abandoned. Today the town is surrounded by barbed wire, and serves as a kind of border between implacable enemies.

Due to the damaging effects of water and wind, the walls of the city are gradually destroyed, and they give it an even more abandoned and terrifying view. It is impossible to come to the territory of Famagusta, but this does not stop individual fans of extreme sports. Today, the town is inhabited only by the wind, and the trees sprouting through the walls of houses leave no hope for an early settlement.

1. Eastern State Prison

The high security prison in Philadelphia (PA) has long been an object for numerous paranormal studies. The building resembles a well-fortified fortress with towers and powerful gates, and as a prison it served for almost 140 years until the early 1970s. Today it is a state museum, and one of the most interesting places in the former prison is the solitary cell of Al Capone himself. Ill-treatment and torture led many prisoners to go crazy and die, so today visitors say that they hear ominous whispers, weeping and even dark silhouettes in the rooms.

2. Tower of London

In the Tower, so often and so many were executed that the manifestations of paranormal activity in its walls do not seem surprising at all. Most often, visitors and workers notice the appearance of the ghosts of Queen Anne Boleyn, the executed wife of King Henry VIII, the children's silhouettes of Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York, and the aged Countess of Salisbury, whom the executioner managed to behead only the third time.

3. Gettysburg

Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) - one of the most visited historical sites in the United States. This is the place of the bloody three-day battle (1863) during the civil war that killed about 50 thousand people. It is believed that the battlefield and several nearby buildings, then used as temporary hospitals for the wounded, forever remained an eternal refuge for the souls of many soldiers, whose ghosts are often observed by tourists coming to this region.

4. Per-Lachaise

The atmosphere of the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris is unique and inimitable, its territory is not similar to any earthly cemetery, but rather to some special city of the dead. Ancient tombstones, statues and absolute silence of Pere Lachaise make visitors feel as if they are constantly watched by someone's invisible eyes.

5. Bran Castle

Bran Castle in Transylvania is a real tourist attraction. No wonder, because the people still call him as the castle of Dracula. There are no historical records confirming that Vlad Tepes was his master, but for several months he was kept in this castle as a prisoner. However, imagination is a powerful thing, and Bran Castle has forever become the terrible fortress of Dracula itself.

6. Liner "Queen Mary"

The transatlantic military transport liner Queen Mary is also inhabited by ghosts, according to numerous eyewitnesses. Today he stands on eternal joke in the port of Long Beach (California) and performs a lot of functions: a museum, a restaurant, a hotel, and a room for presentations, exhibitions and conventions. On board there is even a church and a chapel for wedding ceremonies. Among the paranormal activity can be noted the appearance of a young man who was crushed by the door number 13 in the engine room, the sounds of splashing water from an empty pool and traces of wet feet and
dancing lady in white in the first class hall.

7. Prison Mansfield

If you go to the former prison and the penal colony of Mansfield (Ohio), most likely you will be very uncomfortable there. In the prison infirmary many horrible and mysterious deaths were recorded.

A torture chamber was once located in the chapel, and the so-called “Hole” was a terrifying punishment cell. Incidentally, it was Mansfield prison that “played the role” of the Shawshank prison in the movie “Shawshank Escape”.

8. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is a very attractive place for tourists, which, of course, is not deprived of its own ghosts, namely Greyfriars Bobby's dog, guarding the grave of his deceased owner, and the mysterious man in a leather apron. In addition, the sound of bagpipes can be heard here, because once in the tunnels under the castle the local piper was lost forever, and visitors also note the constant feeling that they are being watched by the invisible inhabitants of the castle.

9. Parisian catacombs

They say that the Parisian catacombs are just overpopulated with ghosts. And this is quite understandable. The catacombs serve as underground burial chambers for a huge number of bones taken out from overcrowded city cemeteries.

From the remains was composed an amazing, but rather sinister ossuary (bone) in the form of crosses and imitation walls.

10. St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis Cemetery in the city of New Orleans (Louisiana) looks like the real scenery for some Hollywood horror movie. Visitors are also attracted by the tomb of a local voodoo queen named Mari Laveau, who passed away in the late 19th century.

It is believed that even from underground she continues to fulfill the wishes of those who come to her here for help - most importantly, do not forget to draw three crosses on the wall of her crypt.

Why did people leave residential areas?

Can you imagine what a dead city is? Empty streets, abandoned houses, depressing atmosphere. Why it happens? Why at some moment people suddenly leave their beloved home, their usual way of life and leave for another locality? tochka.net will talk about 7 ghost towns in which children once boomed, children grew up and laughed, and now it's empty and scary.

Jiulong was once a densely populated city in which lawlessness reigned. In the last year of the city, 603 people lived in it on 450 square meters. The city was founded as a military outpost, but after being captured by Japanese invaders during the Second World War, by 1948 Jiulong became a haven for 2,000 immigrants. Without the influence of the government and the existence of local laws that would regulate life in the city, he quickly became a criminal center. Now if people live in the city, there are very few of them.

  1. Turmond, West Virginia, United States

In the late 1800s, Turmond was a thriving coal mining city with a population of several hundred. By 2010, there are only five left. The cause of the death of the city was the appearance of a diesel engine. When trains switched from coal to more convenient diesel fuel, Thurmond lost its main customer, because the trains had previously stopped at Thurmond Station to replenish coal supplies. In 1958, the last locomotive drove here.

  1. Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, Italy

The picturesque Tuscan village of Castelnuovo de Sabbioni was emptied in the 1970s, presumably due to the erosion caused by the coal mines. But even earlier, the Nazis staged a funeral pyre from furniture and local residents. 78 people died in the flames. On the walls of many houses there are still incomprehensible pictures: pentagrams, fish and other mysterious drawings. No one has guessed the value to this day.

  1. Glenrio, Texas, United States

This city, located on the border with New Mexico, was once a thriving city with gas stations, restaurants and motels for tired travelers. But in 1973, life in the city suddenly stopped when a part of the road (Route 66) was moved around Glenrio. Rumor has it that there are still a few residents left. A description of the city can be found in Steinbeck’s novel The Bunches of Wrath.

  1. Spinalonga or Calydon, Greece

This island city has experienced many rebirths, but the last thing known is a colony for lepers. Beginning in 1903, lepers were sent to a walled city, where they were given food, water, and medical care. In 1957, a medicine for leprosy was discovered and the people who had healed left the city. Now it is a popular tourist attraction.

  1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Built in the 1970s for the employees of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the city of Pripyat, by 1986, numbered 50,000 inhabitants. When the accident occurred at the power plant, the city quickly became empty. People left here all their belongings, because of what the city looks frozen in time. The main attraction is an abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, in which stands a still Ferris wheel. This wheel has become a symbol of the post-apocalyptic world.

Picer was a city with a fast-growing zinc and lead industry. There lived 25 thousand inhabitants. But in the early 1980s, the Environmental Protection Agency discovered that the ground was excessively polluted, and living here became very dangerous. The mountains of mining wastes exuded poisonous lead, poisoning the blood of local residents. In the blood of children living in the city, lead levels were elevated, due to which they had developmental delays. In addition, the population of the city was in danger because of the possible collapse of shaky buildings.

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