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Chihuahua Character


Such a breed of dog got its name thanks to the US state of Chihuahua, which was discovered for the first time. Many dog ​​experts agree that it is Chihuahua that is the progenitor and the oldest ancestor of all the other small breeds.

It is also believed that the ancestor of the chihuahua itself is a small dog leech. The first mention of it is dated 1500 BC. Such animals supposedly left their mark on the history of the three greatest civilizations: Aztec, Maya and Toltec. The modern world first learned about Chihuahua in the XIX century.

At that time, the Mexicans were selling these funny dogs, and the tourists brought them to Europe. In the USSR, the breed appeared in 1959. Fidel Castro himself gave Nikita Khrushchev two dogs: a dog and a bitch with a great pedigree. Since then, these animals have become popular in the CIS countries.


The Chihuahua is a very small dog with an incredibly compact body, an apple-shaped skull (this feature is common to all members of the breed), a fairly long slightly curved tail, large, standing fluffy ears, a little elongated muzzle and large expressive eyes. Everything in this cute animal touches.

The weight of an adult individual usually varies from 500 grams to 3 kilograms. Growth often does not exceed 15-25 centimeters. Wool color can be almost anything, ranging from fawn or sand, ending with dark gray or brown. The muzzle and abdomen are usually lighter than the rest of the body.


Chihuahua's character is very difficult. Here are the main features that dogs of this breed possess:

  • Attachment. Yes, such pets are strongly attached to their owners. And if the dog lives in a large family, then it will most likely find a pet and will obey only him.
  • Stable psyche. Most representatives of small breeds do not have this quality. Chihuahuas are brave and not scared at all. On the contrary, they can stand up for their master, regardless of the superiority of the enemy forces. Some compare these dwarf dogs with small warriors.
  • Such dogs are very observant. They can understand what you are going to do. Also, this pet will always feel the mood of the owner and try to adjust to it.
  • All Chihuahuas are very temperamental and active. They can run and frolic for hours, as well as enjoy the meeting or games with the owner.
  • Some representatives are quite jealous.
  • Dogs of this breed are very touchy and vulnerable. If you, for example, raise your voice for no reason, then your little pet can hide in your house and sit there all day. Then it will come out, but it will not work for you. And only then will the dog agree to communicate with the owner.
  • Such a pet will never leave its owner, he will constantly accompany him.
  • Chihuahua strangers are regarded with suspicion.
  • Some representatives are quite aggressive. But aggression can be avoided if you pay attention to socialization, namely from an early age to allow your pet to communicate with other animals and people.
  • Many dogs of this breed do not like children, especially small ones, which is connected with self-defense.

Diseases and problems

In most dogs of this breed, urinary incontinence occurs during stress. Chihuahuas are born with an underdeveloped skull, which finally forms only by 4-5 months, so puppies are especially vulnerable. But the soft zone in the skull remains for a lifetime, so blows to the head are unacceptable. These animals have very weak bones and joints, so you should not allow jumps from high places (even from the steps).

The most common diseases, problems and injuries: sprains, hydrocephalus, lung or heart abnormalities, low sugar levels, urolithiasis, retinal atrophy, epilepsy, not testicular prolapse in males and complications during labor in bitches, problems with gums and teeth, skin diseases , rheumatism, intolerance of certain products.

In addition, due to accelerated metabolism and impaired heat transfer, these dogs quickly freeze and catch cold, so they need clothes and shoes. And in the summer you should avoid overheating, they are also dangerous for this breed.


So that your pet is not spoiled and arrogant, start raising it from a very early age. Stop the loud barking is not the case, as well as unwarranted aggression. If the dog is guilty, do not hit it in any case, otherwise it will be closed and intimidated!

Express your indignation in a stern and loud voice. At the same time it is important to look into the eyes of the pet, so that he understands that they are talking to him. Do not overdo it with punishment, the dog will take revenge on you. If a chihuahua is nervous, calm her down, take her in your arms, the stresses for such a breed are harmful. As for the training, the basic commands of the pet can be fully trained.

Care features

How to care for a Chihuahua breed? There is nothing complicated about it, but there are some important points:

  • Regular walks to such a pet are not required, as it can carry out a burst of energy at home, running from one room to another. And yet it is necessary to walk with him. Chihuahuas love fresh air and games in open space. Do not forget to put on a leash, because the dog can run away and get hurt or get seriously injured.
  • It is often impossible to bathe dogs of this breed, it can lead to dandruff or irritation. So, a smooth-haired Chihuahua will suffice 2-3 times a year, and long-haired individuals should be bathed 1 time in 1-3 months. If the pet often walks and gets very dirty, it is better to wipe it with a damp sponge.
  • Combing the long-haired representatives of the breed is better every day or at least every other day. A short-haired Chihuahua will be enough for one or two procedures per week.
  • Brush your teeth once a week. You can use a special dog toothpaste or a cleaning bone.
  • As it gets dirty, wipe the pet's eyes with a cotton swab dipped in clean (preferably boiled) warm water.
  • Clean your ears regularly with a cotton swab and water (or special solution).
  • Once a month, cut the pet's claws so that they do not prevent him from frolicking.
  • Frequent haircuts are not required. In principle, such a dog can not be cut at all.

How to feed?

The nutrition of the chihuahua is important. A puppy should be fed at least 3-5 times a day (the younger it is, the more feeds are required). An adult individual needs only two feedings per day: in the morning and in the evening (but not before bedtime). The optimal volume of one serving is 60-70 grams.

The pet menu should include lean meats (boil it), boiled sea fish, low-fat dairy products, steamed and boiled vegetables, cereals, and fresh fruit. Exclude tubular bones, sweets, fat, salty, spicy, pickled.

We get a puppy

It is best to buy Chihuahuas aged from 8 to 10 weeks, although some breeders sell 5-month-old puppies. How much is a puppy? The price can vary from 15-20 to 100 thousand rubles. It all depends on the characteristics of the individual and pedigree.

Love and protect your pet, and he will become your true friend.

Little chihuahuas

Big ears, beady eyes and, at the same time, extraordinary seriousness and importance are attached to the special comicity of small chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are miniature dogs, but do not forget that they are alive and real. These are not plush toys - they wag their tails, bark, lick, and sometimes even bite, so do not tease them. Small, but courageous, chihuahua can stand up for themselves. A storm of positive emotions is caused by a dog with a proud posture, intelligent eyes and a sweet smile. They always attract close attention of others. Joy and happiness, sadness and fright, concern and indifference - all these emotions can convey a Chihuahua. Wherever you are, your dog is the center of attention.

How to train a chihuahua?

From the first day the dog appears in the house, the owner must determine for himself what he expects from the pet. Chihuahua dogs are very intelligent and easy to train.

Initially, it is recommended to teach the dog to the toilet. Every day at the same time, walk the dog, despite the vagaries of the weather. If you decide to teach the dog to the tray. Then determine a permanent place for it, and hold it on the tray until it meets the need. After that, be sure to praise and encourage her, then the dog will understand what he wants.

Enough to ensure the obedience of your dog, teaching you to respond to the commands “come to me”, “cannot”, “fu”, “place”. Self-study will be an entertaining process for you. But if you make mistakes in the process of learning, a cute dog easily “sits on its head”, and then you have to endure its whims for many years.

To learn more about training chihuahuas, ask for advice from experienced breeders of this breed in the club of decorative dog breeding.

Adult chihuahua

Chihuahuas are considered long-lived. The lifespan of animals of this breed reaches 15-19 years. Adult Chihuahuas are endowed with endurance, they can play with family members for a long time, especially with young children. These are contact and sociable dogs, they are inherent kindness and deceit, gullibility and recklessness. In an instant, they are transformed from a toy sleeping on a silk pillow into a brave defender of their territory. And if your baby shows carelessness and accidentally touches your pet, you may hear an angry growl in response. The weight of an adult dog does not exceed 3 kg, which allows it to be placed in a handbag or a specially adapted box. She will always be with you: on a picnic and walk, at work and on a visit. Chihuahuas are great companions, they patiently endure the tedious hours of waiting for their hostess from the spa or long “hen parties.” The dog of this breed is faithful and devoted friend.

A small dog with a big heart is your favorite companion.

The nature and characteristics of behavior.

If you look at the dog of this breed, it will seem to you very delicate. However, under her seeming defenselessness there is a great strength and unique ability to adapt to the most extreme climate. Temperament is distinguished by its pride and independence. In fact, it will not be difficult for you to meet a very small friend who is ready to “clear up the relationship” with the dog, which is much larger than him. Chihuahua rushes at the enemy with unimaginable courage.

Despite the aggressiveness towards other dogs, the representatives of this breed are very attached to their owner. It is necessary only to someone else to come closer than the distance allowed, as they begin to bark loudly and show their warlike attitude. Such a hot-tempered character, perhaps, is not suitable for playing with children. They do not really find a common language and can be very aggressive at the time of contact.

An interesting fact is that chihuahuas can even find a common language with one or more cats. If they have contact with them from an early age, cats become something like family members for them. Chihuahuas love to spend time playing, but during the day they may also want to be left alone. It is worth noting that females are excellent moms. They never leave their puppies alone and make sure they are always full and clean.

The advantages of the breed compared to others.

Being a small breed, the Chihuahua is ideal for living in an apartment. You can take it everywhere with you, because it fits easily even on your hands. In addition, they are excellent hunters for mice and birds.

If you go for yourself fun and pleasant company, of course, Chihuahua - this is your breed!

Compact dog for a city apartment

Since chihuahuas are the smallest of all decorative breeds, they are very easy to keep in the apartment. That is why they are also called city dogs. Many kennels are engaged in selling chihuahuas, so you can pick a puppy, the required age, color, sex and character.

These are very compact dogs and they do not take up much space. What else is good is that during strong employment you may not walk a chihuahua, he feels quite well in his modest possessions. In bad weather, the animal can do with a tray, like a cat. Buying chihuahuas in Moscow is recommended for families that do not have too young children, because the dog can be injured very easily by careless actions.

The nature and characteristics of the education of chihuahuas

Chihuahua is a very smart dog, but it must be timely and properly raised. If she has a bad habit of barking at anything that scares or moves her, then the animal must be weaned immediately, otherwise in the future it may become very aggressive and vicious.

By its nature, chihuahua is a leader, therefore it tries to subjugate even large animals. Very often this leads to disastrous consequences, therefore, a dog needs an eye and an eye, especially when walking on the street. This breed of dogs has excellent guard instincts, therefore it performs the duties of a guard in an apartment very well. If thieves get into the house, the animal will attract the attention of those around with a loud bark and immediately rush to the attack, biting strangers painfully.

Nowadays, this decorative breed is very popular, so many are engaged in selling chihuahuas. But in order not to risk and buy a really healthy and beautiful dog, it is best to contact a kennel. Raising a puppy needs to be dealt with from the very moment he crossed the threshold of your home, otherwise you won’t cope with problems in the future.

By their nature, chihuahuas are very stubborn and insecure animals, which in some situations can play a cruel joke, both with the dog and its owner. Therefore, it is necessary to teach your little friend from an early age to bring it to the end. If you give a dog a lot of attention, warmth and care, then it will turn out to be a very kind and devoted friend, who will always be close to his master.

Chihuahua - your little brave friend March 19, 2010 | Categories: Dog Breeds

| Categories: Dog Breeds

Do you want to have a dog, but it bothers you whether the animal will be comfortable in a city apartment? Will you be able to walk and study with him every day? Now, if the dog was miniature, graceful! And at the same time - a real dog with a sonorous voice, intelligent eyes, sensitive heart and boundless love for you, the owner!

And the Chihuahua needs contact with the owner. They are happy when the owner pays attention to them, touches and strokes them. Do not you want to immediately pick up and caress this unusual dog with a royal posture?

Among fans of the breed is a popular version of the very ancient origin of Chihuahuas. It is believed that one of the ancestors of modern crumbs was the dogs of the techies, the favorites of the Aztecs who inhabited the territory of modern Mexico. Images of miniature dogs can be found on the ancient cultural monuments of the Aztecs and Toltec.

However, the official history of the breed begins in 1884, when Americans began to buy these dogs on the border markets of Mexico. Breed recognized in the United States in 1915. For a long time, smooth-haired and long-haired chihuahuas performed on the same ring. Species of the breed was divided only in 1952.

Today, the breed standard approved in 2004. Growth standard is not fixed, the main criterion - the weight of the dog. An ideal weight is from 1.5 kg to 3 kg. Suppose a weight of 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg, but the weight of more than 3 kg - a reason for disqualification.

Head apple-shaped, good roundness, with flat cheeks, muzzle straight and short. The forehead is very cool. The presence of fontanel is allowed, but more preferably its absence.

Ears well opened, standing and large. At the base they are wide, tapering towards the round tip. At rest, tilted to the temples (angle of about 45⁰).

Eyes very expressive, almost round, but not bulging, dark. Light color is acceptable, but undesirable.

Nose Chihuahua is relatively short, somewhat upturned. Color lobes - any.

Bite dogs can be scissor-like or straight, cheekbones are expressed only slightly. Overshot and undershot food are serious flaws.

Housing have a Chihuahua compact, well-built. Preferred square dog format. For bitches, a more extended format is acceptable than for males. The top line is flat, the bottom line indicates a tucked up belly. Suppose a loose stomach, but this is undesirable.

Chest volumetric, deep and wide, the lower point falls to the elbows, the ribs are rounded.

Back have chihuahua strong, short.

Front limbs Chihuahuas are quite long, straight when viewed from the front and side. Paws are oval, very small, fingers spread, but not dissolved. The claws are convex, of moderate length. The pads are elastic, developed.

Hind limbs distinguishes well-developed muscles. The long bones are parallel to each other, the corners of the joints are in harmony with the corners of the forelimbs. Paws are small, neither cat's nor hare's, with divorced fingers. Well developed pads are elastic. Claws - bulging. Прибылые пальцы удаляют, если это не запрещено законодательством страны.

Хвост чихуахуа отличает высокий постав и средняя длина. У основания хвост широкий, к кончику сужается. При движении хвост должен находиться в высоком изгибе, либо свернут в полукольцо (кончик направлен к пояснице). Недопустимо положение хвоста между задними ногами, или ниже линии спины. If the dog is long-haired, then the tail should be a restroom hair, forming a "Sultan".

Wool Chihuahua is of two types, according to which there are two species of breed.

Have smooth chihuahua adjacent short hair, the length of which exceeds the length of the undercoat. On the face and ears short hair, on the tail and neck - longer. Not very thick coat on the abdomen and neck is acceptable, bald areas and completely naked dogs are unacceptable.

Have long haired chihuahua silky, fine coat, slightly wavy or smooth. On the tail and paws, the inner surface of the hind and front legs, neck and ears - tow. Unwanted excessive density of undercoat, shaggy long hair - is unacceptable.

Color for a Chihuahua breed, any is allowed, as well as combinations of color options.

Chihuahuas can be disqualified if she has short or drooping ears, no tail, an overly stretched or too light body.

The dog spends a lot of time in the house, not grinding the claws naturally. Therefore, once every two weeks inspect the claws of crumb-doggie. If they are too grown, cut them. Use a nail clipper for small dogs. Cut the hair between the long-haired dog's fingertips with special scissors - this will make the legs elegant. The rest of the care of the dog is standard.

The main thing for a chihuahua is to learn to behave correctly in the ring, to show themselves from the best side, because for the breed there is no test of working qualities. These dogs do not need much physical exertion. A walk, a ball game is enough. If you still want to train your pet, then only one restriction: a complete ban on physical punishment.

Chihuahuas eat a little: from 80 to 50 grams per kilogram of live weight for an adult dog per day. If you choose a natural food, then remember that Chihuahua pork is contraindicated. Other meat (veal, chicken) before giving the dog, boil, and then remove all the bones and shards. A baby like a chihuahua can choke on even a small bone. You will find several articles on feeding miniature dogs in the “Nutrition” section.

Most of all these little dogs suffer from cold. They can not be walked at air temperatures lower than + 1 ° C. At a temperature of + 1 ° C to + 4 ° C, short walks are allowed. To preserve the health of the dog, always wear it.

Chihuahuas have a tendency to the formation of tartar, so regularly inspect the teeth and, if necessary, remove the plaque, take the pet to the vet.

Many generations of these miniature dogs live next to humans. They learned to feel the mood of their master. If the dog understands what's in the way, he will watch the owner from a distance until she is called. But, of course, this little creature is always happy when he is petted, caressed and allowed to stay close.

Chihuahuas have a restless nature: they can suddenly break apart, and they will be hard to calm down. They do not like the change of environment and strangers. Also, chihuahuas do not get along well with children. In this small dog, the child often sees a toy, and the Chihuahua cannot tolerate such an attitude.

But to a person who prefers solitude, elderly or not very active lifestyle, these sensitive, loyal creatures will be an excellent company.