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Bag for a gift from the fabric do it yourself


A fabric bag with strings is the most versatile packaging for almost any gift, starting with small jewelery and ending with large sets of several items.

Trying to find the perfect bag, many notice that this is not an easy task. That color does not fit, the pattern does not like, then there is no suitable size. Of course, this cannot be attributed to the tragedies of world scale, but how nice it is to present a gift, designed exactly as it was intended!

Sew or not sew?

Despite the fact that the gift bags described below are sewn on a sewing machine, they can be made without such equipment. True, it is necessary to make very small neat stitches so that the product does not look untidy.

For those who absolutely can not imagine themselves with a needle in their hands, there is also a way out. They can simply cut out a circle from the fabric (the threads of which are not getting enough sleep on the cuts), put the gift in the center, gather the edges in a bun and tie it in a beautiful cord. Of course, such a package will no longer be a bag.

What you need for sewing

For the manufacture of gift wrapping should be prepared:

  1. The cloth.
  2. Threads in color or contrasting (in accordance with the plans of the craftswoman).
  3. Needle, scissors and measuring tape.
  4. Beautiful cord or ribbon.
  5. Decorative elements: appliqués, beads, embroidery threads and other materials.

Any bag pattern is a rectangle. The length of its sides varies depending on what size of the product is planned. The selected fabric for the bags is very convenient to cut out.

If the craftswoman needs several identical items, she can speed up the process by automating each step. For example, it is necessary to cut out several rectangles at once, then to grind them all, sew, iron and supply them with laces.

If we are talking about the manufacture of embroidered hangers, then you should take care of the decor even before you sew a bag with drawstrings. Embroidery is performed on the cut rectangle, otherwise it will be very inconvenient to do this later.

Material selection

Before you sew a bag with strings, you need to decide on the fabric. The most elegant and most suitable for packaging is organza. However, sewing organza bags is a little more difficult than from other materials (cotton, flax, wool or synthetics). This fabric "floats" and constantly pour in. This means that all the seams must first be carefully basted and ironed, and only then stitched on a typewriter. In addition, the organza is transparent, so that all the edges will have to be carefully processed with an overlock or a small zigzag.

If a skilled worker is intimidated by such difficulties, you can perfectly get away with beautiful cotton fabric. Now the shops sell a variety of materials with amazing colors. The best thing here is that many of them can be bought in pieces from 30 cm. This is quite enough for several bags of the same or different size.

How to sew a bag with ties: a step-by-step master class

In this and the following paragraphs, the sewing process will be described. All steps are provided with photos, so it will be difficult even for a beginner to get confused.

  1. First of all, you should overlock the rectangle around the perimeter.
  2. Next you need to fold it in half (or combine two identical rectangles, if you could not find one big one) and sew it along the sides. In the case when two parts are combined, three sides are sewn: sidewalls and bottom.Performing this stage, you should note that the line ends at a distance of 5-6 cm from the edge.
  3. Overlocked, but unstitched edges tuck inward and smooth down with an iron. In order not to deform the fabric, you can first tack on the gate.

4. Then the edge is folded in half and attached to one piece of the bag. How this is done is shown below.

Note: many skilled workers inadvertently perform a seam on two details at once. He then has to unpick, so you need to immediately bend one edge.

At the last stage, thread the tape through the holes. That's the whole story about how to sew a bag with strings.

Making strings

In that case, when the craftswoman could not find a suitable color or structure of the tape, she would have to sew the strings herself.

To do this, cut out the tape width of three centimeters (length depends on the size of the bag). The sequence of further work:

  1. Turn up and hem the edges. It should be folded at least one centimeter, and the line should be laid very close to the edge.
  2. Next, a strip of fabric folded in half and ironed iron.
  3. By unfolding it, you can see a clear fold line. Both edges fold to the center and smooth down in such a state. If this is difficult to do and the tape is constantly turning around, you can sew stitches and remove the basting after ironing.
  4. The blank is folded along the bend and stitched. Here you also need to try to seam as close as possible to the edge.

That is ready to draw. She is slipped into gift bags and knots are made at the ends. This is optional, but eliminates tape loss. It should be noted that sewing the organza string is an extremely difficult and ungrateful task. Organza bags are best decorated with shopping ribbons.

Making torchok for aromatic herbs

The described method of sewing bags is great for making herbal compositions. Despite the fact that specialty stores offer a huge amount of synthetic dessicentants that repel moths and other insects, many housewives prefer the use of environmentally friendly products.

They sew grass bags with their own hands and lay in them a special blend of several types of herbs. The most commonly used combinations of lavender, mint, thyme, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon and cedar chips. In this case, not crushed materials work better, but seeds, stems and leaves. To the delight of many girls and women, home-use bags require much less attention than gift wrapping. Here you can apply the remnants of the fabric, from which you can not sew any large product. The strings can be ordinary durable threads. Considering that no one will look inside, the seams can be not processed with an overlock.

Practicality and beauty

Herb sacks (with their own hands they are made exclusively from natural fabrics) are laid out on the shelves of cabinets or hung on hangers. Periodically they should be crushed to release the essential oils and renew the smell. It is believed that this set is enough for the whole season, that is, folding winter clothes for storage, you can not fear for her safety.

How to decorate the grass torbochki

Everything here depends only on the imagination and skills of the skilled worker. Most likely, only she and her family members will see these items, so they should like the decor.

Of course, you can not decorate these products, leave them in the most natural form.

For those who are interested in satin stitch, miniature designs below will be useful.

Striving for beauty, do not forget about practicality: the seams and strings must be durable. Otherwise, it will take a very long time to choose from the clothes spilled dry leaves.

Getting Started to Create a Bag

Materials and tools:

- material tulle (mesh or organza),

- decor: embroidery, lace, beads, buttons or textile flowers,

- lighter (or candle),

Note: if there is no sewing machine, then we sew a textile handbag manually. The threads can be chosen in the color of the fabric, or another color can be used to have a contrast. The material of the tulle can be a different color than the main material of the bag. The size of the bag can be any, depending on the size of the gift.

We cut off a small piece of dense fabric and tulle material: width 15 cm, height 19 cm. We fold them together, fasten with tailors' pins.

From the inner side of the edge from above we retreat about 3-4 cm, bend and pin with pins. We make it closer to the top or in the middle so that the pins do not interfere, because it will need to be stitched.

We put the material under the foot of the sewing machine, sew.

Then we sew a textile handbag from the bottom and side. Stitching is not up to the end. We leave the place to finish the satin ribbon in this place.

Cut off a small piece of satin ribbon. In this example, it is white. We pin the usual pin with the edge.

We pass a pin with a satin ribbon in the hole on top of the entire handbag.

We melt the edges of the satin ribbon over a candle or with a lighter so that the fabric on the satin ribbon does not split. We make out a handbag from the outside. We sew beads, buttons, embroidery or flowers.

These are the exclusive textile bags can be made at home with minimal cost of what you have at home!

How to sew a bag with your own hands

First of all, I suggest you sew a cute fluffy handbag, which you can give to a little girl or girl.

  • artificial fur (for the outer part of the bag),
  • fleece (for lining and for buttoning),
  • thread in the color of the fabric,
  • two round buttons,
  • two small white rhinestones or semi-beads,
  • synthetic winterizer
  • drawing paper,
  • needle,
  • second glue
  • pencil,
  • pins (for pinning patterns),
  • scissors.

Patterns of the future bags, you can download here: the eye and the base. Let's deal with them.

What kind of patterns are there:

  1. whole bag pattern (cover + back) - the entire pattern area,
  2. the front part of the bag is all that is below the side insert
  3. width of the side insert - in the bag we will sew the side, this is its width. The length is the length of the contour of the front part (without a straight top).

As for the side insert: it should consist of two equal parts, the direction of the pile of which will be directed against each other. But this is only for fur! From fleece just cut one strip of the required width, the direction of the pile can be ignored.

How to sew a bag: a detailed master class

First of all, we will work with the side of our product.

Take two pieces of the side of the fur and sew them along the edge. Sew them so that the pile of the pieces is directed towards each other.

Why do I propose to do this? The answer is: the fur has a long nap, which should go in one direction. And this can be achieved just by stitching two pieces.

Cut all the excess. And sew the side to the front of our future bag.

And now we sew the back of the bag! Already the cap is scheduled

Cut the edges of the seam allowances. See why:

By the way, here is a view of the handbag from behind:

In the same way, sew a “handbag” from fleece. It will be a lining - the inside of the bag.

How to sew lining to the bag? To begin, attach the fleece and fur parts face down.

This photo seems to be clearer

And just sew the covers of both pieces.

Screw the inside of the bag.

Sew the remaining edges with a secret seam.

For the decor of our bag, I suggest you carve out these ears:

These are the ones you should get:

And now let's make a strap for the bag. To do this, cut off three strips of fur of such length, so that it would be convenient for you then to put a strap on them on your shoulder. Weave a pigtail out of them (fasten at the end and at the beginning so that it does not disperse).

Remember we left holes for fixings? Now they need to insert and carefully sew the pigtail obtained with a secret seam.

But our bag has no fixings yet! There are several options: you can sew a zipper (which is better to do earlier), you can use the Velcro and buttons.
I decided to stay on the last version.

Cut two black circles of greater diameter from a black fleece than a button and take a button.

Put a little padding on a button.

And in the fleece circle, on the edge of which walk a sweeping stitch without fixing:

Put them together.

And pull the thread.

The button for attaching the bag to the back should look something like this:

Glue a small strazik-flare on the front.

Now attach the clasp to the lid of the bag to see where you need to make an incision for the loop.

Draw a line in the center of the place where the button should be. Make a cut along the drawn line.

To make the cut beautiful and neat, sew it around with a stitch seam so that each stitch fits as tightly as possible to the previous one.

Something like this will look like a bag after trim:

Sew the eyes-buttons to the bag:

Well, now back to the ears! Fold and hem their edges.

And sew them where you want them to be.

↓ Save entry ↓

Ta-dam! The bag is ready. It turned out nice kitty)

Handmade leather bags

Leather is one of the most interesting and durable materials for sewing bags. Therefore, I present to your attention several master classes from this material.

Bag - cat

For this simple, but very cute model (in some ways resembling the previous one) you will need leatherette, scissors, awl, thread and a thick needle.

This can be a young girl, and a small child.

Simplest Leather Bag

No, definitely need to get this. You will need leather, scissors, a strap, a ribbon, a marker and (optionally) a special tool for cutting several holes in a row (you can also do an awl). All that needs to be done is to cut a circle, make holes, draw a ribbon through them and attach a strap. Everything)

The envelope

Reminds on the way of processing the bag-cat.


Pretty model)) Prepare for her skin or tight leatherette, braid and rivets. Chanterelle can not sew, just glue along the edges and hide these places under the braid.

Handmade jeans bags

However, the following models can be made from both jeans and old jeans.


For her, cut jeans into strips and weave a canvas, as in the photo. Already sew it with a package (folded in half a piece of cloth) and sew handles.

Plain denim bag

There is a jeans trouser - forward on production of a bag! You will need another buckle, leather strap, scissors and a needle thread.

Elegant bag of jeans

Here you will need two legs, scissors, needles and zipper.

Do-it-yourself fabric bags


For her, take a few pieces of cotton fabric, zipper and accessories.

Clutch bag

An interesting idea is to use dense pieces of processed cardboard for the lining. I would recommend to take as a dense basis plastic boards from Fix Price or packing from under juice.

Present such a handbag to your mother - she will definitely be delighted))

Clutch Semicircle

Cut two round pieces of cotton fabric and a padding circle from the fabric. Fold them with a “sandwich” and sew several times at right angles. Flange the edge of the oblique bake. Fold the blank in half and sew a zipper into the bag. Decorate.


It is useful cotton fabric, lining, clasps and floral decorations. A young lady, say, 17 years old, will definitely appreciate such a gift.

Sportswear bag

For her, prepare a thick fabric, braid, scissors, pins, fasteners, zipper and thread. In addition to the sports form in this bag, you can also put hiking things.

Mini handbag

According to the scheme described below, you can make both a very miniature accessory and a larger object.

Photos of handmade bags

I want to show you how you can get a lot of bright and unusual products using the same patterns.

Bag sandwich

Nice handbag made of fleece. It is quite simple! And this design is quite possible to introduce in the bag-cat.

Panda bag

Cute panda design

Simple and elegant bag

The handbag is quite simple and is made on similar with the very first patterns.

Knitted bag

Although this bag is knitted, its design is quite possible to embed and sewn of fabric.

Leather bag

Octopus bag

The bag is, again, knitted. But it is very similar to the first one (at the beginning of the article). Only it is necessary to add tentacles and remove ears.

By the way, I bought a fleece for the eyes of a “cat-like” bag here. The store is unlikely to meet such

This article comes to an end. I hope you gladly looked at all the handbags and took something interesting to note. See you soon!

P.S. Subscribe to updates!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

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Japanese knot

She is so named because this small knot is a way of closing and carrying a bag. Its pattern is simple: one part is the side (the main part of the bag, in which things will lie, and two handles, one shorter than the other) and a round bottom-base. You can stitch a model without a base - it depends on individual preferences.

This pattern is good because it is very simple in design, you can sew a handbag from any material and any size - everything your heart desires.

Postman's bag

The pattern itself is quite simple, but here you need to be especially careful when connecting the valve to the main part of the bag and inserting the button so that it closes neatly. For such a bag you will also need to sew a lining (it is easily sewn to the main edge of the bag - even better if the lining includes a pocket - it can securely store a mobile phone, keys or documents).

The postman bag is one of the latest trends of this year, and by choosing such a pattern, you can be sure that the home bag will be stylish.

The original decision, which is best to wear in the summer and which will undoubtedly please the children. It is performed by stitching the front and back parts of the "owl", that is, completely repeating the shape of a bird, or using a fabric applique, the pattern of which is simple - the details are successively sewn one on top of the other.

Such an application can be on the valve of the postman's bag, for example, or be a pattern of any existing bag (if the styles match, of course - on an expensive leather model, such an application will hardly look appropriate).

Handmade bags are good because they can be made on ready-made patterns, as well as on their own patterns of each needlewoman.

For starters, there is one more convenient solution - to rip the old bag, which you liked, but with which you no longer go out, measure all the parameters of its pattern and alter it from another material, thus giving it a second life.

Fur and suede

Bags of such materials can be worn even in winter. What can look better in winter than fur? It can be either sewn onto an already finished model (made of suede, for example), or it can be the main material that makes up the entire outer part of the bag (do not forget about the lining).

Also from the fur, you can make a key chain for the bag - such options often flash on the shows of new collections.

Custom Materials

In addition to the usual materials that are taken for the manufacture of bags, there are also unusual options such as, for example, models of plastic bottles. The material is prepared by cutting off the neck and bottom of the bottles and placing them under a straightening press. Then, depending on the pattern chosen, pieces of the desired size are stitched together with polypropylene threads for durability.

This is one of the cheapest ways to carry a bag, and with the right approach, the model can look very stylish. In addition, it gives used bottles a second life.

An even more unusual option is the use of garbage bags. Yes, the most common garbage bags, or any other plastic bags. Stripes are cut from them, which are then turned into crochet material.

Having looked at the photos of the finished models, I can’t even believe that they are connected from such a material unusual for needlework.

Bags canvas, or burlap, as they are called - a more familiar option for the eyes. Despite the fact that the fabric itself is rather coarse, with the right tailoring and use of decorative elements, such bags look very feminine and fit to a variety of images. The advantage is their strength.

Such an abundance of materials allows you to individually choose what is suitable for sewing your future bag, depending on its future function, choice of pattern, amount of time and financial possibilities.

Form options

Having chosen a suitable material, we proceed to choosing the shape of the product. Of course, it is also limited only by the imagination of the needlewoman and her abilities - these can be forms of different animals (if the bag is sewn for children) or, for example, a musical instrument (violin) and many others. But such models are not always possible to wear every day, regardless of the season, so you should pay attention to more restrained options so that the bag is not only beautiful, but also practical.

The simplest bag pattern is a round bag. It does not require a bottom for itself, and sometimes even the sides, and the sewing process consists of sewing together two symmetrical halves, followed by the addition of handles, fasteners, and various ornaments and ornaments. It is suitable for those who do not like to take a lot of things, because due to lack of a bottom, there will not be much to fit.

Most interesting of all, they look in miniature or medium size versions.

Square and rectangular bags - this is one of the most common options. This bag can be of any size and is perfect for everyday use. It consists of a base, front and back, two sides, handles, zipper and, if desired, jewelry.

This is a classic, universal solution, with the choice of which it is impossible to make a mistake.

A more unusual, but almost everywhere appropriate option - bag-trapeze. It differs from square and rectangular shapes in that it tapers from the base to the top or expands. Trapezoidal bags - topical solutions for the coming season, and the fact that they are easy to implement, will allow you to be in the mainstream of fashion without extra costs and the acquisition of a large number of professional skills.

Choosing the shape of the bag, focus on personal preferences and on the conditions in which it will be used - work, going to the store, walking with children - thus, it will please for a long time.

Waist bag

Very comfortable model. It is perfect for those who need their hands to be free, but everything you need is at hand - for example, so that nothing interferes when going to the store for shopping, during street games with a child or walking with a dog. Waist bags are another fashionable trend of the current season.

To carry out such a handbag does not require a lot of material and complex patterns - it is made from two pieces of fabric, stitched together, which are then folded, as shown in the photo, and stitched.

This is an option that can be performed in a short time.

Bag with clasp

A bag with a clasp is a stylish solution; if you choose the right option and size, it can become an elegant evening bag.

Pay attention to the peculiarity of the pattern - it fits under the already acquired clasp - its length must fully coincide with the width of the bag, accuracy in measurements is important here.

The product itself can be made in a fabric version, and crocheted.

For more information about how to sew a handbag with a lance with your own hands, you can learn from the following video:

Nautical style bag

Bags in a nautical style could not be better suited for a warm summer and traveling to distant countries. This style came a long time ago from Great Britain, a country famous for maritime trade, and has since taken a strong position in the list of eternal trends.

Let us consider in more detail the manufacture of models from fabrics of marine flowers, rope and other attributes of the sea.

For the manufacture we need two types of fabric: denim and striped. As well as pattern, non-woven and sewing accessories.

We attach the patterns to them and cut them with an allowance along the edge.

Both materials must be glued interlining. To do this, put it on the adhesive side of the fabric and iron well.

To keep the bag in shape well, it is better to additionally use a cotton fabric lining. Next you need to dock all parts of the bag into one.

We form the bottom of the bag. To do this, dub the middle of the day with a side seam, fasten with thread and sew on a typewriter.

After that, we twist the bag and sew a pocket.

The lining is made in the same way as the inside. With one exception - it will have an internal pocket

Next, you need to carve out the second part of the bag, connect with the first and flash them on a typewriter.

Insert the lining into the bag and align with the side seams. After that, we turn it around, we sweep it, and we sew it on a typewriter. and make handles for the bag. As a result, it remains only to sew a button for the inner compartment, insert the knobs and decorate with decor.

Zippered bag

The zipper is very convenient, as it will not allow the contents of the bag to get wet and will provide reliable protection. Making a bag with such a fastener is not a very simple matter, but detailed instructions for making a bag from the pattern to the zipper insert will help to deal with all questions.

  • Step 1 - modeling and cutting bags. Cut out with an allowance of 0.7 and glue dublerinom, interlining. After we grind two external parts and iron the seams.
  • Step 2 - Piping for the zipper. In this model, its width is 4 cm, but you can choose absolutely any value to your taste.
  • Step 3 - lining. Its width will be equal to the width of the outer part, but the length increases by the height of the facing and 1 cm per seam.

Do not forget about the inner pockets, where you can put all the necessary little things.

  • Step 4 - grind the outer part. Sew side seams and make corners so that the bottom of the bag has a shape.
  • Step 5 - lightning. Schedule the middle and set aside 3 cm in each direction. From the side slices should be postponed 2.5 cm.

  • Step 6 - Attach the Backing to the Lining

  • Step 7 - sew handles and collect all the details of the bag

Travel bag bag

After learning how to sew a zipper, you can begin to create a travel bag - bag. The pattern for it is very simple, the bag consists of the front and the back, two side parts, the base, the handles and the buckles. Everything will turn out even for beginners - it is only necessary to transfer all the details to the fabric, cut and sew.

Patch Bag

For those who do not know what to do with a lot of cloth scraps, but cannot throw them away, there is an excellent solution - to make a bag out of these scraps. It will not yield to the strength of the bag from a whole fabric, and you will not see such a design anywhere else. Shreds can be either standard square or rectangular, or triangular, trapezoidal, diamonds, and even thin stripes, stitched together and forming vertical or horizontal lines.

This handbag can be made in two variations. The first is the simplest.

The second option is a bit more complicated, but detailed instructions will help to cope with it without much difficulty.

Burlap bag

A bag of burlap is quite firmly included in the fashion trends of the coming summer, and it is no coincidence that the material is cheap and durable, with proper decoration and decoration looks very interesting. Suitable for bags of any shapes and sizes, bags-postmen from such fabric look impressive. It is this material that allows you to show maximum imagination when creating decorative elements - stripes, inscriptions, fringe, appliqués from fabric or ethnic prints - everything will look great.

The following video will tell you how to sew an interesting bag of burlap with your own hands:

Bows - this is one of the most simple bags that are most used for business purposes - when going to the store replace the usual package. But, if you choose the right material and additional design, you can get a simple stylish bag that is suitable not only for the store and the dacha, but also for a wide variety of missions.

It is made from a single piece of fabric, which, if necessary, strengthened with flizelin or other fabric, to give density - so that she can keep the shape. It is very easy to sew such a bag by yourself, it will not take much time and will give pleasure - you can easily make sure of this by just trying:

  • we make blanks for the application of cloth scraps,
  • we process the edges of the future bag,
  • mark and sew side seams,

  • make a lapel on the top edge,
  • form the bottom of the bag

  • Step 6 - sew handles.

Shoe bag

A very practical option for mothers whose children will soon go to the first grade or already go to school - to tie their own shoe bag. It is made very simply - a round bottom, and then the entire side part is knitted in a circle. You can even give the child to tie or sew such a handbag itself (if it is a girl) or to entrust the cutting of appliqués for jewelry.

A bag made together will delight everyone who participated in its creation.

Gum and pattern knit according to the scheme:

Knitting begins with 80 loops, which are evenly distributed over 4 knitting needles. To the required length, the pattern is knitted by the front satin, after which the color is changed and the elastic is knitted.

There are a lot of ideas for embroidering bags with your own hands on the Internet - girls share them on their websites, in online magazines on needlework, in blogs, on personal pages in social networks. There are both photo and video tutorials with step-by-step explanations, and there is no doubt that an inexpensive and beautiful bag will definitely work out.

Macrame weave

Separately dwell on bags of macrame. They look very airy and elegant and perfectly refresh the summer look, their only slight drawback - they can be worn only in summer, and better in sunny weather - they are not suitable for rain. However, this does not reduce the number of master classes and lessons for the manufacture of such bags. They combine an entertaining pastime, which gives a useful result - adults will allow them to forget about their problems for a while; they will help children develop fine motor skills of fingers.

They can be supplemented with fringe, beautiful beads, different types of knots, an interesting handle - all this will add to its charm and make it even more attractive.

Schemes and weaving macrame patterns for beginners can be viewed in the following video:

Beautiful ideas

Manual labor cannot be done mechanically - it needs inspiration. Whether it is cooking, cleaning, knitting or embroidering - without a good mood and ideas it is impossible to create a beautiful and useful thing, cook a delicious meal or clean the house.

To be inspired to do embroidery bags with your own hands, look at a selection of beautiful models for all occasions, using different ways of sewing and weaving:

  • Handmade items often carry an ethnic nuance. So, from the usual bag-sack made of black fabric, adding fringe, multi-colored patterns and leather ribbons turns out an accessory in the Bavarian (Tyrolean) national style.

This handbag is perfect for traveling - it will fit all the most important little things - and for everyday wear, especially in the summer.

Bags and handbags for New Year's gifts

People say: waiting for a holiday is better than the holiday itself.
I think our people are very wise, and his proverbs are tested for generations and centuries.

If you follow this wisdom, now you need to start preparing for the coming new year, think about gifts to your family and friends. We are with you, sort of, needlewomen - so we need a little more time to prepare Handmade souvenirs. Moreover, in addition to souvenirs, you also need gift packaging, preferably made with your own hands.

See how beautiful craftsmen and bags for gifts sew craftsmen and craftswomen! берем на вооружение, запоминаем и - творим!