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Eyelash curler: how to use tongs


Long, thick eyelashes with a curvaceous curvature is the dream of every girl.

What tricks just do not go modern beauty! There is even a special device - curling eyelashes.

This accessory is popular among women around the world for more than a decade. Especially for you detailed instructions on how to use eyelash curlers properly.

The main types of tweezers

Tongs for eyelashes are released today by many manufacturers of cosmetic products. According to the principle of operation, mechanical and electrical accessories for curling are distinguished. Products of the first category are characterized by simplicity of the device.

They need an external heat source, consist of curling plates and handles / knobs for clamping. Electric tweezers for eyelashes are in many ways similar to similar devices for hair on the head. The main advantage of this type is the speed and ease of curling.

Electric tweezers are able to clamp the cilia in the position of the bend and fix it, due to thermal exposure. Some models are made in the form of brushes. You can curl only your natural lashes with ordinary forceps. For increments there are special devices.

They are made of plastic and looks like a mechanical forceps for natural eyelashes. However, their design is somewhat different and optimally suited for extended cilia.

“How to use eyelash curlers, is it necessary to apply mascara before the procedure?” Many girls ask. Remember the first and most important rule: the cilia can be curled only in a clean and skim form.

Remove the makeup from the eyes, and then carefully treat the hairs with micellar water or a special primer.

When using mechanical forceps, it is better to hold the lashes several times for a few seconds than to hold one grip longer.

If you are just starting your acquaintance with an accessory to create bending of cilia, do not rush and be careful. The first time be sure to re-read our instructions on how to curl the eyelashes with forceps. Do not rush and do not make sudden movements.

Be careful when clamping hairs: if the working surface of the tweezers is too close to the eyelid, you risk pinching the skin. Forceps should be clamped gently, without undue pressure. Squeezing them with force, you can deform the hairs or cut them at the root. Be sure to sterilize the instrument after each use.

It is enough to wipe the working surfaces of the forceps with any antiseptic, and wet wipes impregnated with an alcohol solution are also suitable for this purpose.

Electric tweezers must necessarily be included in the instruction manual. Examine it before proceeding with the procedure. Each model has its own characteristics of heating the working surface. Accordingly, the recommendations on the duration of the wave are changed.

How to use the eyelashes curlers mechanical type? Prepare the cilia: if necessary, remove makeup and degrease them, and then comb it with a special brush. Heat the working surface of the tweezers with a hair dryer or by immersing it in hot water.

The hardest part in curling is to correctly grab the hairs. Try to position the working surfaces of the instrument as close as possible to the cilia growth line. Squeeze and fix the plates, hold for 15-20 seconds. It is recommended to curl separately the main part of the hairs and those that grow near the outer edge of the eye.

For high-quality curling, repeat the procedure 2 times, and if the volume of the eyelashes is too large - 3 times. You can admire the effect immediately after using tweezers. After curling it is allowed to tint the eyelashes with mascara. Try not to touch the bend with a brush, apply makeup closer to the tips.

What are these perfect eyelash curlers?

Now you know how to curl eyelashes at home. It's time to go to the store and buy the perfect tweezers. Choose an accessory whose work surfaces have protective gum. Some manufacturers offer their customers tongs, with which there are already a few spare replacement rubberized elements.

And this is a great option - you do not have to change the tool just because of the wear of the working surface protection, you can always replace these elements yourself. If possible, be sure to hold your favorite tweezers in your hands before purchasing.

Are their pens comfortable for you? Is it easy to clamp tweezers? It is enough to answer these simple questions, and you will understand whether to buy this accessory.

The advantages of eyelash curling tongs

The main advantage of any tweezers is accessibility and ease of use. This is the cheapest and fastest way to make your look more expressive.

It is enough to try to curl the eyelashes a few times, and you will understand how to use curling eyelashes. High-quality forceps with proper handling do not pull hairs.

Homemade perm can be considered a safe procedure, if you follow all the rules for its implementation.

Cons of using tweezers

Curl cilia, like any other effect, leading to deformation of the hairs, can not be considered useful. Even if you know how to curl your eyelashes with forceps correctly, remember to not do it regularly.

You can emphasize the bending of cilia before any special event or party at the weekend. But if you perform a perm daily, the risk of serious hair damage is high. With high humidity or strong wind, the effect of curled eyelashes will disappear very quickly.

Before you get tweezers, do not forget to look out the window.

Look like curled eyelashes tweezers: photos and reviews

What do girls who have tried to use them say about eyelash curl accessories? Most tweezers really like it, because after using them, our eyelashes look really much more beautiful and spectacular. The photo before and after perm clearly demonstrates the difference.

Many girls admit that for many years they have regularly used tweezers and have not noticed any negative effects. Quite different are the ladies who have suffered from its use.

In their reviews, they write that the tweezers pulled out many cilia or caused their growth to deteriorate. There may be two reasons for this phenomenon: the poor quality of the accessory itself or its incorrect use.

If you know how to curl your eyelashes, and choose the forceps of a reputable manufacturer, you should not cause serious problems.

Instructions. How to curl eyelashes with forceps to create an exciting bend?

Ah, this hairy languid look from under eyelashes ... How much mystery and alluring passion is in it! And if the lowered eyelashes literally hang over the eyes? Does the flirty eye popping create the effect of a fallen shutter? Familiar? Still would! After all, not all women nature rewarded with a beautiful bend of open eyelashes. Probably every third of us is the owner of straight lowered eyelashes, or even worse - sticking out in different directions.

Photos from the site: muzan.ru

Know yourself? Then it will be for you. "Red lipstick" will teach you how to curl your eyelashes with forceps, so that you get a treasured beautiful bend.

Eyelash forceps - what is it?

Probably, many saw in cosmetic stores small miniature tweezers resembling scissors. Perhaps some even got them, but hardly anyone knows what the name of the eyelash curler is called? Usually they are called so - forceps for curling or curling eyelashes. But this simple device has a name - a curler.

Photos from the site: lifestyle.okezone.com

The curler is available in several versions:

  • In the form of a rectangular device with a falling curtain.
  • In the form of a clip in the form of clothespins.
  • In the form of scissors.

The last option is the most convenient, and therefore the most common. It provides reliable fixation of eyelashes and minimizes the risk of their separation. The material from which curlers are usually made is a hard plastic or metal. The latter is preferable, because it provides sufficient pressing force and, moreover, it is more durable.

Photos from the site: freak-stuff.com

In any case, regardless of the curler's variation, they all have a common principle of operation - each has a curved window that anatomically follows the shape of the ciliated edge of the eyelid with rubber pads, the main purpose of which is to protect the eyelashes from mechanical damage when squeezed. Curl eyelashes occur due to the compression of the upper and lower slats curler. As a result, under mechanical pressure eyelashes are forced to take a curved shape.

How to curl eyelashes with forceps: technique and simple techniques

When you first use a curler, many people have a fear of pinching the eyelid or tearing eyelashes. In addition, it is very difficult to get into the work with him the first time. But a week of practice - and you already perfectly master this simple procedure.

Photos from the site: shpilki.net

So, how to twist the eyelashes with forceps step by step instructions:

  1. The curler must be fixed so that all the upper lashes are in the window. It is important that the curler edges are at the base of the eyelashes, but not near the mucous membrane of the eyelid, otherwise there is a risk of pinching the eyelid when compressing the curler strips.
  2. After fixing the desired position, it is necessary to carefully, but with an effort to squeeze the curler levers so that the upper and lower bar are closed. At this point, you will see how your cilia under the action of compression bend to the top. The moment of clamping lasts about 2 seconds.
  3. After the first compression, the curler vice must be loosened and carefully, without removing the eyelashes from the window, move the forceps up literally 1 to 2 mm. Fix the position and squeeze the vise again. Then again loosen the forceps and move once again by 1 - 2 mm. up to squeeze the eyelashes again. Thus, it is necessary to “walk” the curler on the eyelashes three times, squeezing them in different places. This is how you achieve the beautiful effect of curled eyelashes.
  4. At the end of the procedure, you should fix the result with mascara, while making twisting movements with a brush.

Never curl mascara eyelashes! The mascara makes the eyelashes firm, as if crystallizing their structure, and in time they are squeezed with a curler grip, they break. On the contrary, the application of mascara on the eyelashes after twisting allows you to permanently fix the position given to them by the curler.

Even the exact observance of all the technologies of how to curl your eyelashes correctly with forceps does not guarantee you a sustainable result, and sometimes it can come to naught immediately after their completion. To prevent this from happening, use some simple secrets of how to use forceps to twist eyelashes and a beautiful bend will delight you for a long time.

Photos from the site: bailabella.ru

  • Do not paint with mascara bending eyelashes. The wet texture of the mascara straightens your eyelashes and nullifies all your efforts. So that there is no contrast between the colored tips of the eyelashes and their root part, just carefully slide them in with a pencil, paying attention to the interresis area. Owners of light eyelashes will have to additionally paint them with special paint for eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Do not apply too much mascara on your eyelashes. Under its weight, the bend will gradually straighten.
  • Do basic eye makeup before using eyelash curlers. Otherwise, there is a risk of lashes returning to their original state.
  • For additional fixation and stability of the bend, after twisting the eyelashes with forceps, apply ordinary hairspray on them. But not directly from the cylinder! Sprinkle your forefinger lightly with varnish and gently slide them along your eyelashes, making slight bending movements.
  • To achieve the best effect, heat the tongs by dipping them for a few seconds in hot water or directing a hot jet to them.
  • If you still can not avoid straightening your eyelashes, then use a hot spoon. Swipe it with the back of a bend, and it will return to its place.

In addition to the mechanical curler, its electrical counterparts appeared on the market. But they are rather an aid to the “mechanics”, helping to return the bend lost during the dyeing of eyelashes.

The electric curler acts on the principle of curling hair, only it does not have the usual clamping.

However, working only with them alone you will not be able to achieve a proper bend, because the combination is due to the mechanical squeezing of ordinary eyelashes.

Just with the bending movements of the warm barrel, the electric curler returns to the eyelashes the lost bend, which was previously obtained by working with a mechanical curler.

Are curling lashes harmful?

At various forums dedicated to care and make-up, as well as on review sites, you can find different opinions of users regarding the harm / harmlessness of the procedure for curling eyelashes.

Looking ahead, let's say that with proper use of curling eyelashes, the damage to the eyelashes themselves and the trauma of the eyes are excluded.

And now let's consider the main issues that worry users and debunk these fears.

Photos from the site: otzovik.com

  • Forceps break eyelashes. This is not true. Rubber liners at the edges of the vise protect eyelashes from excessive bending and creases. On the contrary, the regular use of eyelash curlers, as a rule, “disciplines them, and they eventually“ get used ”to a given position.
  • Eyelashes can damage the eyes and injure the eyelids. This is only possible with a gross violation of the rules used tweezers for curling eyelashes. As such, they are absolutely harmless, the main thing is not to make sharp clipping movements and not to clamp the vice near the eyelid mucosa.
  • The eyelash forceps are absolutely useless and the bend achieved is lost immediately or shortly after curling. This is not true. Reverse straightening of the eyelashes is possible only with very thick and dense painting of the eyelashes with mascara, as well as with high humidity.

Photos from the site: wolvesmc.ru

As you can see, the procedure for using a curler is extremely simple and does not bear any risks. However, you should follow a number of rules in order not to cause injury and not harm the eyelashes. How to use tweezers:

  • Do not overdo the compression procedure. Enough 2 seconds for each compression to achieve the desired bend. But squeezing them for a long time and counting the cherished numbers "up to 20", as advised in a number of forums and beauty portals, is not worth it. This will not affect the beauty of the eyelash break, but it is quite possible to curl the eyelashes to the state of "cool devil". Only it will not look so beautiful. And eyelashes twisted up to a ring-shaped condition you will straighten not one ten minutes.
  • Do not zealous with the heating temperature of the curler (in the case when, to enhance the effect, you heat the tongs with hot water or with a stream of hot air from a hair dryer). Excessively hot forceps are able to break the eyelashes and make not a smooth bend, but a bend at a sharp broken angle. This is due to the fact that under the influence of high temperatures, protective rubber liners become soft and sag, as a result of which they no longer protect the cilia from angular metal structures and it turns out to be really a fracture, not a bend. Remember, well pressing on the vice, you get a beautiful and fairly steep bend, even with cold tongs.

Photos from the site: kosmetista.ruwww.ko

  • Monitor the state of the protective rubber pads. If they began to sink or move away from the clutches there is a risk of breaking eyelashes.
  • When using a curler for eyelashes, watch how your elbows are fixed. It is better to perform the procedure on weight. Just with the elbows fixed on the support there is a risk that with one awkward movement the elbows may slip off the support and at the same time pull the forceps with their eyelashes trapped in them. It seems that the resulting “result” is not worth describing.

As you can see, the use of a curler is absolutely safe and, moreover, even necessary for stubborn and "dull" eyelashes. The curler "teaches" them to hold the desired bend. The main thing is to remember the safety rules. So feel free to use eyelash curlers and captivate those around you with a mysterious look.

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For a long time, all sorts of means were used by women to strive to make their eyes more expressive. Here both folk henchmen and cosmetics were used.

Recently, a device was invented that allows ladies to curl their eyelashes. However, many of the fair sex do not use this useful tool for one simple reason - they do not know how to do it correctly.

О том, как пользоваться щипцами для завивки ресниц, мы расскажем вам в этой статье.

Что из себя представляют щипцы для ресниц?

У подавляющего большинства девушек ресницы не имеют плавного, красивого изгиба. По этой причине они идут на многие жертвы, чтобы хоть немного приподнять их. Самой безопасной и доступной из них является использование такого нехитрого приспособления. Мало кто знает, но такие щипчики имеют свое собственное название – керлер.

By resorting to the use of such an object, the girls, because of the inability to use it, injure their eyelashes. However, subject to all the rules, the probability of harming your cilia will be reduced to the minimum numbers, and the result will not take long.

A curler has many forms:

  • Adaptation of a rectangular view with a falling “curtain”.
  • It may be a clip in the form of a clothespin.
  • May have the appearance of small scissors.

Important! The last option is the best eyelash curling iron, and therefore the most popular. It securely fixes the eyelashes and reduces the risk of their falling out or causing any other harm to a minimum. Most often, such tweezers are made of hard plastic or a reliable metal. The best material is the latter because of its reliability and long fixation.

A little about the principle of work:

  • Any model has a window. It anatomically repeats the shape of the part of the upper eyelid on which the eyelashes grow. On these windows along the edges are rubber pads that protect them from mechanical damage during compression.
  • The very twisting occurs due to the fact that the upper and lower bars of the device are compressed. Ultimately, due to the mechanical pressure of the eyelashes take the form given to them by the hostess.

When girls for the first time take such a device in their hands and still do not know how to properly use eyelash curlers, they are afraid of many factors, for example, to pinch the upper eyelid or completely pull out the eyelashes from the root.

Of course, getting used to the use of such an object is not immediately so easy, but you should not be afraid of such things either. One or two weeks of practice is enough, and such a procedure will be carried out with confidence: all fear will disappear after several repetitions.

So, to make your look several times more expressive and attractive, you should follow this procedure:

  • Fix the curler so that all the upper cilia fall into the window.

Important! Pay attention that the device is located near the base of the growth of eyelashes, but not near the mucosa of the upper eyelid. Otherwise - the risk of pinching the eyelid really will be.

  • When everything is securely fixed, the levers gently squeeze. This should be done with a little effort - so that the instrument strips are compressed. At this point, you can see how the eyelashes rise up. Clamping them needs 2-3 seconds.
  • When the grip is compressed for the first time, they will need to be loosened. Next, without removing the eyelashes from the window, move the forceps up a couple of millimeters.
  • Then you need to re-fix the eyelashes in this position, and re-compress the vice. This procedure is repeated 3 times, clamping the eyelashes in three places.
  • Having a twisting effect, the result is fixed in ink.

Important! In no case can not curl the eyelashes, if they had previously been applied mascara. Otherwise - crystallized cilia will begin to break and the look will be far from attractive.

Useful tips on using the tool

Even the fact that you absolutely follow the algorithm of using eyelash curlers does not guarantee a long-lasting result. Using the following tips, any girl will be able to extend the effect of curled eyelashes for a long time:

  • It is not necessary to tint the bend itself with ink, otherwise its wet consistency will straighten them and negate all efforts.
  • Too much mascara to apply, too, is not at risk of straightening eyelashes soon.
  • After applying mascara, you can draw a pencil of the root of the cilia. This is necessary to get rid of the contrast of tinted tips of the eyelashes and their roots. If the eyelashes are light - they are recommended to paint in advance.
  • Basic makeup is best applied before the procedure.
  • For additional fixation, you can apply the most common hairspray on your eyelashes (not from a bottle!). For this varnish sprinkle on the index finger, gently hold them on the cilia, slightly bending them as needed.
  • For a longer effect, the curler can be wetted with hot water and, curling the eyelashes, to blow on them with a hot stream of air from the dryer.
  • If the eyelashes are still unbent, you can use the most usual hot spoon. To return the volume enough to hold the back of the eyelashes.

Electric model

Many girls prefer the electric curler, calling it the best curling irons. Such models are rather an aid to their mechanical counterpart. It helps to return to the colored eyelashes their former volume.

Important! Its principle of operation is similar to that of a regular curling iron. But working only with "electricity", you can not achieve such a result as during the work of his mechanical "brother". It is recommended to first make a perm with a mechanical curler, and only then back it up with an electric one.

From this article you have learned a lot of new things. Now you will cease to be afraid and nevertheless will begin to use eyelash curlers. Remember that a beautiful, alluring look will never leave any passerby indifferent.

How to use eyelash curlers? The secret of a beautiful bend?

The most complete article on the topic: how to use eyelash curlers? the secret of the beautiful bend? and a little more for real beauties.

Many ladies prefer tongs over eyelash curlers. Until recently, the device was almost the only way to curl eyelashes, so the girls are in no hurry to give it up.

There is a myth that the device is bad for the condition of the hairs, but professional masters refute this assertion. In their opinion, the damage is caused not by the procedure itself, but by the inept use of forceps.

To find out if this is so, consider the main points.

The advantages of eyelash curlers:

  • eyelashes become bulky in minutes
  • The technology is considered the most harmless of all currently available.
  • daily use of forceps is acceptable when used correctly
  • low cost of the procedure in comparison with other methods.

Disadvantages of eyelash curlers:

  • in wet and windy weather, the effect of the procedure is reduced to zero,
  • incorrect use severely injures the eyelashes.

how to quickly grow eyelashes at home

How curling lashes work

The lower part of the device is equipped with two connectors for fingers, resembling the rings of nail scissors.

On the upper part, depending on the design, levers or springs are located. They end with two volumetric hemispheres, tightly adjacent to each other.

The bottom of the semicircle has a long groove, in which there is a dense silicone or rubber lining.

The upper semicircle has an identical radius, due to which, in contact, both parts are closed, forming a kind of puzzle, where the cilia are located between the two parts.

Tweezers are designed for curling eyelashes and only. Hairs are placed between the two hemispheres, then the device is closed and pulled up, held for some time, and then released.

How to choose eyelash curlers

Working with eyelashes has always been considered delicate, for this reason it is important to treat the process very seriously. If due to inexperience to purchase a device of dubious quality, you can easily lose your eyelashes.

A defective instrument cuts off hairs that are not so easy to grow. Refuse to buy forceps in underground passages, markets, small stalls with cosmetics.

Choose only professional stores that give a guarantee on their products.

  1. Take the forceps in your hand, pass your fingers into the holes, then make a few movements with them. If unpleasant grinding sounds appear, give up the purchase. The hemispheres should walk easily and freely without any extra effort on your part.
  2. Carefully inspect the silicone lining, which extends along the bottom base. It should not be very soft, so as not to crush eyelashes. Only with forceps with a hard rubber band can you give the hairs the desired curvature. The surface should not have "burrs", glue residues, cuts and other defects.
  3. Choose only those forceps, in which the elastic is fixed tightly. On a high-quality device, it does not falter when in contact with the upper semicircle.
  4. If you have decided that the tongs will be used daily, pay attention to the products equipped with additional gaskets. With regular curling, the gum wears out after 1.5 months of operation, after which they cannot be used.

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Types of eyelash curlers

  1. Metal tongs. Classic and most popular tool. The device is durable, durable, respect for the eyelashes. Negative feature of the device is the inability to twist the eyelashes painted with mascara.

  • Plastic tongs. Novelty in the world of lash industry. They allow you to curl up painted eyelashes, but do not find their consumers. Inconvenient design of the body does not allow to curl the eyelashes properly.
  • Spring tongs.

    These include both metal and plastic devices. The spring prevents excessive squeezing of the hemispheres, due to which it is extremely difficult for an inexperienced user to damage eyelashes. The disadvantage of the tool can be considered as a short life.

    Springs constantly fall out, making it difficult to twist.

    Important recommendations for curling eyelashes with forceps

    1. For the first time, the curl should be done slowly. Do not proceed with the procedure if you are in a hurry. Otherwise, the hand may slip off unintentionally, damaging the skin and tearing off the eyelashes.
    2. The procedure is carried out strictly before using mascara. The recommendation is also relevant for plastic forceps, which allow you to curl painted hairs.

    After applying the makeup eyelashes become fragile.

  • Before using tongs pour boiling water or hot air from a hairdryer.
  • Make sure that the rubber bands are always in good condition, check the tongs for defects. With their incorrect work, you risk cutting the hairs at the root.

  • Ladies who use the device every day are advised to take a break once a month. Duration varies from 5 to 10 days depending on the state of the eyelashes.
  • Every 4-5 days, spend therapy for eyelashes. Oil them with olive, castor, sea buckthorn or corn oil. Apply the composition on the hairs and go to bed.

  • Regardless of the length, the eyelashes always curl in three stages: at the base, in the middle, at the tips. Avoid prolonged squeezing, squeeze the hemispheres for no more than 5 seconds. Otherwise, the bend is not smooth, but angular, like a Barbie doll.
  • To fix the result, always apply only thick mascara.

    It is advisable to give preference to two-color cosmetics, consisting of black and white bases. White visually lengthens hairs, black - gives volume. You can also use cosmetics designed to maintain bending. To get the eyelashes fan out, master the new technology. The outer edge of the hairs curl slightly to the side, positioning the forceps accordingly.

    Take the middle and the inside at once, keep the device in the usual straight position.

  • Perform the procedure in a well-lit room. This may be sunlight or bright daytime lamps.
  • Curl only dry eyelashes.

    If you recently came out of the shower, pat your eyes with a cosmetic swab and wait 15 minutes for the moisture to evaporate from the hair structure. Can not use forceps on false eyelashes. The technology does not imply a stable glue base, as a result of which you can tear off the tape or tear out bundles. The same applies to extended eyelashes.

    In this case, if the artificial hair comes off, it will take with it the natural one. To comb curled eyelashes, use a special brush with natural bristles. It can even be used on mascara-covered hairs.

    We decided to try the technology of curling eyelashes with tongs? To get started, pick a quality tool, carefully examine the state of the silicone gaskets. Do not start the procedure 10 minutes before leaving the house, in order not to accidentally injure the skin of the eyelids and hairs. If you decide to use the device daily, try to take breaks once a month. Twist only dry eyelashes, use mascara strictly after curling.

    What is a device for curling eyelashes

    Pliers (or as they are called - curling iron, curl) is a device for twisting cilia, giving them a bend, which is not always possible to obtain as a result of using special mascara. They are mechanical and electrical. Curl lashes can be in the salon, using the services of a professional master, or at home, if you have a device for curling. The main thing is to first study the instructions for its use and follow it clearly.

    The technology of curling cilia, like any other cosmetic procedure, has its advantages. These include:

    1. Mobility. The devices are small in size and fit easily in a woman’s handbag.
    2. Ease of use. After 1-2 applications of the curler, you can easily carry out the procedure quickly and correctly.
    3. Availability. Curling eyelashes with the help of forceps and ploets is a cheap way to make the look more expressive.
    4. Do not cause allergic reactions in the form of itching and burning, unlike drugs applied to the hairs during other ways of curling.

    Anyway, the curler for eyelashes has disadvantages that must be considered before starting the procedure:

    1. Frequent perm can damage, deform the hairs. Use the device not daily, but only before an important event.
    2. If the forceps are used incorrectly, there is a risk of tearing, cutting off the eyelashes or curling them unevenly.
    3. Short term effect. With strong wind and high humidity, curled eyelashes quickly lose their curved shape.

    Today, many manufacturers produce tongs for curling eyelashes. All devices on the principle of action are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first perm is carried out manually by lifting the hairs at the roots, giving a bend in the middle and at the tips. Mechanical devices must necessarily be equipped with a silicone nozzle, otherwise the risk of damage to the hairs is very large.

    Elektrozavivki fix the bend using heat. They may look like a curler for eyelashes or a brush, work on the network and on batteries. Devices with a brush, except twisting, share the hairs, giving the shape of a fan. None of these forceps can be used for artificial eyelashes, because they can be burned. For curling hair extensions, there are special devices with a more gentle effect.

    Today, you can find different eyelash curlers on sale: low-cost and higher-quality professional, different manufacturer, principle of operation, the presence of nozzles, etc. It is possible to choose and buy devices both in an ordinary cosmetics shop, and in online stores, where it is possible to order delivery of a purchase by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia.

    How to use the eyelashes

    At first glance it may seem that curling cilia with forceps is a very difficult process, but in reality it is not. The technology consists of the following sequential actions:

    1. Remove makeup, wipe eyelashes with micellar water or other degreaser. Mascara keeps the hairs in shape, but makes them brittle, so removing cosmetics is a must-have procedure.
    2. Blot the cilia with a towel. Wet hairs are difficult to curl and straighten as it dries.
    3. Warm the silicone tips of the forceps with a hair dryer or dip the device in warm water (only then dry the surface of the attachment). So the wave will be more effective, and the result will last longer.
    4. Press the curl firmly to the lash line. Do this very carefully, so as not to pinch or damage the skin of the eyelids.
    5. Raise the eyebrow, apply an arc, grab the eyelashes. Next, silicone pads need to hold and fix for 5-6 seconds, repeating the movement 2-3 times. Long one-time clamping can damage the hairs.
    6. Slightly open the handles of the forceps, move the device to the middle, and then the tips, repeating the compression of the arcs each time. Do not pull the device, otherwise you can pull out the hairs.
    7. Apply mascara.
    8. Rinse the device with warm water after each use, change the silicone pads as you wear.
    9. Throw away the appliance if it shows signs of corrosion or damage.

    Electric Shaving

    Electric eyelash curler is often used to restore the lost effect after applying a mechanical device. Electrosavings can be used on dyed hairs. The technology is as follows:

    1. Turn on the device and warm up for the time specified in the instructions.
    2. Brush the brush along the entire length of the cilia, starting from the roots, as if painting them with mascara.
    3. По окончании завивки выключите устройство, протрите щеточку спиртовой салфеткой.
    4. Каждое приспособление для завивки имеет свою инструкцию по применению, которую нужно обязательно изучать перед началом эксплуатации.

    Какие лучше

    На первый взгляд может показаться, что какой прибор для завивки ресничек ни возьми – они все одинаковы. В действительности же это не так и обзор лучших приспособлений поможет понять, в чем разница:

    1. Shu Uemura. A well-known Japanese cosmetics manufacturer presents curling tongs with an interesting clamp design that allows you to tighten up any cilia, a convenient shape of the handle rings. The device has a smooth ride, elastic silicone nozzles with a spare copy in the kit.
    2. MAS. These forceps are equipped with hard pads that are safe for natural cilia and do not threaten damage during curling. The downside of the device is that these silicone nozzles are relatively quickly (depending on the frequency of operation) wear out, and the spare ones are only in the complete set in a single copy, you cannot buy them separately.
    3. Shiseido. Find a device of this company is difficult, but if you want it is possible. The device is very similar to Shu Uemura products, with the exception of two differences. The first - Shiseido has uncomfortable handles in the form of droplets, and the second - these forceps are equipped with unique clips that raise the cilia almost vertically. This property helps to widely "open" the eyes of those with hanging eyelids.
    4. Sephora. The price of these curlers is significantly lower compared to the previous ones, they are equipped with hard volumetric pads that twist soft eyelashes well. In addition, the handles of the device have silicone inserts, thanks to which the fingers do not slip, there are two replaceable nozzles in the set, and the forceps themselves are made in a bright pink color.
    5. Zinger Curlers of this company are presented in two versions: with the usual form of arcs and non-standard, less convex. Such a device is unlikely to be convenient for women with low eyebrows, overhanging eyebrows and deep-set eyes.
    6. De.Co. The device refers to the budget products for curling cilia and differs from the rest of the unusual pen. It is without rings on the tips, so it is difficult to hold the device, fingers slide off when the spring is released.
    7. No Name. The design of the curlers is weak, the clips are short, for eyes with a large incision will not work. Silicone nozzles are very soft, they are pressed even under weak pressing, so pulling out several eyelashes is not difficult.

    The cost of forceps depends on their quality, ease of use, fame of the manufacturer, etc. Prices for devices in the Moscow region are as follows:

    : how to curl eyelashes with a teaspoon

    Do you know such a case: you curl your eyelashes, they are instantly curled up, but it is worth putting any mascara - the eyelashes fall again. If this case is about you, then I share my advice, how can you still save the bend ...

    And who has no problems with this, you can safely browse further))

    My life hack is simple in just three steps, and perhaps not a secret to many. But still, I have never seen anyone do something like this ... Perhaps I only have this problem, but still it’s worth a try ...

    By nature I have short and straight eyelashes. As I just did not trick and was looking for ways to still achieve a beautiful bend ...

    My eyelashes without mascara:

    1) Base for mascara

    For the sake of fairness, I will use different products in different eyes.

    - Bases under ink from me from Dermacol and from Eveline.

    - ink from Colistar and GOSH.

    Products are completely different in their characteristics, but this method works equally well on all of them.

    The first . I apply on base the eyelashes, it is possible in two layers. I'm waiting for it to dry

    The second . Curling eyelashes with forceps. Hold 5-10 seconds. You can curl as you like, I love to grab the lashes at the very roots.

    Third . Paint the eyelashes with mascara.

    : I did not try to carefully and carefully paint over eyelashes and this post is not a review on the mascara. This is a post about how to achieve curled eyelashes with any mascara ...

    Nothing special. Everything is very simple.

    Thus, the base under the mascara thickens eyelashes and makes it harder, as a result, the bend from the eyelash curl keeps well and the mascara does not spoil this bend ...

    I hope my way of painting the eyelashes will help someone and for someone there will be less of one problem)
    For me, this method is a lifeline! Ike

    Rules for using eyelashes

    At first glance, the eyelash curler looks pretty intimidating. But following all the rules, you cannot harm yourself. Most importantly, remember that the rush in this matter is not needed.

    Use forceps only on completely clean eyelashes without mascara. This is very important, as the mascara can stick the cilia to the rubberized liners of the forceps, thereby causing you pain or damaging the structure of the eyelashes. Before starting to twist, forceps should be heated. To do this, soak them in hot water for a few seconds, or substitute it under a stream of hot air from a hair dryer.

    Fix the heated forceps at the base of the cilia, press the brackets and hold for 6-10 seconds. After that, gently slide the instrument and repeat the procedure. Repeat these actions 2-3 times, each time moving the forceps up to the tips of the eyelashes. At the same time, the central cilia bend upwards, and the lateral cilia growing on the outside of the eye, upwards with a bias towards the temples. Thus, you get the effect of "cat's eye."

    Check the condition of the forceps before each use. Pay special attention to the rubber layer - in case of damage or mixing in the direction it should be immediately replaced to avoid damage to the eyelashes and eyelids. In conclusion, do not forget to fix the "twisted" effect with the help of ink.

    Out and I got cilia! I'll tell you how to use them correctly to get a beautiful bend and all the cilia remained in place. And show photos of cilia before, after and with mascara!

    No matter how trite it may sound, only those girls, whom nature has generously rewarded with such eyelashes, do not dream of beautiful, dark, long and curved eyelashes. She ignored me, and she gave my dream eyelashes to my brother. And I was left with short, light and straight eyelashes, which are not even noticeable, as if I had “bald” eyes, and with mascara I could see only in profile.

    Of course, they now offer a lot of tools and procedures in order to get beautiful eyelashes, and I tried a lot, except that I did not increase eyelashes (I'm afraid that my fragile eyelashes will fall off along with the enlarged ones, although I do not blame) I had all sorts of twisting mascaras, oils, Kareprost and other serums, and even false eyelashes, but I decided that there would be enough experiments with me (except to feed them with periodic oils) and returned with my good old eyelash curlers.

    I learned about such a device back in school. I began to use makeup quite late - only in the 10th grade, but I immediately began to choose spinning mascaras (I remember, my first was from Meibellin in a blue tube and with a curved brush). But they gave a short-term effect, the bend held on for a couple of hours, and in wet weather the eyelashes, like the hair, instantly became straight. And the forceps gave the bend so well, which lasted until the evening, that they settled in my beautician forever. Our friendship has lasted for almost 15 years!

    Zinger Classic EYE-100 Eyelash Curler I bought a replacement for past JUST forceps.

    Now tell How to use eyelash curlers:

    1) use only on dry eyelashes. If you have just washed your face and went to do makeup - let your eyelashes dry well - wet eyelashes do not curl well or at all,

    2) use only before using mascara and serum (if you apply it, otherwise it happens that serum is applied first, then the eyelashes are dyed with mascara). First, using forceps, you can remove mascara from your eyelashes and you still have to tint, and secondly, eyelashes with mascara become heavier and thicker, so curl them easily and beautifully will not work,

    3) do not hold the forceps to the roots of the eyelashes - so you can easily tear them! Back out about 2-3 mm from the roots and then just start curling eyelashes,

    4) some curl eyelashes, strongly holding them once at the roots - it is better not to do so. First, because eyelashes are obtained without a beautiful bend and look like sticking sticks, secondly, it severely injures eyelashes - you get one strong room,

    5) make several small clips, smoothly moving the forceps from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes - this is how several small “steps” come out, which the forceps pass along the eyelash. This will give them a beautiful natural curve that will last all day,

    6) the main thing in curling eyelashes with forceps is light movements without strong pressure, so do not overdo it, but look at the thickness of your eyelashes - if this is the first time you have a slight bend, then go over the eyelashes a second time. But do not overdo it, otherwise you injure your eyelashes or get an unnatural bend.

    And now visual photos (I apologize for the fuzzy photos, macro weather does not work well in cloudy weather):

    1) my usual eyelashes, if you can see them at all ((

    How to use the eyelash curler in stages at home?

    Hello everyone, friends!

    How are you feeling? How was black friday? Did you manage to buy the necessary goods? Or maybe you ignore such actions? I usually take discounts more calmly, I probably do not believe it. But having received a text message on the phone from a Korean cosmetics retailer in her city and, having learned about 50% discounts, she succumbed to the herd instinct and ran for her favorite means.

    But that is not all. Over the weekend, I decided to do an audit in my lockers, throw out the unnecessary, and in the hope of finding something interesting. Something I still found - tweezers, which bought 2 years ago. You can say, I just forgot about them, but this thing works, if everything is done correctly.

    How to use eyelash curlers at home? I will try to answer this question in this article. And I will talk about the types of this accessory, prices, its advantages and disadvantages, the choice and other nuances.

    Highlights when choosing eyelashes

    When choosing tweezers, try to choose a quality tool. Nippers are divided into 2 types: plastic and metal. Unlike metal, plastic very quickly fail. That is why it is better to give preference to a more durable material.

    Before buying, be sure to check for rubber discs between the plates. They must be firmly fixed and not have the slightest damage. For the best effect, choose a hard rubber lining.

    The secrets of using eyelashes

    Makeup artists recommend using forceps for girls with short or long but straight eyelashes.

    But the owners of round and large eyes, they are advised to abandon any kind of curling cilia, including using this tool. If you want to slightly narrow round eyes, give them a more elongated shape, you can curl eyelashes that grow in the outer corners of the eyes. In this case, the cilia must be clamped with forceps upwards with a bias towards the temporal zone. And in the end you need to cover them with ink in several layers.

    Lovers of natural makeup after using forceps can tint only the roots of curled cilia, without touching their tips. And most importantly - do not overdo it with mascara! Otherwise, instead of pretty coquette, you risk turning into a naive doll Malvinu.

    What are the accessories for curling eyelashes?

    Girls at all times sought to make their eyelashes thicker and longer, when there was no mascara yet, they curled them with hot nails or hot spoons. Beauty is a terrible power! I would never have dared, because it is possible to lose the last eyelashes or accidentally get into the eye.

    Now everything is easier. Somewhere in the middle of the last century, special eyelash curlers were invented, which eased the plight of women and made them much more attractive. After all, a gaze with a bewitching eyelash has always been considered more seductive and gave it to the owner of femininity and sophistication.

    Do you know how eyelash curlers are actually called? A curler! Same curlers in English? Yes?

    This tool is for those who by nature have straight and looking down eyelashes, well, for all the fair sex mascara, which the mascara does not help and they want more bending of their eyelashes. Beautiful open look - the best decoration of the girl!

    Nowadays, you can curl your eyelashes with the help of:

    They look like small scissors. The upper part of them consists of two plates, exactly the same shape as the eye, and a spring, which allows you to hold the eyelashes.

    I have exactly such. Firstly, they are very easy to use, secondly, they practically do not harm the eyelashes, and thirdly, they are safer for the eyes. Among the shortcomings can be called time to use them.

    This view, as the name suggests, works only from electricity: from a direct source or from a battery. I managed to test thermoscillars so far only in a beauty salon with a makeup artist. Previously, they were considered professional, but now anyone can purchase them.

    Heated tongs can also be different, some act on the principle of mechanical, that is, by clamping the eyelashes between the plates, while others work like a curling iron.

    These accessories shorten the time for the perm, the result from them is more durable, although the makeup artist who did my makeup said that it’s better to use two devices at once, then the effect will last much longer.

    But the trouble is in the other, it is often impossible to use them, because they can damage the cilia because of their heat exposure, especially if the heating temperature is too high. Well, of course, you can use them only if there is electricity, but this is not a problem in our time.

    But for false eyelashes there are special tweezers for their curls with plastic coating, but now you can find electrical options in stores that are suitable for both artificial and natural cilia.

    What to look for when choosing tongs?

    Now many people buy products via the Internet, and they rely primarily on reviews written both in the store itself and on other services with recommendations. Some make their choice, based on the price and brand, this is also true, because a quality product is more expensive, but sometimes you can find an analogue cheaper, but not inferior to the branded one.

    I think many people know that well-known American and European brands invest a decent part of their money in advertising.

    But how to choose tongs in a regular store and what should be considered when buying this accessory, I will tell further.

    1. If you choose electric tongs, then give up the tongs that are very hot, the most optimal temperature is 40 degrees. So you can keep your eyelashes healthy, otherwise heating can be harmful to them, eyelashes can become brittle, dull and lifeless.
    2. When choosing a mechanical accessory, be sure to have rubber (silicone) tips. Some firms even put a couple of spare ones, which is a good sign, because such a manufacturer takes care of its customers. If you have these gum spoil, you can easily change them at home, saving on the purchase of a new high-grade accessory.
    3. And the last tip. Hold the tweezers themselves in your hands, see if they are comfortable, do not slip out of your fingers, or if they are easily pressed and unclenched. The metallic version will last longer than plastic. There are handles with rings, and there are without them, everyone is comfortable in different ways.

    How is the process of curling?

    The best instructor for you can be a mother or grandmother. After all, as I already said, this device has been used since the last century. And perhaps your older generation actively used this accessory to improve their image. Do not believe, and you ask!

    Well, for those who have not found an adviser, but really want to find out how to curl their eyelashes with the help of a curler, I suggest studying the following instruction, which gradually examines all the steps of using this accessory.

    Especially it is useful for beginners, because with the wrong application of forceps, you can stay without eyelashes. I exaggerate, of course, but some points you need to know.

    1. To begin, you need to wash, because curling eyelashes need only clean, non-fat. If you apply makeup, do it before applying the forceps to the eyelashes. It can be sequential or selective: concealer, eye primer, eye shadow, eyeliner, pencil. But so far no mascara! Although you may not need it at all.
    2. If you are using the electric version, do not forget to turn on the device and wait for it to heat up, usually the indicator is used for this. Mechanical forceps must first be slightly warmed, under hot water or with an air jet of a hair dryer.
    3. Go to the mirror, take an accessory and fix their eyelashes to them, for this you need to put the forceps near the base of the growth of eyelashes, so that they fall into the space between the plates. Then squeeze the device, but be careful not to damage the upper eyelid.
    4. At this point, the eyelashes should lift up, stay in this position for a couple of seconds. Then slightly loosen the grip and move the forceps slightly upwards, literally 2 mm, and then fix the eyelashes for 2 seconds. Then again loosen and slide the device, fix. And so you should get 3 times. Если не завились ресницы у внешнего края глаза, то их можно проработать отдельно.
    5. Можете попробовать не сдвигать щипцы, а просто фиксировать ресницы на несколько секунд и отпускать. Но предыдущий вариант позволит вам продлить сделанный результат и позволит избавиться от некрасивого залома.
    6. Now you can use mascara, only you will have to apply it not from the growth of eyelashes, but mostly closer to the tips, because if you use mascara at the bend, then consider that all your labors went down the drain. Then you can still walk on the eyelashes with electric tweezers (curling iron).

    Well, that's all, try, train, do not be afraid, but be careful in moderation!

    I advise you to watch a great video in which everything is explained and shown in detail.

    • In order to hygiene do not forget to clean the device, for this you can use an alcohol wipe.
    • Never use tongs on top of the carcass, as this breaks them off. I was so impatient to try, that I began to wield this device without having studied the instructions, for which I paid.
    • If you are in a hurry, it’s better to do it with a single mascara, since using forceps is not the fastest thing. Although with daily practice the skill increases.
    • But experts, do not advise to use this accessory all the time, as over time it may adversely affect the eyelashes.
    • Do not use forceps with high humidity or wind, so pay attention to the weather conditions outside the window.

    At this point I finish the article. If you have not tried eyelashes, then I advise you to do it. The result will not keep you waiting long. There are models that are not expensive at all, the price for them is about 100 rubles. There are more expensive - about 300-400. The cost of electric tongs can also be different, I met both for 250 and several thousand.

    I want to change my accessory, as it has a little damaged rubber. Every day I will not curl my eyelashes, as I have enough and mascara. But on holidays - why not?


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