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Advantages and disadvantages of using glass furniture


With the development of methods for processing glass by melting the possibility of manufacturing interior items of non-standard forms. As an example, a screen made of a glass plate of an even or curved shape can be cited. You can go even further and cite as an example a glass chair or a chair that can add zest to the interior. Of course, in this case It is important to match the style of furniture with the general appearance of the room.

Another widely used method of processing glass is the joining of glass sheets without the use of other materials. In this way, it is possible to create furniture that will contain other material inside..

Of the other popular methods of manufacturing glass furniture can be noted a combination of glass with metal and wood, the use of glass as a single piece of furniture, as the legs or side surfaces. At the same time glass can be fluted, smooth or undulating. Glass tables with grooves in the table top look very impressive.

The disadvantages of glass furniture

Along with the advantages, glass furniture has its drawbacks, more precisely, only one drawback -high price. After all, such products, as a rule, are made according to the sketches of master designers with further complex processing on special, expensive equipment. Unless you're looking for something simpler and more common..

Previously, glass furniture could only be purchased abroad, as local manufacturers were not able to produce it. Prices in this case ranged from 200 to 2000 euros for a single product. Today the situation is changing. Local firms began to actively develop the production technology of such furniture, which significantly influenced its price. So now almost any client can afford to buy even a small glass piece of furniture, but it is able to decorate and add flavor to any room.

Interior design with furniture with glass elements

The most important property of glass is that it is perfectly combined with both metal and wood. This allows such furniture to fit into almost any interior. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to use clear glass. It can be matte or color. Also very often a drawing is applied on its surface using photo printing or sandblasting technology. This all greatly expands the possibility of using such furniture.

A large variety of models greatly expands the scope of use. Using glass creates coffee tables, facades, bookshelves, bathroom furniture. Processing technology allows you to create interior items of any shape, which allows designers to translate virtually all of their ideas, as well as satisfy customer needs.

Performance characteristics of glass furniture

Despite the external fragility, it is quite strong and meets the basic criteria of reliability and safety. As a rule, when used on the facades, the glass is glued over with a film on the back side, which does not allow it to scatter into small pieces upon impact. When using hot glass, for example, in the kitchen, you can not be afraid to put hot objects on it. In addition, it is able to withstand significant blows.

Such material is not subject to the appearance of fungi and mold on it, and also it is not afraid of water. This allows you to safely use it in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Care is periodically wiped with a soft cloth to remove dust and traces of drops or fingerprints.

The advantages of glass furniture

  1. To care for glass furniture is quite simple, one mirror cleaner is enough, and glassware will not lose its luster.
  2. Unlike other materials, glass is not subject to fire.
  3. Glass gives design lightness, lightness. Through the use of this material, the room looks elegant, even weightless.
  4. Glass furniture visually makes the room spacious, thanks to this property, glass furniture is used in the design of small rooms.
  5. Furniture made of glass does not cause allergic reactions.
  6. Despite the airiness, glass is a durable material. In the manufacture of furniture used tempered glass, which makes heavy loads.
  7. Under the sun, glass furniture begins to shine and sparkle, from which any room will become fun and bright.
  8. Glass is a very durable material, it does not rot, is not exposed to the effects of parasites, and corrosion is not dangerous to it, which means that furniture made from such material will last for many years without losing the originality of its appearance.
  9. In the hands of a good specialist, glass turns into unique things, and the design with glass furniture becomes exclusive and original.
  10. Glass furniture today has become a trend, so the choice of such furniture becomes obvious for those who follow fashion.
  11. Glass furniture perfectly combines absolutely with all existing styles in the design of the premises.

The disadvantages of glass furniture

  1. Such furniture requires simple, but regular maintenance, since dust is noticeable on the glass, there are traces of hands or dishes. In addition, glass furniture should be operated carefully, protecting it from impacts, otherwise the glass surface may become chipped or scratched. Masking such damage on the glass is impossible.
  2. It is necessary to approach the choice of furniture from glass especially carefully, as such furniture can deprive a room of a cosiness, to make an interior "cold".
  3. Interior with glass furniture requires maintaining perfect order, as glass does not hide anything, unlike a traditional cabinet. In addition, not everyone likes to see those who dine on the glass countertop.
  4. Glass feels cold to the touch, and it is sometimes uncomfortable, and when it touches a solid object, glass produces a clearly audible knock, for many it does not cause positive emotions.
  5. Today, glass is used to decorate almost any room. Considering the pros and cons of this material, glass furniture can create a unique interior, which will be comfortable and cozy.

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If you decide that glass furniture is the ideal solution for your apartment, but you do not know how to choose it correctly, then we will read further. Today, a huge number of glass products are produced: coffee and dining tables, bedside and TV cabinets, cabinet doors and kitchen sets, kitchen countertops, as well as bathroom shelves, dressers, chairs, screens and even whole walls!

In order for glass to take on an aesthetic and safe appearance, it is treated in various ways, the most standard and popular among which is beveling. After this treatment, an elegant frame appears on the edges of the product. Sometimes glass is decorated with additional drawings, stained glass or spraying.

By the way, it is important to clarify with the seller whether the glass surface has a protective film, which becomes a good protection in case the glass breaks: if there is one, then all the fragments will remain inside the film.

Carefully inspect its general condition: it is not enough to see such furniture in a photo or on an advertising brochure; it is necessary to evaluate it live. It should not be, even the smallest, scratches and chips, in the thickness of the glass should not be viewed voids and small bubbles.

Mounts of individual elements must have rubber gaskets, be sure to make sure they are available. Observing these simple rules, you can choose high-quality and reliable furniture, which, if properly cared for, can serve you for many years.

Advantages and disadvantages

Furniture made of glass, like any other furniture has its own specific advantages and, moreover, disadvantages. The advantages of such furniture include:

  • The ability to give the room or office the effect of transparency and beauty.
  • Possessing a seemingly fragile high margin of safety.
  • Attractive appearance that can persist for a long time.
  • Easy care.
  • Ability to be combined with furniture from other materials.

In fairness, there are some drawbacks to glass furniture. Judging by the few reviews include:

  • Transparency, because of which some people are not comfortable.
  • When you touch the glass with your hands sometimes you may experience discomfort.
  • Fingerprints remain on the glass and therefore more frequent care is needed.

Despite these not very serious flaws, such furniture is always a guarantee of elegance in any interior.

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to create glass furniture of any shapes, colors and shades, the buyer only needs to choose furniture that will harmoniously fit into the interior of his apartment or office. Many are afraid to buy glass furniture because of its fragility, which is not entirely true.

At this time, glass furniture is made of special tempered glass, which must also be tried to break it. So the strength of such furniture is not much different from the furniture made from other materials.

If, however, the glass is broken, there is no danger of cutting, since modern glass furniture products are made of two glued together glass sheets and the broken pieces remain on a sticky basis. The presence of glass furniture in an apartment or office speaks of the refined taste and purity of the soul of its owner.

The advantages of glass interior

The main advantage of glass furniture is absolute harmony with any styles from the world of interior design. Any textures, materials and colors are elegantly combined with glass, which improves and emphasizes the interior of the room. The effect of harmony is achieved thanks to the ability of glass to be easily decorated - gilding, spraying, framing with metal allows you to give the glass any style.

The advantages of glass furniture

The fragility of the glass can scare away, but modern methods of processing and protecting the material suggest its strength and ability to resist damage. The calcined glass is able to withstand a serious load, which is used in bedside tables and tables, and a special layer is applied to the surface of the mirrors to protect it from mechanical effects.

Glass furniture not only aesthetically transforms the space, but also visually increases its volume. The presence of a glass table in the room visually adds air to the space due to the transparent surfaces through which the light passes. Glass furniture is particularly relevant for small rooms, which due to the play of light visually increase in volume.