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Body thermometer: which type will be more accurate and safer


Electronic thermometers operate on the principle of determining the characteristics of a thermistor (heat sensitive element). All changes fall into a special module of the device, where they are converted into digital data, which are temperature values. They are displayed on a convenient informative display. This selection will introduce you to several of the most relevant models of electronic thermometers, after which it remains only to choose the one that is best suited to perform the necessary tasks.

OMRON Eco Temp Basic (MC-246-RU) - optimal functional model

Electronic thermometer has only the necessary functionality, without unnecessary "bells and whistles", so the word "Basic" is present in its name.

The device is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials. Its plastic case will withstand a fall from a height, so the service life of the device will be long.

The model has options that meet all modern standards. The device works with high accuracy, the error is in the region of 0.1 degrees. Available measurement methods: oral, axillary and rectal. The package includes a protective case and one battery for power.


  • minimum error
  • fast data processing speed - 1 minute
  • strength of materials
  • moisture protection of the case,
  • turns off automatically
  • sound signals,
  • low price - 260 p.


B.Well WT-03 - function of storing the last result

The model has an option that allows the device to memorize the result of the last measurement. An electronic thermometer is made of a durable and moisture-resistant material.

The device works in three ways: rectal, axillary or oral. After the measurement a sound signal is given, indicating that the work has been completed and you can see the result. Data processing is done in a short time.


  • the error is 0.1 degrees,
  • fast data processing - 1 minute
  • turns off automatically
  • durable materials with moisture protection,
  • low cost - 180 p.


A & D DT-501 - Japanese model

Unlike analogs, the model is made in Japan and is of high quality, which was tested directly in the factory.

The device is a leader in the initial and middle price segment. The device measures the temperature of a person in three ways: rectal, axillary and oral.

The error is not more than 0.1 degrees, which indicates the high accuracy of the results. All data is displayed on an informative display. There is an option to memorize the latest results. The kit includes a protective case.


  • minimum error
  • fast data collection and analysis speed - 1 minute
  • turns off automatically
  • sound notification informing about the completion of work,
  • moisture protection,
  • low price - 240 p.


Microlife MT 167 - Universal Model

Electronic thermometer has a flexible tip that allows you to use the device in a variety of situations.

Measuring methods include rectal, axillary and oral. After the peak temperature has been reached, the device gives an information signal that you can familiarize yourself with the result.

The model is made of durable and moisture-resistant plastic gray. The hull is not afraid of falls. Information is displayed on a special backlit display.


  • the error is not more than 0.1 degrees,
  • quick result delivery - within 1 minute,
  • turns off automatically
  • protective case included,
  • low price - 260 p.


Maman FDTH-V0-3 - fun and bright design

Thanks to its bright design, the electronic thermometer is perfect for measuring the temperature in children. Differs security. The device is made of impact-resistant and moisture-resistant plastic. Measuring methods include rectal, axillary and oral.

The measurement error is not more than 0.1 degrees, which indicates the high accuracy of the device. At the end of the work beeps. The set comes in a plastic protective case for storage. Food is carried out from one finger-type battery.


  • minimum error
  • fast data collection and analysis - no more than 1 minute
  • turns off automatically
  • remembers the last dimension
  • backlit display for working in a poorly lit room,
  • acceptable cost - 320 p.


Balio VT-19 - alarm signal at elevated temperature

The model has an alarm function in case of exceeding the normal temperature. The device will also notify with a sound when the measurement work is completed or the charge drops to the minimum mark.

The electronic thermometer is made of impact-resistant plastic, there is a flexible tip. The package includes a convenient protective case in which you can store the device. Measurement is carried out by the axillary, oral and rectal methods.


  • the error is not higher than 0.1 degrees,
  • turns off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity,
  • remembers the last measurements,
  • acceptable price - 370 p.


LAICA MD6082 - the best value for money

The model has all the necessary functionality: it makes measurements with high accuracy, remembers the latest results, sounds a beep upon completion of work, automatically turns off after ten minutes of inactivity.

The electronic thermometer is made of durable plastic with a coating that protects against moisture. The display is equipped with a backlight for easy reading of information in a dark room.


  • the error is not more than 0.1 degrees,
  • time to get the result - up to 1 minute
  • comes in a protective case,
  • acceptable price - 420 p.


Philips Avent SCH550 / 20 - bath toy model

The model is used to measure the air and water temperature in the room. Ideal for families with young children, allowing parents to control the temperature so that the child does not become too cold or feel uncomfortable because of the heat.

The product meets all safety requirements. Made in the form of a cute toy, which may be interested in the baby. Designed for any children's age. Works in the temperature range from 10 to 45 degrees. Powered by two conventional batteries.


  • the error is not more than 0.1 degrees,
  • the presence of the display.


  • no auto-off function,
  • relatively expensive - 1 thousand rubles.

Mercury thermometer


Common to most device for measuring temperature. A glass flask with a capillary that contains mercury. Such a thermometer is also called the maximum, because the column from mercury rises to the last heating point - and without shaking it does not fall.


Mercury thermometer is the most accurate, but also the most dangerous because of mercury. It is a dangerous metal for humans, whose vapors adversely affect health.

Breaking such a thermometer can cause serious problems.

Galstanovy thermometer


Externally similar to mercury, but there is no mercury in it. Instead, a mixture of liquid metals — gallium, indium, and tin. This mixture is called Galinstan. Unlike mercury, it is harmless to humans. If such a thermometer is broken, then you can not run around in a panic around the room, collecting malicious balls.


A minus of Galstanov thermometers - you have to work hard to bring down the performance by at least 3 ° C. Galinstan is not as mobile as mercury and flows through the glass tube of the thermometer with difficulty. This type of thermometer also requires a very tight fit to the body. Without it, the thermometer may show incorrect values.

Digital Thermometer


It looks modern. A plastic tube with a display, through the transparent case shine through the wiring. The temperature measurement time is 3-5 minutes, the result is displayed on the display. The thermometer informs when the measurement is completed with a shrill squeak. An additional bonus is that up to the last 25 measurements of the device can be stored in the thermometer’s memory.


The electronic thermometer can be divided into two main disadvantages. The first is the cost, which reaches 1000 rubles for 1 piece. The second is an inaccurate result without a snug fit of the device to the body. Therefore, young children to measure the temperature of such a thermometer is problematic. They cannot sit still for a second.

Infrared thermometer


Electronic infrared thermometer is designed to measure body temperature and the environment. Using this type of device is simple and convenient, especially for measuring body temperature in children, since it does not need to disturb the child.

Temperature measurement will take no more than 1 second, and the indicators in large numbers will be displayed on the device display. The functional features of the device allow you to save in his memory the data of the last measurement.


Infrared thermometer is very expensive - from 1200 rubles and above. The actual error of the device ± 0,2 ° С. In order to achieve accuracy it is necessary to conduct a series of measurements. At the same time, it is necessary to use such a device strictly on certain areas of the body - on the forehead, temples or in the auricle.

Which thermometer gives more accurate results?

Have modern measuring instruments surpassed the usual mercury thermometer from childhood? We conducted our own experiment to find out the advantages and disadvantages of all four types of thermometers.

In the laboratory, a container with water, a heating element and a compressor is installed to evenly distribute the liquid and maintain the set temperature - 36.2 ° C. As a standard measurement tool - mercury, laboratory thermometer verified. Everything is ready for the experiment.

For the experiment, in the nearest pharmacy, we purchased two infrared thermometers, two Galine thermometers, three electronic thermometers, and four ordinary mercury thermometers, one of them in a protective case.
Analyzing the results. The first electronic thermometer showed 36.3 ° С, the second - 36.1 ° С, the third - 35.9 ° С.

We look at the mercury. The thermometer readings in a protective film - 36. 1 ° C, its “neighbor” without a film - the same. From this conclusion - the presence of the film does not affect the result. The third showed 36.2 ° С, the fourth - 36.2 ° С.

Analyzing the readings of Galinstan thermometers. The first is 36.1 ° C, the second is 36.2 ° C.

The last in the experiment involved two infrared thermometer. The first device showed a temperature of 36.3 ° C. The second is 37.1 ° C.

So which thermometer to choose?

The experiment has shown that mercury and galcine thermometers are the most accurate of all. Also, the readings of electronic thermometers are quite correct. They are all close to real values. One of the infrared thermometers failed the exam.

A mercury thermometer is the most accurate and versatile of all. But such a thermometer must be used with great care. Keep it in a case out of the reach of children.

If you break the thermometer, contact a specialist, check if dangerous mercury balls are hidden in secret places. Remember: mercury has no smell and its vapors are not visible to the naked eye, and only one broken thermometer can cause chronic poisoning of all people living in the apartment.

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How to choose

Puzzled by the purchase of a thermometer, you need to identify the necessary selection criteria. All types of thermometers have different parameters, and, accordingly, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of device.

  1. The electronic type becomes the most purchased product for temperature measurement, and all because it is very easy to use and absolutely safe. But its disadvantage is that the measurements shown are less accurate than with a mercury thermometer. Yes, and for the price of such devices often bite.
  2. Mercury type - a classic, never going out of fashion, and most importantly, the confidence of parents. The accuracy of temperature measurement at altitude, but there is a significant disadvantage, since these devices are the most dangerous. Glass is very fragile and God forbid to break the device, as mercury can cause great health problems.
  3. Infrared type. Such devices read any vibrations of infrared radiation reaching the object and convert them to digital value. In terms of safety, they are on top, but accuracy is inferior to mercury "brothers".

Top manufacturers

On the modern market a large variety of brands provided and the abundance of the question arises: "Which company is better?". You can not try to discover America, but give preference to time-tested firms. In the production of children's thermometers, AND DT, B.Well, Sensitec, Omron companies have recommended themselves well.

These manufacturers produce both low-end models and more advanced, multifunctional devices. If you read reviews about the products of these companies, most of them will be positive.

Top best baby thermometers

One of the most convenient and best thermometers can be called the invention of the company ITherm. They came up with an intelligent thermometer. Externally, the invention is similar to an electronic watch: a strap and a screen. The device functions from batteries, there is one button on the dial, pressing which you activate the device operation. On the same digital display there is information on the child's temperature, on the inside there is a special thermal sensor.

With the help of a thin strap, the device is fixed to the underarm area, and the data is constantly transmitted to the mobile phone using Bluetooth. As a result, you are constantly aware of how your baby feels. You do not need to constantly jump up to the bed, and you just have to look at the screen of your phone. The principle of operation is remote, which provides comfort to both the baby and parents.

How much is such a pleasure?

The price is quite high - 4150 rubles. If you are looking for where it is profitable to buy, then it is better to give preference to the manufacturer’s official website in order to avoid acquiring a fake.

Features of electronic thermometers

Many experts recommend switching from traditional glass thermometers to electronic ones. The rationale for this tip is the known risk of damage to the hull, which causes mercury to evaporate. Nevertheless, apart from this danger, an ordinary thermometer has almost no flaws. These are waterproof and anti-allergic devices that are also convenient to use. But the electronic thermometer, reviews of which mark many operational advantages, will be useful in the home first-aid kit. Such models are good for their speed and absolute safety, in terms of ecology.

But the main separation between the two concepts lies in the accuracy of measurements. The fact is that a glass thermometer is well manifested itself in working with dynamic readings, allowing you to reliably assess the patient's condition. Strangely enough, high-tech digital devices can not boast the same quality of measurements, which, again, confirm the contradictory reviews. Electronic thermometers are less dependent on external influences, but the principle of determining the temperature regime by means of a special conductor implies a high proportion of error.

Varieties of models

There are conventional wired electronic models, infrared and non-contact. In each case, their own characteristics of operation and nuances of measurements are assumed. It is also necessary to take into account the classification of devices according to the place of measurement - for example, there are oral models, frontal modifications, axillaries, etc. One should also make an adjustment for age. For example, an electronic thermometer for a newborn has its own characteristics, which are expressed in a compact body and more durable body materials. By the way, there are original models for babies that resemble an ordinary pacifier. Such an option is attractive not only by its stylistic design, but also by its ease of use, since the child will willingly agree to measure with a device that is familiar in form. It should be noted that in all categories, infrared modifications are widely popular, although they do not allow for achieving high accuracy, but in some cases it is simply impossible to replace them. Such models with a non-contact measuring method, in particular, can be salvation in the conditions of the sanitary zone.

Omron Model Reviews

This is one of the most famous manufacturers of modern thermometers, which produces devices in several series. Immediately it should be noted quite modest accuracy rates, which are shown by this electronic thermometer. Omron reviews are criticized for their high error rate, but in most cases, incorrect readings are related to incorrect use of the device.

The fact is that the models of this brand provide for the supply of the corresponding signal after the measurements. But just at this moment there is a general measurement of the state. Для получения необходимых данных следует продержать рабочий элемент еще как минимум 5 мин. В остальном отмечается довольно высокое качество устройства.For example, many praise the ergonomics and reliability of the case in which the electronic thermometer "Omron" is located. Reviews emphasize a convenient system for providing measurement results.

B.Well Model Reviews

Criticism of thermometers of this brand largely corresponds to the above products. Although the manufacturer indicates the measurement interval within 60 seconds, in practice, data on temperature can be obtained only after a few minutes. It must be said that this time is also quite competitive, since even professional devices rarely provide higher speed. But even if you do not take into account errors in the measurement technique, many note the rather average accuracy that the electronic thermometer B.Well shows. Reviews of a considerable part of the owners of such devices emit a lot of advantages. For example, models are praised for the presence of a moisture-resistant coating, the absence of fragile and other potentially dangerous elements in the structure, as well as the possibility of storing the measurement results.

Gamma Model Reviews

The company offers multifunctional devices that can be used for both children and adults. Almost all versions of Gamma thermometers provide for the possibility of oral, rectal and axillary measurements, for which many users praise this electronic thermometer. Reviews also note that the measurement process itself begins fairly quickly, but it ends only after a few minutes, which is not always convenient. But mercury models also perform their function on average 5–10 min. An exception may be infrared modifications, which are also presented in the Gamma lineup. Such versions perform the measurement almost instantly, but the accuracy of the readings leaves much to be desired.

Microlife Model Reviews

Such models are quite massive in comparison with competitive products, but in exchange for this disadvantage, the user gets an accurate measurement. According to reviews, electronic thermometers Microlife require more time to measure, but in the end provide data similar in accuracy to mercury analogues. That is, in terms of ergonomics, this is not the best option, but if truthful data are important with minimal error, then you should refer to the products of this brand. Moreover, it is cheaper than electronic thermometers from the above manufacturers.

Recommendations for the use of thermometers

To a large extent, the accuracy of the readings depends on the tightness of the functional part to the skin. As already noted, immediately after making a sound signal, it is not worth reading the readings. We must not forget the characteristic of the "pre-temperature", which each electronic thermometer has. Reviews, instructions and the doctors themselves recommend leaving the device in working position for at least another 5 minutes. This will provide more accurate output. It should also be borne in mind that digital models operate at the expense of battery power. Since the activation of the charge occurs just at the moment of use, it is necessary to strictly monitor that the final failure of the batteries does not fall at the crucial moment.


Most electronic thermometers are designed for construction in demanding conditions. Devices can be taken on the road, without fear that they will break and lose the ability to perform their functions. For example, waterproof and shockproof models are quite common, the reliability of which is confirmed by reviews. Electronic thermometers are also convenient from the point of view of measurement technology. Contrary to advertising claims of high measurement speed, in practice, only the preparation of the instrument for operation is carried out quickly. Is that infrared devices can truly surprise with its speed, but the quality of this result suits few. However, standard digital devices do not take much time either. After the sound indication, it remains to hold the device for 5-6 minutes, after which the temperature data will be provided. Depending on the modification of the device, the data obtained may be used for statistics, which may be required during long-term observations.

How to make a choice?

Now you know all kinds of thermometers. But which one to choose? Some useful tips for you:

  1. If you have a child, then pay special attention to safety.
  2. Before buying, carefully read the instructions to see if using the device will not be too difficult for you and your family.
  3. Acquire a thermometer is only in the pharmacy!
  4. If in doubt, you can buy two thermometers at once and use them one by one or at the same time to compare indicators and get more accurate data.
  5. Keep any thermometer out of the reach of children and in a safe place.
  6. Before use, be sure to thoroughly and carefully read the instructions and strictly follow all instructions given in it.

Now you can choose a convenient, safe and accurate thermometer for your family. Health to you and your loved ones!

What is the weighing range?

The maximum weight value or the upper limit of the weighing range is an important characteristic that determines how many kilograms specific weighing scales can weigh. Depending on the type and model, this number can vary from 2 to 10 kilograms.

Usually for electronic models - it is 2-3 kg, the rest is already available only mechanical. Kitchen scales with the maximum values ​​of the allowable weight may be necessary for those housewives who actively make preparations for the winter, like various kinds of pickles and preservation.

The rest of the ladies can safely get by with models with a maximum weight of 2-3 kg. It is also important to consider the value of the minimum step, in other words, the cost of dividing the device. The smaller its value, the higher the accuracy of the scales.

Control type

Most often there are two types of models - with keys or touch panels. The latter are very convenient, besides, they allow you to keep your device as clean as possible: the absence of removable panels and buttons prevents dust and food particles from accumulating.

Different types of illumination allow you to see which of the functions is currently active. If you nevertheless opted for push-button models, not trusting the sensor, then make sure that the keys are rubberized - this will significantly add comfort points in the process of use.

Bowl or flat platform?

On sale you can find two types of models - with a bowl or a flat platform for weighing. The latter is convenient in that it can be weighed directly in the dishes with which you cook, which is very useful. In addition, a flat surface allows you to weigh those products that do not fit in the bowl, for example, fish.

On the other hand, the bowl is convenient if you often have to weigh loose or liquid products. In addition, most often, kitchen bowls are perfectly adapted for kneading dough, and if the scale also has a zeroing function, then the whole process is much simpler.

It works very simply: you weigh the first ingredient, then nullify the weight, add the next one to it in the right quantity, then null it again and so on until the dough is completely cooked. Very comfortably! It is better to choose scales with a removable bowl - it is easier to wash it, and you can use it instead of kitchen utensils.

Design and materials

Oddly enough, but the design is also an important point, which is taken into account by many buyers when buying kitchen scales.

They can be made of the most advanced materials: high-strength plastic, steel, glass or wood, which, by and large, does not affect performance, so you can choose those models that are most liked or in harmony with your kitchen.


Perhaps the most recognized market leader in the production of kitchen scales is the German brand Soehnle, which has been engaged in this business for a long time - about 140 years!

It specializes precisely in scales and represents the choice of the buyer about 160 types of various models - from cheap to the most progressive and expensive. Good quality models can be found in other brands, for example, Tefal, Rowenta, Philips, Krups and others.

Self-adhesive strips or circles

These types of temperature measuring instruments are not accurate; they can only show that the temperature is elevated relative to the norm. Nevertheless, according to the expert, this method of measurement should not be abandoned altogether, for example, it can be very convenient to travel. Stripes and circles take up very little space and weigh little. “When there is a question about the maximum accuracy and reliability of the results, it is worth stopping at the medical thermometer, which is registered in the Federal Information Fund for ensuring the uniformity of measurements and the type of which is approved by Rosstandart. This ensures that metrologists confirm the accuracy characteristics, ”concluded Denis Mironov, director of the Nizhny Novgorod Central Medical Center.