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The best disaster films - top 10


The film is a disaster! Surely every viewer knows that feeling of adrenaline going wild when something burns on the screen, falls, explodes, boils, heroes scream, run away, someone is saved, someone dies. Fans of tickling their nerves, our site offers to look online for a selection of the best disaster films of different years. It includes the legendary Titanic, an adventure drama based on real events, Ideal Storm, the Poseidon disaster film, a historical drama based on a biblical legend, Noah.

In recent years, catastrophe films about global earth-cataclysms associated with the apocalypse have become very popular. About how earthlings are fighting for survival in extreme conditions, tells the film “The Day After Tomorrow”. Well, lovers of space odyssey will remain in awe of Interstellar. Watch online these disaster films and others you can on our website.

10. The Sign

The Sign opens the rating of the best disaster films. The beginning of the plot takes the viewer to the distant 1959 year. On a school holiday, students are given the task to paint the world in the future; their illustrations should be sealed in a time capsule for 50 years. A girl named Lucinda draws numbers from 0 to 9 in a chaotic order, after which she is locked in one of the rooms in a state of mental excitement. 2009 - the time comes to open the time capsule. Lucinda's drawing accidentally falls into the hands of astrophysicist John Koestler. Studying the numbers, he understands with horror that the girl predicted all significant disasters for 50 years ahead. There are still three tragedies left, will John have time to prevent them?

"2012" is a film about the end of the world, released on screens in 2009. This is one of the interpretations of the prediction of the Mayan calendar. In 2009, a group of scientists discovered a strange activity on the Sun. The star emits a large number of neutrinos that heat the core of the Earth. This is immediately informed by the US government. The president collects a council of rulers from different countries, where it was decided to build several arks, selling tickets for them for 1 billion euros. Thus, only the rich can be saved. year 2012. Jackson Curtis - a writer who accidentally becomes aware of the impending disaster and the location of the arks. Can he save his family by becoming a stowaway life ship?

8. And the storm struck

“And the storm struck” - a historic disaster film, which premiered in 2016. The plot is based on the real events of 1952, which are also described in the self-sacrificing hours of Michael Tojays' novel. During a storm off the coast of Massachusetts, the oil tanker Pendleton is wrecked. A coast guard team led by Bernard Webber has been sent to help. Bernard's bride named Miriam considers this mission too dangerous and useless, she is confident that the rescuers will die without being able to save anyone. However, it is not possible to convince the coast guard leadership of this. Miriam can only wait for her lover on the beach, are they destined to meet?

Metro is one of the best Russian films about the catastrophe, based on the novel by Dmitry Safonov. The piles of the old Moscow metro do not withstand the new load, which continues to increase as the city is being built. A metro worker notices the water in the tunnel, but management does not attach any importance to this. In parallel with this, the plot of Irina Garina’s personal life is developing. The heroine cannot make a choice between her husband Andrei and their joint daughter Ksenia, and her lover Vlad Konstantinov. By chance, Andrei, Ksyusha and Vlad find themselves in the same carriage of the train, which crashes because of the water entering the tunnel. Passengers will have to get out of the Moscow dungeon.

Continues the rating of disaster films thriller "Smerch", released on screens in 1996. Tornado is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena. In the US, tornadoes occur regularly and are a real problem for both coastal residents and scientists. In the center of the plot, Joe is a scientist who studies tornadoes. As a child, Joe experienced a big hurricane that killed her father. Now she is looking for ways to study natural phenomena and predict the appearance of a tornado. In order to explore the tornado with the help of special equipment, you must get inside the funnel. Joe lives on the edge, but even she has competitors. Can her love of science and the desire to save innocent lives defeat the greed of ill-wishers?

In the middle of the list of the top 10 best films in the catastrophe genre is the sci-fi film Peklo. The premiere took place in 2007. In the near future, the Sun begins to gradually lose its activity. Due to the extinction of the heavenly body, the Earth is plunging into permafrost, which threatens the imminent extinction of humanity. In order to revive solar activity, it was decided to send an expedition “Icarus II” to the star, protected by a special shield, and throw a bomb to the surface of the Sun. The team of the last expedition went missing seven years ago. Flying over Mercury, “Icarus II” receives a distress signal from “Icarus I”. In order to save their colleagues and increase the stockpiles of explosives for a more likely success of the operation, the crew is sent to the "Icarus I". How will this deviation end?

The popular Russian disaster film entitled “The Crew” was released in 2016. The main character is Alexey Guschin - a young and very ambitious pilot. Alexey refers to those people who always act as they see fit, regardless of orders and commands. For this reason, his career as a military pilot suffers a fiasco, and Alexey finds work in civil aviation. Leonid Zinchenko takes him to his team, who is also capricious as Alexey. They often conflict. But everything changes when the aircraft crew lands on an island, where the ongoing earthquake and volcanic eruption take the lives of many residents. Now the pilots will save those who survived.

Opens the three best films of catastrophes deep psychological thriller "Survive." The story is based on real events, Nando Parrado, a participant in the incident and the main character of the film, was invited as a consultant. On October 13, 1973, the school rugby team from Uruguay flew to the competition, with schoolchildren, their family, a coach, and a crew on board. The airliner lost control, flying over the Andes and collapsed on a high plateau. Those few who were lucky enough to stay alive were cut off from the world by impassable mountain slopes. For several months, the guys tried to survive in difficult conditions. They had to sleep on the plane and eat the corpses of their comrades and relatives.

2. The day after tomorrow

Global warming, which for many years scientists have frightened people, has nevertheless come. However, this did not happen exactly as expected. Due to the fact that the glaciers, having broken away, went into free navigation in the world ocean, the temperature over the planet has decreased. Jack Hall, a paleoclimatological scientist, believes that the air temperature will soon reach such values ​​at which humanity will die out, having frozen. However, UN members and the US government are not in a hurry to believe him. When the temperature falls below -100 ° C, the fuel freezes, planes and helicopters fall, people on the street die. Jack calculates that the peak of the cooling will fall on New York, where his son is at that moment.

1. Armageddon

He heads the rating of the best films of disasters "Armageddon", which premiered in 1998. One after another several meteorites hit the Earth. As soon as the meteor shower ends, astronauts notice a new threat. A giant asteroid is approaching the planet, with which humanity will not survive a collision. NASA employees are considering options for salvation. One of them - driller Harry Stamper - offers to drill an asteroid and lay a bomb inside. After the explosion, the cosmic body will fall into many small pieces that will burn in the atmosphere of the Earth. NASA sends a rescue team led by Stamper to implement his plan.

Ice Tremor (2010)

And our top-rated fantastic motion-picture film reveals the global changes that have happened under the landscape of huge, majestic Alaska.

Due to global climate change, the permafrost of Alaska is beginning to slowly melt, creating numerous underground rivers containing hazardous liquid methane.

In turn, the evaporation of methane leads to a powerful earthquake threatening to destroy all life on the surface ....

Geostorm (2017)

The plot of this action-packed fantastic film introduces the viewer to a highly professional satellite developer who joins forces with his brother in order to save planet Earth from the impending hurricane, which, if it hits mankind, will sweep away all life in its path.

However, the protagonist of the movie, confident that he could save the Earth from the impending cataclysm, could not even imagine that it would not be so easy to stop the element as it seems at first glance ...

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

The plot of an exciting action-packed movie tells how horrendous the consequences will be for the thoughtless use of natural resources by man.

As a result, the Earth rebelled in earnest and answered the person very cruelly. The fact is that a real ice age is approaching the planet instead of the so-called global warming.

In the meantime, he is only getting ready to come to our world, the Earth, here and there, is shaken by various natural disasters, including earthquakes, enormous destructive force of hurricanes, coupled with monstrous tsunami.

Tsunami 3D (2012)

The monstrous one originated in the Pacific Ocean, which has tremendous power to destroy the tsunami at all stages, rushing to a small coastal town, where an incredible number of tourists, together with the local population, are resting.

Plus, along with the giant wave of the city fall, and the treacherous predators of the shark who want to taste the fresh human flesh. In general, the city is in the very real disaster from which, in fact, there is no salvation.

Plus, people are in a hurry to save their loved ones among them, it turns out that a young man named Josh on the eve of a natural disaster who had a falling out with his girlfriend.

Hurricane robbery (2018)

On the coast of the United States is approaching a powerful hurricane. And while local governments are concerned about the evacuation of the population and other details, the group of young and slightly desperate thieves decides to take advantage of the elements as a cover and turn the heist of the century.

Namely, to steal more than 600 million dollars from the state treasury itself.

But when the raging element becomes unthinkable and simply monstrous, bloody and destructive at the same time scales the whole plan of thieves flies to all hell ...

San Andreas Rift (2015)

The rescue helicopter pilot, a man named Ray, has been engaged in the rescue of people all his life. Over the years, our hero has seen a lot in his lifetime, but no danger could force Ray to come to the aid of the suffering people.

However, he could not even imagine that very soon he would have to come to the aid of his own daughter, who was in trouble. During the terrible earthquake sweeping across California, a huge number of people died.

In the general chaos and confusion lost, and the daughter of the protagonist, in search of which the inconsolable father goes, without even realizing that the earth tremors, unfortunately, have not stopped.

Tsunami. Survive at any cost (2010)

The picture tells the viewer the difficult, heart-rending story of the struggle of a drilling station team belonging to Japan and located in the Pacific Ocean.

In general, as is usually the case when one of them works, he receives information from meteorologists that a storm is coming.

However, the station workers could not imagine the scale of this natural disaster, because it turned out that a huge, extremely dangerous tsunami was approaching a huge station and was ready to destroy everything living in its path ...

Impossible (2012)

Based on real events that happened in the distant 2004 movie, tells the viewer about the earthquake that happened in the Indian Ocean.

As a result, a gigantic thirty-meter wave emerged - a tsunami heading towards the coast of Thailand, where the main characters of the film rested in the person of a married couple loving each other.

It was the spouses, along with the rest of the surviving comrades in misfortune, had what is called to withstand the raging elements ...

Twister (1996)

As is well known such a natural phenomenon as a tornado is far from new to North Americans.

Local meteorologists, along with other scientists every week in all parts of the United States, are trying to predict the possible appearance of unpredictable tornadoes in order to largely prevent their horrendous consequences.

In the center of the same fascinating film are two highly professional scientists, the spouses Joe and Bill, who are chasing tornadoes across the country in every way, trying to warn citizens in advance about the impending natural disaster.

Volcano (1997)

And unconditionally, the first place in our rating is occupied by a truly cult action-fiction film “Volcano”.

So, the plot of the film takes place in the glorious city of Los Angeles, whose residents go to work every day, quarrel, reconcile, fall in love and just enjoy life. However, none of them could even imagine what horror they would all have to endure.

And all due to the fact that the long-extinct volcano located nearby within the metropolis suddenly “woke up” and began to spew tons of lava slowly but surely directed directly at the city, and therefore at people ...

Crew, 144 minutes

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Producer: Alexander Mitta
Cast: Georgy Zhzhyonov (Andrei Vasilyevich Timchenko - Commander of the Airliner), Anatoly Vasiliev (Valentin Georgievich Nenarokov - Co-Pilot), Leonid Filatov (Igor Skvortsov - Flight Engineer), Aleksandra Yakovleva (Tamara - Stewardess), Irina Akulova (Alya - Valentina Nenarokova)

The crew of the aircraft carrying cargo and passengers gets into a situation in comparison with which the end of the world may seem like child's play. At the airport where the plane landed, an earthquake. Fiery lava erupts, the earth goes out from under their feet, everything burns and collapses around, horror envelops people, panic arises.

After the arrival of the aircraft there is a tremendous force new push. Runway damaged. But thanks to the experience and courage of the crew, the plane can be lifted into the air. It seems that salvation has come, that the worst remains on earth. However, it turns out that during takeoff, the plane received a lot of damage, and one of them is too dangerous for the plane to land safely.