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33 canape recipes on skewers with photos


Every good housewife has their own recipes for festive dishes that have already been tested - rechecked over many years.

Recently, besides the taste of food, the visual appeal of food plays a huge role.

That is why the design of the holiday table is not the last place at the stage of preparing dishes and table setting for the arrival of guests.

There are many delicious recipes, but how beautifully to arrange a festive table, even, it would seem, housewives with experience do not always know.

But we will help you to solve this problem by offering you the original design ideas for such small snacks like canapés.

For many, the name of the canape is still alien. It is clearer to say small sandwiches or small snacks on skewers ... and everything becomes clear.

But modern culinary art borrows not only recipes from world cuisine, but also names.

Canepes (which means tiny in French) are small tasty snacks that can be decorated with skewers, or made on small pieces of puff pastry, bread crumbs, pieces of bread.

Canapes on skewers and simple canapes are very easy to prepare. For their preparation, several ingredients are blended, getting wonderful little snacks on a festive table or buffet.

We can talk a lot about the preparation of canapes on skewers, and also how simple canapés are prepared.

These little snacks canapes will not be difficult to make even a child. The essence is different. Small canapé snacks on skewers and simple canapes need to be able to decorate beautifully and serve on a festive table, because it is this factor that distinguishes canapes from other snacks.

In order to prepare simple canapes and canapes on skewers, you need to stock up on chopped small pieces of fish of different species, meat cuts.

Canapes can also be cooked with pieces of cheese, crab sticks, anchovies, shrimps, olives, boiled eggs.

To prepare canapés, you can take small-sized fruits and vegetables and other ingredients that can make up the original flavor composition of this small snack.

To prepare canapés, you need ingredients of approximately the same small size so that the canapes on skewers and simple canapes have a good aesthetic appearance.

In addition to the above ingredients, canapes are often prepared for the sauce, which is smeared with simple canapes, giving the small sandwiches an amazing taste. To make the sauce for canapés, sour cream, herbs, and lemon are used most often, and cottage cheese sauce is prepared.

Fish canapes and canapes with seafood

Very popular today are simple fish canapes and canapes with fish on skewers.

Fish, for example, salmon or salmon, well cut, has a huge number of species.

Original canapes with red fish are especially appreciated. Such canapes, both in taste and in appearance, are an excellent snack for a festive table or buffet.

To delight your guests, make seafood canapes, such as shrimp canapes.

Fish canap cut into slices. Fish can be combined with vegetables, cheese, herbs, sauce, black olives and olives.

Meat Canape

Very tasty and beautiful simple canapes and canapes on skewers, which use sausage, ham, bacon and other types of cold cuts.

Like fish canapes, meat canapes can be made on bread, or you can create stunning meat canapes on skewers.

Small snacks diversify your holiday table with the original form of serving, replacing or supplementing the usual meat snacks.

Fruit canapes on skewers - small desserts on a festive table or buffet table

Especially popular in recent times have become small fruit snacks - fruit canapes on skewers.

For their preparation, you can use almost all known fruits that can be cut into small pieces.

To make the fruit canapes with skewers look beautiful for a long time, they are sprayed with lemon juice.

Also, fruit canapés can be decorated with powder, chocolate or fruit sauce.

Fruit canapes on puff pastry and fruit canapes on skewers can create a whole fruit composition, and they can easily replace the usual flour desserts.

Fruit canapes on a festive table can be a favorite treat for children, for example, at a birthday party.

Vegetable canapes - extravaganza of natural shades and tastes

Usually, vegetable canapes are simple and skewers are a good snack for meat dishes.

Also, vegetable canapes, as we have already mentioned, are very well combined with fish, cold cuts, cheese and fruit in the overall snack composition.

Such various canapes on skewers and small simple canapes on the holiday table, where vegetables play a lot of important role in the design, are very fond of cooking by hostesses, because it’s tasty, bright, original and convenient.

Neutral ingredients that well complement the meat snacks will be cucumber, tomato, pickled vegetables, etc.

In order to give a spicy taste to vegetable canapés, we advise you to use all sorts of sauces, cheese, always greens, and also to combine vegetables with fruits that have a light sour taste. This may be, for example, lemon or avocado.

Delicious canapes with caviar - tasty and expensive

It is impossible not to recall such variants of canapes as canapes with caviar. It would seem that there is nothing difficult in making a mini-sandwich, spread with butter or sauce, and decorated with black or red caviar.

But the taste that these amazing canapes have will certainly be appreciated by all your guests. In addition, simple canapes with caviar on bread, bread crumbs or puff pastry can combine small fish pieces, lemon and greens.

And now the fun part. We offer you an original photo collection of canapes on skewers and canapes in a simple version.

The recipe is a recipe, and our photo ideas for canapes on the holiday table will be for you a little instruction on how to make these small snacks beautifully and in an original way.

Canapes on the holiday table recipes with photos

Another simple option: olives and several types of cheese (hard yellow and cheese).

Sausage cubes can be simply alternated with cucumber and the same cheese. And you can add a cube of bread.

A simple version of the canape recipe for skewers - with smoked sausage. Sausage should be bought small in diameter and thinly chopped. And the top is decorated with pieces of boiled potatoes.

From a series of simple and elegant - canape with grapes. Here are strung cheese and grapes. Such neat and small pieces of cheese can be made using a piece from a children's designer or a cap from a plastic bottle. But the cheese should be a little rubber. This property has store cheese. She even squeaks a little on the teeth or cheese health.

And here a whole dressing of small canapeshechkas and all are simple. At the bottom is a slice of cheese, but each is decorated with: half a cherry tomato, candied figs or cherries .... Although you can simply wash the cherry jam and add to the cheese. Salty, hard cheese goes very well with sweet. Very nice looks just a piece of cheese, rolled in nuts or sesame seeds. It turned out almost popular cheese plate.

And here is the original way of serving. The body of the hedgehog is formed from mashed potatoes, and the needles are made of canapes on skewers.

Just a brilliant version of canape recipes for skewers - with herring. This is a classic Russian snack. In Soviet times, herring was served on a festive table in a long special glass plate with sunflower oil and onions. But today it is so banal. And here is an original and tasty solution. I especially like the recipe on the right - herring with a piece of fresh figs. Exotic. In the photo on the left, herring is covered with coriander seeds. Amazing combination, especially with black bread. This is a real fusion: Russian herring with Russian bread in French design.

The next series of canapés is canapés on skewers with rolls. In this recipe, the ham is roasted. Pate is wrapped in it and it is all nailed to a small piece of bun.

Thin slices of bacon, roasted and stuffed with prunes.

Again, fried bacon slice. Then a piece of cheese is laid on it and it is roasted on the skillet once more to melt the cheese. Very effectively served on fresh leaves (you can take basil leaves or lettuce leaves).

Here you can dream up and put a surprise inside: half an olive, the same prune or sprinkle cheese with sesame ...

By the way, sesame can be very nice to sprinkle all three canapes - rolls. Sesame will refresh the taste of meat and decorate canapes.

Another option roll: cheese in ham. Here the products are very simple and the whole thing in the design. The ham should be cut thinly and in a long piece so that it turns around the cheese several times.

Special chic is the canapes with shrimps. This is a delicacy and it usually does not happen much. Not everyone has the opportunity to pour a whole plate of shrimp. But to demonstrate these beauties on skewers - easily. In this photo, a slice of salami is stabbed into the shrimp. Delicacy in delicacy. Then, for beauty and even more piquancy, the cheese is rubbed with grated, lemon zest and greens very finely chopped.

These are shrimps with a piece of mango inside and pickled in a sauce with red sweet pepper and olive oil. It turns out very colorful on the table and appetizing.

Pieces of mango are pre-fried slightly in olive oil. I thought it might be interesting enough to be canaped and with a slice of pumpkin instead of mango. There will be sweetness and bright color. Although tropical exotic lost.

Incredible simplicity and yummy. A piece of apple is wrapped in a ham leaf. A very refreshing snack. Especially on the New Year's table, when everything is fatty and satisfying. And then fresh in the meat.

A very simple set: bread, butter, cheese and sausage. The main thing - a very sharp knife. Everything is cut to the shape of a ship, and sails are made from cheese. On the table will look great. Especially if you are celebrating a children's holiday.

Making such a canape is not at all difficult if you have a baking dish in the shape of a heart. All products are thinly cut, folded one by one. You can use butter or mayonnaise as glue. Then squeezed mold. It turns out very romantic!

Super simple idea and fusion again: connecting several kitchens. very, very small pancakes, stacked in a pile and joined with a skewer. Pour over the sauce. Such small ones can be cooked by pouring a dough on a pan with a teaspoon.

It seems like a simple canapé, but an amazing combination of flavors. 1st - olive, 2nd slice of cheese, 3rd layer of lavash slice, 4th - dried tomatoes. Incredibly Italian canapes. All these products are the favorite food of the Italians. And about dried tomatoes - I have a completely different story.

Another interesting combination of flavors: cheese and kiwi.

I especially want to highlight this photo. Although it can not see any canapes or rally, but the idea is brilliant. From the various products are made layers, which are combined under the gelatin mass. Then cut out squares, circles and skewer with any cookie cutter. very bright canape should work. This sort of assorted!

Very beautiful snack. Culinary minimalism. Similar branches of greens can be made of leek, twisted with a knife.

This is already a masterpiece of culinary skill. But still available. In any case, the products - everything is in the supermarket. It is only necessary to cut out the penguin's tummy from the olives and fill it with white cheese. And then also thinly chop legs and beak from a boiled carrot. And there will be joy to children and the admiration of adults.

Recipe rolls. A sprig of rosemary looks very nice in the form of a skewer. Plus, it also smells great. I would not write if in the supermarkets in the department of greens rosemary did not appear in the year-round sale. It is sold in fresh sliced ​​sprigs in plastic boxes, made in Israel. And it is not expensive at all.

A very simple canapé recipe for skewers: boiled quail egg and half a cherry tomato. You can make and an inverted version. Stick the skewer into the egg, and decorate the hat of the tomato with small white dots of mayonnaise. If you put such beauty in a mash for a hedgehog - it will be very beautiful!

Ham and stuffed wrapped in cabbage leaves. Leaves first need to be welded. And since they are completely tasteless during the cooking process, it is necessary to smear it with a layer of sauce or mayonnaise.

Layers of canapes consist of thinly sliced ​​and toasted bread. This is mini toast. Of course, a little chop. It is not difficult to make, in order to keep the meat better kept its shape, add an additional 1 egg. Although with all the miniature you need to tinker. But this is a holiday.

Canapes on skewers in a neat round shape. Cucumbers with radish pick the same diameter. Well, cut out the bread to the size of vegetables

And the last 3 recipes: fruit canapes with skewers, recipes with photos. This will be the highlight of your sweet table. One need only remember that fresh fruit is darkening. Therefore, they should be cut as close as possible to the serving. An apple will not darken so quickly if it is sprinkled (or dipped) into lemon juice.

Here, canned pineapples were taken from fruit. A good choice is that they do not darken and they are not afraid of the danger about which I wrote in the previous description. Beautifully look at the expense of colored skewers.

Well, the last recipe is a sweet recipe. Here is a souffle in sponge cake. But you can just cut the baked biscuit into small pieces. And already cut cubes are dipped in chocolate and white icing. Due to the fact that a small area of ​​biscuit will account for a lot of glaze - it will be delicious. The perfect sweet buffet solution!

Two technological tips for making small canapes. In the first case, children's form is used for cutting out squares from the puff cake. And in the second - the usual medical syringe for the maximum number of milliliters. These are the creative cooks in home kitchens.

And finally, a few more ideas without a description. The last 2 - of course from the section - delicacies (figs and mozzarella) - but how beautiful and tasty!

recipe canapes with skewers with photos

Variants of recipes for buffet:

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Canapes with cheese and olives on skewers

Olives are perfectly combined with hard cheese and lemon, and together they form an excellent snack: both tasty and beautiful. Such canapes can be served as an addition to an aperitif: they are perfect for brandy, brandy or rum. For a buffet event, this delicious canape on skewers is a real find. Recipe with photos look HERE.

Canapes "Ladybugs" with salmon

Ingredients: White bread, butter, cherry tomatoes, black pitted olives, salted salmon, parsley.

Cooking: Cut the white bread into portions, and spread with butter. Put a piece of fish on top. Take tomatoes, cut them in half. Each half cut not fully, so that we get ladybird wings.

Make the head of a ladybug with the help of an olive cut in half. Make the spots for a ladybug using finely chopped pieces of olives. Put the ladybirds on the red fish and decorate with a sprig of parsley!

Canapes "Ladybugs" with caviar

Ingredients: White bread, butter, cherry tomatoes, black pitted olives, red caviar, parsley.

Cooking: Cut the white bread into portions, and spread with butter. Put red caviar on top. Take tomatoes, cut them in half. Each half cut not fully, so that we get ladybird wings.

Make the head of a ladybug with the help of an olive, cut in half .. To make the spots for a ladybug using finely chopped pieces of olives. Put the ladybirds on the red fish and decorate with a sprig of parsley!

Canapes on skewers with bacon and cucumber

  • black bread
  • fresh fat with a slot
  • pickles
  • garlic

Bread cut into portions, and dry in the oven.

On each piece of bread lay out a slice of bacon, then a circle of cucumber and a plate of garlic.

We canal a canape with a skewer, or a toothpick, and decorate with greens.

Canapes with herring and cheese skewers

  • herring fillet in oil
  • Hochland Cheese Sandwich
  • green olives
  • red bell pepper
  • black bread
  • dill

Spread sandwich cheese on black bread.

Then we put on ingredients the skewers in the following order: a slice of bell pepper, green olive, herring fillet.

We pierce our canapes with a skewer, and decorate with finely chopped dill.

Canapes on crackers with goat cheese and dried tomatoes

Ingredients: Puff unsweetened crackers, goat cheese, dried tomatoes, cucumber, dill.

Cooking: Spread goat cheese on crackers, put a slice of cucumber and another layer of cheese on top. Finely chop dried tomatoes and sprinkle canapes on top, garnished with a sprig of dill.

Eggplant Canapes and Chicken

Ingredients: Багет, баклажаны, отварное куриное филе, помидоры, майонез, листья салата.

Приготовление: Баклажаны нарезать пластинками и обжарить в растительном масле до золотистого цвета. Уложить на ломтики багета сначала баклажаны, затем листья салата, кусочек курицы, майонез, и сверху помидор.

Канапе на крекерах с беконом

Ingredients: Salty crackers, bacon, melted soft cheese, greens, pickled cucumbers.

Cooking: Spread the crackers with cream cheese and put a slice of bacon on top, rolling it up with a rose. Decorate the canape with slices of pickled cucumbers and sprinkle with herbs.

Festive canapes with caviar for the New Year

Ingredients: White bread, butter, eggs, red caviar, parsley.

Cooking: Remove the yolks from the eggs and cut the whites into rings of 6-7 mm thick. Grind the yolks with butter. Cut circles from white bread and spread them with yolk oil. Put a circle of squirrel on each canape and fill it with red caviar. Decorate the canape with parsley leaves.

Festive canapés with black caviar and salmon

Ingredients: Salty crackers, soft cheese “Philadelphia” or “Buko”, black caviar, cucumber, salted salmon, dill.

Cooking: Spread cheese on crackers, put three cups of cucumber on top. Fold a piece of fish with a roll and put it on cucumbers. On the fish lay out the black caviar and decorate the canape with a sprig of dill.

Salmon canape on pancakes

Ingredients: Fritters, light-salted salmon, soft Philadelphia or Buko cheese, parsley.

Cooking: We spread cheese on pancakes and place salmon on top, decorating the canape with a sprig of parsley. Simple and tasty!

Savory Canapes with Basil and Tomatoes

Ingredients: Black bread with seeds "Borodinsky", tomatoes, hard cheese, mayonnaise, green basil (can be replaced with any other grass).

Cooking: Bread cut into portions. Place a slice of cheese on each slice of bread, then a tomato, and mayonnaise on top. Sprinkle canap torn green basil leaves.

Canapes with salami egg and vegetables

Ingredients: White bread, s / c salami, boiled eggs, tomato, cucumber.

Cooking: White bread cut into small pieces, lay out a rose (as in the picture), three pieces of sausage for each piece of bread, decorate with a slice of eggs, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers.

Canapes on skewers with crab sticks, grapes and cheese

Ingredients: Cucumber, large grapes, hard cheese, crab sticks

Cooking: Cut the cucumber into thin slices, lay out a piece of crab stick, a piece of cheese, half of the grapes, and fix everything with a skewer.

Canapes on skewers with tuna and pickled cucumber

Ingredients: White bread, canned tuna, pickled cucumber, onions, bell pepper, parsley.

Cooking: Put slices of pickled cucumber on slices of white bread, then tuna (do not forget to drain the butter). We decorate the canape with a white onion feather, a slice of bell pepper, and a sprig of parsley.

Canapes on croutons with tomatoes and mayonnaise

Ingredients: Rye bread, tomatoes, sandwich cheese, homemade mayonnaise, green onions.

Cooking: Bread cut into pieces, and dry in the oven. When cooled, spread each slice with homemade mayonnaise, put a circle of tomato, sandwich cheese, and sprinkle with green onions on top.

Canapes with figs and boiled pork

Ingredients: White bread, fresh figs, baked ham, cheese paste

Cooking: How to cook cheese paste for canapes look HERE. Bread cut into portions, spread with cheese paste, spread a piece of baked ham, and top with a slice of figs.

Crispy canapes with mozzarella and salmon

Ingredients: White bread, butter, mozzarella cheese, salmon or cold-smoked salmon, green onions.

Cooking: Cut bread into portions, spread with butter, and fry in a griddle on both sides. When the bread has cooled, lay out a slice of mozzarella, salmon on top, and decorate the canape with green onions.

Canapes with avocado paste and egg

Ingredients: White bread, butter, ripe avocado, onions, egg, green olives.

Cooking: Cut bread into portions, spread with butter, and fry in a griddle on both sides. Peel the avocado, mash with a fork, and add finely chopped onions. We smear the avocado paste on the toasted bread, lay out a circle of eggs, a green olive, and fix the canape with a toothpick or skewer.

Vegetable rolls with cream cheese

Ingredients: KZucchini abachki, Bulgarian pepper, arugula salad, dill, green onions, Buko cream cheese

Cooking: Slice zucchini lengthwise into thin slices using a potato peeler. Put a little cheese, arugula leaf, a sprig of dill, and a slice of bell pepper on each plate. Collapse into a roll, and fix the feathers of green onions, tying each roll.

Canapes on skewers with salami, feta and cucumber

Ingredients: Smoked salami sausage, fresh cucumber, feta cheese

Cooking: Put a slice of sausage on a skewer or toothpick first, then slices of cucumber and feta cheese. The second time we pierce the sausage to fix the canapes.

Cucumber shrimp canape

Ingredients: Fresh cucumbers, king prawn tails, dill and parsley, cream cheese, pitted olives

Cooking: Cucumbers cut into thin plates lengthwise, boil the shrimp, and if you want to peel. Each plate of cucumber spread cream cheese, put an olive in the inside, roll up a roll and fix with a skewer. Top decorate with shrimp, as in the picture. Such canapes can be served with soy sauce or curry.

Canape with chicken and tongue

Ingredients: Boiled chicken fillet, boiled tongue, homemade mayonnaise, rye sandwich bread, not spicy mustard, or mustard oil, greens for decoration.

Cooking: Chicken fillet and tongue finely cut into strips and mix with mayonnaise. Cut square or round slices from bread and spread them with mustard. Put the meat filling on top of the bread, and decorate with greens.

Bagel canapés with goat cheese

Ingredients: Small bagels, goat cheese, quail eggs, oregano, red paprika.

Cooking: Put a slice of goat cheese in each bagel, and a half of boiled quail eggs, decorate with a leaf of oregano, and sprinkle with red paprika.

Sandwich canapes with salmon and radish

Ingredients: White sandwich bread, butter, salted salmon, radishes, eggs, green onions and dill for decoration.

Cooking: Bread spread butter, and lay out slices of salmon. We make these two layers. Top also lubricated with oil. We cut everything into small squares, and decorate the top with a slice of radish, eggs, and greens as in the picture.

Canapes on skewers with feta and crackers

Ingredients: Feta cheese in brine (which keeps its shape and does not disintegrate), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, white bread, bell pepper, olive oil, Mediterranean spices.

Cooking: Cut white bread into small squares, sprinkle with olive oil, sprinkle with spices, and dry in the oven. On a wooden skewer we first string a slice of Bulgarian pepper, then a cracker, a cucumber, a piece of feta, and a tomato.

Canapes on skewers with baked potatoes

Ingredients: Potatoes, fresh or dried tomatoes, pesto sauce, ham, pitted olives, Parma ham, mozzarella cheese, green basil leaves.

Cooking: Cut potatoes into slices, add salt, sprinkle with spices, and bake in the oven until cooked. Half canapés made with potatoes, pesto, Parma ham and olives. The second half with potatoes, dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil.

Canapes with feta cheese and vegetables

Ingredients: Cheese "Fetta" in brine (to have whole cubes), cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, black pitted black olives.

Cooking: Cut a tomato into a skewer, then a cucumber circle, then a piece of olive, and at the end a cube of fett cheese.

Canape with sausage and pickled cucumbers

Ingredients: Cooked smoked sausage type "Cervelat", sweet mustard, pickled cucumbers, white bread.

Cooking: White bread cut into portioned squares, or squeeze out the circles with a mold. Spread each piece of mustard, put a piece of sausage on top, and chop a whole pickled cucumber.

Salmon Canapes

Ingredients: Lightly salted salmon, sesame seeds, pickled cucumbers, black pitted olives.

Cooking: Cut the salmon into small pieces, and roll each piece in sesame seed. Cut marinated cucumbers strips lengthwise, and cut olives into rings. Prick all the ingredients on the skewer as shown in the picture.

Canapes on cheddar cheese skewers

Ingredients: Cheddar cheese, red and yellow Bulgarian pepper, cucumber, Crimean blue onion, Tsatsiki yoghurt sauce.

Cooking: Cut the cheddar into cubes, Bulgarian pepper into small, wide strips, and cucumber into circles of medium thickness. Strung alternating vegetables and cheese on wooden skewers. Serve on a buffet table with tzatziki sauce.

Salted salmon canapes

Ingredients: savory crackers or bread, salted salmon, pickled cucumbers, green onions, mayonnaise, lemon juice

Cooking: For the sauce, mix in a blender into a uniform paste, pickled cucumbers and a few green onion feathers, add mayonnaise and lemon juice. Spread paste of crackers, put salmon on top. Decorate canape with green onions.

Canapes with red caviar

Ingredients: savory crackers or white bread, red caviar, butter.

Cooking: crackers or white bread spread butter, and spread red caviar on top. It turns out simple and tasteful.

Ham canapes

Ingredients: savory crackers or white bread, butter, ham, small gherkins

Cooking: spread the bread or crackers with butter and spread the ham slices on top. On the gherkins make four cuts along the not to the end, and lay each "fan on the ham." To better hold, you can fasten with a skewer.

Canape on Caprese Skewers

Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, green basil leaves, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

Cooking: Cherry tomatoes cut in half. We string on skewers in the following order - half a cherry, a slice of mozzarella, a leaf of basil, and again half a cherry. For dressing, mix olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and pour our Caprese canapes.