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Israeli cosmetics: the pros and cons


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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Israeli cosmetics?

I need to go all Israeli cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals, but it should be made in Israel. We sell cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals (as written in the annotations), made in Russia or it is not clear in what country inspires fear. Was in the shop of the factory AHAVA at the Dead Sea, there was shown a film about the factory and the production of cosmetics, it was said that the substances obtained from the Dead Sea at this factory immediately go to the shop and make cosmetics immediately, and when transporting unprocessed raw materials its healing qualities in full not saved.

The benefits of Israeli cosmetics

The advantages of Israeli cosmetics also include the fact that it is easily applied to the skin and lasts quite a long time. Products of mineral origin do not clog pores, so even if it is not washed off from the evening, it will in no way affect the freshness of the skin in the morning. Microparticles of minerals not only do not damage the skin, they also take care of it, so that prolonged use of makeup can adversely affect the condition of the skin, there is no question.

For new mothers

Especially I want to mention the powder based on minerals. You can use it to mask redness, spider veins, and circles under the eyes. She must be in the makeup bag of a young mother, who for obvious reasons suffers from chronic sleep deprivation.

Cosmetics based on minerals are also shown to owners of oily skin. The fact is that they absorb secretions secreted by the sebaceous glands, which contributes to the preservation of the matte skin for a long period of time. In addition, mineral cosmetics ideally protects the skin from harmful solar radiation.

The disadvantages of Israeli cosmetics

With so many advantages, it may seem like it has no flaws. But, nevertheless, they are. The most important is the limited color gamut. As a rule, its color is determined by the color of the mineral from which it is made.

Despite its hypoallergenic, Israeli cosmetics can cause allergies. So any new product should be tested on a small area of ​​skin before use.

The gifts of the Dead Sea and their influence on Israeli cosmetics

The Dead Sea is considered to be the lowest place on the planet, perhaps, in many respects, this very fact influenced the formation of a rich stock of minerals and trace elements, which influenced the formation of a unique composition.

This water treasure is 10 times saltier than all the rest of the sea on the planet, and, for example, the bromine content is 50 times more than in the waters of the Atlantic, 10 times more iodine, magnesium and other equally useful and healing elements.

It's amazing how the sea, called “dead”, possesses gifts that are necessary for a long and healthy life of living organisms. It becomes completely clear, thanks to which cosmetics, based on the gifts of the Dead Sea, has such a wide range of usefulness.

Natural Israeli cosmetics is usually based on one of the main ingredients: mineral salts or silt sulfide mud, which are mined from the depths and coast of the reservoir.

These healing components have truly miraculous properties: the mud is considered to be excellent anti-aging remedies that favorably affect the skin, eliminating small mimic wrinkles, regulate metabolism, thereby contributing to the improvement of skin color, tone and elasticity.

Due to the huge amount of antioxidants in the surface and deep layers of the epithelium, enhanced collagen production is activated, which produces a complex rejuvenation.

Minerals, which are found in large quantities in salts and mud, significantly improve the condition of any skin types, especially dry ones, remove free radicals, protect against ultraviolet radiation and contribute to the disappearance of various inflammations and suppurations.

The main feature of professional cosmetics from Israel is the fact that it is not necessary to acquire the most expensive and complex in composition funds, because even common and fairly budget products can produce a tremendous effect.

These include silt sulphate mud, which can be sold in pure form in sachets or jars, as well as mineral salt.

It should be remembered that all other means - masks, tonics, serums, scrubs, soaps, shampoos and decorative cosmetics - are made on the basis of the above components, making them more convenient and enjoyable to use.

Naturally, if judged, then cosmetics based on dirt or salts with the addition of oils, vitamins, herbs and other useful components should be much more useful. However, it can be said with confidence that the original product is so healthy and rich in vitamins that all supplements are not so mandatory.

Of course, every woman will solve this issue on her own, but is there really a need to overpay a tidy sum for something that is not so necessary? In addition, there are a huge number of recipes based on inexpensive components of the Dead Sea, which allow at home to prepare at least useful masks, balms, shampoos and other means.

Of course, acquiring Israeli cosmetics, I really want to make the right choice, because the manufacturers that import their cosmetics all over the world are huge.

There is no need to cite the entire list, we can mention only the most well-known and widespread in our country means: Holy Land, Health & beauty, AHAVA, GIGI. As we have already said, it is not necessary to go directly to Israel for such cosmetics, just look at the pharmacy and examine the jars with the inscriptions “Dead Sea”, “Sea of ​​Life” or “Sea of ​​SPA”.

Recently, the Sea of ​​Life label has been increasingly used. Indeed, it is difficult to associate such deadly and richest cosmetics of the world with the word “dead”. By the way, the sea received its name due to the fact that there is absolutely no animal living in it, but it was not there: one kind of algae, as well as thousands of bacteria and viruses, are quite active in its waters.

The main advantages of Israeli cosmetics

It is no secret that today the widest range of various product names is present on the market of cosmetics. At the same time, of course, goods produced in Israel deserve special attention. In general, at the moment, it will probably be impossible to find any woman who would not hear anything about Israeli cosmetics for face, body, hair, etc. However, most of this information is extremely positive. This trend is quite understandable, because these products have a number of undeniable advantages.

For example, the most important advantage of cosmetics from Israel is its naturalness. And this is not an advertising move, but one hundred percent reality. The fact is that in the composition of many lotions, creams, scrubs, masks, milk, etc. contains only natural ingredients. In addition, a feature of the funds is also the fact that they do not contain preservatives, which, as is well known, are chemical components. Effective, while completely safe for human health, their replacement is the water of the Dead Sea. According to various recipes, therapeutic muds, extracts of plants, herbs, fruits, various salts, etc. are added to it. As a result, consumers have the opportunity to choose the required names of Israeli cosmetics, which perfectly solves all the tasks assigned to it.

No less positive is the fact that the manufactured products must pass all dermatological and laboratory tests in leading clinics in Israel. For this reason, buyers have the opportunity to become owners of really high-quality, safe and effective cosmetics, which has the necessary actions (soothing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, smoothing wrinkles, refreshing, etc.).

Currently described Israeli cosmetics is in great demand among many citizens living in various parts of the world. At the same time, it should be said that manufacturers have taken care to provide with quality products absolutely all categories of consumers. As a result, children's cosmetics, youth, designed specifically for the older generation, female, male, etc., appear to the eyes of customers. With all this feature of the product is that each individual series is carefully thought out for a specific group of users.

In addition to all the previously mentioned, it should be noted that in the composition of cosmetics from Israel are natural oils and plant essences. When using such tools, it is possible without effort and with maximum effect to produce full-fledged spa treatments at home. In order to achieve the described results, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of cosmetics, which is designed specifically for a particular skin or hair type.

Now the purchase of Israeli cosmetics is carried out in stores or in pharmacies. At the same time, consumers need to seriously and carefully consider the process of purchasing goods in order to give preference to high-quality and original products, to avoid counterfeiting. At the moment, the described cosmetics managed to win the recognition and love of numerous citizens from various countries of the world. Therefore, such products can be safely called one of the best in terms of quality and effectiveness, as well as in therapeutic effects on the skin and hair.