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100 questions a guy can ask him - One hundred questions


You do not know how to interest a guy by correspondence? Why not ask him a couple of original and provocative questions? In our article we will talk about what questions can and should be asked to men when communicating in VKontakte. We have compiled a detailed list of questions: provocative, funny and original, about women and love, about life and hobbies. You will also learn what questions should be avoided when correspondence with a man.

General issues

Ask the other person about the most simple, not requiring self-disclosure and reflection. The conversation will start easily. These questions will help establish a relationship of trust. Talk about what he was doing today, what he saw interesting, about his work (study), what is happening in his city, if you live in another city, discuss the latest news.

  1. Was it a good day?
  2. How are you feeling?
  3. What are you doing now?
  4. Do you go to the dining room for lunch or do you take food from home?
  5. Have you accepted your project?
  6. Got a job without incident?
  7. We are cool, but what about your weather?
  8. What places would you recommend to see a tourist in your city?
  9. Have you already had a vacation this year?
  10. Did you go jogging today?
  11. How do you like the news that the dollar fell a little?
  12. Have you heard what happened in [region name] yesterday?
  13. How did you celebrate February 23 (Airborne Forces Day, New Year)?
  14. What did you get for your birthday?

Questions about life and hobbies

These questions are perfect for dating on the Internet. Touch on hobbies, achievements, family and childhood memories, pets. All this will help you get to know each other better.

In order to select questions that will be interesting to him - carefully study his page in contact. All that you need, he himself wrote in the section "About Me".

  1. Do you like to travel to distant lands?
  2. What kind of music do you listen to?
  3. What are you reading?
  4. How do you feel about computer games?
  5. What movie would you watch now?
  6. What do you prefer: football or hockey?
  7. Can you swim?
  8. Why do you value your friends?
  9. Do you have brothers or sisters?
  10. What did you like to play the most?
  11. Did you want to become like your father as a child?
  12. Do you like when the family is going to a feast?
  13. Who would you have got at home: a cat or a dog?
  14. Can you hang a shelf or picture on the wall?
  15. Do you like to make something?

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Funny, original questions

Ask these questions, and the setting will be casual. The ability to joke in response will help the guy to feel relaxed and charming. This will help to diversify the correspondence and win his sympathy.

  1. What do you do with an alarm clock when it raises you too soon?
  2. What color would you paint in the fridge?
  3. What weather do you associate yourself with?
  4. How do you add socks?
  5. Did you ever go outside in slippers?
  6. Do you like to crunch thin ice on the puddles?
  7. Never thought it would be great to be able to fly?
  8. What do you say when you see yourself in the mirror shaggy and unshaven in the mirror?
  9. Could you eat soup for breakfast?
  10. What tree would you be?
  11. Do you like the film with bursting bubbles?
  12. Have you ever sang stuck in an elevator?

Provocative questions

These are tricky questions with a trick. They take time to think, to choose the most accurate answer.

  1. Do you use mate in speech and why?
  2. Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?
  3. What can scare you?
  4. Do you consider yourself gambling?
  5. Tell me about your cherished dream.
  6. When did you last cry?
  7. What do you value most in life? Would you like to live forever?
  8. Did you have any problems with alcohol, drugs?
  9. What do you think about people with a criminal past.
  10. What will you never do even for money?
  11. When can you save a wife or child, who will you save?

Last questions

Carefully ask about the intimate sphere. There is a very thin line between looseness and vulgarity. And, of course, no need to start such a conversation, if you know each other recently. Here are some vulgar questions you can ask a man:

  1. Have you ever watched others have sex?
  2. What kind of sex have you tried?
  3. Which actress would you like to share the bed with?
  4. When was the last time you watched porn?
  5. Do you shave the vegetation in the armpits and groin?
  6. Would you agree to a threesome?
  7. What do you think when you look at a girl's chest?
  8. Would you like sex with a stranger?
  9. Name the most unusual place where you had sex.
  10. Is it true that the shape of the tip of a man’s nose indicates the shape of the head of his manhood?
  11. What makes you squeamish about sex?
  12. What do you like most in the foreplay?

The most difficult thing about dating on the Internet is to write him the first message. In our article we have collected the most complete list of successful first phrases for acquaintance on social networks.

From this article you will learn how to choose a topic for communication with a guy on the Internet, which will be interesting to both.

And here you will find some useful tips and tricks on how to fall in love with a man by correspondence.

Difficult questions for a guy:

  1. What do you value most in life?
  2. What are your dreams?
  3. Would you like to live forever?
  4. Could you give your life to save another person?
  5. How would you spend a million dollars if you had one?
  6. What are you afraid to tell me?
  7. Are you somehow connected to the criminal world?
  8. Do you believe in God?
  9. Have you ever cried?
  10. Why do people love you?

Interesting questions:

  1. What music can you live without?
  2. Who's your sign?
  3. Do you believe in any horoscope?
  4. Have you ever wondered for real?
  5. What is your most favorite movie or series?
  6. Do you like traveling?
  7. How do you feel about discos and parties?
  8. With whom or with what do you associate yourself, compare?
  9. What are you most afraid of in your life?
  10. In what business are you a true professional?

Questions to the guy about love and about relationships:

  1. Remember when and with whom you first fell in love?
  2. Has unrequited love happened in your life that you experienced very painfully?
  3. What are you ready to go for the beloved man?
  4. Do you often fall in love?
  5. What is your attitude to same-sex love?
  6. What does the word love mean to you?
  7. Is it possible to love two people at once?
  8. Have you ever loved with all dedication and sincerity?
  9. Love for you ... What is it?
  10. How do you feel about “free” love?

Intimate (very personal) questions that can be asked:

  1. When was the first time you had a serious relationship (at what age)?
  2. Where do you want to make love?
  3. Did you experience a “state” bed fiasco?
  4. Who would you like to sleep with?
  5. Where did you make love?
  6. Have you ever dreamed of group intimacy?
  7. What is your favorite pose in an intimchike?
  8. Did you do this at the hotel?
  9. How long can you live without sex?
  10. Did you make love in extreme conditions?

Brave questions for the guy:

  1. Did you sleep with a prostitute?
  2. Waking up the desire to rape someone?
  3. Did you have a desire to sleep with a man?
  4. Do you masturbate?
  5. Do you shave hair in intimate places?
  6. Have you tried drugs?
  7. Did you sleep with a man?
  8. Are you watching an erotic video?
  9. Watching a Blend Video?
  10. Did you steal, kill?

Questions "with a twist":

  1. What is your favorite color shade?
  2. What character trait do you value in people?
  3. What do you like to do on the Internet?
  4. What is your adorable male name?
  5. What is your adorable female name?
  6. What gift will you be happy about as a baby?
  7. What do you think…. Who were you in your past life?
  8. Are you an altruist or an egoist?
  9. Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
  10. What countries and cities have you visited?

Funny and funny questions:

  1. What do you call your hairstyle that “meets” your head in the morning?
  2. What tree are you?
  3. What flower are you?
  4. What do you do with annoying alarm clock?
  5. Why can't you fly?
  6. Where do you put (find) your socks and handkerchiefs?
  7. What is your little car name?
  8. Do you often lose your apartment keys?
  9. What is your favorite letter?
  10. How much is your harm?

Simple questions:

  1. Where do you like to walk?
  2. Do you smoke or quit already?
  3. Do you often swear?
  4. What is your favorite car mark?
  5. Where to invite you?
  6. What girls do you like more than others?
  7. What languages ​​do you speak?
  8. What is your favorite social network?
  9. Do you believe in omens and prophetic dreams?
  10. How do you feel about alcohol?

Questions that are remembered by many:

  1. What's your favorite holiday?
  2. Which sports are you interested in?
  3. Do you like to be photographed?
  4. What is your brightest memory?
  5. What day of the week do you like?
  6. What do you prefer: coffee or tea?
  7. What is your favorite dish?
  8. What is your relationship with relatives, parents?
  9. What do you expect from your girlfriend?
  10. Do you like to hang out

Do not turn the conversation into questioning! Give the "right to words" and the guy! If you do not listen to this advice - the guy will avoid you!

  1. Be sure to answer the questions of your interlocutor! Your answers will become a real “decoration” of the conversation for all 100.
  2. Joke, make fun, tell anecdotes! The conversation should not be built on seriousness alone.
  3. Enter the guy’s constant trust before you begin to “attack” him with your curiosity. The guy will answer all the questions when he feels that he has found in you reliability and tremendous support.
  4. Do not wait for the moment when the guy talks to you! Take courage and start the conversation first. Initiative from the female side has long become fashionable.
  5. Do not impose if the boy is not willing to communicate. Wait a bit. Perhaps the young man is “suffering” with the lack of communication at this point in time.
  6. Tune in to the fact that you will first listen and then speak. Men also need to speak out! They rely on women in such a plan, but they do not admit this in order not to appear weak.
  7. Ask a lot of additional (clarifying) questions to show interest in your conversation. Thinking them in advance is a waste of time! Any conversation can be compared to a game of checkers or chess: you cannot foresee one hundred percent what kind of a figure is your game partner.
  8. Don't interrupt the guy. He will get away with the thought, his desire to continue to tell you something will “go out”. You know, probably, that interrupting a person is extremely rude! And many do, because impatience often takes precedence over them.
  9. Ask all 100 questions per topic. Then the answers to them get appropriate. Do not be offended and do not be angry if you do not like the wording of the "counter" question that you get from a man.

What is interesting tricky questions guy

  1. Such questions can make the conversation fun with the guy, making him more interesting than usual. This is a kind of master class on polishing knowledge about men. So we definitely recommend that girls have a list of these questions for their boyfriend in their communication arsenal.
  2. Answers to these questions help to understand the difference between male nature and female nature. After all, the guys avoid parading their inner world, and also rarely share their personal lives with others. That's why girls need a cunning approach - thoughtful questions. Thanks to them, they will be able to penetrate the male "heart" and get an idea of ​​the character of their chosen one.
  3. Tricky are trick questions that are difficult to answer unambiguously. So, the guy will have to think a little about brains to answer them. This will help the girl to see his real, unfeigned character.
  4. Guys think that they are smart enough not to get caught on provocative questions. However, they fall for these tricks. Common sense and experience will not help here. When it comes to tricky gimmicks, some questions are ridiculous, others - a play on words, and the answer to the third sets a trap. Therefore, it would seem that the answers are logical or in accordance with common sense, but the thought that came to mind is often incorrect.

Inconvenient questions to the guy

  • Are you fooling others? How often, in which case?
  • In the relationship for whom should be the primacy - for a man or a woman?
  • What would you do if you had the opportunity to be invisible or a woman all day?
  • What is one thing you will try to save if the house suddenly turns out to be on fire?
  • Do you easily communicate with girls?
  • Having the ability to commit any crime with impunity, what will you do?
  • What is better for a man - to be smart and ugly or dumb, but beautiful?
  • Having the ability to lock one person in a psychiatric hospital, who would be locked up?
  • What is more important to have a girl - attractiveness, intelligence or beauty? And which one do you prefer?
  • There are different opinions on how often a man and a woman should take a bath. How do you think?
  • How often should a man and a woman change their underwear, socks?
  • Can you tolerate bad breath, the smell of sweat or dirty clothes? Need to talk about it if this happens?
  • Are you annoyed if a person has a "burp", or "gases come out"?
  • Have you ever had any mental disorders?
  • Does that suit me ...?
  • Will you buy me ...?
  • Does a man like when a girl gives him a massage?
  • What do you like most about the girl's appearance? What parts of her body do you like best?
  • What do you think is the sexiest in a woman?
  • Have you ever dreamed or fantasized about me?

Tricky questions for a guy about finance

  • Should the money earned by the spouses go to a common “pot” or should everyone have their own cash register?
  • Should a wife always ask her husband for permission to buy some things?
  • If the spouse saves a decent amount, for example, on purchases via the Internet, can she take this money as her own?
  • Should a wife, especially if she is not working, always give her husband a report on the money spent?
  • When buying property in a marriage for someone better to draw it - a husband or wife?
  • Can you trust me with your money?
  • Would you risk investing in some stocks or assets today?

  • Should spouses hide from each other the amount of their salary?
  • Does the wife have to save?
  • What would you like to do if you have a lot of money?
  • Will you give your wife a salary?
  • Can your wife honestly say what kind of salary you get?

Tricky questions for a guy about work and friends

  • What kind of person do you think your boss is and how do you treat him?
  • When you marry, how much time will you devote to your friends, work?
  • For the sake of your family, will you be able to refuse to communicate or meet with friends?
  • Can you leave your job for family?
  • Would you support the spouse's desire to leave for work or change a well-paid job?
  • Do you like my friends?
  • Can you give up friends for your girlfriend?
  • Could my wife refuse a romantic dinner, for the sake of a beer with a friend whom I saw a long time ago?

Questions with a trick about the relationship

  • What does a girl expect from a guy every month?
  • What is your attitude towards female emancipation?
  • Can you deceive your beloved, knowing that deception is unlikely to be recognized?
  • I have big breasts, beautiful bust? I am fat? (Find out that a girl should never tell a guy she likes?)
  • This is considered a betrayal, if your darling is in your absence to dance with young people in clubs?
  • If you meet your ex-girlfriend, who offers you to renew the relationship, what will you do?
  • Will you continue the relationship with me, if I basically do not talk about my past?
  • Is it permissible to open each other's emails without asking?
  • Your attitude to my style of clothes, the way I dress? Do you want me to look different?
  • Do you want to be alone without me? What makes you want such a desire: my behavior, words or something else?
  • Who should be the first to stop “sorting things out” with each other in case of disagreement?
  • Your attitude to compliments to a woman, how often do you need to say them?
  • Do you always need to “sort out” the relationship? Whose word should be the last in a dispute?
  • How would you react to the message from your intended marriage companion that you need to postpone the wedding? Could this affect your relationship?
  • What will you do if you are forbidden to meet or marry your girlfriend? And if the ban until the deprivation of his father's inheritance?
  • Will you let a girl see her notebook or sms?
  • A girl who likes, can you tell about her shortcomings?
  • Would you be able to change religion for the sake of marrying a girl?
  • Ever bought lingerie to a girl?
  • When will you make me an offer and we get married? (Read how to make a girlfriend a marriage proposal?)

Tips & Warnings

  1. In the initial period of courtship, be careful asking tricky questions that you have prepared a guy. Since it is not known what can annoy or embarrass him.
  2. Think about the possible consequences: insult, embarrassment, anger.
  3. It is important to remember: the guy's reaction to these questions will depend on his nature and temperament.
  4. Do not try to ask all these questions for a few weeks of courting.
  5. Do not try to fundamentally find out the answer to the question that the guy refuses to discuss.
  6. It is better to ask questions not in a way of testing, but flirtatiously flirting. This will help the guy to be more liberated.

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Communication is by far the best way to get to know a person of the opposite sex. One of these possibilities is tricky questions for a guy. This is a kind of veiled way to know his character.

At the same time, thinking about how for a guy to pick up difficult questions, think about why you want to ask him? Are you asking just for fun, to embarrass or is it a flirtatious game?

Obviously, some questions from the list may seem inconvenient, others with a trick or funny. But without them a complete picture of the mindset and character of the guy will not. These questions can be a fun start to the conversation, or an interesting puzzle that adds “spice” to your communication.

Sincerely, Andronik Oleg, Anna.

Watch the video, how difficult it is for guys to answer tricky questions.


  1. What are common questions to ask?
  2. About relationship
  3. About faith and high
  4. Challenging guy questions
  5. Life, work, habits
  6. Other guy questions
  7. Bonus - 12 simple questions

Questions are collected in random order, combined into groups. Some may seem silly, choose yourself that suits anyone ...

And I recorded an interesting video about relationships.

What questions can a guy ask: about relationships

  1. What is the most romantic place for a couple?
  2. Can you recall some awkward moment in a relationship?
  3. Have you ever been bored in a relationship?
  4. What kind of vacation do you prefer? Do you like to spend time with your family?
  5. Do you mind if I have some feelings for my ex? (If you really have them ...)
  6. How do you imagine emotional intimacy?
  7. What would you do to impress a person on the first date?
  8. Do you think it's a shame to be a virgin? Or is it the opposite deserves respect?
  9. What was your best intimate experience? What was at the forefront of emotion, feeling, or physical contact?
  10. Do you think it is possible to enjoy the relationship without sex? What role do emotions play for you?
  11. Do you have feelings for your ex?
  12. How long did your last relationship last?
  13. Do you regret this relationship?
  14. How do you feel about sexual orientation?
  15. Can the past affect relationships?
  16. Did you have a one-night relationship? If yes, do you regret it?
  17. What do you think about infidelity and betrayal in a relationship?
  18. Do you believe love at first sight?
  19. What are you looking for in a relationship?
  20. Have you had long-term relationship experience?
  21. What caused a break in your previous relationship? (If they were)
  22. Do you communicate with your ex?
  23. What is the most insane thing that you have done for a couple with someone?
  24. Tell me about your first kiss. What was he like?

What questions can a guy ask: about faith

  1. Are you a believer? What do you believe in?
  2. What event in life was the most emotional for you?
  3. What do you listen more to? To the voice of the mind or heart?
  4. Do you often make decisions following purely intuition?
  5. Do you think that there is a higher power that controls the cosmos?
  6. How do you feel about other religions?
  7. Do you believe in soul mates?

What questions can a guy ask: about work, habits, life

  1. Do you have good or bad habits? How do you think habits are important in our life?
  2. What do you think the ideal life should consist of?
  3. What do you think ideal parents should be?
  4. Do you like pets? Do you have pets at home? Wouldn't you like to get yourself?
  5. If your parents don’t like me, will this be a good reason to break up?
  6. How do you imagine your dream job?
  7. Do you like your current job?
  8. Did you have problems with the law?
  9. If work will be bad for relationships, what will you do?
  10. What do you regret in your life?
  11. Describe your perfect weekend
  12. If you were allowed to do just one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  13. What personal qualities are you proud of?
  14. What is the bravest deed you committed in your life?
  15. If you could change something in your life, what would it be?
  16. The most amazing discovery that you made in life?
  17. What is your life credo? Who would you risk your life for?

Other questions you can ask a guy ...

  1. Do you have a favorite fictional character? If so, who is he?
  2. At what very early age do you remember yourself? What are these memories?
  3. What do you like most about yourself? And in me?
  4. How will your friends relate to the fact that we began to spend more time with you?
  5. If you had the opportunity to choose a super ability? What was that?
  6. Was there a person in your life who would have a great influence on you? If so, who is it? How have you changed?
  7. Is there a movie that you can watch endlessly?
  8. What would you like to change in yourself? In the physical plane? Or change the character?
  9. What is the best advice you've ever received in your life?
  10. Do you want to have children?
  11. What qualities do you especially have in women?
  12. If you could go somewhere now, where would you go?
  13. What is the best thing about family relationships?
  14. Tell me your favorite memory about your family?
  15. What are the three qualities that you like about me?
  16. What do you expect from me in our relationship? Would you like me to change?
  17. What should I do to make you think of me as a bad person?
  18. What will you do if you turn off electricity for three days throughout the city?
  19. Do you like shopping?
  20. Where do you like to go on dates?
  21. How long can you stay without communication?
  22. How do you feel about free relationships? For or against?
  23. Have you ever thought of adopting a child?
  24. What is more important to you for money or relationships? What would you choose if you had the opportunity to earn money, but lose love?
  25. What are you passionate about? What are you very passionate about?
  26. Can relationships exist at a distance?
  27. What do you think about spending the rest of your life with one partner?

That came to the end of the list of 100 questions. This list, I think you can still go on and on. If you also know interesting questions, leave them in the comments, and they will definitely be added =)

One hundred questions turned out to be not very simple, below is another list of questions, but a little bit simpler ...

Additional 12 questions you can ask a guy!

  1. How did you spend yesterday or today?
  2. How was your mood? Or what is your mood today?
  3. Do you have plans for tomorrow? (Suggest something)
  4. What time do you usually wake up?
  5. Where do you usually spend your evenings? Who are you walking with? What are you doing?
  6. How would you spend a million dollars if you suddenly inherited?
  7. What can make you cry? Have you ever cried?
  8. Do you believe in horoscopes? And in fortune telling? Who's your sign?
  9. Do you like traveling?
  10. How do you feel about parties?
  11. Do you fall in love often? Is it possible to love two at once? Has this happened to you?
  12. Do you often dream? What do you dream about?

Not quite on the topic, but everyone should know this: an informative video about our Planet ...

What questions can you ask the guy by correspondence

It is difficult to ask questions without preparation that will help you learn more about a person, have a good time and get attention. Many girls are lost during correspondence, not knowing what you can be interested in the guy, and which topics should be avoided. Experts and experienced people advise: you always need to build on the situation, invent your own questions, and not ask ready. It is important that there is a dialogue. What to ask the guy in the correspondence?

What can you ask a stranger

If you like a person, at the initial stage it is worth finding common interests, hobbies, finding out about the sphere in which he works. What is smart to ask the guy in the correspondence? Start with neutral questions, for example, ask what the person is doing, how he is doing, and so on. After receiving the answers, you can try to reveal the temperament, learn about life preferences. Ask, for example, what kind of dance is more to your liking: rumba or waltz, jazz or zook.

What to ask the guy in the correspondence? Any person with pleasure will reflect on what will be done on a desert island, how to spend a huge lottery win. The following questions will help maintain the correspondence and learn more about the guy:

  1. What sport prefers?
  2. Does noisy party like?
  3. What likes to listen, watch?
  4. Were there any extreme acts?
  5. How does religion relate to the other world?
  6. Does your parents ask for advice, help?
  7. Does unfamiliar places like, and what countries does she dream to see?
  8. How to relate to virtual dating?
  9. Do former teachers recognize?

What to ask a guy when meeting on a social network

If it is difficult to start a conversation, for the beginning it is recommended to simply say hello, wait for an answer, then begin to act. What to ask the boy? Ask when the cold will end, if it's winter, or write about wanting to meet. A guy can take it as a flirt, and this is also not bad. Another option is to use a trick, for example, to write that a person is like an old friend, from whom there has been no news for a long time.

You should not ask long, complex questions that require long, detailed answers - in social networks, on websites it is easier to communicate with concise, easily readable phrases. It is recommended to study the questionnaire of the guy and use the information obtained during correspondence. Photos, personal information, statuses and so on will help a lot. If, for example, on the page you can see that a person is interested in cars, you can ask if he has his own transport or if it is difficult to drive. You can ask to give advice, recommendations on the purchase, maintenance.

Questions to the guy to get to know him

If you like the guy and you want to get to know the person better, have the right conversation right from the start. Avoid talking about wages, social status, religious beliefs, attitudes towards politics, the current government. To get to know the guy better, ask about hobbies, dreams, goals, desires, taste preferences. Sample list of questions:

  1. Is there a favorite book or author?
  2. Can cook?
  3. What kind of character do you like in the opposite field?
  4. Would you like to start a family in the coming years?
  5. Does it swear?
  6. What films prefers?
  7. Where likes to walk, spend time?
  8. How often falls in love?
  9. What topics are interesting?

What to ask a guy when communicating in VK

Vkontakte is the most popular social network through which it is easy to get acquainted with any person on your own or through friends, acquaintances, colleagues. As a rule, people indicate on their pages complete information regarding education, marital status, preferences, set and change statuses, upload photos. Thanks to this, much can be learned about them without correspondence. What can I ask a guy in the VC? Sample list:

  1. What should be the perfect holiday?
  2. How does he like to spend free evenings?
  3. Are there any favorite holidays, and what do you like about them?
  4. What dishes does it like to eat for breakfast (lunch, dinner), what kind of cuisine does it prefer?
  5. Is there any hobby?
  6. Does he like to attend concerts, theaters?
  7. What do parents do?
  8. What color do you like?
  9. Favorite clothes?
  10. Does he like night walks?
  11. How many friends?

What can I ask a guy with a sense of humor

To defuse the situation, to laugh together, to establish contact, you can ask cool, funny, non-standard questions. If you like the answers, do not forget to report it. What to ask the guy in the correspondence? Examples of unusual, original questions:

  1. What was the school nickname?
  2. What was the funniest case ever?
  3. Has striptease ever danced?
  4. I was afraid of childhood monsters and brownies?
  5. How old did he go to the pot?
  6. Have you ever looked ridiculous in front of a crowd?
  7. Believes in Santa Claus?
  8. What kind of pictures do you like?
  9. Does she want to be a girl at least once?
  10. As before, people remembered birthdays when there were no social networks?
  11. Why is food better at night?

What question to ask a guy to interest him

There are several topics of interest to men that can be touched upon if you are not writing the first day. To have fun, you can discuss intimate, explicit things with the guy, flirt, use the elements of the game. So, what to ask the guy in a frank correspondence? Take an interest in:

  • What part of the body do you like most (in return, send a photo of the part of the body voiced in clothing)?
  • Is she familiar with the Kama Sutra, has she used it in everyday life?
  • What is the attitude of nudists, can they visit their beaches?
  • Whether resorted to paid intimate services?
  • Can she do erotic massage, want to try for yourself?
  • Will be able to sunbathe naked?
  • What is sleeping?

What to ask a foreign guy

If there is no opportunity to see a person in the near future, because he lives in a foreign country, leading questions will help to know a man better. What can I ask the guy by correspondence:

  1. Was it in Russia? What did you like in the country?
  2. Are there any plans to leave your homeland?
  3. How often does vacation take?
  4. What languages ​​do you know perfectly?
  5. How to rest?
  6. What kind of kitchen does it prefer?
  7. Do Russian girls like?
  8. What are the customs of their country always abide by?
  9. What is the guy's family?
  10. What should be the perfect family?

In addition, when meeting with a foreigner, you can ask to tell more about work, place of residence, customs. It is recommended to clarify how the parents of the man would react to the Russian girl. If you have virtual love, you can clarify what the future wife will do, what work to do, where to live, and so on. You should not ask vulgar, tricky questions when chatting on the Internet, especially if the guy does not know the language well.

What not to ask questions guy pen

Even if the guy willingly answers all questions, shows interest in correspondence, it is not necessary to ask directly about such things:

  • material condition
  • saturation, quality intimate life,
  • about the number of ex-girls,
  • availability of car, apartment, business and so on,
  • financial viability of parents
  • plans to have children
  • last sex
  • gifts to girls.

Good questions by correspondence in VK

On the page of the guy you like, put some likes. Psychologists claim that any encouragement acts as a “stroking”.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Try to find out the topics that interest him in order to cause a trusting attitude on his part.

  • I have a good day today, and how was yours?
  • I have a great mood, will you please with the same answer?
  • What are your plans for tomorrow?
  • Judging by the photos in the page, you love the group (fishing, museum, film). I am also crazy about this. Sharing impressions?
  • Throw off, please track ... I do not want to search the Internet.
  • I love this time of year, and what emotions does it cause you?
  • How do you spend your evenings after work (study)?
  • Are you easily surprised or shocked, do you not need global changes?
  • Mood horror! I want new emotions! Do you have such states?
  • Do not want to chat with an interesting person?
  • What will you do if aliens suddenly arrive?
  • It happened to transfer friends to the rank of enemies, and make enemies to friends?
  • Do you consider yourself an adult? Will you take care of me?
  • Have you ever been in deadly situations?
  • If men rule the world, then what rule women?

Interesting to interest the guy

  • How do you like the latest events in your (our) city?
  • What is not acceptable in a relationship?
  • What musical genres, trends and styles do you prefer?
  • I am an open person, ready for dialogue. Would you like to know more about me?
  • Are you keeping up with new, leaps and bounds? What gadgets mastered?
  • Are you into computer games? Do you plunge deep into them? What is more impressive reality or virtual life?
  • What is it about you that you can be proud of?
  • Do you trust psychological tests? Will you pass one of them?
  • Do you think that intuition helps to overcome many problems?
  • Do not dream of a new exciting, sensual, charming relationship?
  • I dreamed about you all my life, or does it only seem to me?
  • Do you like sports? What athlete (team) are you up to?
  • Do you accept your friends as they are, try to change them to please yourself?
  • There are many interesting things in life, but why are we so interested in this?
  • What question is stumping you? Will you try to find an honest answer to it?
  • Why, if there is power, the mind is not necessary?
  • Do you like to play people? How do you react when you played?
  • Do you consider yourself an example to follow?
  • Got enemies? The reason for their appearance?
  • Do you want an invisible hat? What will you do if it appears?

List of vulgar questions

  • Satisfied with the size of your genital organ? Can you master it skillfully?
  • Weakly withdraw in the image of the protagonist in porn?
  • Do you practice self-satisfaction? How often? Does it completely replace sexual contact?
  • Had to use the services of corrupt women to meet the lust?
  • Can you deliver pleasure to a woman with the help of oral sex?
  • Blowjob gives you complete satisfaction?
  • The number of practiced sexual poses you? Do you continue to expand knowledge?
  • Want to do group sex?
  • Sexually practicing slave and master games with violence?
  • Do you like to watch intimate processes from the side? Want someone to watch you meet your needs?
  • What girls cause you lustful attraction: athletic folded, plump pampushechki, fragile thin?
  • If the beloved slept with another woman, would you consider it a betrayal?
  • Have an experience of group sex?
  • Do you use personal protective equipment at every sexual contact?
  • What do you do if an erection manifested itself in a crowded place?
  • Do you have a habit of calling your genital organ in a special way?
  • Sure you can bring a woman to orgasm?

About love and relationships

  • Want to change something in our relationship?
  • Do you consider me the closest person?
  • If your friends don't like me, will this affect our relationship?
  • Can you sacrifice yourself for me?
  • How do you treat treason? Can you forgive this fact?
  • The biggest nonsense you go for me?
  • If we lived in the 19th century, would you defend the honor of your girlfriend in a duel?
  • Our acquaintance is the best event in your life?
  • Allow me to fall in love with you?
  • They say I'm a passionate person, will you make sure of this?
  • If I get offended and remain silent, will you try to find out the reason?
  • Do you see the mother of your children in me?
  • Do you see any flaws in me or close your eyes to them?
  • Are you worth all my worth?

On the intimate topic

  • Freely discuss intimate topic or something confuses you?
  • Which part of the girl body attracts you the most and why?
  • What kind of things do you suppose in sex, and what you absolutely cannot accept?
  • Tell about your erotic fantasies? Want to bring them to life with me?
  • Easy to get excited?
  • What should a girl do to make you lust?
  • Do you like to dominate sex or do you prefer your partner to do this?
  • What is more important for you in a relationship, emotional or intimate intimacy?
  • What was the basis of your first intimate contact: strong feelings, emotions, or elementary lust?
  • Do you like your first sexual contact?
  • What position do you prefer while having sex?
  • Do you like to use toys from the sex shop?
  • How do you feel about role-playing games?
  • Do you practice a variety of poses while having sex?
  • Tell about your erogenous zone?
  • When did you first realize that you want to have sex?
  • The most sophisticated sexual fantasy?
  • Did you have a bad sex experience?
  • Do you allow the use of any erotic fantasy in family life?
  • Why does the stronger sex often insist on sexual experiments that women do not like?

These questions can and should be asked to young people.

At all The choice of phrases depends on the degree of your acquaintance with a specific guy, and also from what you want to find out or find out. There are many options for adequate questions:

  • What act was the most desperate (insane, inadequate) in your life?
  • What personal achievement are you most proud of?
  • What sport is interesting to you?
  • What movies are fun to watch and why?
  • How do you feel about noisy companies and solitude?
  • Do you like romance?
  • How do you feel about the opposite sex?
  • Where have you been and what journey do you want to go?
  • Do you often ask for advice from relatives and friends?
  • How do you feel about God, religion, otherworldly life?

Questions to an unfamiliar guy

A stranger to a stranger is different: it may be the first person you meet, a fellow traveler, a friend of your friend, a distant relative who you see for the first time or after a long separation, etc. nevertheless can be found a question that fits in a certain situationdepending from the stage and topic of conversation:

  • What is your name, handsome?
  • What do you like to do?
  • What is your relationship with relatives?
  • What do you like to remember?
  • Is there a cherished place?
  • How long does your internet take?
  • What do you want to know about me?
  • What kind of gifts do you like to receive?
  • What is your attitude to alcoholic beverages?
  • What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  • What do you prefer to believe?
  • What is your favorite place in our city?
  • What girls attract you?
  • What topics would talk without regard to time?
  • Do you love romance?
  • What are your goals in life, what are your values?
  • What can affect your mood?

Questions for your favorite guy

It is usually much easier to communicate with a close friend to whom you are already used to. It can ask about anything. Ask the above questions, joke, discuss interesting topics, share opinions and news, learn more, tell and ask opinions about yourself.

It is best to make fast during communication. information analysis: what do you know about him and what else would you like to know.

Interests and Hobbies

If you do not know or know only in part about what the young man is interested in, what is interesting to him, what he likes to do, do not hesitate to directly ask him about it. Develop the topic further, be interested in the nuances and fine details.

When there are plans for the future, you should learn more about the life rules and principles of the guy. Ask about friendship, about pets, about work, be interested in plans for the future, views on different areas of life.

During the conversation, talking about yourself or listening to his monologue about yourself, using questions, try to build a conversation in such a way that you can find common interests, hobbies, opinions and opinions.

Ask about family customs, about rest, ask to tell about especially memorable, funny, extreme or instructive life moments.

Interesting questions for a young man

This category of questions includes such which guy will gladly give an answer and will develop the conversation. For example, revealing temperament, personal strengths, preferences. Compose questions based on information that you already know about it or replenish existing stocks:

  • What life did you choose for vacation - the sea coast or the mountains?
  • Billiards or horse riding attracts you more?
  • How would you spend a million if you were lucky enough to win it?
  • Where would you like to go on a trip - to Thailand or to France?
  • In which country would you like to be born?
  • What do you prefer: going to the store or cleaning the house?
  • Who would you prefer to have next to him on an uninhabited island?
  • What role would you like to play in a movie?

Such intricate questions will help the girl not only sto recommend yourself as an interesting conversationalist, but also a veiled way to get even the most intimate information about the interlocutor.

Also consider the peculiarities of male psychology and do not avoid questions like "what would ... if. ", The answers to which the guy will find entertaining, and it will be super interesting to him!

20 cool questions for guys

Questions of this category will not only cause a benevolent smile, but also make you think, strain your brains and speculate, as well as will help to get an interesting conversation:

  • What nickname did they give you in school years?
  • Which tree would you take yourself to?
  • What anecdote do you like best?
  • Who did you dream to be in childhood?
  • Which letter was the hardest to reprimand?
  • How did you twist the words in your childhood?
  • What kind of catch phrases come from your childhood?
  • Was Babayku or Koshchei afraid?
  • Until what age did he suck the nipple?
  • How old did he go to the pot?
  • What do you dislike about close relationships?
  • Where would you like to go with me?
  • Do you want to return past years?
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What do you like to hang around the house?
  • What do you like to sleep in?
  • What part of my body do you like the most?
  • Do you have a godfather and an armchair?
  • How do you feel about board games?
  • How do you feel about romance, music, candles during a date?

You can ask "choices"where you need to choose one of the two options, for example:

  • Brunette or blonde?
  • Good luck sea or cottage by the sea?
  • Good night or hot morning?
  • Bath or home comfort?
  • Sweet dream or sweet dish?

What questions should not be asked at the first meeting

There is something what to avoid and not ask when you first meet, it is better to leave such topics the next time, if it is implied. And if the next meeting is not planned - it means that you should not know.

So, try to avoid it at all, do not touch it yourself or do not affect on their own initiative the following questions:

  • Topics of former connections,
  • Financial questions,
  • Purely private life of a guy
  • Character weaknesses
  • Last questions,
  • Everything about intimate relationships.

Finally, some useful and useful tips for girls:

  1. Try to think over your question.so as not to look stupid and uneducated.
  2. Even if you are not strong in a particular topic, try to correctly formulate the question.
  3. Choose Topical issues for questions.
  4. Trust your fantasies and intuitionsnot forgetting to control them.

If you follow our advice, the problem - what can you ask a guy on a date, at a meeting, during a correspondence - will not be unsolvable!

Tricky to better understand him

  • Do you like capricious spoiled children?
  • Like surprises, especially those that I could not even think of?
  • If I agreed to fulfill any desire, what would I ask?
  • Would you agree to meet with me if you need to walk through the dark forest all night for this?
  • Can you love a person without having sex with him?
  • You like modest girls or loose, why?
  • Will you do in bed everything I ask for?
  • How do you feel about the candy-bouquet period? Romance should start with him or go immediately to the intimate plane?
  • If an absolutely unknown person offers to have sex, how will you react to this behavior?
  • Forgive your friend when your beloved will sleep with him?
  • If you have a child, who will change the diapers and get up to him at night?
  • Agree to do virtual sex right now?
  • Would you like to check whether you like my mom?
  • You assume that the place of a woman is only in the kitchen?

Questions to get to know him

  • Is a man required to be able to cook?
  • Which of your actions are you proud of?
  • Ancestors perceived you as a problem child or a good boy?
  • Are you afraid of old age, infirmity, loss of male potential?
  • What is your attitude to relatives?
  • What did you dream about in your childhood, your dreams come true?
  • What are the character traits of girls annoy you?
  • How and with whom do you prefer to spend your free time?
  • Who is the main person in your life?
  • Easy to make relationships with girls?
  • What emotions do you have about the former passion?
  • What act, in your opinion, cannot be understood and forgive?
  • What can you forgive your loved one?
  • Self-sufficient women who make a career, do not cause you irritation?
  • Can you smooth out conflict situations?
  • How much is willing to spend on a gift for me?
  • Whose fault if a woman goes to another?
  • How do you feel about guys who throw mud at their ex?

Questions to your favorite guy

  • Do you like talking about love?
  • What is ready to go for the beloved?
  • How can I prove my love for you?
  • The reason that could push you to break our relationship?
  • How strong are your feelings towards me?
  • Can you prove your love to me daily?
  • What is your attitude to monogamy? Can you love me throughout your life?
  • If we quarrel with you, who should apologize first?
  • Are you considering my candidacy as a potential wife?
  • Do you have a large family in your plans? How many children would you like to be the father of?
  • A loving person does not have enough life to show his love to the full, agree?
  • We will never be old for each other if we love much, agree?
  • When a person stops loving - is it a tragedy?
  • Is your love for me genuine?
  • Ready to sacrifice yourself for a loved one?
  • Are you afraid of losing me?
  • Do you consider me your happiness, created only for you?
  • If you have a rival on your way, will you fight for me?

What to ask a former guy?

  • Can you resume our communication at a friendly level?
  • Was our relationship important to you?
  • Did you like me or was I just a toy?
  • Easily survived the gap between us?
  • What should I have done to save our love?
  • Was there something I didn’t know when I met you?
  • When we met, did you have connections with other girls?
  • When you think of me, what feelings do you have?
  • Do you think my parents are guilty of breaking our connection?
  • New girl knows about me?
  • Could our relationship end in marriage?
  • Are you avoiding girls of my type, or are you looking for people like me?
  • What was the most awkward moment in our relationship?
  • Were you bored with me?
  • Do you want to throw off our favorite track if you have not saved it?
  • Despite our differences, I will be glad to know how you are doing !?
  • Why do not appear in those places where we have been together? Are you afraid to meet me?
  • Still not looking for a reason to return?
  • Is the sexual attraction gone? Call, we will be friends !?

100 more questions for any guy

  1. What do you want to get from life in a global sense?
  2. How do you feel about pets?
  3. Has the best day in your life already happened?
  4. Do you have a friend for whom you will go for everything?
  5. Can you call yourself an altruist, ready for self-sacrifice?
  6. What style of dress do you prefer?
  7. Do you like to sleep or feel sorry for wasting your time sleeping?
  8. Are you afraid of marriage, family life, new responsibilities?
  9. Will you love your wife when she becomes fat and ugly?
  10. Give the definition of the word "vulgarity"?
  11. What, in your understanding, denote the words - "honor", "dignity"?
  12. Do you like whimsical, proud girls who live according to the principle "I want"?
  13. Share with me a secret secret?
  14. How do you feel about the homeless? Are they to blame for the situation?
  15. Is housework acceptable for you: washing, ironing, washing floors and dishes?
  16. If we have a fight, who will comfort you?
  17. Give up your beloved for the sake of career growth, big money?
  18. What do you prefer: lie on the couch, go to the theater, relax actively?
  19. If you have a baby, who will choose his name?
  20. Do you consider yourself to be a “mama sons”?
  21. Who is more important to you - father or mother?
  22. What or who is able to lift your spirits, if it is terribly flawed?
  23. What do you like more: spend time with friends, pay attention to your beloved?
  24. Factor that irritates you? Why?
  25. If a person asks for help, how do you react?
  26. Take my complete reincarnation, and maybe you have been dreaming about it for a long time?
  27. Do you practice healthy food or satisfy hunger?
  28. Who should play the leading role in the family?
  29. Can you give in to a person, understanding that he is wrong?
  30. Easily express your opinion or close in yourself?
  31. Jealous of other people's success?
  32. What is a car for you: luxury or vehicle?
  33. Can you celebrate a significant event without drinking alcoholic beverages?
  34. How much and how often do you drink alcohol?
  35. Tried drugs?
  36. Can you hit a girl if she provokes you?
  37. Your worst act? Is he related to crime?
  38. Set a goal? What are you doing to implement it?
  39. Do you believe in extrasensory, occult science, predictions?
  40. Signs have existed since ancient times, but how do you treat them?
  41. Do you believe in reincarnation? If so, who was he in his past life?
  42. Afraid of pain? Can you cry?
  43. Which country would you choose for permanent residence?
  44. Are you glad you were born in this country?
  45. Do you have a favorite holiday?
  46. Do you prefer noisy crowded companies or quiet home gatherings on holidays?
  47. What are your favorite movie genres?
  48. Is your life strategy a habit habits?
  49. Who do you think children should stay with after their parents divorce?
  50. How do your relatives treat you?
  51. Do you take a leading position among friends or more often agree with their opinion?
  52. Do you have narcissism, narcissism?
  53. Which famous people do you consider your idol?
  54. How do you feel about the manifestation of narcissism among people?
  55. Made decisions that negatively influenced your life in the future?
  56. Do you have a dependency that you want to get rid of?
  57. Your view on the latest political events happening in the world (country)?
  58. If, as in a fairy tale, they fulfill three wishes, what do you make?
  59. What can you do without much effort for a long time?
  60. Do you often visit nightclubs? Are you freeing yourself completely?
  61. If you had a time machine, what events would you like to witness?
  62. Will you understand a girl if she has any feelings for an ex-boyfriend?
  63. What steps will you take to make an unforgettable impression on your first date?
  64. How do you treat virgins? Do they deserve respect or censure?
  65. Considered as friends of people with unconventional sexual orientation?
  66. What is ready to go for sexual contact?
  67. Can you hurt a person for no reason?
  68. Can you communicate with your ex-husband's husband without any problems?
  69. Would you fall in love with a person at a frenzy at first sight?
  70. How can you prove the seriousness of their intentions girl?
  71. What age women are you interested in?
  72. Do you favor unequal marriages?
  73. By entering into marriage, will your parents allow you to interfere in your family relationships?
  74. Subject to outbreaks of jealousy, which can reach physical abuse?
  75. How long can you refrain from sexual satisfaction?
  76. Do you wear underwear or is this garment annoying you?
  77. Do you like women who neglect wearing underwear? Do you think that they provoke men?
  78. Are your parents not looking for a good sister-in-law? Let them rejoice! They found her!
  79. A good kiss is a whole art! Mastered him? Teach me?
  80. Will you love a woman if she has children from a previous marriage? Can you give a piece of love to her babies?
  81. Do you attend church services? Do you believe in a guardian angel?
  82. Do you like to shock others? How do you treat people who have this behavior has become the norm?
  83. Parents gave sisters and brothers?
  84. Your attitude to the project "House - 2"? Imagine yourself as a reality show participant?
  85. Service in the Army does not scare? You consider, as a direct duty, picked up an alternative, will you shy away?
  86. Having problems with your parents?
  87. How do you perceive the team at work (at school)?
  88. Will you insist on a rigid diet, knowing that the girl is two steps away from anorexia?
  89. Completely satisfied with your life, did not want to start over?
  90. Do you allow women to pay for themselves?
  91. Do you have talents that other people lack?
  92. Making a marriage contract is a mandatory step in the relationship of spouses?
  93. Easily confess your feelings?
  94. Do you think life is easier without love?
  95. Was there unrequited love in your life?
  96. Deceived lover need to be respected or despised?
  97. Do you know what to do with a woman in the bedroom?
  98. Do you like to slap girls on the pope?
  99. Do you struggle with circumstances or are you drifting?
  100. Can a woman break a man's life?

Do not expect to receive 100% truthful answers. But your good and tricky questions will do the trick. They will help to get to know the guy when getting acquainted closer and to understand whether he is worth it to continue further communication with him.