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Unusual Friendship of the Dog and the Magpie: Best Friends Adventure Videos


A dog is man's best friend.
The dog is the best security system for your home.
Even the smallest dog has very sharp teeth. And thanks to their excellent hearing and smell, they will be able to warn you in advance about the approaching stranger.

Of course, your best friend may overdo it in the performance of their guard duties.

But they are because of great love and devotion! And they are always ashamed of their tricks.

Dogs help keep warm on a cold day
According to a study, 25% of the owners allow their pets to sleep on the bed. And in the cold season, this addiction of your four-legged friend can be considered as an excellent bonus. After all, they - walking warmers!

And yet, the dog can be used as a pillow! Very comfortably. Try it!

The dog knows how to love with all my heart
They know how to be faithful to the last.

And it doesn’t matter to them who you are by social status.

They just love and trust.

And always very much waiting for your return.

Dogs feel human condition very well
When you feel sad, they will be sad too.

Remember what Saint-Exupery said? Sadness, divided into two - this is not at all scary.

When you need support - they will not need to ask for it.

Dogs are great companions
They know how to listen without interrupting.

In addition, they are very photogenic.

And with them you can fool around.

And if you go on a hike - a faithful friend is always ready to join you in company.

Especially if you let go in the front seat ...
... and enjoy the view from the window.

For us they are a page in life, and we are their whole life for them.

Non-standard animal friendship

The meeting of Magpie Mike and Dog Bu happened completely unexpected, about two weeks ago.

The owner of the dog, Steve Rostron, went out for an evening walk with his pet, who found the chick on the ground. The 44-year-old artist suggested that forty fell out of the nest and was concerned that she would not survive. That is why the man decided to take the bird home and leave it. Together with his wife and Boo, they courted Michael.

Having got stronger, the magpie did not begin to return to the wild nature, but remained to live with Bu. Their friendship grew stronger every day and today they practically do everything together. For example, they often settle together on a sofa when their owners watch TV.

During the walk, Michael flies near Boo and they even play catch-up. He does not sleep in his cage, but prefers to sit next to the dog on his litter.

The owners of the bird and dog are surprised at the relationship between them. Everyone thought that when forty became stronger, it would fly away, but this did not happen. Sometimes Michael goes looking for food, but he always returns home.

On what only modern owners do not go for the sake of pets. Animals have become for people not just pets, but real friends. Just like with children, everyone wants his furry animal to be the most beautiful and the best. In this they compete in competitions.

So, recently a parade was held in Moscow with the participation of dogs in stylish costumes. Even the rain did not prevent this fashion event. Pets in the most unexpected outfits came to see a huge number of people.

If you wanted to have a dog?

If you decide to make such a friend, it is important to know that today there are about 400 breeds of small and large dogs, if you can’t determine which representative you like, just admire the beautiful photos of animals.

They all differ in size, character, color and purpose, and, therefore, character and behavior. Among all existing breeds, there are several main groups: for example, hunting dogs - they are used primarily for hunting, depending on the method of hunting, they are also divided into cops, greyhounds, hounds, burrows.

Another type - watchdogs - strong and confident, fearless and mistrustful of strangers, can be aggressive and very sensitive. This includes almost all varieties of shepherd dogs, boxers, rottweilers, Great Danes, Terriers and many others.

The third type - the most innocuous and popular lately - decorative dogs. Most often, small ones, their name speaks for itself, can become a wonderful friend for a person and a child, as far as they can, they can even participate in the educational process of a child.

Over the past centuries, man has bred a lot of highly specialized breeds, for example, sniffer dogs or dogs meant for carrying people, such as many loved, husky and samoyed. During the war, such animals were used to transmit reports or transport the wounded, but today there is a separate type of four-legged animals, which are vehicles for blind people.

What kind of dog to choose for your own home is a master's job, but you should always remember that there are no bad dogs, each of them needs human kindness, care and help. If you decide to take the dog on the numerous requests of the child, be sure to make sure that this is not a fleeting whim of a naughty kid, but a healthy and sensible decision.

If you are exactly convinced of your own good intentions, we hasten to congratulate you: dogs perfectly adapt to people and different situations, have developed learning abilities and love for the game.

What to say, the four-legged pets are very loyal and faithful friends, they are forever attached to their master and, in which case, it is very difficult to bear his loss, which is why it is important to approach this decision with all the responsibility of the case.

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St. Petersburg and other cities.
We urgently need financial support.

SUIARES - WITH BROKEN SPINE AND BULLETS FROM PNEUMATICS IN THE SHOULDER. Fully ... When good people found him crawling along parked cars, the first thought was to put to sleep. Already they even began to collect money for a magical injection, the dog at that time, under stress, was beaten under the broken Lada, waiting for its fate. But suddenly people decided to give him a chance. Further clinics, surgery, hospitals, droppers, in general, the usual problems of the spinal cord and the debt in the clinic Sotnikova 28,000 rubles.
Less than 2 months, another heavy dog ​​"fell over" as the curator:
PUSHED - FOUND BY THE SHEET INDUSTRIALLY WITH THE REMOVED CROSS, broken off by internal organs, blood in the urine, lungs, with ruptures of the liver. She just lay and die. Nearby is a rolled puppy. Maybe her baby.
On November 19, Dusya was operated on and now she has a chance to get up on the legs.
And the curator for her 20000 debt.
PEOPLE HELP. Even $ 100 - help!

WAYS to provide financial assistance:
* Map of Sberbank co-curator - Margarita 5469550012506082 (framed for Margarita's husband - Evgeny Alexandrovich)
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* Personally take to the clinic Sotnikova - Repishchev, 13 (to Dulcinea)
* Transfer via Margaret Smolyakov (will be able to drive to any metro station), tel. + 7-965-008-55-00

Financial report on the УУ http://vk.com/im#/topic-80715499_31104285 (with links to checks, images, medical reports), a report on the repayment of debt for the treatment of SUARESA at the Sotnikov clinic http://vk.com/topic- 76793826_30764342

Contact person - Margarita http://vk.com/smorita
Tel. +7 965 008 55 00

Dog lovers are still incurable. A disease that occurs spontaneously or is inherited. And it is contagious. In general, about half of the population of two-legged dog sitting virus. But not everyone has it. Expand completely ... Someone does not allow him to see his parents, who forbid starting a dog from childhood. Someone can not afford the tail monster due to lifestyle or financial insolvency. Well, or a bunch of different reasons. These are dog lovers in a latent form. They still do not know about it. But once they see a special one, “their” dog, the virus of special activity wakes up and begins to act actively. And then all these excuses about lifestyle and stuff go into the background. In the foreground, a completely mad and uncontrollable desire to get a dog climbs out. Because without it in any way. Well, absolutely nothing. And I really need a dog, already yesterday. With its appearance, life begins to divide into 2 stages. Life before and life after. And gradually you realize that the stage "TO" is not even life, but something incomprehensible, hazy and wrong. Not life, in general, but a continuous existence in anticipation of a dog. And it's good that it ended, and the period came "AFTER." When, with the presence of eared tailed ugliness, life began. Real life, full. And let it be burdened by an incurable virus. Rich with such simple pleasures as a bag of food dragged on a hump, a 4-liter bowl filled with water, gnawed shoals, skinned wallpaper and spare parts from shoes in the morning. Indeed, before the appearance of the dog, it was impossible to imagine how great it was to get up in the morning at 6 o'clock and walk around the still-sleeping city, meeting the sunrise in the summer, or freezing our nose in the winter. Or such a simple joy, like quiet tiredness and satisfaction from the work done, which spill over the body when you return from the site after 5 hours of the road-occupation-road. And for two, one thought is to eat and sleep. And the idea that in the evening you need to go out again to work in the cold of -20 does not frighten anyone, but causes a pleasant anticipation.

And with the manifestation of the virus, and the appearance, in fact, of a dog, the wardrobe changes dramatically. It adds sports, ski suits, a completely homeless look, but the main thing is that they are warm. Separate shelf-under camouflage or sports, elongated on his knees, pants. The main thing is that the pockets are bigger in color with more darkness. Well, to erase it more rarely, the dirt is not so visible. Business suits, or God forbid, dresses, modestly move to the farthest corner of the closet, and sigh lonely there while the eared beast, which caused a persistent disease of the owner, eats another pair of expensive sandals. Well, so that in their place you can put fresh torn sneakers, or worn out, asking for cereals, shoes. In addition, for each of the surviving business suits, you will immediately see the patient, and you can easily determine the breed, which holds the disease.

As another symptom of the disease, the car’s view is changing dramatically. Now the car is not evaluated by appearance, not by the pack of electronics and other stuffing, but by size and maneuverability. Moreover, the size-capacity is measured in dogs. For example, passing by Toyota Tundra, the dogman enviously licks and asks a question in the night silence, “how many dogs will fit in here? Ah, lucky tovarischu, sorry, fool, does not understand his happiness! Oh, I would have turned! ”... For the sake of development, I’ll tell you that in the Toyota Rav 4 there are 3 dogs, 2 rather big Labradors and a shepherd. In the trunk. And in Volkswagen Polo-5 people and 3 dogs. And in the Jeep Toyota Prado you can comfortably pack up to 8 dogs of rather big size. Well and so on ..