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Plastic bottles, what can be made of them? Useful crafts with their own hands: for home and garden (60 Photo Ideas - Video) Reviews


Plastic goods are used everywhere, since their creation requires less investment than for goods from other materials.

However, discarded plastic can decompose for hundreds or even thousands of years, so it is very important to recycle it or discard plastic altogether.

The second option today is very difficult to implement, so processing comes to the fore. Plastic can be given to special processing plants, or you can make useful things out of it.

In this collection you will learn how to make various useful things for home and garden from plastic bottles.

1. Ottoman plastic bottles do it yourself step by step

- knitting needles

1. Wash and dry several plastic bottles covered with caps. Collect all the bottles in a circle and tape them together.

2. Cut two circles out of the cardboard so that they cover the top and bottom of all the connected bottles. Adhesive tape attach these circles to the connected bottles.

3. Prepare two rectangular pieces of foam rubber and one round piece. Rectangular pieces need to cover the side of the collected bottles, and a round piece of the upper part. Secure everything with adhesive tape.

4. Make a cover for your seat from any fabric. If you like knitting, you can knit a case.

6. Feeding trough from plastic bottles for a cat or dog

There are many ways to make bird feeders, but this one is intended for cats and dogs.

- 2 large plastic bottles

1. In the middle of one bottle, you need to make the holes slightly larger than the neck of another bottle.

2. The second bottle needs to be cut in half across.

3. Fill the bottom of the feed.

4. Connect the parts and open the cover.

7. Vase for sweets: master-class crafts from plastic bottles

- plate, round plastic or thick cardboard

- 6 two-liter plastic bottles

- wooden or plastic rod (you can even a branch of a suitable diameter and length)

- spray paint and glitter (optional)

1. Making the basis for crafts. For this you need a plate, ceramic or glass plate. In the middle of the plate you need to increase the hole to 10 mm with a drill.

2. Drill also need to make holes in the center of the three plastic parts of the bottles that you will use. Easier to drill from the inside to the outside.

3. Cut the bottom of each of the 6 plastic bottles. Slide 3 parts onto the rod and secure with glue. Glue the remaining parts to the base (plate) around the rod. If you wish, you can paint everything with spray paint.

It should be noted that the rod is held on the base due to the plastic part, which is glued to the plate, as well as to the rod itself.

4. If you wish, you can decorate your vase.

9. Crafts for the garden of plastic bottles (photo): a broom

1. Remove the label from the plastic bottle.

2. Using a clerical knife, cut the bottom of the bottle.

3. Start making cuts on the bottle, leaving 1 cm between each.

4. Cut the neck of the bottle.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 with 3 more bottles. Leave one bottle at the neck.

6. Put all cut bottles without neck over one bottle with neck. You will have a broom blank.

7. Cut the top of one bottle and put it on top of the resulting blank.

8. Make two holes through all the bottles and insert the wire into them and roll up the ends.

9. Insert a stick or rod into the neck and secure with a nail. You can also use glue.

10. Modular boxes: description of crafts from plastic bottles

- several large plastic bottles or cans

- marker or pencil

1. Use a stationery knife and / or scissors to cut a suitable opening out of a bottle or canister. It should not be too small for everything to fit, or too large for the plastic structure to fall apart.

2. Begin to connect the bottles with a strong thread. Start with two, then add two more to them, and so on. Tie strong knots. You can also try using hot glue or superglue (Moment glue).

3. Build a convenient design for you. You decide how many rows and "floors" to make. However, it is worth knowing that the higher the design, the less stable it is. You may need to re-secure the entire structure with a rope.

4. Time to scatter items on the shelf.

12. How to make a house / greenhouse from plastic bottles with your own hands

1. Remove the labels and wash the bottles.

2. Cut off the bottom of each bottle and unscrew the caps.

3. Place the bottles on a long, straight branch, stick or rod.

4. Make a wooden frame house (greenhouse).

5. Repeat steps 1-3, making the required number of bottle rods. After that, all the rods need to be attached to the frame house.

* Alternatively, you can simply connect the required number of bottles with a wire and attach the bottles in a row to the house frame. In this case, the rod is not needed and you do not need to remove the caps from the bottles.

* The greenhouse can be made more airtight by overlaying it with an air bubble film.

Making of stands and decorative elements

For the manufacture of stands for jewelry should use bottles of various volumes from 0.5 to 3 liters. Using scissors or a stationery knife, cut the bottom, leaving 4 cm of plastic. We get bottle saucers.

In each saucer it is necessary to make a hole, which should correspond to the diameter of the rod we have chosen. Stringing saucers on a threaded rod is best between special layers with washers and fasteners and their nuts.

Stand for decorations

For an improvised rod fit a wooden rod or a metal pin. You can also glue the saucers with glue. A saucer cut from a 3-liter bottle will be the bottom base of the stand.

Cupcake Containers

Muffins and pieces of cakes have an unpleasant property - they quickly become chapped and thus lose their appearance and taste. Beautifully decorated cake can be very difficult to bring home without disturbing the shape and keeping the cream decorations safe and sound.

Cupcake Containers

The use of improvised plastic boxes will solve this problem. You can make containers for cakes and muffins from plastic bottles with your own hands. To do this, you will need a circle cut out of cardboard and two pieces from a plastic bottle.

Mini boxes and covers

For the manufacture of covers will need two plastic bottles of 1 liter. They need to cut off the bottom, leaving up to 7 cm. Plastic.

Take the trouble to sew a zipper from inside, and the cover from the bottle is ready!


Are you annoyed at workplace mess? Organizers from plastic bottles will come to the rescue.

Textile Organizers

Using a stationery knife, carefully cut the neck. These items can serve as drives for newspapers, magazines, stationery devices.

The choice of design and decoration is yours.

Curtains and artificial flowers

Light curtains and graceful partitions for dividing the space of a room into several zones can be made of plastic bottles.

Such decorative elements look quite impressive.

They form a glare in the rays of the setting sun. This element of the decor will surprise and long be remembered by your guests.

Feather Friends Feeders

For a long time, plastic feeders do not surprise anyone. However, we offer you new design solutions.

Take a look at the most successful crafts. Perhaps they will interest you and you want to do something similar.

Vertical flower beds

Moody brick walls want to decorate something.

Use plastic bottles with green plants planted to decorate the walls.

A dozen bottles of 2 liters, stationery knife, twine and a flight of your imagination - all you need to create a green panel on the background of a brick wall. When planting do not forget about the drainage. Use pieces of broken ceramics or expanded clay.

Plant vegetables in them

There should be holes in the bottom of the bottle in order to drain excess moisture. What you will grow in such a garden depends on your imagination. It can be spices or decorative indoor plants.

Sprouts for growing seedlings

Two half plastic bottles can be turned into convenient containers for growing seedlings on a windowsill.

Top cap protects delicate shoots from adverse environmental conditions

PET Bottle Mixborders

Mini flower bed of 5 liter capacity

You are not satisfied with the design of the garden plot? Try to decorate your garden with plastic bottles. They can be used as mini greenhouses for seedlings, as well as as a decor.

Swans are a great decoration.

Children can be attracted to their production. They will help you in decorating the garden.

Rationalization idea for summer residents is a system of soft irrigation.

You will need a plastic three-liter capacity

Drill small holes in it. Attach a watering hose to the neck. Gentle sprinkling will really like your plants.

Flowers, moths, tropical trees

Turn your dacha in a tropical fairy tale. Beautiful palm trees, bright butterflies, colorful birds - all this can be created from multi-colored plastic bottles.

Consider the process of making decorative elements for the garden on the example of a flower.

Must stock the following materials:

  • Colored Plastic Bottles
  • Stationery knife, gypsy needle, thick thread
  • Super glue
  • Paint for plastic
  • Lighter Candle
  • Fishing line wire
  • Beads, imitation precious - for decoration

  • A candle or a lighter is necessary in order to warm and slightly melt the petals of an improvised flower.
  • After cutting the neck of the bottle, make 6 cuts in it for the future six petals, gently round the edges and hold them over the candle flame.
  • Such a technique will allow to obtain bulky petal volume.
  • The heated plastic bends beautifully and changes shape.
  • As a stalk, you can use a steel pin or wire.
  • This is such an exciting experience that you just can not tear yourself away!
  • Stamens can be made of fishing line, strung on it beads.

Tropical trees, palm trees, ferns are easy to make. For the barrel fit brown bottles, inserted one into one

Funny animals for the dacha

It so happened that the piglets and cows became the most popular plastic animals.

To make them extremely simple - bend the ears, fasten the tail, paint

Experienced craftsmen are able to make beautiful animals from fairy tales, each such instance is a masterpiece of folk art.

Try to create something similar, add to the process of children, and you will not regret the time spent

By the way, if you do not have special acrylic paints, you can use water-based, oil paints.

Lampshades and sconces for giving

Agree that buying expensive lamps and chandeliers for a country house is not rational, where it is more pleasant to make an original nightlight or a lamp, and even from a junk material.

Craftsmen have learned to make all sorts of models of lighting devices from plastic bottles. And what are you worse?

Attach a little effort and imagination, and you will not be ashamed to hang such a miracle firefly, not only in the country, but also in your living room


The bottle hanging down the neck is already the last century. Craftsmen perfected the design of this product with hinged or removable covers. In such a sink is easy to pour water, while the water does not fall into the trash.

Portable washbasins with embedded taps on a flexible hose are very convenient.

Spatulas, scoops, scoops, brooms

Office knife, ruler, sharp scissors - and indispensable in the household thing is ready

Slippers, slippers

This is the fastest wear type of shoe. At home or in the country comfortable slippers should always be at hand. If you try a little, apply imagination and diligence, you can make or decorate decent slippers with elements from plastic bottles.

Here is a photo of blanks for slippers.

Holes can easily be made with a hot awl or hole punch.

Device against pests of gardens

There are many devices to scare away rodents and insect pests. Let us stop on the wind turbine against the mole, as well as the mosquito trap.

Let's talk about the mosquito trap first. It's very simple, cut the top of a plastic bottle and put it in another bottle with the neck down

It is desirable that the trap was made of dark plastic. Leave the trap for the night, it will attract mosquitoes, as well as other insects - flies, gadflies, wasps. Such a trap can be placed on the windowsill or hung from the ceiling.

Do not forget to change the solution every few days. Instead of sugar syrup with yeast, you can use warm beer or dark kvass.

Rodent Wind Turbine

You can watch an interesting video about how to get rid of moles at the dacha. The design of the windmill is quite simple. In the bottle you need to pour a handful of small round beads or peas, any elements that will rattle in the bottle, like in a rattle, will do.

The pin, which holds the whole structure, must be securely fixed in the ground

It is said that moles, blind dogs and other rodents do not tolerate this sound. With the help of plastic bottles, you can get rid of other malicious pests - the bear. The neck and bottom are cut off, and the root system of the plant is placed in the resulting boot.

The plastic partition will reliably protect the roots of young plants from the attacks of a bear.


It is better to use rectangular dense plastic bottles in which they sell engine oil, solvents, etc. Designing a tool box is easy. The markup is done using a marker.

Boxes for the tool from plastic canisters

A sharp stationery knife cuts the necessary shape. A very handy thing for storing tools and small items.

Devices for drip irrigation

Among experienced gardeners perfectly recommended drip irrigation systems for plants. The craftsmen have developed many designs for drip irrigation based on bottle plastic.

This method is especially suitable for those summer residents who do not often appear on their site.

Plastic container will provide a gradual watering of seedlings for five days.

Creative dumbbells and bars for harsh bodybuilders

It is known that in sports the main thing is not victory, but participation. To keep yourself in great shape, not necessarily all day in the gym. Try to make a barbell at home.

You will need a plastic eggplate, a metal tube (choose one to withstand a lot of “pancakes”

Put on the plastic tube on the tube, make holes in them to pour the cement mortar. A little imagination, patience - and a good projectile for sports is ready.

The same principle can be used to make comfortable dumbbells.

Practical kneecaps for working in the garden

During the summer season only and manage to weed and weed the beds. All this has to be done by leaning in the so-called traditional pose of a summer resident.

Sometimes you want to get on your knees so as to ease the load on your lower back

We propose to use in this case very practical and lightly performed kneecaps. You can make them on the spot, with bottles, scissors and twine on hand.

Need something to pour or pour, and at hand is not a funnel? In two minutes, you can make a decent replacement of this thing from plastic.

Recyclable greenhouses

You can build a decent greenhouse from waste material - plastic bottles. Thus, you will make a significant contribution to improving the ecology of the planet.

You will see, seeing your success, the neighbors in the country will eagerly pick up this initiative

For the construction of a greenhouse will need the following materials:

  • sharp awl
  • Racks
  • nails
  • hammer
  • bottles of all sorts and sizes

How nice to grow seedlings of your favorite cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers in such a wonderful greenhouse! The design is light, not beating, as in the case of the execution of glass. And most importantly - free.

Bottle ropes

Of course, plastic piglets, bracelets and curtains do not need much plastic. This is all fun, which are not essentials. And what do you say about a strong and reliable rope from used bottles?

A string of plastic bottles is always useful in the household.

Such a thing is always useful in the household, besides, made by hand, it will be stronger than the factory. Just imagine - You will get about 10 meters of plastic tape from a usual two-liter egg-cap!

Strong, durable, and most importantly - free!

First, it can tie up garden plants, use in greenhouses. Such a product is not afraid of exposure to sunlight, rain. The rope will be strong and will last for a long time. And most importantly, such ropes are absolutely free.

Можно применять пластиковые веревки для соединения деталей при сборке мебели собственноручного производство. Когда вы натренируетесь и научитесь достаточно быстро распускать бутылки, то сможете плести из них что угодно:

  • бельевые веревки
  • половики перед входом
  • make brushes
  • brooms

Here is one of the easiest ways to make it:

  • First wash the cork and remove the label. The bottom must be cut off with a stationery knife, the bottle prepared in this way can be successfully dissolved to the very neck.
  • With well-sharpened nail scissors, we cut the bottle in a spiral.
  • There are craftsmen who design special devices to increase the speed of work.
  • Make them easy. Take the blade from the stationery knife and two pre-cut necks.
  • Put a pile of coins on the table, put them on an improvised table (you can on a CD).
  • Blade the knife with a lighter or gas torch glow.
  • On the neck, insert the blade of the knife, without lifting it from the surface.
  • Perform the same operations with another neck.
  • The design can be glued to the board.
  • Fix the improvised bottle cutter (with scotch tape), cut the bottom.
  • Insert the surface of the bottle between the two necks, with one hand pull the plastic strip towards you and press the container with the other hand.

Plastic ropes will definitely come in handy in everyday life and help you out in any situations.

How to make a tape from a plastic bottle?

Details about the homemade bottle cutter, see this video:

We tried to find the most interesting and popular ideas for you. If you do not agree with these estimates, leave your rating in the comments with the arguments of your choice. Thank you for your participation. Your opinion will be useful to other users.

Plastic flowers

Basket with snowdrops - master class:

Flowers from plastic bottles from under Aktimel do it yourself - master class:

Flower "Alenkin eyes" and others - master class:

Toys from bottles

Decorative cup

Waste material is a wide scope for fantasy. After all, from it you can make a lot of different crafts. Today we will make a beautiful decorative cup on a saucer from a plastic bottle and a CD disk, which will decorate your interior. It looks like a fake, because you can not drink from it, it's just a pretty decoration for the house.

To make a decorative cup with our own hands, we will need:

  • Plastic bottle of 1, 5 l,
  • Scissors,
  • Hot melt glue
  • Foamiran pink and green,
  • CD disk.

Cut off the top of the bottle. We need exactly it. Also cut off the neck. Cut carefully to avoid injury to the arm. In the place of the neck of the plastic is more dense and hard, so there may be some difficulty in cutting.

Put aside the time item. Now we need an unnecessary CD disc. Fold it with a knitting needle or a toothpick on a pink foamiran leaf. You can take foamiran of any color available.

Next, apply hot melt glue on the edges of the disk in a circle and glue the part.

Cut a strip of 3x30 cm. Fold it in half horizontally. Apply on the edges of hot melt glue and gradually glue the strip on the blank from a plastic bottle, pasting the top edge of the future cup. That is, half of the strip is glued to the outside, and the 2nd half to the inside of the cup.

Now glue the bottom of the cup in a circle with glue and glue it onto the part with the disk. Glue so that the cup was in the center.

Now cut a strip of 1x 13 cm. We glue it on the plastic part from the bottom. So we hide the gluing place.

Now we will make a handle for the cup. To do this, we cut a strip of 1.5 x 35 cm. With two ends, slightly twist it inside. At the same time, we sometimes grease foamiran with glue so that nothing disintegrates.

Glue the resulting handle to the cup.

The cup is ready. It remains only to decorate it. We will make a flower out of foamiran. To do this, cut out the details in the form of droplets. Total need 5 pieces.

1 drop twisted into a tube.

And then glue on 1 drop on this part. Slightly turn them off. Glue a little overlap on each other.

Cut the petals from the green foamiran and glue the roses behind it.

This flower is glued to the bottom of the cup. You can decorate the saucer with beads, beads, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

You can make several different cups and put them in the kitchen as interior decor. And you can make such cups together with your daughter for the game.

Other options for handicrafts made of plastic bottles are toys for children, they can be made by parents or older brothers and sisters with their own hands.

Big Bottle Mushroom House - Master Class

Aircraft from the bottle:

Stroller for a doll - master class:

The following crafts from plastic bottles - photos of works by teachers of kindergarten number 267 of Izhevsk.

The toys "drop the weight in a cup" are made of cut plastic bottles painted with acrylic paints and plastic containers from under kinder surprises.

Garden crafts

Bottle engine (flower bed):

Photos sent to our contest "Plastic craft«:

The baby elephant is made from 1.5-liter and 5-liter bottles, as well as gofroshlanga.

Frog. To make it, the bottoms of two green bottles are cut off, one is put on the other. Paws are cut from the remaining parts. The craft is painted and decorated with a bottle cap.

"Miracle Christmas Tree" of plastic bottles - master class:

Palm tree of green and brown bottles:

Peculiar pots (or pots) for flowers on the fence, also from plastic bottles:

This dwarf from bottles participates in our contest “The Second Life of Things”.

House for the pupa:

More flowers for the garden:

Hedgehog from a bottle and cones - master class:

Plastic bottle dove - master class:

To decorate areas of kindergarten

Crafts from plastic (photo by Olga Zakharova):

Necklace - master class:

Features plastic like material

Many plastic containers are thrown away, considering it to be rubbish, but this is a unique material for handicrafts that will certainly be used on the farm. The features of it, as a material for creativity, are that:

  • For the manufacture of crafts and work does not require any complex tools or accessories, except those that every good owner has in the house: scissors, sharp knives, candles, glue, stapler, drills, glue gun, and so on.
  • Not only the bottle itself will fit in the work. From the covers you can create colorful panels, tracks, trim them with old furniture.
  • Due to the flexibility of the fluorine bottle, even bending structures can be created both in the house and in the street.
  • Crafts can have different shapes and sizes, so the work will be useful as very small bottles, so large bottles.
  • Plastic is considered a safe material, so you can create crafts for playing at home or in kindergarten.

Colorful penguins from a simple plastic bottle

What bottles can be made for kindergarten or in kindergarten

To create characters and all sorts of figures for children is a special direction of amateur creativity. It is advisable to do them together with them. So it is easier to teach them to perseverance, to teach attentiveness, concentration, to develop imagination. Consider the example of workshops, how to create simple figures and fairy tale characters for children.

There are several options for making this delicate flower.

To work will require white bottles. They usually sell their milk and they should be picked up a little. In a pinch, you can use transparent, but then repaint in white. For each daisy we need 3 bottles. All of them must have the same diameter of the neck, otherwise we will not be able to put together the magnificent parts.

We cut off the upper part (the neck with the lid), just below the expansion point. We do it only with two bottles, we leave one. It is desirable that the cover had a yellow color.

On each neck, cut about 8 petals. Only so that they held, and did not break up. Bend them alternately in the opposite direction.

Let's start collecting the flower: put on one of the blanks on top of the one that was not cut.

Then the second is exactly the same.

We unfold and turn down the petals so that the daisy looks natural and lush.

Flower with a center

We fix all three layers with a lid, we try to make it more tightly.

This daisy is more complex designs, but also looks more natural and beautiful.

We cut circles from the cylinder of the bottle (about 8 cm in diameter, it is possible more if you want to create a large chamomile). Each will require three mugs

Each circle is subsequently cut into 16 strips and form flower petals out of them.

In the center of the awl, hot on the fire, make a hole.

A little later, when we collect the workpiece, you need to hold it a little over the fire. So the petals wrap themselves, creating the correct form of chamomile.

Cut out the core of the flower from the yellow cover, pierce it and fasten it with a wire to the inflorescence.

Sepals do out of the green bottle, also melted a little over the flame.

On the stem, first fasten the sepal, then the three blanks of petals, the core and bend it with pliers so that the chamomile does not fall apart. After bending, we run the wire through the sepal again and twist it with the stem.

Collected blanks are fastened with wire.

The stalk will serve as a wire on which thin strips (approximately 5mm) of green plastic are wound. In order for the layers to be well sealed, they also need to be burnt.

We sever the wire wrapped in plastic to form the stem

If you want to create a whole composition, make leaves by cutting them out of green plastic, sing them a little, wrap them on the stem.

You can bouquet and diversify the bouquet, combining them with cornflowers. Here you need blue plastic, the petals are cut in the shape of cornflowers. Going flower like a daisy.

The finished composition of daisies and cornflowers

Now we will try to make a giant daisy.

  • Here we cut the petals along the whole bottle.
  • The core will be a thick plate, also made of plastic.
  • All blanks are sealed with glue for plastic.

Giant daisies in the front garden

As we see, to create such wonderful decorative flowers, it will take only a few hours of time, a bottle, an awl, a candle, glue and scissors.

Plastic bottles from the "Coke" will be useful to create a penguin, thanks to its narrowed shape in the middle and expansion from the bottom of it, you get a believable penguin body.

Toolkit and materials:

  • 2 bottles of the same size
  • scissors,
  • cool gun with silicone pencils
  • brushes,
  • the marker is black,
  • a shred of thick fabric
  • white, black and red paint.

Step-by-step penguin build:

  • We cut the container this way: the first, acting as the bottom, is cut in the middle or slightly closer to the bottom, the second is the top of the penguin, so we only need the bottom. Fig. one
  • Now we connect both parts with cuts to each other. Pic2
  • When you join, fix with glue (it can be a silicone gun). Pic.3
  • Further, according to the plan, we will have a painting of the penguin's body. Paint type choose such that it is not afraid of moisture. We paint the future toy in several layers. Fig. four
  • When the coating of paint dries out, with a black marker we outline the chest part and the muzzle. Pic.5
  • Paint over the outer part (outside the contours) with black paint completely. We leave only the top - this will be the place of the cap. Riesz 5. and 6.
  • In principle, the penguin is almost ready. It remains only to paint the place left under the cap red paint. It is possible, as shown in Figure 8, to decorate it with black dots.
  • Draw on the face eyes and beak. This can be done with a thin brush and paints, or use colored markers. Fig. 9.
  • Cut a scarf from a small piece of fabric, tie it on a penguin.

If there is any unnecessary pompon, for example, from an old children's hat, cut it off and attach it to the toy's hat. So it will look even more interesting.

Let's try together to make another toy for kindergarten - crocodile.

Crocodile from a bottle

To work prepare:

  • two plastic bottles of 0.5 l,
  • cork-twist from the same container - 4 pieces,
  • sharp knife
  • stationery scissors,
  • thin cardboard
  • glue,
  • brushes,
  • waxed paper
  • paint for painting
  • buttons for eyes.

Instructions for the manufacture and assembly:

First, cut the bottles in half, then so that there is a distance of about 7 cm to the neck.

It is necessary to form the edges so that when assembling the body of a crocodile was slightly bent. As shown in the photo.

Glue the covers on the ground legs.

Form cardboard to form dense balls - eyes, attach to the body.

Glue the entire body of the alligator with green colored paper.

We cut out eyes, teeth and feet from waxed paper.

Paint your teeth with a brush (white), nostrils (black), eyes (also black) or use dark buttons as your eyes.

These funny insects are very easy to make.

Prepare in advance:

  • plastic container with a capacity of 0.33 l,
  • sharp scissors,
  • acrylic paints,
  • cup 0.5 l,
  • brushes,
  • glue,
  • black duct tape
  • wire,
  • stationery knife.

For coloring bees it is better to use acrylic paints. Oil or water-based will dry for a long time and much worse to fall on the surface of the plastic.

Instructions for implementation:

Cut the wings of the plastic glass bee, as shown in the photo.

The bottle does not need to be cut completely. We make only small cuts on the sides, with a stationery knife. This will be the placement of the wings.

Insert the wings into place, glue them.

Next, proceed to painting the bees. There are two ways of painting: paint the body black, then make yellow stripes, or vice versa, make it yellow completely, then draw black stripes. We use the first - paint it in the dark.

Start painting the bottle

White color on the lid will draw the eyes, and the mouth - red.

Paint the whole bottle

Next we draw the pattern on the wings with white paints, we outline the edges. So they will look better.

You can make it in one copy, you can create a whole hive

To create a hive cook:

  • plastic bottles by the number of supposed bees,
  • yellow enamel or paint,
  • black duct tape
  • urinating brush - 4 pcs,
  • for eyes - beads or buttons,
  • glue gun,
  • synthetic thread
  • twine.

Plastic bottles painted in yellow. You can do a little differently - pour the yellow paint inside, twist the bottle so that the paint evenly lay on the entire inner surface.

This should be done in several stages to evenly paint the entire surface. Type paint in the bottle, shake and lay to the side. As soon as the first coat of paint begins to set, twist it to color the next area and so on until the end.

When the bees are yellow in color, we make transverse stripes with black tape.

We continue work

On the cover we glue the eyes, the nose of the prepared beads and buttons.

From another plastic container, cut out figures that look like wings. To them, at the same stage of work, we attach threads. For them, we then hang the bee to the tree.

We glue the thread with wings to the body of the bee, with the same glue gun.

Next on the plan - making the hive. We take a plastic bottle (not a bottle, but a large bottle). Cut a hole in it - the entrance for the bees.

Color it too in yellow. You can, again, use a complex painting method. Or, in order not to lose a lot of time, just paint it on top with a brush.

We will make the roof of the hive out of urinal brushes. We take them in a pile, we tie them with a string.

Roof sheaves

On the cover of the bottle - this is our roof area, we apply a thick layer of glue. We spread urine brushes on it so that they are evenly distributed from all sides. If somewhere they have come off a little, we glue.

We leave the craft for a while at rest for drying.

Everything is ready and bees, and the hive. It remains only to carry to kindergarten and hang it on a tree.

Wood craft

In a similar way, many bees can be made, but without a beehive and each one should be hung from a tree. Thus creating a real children's center of beekeeping.

Simple in performance and very interesting model crafts.

Prepare materials:

  • plastic container (several pieces will be enough)
  • paper, not less than A4,
  • stationery scissors,
  • silver and brown nail polish,
  • sparkles
  • gel red pen,
  • rhinestones,
  • butterfly in the stencil.

Getting started to make an insect:

First, we will prepare the bottles for work: we wash it, preferably with soap, we will free it from the label, we will dry it.

On a clean sheet of paper scan or translate through a carbon paper butterfly shape. For this we need a stencil. You will find it at the end of this section.

Gel pen need to cut the contours of the insect on the surface of the plastic and cut.

We got a figure with wings bent down.

Turn it over, we need them to look to the top.

Butterfly Cut Out

Take the gel pen again and draw all the lines, as shown on the stencil.

With silver nail polish we paint over the middle (body) and antennae. We draw the contours of the wings in the same tone.

Now you need to paint all the rulers with varnish, including the smallest ones that were previously painted with a gel pen.

Put small dots (blotches) in front of the edges.

Against the background of the silver drawing of the wings, we also put dots, only in brown.

The little body of the butterfly is decorated with rhinestones. To do this, any nail polish, put the droplets and put a pebble on top.

The butterfly is ready, for everything about everything, it took us a little time and material, which, surely, will be found at home in the household and with mom.

Аналогично предыдущей бабочке делаем еще одну, только на это раз однотонной и без камушков.

У нас получились две пластиковые бабочки, раскрашенные одним тоном.

Butterflies in the interior

If you attach a magnet to them - they will serve as a good decoration on the refrigerator or any other metal surface.

Let's consider another version of the execution. We will paint it not with nail polish, but with stained glass paints. In the first version, we painted a butterfly on plastic, cut it out, and only then proceeded to painting. Here the technology is different. We will draw an insect on the bottle, on it we will paint it.

Let's prepare everything that is useful in work:

  • stencil drawing paper:
  • plastic packaging
  • stained paints,
  • wire or thick fishing line
  • scissors,
  • beads (several pieces of small size),
  • awl.

Step-by-step instructions for execution:

On the paper we transfer the butterfly from the stencil.

Redraw the insect on the plastic. You can do it this way. We cut the bottle, from the inside we adjust the picture so that we can clearly see it from above. Gel pen transfer contours to plastic.

When we finish to draw, you can start coloring. Recall, paint, without cutting an insect, the paint falls on the bottle, along the contours. After painting, leave the billet to dry. After it dries well, cut it out. Fingers give the desired shape.

We form a little body. To do this, take the wire or fishing line that is prepared, we string on it a few beads. You can take the same color, but you can make it multi-colored, this is how your heart desires.

Butterfly from a bottle

A butterfly, or not one, if made them several, is ready. You can decorate them with pot pots, hook them onto the curtains, attach a pin below, and stick them on.

If the insect is made with a child's hand, then it will be a pleasant surprise and a gift for March 8 for the mother, teacher, or grandmother.

Stencils for making butterflies

The waste material has a lot of opportunities and ways to extend its life. Moreover, in every family at least something, yes there is. Here, it is not necessary to buy something special or invent, and even more so to spend money on them. Let's try to make a hedgehog from the same waste material, which is used plastic packaging.

For work we will need:

  • plastic bottle,
  • pine cones, about a dozen, as long as they are the same size,
  • two caps in white, from the same bottle,
  • glue (you can use the "moment" or, if there is a mounting foam),
  • colored plasticine.

Technique create a hedgehog:

First, we bring in the proper packaging: wash, clean from the label, wipe and dry.

On the prepared container, right from above we glue the cone on glue or foam (you can use a glue gun if there is such an object on the farm). We start from the center, it will be the back of a hedgehog. Each bump is glued as a separate element, after making sure that the previous one is firmly held.

When all the bumps - needles of our hedgehog, will be planted in their seats, proceed to the formation of the muzzle. To do this, we cover the bottle with black plasticine.

For the eyes, white caps prepared by us will be needed. On them, in the center, glue the circles from the same black clay - these will be the pupils of the hedgehog.

Eyes glue to the face of the animal.

Now a little embellish our crafts. What a real hedgehog without stocks. Mushrooms, leaves, fruits with berries made from plasticine. Then gently lay him on his back.

An interesting hack that you can do with your son for kindergarten. In this way, you will teach him to use various waste materials as material for creating toys and other necessary things.

To work prepare:

  • a small plastic bottle, you can from under the baby yogurt,
  • one tailor pin,
  • 3 tubes for juice,
  • scissors,
  • one ping pong ball
  • stapler

Step by step performance of work:

First, make a hole in the lid so that the tube can freely enter.

Make a hole in the bottle cap

Cut the bottle so that the top (with thickening) part remains intact.

Take the remaining 2 tubes, cut them to the length of the estimated propeller blades.

Cross them and pin in the middle with a pin. Insert the tail of the helicopter into the cork of the bottle. Runners make of the two remaining parts of the tubes, connect with a strip cut from the waste part of the bottle with a stapler.

Attach the main part of the helicopter with runners also a stapler. Insert a ping-pong ball into the hole.

Helicopter ready. There is a minimum of time spent on it, and the child will have plenty of fun with his own hand-made toy.

The nested doll is probably the only toy with which more than one generation has grown. In addition, it is considered a symbol of Russia. Many foreign tourists, arriving in our state as souvenirs, buy them. Is it possible to create such a complex figure with your own hands, and even from a waste plastic? Yes, it is possible, even if it is not as functional as the modern ones in toy stores, but it will be personal and, probably, the most beloved.

In the creation of such handicrafts not only food packaging made of plastic is suitable, we will consider this a little later. The toys that you see in the photo below are made only from the top of the flasks. So they will be more stable. To the edges were not too sharp, they can be treated with tape.

Another option matryoshka

In this photo, the upper part is inserted into the lower part, the middle part is completely removed. This nested doll has a more respectable look, looks more natural and believable. Painted with acrylic paints. Children will not be able to do it in the same version, but there are many stickers and patterns of this image on the Internet. As a last resort, they have plenty of options to learn and draw on such a model of nesting dolls.

The following photo and the model itself can be attributed to the multifunctional. Here and the doll in its own performance and pencil case for storing pencils and pens. As you can see, it is not made from a food bottle, and their containers are from under shampoo or cream.

Approximate drawings and diagrams for creating nesting dolls from plastic containers in kindergartens and at home.

Scarf and dress

Bottle cut pattern

Simple hack for child care. It does not take much time, there will be no problems with the selection of material. How to do, consider step by step.

First prepare:

  • plastic containers - several bottles of different sizes,
  • hot glue,
  • sharp knife
  • iron,
  • acrylic paints,
  • scissors,
  • small plank

Step-by-step instruction:

From the prepared bottles, in our example, these are 2 and 0.5 liter, we cut off the bottom. They will serve as mushroom caps.

We turn on the iron when it heats up to the maximum temperature, adjust the bottom of the bottom to its sole with cut edges. This is done so that the ends are not too sharp. When exposed to high temperatures, they will round out.

We paint hats from the inside with red acrylic paints. So the paint from the surface will not wear out, and the surface of future mushrooms will become glossy.

Take another 2-liter bottle. Cut off from her bottom and top. The middle part is cut completely. To have a broad band.

We paint it with white acrylic paints. Leave it dry.

The caps of the mushrooms that we created earlier are greased with hot glue and adjusted to the dried white strip. To save the band set tightly to each other. Press firmly, let them stick tight.

When the glue is well grabbed, we cut the caps together with the strip in a circle.

Cut out trapezoidal shapes from the remaining stripe web, one large for a large mushroom, a smaller friend, for a smaller mushroom.

We glue both sides of the figures into a cone. These will be the legs of our crafts.

Step-by-step instructions for making crafts from plastic bottles

It's amazing how many products you can create using ordinary plastic bottles. Together with your child, you can make fairy-tale heroes - Cheburashka, Crocodile Gena, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Frog Princess. Original look bird figures - storks, grouse, pigeons, swans. Perfectly look crafts of domestic animals and wild animals, such as a cat, dog, parrot, penguin, donkey, squirrel, pig.

These things you can arrange in the kitchen or in the nursery, decorate the yard on the street. For home decoration can be used not only decorative, but also functional crafts. For example, a beautiful plastic vase will be useful for keeping bouquets dry or alive, and you will be able to plant indoor plants in an original pot. For the suburban area, you can make figurines of animals and plants, cars, rockets, and the lake from the bottles will surprise guests at home and become a true work of art. How to make crafts out of plastic bottles with their own hands, read on.

Original palm tree to give

Plastic bottles are an unusual and budget option that will help summer residents to decorate their plots. The original exterior is sure to be appreciated by close, visiting guests and neighbors. Beautifully looks stylish tall palm tree, which will require the usual capacity of brown and green. What materials are needed to make a southern tree:

  • bottles (brown, green),
  • a metal sheet,
  • cable (take high-voltage, 12-14 mm),
  • scissors,
  • rods (not less than 25 cm), tubes (2 cm in diameter) and bushings (metal).

  1. Remove labels from bottles. Take the green, start making leaves: for this scissors, divide them in half. Along the surface (to the place of the narrowing of the container) cut thin strips. String the finished leaves on the cable. For one tree you need seven of these elements.
  2. For the barrel, take the brown bottles, cut them lengthwise into six pieces, to form wide strips. Also string on the cable.
  3. How to make the base: weld the rods at different angles to a sheet of metal. Put the tubes on them. Attach the sleeves to the end of the rod so that the green containers can pass through them.
  4. Assemble the barrel on the rod: for this, put, with the neck down, brown pieces on top of each other. Pull the cable through the bushes, securing the leaves from above.
  5. After assembly, dig the structure into the ground, but no more than half a meter.

How to make the original palm, see the video:

Beautiful baby elephant from plastic bottles for kindergarten

A child who goes to kindergarten enjoys the environment: beautiful places to play, new toys. Crafts made with plastic bottles can be a wonderful decoration of the interior garden or street. If you want to surprise kids, make a beautiful baby elephant. What materials are needed to create an interesting decoration:

  • two bottles (six liter),
  • two-liter containers (six pieces),
  • half-meter corrugated tube (with small diameter),
  • acrylic paints of gray (or blue), white, black, red shades,
  • fifty-five cm thick wire
  • sand,
  • glue for plastic
  • scissors.

  1. Cut the two-liter bottles in half, the lower parts will be the feet of an elephant.
  2. From the six-liter material make ears. In the second large capacity cut holes for their fastening.
  3. Bend the wire - this will be the shape of the trunk. Put the pipe on it.
  4. Paint all elements gray or blue. Connect, gluing the legs to the body (before that, pouring some sand there), the hose - to the opening of a large bottle that serves as the body of an elephant. Insert your ears into the holes.
  5. Paint your eyes with black and white paint, your mouth with red acrylic.

How to make a swan to decorate the playground

Beautiful swan will be a wonderful decoration of the playground for games or your own summer cottage. This bird, for the manufacture of which plastic bottles are used, looks beautiful and original. Children will definitely like such a figure, which serves as a decorative element. What materials will be needed to create a beautiful white swan:

  • one bottle per five liters,
  • hard wire hose
  • milk bottles
  • marker,
  • candle,
  • wire,
  • scissors,
  • paint.

  1. Sketch on a large bottle of the cut line. Carefully remove the top, but leave the neck - this is the body of the bird.
  2. Insert a hose with wire through the throat - this is the neck of a swan.
  3. Cut the bottoms and necks of milk plastic elements. Cut out feathers from them. Decorate their edges with a fringe. Scorch the candle a little. Wire collect two feathers. Glue to the body.
  4. Cut the bottom of the small bottles, put it on the hose, forming a neck. The head of the swan will come from the top of the white tank. Make a hole in it and the hose on both sides, fasten with wire material. Close the lid.
  5. Take a cap from chemicals. Cut in half. Insert the cap into the cap. Glue to the head.
  6. Paint the beak, paint the eyes.

Master class on making Christmas trees for the new year

A Christmas tree is a tree that is traditionally bought before a big holiday. But if there are a lot of green plastic bottles left at home, there is nothing difficult in making a budget and original version by yourself. In addition, such a tree does not drop needles and it can stand for a long time. What materials will be needed for making wood:

  • six bottles (two-liter),
  • scissors,
  • wooden base (half a meter),
  • paint brush
  • plasticine,
  • pot.

  1. Cut the bottom of the bottle. Cut the top along eight stripes, forming their sharp corners with scissors. Do it carefully.
  2. Scissors swipe the petal to be bent.
  3. In a pot on the plasticine secure the base. Put the bottle blanks on it. Use scissors to cut off the excess plastic from the upper petals to give the Christmas tree shape.
  4. Paint the tree green.

Planter cat from a plastic bottle for indoor plants

Beautiful vase-cat will be an excellent decoration of the room interior. You can use this item to store various small items or plant beautiful plants there. Well in such pots look cacti, ivy, succulents. The original cat like to do small children. What tools are needed to create an interesting piece of jewelry:

  • a bottle and a half or half a liter,
  • acrylic white paint
  • markers
  • scissors.

  1. Cut the bottom third of the tank. Form the ears, removing excess.
  2. Paint the outside and inside with acrylic paint.
  3. Draw the cat's eyes, ears, mouth using a pattern.
  4. Plant your favorite plant in a pot. If you want, make the pots hanging by cutting symmetrical holes on all four sides.

How to make a peacock with your own hands

A beautiful peacock is a bird that symbolizes happiness, wish fulfillment and nobility. Such a figure placed at the dacha will bring good luck to its owner. Peacock requires painstaking and serious work, so it will take a lot of free time to make it. What materials are used during the creation of the wonderful bird:

  • many plastic bottles of different colors and sizes,
  • stand,
  • synthetic foam
  • glue gun,
  • abrasive mesh
  • colored paper
  • scissors.

How to create crafts:

  1. Remove the neck, the bottom of the bottle. From the main part of the containers cut a lot of feathers of different sizes - from small to huge. Trim the edges of the fringe.
  2. Sort the blanks by size.
  3. Make a bird figure using foam. Attach to the stand.
  4. Cut the beak (use a red bottle).
  5. Decorate the bird's chest with colorful plastic parts of a small size. Gradually glue the foam as you approach the tail, using larger feathers.
  6. Alternate colors to make the peacock bright.
  7. For the crest, make a few plastic strips with a fringe at the end.
  8. To arrange the bird's head, take a small oval, round pieces of plastic. Make your eyes out of a brown bottle.
  9. Cut the wing-shaped abrasive mesh. Attach feathers to it - move from small to large.
  10. Tail, too, do with the help grid.
  11. Fill the ends of the feathers with paper details: cut out mugs of various colors and sizes. Stick a big oval first, put a smaller one on it, and put a very small element inside.
  12. Connect all the parts with glue.

See the video for more details:

Interesting children's butterfly hack

Children absolutely love the creation of beautiful crafts - butterflies. Easy master class will help to create an original figure, even the smallest. Crafts can serve as an element of interior decoration or part of the picture. You can make a lot of butterflies of different shapes to decorate the children's room. What materials will be needed for this master class:

How to make crafts:

  1. Cut the cylinder out of the flat part of the bottle. Cut in half.
  2. On the resulting convex plate, draw a butterfly.
  3. Cut it out.
  4. Bend the wings so that they acquire a natural shape.
  5. Color as desired.

More details on the creation of crafts, see the video:

Decorative flowers

Decorative flowers will be a great decoration for your home. You can create sunflowers, chamomile, roses, other plants. Easy workshop with photos will help you easily make an original decoration. Decorate them with boxes, baskets, shelves or make an unusual picture. What are the necessary elements for the manufacture of original crafts:

How to create crafts:

  1. Draw flowers on the surface of the plastic container with a marker. Cut out.
  2. Bend petals so that they look in one direction. Burn them to get a beautiful shape.
  3. Make a few pieces. Connect them, putting on each other, glue, wire, heat. Decorate the center with beads or plastic flower.

Яркие клумбы для сада и огорода

The flowerbed, for which plastic containers are used, is created simply. This material will help you make a budget and beautiful design for garden plants, isolating them from the lawn. The craft does not take much time, and the result will delight with its originality and beauty. What materials are needed to make a simple flower bed for garden plants:

  • many plastic containers (monophonic or color),
  • paint (if desired),
  • sand / land.

  1. Clean the bottles.
  2. Fill them with sand or earth (half or full).
  3. Make a fence beds, securely digging capacity in the ground with his throat down. It is important that they fit snugly together.
  4. If desired, paint the finished fence.

Variants of such beds, see the video:

Video tutorials on making crafts out of plastic bottles for beginners

It can be difficult for novice needlewomen to create an original hack using only pictures. To do this, experienced masters make interesting videos for free, where they step by step describe the steps of creating a particular figure. Visual examples will help you repeat all the actions of the presenter and make beautiful things using plastic bottles. At the next master classes you will learn how to make a hedgehog, a rag doll, chamomile flowers, an autumn bird feeder, a crocodile, mushrooms, how to decorate a cottage with traffic jams. Watch interesting videos with a detailed description of all actions:

Photo ideas of hand-made plastic bottles

When creating crafts, it is important to draw ideas through which you can do really interesting and beautiful things. Many people are engaged in the manufacture of unusual products with plastic bottles, and then remove them on the camera. A variety of decorations for the house, yard or cottages, made by craftsmen, will help you choose your version or come up with something new. See a lot of photos of plastic bottle crafts:

Crafts from plastic bottles step by step: from flower pots to the fabulous tower

The idea of ​​making useful tools and decorative things from plastic containers is not new. The first attempts led our grandparents to the construction of low fencing for tracks. Assessing the plasticity and cheapness of the material, craftsmen from the people went further. And now the dacha plots were decorated with high-grade fences, funny figures and unusual fixtures from plastic bottles.

The lovely pet-ostrich cannot help but please your children!

Thanks to fantasy and such excellent material as plastic bottles, we have almost limitless possibilities for creating handicrafts for every taste, any complexity and direction.

Paintings from the caps of plastic bottles and other containers have grown into a whole art direction

Plastic bottles have long been in great demand among gardeners

Gorgeous orange flowers from pet packaging

Crafts and decorations for the garden and the garden of plastic bottles do not require the use of sophisticated tools and specialized skills. The main thing is to have time and desire, as well as enough material. Those who have had both, convincingly proved the endless possibilities of such handicraft, and we have prepared a review of the best examples of handicrafts.

Furniture items, flowerpots and a vase made of plastic bottles with their own hands

Comfortable and very stylish plastic bottle chair

A sheet of plywood, sixteen and a half liter bottles, adhesive tape - and on your site will appear a comfortable and durable coffee table. Plywood can be replaced with plastic or hardboard, old worktop or plexiglass. From the same materials, slightly changing the design, you can make a garden bench. Some diligent and patient craftsmen manage to assemble full-fledged sofas and chairs from bottles.

From plastic bottles you can even make the basis for a full-fledged sofa, if you fasten them firmly and carefully

Hanging pot or pot base

House of plastic bottles

There are among the summer residents and real builders who know that it is possible to build everything you want from plastic bottles. They collect gazebos, toilets, sheds and even greenhouses from plastic bottles. The only difficulty of such constructions is not in their assembly, but in collecting the required number of bottles.

House with a roof of 7,000 bottles

Plastic bottles are a good base material for building a summer house, a greenhouse, a shower, a toilet or other partitions.

The walls of the greenhouse of the container on a wooden frame

Bottles of plastic bottles will help to arrange garlands for the garden

Children's playground: flowers from plastic bottles and toys from plastic bottles

Crafts from plastic bottles will help decorate the playground

All sorts of crafts from plastic bottles (photos of their various variations for the garden and the vegetable garden can be easily found on our website) are especially attractive for decorating the playground. Absolutely safe, they can be the basis for toys, for fun decorations, and for creating story compositions. Funny elephants, bees, swans, rabbits and hedgehogs, bright flowers, funny lanterns will turn a country island of childhood into a fairy kingdom.

The whole plot for the playground of the lids of plastic bottles and cans

Together with the children, you can make small crafts and large mosaics out of the caps of plastic bottles.

Plastic bottle doll

Examples of various handicrafts that will help the gardener with the placement, easy transportation and care of plants

Pigs from large plastic bottles - resistant stands for sprouting seedlings or small plants

Handicraft for garden or lawn decor: a parrot made of pet packaging

Plastic Birdhouse

It is very easy to make a nesting box out of a plastic bottle

Plastic bottles cut in half will become pretty flower pots, it is important to color them neatly. It is also advisable to take for this an opaque bottle.

Eternally confused and stuck twine for garter seedlings will stop torturing you if you hide the tangle in a plastic bottle. Just cut the bottle in the middle, put a ball in the upper part, skip the end of the twine in the neck, connect the parts, secure the cut with scotch tape - and the comfortable storage is ready.

Drip irrigation from plastic bottles

Your seedlings will not wither, even if you leave for a few days: install semi-automatic watering. And again plastic bottles come into play. We cut off the bottom of the bottle, about 2/3, drill 4-8 holes in a cork, close the neck, bury the bottle with the neck down, pour water - and the seedlings are provided with moisture during your absence. Such a garden of plastic bottles (photo confirmation) will significantly save your time and financial resources.

Automatic watering "Aquasolo" is a conical nozzle on a bottle with thread, which do not require wasting time on drilling slots, digging into the ground, and so on

Anthurium with a convenient automatic irrigation system "Aquasolo"

Maximum automated irrigation and space saving: plastic bottles hanging one above the other with a cut-through tube passing through them

    • For the same seedlings from plastic bottles are excellent containers. Cut the bottle in half and take the bottom, pour the prepared substrate into it, plant the plants and place them on the stack of wooden shelves. This design will be suitable for decorating the house with flowers.

Beautiful hanging pots from plastic bottles will not only decorate the interior, but also make it unique

Great pot of shampoo with his own hands

Arrangement at the cottage compact placement of seedlings or small plants

Plastic Bottle Feeder

Some crafts from plastic bottles for the garden amaze with the ingenuity of the owners. By putting the bottle on the hose and making a lot of holes in the bottom, you will get an excellent diffuser for watering the garden. From the five-liter tank you can build an elegant lamp on the veranda, and a container from under the mineral water is suitable as a bird feeder.

Plastic Bird Feeder

Simple and handy hose spreader for garden watering

      • Plastic bottles help you save trees from pests. Cut the bottle lengthwise, into two halves, fill it with an attractive pest mix with insecticide and stick it at the base of the trunk.
      • From the bottles you can make a magnificent decorative all-weather and all-season flowerbed. Just paint the bottoms of the bottles in different colors and collect a wonderful carpet from them by sticking them into the ground with the open side. The carpet pattern can be pre-reproduced on paper.

Flowerbed making by pet-tar became very popular

        • One Brazilian engineer did the calculations and built a solar collector of plastic bottles. The design can be placed on the summer cottage, connected to the storage tank, and you will always have a warm shower.

The device of the solar collector of plastic bottles

Automatic watering of seedlings and ornamental plants in your absence using a plastic bottle dug next to the roots with small holes drilled in the neck or lid

Slitting plastic containers suspended one above the other is the fastest and most economical way out of the situation when you need to sprout a lot of seedlings in a limited space.

Making owls from a plastic bottle with your own hands

Vertical garden of bottles for germination and winter plant retention - an opportunity to save space and ensure good irrigation and drainage

Products from plastic bottles: artistic masterpieces

Gorgeous dandelions from pet containers will not cease to please you and your guests

The fantasy of national craftsmen is so diverse that it leads to the appearance on the summer cottages of strange animals, characters of fairy tales and cartoons, and exotic plants, and original thematic compositions.

We glue the bottom of a plastic bottle or cup with dry sprigs and get an unusual candlestick, protected from wind blows.

Rainbow decor garden, workshop, garage: a fountain of spirals, cut from colored plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are used not only to decorate the garden, but also for home decoration

Country crafts from plastic bottles: a palm tree from plastic bottles

If you have a small pond on the plot, you can arrange it with plastic palm. Make it not difficult. You will need:

          • 10-15 brown plastic bottles (for the trunk of a palm tree),
          • 5-6 green bottles (preferably long)
          • iron or wicker,
          • awl or drill for making holes,
          • a sharp knife or scissors for cutting bottles.

Palm tree from plastic bottles looks very beautiful

Now proceed to the manufacture of jewelry.

          Cut all the brown bottles in half. We take the lower parts and make holes with an awl in the bottom of each of them, equal in size to the diameter of the rod.

        Tip!You can take the upper parts of the bottles, then you do not have to make additional holes.

      • In the case of green bottles, we cut off the bottom by about 1 cm. We leave one of the blanks with a neck, and cut off the rest of it to make a loop.
      • Carefully cut the green bottles along into three equal parts all the way to the loop.

Palm leaf making

    • Cut out the edges of the brown parts with teeth to create an imitation of a rough palm trunk.
    • Securely fix the rod in the soil. We count the length of the rod, spreading brown details on the ground in one row, plus 2-3 cm on the leaves.
    • We put on it brown bottles.

    Making a trunk for a palm tree

  • On the free tip of the rod, we string our leaves, completing the work with a billet with a neck. We make a hole in the lid and screw it onto the last sheet, securing the entire crown securely.

Compound stem and leaf

Assembly of palm trees from plastic bottles

Using several rods of different lengths, you can create a real oasis. As you can see, it is not so difficult to make crafts for the garden from plastic bottles with your own hands, the main thing is to find a sufficient amount of material and take one of the proposed ideas as a basis.

Step-by-step guide: making cloth pots on the basis of plastic bottles. Part 1

Step-by-step guide: making cloth pots on the basis of plastic bottles. Part 2

Hedgehog from a plastic bottle and a twine rope: we grow up seedlings and small creeping plants

Crafts for giving from covers from plastic bottles

From plastic covers you can create real masterpieces

Do not throw away bottle caps. Decorative crafts from the lids of plastic bottles for garden and garden, too, can be beautifully inscribed in its landscape. They will serve as an excellent mosaic material for decorating the fences and walls of the country house.

Vivid compositions of plastic covers will help make your landscape design more fun.

Video master class (from standard-capacity plastic bottles):

The path of plastic covers is not only economical, but also very beautiful

Large-scale red-blue mosaic of caps of different sizes

Having conjured a little with a pattern, having painted and drilled holes in the sides of the covers, one can assemble a curtain on the door of them. Excellent option of protection against insects!

Covers can be turned into a beautiful tabletop, and a practical mat at the door. Use them for decorative decoration of the internal space.

Gorgeous curtains for doors made of plastic covers

Sunshade for car

Crafts from plastic: a few tips

Beautiful lights in Hawaiian style

Before starting work, remove labels from bottles and thoroughly wash containers.

For stability of vertical structures, fill the bottles with sand or small pebbles.

Dragonflies from corrugated plastic bottles

Witty fruit picker

Hanging pots made of pet bottles with the image of animals will fit perfectly into the interior of the children's room

Choose for plastic crafts different in soft plastic bottles. For example, for the body of a dog or an elephant, take a strong base, and for the ears it is better to use softer plastic.

Master class from plastic bottles (step by step):

Do not limit your imagination, go beyond the proposed ideas - and we will be happy to get acquainted with your masterpieces. For creative makeup, use our videos: