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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lasagna is a traditional dish of Italian cuisine: aromatic, tasty and very satisfying. In fact, it is a kind of casserole, in which the sheets of pasta (our way) are alternated with beef stew and bechamel sauce. Lasagna recipes there is an enormous amount, and I will share with you one that is loved in our family.

Just want to note that this is not a classic Lasagna Bolognese recipe, but a variation on the theme. Some of the products that are part of the original casserole, my home does not like, so I picked up the ingredients in such a way that everyone was full and satisfied. Read more about this below ...

Now a couple of important points and we will prepare - wait a bit. I can not stop at the sheets for lasagna, which are of 2 types: requiring pre-cooking and those that are put directly in a dry form (my version). This is always indicated on the product packaging, so carefully read the instructions on the box before proceeding to cooking.

Bechamel sauce. A little trick (for those who do not know): when cooled, a crust forms on the surface of this custard sauce, which is completely useless. But if you cover the dishes with a lid, condensation will form and there will be water in the sauce. This is also not necessary for us. So we do this: take the food film and cover it with the sauce - we put it right on top, letting out the air. In this position, leave the Beshamel until complete (or easy) cooling, if you need to store it for some time, and not to use immediately.

And also: do not be intimidated by such a large number of steps and a long description of the preparation! In fact, climbing at home is not so difficult to prepare, and not as long as it may seem at first glance. Preparing it for the first time, each subsequent time will get all tastier and faster. In addition, you can independently invent new lasagna recipes, selecting ingredients to your family's taste.

The easiest way to cook lasagna

Lasagna is a wonderful and very favorite dish in our family. It is not only tasty and beautiful, but also a favorite dish in the biography
well-known to all the cat Garfield, it is also quite simple in execution (although, at first glance, you will not tell). It is enough to cook it once, then you can have little to stop, except for counting the number of calories in one serving of this delicious culinary dough, milk sauce and ground beef.

What I love lasagna for is the fact that lasagna is truly a super dish that allows you to cook a real holiday dinner from what is in the refrigerator, for almost any filling can be made (only milk sauce and cheese are required). Instead of minced meat, you can take chicken or replace it with eggplants or mushrooms, you can cook lasagna with salmon, shrimp, feta and spinach, pumpkin, zucchini. Variations - countless! And yet, it perfectly withstands heating (and therefore, you can immediately cook a lot and enjoy two days in a row).

I suggest making the simplest, classic version of lasagna with minced meat.

- 500 g minced meat
- 1 onion (finely chopped)
- 2 cloves of garlic (chop)
- 450-500 grams of tomato sauce (you can cook it yourself from the pulp of tomatoes, garlic, onions and spices, but now in winter, when really tasty tomatoes are not found in stores and even true Italians do not disdain packaged tomato pulp, lasagna better get from the finished tomato sauce)
- 2-3 tbsp. butter (about 60-70 g)
- 2-2.5 st.l. flour
- 4 glasses of milk
- 1 tsp. grated nutmeg
- salt pepper
- 150-200 g of hard cheese (parmesan, grana padano and the like)
- 12-15 sheets of lasagna (dry)

Preparation of lasagna is not as complicated as it first seems and consists of three stages. First, bechamel sauce is prepared, fry minced meat with onions parallel to it, and then stew it in tomato sauce, and finally we collect our lasagna from ready-made sheets and all the above, pouring layers of delicious grated hard cheese.

1. To make bechamel sauce, heat the butter in a saucepan, gradually add flour to it, constantly stirring the mixture to prevent lumps. A mixture of butter and flour will quickly thicken, so the milk that we will add to this mixture must be prepared in advance and stand not far away. If you have time, heat the milk, if not, then it can be so, just the time for boiling the sauce and its further preparation will need much more.

2. As soon as you mix all the flour into the butter, start pouring the milk little by little and constantly stir the mixture. When you add all the milk, reduce the heat (if the milk was cold, do not reduce the fire, but first bring the mixture to a boil, stirring so that the sauce does not burn, and then reduce), lightly salt it, add the nutmeg and simmer the sauce over low heat 15 minutes. It will have to thicken and acquire the consistency of liquid sour cream (it helps to understand very well whether the sauce is ready or not, test with a spoon — dip a spoon into the sauce and look at the convex side if the sauce drains from it without covering the surface of the spoon with a thin layer so he is still e not ready and need to boil down further).

The sauce must be constantly stirred, otherwise it will start to burn slightly from below and this will not only spoil the taste of the sauce itself, but will also make you spend a lot of extra time washing off the stewpot from the burnt remains.

3. Along the way, with bechamel sauce, prepare the meat stuffing (this is quite real, the main thing is not to forget to stir the sauce, however, if you are cooking lasagna for the first time, it will be safer to cook everything separately). To do this, fry the minced meat until half cooked in a frying pan in vegetable oil, kneading it with a fork (4-5 minutes), add to it finely chopped onion and garlic and cook another 3-4 minutes. After the minced meat and onion / garlic you have fried, add the tomato sauce to them, bring it to a boil. Cook under the lid for 15 minutes (I also add dry basil in large quantities (1-1.5 tsp), it significantly enriches the taste of the finished filling), then remove the lid and boil the sauce until thick (the ground meat should not float in the sauce) .

When the desired consistency is achieved, add salt, pepper and, perhaps, sugar (!) To taste (sugar is necessary to balance the taste, sometimes tomatoes can have quite tangible acidity). The filling is ready!

4. Preheat the oven to 200 C.

5. Now will collect our lasagna. Lubricate the form (it should be deep, at least 5-6 cm. Depth) with butter, then pour a small amount of sauce on it.

Put dry lasagna sheets on bechamel sauce a little overlap each other.

6. Put the minced meat in a tomato sauce on top of the dry lasagna sheets and level it. Sprinkle minced cheese and apply bechamel sauce on top of the cheese (it needs to be added so that the sheets can be soaked with it and “cooked” when baked in the oven, if you add too little, the edges of the lasagna are too dry, and if you sort out the sauce, then the whole dish it will "float" in it, so be careful, trust your intuition).

Then repeat the layers in this order: lasagna sheets - minced meat - cheese - bechamel sauce - lasagna sheets - minced meat - cheese - bechamel sauce, etc. In total, you will get 3-4 layers depending on the depth of your form, in which you will bake lasagna.

7. Top the sheet with a sheet of lasagna richly grease with bechamel sauce (you still have it, right?) And sprinkle with cheese generously. Before you put the lasagna in the oven, let it stand for 5-7 minutes.

8. Bake the lasagna in the oven for 20-25 minutes (follow the figures on the package with dry sheets of lasagne, they can be different). If lasagna starts to blush too quickly from above, cover it with a sheet of foil (just don’t press it from above, otherwise the cheese will stick to the foil and the appearance of the lasagna will be irreparably damaged).

9. After you get the lasagna out of the oven, let it stand for 5-10 minutes before cutting and serving (do not worry, it will not cool, if you worry, cover the top with foil).

Classic Italian Lasagna with minced meat

According to this recipe, ground beef will become the basis of the filling for the treat in question. His half a kilo is taken. Other ingredients: 14 sheets of dough, 420 ml of tomato sauce, onion, 70 g of Parmesan, half a pack of butter, 2 large spoons of flour, 4 tbsp. fat milk, salt.

  1. Flour is fried in butter for making sauce. Milk slowly pours into the resulting mass. After boiling, the liquid boils for 12-14 minutes until thick. You can salt it to taste and flavor it with white pepper.
  2. Mince minced meat with a fork and fried with diced onion. Then it is poured with tomato sauce and stewed for about 20 minutes.
  3. Sheets of dough are laid out in an oiled form - sauce - meat filling - grated parmesan. They repeat until food runs out. The last layer will be cheesy.

Lasagna with minced meat baked in the oven for 25 minutes.

Chicken Cooking Recipe

This delicate and simple dish is prepared very quickly, and its taste will definitely please both guests and homemade ones. Ingredients: 12 sheets of dough, 1 tbsp. fat cream, chicken breast, half a packet of butter, 900 ml of milk, 3 large spoons of flour, 300 g of any hard cheese and 130 g of parmesan, a pinch of nutmeg, salt.

  1. Bird fillet is boiled in salted water and finely minced.
  2. Both types of cheese rubbed on a coarse grater.
  3. The chicken is poured with cream and stewed in a pan until the liquid thickens. You can immediately salt a lot to taste.
  4. For the sauce, melt the flour in melted butter (until golden), then hot milk is added to the ingredients. The ingredients are well stirred, so as not to appear lumps.
  5. The sauce is seasoned with salt and nutmeg, then cooked until thickened.
  6. The form is smeared with the resulting mixture. Next, it laid out the first sheet of dough. Layers will be the following: dough - chicken - two types of cheese - sauce. They repeat until food runs out.
  7. 55 minutes baked in a very hot oven.

The finished dish is served with chopped greens.

With the addition of mushrooms

You can diversify the traditional Italian recipe with the addition of champignons. Mushrooms need to take a pound. The structure includes: a pack of sheets for lasagna (250 g), 600 g of minced chicken, onion, 380 g of hard cheese, 1 tbsp. sour cream, salt, 900 ml of milk, 4 large spoons of light flour, half a pack of high-quality butter.

  1. Chicken boiled until cooked and cut into small pieces.
  2. Finely chopped onion is browned until tasty goldenness. Next, the vegetable is fried with thin slices of mushrooms until cooked.
  3. In a separate pan, fillet slices are poured with sour cream. The mass is salted and stewed for 7-8 minutes.
  4. For the sauce, the flour is fried in butter, then the milk is poured in and the mixture is stewed until thick.
  5. Products are laid out in the form in the following order: sauce - a sheet of dough - chicken with sour cream - sauce - grated cheese - a sheet of dough - mushrooms with onions - sauce - grated cheese.
  6. The last leaf is plentifully watered with sauce and sprinkled with cheese.
  7. Prepared for 45 minutes in a hot oven.

You can serve lasagna and hot and cold.

Vegetarian lasagna with vegetables

For vegetarians, there is a separate easy recipe for the dish under discussion. Ingredients: 6 sheets of dough, half a jar of pitted olives, carrot, large Bulgarian pepper, 2 tomatoes, 160 ml of water, 2 large spoons of tomato paste, salt, 2 small. spoons of sugar, a mixture of Italian herbs, ready-made sauce bechamel, 180 g of Adyghe cheese and 320 g of any solid.

  1. On hot oil, grated carrot, sweet pepper cubes and tomato cubes are fried.
  2. When vegetables are softened enough, you can salt them, sweeten them, add water, add tomato paste and Italian herbs. The mass will be stewed for 7-8 minutes.
  3. Each layer of dough is greased with sauce, then poured over a vegetable filling, sprinkled with a mixture of two types of grated cheese.
  4. The last of them is decorated with halves of olives.
  5. Baked 45 minutes.

If desired, you can not fry the tomatoes, but simply cut them into thin slices and spread on top of the vegetable filling.

How to cook pita bread?

This option lasagna can be called lazy. For the filling is taken a pound of mixed minced pork and chicken. Other ingredients: 3 leaves of pita bread, onion, garlic to taste, a glass of heavy cream, 2 juicy tomatoes, 230 g of grated cheese, half a pack of butter, 3 large spoons of light flour, a pinch of Italian herbs and nutmeg, salt.

  1. Minced meat with onion cubes are fried until appetizing crust.
  2. Tomatoes without pelts are cut into cubes and poured to the meat. There also pours a glass of water. The mass is extinguished until complete evaporation of the liquid.
  3. Flour with chopped garlic in butter. Cream is poured there. The sauce is cooked to thicken with constant stirring. Then salted to taste and seasoned with spices.
  4. Cheese rubs on a fine grater.
  5. In the form, greased with sauce, laid out the first sheet of pita. On it the stuffing, grated cheese and again sauce is distributed. Layers are repeated.
  6. Baked lasagna from pita in the oven to ruddy.

Enough to cook for about half an hour.

With minced meat, tomatoes and cheese

Tomatoes add a juicy stuffing. The main thing is to choose ripe meaty vegetables. Ingredients: 380 ml cream, a pack of sheets for lasagna (250 g), 90 g parmesan, 60 g butter, 40 g light flour, a pinch of nutmeg, salt, onion, 3 tomatoes, carrot, 1.5 tbsp. water, 370 g of minced meat.

  1. First, in a heated oil, all shredded vegetables are fried well. Then they languish with mashed fork minced. The mass is filled with water and extinguished with a minimum heating of the plate for 20 minutes.
  2. Bechamel sauce is made from butter, flour and cream. It is salted to taste and powdered with nutmeg.
  3. Cheese rubs with a coarse grater.
  4. The form must be greased with sauce so that the bottom of the treat does not dry out. Next, the layers alternate in the following order: a sheet of dough for lasagna - minced meat with vegetables - cheese - sauce. The last row will be cheesy.
  5. Prepares 35-45 minutes at an average temperature of heating the oven.

Forcemeat can be used any, but it is better to choose mixed from two types of meat.

Pasta with bolognese sauce

Even ordinary macaroni cones can be used to make lasagna. They need to take 270 grams. The remaining ingredients: 2 onions, carrots, 680 g of minced meat, 2 large spoons of tomato paste, salt, 3 tomatoes, 1 tbsp. cream, a pinch of a mixture of peppers and nutmeg, 60 g butter, 160 g hard cheese.

  1. For the red sauce, very finely chopped onions and grated carrots are fried until soft. To the listed ingredients laid out mashed with a fork and minced a little boiling water. Together the products are stewed for a couple of minutes.
  2. Further, cubes of tomatoes without skin and paste are laid out in a pan. Content is salted, peppered and stewed to a state of sauce 25 minutes.
  3. For white sauce, flour is fried in butter and poured with hot cream. Nutmeg is poured into the mass. The mixture languishes until thick.
  4. The pasta is boiled until half cooked. Their first layer is laid out in a form, smeared with white sauce. Mince with vegetables, white sauce and grated cheese are sent from above. Layers are repeated until the products run out.
  5. Baked for 35 minutes.

The last layer must be cheese, which eventually turns into a ruddy crust.

House Lasagna Sheets - A Step-by-Step Recipe

In order not to buy a ready-made basis for the dish under discussion, you can do it yourself. Ingredients: 220 g of light flour, small. a spoonful of salt, 2 chicken eggs, a large spoonful of olive oil.

  1. Convenient to use in the process food processor. With it, all the ingredients are combined and mix well for 15-17 minutes.
  2. The mass will turn out pretty cool and non-sticky. She will insist in warm towel for half an hour.
  3. The dough is divided into 6 parts, which are rolled into sheets for lasagna.

The blanks should be very thin.

In the multicooker

Even a “smart pot” can be involved in the preparation of such a treat. Ingredients: 380 g of pork and ground beef, 2 large spoons of tomato paste and the same amount of flour, salt, 310 ml of full-fat milk, onion, 80 g of butter, packing sheets for lasagna, 170 g of hard cheese, a pinch of a mixture of peppers and nutmeg .

  1. In the baking program fried onions. After 5-6 minutes, stuffing is laid out to him. Mass is peppered and salted.
  2. To the listed products laid out small cubes of tomatoes without skin. The mixture is prepared to the state of the sauce. Further, it is transferred to a different dish, and the device bowl is cleaned.
  3. In the same mode, flour is fried in butter. In the mass should not be lumps. When the mixture boils, milk is poured into it. The sauce is seasoned with nutmeg. Thickened product can be poured into another dish. No need to wash the bowl.
  4. In a slow cooker, the layers of the dish are laid out in the following order: a lasagna leaf - a white sauce - a mixture of vegetables and meat - grated cheese.

To taste, you can increase the amount of meat used, making the treat even more satisfying.

Lasagna "Lazy"

I recommend everyone to try this "lasagna"! Fast, easy, tasty, satisfying and inexpensive!

Нежная и обалденно вкусная!

Рулет "А-ля лазанья"

Это моя вторая попытка этого блюда. первый раз не удалось сфоткать, но вкус был восхитительный.

Базовый рецепт для пасты. Мы с мужем очень любим лазанью, вот поэтому я решила сама приготовить эту пасту. Получается ароматная, яичная и очень домашняя.

Кабачковая фитнесс -"лазанья"

This rather light vegetable casserole is, of course, not “lasagna”, so I wrote the name of the dish in quotes, although the cooking technique, and the look of the dish itself, very much resembles this wonderful Italian dish. Can be used as a side dish for meat and as a separate dish for those who follow a diet. I hope it will be useful to those who want to eat tasty and, at the same time, "low calorie".

Almost Lasagna Casserole

Girls, think about me what you want, but today I created an almost masterpiece))) I dreamed to cook lasagna for a long time, but I cannot afford these Italian things, which are sold in our supermarkets. And then suddenly I see - in my home (in the next house) the store is something. THIS IS SOMETHING SHAKED ME. First thought: here it is. This will be my "lasagna". Judge for yourself whether I managed to realize my dream or not. I can say one thing (do not think that I am bragging), we almost swallowed tongues and plates with them)))

Chicken Lasagna in Bechamel Sauce

Lasagna, at one time this dish has conquered all Italians, and now it conquers hearts and Russians as well. I am also no exception and I love lasagna, but especially homemade, of course, you need to spend a little more time for this, but the result is worth it!

Lasagna bolognese

Lasagna - one of the most famous Italian dishes. There are many options for its preparation, with a variety of fillings. But the most common - with bolognese sauce. And although at my house the kids love more with chicken and champignons, I spread the recipe for "Lasagna bolognese" to your court.


  • Egg 2 Pieces
  • Flour 200 Grams
    in the dough
  • Sunflower oil 2 Art. spoons
  • Salt 0.5 Teaspoons
  • Minced 800 Grams
  • Cheese, hard 400-500 grams
  • Dry white wine 150 milliliters
  • Tomatoes 4 Pieces
    tomato paste or ketchup
  • Bow 1 Piece
    if small onions, then 2
  • Garlic 2-3 teeth
  • Greens, spices, basil According to taste
  • Milk 500 Milliliters
  • Flour 3-4 Art. spoons
    for sauce "Bechamel"
  • Butter 50-60 grams

1. To make the dough, pour the flour on the table, make a hole, put 2 eggs into it. Add half a teaspoon of salt. Using a spoon, knead the dough gently. Next, add sunflower oil (2 tablespoons) and knead the dough for 10-15 minutes, until it becomes taut but homogeneous. We wrap with cling film and send it in the fridge; the longer, the better.

2. On the tomatoes we make cross-shaped cuts, pour them with boiling water for a couple of minutes, so that then the skin can be easily removed. After that, rub the grated tomatoes, squeeze 2-3 cloves of garlic into the obtained tomato porridge, add herbs, pepper, some salt.

3. Cut the onion into thin half-rings, fry it in the pan until golden brown. After that, you can safely add the stuffing and start cooking.

4. 10 minutes after roasting the meat, salt it, a teaspoon will be enough. Now you can add tomatoes, mix everything, cover and simmer until the liquid is subtracted.

5. Begin to prepare the sauce "Bechamel". In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter, and then add 3-4 tablespoons of flour and quickly knead everything until a thick, smooth mass.

6. Preheat the milk, but do not boil it. Gradually pour the milk into the ladle and dilute the butter and flour with it, stirring with a whisk so that no lumps form.

7. After 20 minutes, after the meat has begun to cook, add 150 ml of wine to it, mix and leave to stew for 30-50 minutes, until the moisture has evaporated. Can dosolit to taste.

8. We take the dough out of the refrigerator, divide it into 3 parts, prepare from it sheets for lasagna. It is better to do this with a special nozzle, but you can roll it out with a rolling pin. When rolled into one layer, fold in half and roll out again, not forgetting to periodically sprinkle the dough with flour so that it does not stick together. We roll until the sheets are 1.5 mm thick. We cut the sheets to the size of the baking dish.

9. Next, the workpiece must be boiled. Add some salt and sunflower oil to the boiling water, cook a sheet of dough for no more than a minute, remove and dip into a container with cold water. Put the leaves in a colander to glass the water.

10. So, we collect our lasagna. Lay out our ingredients in a baking sheet in layers. At the bottom - a little sauce "Bechamel", then a sheet of dough, thin stuffing, "Beshamel" and grated hard cheese on top. And so 2-3 layers, depending on your baking dish.

11. The form is sent to the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, for half an hour (until the pasta is ready). After that, we give her the opportunity to infuse for 15 minutes, divide into portions and enjoy!