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Fashionable wrap skirts: ready-made images, trends


Wrap skirt again in the wake of popularity. And it is not surprising, because you can pick it up on any figure and any event. The expressive style of this skirt gives the woman originality, femininity and her own unique style.


Wrap skirt can be of any shape and length. These skirts are wide or narrow, simple or with decorative elements. They are sewn from materials of various textures and colors and can be worn on any event in any season. What essentially unites them is the presence of such an element as smell.

In the newest models, the smell is located predominantly in the front side. This forms an elegant triangular neckline that looks very feminine.


The skirt with a smell dexterously hides the small flaws of the figure, emphasizing its merits. A long skirt with a smell from the hip will hide not very successful calves and will add mystery, partially opening the leg when walking. A skirt with a low waist will successfully hide a small tummy, and with a high skirt - will emphasize the waist and visually reduce the hips. The drape on the diagonal visually aligns the silhouette, making it more harmonious and slimmer.

How to choose

The main thing when choosing a wrap skirt is that the favorite style does not spoil, but emphasizes the dignity of your figure. Here are some tricks to help you:

  1. You can visually enlarge the hips with the help of frills sewn by smell.
  2. A flared mid-length skirt fits plump young ladies.
  3. Visually add height to miniature girls will help diagonal lines of contrasting shades, for example, expressive piping.
  4. A-skirt will help to compensate for narrow shoulders and align the silhouette.
  5. Not enough slender legs will hide a maxi skirt. The smell in this case, opening only a small part of the leg, leaves room for fantasy and adds mystery to your image.

Trendy skirts with the smell of 2019-2020: trends, style features

For those who do not know, a wraparound skirt is an interesting solution for cutting, when one part of the fabric is superimposed on the other, creating an original look. The smell is used not only for sewing skirts. You can appreciate blouses, tops, wrap dresses, and even a wrap coat.

Wraparound skirts have more than once appeared among clothing trends, the coming seasons are no exception, because stylish wraparound skirts are relevant again.

Note that wrap skirts are offered by designers for the spring-summer seasons and for the autumn-winter period, while differing in the density and texture of the fabric.

As for the models, then, both in the heat and in the cold, you can easily wear short wrap skirts, choose midi models for yourself, and also change into long wrap skirts.

If you like fashionable wrap skirts, you must know that the quality and texture of the fabric will determine how well this style will look to its owner.

Too thin and knitted fabrics can be used for tailoring this style for the spring-summer season, but skirts with a smell of dense fabric, for example, denim, leather, suede, velor, etc., look perfect.

Stylists recommend skirts with the smell of length just above the knee or midi length as the most optimal for everyday wardrobe.

But short models, although they look very impressive, pose a little danger. Because of the characteristics of the cut, you may feel uncomfortable when moving in such a skirt and risk to “bare” at the most inappropriate moment.

Long ankle-length skirts are also popular in the coming seasons. In particular, this style looks perfect in beach outfits, stylish street sets.

Amazing wrap skirts 2019-2020: transformations and models

What are the wrap skirts? Which is best to choose for a given case? And what skirts with a smell will delight fashionistas in the near future?

It is characteristic that the original multi-layered cut of a wrap skirt can transform a pencil style, a trapeze, and an A-silhouette. Wonderful wrap skirts have proven themselves in such gorgeous styles as tulip, sun, bell bottoms, and a unique variant - skirt-shorts.

There are also beautiful skirts, when the model only visually resembles the idea of ​​smell.

Decorate skirts with a smell to a minimum, because the complex cut itself looks solid and self-sufficient.

However, the smell is often supplemented with unusual belts, pockets, ruffles, fringe, fabrics with interesting floral, striped, checkered and other prints are chosen.

Fashionable skirts with the smell of 2019-2020 have no restrictions on the color scheme, although black models slightly level out the features of the cut, except that the skirt is made of leather.

What to wear with wrap skirts 2019-2020: ready-made solutions

The first thing I want to say is that there are a lot of models with a smell, so you can combine them with shoes with heels, and with sports and street models of shoes.

Flawless skirt with a smell with high heels, boots, boots, realizing the most elegant images.

Shoes on a low run also do not spoil the beauty of the style, modeling images of a free, informal style.

If you find the perfect model, you are very lucky, because wrap skirts go well with delicate, elegant blouses, and classic shirts and knitted sweaters.

Depending on what image you want to create, wrap skirts can be worn with tops, T-shirts and monochrome T-shirts, or with a beautiful pattern, lettering, embroidery, etc.

A turtleneck, sweatshirt, cardigan, and even a sweatshirt goes well with this style of skirt. Excellent solutions - wrap skirts with leather jackets, trench coats, elegant coats.

In our wonderful collection of examples, you will see what to wear skirts with the smell of different lengths and textures, and what the most current models are noted by designers and fashion bloggers to date.

Video on the topic with what to wear a wrap skirt:

What is a wraparound skirt?

This skirt is different from all other topics, the floors are not sewn to each other, but freely superimposed on each other and fastened with a fastener. The upper panel has not only an independent and diverse form, texture, and sometimes even length, but also several mounting options to the bottom, which greatly affects the style of the skirt.

  • On ties,
  • On the buttons
  • On one or more buttons,
  • Hidden hooks
  • Short or short zipper on the smell,
  • Due to the belt or belt. - even for all fastening options, it is worth adding the possibility of performing the front panel in a different texture, different color or just with a different print direction - this will give an approximate understanding of the variety of wrap skirts.

Such a skirt is distinguished not only by the simplicity and convenience of donning and wearing, but also by the many options for selecting a stylish companion to create an image.

The usual way to wear

Such a detail as the smell gives the skirt additional volume and the top is worn in a tucked form. All tight turtlenecks, tops, T-shirts, T-shirts and even sweaters need to be tucked into a skirt, but not necessarily around the entire circumference. Such an option as tucked in front and released back gives the image a slight carelessness, but clearly dosed, so even in a business ensemble, you can fill the front panel of the blouse in a skirt, and leave the back of the shirt.

The biggest plus of a wrap skirt is that it cannot fit tightly and hides all the flaws in the figure. This is especially evident in the models for the full, they are easy to put on, do not cut into the body anywhere, the top tucked inside gives a certain silhouette to the figure, and the skirt worn from above does not give folds any chance to be seen.

When selecting the components of a fashionable bow for a wrap-around skirt, one small rule is worth remembering: each next layer of clothing should be wider and freer. That is, the underwear is chosen “in the fit”, then a wraped skirt is worn, and the upper layer must necessarily be much wider than the skirt, that is, the tight jacket that will crush the top of the skirt does not fit, it is better to replace it with a coat of wide cut.

Second layer

Another nuance of a wrap skirt is a thing in itself, it can be worn over other clothes, that is, a skirt is worn over a dress, another skirt, trousers, shorts or even jeans. Everyone knows that it is very convenient to tie a shirt over a belt over jeans, and in fact you can also use a suitable skirt with a smell.

The Internet is full of photo skirts with a smell on top of the dress, it is used as an element of decor, as an additional layer of clothing for warmth or to hide the unnecessarily short length of the dress in public places. You can always take off such a skirt outside the house and put it in your bag, which will drastically change the suit during the walk.

How to choose shoes?

Footwear for a skirt with a smell is selected a little on another, than to all other models. Of course, the old principle works here - the shorter the length, the higher the heel, but it is complemented by several nuances.

The smell makes possible the asymmetrical cut of the skirt, and even the skirt-shorts can be rewarded with the smell of any shape and make the thing not only comfortable, but also completely unforgettable. And the asymmetrical hem gives the go-ahead for wearing shoes without a heel, that is, the outfit is doubly comfortable.

Since the color and material of the scent may differ from the basic color of the skirt, new color options for matching shoes appear.

Colorful and wide summer skirts are complemented by sandals with open fingers and flat shoes. Summer length options maxi, especially those from which you can make the dress preferable to wear with light sandals. Sandals should consist of straps of any length, both from a pair of interceptions on the foot and with lacing under the knee. The only thing worth remembering when wearing a wrap skirt like a dress, is the wind. He can open the skirt and show the world its owner in all its glory, so it is better to use belts or belts.

Business style is always closed heels and toes on shoes, regardless of the height of the heel. A straight skirt with a smell of thick fabric will not look strictly if it is complemented by a cheerful pedicure looking out of sandals.

Heeled sandals are better suited to A-line skirts, midi length or heavily flared with a length slightly covering the knee.

Being engaged in the selection of a companion to the skirt with a smell, it is always worth remembering that it is a highlight of the bow, the basis of the image, all other details are matched to it and only complement the set. If you decide to focus something else and at the same time put on a wrap skirt, then a harmonious combination will not work.

To suit the wrap skirt

A worn skirt will find a place in the wardrobe of absolutely any woman, regardless of age and body features. It is important to choose a suitable model, taking into account all the nuances of appearance.

It is also worth remembering that the silhouette of the skirt and the style of the outfit should match the setting in which the fashionable bow will “walk”. This is especially true if the product will be used to create a strict office ensembles.

A wraparound skirt for full ladies is the perfect solution for a solemn outing and every day. Women should abandon too tight-fitting styles, and also not acquire models with pronounced static.
To hide the fullness and make the silhouette more slender and fit, fit a skirt with a smell of a relatively free type. You can wear the same model, which ideally corresponds to the features of the figure, at any time of the year. In this case, only the color, type of fabric and sometimes the length of the product itself will change.

Key tips on choosing a skirt

It is extremely important to choose your comfortable style. The main thing is that the model you like is not full and does not focus on possible defects in the shape. Here are the most basic rules and key recommendations:

  • To give thighs an exhilarating pomp, you should look at the product with frills that are sewn directly to the smell,
  • A medium-length flared A-silhouette piece is perfect for full-bodied girls,
  • Midi skirt with a smell with diagonal lines of contrasting colors will help to add height to miniature ladies.
  • To equalize a silhouette with narrow shoulders, it is worth paying attention to a skirt a trapeze with a smell. A-silhouette is most preferred.

The easiest way to deal with uneven legs - a long wrap skirt. This model will also give femininity to the whole silhouette, balance figure, and also create a veil of secrecy and mystery.

Trapeze skirt is the most trending thing in 2018

The long or short skirt with the smell of a silhouette “trapeze” is considered one of the most fashionable trends of the new season. Such a skirt, additionally equipped with a wide belt, will give the ensemble a touch of originality.

"Trapeze" - the most winning style, allowing profitable to adjust various types of shapes. Stylists draw the attention of girls to the fact that the product will look spectacular only if it is sewn of high-quality expensive fabric.

For example, a leather skirt with a smell will become a good base for creating various ensembles in style. She will "take root" in a free business bow, if a strict bottom is supplemented with the same laconic blouse and simple shoes with boats. If you change the strict top to the top in a lingerie style, then the image will be quite sexy and feminine for a romantic date.

Almost all models created for the cold season, look really gorgeous. What is worth only a respectable suede skirt just above the knee or a stylish model, sewn from velvet, velvet, thick woolen linen.

Smell Pencil Skirt - New Season Hit

Pencil skirt with or without the smell is most often found in the wardrobe of a modern woman. These models are sexy and elegant at the same time. A simple black skirt is an excellent base for creating the most popular feminine bows.

The smell is a delicate element, it significantly dilutes any simple style, but does not weigh down the model. That is why a skirt with an oblique scent like a “pencil” will significantly dilute the boring office wardrobe. Stylists recommend giving preference to strict models in a neutral color. It is better to abandon the usual black products in favor of the ensembles of the color “wet asphalt”, “Marsala” and dark beige.

Drawings and prints

In the new season is not observed a large variety of prints and ornaments. This is largely due to the fact that the straight skirt and the "pencil" are constant components of a strict office ensemble.

If you can not pamper yourself with original patterns, then there is always the opportunity to choose products in the original color. Some options will be acceptable for office environments.

Stylists recommend choosing a trend pencil with the smell of delicate romantic colors - powdery pink, lilac, light amethyst, caramel. Relevant and red skirt knee-length. From the radical mini in this case it is better to refuse.

Materials and decorative items

Designers in the new season are really carried away by all sorts of decorative elements. Virtually any type of decoration is perfect for a low-key and concise pencil model. In addition to smell, false lightning comes into fashion.

Summer skirt is traditionally sewn from light, but expensive fabrics. Winter and demi-season option involves the use of warm and dense tissue. However, the most popular option was a skirt made of leather. If earlier on the catwalk one could meet a lot of dresses or costumes from such a spectacular material, then in the new season of 2018 it is the skirt that enjoys increased attention.

Stylists recommend again to abandon the usual black version in favor of more original colors. This may be a gray wraparound skirt or a terracotta pattern on ties. Pastel colors are very relevant. This traditionally includes shades of beige, pink and blue colors.

"Sun" and "half sun" - the most playful styles 2018

A semi-sun skirt or “sun” looks very feminine in any ensemble. Popular asymmetry this year partially decorates these styles of skirts.

Surprisingly, wool became the most popular material for sewing such products. This is a good winter version, but in the format of spring or autumn fashion, it will be extremely popular. Especially if it is a wraparound miniskirt. Maxi variants can also be created from high quality wool, but the canvas should be as light and warm as possible.

For summer, you should look after a beach skirt with a smell ankle-length from translucent flowing fabric. In the format of resort fashion, you can afford to go beyond the usual style. Bright colors, flashy and typically summer ornaments or patterns will look impressive. Of course, delicate fabric will play its role - satin, crepe de chine, silk.

For everyday fashion in the summer, as well as a versatile demi-season thing, a denim skirt with a smell is useful. From the radical mini-sun is better to give up. Denim items should not reach the knee line by 5 - 7 cm.

What to wear with a wrap skirt

It all depends on the style, color, material and length of the skirt itself. Для создания модных деловых ансамблей подойдет юбка-карандаш. Актуален также прямой крой. Неплохо будет смотреться и юбка-тюльпан с запахом в нейтральном цвете и без лишних декоративных атрибутов.

Footwear is selected according to the following principle: the shorter the skirt hem, the higher and thinner the heel should be. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a convenient model in all respects. This also applies to the color, length, style, as well as the key points of combining the skirt with other elements of the image.

A white skirt on the floor with a smell will not be the most convenient option for every day, but a short flare will look very appropriate. Slenderness of female legs accentuated graceful heeled sandals. A feminine blouse made of chiffon or a top in a linen style, decorated with lace or elaborate embroidery will help to complement the bow.
A similar option in the winter ensemble combines perfectly with classic boots. High heels and the same bootleg are required attributes. Flared skirt or sun perfectly complement the concise, fitting milestone. It can be a strict blouse-body, golf, a fitted sweater made of thin fabric.

For a date suitable skirt rich colors of different lengths. For example, a model of rich wine-colored straight cut to the knee-length can be combined with a silk blouse. A velvet skirt in combination with a neutral top in emerald or pastel colors will create a sophisticated glamorous look.

Selection of parts according to the type of fabric skirt

The fabric from which the skirt is sewn largely determines the style of the future ensemble. Particular attention should be paid to outfits made of leather. This is an expensive and respectable material. Things of this kind are automatically classified as status. Introducing a leather skirt into the ensemble is quite simple. Some models can be worn not only with classic shoes, pumps or heeled shoes, but even with sports shoes.

At the peak of popularity, the skirts are red and orange, as well as leather products that artfully imitate the color of python. It is worth remembering one important rule: only discreet modest elements can complement a bright leather skirt.

For example, the red pencil skirt is better to pick up a dark golf and the same laconic boots and bag. No other red accents in the image are needed. Is that red lipstick on the lips or a scarlet manicure.

Orange and terracotta leather skirts go well with blue clothes. Such a color combination creates a harmonious image. The main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.


Thin knitwear is a popular fabric for creating casual dresses and skirts. Slender women of fashion can purchase several models at once, of different color and style.

By the style of "tulip" is better to choose the top of the same knitwear. Relevant semi-fitted and fitted blouses, turtlenecks. Look good sweatshirts without decor. In some ensembles, a cotton blouse will perform well.

To create a sensual and delicate look to a knitted skirt with a smell, you can watch a spectacular top of the same material, decorated with lace. Such an ensemble can be warmed with a casual cardigan or a knitted oversized cardigan.

Chiffon products

Dresses from chiffon are perfect for the summer season. In 2018, chiffon dresses and wrap skirts became a real hit. The most current print is any flower arrangements.

When choosing such an actual skirt of any style, it is worth remembering that this particular detail will always be key in the image. Long chiffon skirts with a smell on a button will allow to seductively expose legs when walking. For this style it is better to choose a closed monochromatic top or a modest T-shirt made of dense knitwear or satin.
Short chiffon skirts in motley colors require the same calm top. This could be a black top, a cropped golf or a T-shirt. As for shoes, there are no special requirements or rules. The most practical shoes are sandals with a small heel. Another good option is sandals on a medium stable heel.

Graceful high-heeled sandals are suitable for a romantic and feminine style. Shoes and ankle boots are not the best option. Such shoes will significantly weight the ensemble. Other accessories in the ensemble should also reinforce a particular concept. If the bow is sporty, it is better to choose sneakers and a miniature backpack, but only a stylish clutch is suitable for luxurious sandals on an extremely high stiletto.

A selection of spectacular images with zapashnoy skirt

In order not to look ridiculous, it is important to properly beat the complex style with the smell in any way. Below are the most versatile and common options, but there are extraordinary bows that every lady should try on:

  • A red tulip skirt with a wide black belt, a black blouse with voluminous drapery, lacquered boats in black with high heels and a beige or dark cross-beech,
  • The skirt with the smell of pastel colors (beige, caramel, powdery pink, pearl, coffee with milk), a white satin blouse with a neckline, sandals on a high stable heel and a handbag in black,
  • A black knee-length leather skirt, a sleeveless coffee casual top and a neutral oversized coat.

These are just a few examples of how a wrap skirt can liven up an image. Styles, fabrics and colors are so diverse that it is difficult not to succumb to the temptation and replenish your wardrobe with an exquisite thing.

And which image did you like the most?Looking forward to your comments!

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What to wear?

Since the smell gives the skirt a small amount, then the top for such clothes should be chosen less free cut. You can choose a turtleneck, tight T-shirt, T-shirt, top, light sweater.

If you choose a set for the office, then stop your choice on a classic-cut blouse or a fitted jacket. Skirt can choose any length, from midi to maxi.

If you want to spend time walking around the city, then a wide coat of wide cut in the cold season and a tight blouse in summer and warm spring will be perfect.

Beautiful and stylish with similar models looks shoes in a classic style. Heel can be of any length depending on the cut of the skirt. Maxi go well with boats, ballet shoes, sandals, sandals, shale at low speed. At the same time, mini jackboots are ideal, as well as high heels.

As for the shoe material, in this case you have no restrictions at all. You can choose suede boots, leather shoes, rag ballet shoes and boots with fur trim. A worn skirt is perfect for any model, whatever you try to combine it with.

A thin strap on a summer skirt and a thick belt on a winter one will be a good addition to your image. As for jewelry, you can choose any, as long as they fit into the overall ensemble that you want to create.

Who is suitable?

Absolutely all women can get skirts with a smell, irrespective of age and occupation. This is such a universal piece of clothing that it is unnecessary to talk about any restrictions.

It is important to simply choose a style that matches the situation, body type and age, and then the most fastidious women of fashion will feel confident and stylish in any situation.

Popular styles and models

Skirts with the smell can be a variety of models: short and long, wide and not very flying and weighted.

When choosing your style you need to pay attention to the fact that your figure does not spoil your visually pleasing style.

Tulip Skirt

Tulip skirt is a very feminine element of clothing, emphasizing the hips.

In variations with the smell, it has a special charm, because the smell is not only an element of cut. Forming an inverted V-neck, he adds zest to the style, distinguishing this model from other skirts.

An excellent option for everyday life will be a model of a worn skirt-shorts. In terms of convenience and practicality, it is simply indispensable, because with the help of smell you can create a zest in such a simple way.

When choosing the length of the skirt-shorts should consider the shape of the legs. If you are sure that your legs are perfect, then you can choose a bold mini. In any other case, it is better to limit the length to the knee.

Sun skirt

Often, designers are experimenting with a flared skirt. Usually it is a summer option, which is why it is possible to decorate it with various elements.

Rims or frills, fringes, laces, or bands of bright color can be the edging of the smell.

In the length of the maxi this style is perfect for relaxing on the beach. When walking, the smell will flutter in the wind, seductively showing off legs.

Summer models

In order to look particularly bright in summer, a maximum of lightness and airiness is added to the wrap skirts. An excellent option for the warm season will be flying skirts of any length. Due to the fact that they practically do not touch the skin, they will not be hot.

With such a simple top you can combine bright summer prints on the skirt. For example, a floral ornament on Kant or on a belt.

A wrap-up long skirt is also very relevant for the summer season. It can be flared or straight. An interesting option in the crease. Most often for them, designers choose one color, focusing only on the bright accessories and the original combination with the top. To add an image of sexuality will help a long cut, exposing the legs to the thigh.

For a beach holiday skirt with a smell - perhaps the best option. The great advantage of the smell is that the skirt can be removed in an instant, while plunging into warm waves. Of the variety of bright colors you should choose only those that will be combined with a bathing suit. You should not be zealous with length if you want your legs to get a beautiful and even tan

Wrap skirt can be completely different lengths. It depends on the figure of its owner and the place where they are going to wear it.

At work, the mini will look ridiculous, but at the party, on the contrary, will come in handy. Knee length will be appropriate almost everywhere, depending on the style and colors, and maxi, with the right choice of style, will be appropriate for a walk or meeting with friends.

Mini with the smell - perhaps the best option for summer skirt. Due to its fluttering design, it delights with its lightness and airiness.

As a rule, it is sewn from light cotton or chiffon, and therefore it is practical and convenient. It can be straight and flared, folded and trapezoid-shaped. You can wear such a skirt almost everywhere, the only exceptions are the office and evening receptions.

The length of the knee-length skirts is now at the peak of popularity. Designers skillfully combine styles and elements, trying new interpretations of long-created models. Increasingly, on the catwalks midi skirt acquires a smell, presenting models in a variety of styles.

With the filing of designers, the office version is now becoming the most universal model - it became possible to put on one skirt at a club party, at work, and on a visit to her grandmother.

The smell on a long skirt is perfect for girls who would not like to show their legs and hips to others. Maxi skirt will hide them in its length, only slightly opened by the smell.

From shoes to such a skirt perfectly fit sandals on a flat sole or Vietnamese with bright beading. In the winter version of a long skirt looks very comfortable and warms in the literal sense.

The color of the skirt in the cold season should be very restrained, dark shades, from the fabric we give preference to knitwear or thin wool. On the feet - boots or boots with a low sole made of leather, with lacing along the entire height.

Colors and prints

In each new fashion season, preference is given to different tones. Today the bottom-top color contrasts are very relevant - black and white, black and red, brown and cream combination. It follows that this season is more relevant skirts of the same color. But, nevertheless, still nobody canceled bright prints.

The cell remains very popular - both in winter and summer collections. In the latter there are many models of bright red and purple skirts with a smell, floral ornaments and bright edging also predominate. The same bright accessories are perfectly combined with them.

Tips for choosing

The great advantage of a wrap skirt is that it can visually “fit” the width of the hips to the proportions of the figure:

  • full girls can choose medium length flared skirt,
  • owners of thin hips can buy a skirt with wide flounces on the smell,
  • small height is compensated by the diagonal contrast of colors - for example, bright edging,
  • girls with wide shoulders can wear an A-shaped skirt - the width of the hips and shoulders in it seems to be balanced,
  • to give O-shaped legs for slim will help a long skirt with a smell that exposes one of them when walking.

Are the full fit?

The lady in the body, a worn skirt, of course, is very suitable. The only thing that should be avoided in these models is static in color and tight-fitting styles.

Excessive fullness is perfectly hidden flared skirts. They are able to mask the full hips, visually highlighting the waistline. You can wear them at any time of the year, changing only the colors and fabric.

The skirt with the smell of translucent fabric looks gorgeous in the summer version. The length of the floor will create a very romantic image, and lightweight fabric will hide the weight of the figure. You can use folds - as you know, vertical stripes are slim. But it should be noted that they should be wide, because small visually expand the shape.