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Top 10 most expensive wedding dresses in the world


Since childhood, every girl imagines what the wedding day will be, and not the last place in these fantasies is occupied by an elegant dress. Over time, it turns out that when choosing their ideal attire, brides take into account many factors - from the style and cut to the price. But let's forget about all these nuances for a moment and see how the best wedding dresses look - the most beautiful, the most elegant and the most expensive. Get ready to be surprised and get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of these works of art. Designer dresses, which were worn only by models, and dresses in which stars of world magnitude married, - the 10 most beautiful wedding dresses are waiting for you further in the article.

Royal swing

Crowned marriages always attract the close attention of the public.

It is not surprising that princesses wedding dresses are the most beautiful - who, if not them, set the standards in marriage fashion.

Our list should begin with Grace Kelly, who in 1956 fulfilled the secret dream of many girls and women - an American from an ordinary family married the Prince of Monaco. At the time, it was the most beautiful wedding dress in the world. Photos of beauty Grace in this outfit, which does not lose its charm to this day, you see below.

The dress was made of 100 meters of the finest silk, 25 meters of taffeta and Brussels lace, which at that time was already 125 years old. It was embroidered with real sea pearls, and it took 6 weeks to implement the ideas of designer Helen Rose. Handwork required the presence of 30 people. Today its cost is estimated at about 300 thousand dollars.

Century wedding

The dress of Princess Diana, in which she married Crown Prince Charles in 1981, received equally rave reviews. In the 80s it was the most beautiful wedding dress in the world. The photo of the dress that defined the fashion for brides for the next decade, you see in the article.

A few hours after the wedding took place, all the designers in England were bombarded with orders for dresses that most resemble the royal ones.

The original was designed and implemented by David and Elizabeth Emannuel. The dress was made of silk and antique lace, decorated with 10 thousand pearls and gold embroidery. The 8-meter train and puff sleeves completed this perfect outfit by the standards of the 80s. The dress cost about 150 thousand dollars, but taking into account inflation today it is estimated at 400 thousand dollars.

In the best traditions

After 30 years, on April 29, 2011, the British crowned family again pleased us with a royal wedding. Everyone thought for a long time and wondered what the bride of Prince William would appear in, because even the designer's name was not disclosed, not to mention the sketches.

But everything was resolved as well as possible, and the bride of Prince William - the beautiful Kate Middleton - enthralled millions of viewers to broadcast the wedding with her stunning dress. It is made in vintage style, combining a corset and a rather closed style, typical of the late 19th century, with delicate charm and elegance of the 50s. Many experts agree that by the cut and finish it resembles Grace Kelly's wedding dress. Dress designer Sarah Burton - creative director of the famous British fashion house Alexander McQueen - stated in an interview that her goal was to create a dress that would look beautiful and sophisticated even 30 years later. What can I say - she managed to achieve her goal, and several hours after the ceremony, copies of her attire began to appear in the atelier so that each bride could feel herself a princess.

Attention to details

The dress is impeccable even in the smallest details, for example, lace flowers (daffodils, roses, thistles and clover leaves) are plants-symbols of the regions of Great Britain.

The original is made of different types of expensive fabrics, and taking into account the handmade work and the cost of labor of the eminent designer, it is not surprising that its price is about 388 thousand dollars.

The dress loop is more modest than that of Princess Diana - only 270 cm. But to cope with it, the bride needed the help of boyfriends - her sister Philippe.

The most beautiful wedding dress stars

Not everyone can be born in the royal family or marry a prince. But even princesses can sometimes envy celebrities - they also have the most beautiful and most expensive wedding dresses.

For example, a luxurious outfit from a Givenchy fashion house, in which Kim Kardashian shone at her marriage in May 2014, cost about 400 thousand dollars (some sources call the sum of half a million).

The dress, inspired by the dresses of Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly, was created by Italian designer Ricardo Tisci - friend of the groom Kanye West. It is quite a closed style and was a surprise for fans of the star, which is famous for its love for more overt clothing. But the immaculate cut-out outfit still emphasized Kim's luxurious forms, and fine lace inserts created the seductive but elegant effect of bare skin. The train added solemnity to the image of the bride, and a huge veil made him truly amazing.

Wedding Queen

When Madonna married director Guy Ricci in 2000, everyone knew that her outfit would be special. The dress, which came up with the girlfriend of the singer Stella McCartney, was made of ivory-colored silk and cost about 80 thousand dollars at that time. If this amount seems modest, then consider that in addition to it Madonna put on a veil of antique lace, a 37-carat diamond cross and a 19-carat bracelet worth 72 thousand dollars, which the groom presented to her. Well, to complete the image, she put on an old tiara of 1910 for about 250 thousand dollars. True, Madonna did not buy it, but only lent it.

Wedding dresses: the most expensive and beautiful models in history

Do you think that almost half a million dollars is quite a lot in one outfit? It turns out that this is far from the top price bracket. Even the stars and princesses would gasp when they saw how much these wedding dresses cost. The most beautiful outfits are made not just by famous designers from expensive fabrics and with lots of handmade work. They are embroidered with precious metals - gold, platinum - and decorated with placers of precious stones.

One of the oldest dresses of this kind is the outfit from Imperial Pearl Syndicate, stitched in the 50s of the XX century.

But 8 craftswomen, 2 months of work, the finest silk and satin are not the reason that two armed guards are standing next to the model. The dress is decorated with almost 100 thousand pearls. At the time of creation, it cost about 100 thousand dollars.

Its weight is 12 kg, and for its intended purpose it has never been used. The beauties who had the honor of putting on him claim that it is very difficult to hold out for more than half an hour.

Best friends girls

Some dresses are embroidered with diamonds and precious stones, like regular rhinestones. Therefore, their cost may be slightly shocking.

So, in 2006, designer René Strauss, together with the jewelry store Martin Katz Jewelers, created a dress that is heavily studded with diamonds for an exhibition first in Dubai, and then at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Los Angeles. Their total weight is 150 carats, and the price of the outfit is $ 12 million. Today it remains the most expensive wedding dress in history. It was used only at exhibitions and shows and is still waiting for its bride.

Classic style, custom execution

Another 2 options are rightfully worthy of the title "The most beautiful magnificent wedding dresses in history."

Both outfits were created not for a particular bride, but simply for the love of art.

Japanese designer Yumi Katsura created a dress made of expensive silk and satin, embroidered with white gold and decorated with 1,000 pearls. But even this does not make him one of the most extravagant outfits in history. An 8.8-carat green diamond and a 5-carat white-gold diamond (one of 2 existing in the world) complete this flawless and luxurious composition.

The following dress from our rating has a rather simple classic silhouette. But almost 10 thousand natural stones with which it is decorated make it special. The dress was made in 2007 for a demonstration in a shop in Shangrao (China). Stones provided jewelry factory from Hong Kong. The cost of the dress is almost 159 thousand dollars, and the weight is 2 kg, so it is much easier to wear than the pearl masterpiece of the 50s.

Designer look

Closes our top most beautiful wedding dresses very unusual model. Its author is Vera Wong. The best wedding dresses - the most expensive and beautiful in history - often have non-standard elements (be it cut or trim). Designer Wong is often guided by this principle and creates amazing models, the charm and charm of which is available not only to the stars, but also to ordinary girls. But in the case of this dress Vera surpassed herself and completely abandoned the traditional views on the wedding dress.

It is made in shades of green and turquoise, because every inch of fabric on the skirt and a huge train is covered with real peacock feathers. The approximate cost of this dress is $ 1.5 million. 8 skilled workers worked on it, who used 2009 feathers of adult males of peacocks and 90 jade stones in their work.

The outfit was first demonstrated in 2009 at the Wedding Expo in Nanjing (China). It was rumored that this dress was supposed to be worn by Jennifer Lopez for the wedding with Ben Affleck, but it is difficult to say for sure, since the wedding did not take place. But this did not prevent Vera Wong from creating a real masterpiece, against which the rest of the exhibitors looked boring and predictable.

Here is what the most beautiful wedding dresses look like. Some of them brought happiness to their owners, the fate of others was not so joyful, and some are still waiting in the wings. But in any case, we must not forget that the welfare and love in marriage does not depend on how much it cost or what the bride's dress looked like.

Photos of the most expensive wedding dresses that amaze with their luxury

We present to your attention wedding dresses that are among the ten most expensive dresses in the world.

1. Melania Knauss + Donald Trump - $ 200,000

Marrying a billionaire, Melania chose the work of John Galliano, who used 90 meters of white satin, about 1,500 pearls and precious stones and spent as much as 550 hours of work on creating a masterpiece outfit weighing 22.5 kg.

2. Amal Alamuddin + George Clooney - 380 000 dollars

Oscar de la Renta worked hard to create an elegant dress of 30 meters of Shantil lace and 14 meters of tulle. Pearls, beads and rhinestones served as a rich decoration of the dress.

3. Kate Middleton + Prince William - $ 400,000

Silk taffeta and Valencienian lace served as the main material of this dress, and lace flower appliqués and a long train complemented the perfect look.

4. Victoria + David Beckham - $ 100,000

A simple satin dress from Vera Wong, which Victoria Beckham put on for the wedding ceremony, once again emphasized the refinement of taste and the subtle sense of the bride's style.

5. Dress from Mauro Adami - 400 000 dollars

Italian designer Mauro Adami tried his best to create a unique silk dress, decorated with a matting of platinum threads. Hand embroidery and a characteristic metallic sheen are the highlights of one of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones - 1.5 million dollars

The owner of one of the most expensive wedding dresses in the world, created by Christian Lacroix, was the famous actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Luxurious satin, decorated with a lace train and stunning embroidery "star dust".

7. Princess Diana - $ 150,000

The dress, which caused a stir in 1981, still goes to the top of the most beautiful, luxurious and expensive wedding dresses. The train, whose length exceeded 7 meters, along with a thousand pearls and spangles, was decorated with the splendor of silk taffeta and antique lace, created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel.

8. Kim Kardashian - 400,000 dollars

Kim's choice fell on the creation of Riccardo Tisci, which was distinguished by its conservatism. A minimum of lace and elegant cut is a great choice.

9. Khadija Uzhakhova + Said Gutseriev - $ 385,000

French fashion house Elie Saab has created an incredible wedding dress in its beauty and luxury, in which Hidagi Uzhakhova dressed in one of the most significant days of her life. Hand embroidery with precious stones gives the dress a rather large weight - over 20 kilograms.

10. Dress by Ginza Tanaka - $ 8 million

The originality of the dress, created by Ginza Tanaka, just rolls over. Gems in the amount of 502 pieces, a thousand pearls and unique design are the main highlights of this wedding dress.

The most magnificent wedding dress

Cost 32,000 dollars

Bill Clinton's Daughter - Chelsea Clinton - married the banker Marc Mezvinsky (Marc Mezvinsky), in 2010 Their wedding was generally valued at $ 3 million.

Bridesmaid dress strapless, beaded ivory. Bill Clinton himself, who never attracted attention because of his clothes, looked pretty stylish on his wedding day.

Magnificent Wedding Dress

Cost 58,000 dollars

Magnificent wedding dress from the fashion house Baracci (Beverly Hills) put on a TV star Kim Zolsiak, when she married Croy Bieermann 2011

This is a silver satin dress weighing 14.5 kg decorated with lace, pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals.

But many do not know that the dress on Kim's wedding day was not new, but everything, because the newlyweds were in a hurry and could not wait until they sew a new dress to the bride.

Victoria Beckham Wedding Dress

The cost of 100,000 dollars

Insanely beautiful dress put on the wedding of Victoria from the group "Spice Girls", when she married David Beckham in 1999

The creation of the designer Vera Wang (Vera Wang) Victoria loves her very much and still keeps in her closet, hoping that one day her daughter Harper will also put it on.

Known fact! Mrs. Beckham sells most of her clothes at auction, and gives the money to charity, but this does not apply to her beloved and very expensive dress from Vera Wang.

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

Cost 150 000 dollars

Princess Diana put on a legendary wedding dress at her wedding in 1981 when she married prince charles. Designed dress David and Elizabeth Emmanuel. Wedding miracle long 7.6 m made of silk taffeta, and its lace is decorated with more than 1,000 pearls and rhinestones.

The most beautiful wedding dress

Cost of 8.3 million dollars

This masterpiece of wedding decoration was presented in 2013 in Tokyo by a Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka (Ginza Tanaka) who decorated the dress 1,000 pearls and 502 diamonds. Shown outfit on the Olympic champion in figure skating Shizuka Arakawa.

Luxurious dress by Faiyzali Abdullah

The most beautiful dress in the world is recognized as a masterpiece created by Malaysian designer Faiyzali Abdullah. Experts estimated it at 30 million dollars. Not every fashionista can afford to purchase such a luxurious outfit.

Evening gowns are made of taffeta and silk, the dress is studded with 751 diamonds. The weight of the most important and large stone is 70 carats. Small diamonds are located on the train dress. This amazingly beautiful outfit is called “The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur”. The dress was first presented to the public in 2009 at the festival STYLO Fashion GrandPix KL.

Muslim dress by Debbie Wingham

Abay’s traditional Muslim dress, created by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham from Dubai, was estimated by experts at $ 17.7 million. The elegant black canvas is embroidered with gold threads and decorated with 2,000 diamonds. In the creation of the dress used white, black and rare expensive red diamonds. Abay dress was presented at a social event in one of the elite hotels in Dubai.

Dress Holi Take

The masterpiece, created by Lebanese designer Elie Saab, created a real sensation when famous actress Holi Bury appeared on the red carpet. The dress is called one of the most outspoken outfits. In it, Holi Bury appeared at the Academy Award in 2002. The charming burgundy outfit is made with a transparent bodice, decorated with embroidery of flowers that barely hide the bust of the actress.

Wedding outfit Kate Middleton

Celebrities are waiting for special chic and unusual look. Kate Middleton has largely justified the expectations of fans, presented at a wedding in an ivory dress with lace floral appliqués. The dress train - 2.7 meters, created by Sarah Burton, the creative director of the fashion house Alexander McQueen, impresses with its beauty and laconic lines. The basis for the wedding dress Kate Middleton was taken outfit, in which Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco Rainier III.

Delightful dress by Luly Yang

The masterpiece from the fashion designer Luly Yang has not gone out of fashion for several seasons and continues to cause admiration of the whole world. The dress in the form of wings of a fluttering butterfly is considered the most amazing, beautiful and fashionable outfit to date.

Initially, the designer embodied her idea in a paper version, and later completed a dress made of material. Наряд выполнен из тончайшего дорогостоящего шелка, который при ходьбе имитирует движения крыльев летящей бабочки. Облегающий лиф платья декорирован тесьмой из перьев.

Платье обворожительной Мерилин Монро

Великолепное платье Мерилин Монро получило название Happy Birthday. Наряд был выполнен по индивидуальному заказу дизайнером Жану Луи ко дню рождения Джона Кеннеди в 1952 году. Made from a translucent thin fabric, the dress creates a nude effect. More than six thousand smallest diamond spangles were sewn into the material.

For her outfit, Marilyn Monroe paid a fabulous sum for those times - $ 12,000 and only to hit the president with a frank and charming outfit. Today, a masterpiece from Jean Louis belongs to the company Gotta Have It, which bought the dress for more than 1 million dollars in 1999. According to experts, the outfit is much more than the amount paid for it.

Unbeatable Masterpiece by Debbie Wingham

Another brilliant masterpiece from the famous fashion designer and designer, designed to be one of the most beautiful and charming dresses in the world. The designer spent about six months on the creation of the dress, the total weight of the dress was 14 kilograms. This mass is due to the use of 50 black diamonds and a variety of other precious stones, whose weight exceeds 5 carats. Chiffon, crepe de chine, satin were used as a base for diamonds. Experts estimate the dress at 5.5 million dollars.

Brilliant dress Naomi Watts

The list of the most beautiful and expensive dresses in the world has been added to the outfit from the fashion house Armani Prive, created by Naomi Wats custom-made order. Work on the creation of a masterpiece of more than 2 months. Such a long and painstaking work was carried out so that the star could blind the guests of the Oscar in the literal and figurative sense. Naomi Watts's brilliant dress is decorated with Neil Lane brand diamonds, the style has an asymmetrical neckline. The silhouette of the dress is the most concise, the bottom of the dress has the shape of a narrowed skirt.

Dress Emmy Adam

One of the most charming and expensive dresses in the world belongs to actress Amy Adams. The dress was created according to unique designs and decorated with many pearl rhinestones. The dress is made in pale blue color with numerous lace frills of transparent tulle. Amy Adams appeared before the public in this luxurious attire at the Oscar. It was difficult for Amy to move without help in such a dress, so during the photo shoot she needed the help of assistants who held a lush dress train.

Olivia Wilde's Dazzling Dress

American movie star Olivia Ould has expanded her wardrobe with one of the most beautiful dresses in the world. In this attire, the actress appeared at the Golden Globe Award ceremony in 2011. Olivia Walid's dress received the title of the most beautiful evening dress. The dress is made in a gray-black color with silver sparkles with a slight mocha shade.

Gorgeous dresses from world-famous designers are sometimes inaccessible for simple fashionistas who deserve such outfits as much as world stars. We hurry to please the girls - many fashion designers take as the basis for their outfits the images created by fashion industry gurus for celebrities. You can shine in dresses that are identical in cut to the most beautiful attires in the world, but with less costly designs.

10th place - Oscar-winning dress for 1.5 million

Costly outfit for the ceremony, Oscar acquired for themselves famous actress Naomi Watts. The creators of the luxury masterpiece are the designers of the fashion house Armani. The cut of the dress is both simple and extraordinary.

The fitted cut and narrow skirt to the floor with a train allowed the actress to demonstrate gorgeous shape of the silhouette. Behind there is an oval cut, which allows almost to bare the back, but the main highlight of the attire is the decollete. The right shoulder of the girl covers a small sleeve, and the left is completely bare to the bodice. As a result, a very unusual visual pattern is formed, framing the neckline line. The outfit is gray, and the diamonds, which are scattered all over the dress, allow you to enjoy the splendor of the shimmering multicolored sparkles in the light.

9th place - dress Marilyn for 1.6 million dollars.

The same outfit in which the legendary Monroe sang "Happy Birthday Mr President" created a designer from America, Jean Louis, by special order of the actress. Inspired by the films of the famous diva, the designer decided to sew a dress that would best emphasize her charms. The incredibly thin silk of flesh-colored skinned the figure of the actress from chest to toe, like a second skin. The luxurious lines of the silhouette were iridescent in the light because the fabric was dotted with 6 thousand diamond particles. The starting price of the dress was 12 thousand dollars, which in 1961 was an incredibly expensive pleasure.

8th place - elegant frankness for 1.8 million dollars.

Black translucent dress in the floor from Maria Grachfogel distinguishes several original features. The central cut in the front of the dress, which exposes the legs to the hips. A long skirt at the back of the outfit that expands from the hip, creating a fishtail effect. Frank line of the neckline, which is a V-shaped bodice, covering only the chest, as well as a completely bare back. The dress is decorated with a precious white pattern that harmonizes perfectly with the translucent background of the dress. The highlight of the attire is a silk corset, which is decorated with a scattering of two thousand diamonds.

7th place - Marilyn developing dress for 4.6 million dollars

This dress became so popular that Merlin dressed in it was decided to immortalize as a monument in Chicago. A shot from the film “Itch of the Seventh Year”, where the pleated skirt of the attire develops from the flow of air from the ventilation system, was watched by millions of people. The dress itself is distinguished by a rather simple cut - a V - shaped decollete area, emphasizing luxurious forms, as well as straps, wrapped around the neck. The length of the dress allowed to demonstrate the luxury of the ankles of the actress.

6th place - heavy luxury for 5.6 million dollars.

The outfit, whose weight can not stand every fragile lady, was created by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham. 13 kilogram dress made of black crepe de chine, satin and chiffon is handmade. The dress is decorated with a precious pattern consisting of black and white diamonds sewn with gold threads. The dress is different original cut. It is strapless, with a basky, and the skirt has a small slit that exposes the leg to the knee.

5th place - wedding magnificence for 8.5 million dollars.

Wedding dress, which is recognized as one of the most expensive in the world, showed the world the famous Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka. In the fitted dress cut on thin straps, a variety of unusual texture of the neckline and sleeves brings. The translucent fabric adorns the neck and arms, and this magnificence is framed by a scattering of rare diamonds and pearls. Distinguished by the unusual and skirt outfit. It is decorated with thin down and gives the image of weightlessness. The very skirt is different pomp, but not too big.

4th place - a great web for 9 million dollars.

Incredibly frank and original dress from the English designer Scott Henshall put on the premiere of the film "Spider-Man 3" unsurpassed Samantha Mamba. It happened back in 2004, but the outfit is still striking the imagination of fashion critics and the public. No wonder, because in terms of cut, it looks more like not even a dress, but an ordinary cobweb. It is strewn with the truth in a scattering of three thousand black diamonds, which are woven into the white threads of a dress, like a web, and fully justify its cost. According to Mamba herself, the dress, despite its frankness, was incredibly comfortable to wear.

Top 10 most expensive dresses:

1. The most expensive dress in the world was created by the Malaysian couturier Faisol Abdullah. His masterpiece, he even gave the name - "Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur." For the first time the world saw this gorgeous creation in 2009 at the fashionable festival “STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL”. The dress costs as much as 30 million dollars, and such a fabulous sum is explained by the fact that the fabric from which the thing is made is decorated with numerous diamonds. A total of 751 diamonds were spent.

And one of them weighs 70 carats and has an unusual pear shape. Sparkling jewels are covered with a bodice (it has the largest stone on it), a bodice, as well as a chic long train. So far, no one has acquired this unique and incredibly expensive dress, but its creator is sure that the one who decides to buy will make a very profitable investment, because jewels are always highly valued.

2. Dubai is a city of millionaires, so the outfits in it are incredibly expensive. One of them is abaya. It is a traditional outfit of Arab women, but it seems a little like a simple Muslim dress.

The dress costs about 18 million dollars and is decorated with 2000 diamonds, among which are both the usual white and rarer blacks, as well as the most expensive and unique reds. The outfit was first presented in 2013 in one of the most expensive and elite hotels in Dubai. The designer is Briton Debbie Winham. So far, the girl has not thought about selling her masterpiece, but probably there will be buyers.

3. The dress from designer Scott Hanshall seems to be a delicate web, but woven not by a spider, but by a real master of his body and a creator. The outfit is intertwined diamond bundles, in some places (especially in intimate ones) supplemented with black cloth. The dress looks incredibly sexy.

The creation of a luxurious cobweb took 3000 of these real diamonds, which is why the price is so high. And the singer Samantha Mamba became the lucky girl who acquired this incredible masterpiece of design art. She bought a dress for $ 9 million to show off in it at the premiere of the movie "Spider-Man 3", held July 28, 2004. The efforts of the girls were appreciated by critics, photographers and fans.

4. Japanese designer and jeweler Ginza Tanaka is known for his stunning outfits, for the creation of which he never spares expensive precious stones and metals. He has a gold swimsuit, a gold calendar and some other interesting things.

But one of the most expensive creations is the wedding dress, which was presented in 2013 at the exhibition of wedding fashion held in Tokyo. And the Olympic champion in figure skating Shizuka Arakawa adorned in this chic outfit. The dress is decorated with thousands of pearls, as well as 502 diamonds. The price of the masterpiece is appropriate, it is more than $ 8 million. The dress is recognized as the most expensive in the world.

5. Insects have always attracted designers, so that such patterns are often adorned in outfits, including expensive ones. And one more example of this is the amazing dress of the Belgian designer Nikki Vankets. It is sewn of expensive fabric of noble chocolate color, decorated with voluminous applications.

But the most important and undoubtedly expensive part of the dress is the web located on the side. Its threads stretch down and break only on the edge of the original hem. In the manufacture of such an unusual jewelry took 2500 diamonds. This gorgeous outfit is worth about $ 6.5.

6. Another Debbie Winham masterpiece is a chic and elegant black evening bustier dress for real queens. It was, of course, sewn by hand from expensive and noble and feminine fabrics: crepe de chine, satin and chiffon. The dress has a small short basque, a slit located at the front and extending from the knees. In addition, the outfit is decorated with a train.

But it is not the design and cut that deserve special attention, but the decor. The dress is decorated with white and black diamonds, each weighs from 2 to 5 carats, and some are bordered with gold. The creator of this masterpiece worked on him for six months and during this time she made 50,000 stitches with her own hands. The creation was presented to the world in Monte Carlo. The dress weighs as much as 13 kilograms, and costs 5.6 million dollars.

7. Another incredibly expensive and well-known outfit is the legendary dress of Marilyn Monroe, in which she demonstrated her mouth-watering shapes. An episode of the film “The Itch of the Seventh Year,” in which the hem of the dress was rising under the stream of air emanating from the ventilation system, is known to everyone. It would seem that this outfit is not unusual.

A simple dress with a pleated hem of a simple cut. But it, firstly, made Monroe a real sex symbol, and secondly, it helped the film become popular. In 2011, at the auction of the auction house "Profile in History", located in Los Angeles, the outfit was sold for 4.6 million dollars. An incredible amount for such a simple outfit, but it is quite justified, because the dress belonged to the legendary Marilyn.

8. Maria Graffogel is a designer respected by fashion lovers and famous and respected people. The most expensive outfit of this talented woman is a black dress. The top is a sexy corset, the bottom is a no less erotic hem, stitched from translucent fabric and having a cut starting at the top of the thighs and practically showing the underwear.

The dress is studded with two thousand gems. Initially, the price of the dress was 500 thousand dollars, but in the end it was bought for 1.8 million dollars. The audience saw this masterpiece back in 2000. By the way, after the show, all the gems that adorn the outfit were removed and hidden in a safe.

9. Another expensive outfit is an evening dress from Armani Prive. A distinctive feature and decoration are the diamonds "Neil Lane". Particularly elegant, this outfit looked at the actress Naomi Watts, who flaunted in him at the Oscar award ceremony, held in 2013.

The design team worked on the creation of this dress for two whole months, while absolutely all the stitches were made by hand, the details were also sewn by the creators themselves. The cost of the masterpiece was 1.5 million dollars.

10. And finally, the last outfit is a dress with a funny name “Happy Birthday”. It was in him shone beauty Marilyn Monroe at the birthday of John Kennedy in May 1962. The dress was created by order of the actress designer Jean Louis and initially cost not so much - 12 thousand dollars.

The outfit is made of a translucent thin fabric, resembling a cobweb, and also decorated with 6 thousand smallest sparkles shimmering in the light. In 1999, the outfit was bought by the company “Gotta Have It!”. Its representatives paid 1.27 million dollars, but said they were ready to give twice as much money for such a masterpiece.

These were the most expensive and incredible dresses.