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All you need to know about a man's shirt to look cool in 2018


The shirt is the most necessary and demanded subject of man's wardrobe, using the best recommendations of stylists and designers. With the help of a shirt, a man can look fashionable, stylish, strict and courageous, playing with images and outfits. Stylists studied the latest collections from stylists, presenting the best beautiful shirts for men of this season.

Modern design designers offer summer models of shirts with short sleeves and bright colors, classic shirts of a concise and discreet design, fashionable and stylish options for festive events and sports models for active men. Only high-quality men's shirts will look stylish, original, luxurious and presentable, it is these models that are presented in the top rating from stylists.

Choosing a men's shirt

First of all, a man, when choosing a beautiful and fashionable shirt, should take into account not so much fashionable trends and design advice, but his individual characteristics of appearance, equipment, age, character, as well as the general style of dress and season. Slim fit and classic models with bright colors or in pastel colors are suitable for men of slim stature.

Men of full physique stylists advise shirts of classic cut of dark shades, direct tailoring. Light and bright colors of shirts of one tone or with prints are suitable for special occasions, stylists advise choosing pastel or dark colors for a working dress code, harmoniously combining colors and prints with other wardrobe items.

Beautiful men's shirts: photo

A shirt is an opportunity for a man to express himself, demonstrating his impeccable sense of taste and style to others.

Good shirts in 2018 from famous designers are presented in several versions:

  1. Classic - without such a shirt, not a single man will manage in everyday and work environment.
  2. Shirt with a deferred collar - new hit of the season.
  3. Classic fit - an ideal style for thin men.

Psychologists say that even by the choice of a shirt, one can assess the personal qualities and character of a man. The very same man, it is important not only to choose expensive and cool models of shirts, but also harmoniously combine them with other items of clothing.

Popular expensive models and brands

Brand manufacturers offer collections of men's clothing in 2018, among which there are creative and beautiful models of shirts. Brand, means, high-quality men's shirts that will last more than one year, for example:

  • Italian brand Armanioffering shirts of quality fabric with perfect properties.
  • Italian brand Gucci offers chic shirts of the highest quality.
  • Spanish brand Zara in the latest collections offers luxurious classic and informal models of shirts.
  • American brand Ralph lauren offers popular shirts with logo at reasonable prices.
  • Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana offers prestigious and fashionable models, according to the latest fashion trends.

Also, the world-famous brands of men's shirts include proven and reliable brands, such as Lacoste from France, Versace from Italy, Tommy Hilfiger from the States and Hugo Boss from Germany.

Cool shirts, according to men - those that are relatively inexpensive and provide for a long service life. Stylists advise not to save on the purchase of such a piece of clothing, as the shirt should be presentable, expensive and of high quality, demonstrating the status and image of a man.

Men's shirts and fashion: basic questions when choosing

Seeing in the store a wide selection, you start asking yourself questions:

  • Is this shirt under a bow tie or tie?
  • Are there any shirts under which you can not wear a bow tie or tie?
  • How to fill the shirt in the pants to look stylish in 2018?
  • Is a red shirt appropriate? And in what cases is it worth wearing?
  • Stylish men's shirt - with a sleeve or without? What is fashionable in 2018?
  • How to choose a set for the total look?

These and other questions about fashion trends in 2018 are answered in our article.

Cut and texture

This season, designers offer the most diverse in the form of fashionable men's shirts.

  • So in the collections of Officine Generale you can find shirts without collars. Such men's shirts are ideal for those who do not wish to wear ties and bow ties, while wanting to look stylish. In addition, a similar cut will help to visually add a couple of centimeters in height. Ideal for a man with a short neck.
  • Classic stand-up collars are also relevant. They should be worn with a bow tie, tie, or simply unbuttoning a few top buttons.
  • A large variety of men's shirts is offered for fans of different lengths of sleeves: a sleeveless shirt with a short sleeve, well, and, of course, a stylish men's classic shirt with a long sleeve.

If you do not have relief muscular arms, then the first two options of shirts should be abandoned. The same applies to strict dress code: sleeveless shirts and short sleeves will not be appropriate. In these cases, preference is given to long sleeves, they can be rolled up to 2 turns.

Short sleeve

  • If you are still unbearably overcome by the desire to wear a shirt with short sleeves, then you should wear it with a sense of style. For example, as suggested in the Lanvin collection: youth men's shirts are worn over another shirt, polo or long-sleeved T-shirts.
  • For active, timeless and comfortable men, Timo Weiland offers beautiful youth shirts with zippers.
  • Designers offer to try on models of the most unusual cut, with an interesting finish and bright accents in the form of details, to bold, bright, eccentric and loving the center of attention to men.

It is important to know! Putting on such things, you should first think about relevance. If you are a creative director, a creative person, then such an image will help to stand out among others and declare yourself as an extraordinary person. If you are engaged in accounting, taxes, legal services, then from such images at work should be abandoned in favor of more classical models.

Otherwise, you risk not only the opinion of you as a sane person, but also your reputation as a whole. Do not forget that the first impression creates your image and what you are wearing. For this reason, before you wear anything, ask yourself the question: what will this red shirt say about me and these slim pants? What effect, man, do you want to achieve by putting on this look?

Denim shirts and chambray men's shirts (made of a fabric similar to denim, but having a softer weave) are still the classic casual option. You can wear them in a variety of ways: on a naked body, on top of a T-shirt or thin sweater. Denim shirts are also comfortable because you can wear them regardless of the season, and they never go out of style.

Shirt prints

Men's shirts with a print often look more original and more interesting, than monophonic. Especially if the picture is correctly included in the kit.

A floral print shirt will make your look lightweight, summer and romantic. A similar impression will make any floral print. Choosing such fashionable shirts (the key word is fashionable), you need to know a couple of rules. First of all, pay attention to the color. It should not be too "cheerful" and bright. You should not choose prints such as “Turkish cucumbers” (paisley) or Hawaiian prints in light green, pink, blue and other “acidic” variants.

It is worth to combine such a shirt with plain colored trousers or chinos-shorts just above the knees. In addition, the shirt should be worn tucked into the pants.

In all other cases there will be a feeling that you have just teleported from the 90s.

The most courageous people buy men's shirts with prints like zebra or leopard. In order not to look dressed while tasteless, you should take plain trousers of soothing colors. Perfectly in this case will look shades of gray and brown.

If you are afraid to make a mistake by composing an image, then choose a striped shirt or a checkered shirt that matches almost all men's clothes. Such shirts harmoniously complement any business suit. It is desirable at the same time that the shirt in a strip or a cell had a medium-sized print, otherwise you can go into a sporty style that is unacceptable in some cases by the dress code.

Color palette

The color scheme in shirts nowadays is amazing. There is any shade for the most sophisticated man. So Paul Smith, whose distinctive feature has always been a recognizable bright striped shirt, offers this season to buy a juicy checked shirt. The most fashionable men must unbutton a few buttons on top and roll up their sleeves. The effect of "rrrr" guaranteed!

If you do not have a white, blue or pastel color shirt, then you should buy it. Such shirts make up the so-called wardrobe base, when 1 piece of clothing (in this case, a shirt) fits several other items (pants or shorts). In other words, it is a universal thing. For example, a white shirt can make a good pair of trousers, jeans, business suit and shorts of various shapes and colors.

Which season in a row one of the most fashionable colors is wine (it’s also marsala). A wine color shirt can say a lot about its owner. This color, like no other, will demonstrate the confidence, strength and energy of the man on whom she was. What impression will make a red shirt on the opposite sex? The most favorable! A man in a shirt is attractive to a woman, and red is associated with holiday, love, an indicator of high status and sexuality! Accordingly, if you are faced with the task of enchanting a woman, pay attention not only to white but also red men's shirts in the store.

Important! Remember that men's red fashion shirt is not only a pure shade of red! Men's shirt can be scarlet, purple, pink, red-brown, burgundy, cherry, of course, the color of Marsala, etc.

The red shirt is well complemented by jeans in dark blue, gray, brown, blue and black trousers.

We picked up a modern summer bow for you with a fashionable burgundy shirt, moccasins of the same color and light cotton chinos. All things can be ordered in the online store by clicking on the item you need in the storefront.

Allow yourself to carelessness

Yes! And this is not a mistake! It is carelessness! Now fashionable men's shirts make it possible to feel more relaxed, and to be more precise, fashion kindly provides this little prank. How to fill a casual shirt in pants in this case? Just release one edge of the shirt, and the other - hide in his pants. Of course, pants like a shirt should be neatly ironed! After all, negligence is staged. The effect of a prolonged party, a sleepless night outside the house, and, as a result, a bruise should not be.

Put on total look

Until now, the total look is one of the most convenient, from the point of view of “assembly”, images. Choose a set of the same color or similar shades of the same color. This can be a total look denim. In this case, you will need jeans and denim shirt, the belt for this image is better not to use.
A shirt with a print at the same time would not be the most suitable option, striped and in a cage also will not work. Accordingly, the same applies to pants. It is better that the pants and shirt (see photo) were monophonic. Otherwise, you can overload your image and risk to appear in society not stylish, but tastelessly dressed and ridiculous.

How to choose the right shirt man?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the build of your young man, if he can boast of extra pounds in the abdominal area, then the fitted and tapered models will not fit him exactly - they will wrinkle and give him extra volumes.

Another important point is the armhole, it should not be too narrow, not only does it look ugly, it also causes great inconvenience to the owner of such a shirt.

The next moment is the length of the sleeve, according to all the norms and rules of etiquette, the end of the sleeve should reach the bone protrusion on the wrist and slightly protrude from the sleeve of the jacket. It is important not to be mistaken in volumes, as a large-sized shirt will look very ridiculous on a thin guy or man.

Another nuance is, of course, the quality of the proposed model. Pay attention to the seams, with a good shirt they should be perfect and double, they should not be delayed and bristled, give clearances. Also pay attention to the quality and condition of the buttons, as well as the loops, they must be neat, without protruding threads.

In any shirt, the quality of the collar is very important, it should not be creased, a special insert should be sewn inside it, which ensures its correct shape.

The next aspect is the fabric. Most often men's shirts are made from cotton with synthetic impurities, as well as from satin and natural silk. It is possible to find pure cotton models, they are pleasant to the touch and the skin breathes in them, but after several washings such a shirt loses its shape, its appearance leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is better to dwell on models with a small addition of synthetics - the quality will not deteriorate, and the shape will be much better to hold.

Colors. It will depend on what purpose you are buying a shirt. If your young man works in an office, then it is best to select calm and monochromatic colors, the classic version is in a thin strip or a thin cell of inconspicuous shades. If you buy a men's shirt, for example, for a summer holiday, then the best option is a polo style, which can be of various colors - white, black, red, with and without prints. By the way, this season, these shirts are considered the most popular, their loose fit, which combines the features of a shirt and a T-shirt, goes to all men, without exception, so that you can’t go wrong with your choice.

Another point that often makes men suffer is the shape of the collar, because it depends on it how this style will look on it.

The classic version is the usual acute-angled collar, which allows you to wear a shirt with a tie or without it. There is its close variety - the collar, the edges of which are fastened with buttons.

The next option is “shark fin”, it has rather wide edges. This collar is not suitable for men with a short neck, as it must necessarily be combined with a tie tied with a Windsor knot, which visually makes the neck even more massive.

Shirts with a round collar absolutely do not go chubby men, and the option with curved edges is perfect in combination with a bow tie and tuxedo.

The final point is the cuffs: they can be buttoned or have slots for cufflinks. There can be one or two buttons on the cuff itself, as well as another one slightly higher, so that the slot at the bottom of the sleeve does not constantly open. Lovers of cufflinks will have to work hard with the choice of those, they can differ in the material from which they are made, and your choice should be based on your personal taste preferences and financial possibilities, as cufflinks are quite a false gift.

What is fashionable now?

Naturally, I want to indulge my man only with popular and fashionable models, we will present to your attention a small review of them. At the moment, in a trend, fitted men's shirts with short or long sleeves, the latter is now fashionable to drive up, creating a slightly relaxed image.

White men's shirts remain popular, but this season the designers decided to dilute them with all sorts of color inserts, stylized stripes and paintings, also diversified the cut and styles - straight and slim models remain the most popular.

A shirt in a cage will never go out of fashion, it can be quite large and small, bright and pastel colors, it all depends on the event, where you are going to wear it.

Another undisputed leader is denim shirts with all sorts of classic accessories - patch pockets, slats, rivets, and all sorts of other attributes of the denim world. Also, do not forget about shirts with various bright graphic prints and colors - asymmetry and geometry are back in fashion.

Checkered shirts

Men's shirts in a cage have long ceased to be an attribute of exclusively young people, fans of punk in all its manifestations or harsh Canadian woodcutters. Fashion gurus are offered to have several similar items in their wardrobe, differing in color and purpose. Actual all types of cells, except for too large. Разнообразие фасонов поможет выбрать рубашку в клетку для повседневной носки, для работы, для деловых встреч, для отдыха и выхода в свет. Клетка отлично сочетается с однотонным низом, поэтому у вас не возникнет проблем с созданием аутфитов.

Рубашки в полоску

Подобные рубашечки можно назвать классикой, особенно, если речь идет о сверхтонкой вертикальной полоске и строгом крое. Similar clothes were worn to work from Soviet times. In the context of modern fashion, the width of the lines, as well as their color and location can be absolutely anything. So, on a par with boring models, you have a chance to choose something funny and catchy and not look funny or ridiculous.

Denim Shirts

Denim men's shirts - classics of the genre. Once used as a uniform for workers, they have undergone many changes and become one of the top wardrobe elements of a strong part of humanity. There are a lot of denim shirts and all of them are relevant in the context of modern fashion. Wear a denim oversize shirt with a naked body, a t-shirt, a jersey, a thin cardigan or even another shirt to become an excellent choice for everyday wear. The fitted model looks strictly, which means it will help out on dates, issues or it will be a great option for going to work. Pay attention to the denim total bow - outfit fully assembled of denim clothing. Such clothing will certainly appeal to stylish men, and their companions, we think, too.

Printed shirts

Drawing a print on the fabric of a fashionable shirt is a very responsible matter for designers. We must try to print fit into the general trends of the season and at the same time attracted the attention of men as buyers. Let's appreciate their work, choosing the most fashionable copies for themselves. Striped shirts are always in fashion, but the designers decided to go ahead and applied a similar pattern as a partial detailing. In the season, the imposition of prints on one another and the combination of different patterns of fabrics in the design of one shirt model are also relevant.

Shirts with zippers

In today's world, it is customary to simplify everything in order to make life more convenient and allow you to spend your time on more important occupations. Fashion does not lag behind this trend. As an example, you can bring shirts in which instead of endless buttons there is a zipper. Caring designers made this little thing in a classic and casual way, so that it could be used in any situation.

Shirts for release

By and large, each shirt can be worn for release, but this season has its own views on this matter:

  • first, the shirt needs to be selected either ideally on the figure, or rather voluminous - the third option is excluded,
  • secondly, the shirt on the issue will look spectacular with a stylish jacket or seasonal jacket,
  • thirdly, some original models are tailored a little longer than the traditional ones. In this case, do not overdo it with the length, always consider the proportions of your body.

Trendy shirt colors

According to the designers, in the wardrobe of any man should be a white and black shirt. The first is universal and you can wear it with everything and always. The second is not lagging behind in practicality, but in addition to this, it also advantageously adjusts the figure. In addition to these classic options, designers advise to pay attention to bright large prints, geometric and oriental patterns, applications and decorative accessories. Monochrome in price more than ever. It will be great if you manage to find a shirt and pants not only of the same color, but also from the same fabric.

Black and white shirts

In a fashionable series of white shirts, it is worthwhile to separately distinguish a pair of the most trending items by the type of collar: models with a stand and a bow tie. Also in the fashion products with ethnic motifs.

As for black, even despite its tendency to unconditional elegance, all the examples from our review look quite simple and very at ease.

The contrast between black and white looks very organic and impressive.

Stylish shirt details

The most fashionable shirt in 2019 will be a classic model with an adjoining silhouette, long sleeves and a turn-down collar. Men who prefer the military style should pay attention to shirts with a stand-up collar. Patch pockets and shoulder straps will also complement the look. Original pockets and hidden fasteners are details that will complement the 2019 look.

We can not say that shirts with short sleeves should be removed away in the closet. For summer, polo is still relevant. Little time for fees? You need to always get ready quickly, but at the same time be in trend? In this case, pay attention to the shirtless buttons. Lightning bolts and buttons are what replaced them. Belt collars and “butterflies” are considered trendy. And also models without a collar at all.

How to choose the right shirt

Men's shirt should not only comply with the fashion trends of 2018. In order for it to really look stylish, the size, shape of the collar, sleeve length, and cuff volume should fit. It is also important that the tailoring is of high quality.

The size is determined by the collar, corresponds to the neck circumference. Measuring this parameter, it is necessary to make allowance for free fit. There are a couple of tricks:

  • if the neck is thin, the allowance is 1 centimeter,
  • if thickened, one and a half centimeters.

The “close-up” collar will crush, look ridiculous even for the most fashionable men's shirt for the summer of 2017. Too wide for a thin neck will focus on her thinness.

For fitted silhouettes, fitting is important. The fabric should not fit the body, but should not be too loose.

The length of the floor should be enough to fill at least 10 cm inside the pants. If the model assumes a sock “dressing”, then it should not be too long, and with raised hands, not open the skin above the belt.

The shape of the collar of the men's shirt is chosen not only in the fashion of 2018, but even helps visually to the face, in the photo, correct it. So, rounded or shortened tips look good on men with narrow faces. Classic fits complete. The elongated tips correct the small chin. For those who have a long neck, it is better to pick up high collars.

The length of the sleeve is measured by a bent arm from the neck to the beginning of the thumb. When trying on new items in 2017, selected in a store or from a photo from the catalog, the cuffs of a men's shirt should cover the brush to this point. The shoulder seam should be located exactly on the shoulder fold.

The quality of sewing is determined by the line. It is considered that not less than 8 stitches should fall on a centimeter of its length. A shoulder coquette on the back, gore should also be present. The quality of men's shirts is difficult to determine from the photo, even if it is in fashion for 2018, it is important to see how buttonholes are swept over. Best if done by hand.

The volume of the cuffs should allow free movement of the sleeve upwards, beyond the line of wearing the watch. From under the jacket sleeve he should look, but not more than a couple of centimeters. Here is another sign of the quality of men's shirts for the summer, spring or autumn of 2018 - an additional button on the cut.

Rules for wearing shirts

In addition to the fact that the chosen model must fit, be clean and ironed, there are certain rules for its wearing. Business style does not allow short sleeves. The collar must be tough, its tips are hidden by jacket lapels. Informal atmosphere allows no tie. Men's fashion allows you to unbutton a button or two, but so that the hairs do not look out from under the shirt.

Judging by the photo shows for 2018, men's shirts with short sleeves still do not remain "overboard." Such models, if worn correctly, look very impressive and stylish. Below are the rules of selection and carrying:

  • With a business suit and tie such options are not worn. Exception - uniform, special dress code,
  • The silhouette should be fitted. Although most of the models are sewn with the calculation of wearing a jacket, it is better to refuel them. This will highlight the arms,

  • It is impossible for a men's shirt with short sleeves in 2019 to be too tight on the torso, but it should not resemble a swelling sail,
  • Sleeve should not be wide, but not tight. Its length reaches the middle of the biceps, if necessary, the gate is allowed. The presence of muscles is a must.

Actual trends for shirts 2018

No fashion season is complete without classic fashion shirts, which are always relevant and are present in the wardrobe of almost every man.

Classic - the best option for everyday wear or business meetings. The main thing is to combine a classic shirt with the other elements of the wardrobe, then it will be appropriate to look in a variety of situations.

In the coming year, designers introduced several new models of classic shirts:

  • Deferred collar

  • Classic fit - guys with a slim build will look perfect in them.

For those who have not yet signed up to the gym and have not lost too much after the winter, we recommend a semi-loose fit of a classic shirt.

Traditional light colors of classic shirts are optimal for absolutely any situation where a minimal dress code is welcomed.

Designers have not bypassed party and followers of casual style, offering bright classic models.

There is no need to adhere to any strict recommendations regarding the classic shirt. It all depends on the specific model and body of a man. Try on a few shirts, move around in it and choose the one that sits on you "as it should", without constraining movement.

Shirts with short sleeves

With the onset of the spring-summer season, strict shirts can be changed to looser and lighter ones.

It is very difficult to come up with something radically new in the cut of shirts. Cut short sleeve shirts can be identical to the same style with long sleeves.

The current styles of shirts with short sleeves include:

  • Classic shirt with buttons on the entire length

Collarless shirt

To diversify the classic cut of a shirt, you can use a custom collar design. A shirt without a collar is a trend of recent seasons. The style has attracted many men, for whom free style and non-standard decisions in choosing clothes are important.

A shirt without collar is suitable for men who do not wear ties.

A shirt with a stand-up collar is worn unbuttoned and can be made with both long and short sleeves.

Stylish looks shirt with a stand-up collar in combination with rolled-up long sleeves or loosely folded pleats to the elbows.

Attention to detail

It is possible to select men's shirts from a million other models with the help of details that accentuate attention and bear a purely decorative function.

Safari style, once again raised to the pedestal of fashion by designer Oliveir Spencer, in 2018 will be more relevant than ever.

The loose fit of the shirt, which is chosen by many men, has diversified into huge chest pockets and the more they are, the more effective it looks.

You can create an original image even from a classic shirt with the help of pockets of the original form, hidden fasteners, patch pockets, shoulder straps.

Classic casual-style

Do not hide denim shirts away in the closet, in 2018 denim style will find new facets in an effort to show the individuality of each man.

In the men's image, denim shirts are taken for granted. It would seem that a practical and comfortable denim shirt can create a non-stylish stylish image, and the combination with almost any element of the wardrobe makes it indispensable for men's wardrobe.

It is better to wear a denim shirt with strict classic trousers, you can complete your stylish look with moccasins on bare feet.

The combination of a denim shirt with trousers in a military style looks very impressive, creating an image of a macho man capable of spontaneous actions and feats.

Bright prints

Competently included in the design of a shirt fashionable bright print looks even more original and interesting monochrome counterparts.

Prints and drawings allow you to create a light, romantic and summer look. The floral print looks especially impressive, it was the main focus of its eminent designers in 2018.

When choosing a shirt with a print, first of all note the color. Give up too bright and colorful prints in the style ala "Hawaiian summer" or "acidic" options in a light green-pink and blue colors.

Moderation is the main condition for a fashionable image of a shirt with a print.

A shirt with bright patterns blends perfectly with plain trousers in a classic cut or chinos.

Wear a shirt with prints need tucked into the pants.

Zebra or leopard prints are the most daring choice. The combination of such a shirt with monotonous gray or brown trousers will look impressive and stylish.

Plaid shirt to become a classic does not go out of fashion for several seasons. The upcoming year will not be an exception.

Prints with large and small cells can be made of 2 or more colors, which should be close in tone or radically different from each other.

Today, plaid shirts are at their peak. The famous TV presenter Ivan Urgant quite often appears in public in plaid shirts of various colors.

Fyodor Bondarchuk chooses shirts of pastel shades, combining them with elegant pants. Brutal watches or other accessories make this look even more attractive.

Striped Shirt

A striped shirt is the minimum that should be present in the wardrobe of every man. It's all about the versatility of the shirt, the style and color of which is appropriate in almost any situation. And that's not all the benefits of a shirt in a line.

Strips visually slim a man, so this is ideal for men with a dense physique.

Having a striped shirt, a man will never have problems with choosing a tie, in this case the strip is universal, which cannot be said of shirts with prints or patterns.

Shirts as the main element of the wardrobe change with growing up men.

The choice of a particular style, color and way of wearing can tell a lot about the preferences and character of the man, so the choice of shirt should be taken seriously.


We will show you how to “tame” men's socks and learn how to pick them up for any kind of clothes and shoes so that the image seems solid and flawless

Despite the fact that the best fashion houses in Italy and Germany now make this piece of clothing, British costumes remain the model of the highest quality and sophisticated style.

It's time to start warming up. But how to do it to be both warm and stylish? Today we want to tell you about the main trends in the men's fashion of current seasons


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In modern society, men are more likely to become presidents, directors and occupy other leadership positions. And it's not just like that

After the study, it became known whether it is possible to get sick with meningitis, if you walk without a cap, and how cooling of the head affects the body

Scientists studied some chemical components contained in household items, and came to a disappointing conclusion.

If the weather outside the window leaves much to be desired, our selection of action and dynamic films will not let you get bored

Scientists have figured out which medicine is better not to use at all, because there will be more harm to health than good.

It turns out that systematic use of french fries contributes to weight gain, diabetes and heart disease.

Recently, experts found that carrots protect against many ailments, including cancer.


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