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What is the use of cabbage for weight loss and what kind of cabbage can you eat on a diet?


Cabbage is one of the most healthy vegetables in the world. And this is not just because it contains a record amount of protein, a large amount of pectin, which promotes healthy and improved digestion. The content of vitamin C cabbage has bypassed even such famous fruits as oranges and lemons. It is not deprived of vitamins B, PP, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper and iodine.

And this is not the entire list of all the nutrients, vitamin and minerals that are contained in this amazing vegetable. And along with all this, cabbage has the ability to quickly saturate the body, but at the same time, 100 g of cabbage contains only 20 Kcal. No wonder, it is the cabbage diet for weight loss that is very effective and efficient.

Because of its energy value, cabbage is recommended for people with high cholesterol levels. Moreover, cabbage is able to delay the formation of cancerous tumors in the body, is useful for people with kidney and liver diseases, strengthens blood vessels and is effective in obesity. And with all this, using it, you can lose weight and adjust the figure.

The cabbage diet has certain rules: it should last no more than 10 days, at this time alcohol is strictly prohibited, all flour and bakery products, salting food is also excluded.

In your diet, you can use any kind of cabbage: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, white cabbage, broccoli or kohlrabi.

Depending on the imagination of the hostess, the menu can be very diverse - stewed cabbage, sauerkraut, cabbage soups, vegetable cabbage rolls, various salads and fresh use. During such a diet cabbage is allowed in unlimited quantities. Are you hungry? Eat a piece of cabbage.

During the cabbage diet really lose from 5 to 10 kg - everything will depend on your physiology and the amount of body fat. Repeat this diet should be no more than 1 time in 2 months.

Menu for 1 day

  • Breakfast. A cup of green tea or sugar-free coffee is allowed for breakfast.
  • Dinner. Chop cabbage and add grated raw carrots, mix together with a teaspoon of olive or sunflower oil, you get such a salad. You can cook 250 g of boiled chicken or fish, veal or beef.
  • Dinner. Meals should be no less than 3 hours before bedtime. Evening menu - half boiled chicken egg, cabbage salad and 1 any fruit - orange, apple, peach or others, except bananas. Bananas during the cabbage diet are excluded. Mug of tea.

During and after the diet it is necessary to remember that water consumption per day should be at least 2 liters (water is water without gas, this does not include juices, broths, teas, coffee or kefir). An important point of the cabbage diet is a cup of morning coffee, which is a very reliable helper to increase the body's metabolism, and therefore helps to lose weight.

It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor before you decide to go on a cabbage diet. After all, it involves the use of large quantities of vegetables and fruits, during its implementation in the body almost no carbohydrates.

There are diseases in which this way of feeding is contraindicated. Therefore, in order to avoid deterioration of the physical health of your body, it is better to play it safe and communicate with a specialist.

If you are fed up with cabbage salads, then they can easily be replaced with cabbage soup. Its preparation does not present any difficulties. You will need: 250 g of cabbage, 2 carrots, 2 onions, bell pepper and tomato, celery to taste.

Vegetables must be thoroughly washed, cut, scalded tomatoes with boiling water to remove the skin. Cook this soup for half an hour, you can add sunflower oil, salt is excluded. Sometimes brown rice is added to this soup.

As you can see, the cabbage diet is also good because it does not involve intricate recipes, it takes minimal time and effort to prepare such dishes, and the effect is amazing.

Naturally, your diet during such a diet must be diversified, the more the better. We give an approximate list of dishes that can be consumed on the cabbage diet.

  • 1 day. Steamed and fresh vegetables with a small amount of sunflower oil, except for potatoes. Soup and drinks.
  • 2 day. Fish stew 200 g, cabbage salad and 2 tomatoes. Tea and water.
  • 3 day. Soup, lean beef with vegetables. Tea.
  • 4 day. Carrot salad, brown boiled rice with fresh vegetables, cranberry juice and water.
  • 5 day. No more than 5 glasses of skimmed milk, cabbage soup, boiled chicken egg. Tea.
  • 6 day. Unlimited fresh soup, vegetables and fruits, cranberry juice and water.
  • 7 day. Soup, boiled chicken and vegetables without restrictions. Tea.

Cabbage diet is absolutely contraindicated for people with severe diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In such cases, cabbage can not only bring benefits, but also cause great harm.

Instead of this option, you can stick to the cabbage-kefir diet. From the usual, it differs only in the fact that instead of a glass of tea or cranberry juice, you can drink low-fat yogurt. Which variant you will stop at is a master's job.

Such a diet is considered quite tough, but it is quite realistic to withstand it. After the end of cabbage therapy, try to enter a normal diet gradually, do not sling on food, otherwise you may lose all acquired results in the shortest possible time.

During the diet there is a decrease in performance, fatigue and lethargy. Therefore, it is better to use this diet during holidays or vacations.

Cabbage diet is a very useful vegetable, but still rather peculiar. Not everyone likes it, not everyone is able to eat cabbage in unlimited quantities. Therefore, the reviews about it are opposite and diverse. Someone like this diet, and people are happy with their results. And someone complains about the constant hunger and the inability to withstand such a strict regime. You decide whether or not to diet these efforts.

Does cabbage lose weight?

You may notice that after a few days of feeding on a cabbage diet, body weight decreases. True, experts believe that the weight becomes less not against the background of fat burning, but due to the removal of excess fluid from the tissues. But that's not bad either. Sometimes diet food is poor in nutrients, so cabbage can be very useful in a limited menu.

The product contains vitamin A to maintain good nail, hair and skin condition. Despite the fact that cabbage does not burn fat, it still helps to lose weight, as it helps cleanse the body, improves digestion, and inhibits the activity of free radicals. Due to the phosphorus content in the product, the bones are strengthened, and this is the prevention of fractures.

It should be noted that the cabbage diet gives a temporary effect, if not supported by training and a regular, correct diet. When a person ceases to limit himself in nutrition, often lost kilograms are returned with the additive. Therefore, after the cabbage diet should not lean on heavy food. It is better to stay on proper nutrition to maintain the shape.

Sea kale

Natural kelp is a healthy food that helps you lose weight. Per 100 g accounts for only 24.9 kcal. The product perfectly saturates, removes excess fluid, nourishes with vitamins and minerals. Sea kale is useful for the thyroid gland, improves the endocrine system.

Chinese cabbage

Thanks to the use of Peking cabbage, you can quickly quench the feeling of hunger and reduce the playing out appetite. The product improves digestion and has a caloric content of 32 kcal per 100 g. It contains important trace elements and valuable fiber. In terms of vitamin C content, Beijing cabbage leads against lettuce and white cabbage. When eating Chinese cabbage, carbohydrates and fats are absorbed more slowly.

White cabbage

Ordinary white cabbage is filled with useful substances that improve metabolism and help to quickly clear out harmful deposits in the body. Calorie product - 25 kcal. Cabbage contains fiber. The product protects against atherosclerosis and stool disorders. As part of potassium, which tones the muscles and rid the body of excess fluid.


Of course, it is useful to eat sauerkraut on a diet, as it regulates fat metabolism, helps to remove harmful substances, improves digestion. After eating a pleasant feeling of fullness appears, which is very valuable on a diet. The product is rich in fiber, which means that the body spends a lot of energy on its processing, burning calories.

Pickled cabbage

Marinated cabbage can be added to salads on a diet. The product gives an interesting taste. Marinade retains the properties of fresh cabbage and in most cases is good for health. Pickled cabbage is not suitable for people with heart disease and high blood pressure. Calorie product - 47 kcal per 100 g

cabbage perfectly nourishes, contains many vitamins and helps to lose weight

Cabbage diet for 3 days

A three-day cabbage diet is relatively safe. As drinks, they consume 1.5-2 liters of water daily and drink unsweetened green tea. For snacks between meals, you can also use cabbage, preferably dishes from fresh cabbage. It is permissible to use fruits to make food more varied and not boring. Any kind of fruit is suitable, with the exception of bananas.

The diet menu is extremely simple. Instead of breakfast you need to drink tea. Dine should be a salad of fresh cabbage. It is good to use different varieties - Brussels sprouts, Savoys, white cabbage, Beijing and red cabbage. If you do not want to make a salad, you can boil the soup or make a stew by adding chicken or vegetables to it.

The perfect dinner for such a diet is a fish dish. 210 grams of fillet is enough for one meal. A good substitute for fish would be kefir or meat. At dinner, be sure to eat salad with the addition of pickled or fresh cabbage. In order to avoid the feeling of hunger on the cabbage diet for three days, it is recommended to eat cabbage soup whenever the urge to eat is above normal.

If you do not want to eat fresh cabbage, you can choose pickled. The daily rate is 1.5 kg of the product in combination with rye crackers. Only 5 of these meals. The result of the cabbage diet is minus 3 kg.

Cabbage diet for 7 days

Weekly diet is tough enough, cabbage fills most of the diet. Salt and sugar intake is not welcome. They eat all varieties, but the most successful is white cabbage. Besides her, suitable food is low-calorie vegetables. After the diet, you need a break of 2 months, at this time you need to eat properly without overeating. The main course of the ration is cabbage soups. Sample menu for daily diet:

  • 1 - soup soup and food fruits (suitable apples, melons, oranges),
  • 2 - soup soup and food vegetables, for example, boiled potatoes without salt,
  • 3 - soup soup, vegetable and fruit dishes (except banana, potatoes),
  • 4 - can soup soup and bananas,
  • 5 - 250 g of lean meat, soup soup, tomatoes (4 pcs),
  • 6 - meat dishes, soup soup, any amount of cabbage,
  • 7 - cabbage-based vegetable soup, buckwheat or brown rice.

Of the best drinks non-carbonated mineral water and green tea. For the morning hours, good coffee without cream and sugar is preferable. It is recommended to cook without seasoning.

Cabbage diet for 10 days

A poor carbohydrate cabbage diet is a ten-day diet that is popular today, but potentially dangerous. You should not practice such food more often than once a year. According to others, one can sit on such a diet several times a year, taking breaks of 2 months. Diet promises a loss of 10 kg of excess weight.

Any varieties of cabbage are suitable for nutrition, and the more different types, the better. For example, the calorie content of kohlrabi is only 42 kcal, Brussels sprouts is 44 kcal, and the color calories are even less - 32 kcal. Certainly, white cabbage, in it 26 kcal, is good in a question of usefulness, availability and low caloric content. The absolute leader is sauerkraut - 19 kcal. The data on 100 g of the product. Try every 3 days to eat instead of the usual sauerkraut to diversify the menu.

On a ten-day cabbage diet, hungry seizures often occur when you want to eat everything you see. With such a problem you can cope, if you eat cabbage leaves, this product is not subject to restrictions. Like green tea and water. To speed up the metabolism in the morning drink coffee. Under the ban fall salt and sugar, confectionery, flour products, alcoholic beverages.

Sample menu for the day is as follows:

  • in the morning, that is, for breakfast, you need to drink water without gas, coffee or green tea (all drinks are unsweetened, this is essential),
  • dine need boiled beef, fish or chicken (for one meal up to 200 g of meat or fish), it is also recommended to make a salad during the day (fresh cabbage, butter, carrots),
  • for dinner, take the same salad with cabbage, egg (quail or chicken), a favorite fruit, but not a banana,
  • The last meal will be a glass of low-fat yogurt, they usually drink it, keeping a pause 2 hours before bedtime.

Also there is a diet for a month, this is the most extreme way to lose up to 24 kg of weight. Everyone decides whether to go to it or not. Of course, it is much better to play sports and eat right, it is safer.

Fasting day on cabbage

If you are not able to limit yourself in food for several days, but you need to clean up and clean your body, to become easier, then spend a fasting day. He carries no danger. The rules are quite simple: 1.5 kg of cabbage is taken per day. The variety can be any, the choice is huge - kohlrabi, Brussels, color, broccoli, Savoy, fiber. It is permissible to cook it in different ways, for example, cook, use fresh or stew, make steam dishes.

It is better to divide the whole amount of cabbage and make several equal meals during the unloading day. The total caloric intake is from 400 to 500 kcal. In just one day you can say goodbye to 1.5 kg of weight.

The unloading cabbage day menu might look like this:

  • stewed cabbage (or stewed cabbage with apple) is breakfast,
  • borscht or cabbage soup is lunch
  • salad with fresh cabbage with lemon and olive oil is an afternoon snack,
  • boiled cauliflower or broccoli (300 g can be replaced with cabbage soup) is a dinner.

Good drinks for a fasting day are the same as on a diet. This is a lot of unsweetened tea and clean water.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

Cabbage for weight loss is used because it helps clean the intestines of toxins, resulting in accelerated metabolic processes, improves metabolism. Nutritionists say that with cabbage weight loss, it is easy to lose up to 4 kg in the first few days. But it does not leave fat deposits, and fecal masses and excess fluid, which lingered in the colon. Reduction of body fat occurs during prolonged weight loss - for 6-7 days of the cabbage diet. Just do not forget about proper nutrition, otherwise the dropped pounds will quickly return.

Pluses cabbage diet:

  • Normalizes the digestive tract, clears the intestines.
  • Strengthens the immune system, promotes rejuvenation.
  • Due to the low calorie cabbage used unlimited.
  • The effect of losing weight lasts a long time.

Cons cabbage diet:

  • There are contraindications.
  • Poor diet, which not all people can withstand.
  • Sometimes there are side effects: headaches, weakness, dizziness, loose stools.

Quick diet menu on cabbage for 3-5 days

The cabbage diet menu is not too diverse, because its basis is cabbage. It is allowed to use different varieties: white cabbage, Brussels, Beijing, kohlrabi, and for a variety of cooking: cabbage patties, cabbage casserole, cabbage decoction, cabbage pickle, cabbage soup, sauerkraut. The main advantage of the diet is the low calorie content of the main product - 25 kcal per 100 grams. If you eat fresh cabbage of any kind all day long, you will get 800-900 kcal, and you can add other calories to the rest of the calories.

We offer to consider the approximate menu of the cabbage diet for 5-7 days:

  • Breakfast - fried eggs with two eggs, cabbage salad with any vegetable oil, unsweetened milk.
  • Lunch - 200 g of cottage cheese (low-fat), herbal tea.
  • Lunch - soup with chicken fillet, wholegrain toast.
  • Safe, 200 ml milk.
  • Dinner - vegetable stew, 100 g of fish (stewed or steamed), tea.
  • At bedtime - 200 ml of kefir.

Diet on cabbage soup for 7 days

One day of unloading is done on cabbage, during which you only need to eat leafy vegetables and drink at least 2 liters of water. Effective for weight loss is considered a full-fledged cabbage diet from 3 to 10 days. Among the slimming cabbage soup is popular, with which it is easy to lose up to 1 kg daily. Diet on cabbage soup refers to a mono-variant, since it implies using only one dish for a week, but in unlimited quantities.

Рецепт супа включает разные овощи и немного риса:

  • полкило белокочанной или пекинской капусты,
  • 2 болгарских перца,
  • 2 томата,
  • 6 луковиц,
  • 4 сельдерея (стебля или корня),
  • 6 морковок,
  • greenery,
  • 100 г риса (лучше коричневого).

  1. Сырые овощи нашинкуйте на свое усмотрение.
  2. Залейте 4 литрами воды, после закипания варите 15 минут.
  3. Отдельно рис сварите до полуготовности, промойте.
  4. Соедините овощи с рисом, варите 5 минут.
  5. По готовности насыпьте в суп мелко нарезанную свежую зелень.

The classic version of the cabbage diet for 10 days

During the 10 day cabbage diet, the body will experience carbohydrate starvation, so you can not spend it more than the specified period. Throughout all days, tea and coffee are allowed, but without sugar. During lunch, eat a variety of vegetable salads with cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil, but without salt. Dinner is a boiled fish or meat (200 g), depending on preferences, as well as a glass of kefir or milk, any fruit except a banana. Half an hour before bedtime you should drink a glass of kefir. On the third day of the diet, you can add one boiled egg to the menu for dinner.

During the 10 day cabbage diet, some women lost up to 12 kg of excess weight. But in order for the kilograms not to return, you need to get it right. For 10 days, the body adjusts to light foods, so restrictions on food should be reduced gradually, for example, on the first day of leaving the diet, eat an extra piece of lean chicken for breakfast. On the second day, add one boiled egg and an orange to the dinner. No need after the end of the diet immediately eat salty, sweet, flour, spicy and fat, so as not to cause the body to stress.

Options cabbage diet

There are many options for weight loss with cabbage, each of which provides for the use of this product during all diet days. It is allowed to eat one type of leafy vegetable or combine different varieties of cabbage. Sauerkraut has a low calorie content, so it is often included in the cabbage slimming menu.

On cabbage soup

How to cook cabbage soup for weight loss, we have already considered. Cabbage soup is taken of any kind, and vegetables are allowed to alternate and take in the right quantity. For a change, chop the boiled vegetables with broth in a blender to make a vegetable puree soup, invent new seasoning combinations, take buckwheat or other cereals to your taste instead of rice. If you need to get rid of too much weight, then do not add cereal to the dish.

Cabbage Beet

This diet should be followed for six days, and such a monovariant should be used for losing weight no more than once every six months. If such a diet is observed, it is allowed to drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices (carrot, pumpkin celery), plain or mineral water without gas and green tea. Caffeine must be excluded.

The main course is a beet-cabbage mixture, for the preparation of which you will need 2 beets, a pound of cabbage, 5 tooth. garlic, 1 onion, a pair of st.lozhek grows. oils. Peel and grind raw beets. Chop cabbage, garlic and onion finely. All products boil in water with the addition of vegetable oil for half an hour, then let the mixture stand for another 30 minutes, after which it is ready to eat. This number of products is calculated for one day.

On cabbage juice

Cabbage juice for weight loss is a method to remove extra kilos, so the popularity of such a diet is gaining momentum. It is recommended to take daily 4 times a glass of juice a day. Just remember that you need to use it immediately after the spin in order not to oxidize. This is not a strict diet - cabbage juice is added to the main diet, but it is better to stick to a balanced diet in order to permanently fix the result.

Kefir cabbage

This is a simple diet, during which you do not need to look for any complex ingredients. One cup of unsweetened coffee is enough for breakfast, for lunch any amount of fresh, stewed or sauerkraut is allowed, to which (if desired) green peas and vegetable oil are added. At dinner, the diet assumes 200 grams of boiled chicken without skin or the same amount of fish, and the evening meal should be washed down with a glass of nonfat (0%) kefir. Drink unsweetened green tea between meals. Adhere to such a strict diet is recommended no more than 5 days.

Cabbage and Potato

You can not stick to this diet for more than a week, because the slim figure can do you health problems. The fact is that the diet does not have enough nutrients that the body needs for normal functioning. If you decide to lose weight using the cabbage-potato diet, then keep in mind that you will have to eat portions without salt.

Do not drink more than one cup of coffee per day. During the diet, eat 4 baked potatoes and a pound of cabbage (steamed or boiled). This amount of vegetables is designed for 5 meals. Evening potatoes are allowed to eat with a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Do not forget about water - you need to drink at least 1.5 liters per day.

On cabbage pickle

Juice of sauerkraut is valuable because it contains a large amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). In medicine, it is prescribed to people with low acidity of the stomach, with the weakening of peristalsis, with neurological diseases, with a sedentary lifestyle. For weight loss, brine is used as an addition to the diet: drink half a glass in between meals. A diet may last for several days and months, depending on excess weight. Nutritionists recommend with cabbage pickle to observe fasting days for bowel cleansing.

White Cabbage Recipes

Any cabbage ration for weight loss, whether it is a 10-day diet or express weight loss, should be salt-free for greater effect. But a variety of cabbage dishes will not allow you to feel hunger throughout all diet days. We offer you some quick recipes for weight loss with cabbage.

Cabbage Salad

Chop raw vegetables: carrots, onions, beets, cabbage. Add a couple of tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to accelerate fat burning and season with a spoon of olive or linseed oil. You will get more vitamins in the salad, if you add fresh parsley, dill, cilantro or lettuce in any quantity.

Cabbage Cutlets

Ingredients for this dish: 550 g cabbage, one onion, 700 g potatoes, half a cup of flour, 3 tbsp. breadcrumbs.

  1. Shred the onions and cabbage, place them in a steamer until tender.
  2. Boil the potatoes in a uniform, peel, then with cabbage and onions, grind with a meat grinder.
  3. Add the flour in the stuffing, stir, form cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs and cook for a couple of 7-10 minutes.


Initially, the cabbage diet was invented for people who are recovering in the postoperative period. After some research, it turned out that it is ideal for losing weight. But it is not recommended to adhere for a long time due to a number of contraindications. The diet is not balanced, therefore it is forbidden to people with the following indicators:

  • kidney disease
  • diabetes,
  • severe obesity
  • pregnancy,
  • pancreatitis,
  • biliary tract diseases,
  • hyperacid gastritis,
  • chronic liver disease.

The results of losing weight - photo before and after

Cabbage diet will surely give the expected results if it is combined with a visit to the gym. According to the description of this weight loss system, it is clear that you will not have to starve - cabbage in any form gives a quick saturation. If you have no contraindications, then boldly proceed to a diet, and vivid examples of weight loss with photos before and after cabbage diet will inspire you to take the first step towards a slim figure.

Weight Loss Reviews

Elena, 49 years old: “I sat for 10 days on cabbage soup - I managed to lose weight by 3 kilograms. A diet is suitable for me, since I do not eat meat and I go around without fish. Soup cooked every morning, tried to diversify recipes, though a bit addicted to salt (I can’t salt). I was pleased with the state of health, so I recommend dieting! ”

Victoria, 35 years old: “For me the cabbage diet is minus 24 kg per month. Every day I “spent” 700-800 grams, but I alternated dishes with cabbage, ate lean meat for lunch and added fruit for breakfast. The recipe for cabbage soup for weight loss also diversified as she could. ”

Anna, 40 years old: “I used the cabbage diet for 5 days, although I was going to sit on it longer. Threw 3 kilos, and then appeared loose stools, pain in the abdomen began - apparently the body rebelled from such a diet. The cabbage diet did not suit me, although a friend with an excellent result sat on it for 10 days: she took off 8 kg. ”

What is the feature of the cabbage diet

As you may have guessed from the name, the main product with such a weight loss is cabbage. What exactly are the variations of this diet, I will tell you later. Now I want to draw your attention to the promised result.

Judging by the reviews lost weight, on a diet for 5-7 days, you can throw up to 10 pounds

However, according to nutritionists, in such a short time it is impossible to get rid of that amount of fat. In their opinion, mostly liquid leaves.

Additional advantages of this dietary system include the fact that cabbage is available year-round. In addition, this vegetable is inexpensive, so losing weight will not have a negative impact on the family budget.

Moreover, during the diet, the body begins to get used to healthy eating habits. And, at the end of such a fasting period, you can continue to refrain from sweets and other hazards 😉

The results of losing weight on cabbage

I think you will be inspired by the heroic deeds of the results of thinner. I was impressed. See for yourself the photos before and after below. True, impressive?

And to help complete the picture reviews. Get to know some of them.

Rusya: I lasted only 4 days. This is something terrible. in the belly kashmarno burchalo. And these gases)) it was heavy for my stomach. I could not eat raw for a long time. Another thing if cabbage was.

Karina: I experimentally spent 3 days for myself on fresh cabbage. Has thrown off 2 kg. I want to sit still, only this time longer

Sarah: In short, on the 5th day I thought that I was turning into a rabbit 🙂 Well, I don’t have one raw cabbage - this is overkill. I sat on such food for 10 days. Imagine my disappointment when, after this suffering, I threw off only 2 kilos.

Lyuba: And half a year ago I lost a great deal of cabbage soup. I just added celery, but I think that it didn’t particularly affect the result. I'm thinking again to sit on such a slimming. And I want to connect to this diet cardio

Lolita: My employee sat on a five-day. Thrown off to about 3 kg. But a week later, when they switched to normal nutrition, the weight returned.

Maria: I like this slimming system. Well, judge for yourself. You eat and you eat (I mean raw cabbage), and the pounds melt. For a decade 7 kg was dissolved))

Emma: I took off 10 kg. But even this does not please most of all. I had severe kidney problems before losing weight — they found stones in them. So, after losing weight, nothing was left of the stones.

Lucy: I've tried many diets in my life. Usually on the second day of losing weight, nervousness begins - I think that this is due to malnutrition. And there is no this. Already the 5th day I sit. Feeling great and good mood.

The beneficial properties of cabbage

It turns out that this meager vegetable crop contains many valuable substances. For example, there is a lot of vitamin C in it. The content of this vitamin in albumen is almost 2 times higher than in potatoes. Moreover, this plant is able to keep this element in itself for a long time. No wonder Europe used to buy barrels of sauerkraut from us for its sailors, so that they did not hurt scurvy.

A small calligraphy of cabbage (only 27 kcal per 100 g of vegetable) relates it to the category of products with negative calorie content.

It contains 4.7 g of carbohydrates, 1.8 g of proteins and 0.1 g of fat. As for the glycemic index, it is only 15 points.

Also, cabbage is rich in B vitamins, so important for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. And it boasts potassium, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus and other elements. In addition, there are sucrose, glucose, fiber (which helps to lose weight), folic and pantothenic acid.

And in the cabbage there are glucosinolates. These elements are unique in that they have oncoprotective effects. In addition, they start the process of fat loss in the body, and as a result weight loss occurs.

Diet cabbage diet

The most preferable option with such a slimming is white cabbage. However, if you wish, you can make a little variety in the diet. White-vegetable can be partially replaced by such types of cabbage:

  • color (calorie - 32 kcal),
  • Brussels (calories - 44 kcal),
  • Kohlrabi (calories - 42 kcal).

And the lowest nutritional value differs sauerkraut (only 19 kcal per 100 g). Therefore, nutritionists advise to periodically replace dishes from raw vegetables on the fermented version.

This diet is not hungry. Hamster cabbage leaves can any number - there are no restrictions

Also during this unloading power system you need to drink plenty of fluids. It may be non-carbonated water or unsweetened green tea. The minimum daily volume is 1.5 liters of fluid. At the beginning of the day it is better to drink a cup of savory aromatic coffee.

The fact is that coffee speeds up metabolism, promoting weight loss. But only without sugar you need to drink it. In general, sugar and salt during weight loss should be discarded. Alcohol and flour products are also prohibited.

Diet for 3 days

This option provides for three meals a day. Here is a sample menu.

  • In the morning: A cup of unsweetened organic coffee.
  • Dinner: Soup from cabbage or stew with 200 g of boiled chicken meat. Alternatively, you can eat a salad made from fresh cabbage, apples, carrots and greens. Try a low-fat yogurt or olive oil as a dressing.
  • In the evening: A glass of kefir + cabbage salad or stewed cabbage. You can replace kefir 200 grams of boiled lean fish (which fish is better for a diet).

This diet should be followed for 3 days. If between major meals hunger torment, do not rush to call in a pizzeria 🙂 Just take a few cabbage leaves and gnaw them.

Diet for 5 days

With such a weight loss should eat 5-6 times a day. Below I offer you an exemplary menu for your reference.

  • Breakfast: Omelet of 2 eggs and white salad, dressed with olive oil. Cheer up can be unsweetened tea or coffee.
  • Snack: 200 g low-fat cottage cheese + a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • Ondinner: Soup or cabbage soup + boiled chicken + vegetable salad.
  • Afternoon tea: a glass of kefir or yogurt
  • In the evening: 100 g boiled low-fat meat or fish + vegetable stew. You can also drink a cup of green tea.
  • Beforea dream: 100 g of kefir.

Agree that with this menu you will not have to starve. By the way, the same menu can be taken as a basis for the "seven days".

Diet for 10 days

Such an unloading system is based on the use of cabbage soup, salad and other dishes from this vegetable. The menu of this ten-day program also provides for the use of lean meat, fish, tomatoes, green and onion. In addition, you can eat fruit, skim milk and milk kefirchik, as well as fruit drinks.

Cabbage soup

You need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 2 pcs. onions,
  • 0.5 pcs. squirrels,
  • 1 PC. Bulgarian sweet pepper,
  • 0.5 celery root,
  • 2 pcs. carrots
  • 6 pieces small tomatoes,
  • 2 garlic cloves,
  • a little cinnamon or ginger + chili,
  • dill + parsley,
  • 2 liters of water.

We clean the tomatoes from the skin and cut them into cubes. Onions cut small, grate carrots, and grind all other vegetables in small cubes. Put the vegetables in a container, pour water and cook until tender. Approximately 5-7 minutes before the end of cooking, season with spices. Then add chopped dill and parsley.

If someone does not like sour cream, then season with yogurt or yogurt 2.5% fat.

Cabbage Casserole in the oven

The recipe for this diet food is:

  • cauliflower (about 0.5 kilo),
  • 3 eggs,
  • 60 g of hard cheese
  • 120 ml of milk,
  • dill greens
  • a little salt.

We disassemble the vegetable into separate inflorescences and throw them for a couple of minutes in boiling salted water. Then we drop the inflorescences into a colander. If the inflorescences are large, then we cut them into several parts.

In the meantime, we make a fill for a casserole — beat the eggs with milk until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Grind dill and put it into the pot.

We spread in the form of inflorescence. From above we fill them with an egg-milk mass. Rub grated cheese over the top. And put the pan in the oven. We bake about 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Braised cabbage

You need to prepare:

  • 0.5 kilo white squirrel,
  • 150 g tomatoes
  • onion,
  • 2 pcs. carrots
  • 30 grams of olive oil,
  • some water,
  • a little salt + ground black pepper.

Chopped cabbage should be lightly squeezed and left for a couple of minutes. Grate carrots on a coarse grater. Small shred a bow. In a deep frying pan with a heated butter send cabbage, onions and carrots. Pour some water and simmer the dish for a third of an hour on low heat.

After we send diced tomatoes into the pan. Slightly prisalivaem and priperchivaem food. Gently mix all the ingredients. And leave the dish to stew for about 5-10 minutes.

Now, my friends, you know what kind of dishes you need to cook for losing weight. Share your interesting diet cabbage recipes.

And that's it for today. I take my leave and say: bye

Cabbage salad

  • cabbage - 100 g,
  • sea ​​kale - 100 g,
  • carrot - 100 g,
  • beets - 100 g,
  • apples - 100 g,
  • vegetable oil - 15 g,
  • lemon juice - 5 g,
  • prunes - a few berries.

Peel all vegetables, grate large, fill with juice, add chopped prunes. Dish without salt.

Cabbage broth

  • cabbage - 150 g,
  • вода - 3 стакана.

Варить капусту около 15 минут, затем профильтровать отвар. Не нужно солить и перчить этот напиток, употреблять теплым. Take a decoction of cabbage preferably an hour after dinner. In extreme cases, you can replace the broth dinner.

Olga, St. Petersburg

I unknowingly sat on a cabbage diet, which I invented myself. It only made me worse. The fact is that I used the product in large quantities and with it was every meal. From the abundance of fiber, I began to have terrible flatulence, and pain and colic worried me because of the oversaturation of the body with fiber.

Also, according to the analysis, it turned out that I have an excess of mineral salts in my body, which cabbage is rich in. It may harm the body. Everything stopped after a course of treatment, I managed to recover quickly. The doctor told me that in no case can you eat a cabbage diet for more than 3 weeks, this can lead to disastrous consequences. So be careful and practice only proven power systems.

Margarita, Yekaterinburg

I love raw cabbage, I cook salads with it, they are ideal for a diet. I recommend to fill the dishes with olive oil or sprinkle them with lemon juice. I also liked apple vinegar and soy sauce instead of salt and mayonnaise. My favorite spices, such as coriander, cinnamon, cumin, chili pepper, help me to improve the taste of dietary salads.

I advise everyone to combine uncooked cabbage with boiled beets, orange slices and raw carrots. No need to eat cabbage salads all day. It is enough to replace dinner or dinner with this light dish and there will be a chance to transform the figure.

Elena, Moscow

I am a nutritionist by training, so I know something about nutrition. I believe that the cabbage diet can not be used often. You are dealing with a dangerous food system, where there is little protein, fat and carbohydrates. If you get too carried away with the soup, it can cause dehydration, act as a laxative drug.

It is possible that with the wrong approach to the diet will cause an upset stomach. After eating on cabbage should follow a low-calorie diet, so as not to negate all efforts and to consolidate the effect of losing weight. It is advisable to play sports, drink more water, eat a variety of vegetables and fruits. I believe that the cabbage diet should not be practiced with obesity. Also, the power supply system is dangerous for patients with kidney and diabetes, it is not suitable for adolescents and the elderly.

If you skillfully use different varieties of cabbage, correctly combine the products when cooking, the diet menu will be varied and beneficial to health.

Does cabbage help you lose weight

Human metabolism is a complex system. The cabbage diet for weight loss provides the body with vitamin C, which is rich in vegetables. Rapid weight loss is achieved due to the low calorie content - only ten kilocalories per 100 grams of product. A positive effect on health is produced due to the property of quickly clearing the intestines and relieving constipation, toxins with slags. Color is a little calorie, but "stuffed" with useful microelements, such as A, B1, B12.

Cabbage for weight loss

Nutritionists around the world agree: cabbage for weight loss - one of the best products. The peculiarity of the vegetable is that you can eat as much as you like, and both in the morning and in the evening. Fat from the use of white, red or colored is simply impossible. How to lose weight on the cabbage? Use it as a main dish, including lean meat in the menu - for example, chicken, add other vegetables. Fast carbohydrates and fats are desirable to exclude or limit.

Apply fresh cabbage for weight loss very often. The expression “chew the cabbage leaves” has become common, in relation to those sitting in a restriction regime and seeking to find a slender figure. Fresh vegetable salad should be prepared without oil or with a small amount of olive. It is good to fill it with apple cider vinegar. It is better to limit the salt, but if a dessert version of the dish is supposed, you can put a tablet of Slastilin - the pill will add a savory sweet taste. This salad can be eaten all week for dinner or lunch.

Is it possible to eat cabbage on a diet - it is clear that yes. What to do with fermented? Vegetable contains a lot of salt, but it combines the beneficial properties of antioxidants, high content of vitamin C and useful fiber. Eating pickled vegetables eliminates digestive problems, improves the complexion and removes the stomach, making the figure beautiful. True, it is not recommended to eat it at night. As a dinner, such cabbage is good, you can add it to the soup.

Is it possible to lose weight on stewed cabbage? Yes, it also has a positive effect on digestion, but when cooking, you should avoid excess fat. The dish will be a wonderful dinner that you take with you to work. Prepare everything in the evening and put it in a plastic container for tomorrow. Vitamins in stewed cabbage are less than in raw or fermented. But the "stew" is easier tolerated by the stomach, there is no risk of fermentation. It is permissible to use in the evening for dinner.

Does cabbage burn fat?

To understand how cabbage affects weight loss, you need to realize a few facts that are associated with the characteristics of the human digestive system, heat regulation and metabolism. It is already clear that it is impossible to get better on cabbage, no matter how much a person eats it, but if you examine in detail the mechanism of the action of a “slimming” product, then it becomes clear that everything is exclusively “according to science”, no “miracles”:

  1. Energy is required to digest the product.
  2. You need a lot of energy. The function of the stomach, intestines, flowing to the blood organs is provided by calories burned.
  3. Cabbage contains fewer calories than is spent on its conversion in the stomach and intestines.
  4. Conclusion: cabbage - a product with a calorie "minus", which helps to get rid of excess weight due to the created deficit of kalorazh.

The rules apply only to raw or sauerkraut. The product already in the stew loses its "negative" properties, enriched by caloric content due to the oil on which it is necessary to cook. If you want to avoid the effect of increasing the number of calories a meal, use:

There are contraindications. With caution to adhere to the cabbage diet should be persons suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If you suffer from any of the following diseases or are simply prone to problems with the stomach or intestines, consult your doctor before switching to this diet. This product is excluded when:

  1. pronounced gastritis,
  2. gastric and duodenal ulcer,
  3. ulcerative colitis,
  4. Crohn's disease.

Cabbage Diet

It is clear to many whether it is possible to lose weight on cabbage. It's time to think about a diet based on this vegetable. With all the benefits to eat only one white, colored or broccoli can not: it is desirable to include as many different types as possible. Plus, be sure to add lean meat, the best chicken (in the form of chicken breasts, fillets). In addition to fiber and vitamins with microelements, the product contains complex carbohydrates, but in insufficient quantities. It is recommended to eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge for breakfast.

Another "trick" cabbage diet: as much as possible the main product. White-headed and red-headed ones especially “clog up” the stomach and do not allow feeling hunger. Vegetable has a slight diuretic and pronounced laxative effect. It seems to be a solid pros for losing weight, but it is hardly worth absorbing a large plate of salad before a long bus or subway ride.

Cabbage slimming recipes

Include recipes for the cabbage diet vegetable in all its forms. Photos of ready meals diet menu convince: it will be delicious. The easiest option - a salad of white or red with vinegar and spices. You can add carrots and onions. Another healthy salad is sauerkraut with onions and a drop of olive oil, which also promotes good digestion.

For stewed carrots are required. Very tasty if you add apples and ground ginger. Not the most low-calorie, but quite acceptable on a diet dish - cabbage leaves, covered with egg and baked in the oven. For cooking suitable color or white. Vegetable soup is especially pleasant when you combine products: sorrel, other herbs. Excellent taste can boast cabbage on the grill.

Not alien to the experiments? Try a cabbage smoothie. You will need a blender, a white or red vegetable, spices to taste. Be sure to add celery, dill, parsley and other herbs. Very tasty drink is combined with tomatoes. Everything is whipped until a homogeneous mass, put spices - cabbage smoothie is ready, and you get a healthy and tasty dish.

General rules

Cabbage diet for weight loss is a form of vegetable diet. Cabbage has a low calorie. 100 g of cabbage contains: white leaf - 27 Kcal, broccoli - 34 kcal, cauliflower leaf - 32 kcal, kohlrabi - 42 kcal, Brussels sprouts - 44 kcal, sea dried cabbage - 55 kcal. The nutritional value of cabbage is due to the presence in its composition of plant proteins and carbohydrates, fiber, macro- and microelements (potassium, phosphorus, copper, sodium, iodine, calcium, cobalt, sulfur, molybdenum, manganese,), of vitamins (C, K, P, B1, B6, pantothenic and folic acid), enzymes (protease, lactose, lipase), phytoncids. At the same time, in different types of cabbage, these ingredients vary considerably.

The basis of the diet - the inclusion in the diet of cabbage. There are many varieties of diets for weight loss on cabbage, ranging from relatively gentle diet options, in which the main product in the diet is cabbage, both in raw and in culinary form (stewed, fermented, in soup) with the inclusion of a small amount of products containing protein (dietary meat, vegetables, eggs) and the minimum content of vegetable fat to more rigid options - cabbage, cabbagekefir, cabbage-potato diet, in which only the specified products are present in the diet. Rigid options monodiets are extremely unbalanced in food nutrients and should not exceed 3 days in duration. In general, the caloric content of the daily ration of sparing diet options, taking into account the use of different types of cabbage, varies from 1000-1200 kcal, which allows you to lose weight quickly. Such a diet can be designed for 3 days, 7 days and 10 days.

Even more effective diet sauerkraut for weight loss. The caloric content of cabbage in sauerous form is only 19 kcal per 100 g of product, and the energy component of the daily diet with the inclusion in the diet of sauerkraut can be in the range of 850-1000 Kcal. As evidenced by reviews of a diet on sauerkraut, this option low-calorie low-carb diet allows you to achieve a more significant reduction in body weight, however, and tolerated much harder.

In any variant of the diet, salt and sugar, sweets, animal and cooking oils, and alcohol are excluded from the diet. Drinking free liquid should be at least 2 liters / day in the form of mineral non-carbonated water, broth hips, cabbage juice, unsweetened green / black tea. While on a cabbage diet, it is desirable to include in the menu taking tablets of the vitamin-mineral complex.

However, cabbage-based diets have significant drawbacks. First of all, the diet is extremely unbalanced and physiologically deficient in macro and micronutrients. A low carb diet leads to a decrease in performance, slower response, deterioration of concentration, apathy and headaches. The use of a sufficiently large amount of cabbage can cause an increase in the acidity of the gastric juice, increase fermentation in the intestine, which is accompanied by pain and flatulence. A long stay on this type of diet can lead to protein starvation, and a lack of fat can lead to a deficiency of unsaturated fatty acids, of vitamins E and BUT. The diet is difficult psychologically, since the menu is quite monotonous.

To improve the effectiveness of the cabbage diet is necessary:

  • Conduct a preliminary preparation of the body, limiting the use of white bread, smoked meats, sausages, sweets, baking, fatty and fried foods, alcoholic beverages for 3-5 days before it began, and reduce salt intake.
  • For a variety of menus, you should use different types of cabbage and different ways of cooking it.
  • It is desirable to share food intake with time of the use of liquid.

Permitted Products

In the diet of the cabbage diet it is allowed to include soups based on various types of cabbage (cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, white cabbage, red leafy, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, kohlrabi, seaweed) and various vegetables (except potatoes) - carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, onions, radishes, garlic, radish which can be used separately as well as raw in various salads, and boiled or stewed. Cabbage must be used both in raw, sour and stewed form.

It is allowed to include in the diet in small quantities (150-200 g) dietary meat (rabbit, low-fat beef, turkey meat or skinless chicken) and low-fat white river or sea fish. Brown rice can be used as a side dish. Bread (no more than 100 g) only wholemeal or grain, preferably dried. It is allowed to include eggs, low-fat fermented milk products, cottage cheese, vegetable oils in the diet. Allowed to use unsweetened fruit and fresh juices from them. The volume of free liquid is replenished by non-carbonated table mineral water, herbal tea, black / green unsweetened tea, rosehip broth.

Cabbage as the main product of the diet

Cabbage has a lot of useful properties. This is primarily due to its composition, which is rich in vitamin C (more than any lemon or orange), folic acid, microelements (calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, etc.), in a small amount Cabbage contains vitamins of group B, as well as coarse fiber. The latter in some people causes bloating, which is contraindicated for use in raw form.

Duration of the cabbage diet

Cabbage diet is considered low-calorie (only 1200 kcal per day). The duration of the diet is limited to 7-10 days, because it is unbalanced and cannot fully meet the needs of the body for the full functioning of organs and systems. In exceptional cases, when it is necessary to lose too much weight, such nutrition is permitted for a month, while taking biologically active supplements and vitamin-mineral complexes. In the future, in order to maintain the results achieved, it is necessary to eat rationally.

During the cabbage diet, you can get rid of 6-10 kg, it all depends on the physiology of the body and the degree of obesity. You can repeat the diet only after two months.

Due to the low calorie and imbalance during the cabbage diet, hunger is normal, so it will suit people with exceptional willpower and cabbage lovers, as cabbage is boring for lunch and dinner.

Classic 10 day cabbage diet menu

Breakfast: 3 tbsp. l oatmeal on water, a cup of coffee without sugar.
Dinner: 200 g of boiled fish or lean meat, a small portion of lettuce with cabbage and carrots, seasoned with natural olive oil (replace with fresh sauerkraut every three days).
Dinner (not later than 18:00): cabbage salad with vegetable oil, boiled egg (1 pc.), a cup of green tea.
An hour later You can eat one fruit, and two hours before bed (no later) drink a glass of kefir (1%).

Three-day cabbage diet, sample menu

Breakfast: 2-3 art. l oatmeal on the water, a cup of coffee without sugar.
Dinner: 200 g serving of stewed cabbage with chicken fillet and carrots, green tea.
Dinner: 200 g low-fat fish or steamed meat, cabbage salad in vegetable oil (100 g).
Two hours before bedtime You can drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

In between meals, it is allowed to eat fresh cabbage leaves without restriction. With strong bouts of hunger in the menu is allowed to include cabbage soup (without restrictions, and you can not eat much of it). The dish fully satisfies the body's need for vitamins and trace elements, plus brown rice, due to its adsorbing properties, helps to eliminate toxins, toxins and other harmful substances from the body.

Cabbage soup recipe.

White cabbage - 600 g
Onion heads - 6 pcs.
Sweet pepper (Bulgarian) - 2 pcs.
Brown rice - ½ cup.
Green onions (feathers) - 6 pcs.
Small carrots - 5 pcs.
Tomato - 2 pcs.
Celery (stalks) - 5 pcs.
Salt is not much.

1. Wash and peel all vegetables.
2. Onion cut into half rings, pepper and celery into pieces.
3. Scald tomatoes with boiling water, get rid of the skin and cut into small cubes.
4. Put all chopped vegetables into a deep pan and pour water (so that the vegetables are completely covered with it), cook without a lid on a quiet fire for 10 minutes from the moment of boiling.
5. Close the saucepan with the vegetables with the lid and simmer until soft.
6. Одновременно в другую кастрюлю всыпать заранее промытый рис, залить водой (1 стакан) и тушить 20 минут, после чего закрыть крышкой и оставить на полчаса.
7. Отварной рис добавить в овощи за пять минут до готовности, сверху измельченный зеленый лук, немного присолить и суп готов!

Быстрая 5-ти дневная капустная диета, примерное меню

Важно осуществлять прием пищи в одно и то же время.

Завтрак: порция салата из капусты и моркови с растительным маслом, глазунья из 2 куриных яиц, чашка кофе или чая без сахара.
Второй завтрак: 150 г творога и чашка чая.
Dinner: Soup with sauerkraut (can be replaced with a portion of stewed cabbage with mushrooms, cabbage salad and other vegetables to taste, seasoned with olive oil, and a piece (200 g) of boiled chicken meat).
Tea time: a glass of skimmed milk.
Dinner: 100 g of boiled sea fish, cabbage and vegetables stew, a cup of tea without sugar.
Before bedtime: 200 g skimmed or 1% kefir.

Seven-day diet on cabbage soup, menu

Diet due to imbalance has negative effects, such as headache, decreased concentration, fatigue, apathy, weakness.

1 day. Cabbage soup is at any time, 100 g of fruit (except bananas).
2 day. Cabbage soup is at any time, 100 g of fruit (except bananas).
3 day. Cabbage soup is at any time, 100 g of fruit (except bananas) or fresh vegetables.
4 day. Cabbage soup is at any time, skimmed milk is allowed.
5 day. A portion of cabbage soup, 100 grams of lean meat or fish, 2 tomatoes.
6 day. A portion of cabbage soup, 100 g of boiled bird fillet, fresh vegetables for garnish.
7 day. A portion of cabbage soup, 100 g of tomatoes, a cup of unsweetened green tea.

Cabbage diet for a month, the menu for the week

Breakfast: salad from sauerkraut (150 g) with the addition of fresh carrots and green peas, seasoned with olive oil, a piece (100 g) of sea fish steamed or boiled, a cup of savory coffee.
Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese (100 g), any two fruits (except bananas).
Dinner: lean borsch with sauerkraut, cabbage salad (150 g), a glass of apple compote without sugar.
Dinner: two boiled potatoes, a piece (100 g) of boiled fish of low-fat varieties, a cup of tea.

2 day.

Breakfast: fresh cabbage salad (150 g) with the addition of fresh carrots, greens and green peas, seasoned with olive oil, a cup of savory coffee.
Lunch: a glass of nonfat kefir.
Dinner: meat stewed in sour cream sauce (100 g) with boiled carrots, a glass of apple compote without sugar.
Dinner: boiled potatoes “in uniform” (2 pcs.), 100 g boiled or steamed fish of low-fat varieties, 1 grapefruit.

3 day.

Breakfast: one toast of white bread, a boiled soft-boiled egg, a cup of unsweetened coffee.
Lunch: buckwheat porridge on water (100 g), 100 g of any (except bananas) fruit.
Dinner: boiled chicken fillet (150 g), 2 apples and an orange.
Dinner: vinaigrette with sauerkraut, apple compote without sugar.

4 day.

Breakfast: a glass of nonfat kefir, unsweetened rusk.
Lunch: vegetable salad with olive oil (200 g).
Dinner: salad of sauerkraut with green peas, onions and vegetable oil (150 g).
Dinner: cabbage soup or vegetable soup on lean meat broth, cabbage salad with sesame oil.

5 day.

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese (80 g), a cup of unsweetened coffee.
Lunch: two small apples and two oranges, or 1 grapefruit.
Dinner: Fresh salad from cabbage and carrots with lemon juice (150 g), 150 g of boiled fish or lean meat, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
Dinner: 150 g of steamed meat or fish, 100 g of gooseberries, half a glass of mineral water without gas.

6 day.

Breakfast: a piece of lean meat (100 g) steamed, with a side dish of 100 g sauerkraut.
Lunch: low fat cottage cheese (100 g).
Dinner: cabbage soup or soup with vegetable or mushroom broth, a slice of black bread.
Dinner: beet salad with prunes (100 g), a piece of boiled lean pork (80 g), unsweetened tea.

7 day.

Breakfast: buckwheat on water, dressed with 1 tbsp. l honey
Lunch: fruit salad (150 g), fill with natural unsweetened yogurt.
Dinner: salad of sauerkraut with green peas, onions and vegetable oil (150 g), 100 g of fish steamed.
Dinner: boiled potatoes (2 pcs.), meat of low-fat varieties (100 g) steamed or boiled, glass of apple compote without sugar.

Advantages of the cabbage diet

  1. High efficiency (minus 7-8 kg for 10 days).
  2. It has a cleansing effect on the body, due to the presence of a large amount of fiber.
  3. Against the background of cleansing and improving the work of the intestine, the skin condition improves.
  4. Improves overall health, there is a feeling of lightness in the body.
  5. The result of the cabbage diet is maintained under the condition of transition to the correct diet.
  6. Diet can be shown to people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.

The disadvantages of the cabbage diet

  1. Low carbohydrate content (with the necessary minimum (20 g) is maintained), which affects the performance and attention, they decrease, there may be headaches, weakness.
  2. Imbalance, therefore, it is recommended the simultaneous intake of vitamin-mineral complexes.
  3. A constant feeling of hunger, it is difficult to withstand, and the results are justified.
  4. Diet does not affect the metabolism, so after it should follow the principles of healthy eating.

In any case, before implementing the cabbage diet, you should consult with a specialist.