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How to make a bouquet of flowers with your own hands


It is difficult to imagine a solemn moment without picturesque flowers. They decorate the interior of the house, serve as signs of attention. You can easily buy a composition of plants in the store, but if you want to make it yourself, take a moment to immerse yourself in this interesting and creative process.

How to make a bouquet of flowers

A creative and fascinating activity - making bouquets of fresh flowers - requires knowledge and skills. To make a beautiful composition, follow certain rules. Need to consider:

  • purpose - a woman or a man,
  • color combination
  • incompatibility of plants with each other,
  • sizes according to the gift situation,
  • the texture of the components - it is better to use different (needle, terry),
  • undesirability in the preparation of the use of a large number of plants,
  • proper preparation of the material for the composition,
  • beautiful design and packaging.

Types of flowers for a bouquet

The art of making bouquets of flowers - floristics - takes into account that each plant in the composition has a special meaning. It can be without words to convey to the person receiving the gift. Plant Value:

  • lotus - health, happiness,
  • callas - poise, beauty,
  • peony - wealth, fame,
  • rose - love,
  • lily is a nobility
  • aster - charm
  • irises - wisdom, peace,
  • tulips - wealth
  • lavender is a delight.

A large role in the preparation of the composition has a decorative green. It helps to shade beauty, give volume, revive. Popular in floral design plants:

  • Asparagus Its feather-like twigs create volume, adorn the bridal bouquet.
  • Aspidistra. The wide, large and dark leaves of this plant are shaded by flowers of a rough texture.
  • Gypsophila. The cloud of its small white flowers creates lightness and volume.
  • Bergras. Its unusual, thin, thread-like leaves, gathered in a bun, give a bouquet of grace.
  • Fern. These carved, graceful leaves will decorate a bouquet of different flowers.

Plant preparation

How to make a bouquet of flowers so that it stays fresh and beautiful longer? To do this, collect them in the early morning or late evening. To properly prepare the plants for the composition:

  • remove the lower leaves from the stalks,
  • remove thorns from roses,
  • on chrysanthemums and plants with hard peduncles, make cuts up to 2 cm,
  • remove the anthers from the lilies,
  • dahlia and peonies flower stalks burn over a fire, dip into cold water,
  • make an angle cut on the stem under water.

Bouquet form

Starting to make a bouquet, think about the form. It may vary in size and assembly patterns. Particularly popular are small original compositions of small plants, which are based on a wire frame. They are used as:

  • neck jewelery
  • bracelets
  • boutonniere suit for the groom.

Large sets in shape can be symmetrical - pyramidal, oval, round. Asymmetric compositions are characterized by the appearance of an irregular triangle or crescent. When compiling often used forms:

  • freely assembled - good as a gift option,
  • round - ideal for tabletop execution,
  • one-sided - from plants of different lengths, arranged in tiers,
  • linear - consists of several peduncles and greenery,
  • Biedermeier is a modern style with dense planting and trimming with ribbons and lace.

The combination of flowers in the bouquet

If you have a question, how to make a bouquet of flowers, so that it pleases with its beauty, and not annoying, consider all the details. Composing colors, use these options:

  • similar - close to each other colors, for example, yellow, orange and red in different shades,
  • contrast - looks bright and optimistic,
  • monochrome - one color, but different shades,
  • polychromatic or rainbow - all the variety of the palette.


When creating and decorating a composition, decoration should not be intrusive and detract from the integrity of the idea. Registration depends on the occasion to which the gift is dedicated:

  • child birth - bears, hearts are used,
  • New Year's Eve - complemented by sweets, figures of animals, birds,
  • romantic date - characterized by the presence of beads and butterflies,
  • autumn anniversary - allows for additions in the form of branches with berries.

How to pack a bouquet of flowers

When making bouquets of flowers, the important thing is packaging. It serves as an ornament, but does not over-attract attention to itself. With the help of design you can hide the flaws of the kit. It is important to choose the right material and not to overdo it with the use of decorative elements. For registration use synthetic materials:

  • film - color, transparent,
  • organza - monophonic, with sparkles, pattern,
  • artificial mesh that keeps the shape well.

Original bouquets of flowers are made using natural materials. They give the composition a finished look, look organic and stylish. Popular with packaging are:

  • thin felt - successfully complements high compositions,
  • sisal - decorates sets with a short stem,
  • jute grid - serves as a decor of status compositions,
  • Corrugated paper - has a good drape.

Look at the photo below to fill up your piggy bank with new ideas. A round set of roses decorated with felt, matching in tone with flowers, looks elegantly. Beautifully complements the composition of the packaging in corrugated paper that does not distract attention with its colors. Bouquets of flowers, collected using the technique of a spiral, differ in their pomp and elegance. They will be relevant to any solemn event. For a gift to a girl on the first date, a tulip mini book is perfect.

For those who do not like to throw away wilted bouquets, florists have figured out how to extend the life of cut plants. Creative bouquets in a box of fresh flowers will delight you with their magnificence for a long time. For decorating you can use toys, butterflies. In addition to fresh flowers, in this way make out the Japanese bonsai tree. The secret is that a special sponge soaked in water is put in the box.

Educational video tutorials: floristics for beginners

Shopping gift sets of flowers amaze with a variety, but a composition that would reflect all facets of the creator’s personality can only be done independently, having studied floristics. Making bouquets of flowers delivers a lot of pleasant creative moments. To familiarize yourself with the rules of flower arrangements and the layout of different types of bouquets, see below a free video course of 4 lessons. So you will develop your taste and learn how to create original floral arrangements.

Bright composition with your own hands

For work we will prepare the following materials:

  • pruner,
  • vase,
  • flowers of bright colors (for example, chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, gerberas, asters),
  • greenery,
  • ornamental spikelets and pumpkins,
  • tape.

Fill the vase with water at room temperature. Then proceed to the preparation of greens. Remove excess leaves that will fall into the water. We pruned stems obliquely. Only after that we form the basis of greenery in a vase.

Before proceeding to the formation of the composition, prepare the flowers. To do this, remove the leaves from the part of the stem, which will be in the water. Do not forget to cut the flowers so that they do not fade longer.

Place the lilies in the center of the bouquet.

The remaining lilies are arranged so that they are symmetrical to each other.

We supplement the composition with large gerberas.

Repeat the same with roses.

To make the bouquet more voluminous, add chrysanthemums to it.

We correct all the flowers, placing them slightly tilted.

To appreciate the entire composition, it is better to look at it from the side or take a picture.

We give the bouquet even more volume with the help of contrasting asters, which will be an excellent addition.

Getting to work with additional decor. For this you can use spikelets of wheat.

Put them in the center of the composition so that it does not look too overloaded.

Also supplement it with dried pumpkins. This decor looks especially beautiful.

We place them in the central part of the bouquet.

We are completing the creation of a composition with a romantic ribbon around a vase.

The bride's bouquet

Making a wedding bouquet is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. That is why we offer to experiment.

  • chrysanthemums and hydrangeas,
  • twine,
  • buttons,
  • flower wire
  • tape,
  • pruner

We connect three branches of hydrangea and the same number of chrysanthemums.

Add the rest of the hydrangea twigs and fix the composition so that the chrysanthemums are a little higher.

We fix the bouquet with wire under the buds and in the middle, after which we cut the tips of the stems.

To hide the wire, we wrap the stems with tape and fasten it with a button.

If desired, you can add decoration with a string, which also looks very unusual.

Flower basket

Stylish, original flower arrangement in the basket looks really worthwhile.

For the bouquet we will prepare:

  • flowers,
  • viburnum or mountain ash,
  • basket,
  • floral sponge
  • knife,
  • scissors,
  • package.

Put a plastic bag on the bottom of the basket. If necessary, it can be replaced with cling film.

Set the top floristic sponge.

In the center we insert the brightest and largest flowers that will be the basis of the composition.

Alternately add the rest of the flowers, but do it so that the volume is preserved.

To make the composition look more colorful, we use small flowers with leaves, as well as viburnum or mountain ash.

Such a flower basket will please you for a long time, especially if you water it regularly.

Romantic bouquet

  • flowers (carnations, dahlias, roses),
  • greenery,
  • pruner,
  • scissors,
  • colored ribbons
  • twine,
  • paper for packaging.

Remove the lower leaves, thorns and branches from the flowers so that the bouquet will delight much longer, and also make a cut of the stems obliquely.

Take the main flower and add a few more pieces a little obliquely, starting from the left side.

Gradually form a lush bouquet.

Evenly distribute roses and carnations. It is very important that the flowers are arranged in a chaotic manner. Due to this, the geometric design will not be traced.

Prepare the greens and complement the bouquet with green details.

Cut the stalks so that they are the same size.

We tie a bouquet with a string and then decorate it with colored ribbons.

We make on the bands figured cut.

If necessary, decorate the bouquet with wrapping paper in two shades. Due to this, the composition looks more delicate.

Fix the paper with a string.

Autumn composition

Autumn is ideal for creating beautiful and unusual flower arrangements.

We will prepare such materials:

  • small pumpkin,
  • floral sponge
  • knife,
  • water tank
  • favorite flowers,
  • scissors.

Cut the top of the pumpkin and gently remove the pulp from it.

Cut the floral sponge with a knife so that it is ideal for pumpkin.

We combine these two parts as shown in the photo.

Pour water over the sponge so that it is well soaked. This is to ensure that the bouquet stays fresh longer.

We collect a bouquet at its discretion: randomly or forming a specific composition.

Original autumn composition is ready!

As you can see, the process of creating amazingly beautiful bouquets is quite simple. Absolutely everyone can do this, just a little practice is enough.

Plant language

If you know how to make a bouquet, then you can become a florist at least in your family and please your friends, close people with such picturesque gifts. Different colors, different groups of plants are able to say for a person what he did not dare to tell.

Before making a bouquet, learn about the language of flowers:

    Anyone who wants to express his admiration, let him present a bouquet of lilies and camellias.

Mimosa hints that the donor carefully hides the feelings you are experiencing.

If you have been given a bunch of white irises or pink or red roses, tulips, these plants eloquently speak of love.

Also, red and white roses can state in the language of flowers that you are the second half of the donor (at least he or she thinks so).

But yellow carnations are better not to receive, as these flowers will tell you the unpleasant news that you have fallen out of love.

Other carnations, chrysanthemums and hyacinths are given as a sign of respect.

Be sure you are fascinated by someone if you presented a bouquet of lavender, violets or maroon roses.

If a bouquet of orchids and chrysanthemums is made, it means that the donor is pleased to meet you.

  • And one or more sprigs of lilac will remind or report that you were the first love of the donor.

  • Now you know what plants to use when making bouquets to express exactly the emotions that you experience. It's time to get acquainted with the simple rules for making compositions of fresh flowers.

    How to make a bouquet

    If you want to collect the spring composition of fresh flowers, then use plants of no more than three colors. Of course, the range of shades must be combined with each other.

    For example, if you take purple lilacs and want to add tulips to the composition, they should not be red or yellow. In this case, you will not be able to achieve tenderness. To make it, turn into a bouquet of white tulips, light pink or pale lilac.

    You can add other flowers, such as hyacinths, but they should also be a delicate color and be in harmony with the rest of the plants.

    Speaking about how to make bouquets, it is important to note that there can be several names of plants in one. It looks beautiful composition, which uses gerberas, red tulips, gypsophila, chrysanthemums.

    It is important to respect the color palette and the principle of bouquet:

      At its edges, place the brightest in color or small flowers, but they should not hang down. It will look great gypsophila. Put dark and bright plants in the center of the composition. Flowing and curly placed near the stalks of primary colors.

    Do not use a lot of greens. It is enough to add a carved palm leaf or a fluffy sprig of asparagus. At the same time, greens should not rise above the flowers, unlike cereals.

    The composition of the bouquets includes the knowledge that the flowers in such a composition should not be located close to each other, let them look free.

    When creating a composition, think over its concept. When you make a field bouquet, do not combine in it “complex” and “simple” flowers. Indeed, among the lilies of the valley, daffodils, small daisies, for example, an exotic anthurium, an orchid will look ridiculous. The charm and elegance of a “simple” bouquet of small daisies, lilies of the valley will accentuate solidago, iris and other flowers aged in one color palette.

  • Use plants that are in different stages of dissolution: let there be strong buds, slightly blossomed and fully opened.

  • So that vampire flowers (such as narcissus) do not adversely affect others, giving specific juice, first cut the stems, put them in a separate container with water for 2-3 hours, and then add them to the bouquet.

    To cut flowers do not wither longer, put a branch of geranium or thuja to them. At least every other day, cut the stems, rinse them and change the water in the vase to a fresh one.

    Examples of creating compositions from fresh flowers

    If you do not know how to create a bouquet for the teacher, the following is the ideal option. Indeed, in the language of flowers, hydrangea means "impartiality."

    To create such a flower arrangement, you will need the following:

    • blue hydrangea, red lily, solidago, spray white chrysanthemum, greenery,
    • floral sponge "oasis"
    • thin cardboard
    • polyethylene film,
    • artificial little apples
    • coconut fiber sisal,
    • red spray paint
    • thick aluminum wire
    • glue gun and silicone glue for him,
    • fine floristic wire
    • knife,
    • pliers,
    • scissors.

    Take a cardboard, form from it kulechek 25 cm high. Fix it with glue. From the aluminum wire, roll a small loop that will fix the second end of the wire when you take it out of the bottom of the bag.

    If you use cardboard, the color of which is combined with sisal fiber, then it is not necessary to paint. If the shades differ, then cover the bag with spray paint on the outside.

    Disassemble sisal or use coconut fiber. Using a glue gun attach this decorative element to the cardboard horn. And at the bottom wind it on the curl of the wire.

    Take a floral sponge, lower it into a container with water. To keep it soaked with liquid evenly, do not drown her hands. After 20 minutes, remove the sponge, cut out the workpiece from it so that it coincides with the internal dimensions of the bag. To prevent the cardboard from getting wet, wrap the sponge horn in plastic, leaving only the top part free.

    In it, we will insert flowers. Trim them and stick the short stalks into the sponge horn. Чтобы составить букет из цветов, сначала берем лилию, солидаго и зелень.

    After you put them in the “oasis”, stick in the same hydrangea, chrysanthemums and design your creation with artificial apples, stringing them into small pieces of wire. Toothpicks can be used instead.

    Flowers in a bouquet should be located quite tightly, but not overlap each other. Along with a full-blown lily, its buds also look beautiful.

    Jewelry for the bride

    Flowers are used not only to decorate the bride's hairstyle, decorate the hall, festive table, but, of course, to make a bridal bouquet.

    Below will be presented 2 master classes on this topic. In the first, flowers for a wedding bouquet will be decorated with the help of a portbook. In the second no.

    Portbook is a hollow plastic tube, expanding towards the top, into which a floral sponge is inserted. It is saturated with a preservative solution or water, so that the liquid nourishes the flowers for some time.

    A wedding bridal bouquet made using this device will not only look beautiful, but also be able to stay fresh throughout the holiday day.

    To create this you need:

    • portbuketnitsa "Lady"
    • satin ribbon,
    • a piece of sponge "oasis"
    • anchor tape,
    • green tape tape
    • double sided tape,
    • 4 white and 5 crimson roses,
    • Salal leaves
    • viburnum (viburnum berries),
    • scissors,
    • knife,
    • pliers.

    Carefully remove the sponge from the horn by removing the plastic mesh to insert a piece of dry "oasis" into the hollow tube.

    Will the bride should look perfect both from the front and from the back. Therefore, we decorate the outer upper part of the portbookette with salal leaves, sticking them onto double-sided tape.

    For a better fit, you need to fix these leaves on the ridged surface with anchor tape.

    So that it is not visible, we wrap light green tape over it.

    If you have dry Crisal powder, add a little of it to cold water so that the sponge soaked in this solution will nourish the flowers.

    If not, then place the semicircular piece of the “oasis” that you initially took from the horn into the water. Do not forget, he must drown in it himself, without your help, then soaked with moisture evenly.

    After this happens, remove the sponge, put it in place in the port net and fix it, closing it with the net. And the latter should snap onto the white part of the horn.

    Next, we form a bridal bouquet with our own hands, or calling for helpers. We turn to decorating the handle of the horn, as the composition should look amazing from all sides. Starting from the bottom of the cribbook, paste around the narrow part with double-sided tape, and place a white satin ribbon over it. Attach its tip with a glue gun.

    Now decorate the leaves side expanding part of the horn. Trim their stalk at an angle and immediately pierce the sponge with it.

    To prevent the water flowing down from the sponge from wetting the handle of the portbookette, you and I put a dry piece of “oasis” into its hollow part. He will take excessive moisture, thereby leaving the bottom of the bouquet dry, and the hands of the bride - clean.

    We begin to decorate the wedding bouquet with flowers. Cut at an angle at first brighter roses, spreading 3 on one and 2 on the other side of the sponge. Then insert white flowers, and fill the spaces between the roses with viburnum and leaves. After that, the composition for the bride of roses, leaves and unripe viburnum berries is ready.

    Another wedding bouquet

    If you do not have special devices, then you can perform the composition in a different technique. Not only the bridal bouquet consists of such roses, it can be made and presented, in conjunction with another event. Here is the composition as a result.

    For her, we have prepared:

    • 10 single roses,
    • 20 spray roses,
    • greens for the design of the cuff,
    • the tape.

    First, it is necessary to cut off all the leaves from the stem and divide the shrub rose into inflorescences. In greens, remove excess from the stems. Now you can proceed to the main stage of work.

    Start making a beautiful bouquet by placing 5 flowers parallel to each other. Their height should be the same. Place the next, sixth rose at a slight angle. Also put the seventh obliquely.

    Gradually, slightly turning the bouquet in one direction, arrange all the roses in this way. As a result of applying this spiral technique, you will have a beautiful hemispherical shape. Tie it up with an anchor tape or tape, twisting it several times, tie it up, cut off the excess.

    To create a cuff, also in a spiral overlap the bouquet on the outer circle with greens. Then once again tie the composition, already with greens.

    Cut off the ends of the stalks with sharp scissors or pruners so that they have the same height and the cuts are perpendicular. When you hold the composition, the remaining stems should be slightly longer than the palm. Now you know how to make a bridal bouquet in another way.

    A gift for your girlfriend

    Flowers, decorated in the form of a heart, touch any woman. And if you make a bouquet with sweets, this gift will like even more. To compile such an original presentation you will need a little, namely:

    • red carnations
    • floristic anchor tape,
    • tape,
    • scissors,
    • wide green tape tape
    • decorations in the form of butterflies on a wire,
    • pink or scarlet silk ribbon
    • thick floristic colored aluminum wire,
    • sweets "Raffaello" or other wrapped.

    These are the stages of work that await you. Keeping the same distance between the stems of the carnations, carefully thread each flower onto a floristic wire using a spiral technique. Then bend it in the form of a heart. Tie the stems with floral tape.

    Now decorate the stems with a wide decorative ribbon, and on top of it, tie a scarlet bow.

    Wrap a thin textile ribbon inner space of the heart of carnations. To do this, skip it between colors in different directions. Fill the bowl with chocolates and decorate the bouquet with butterflies. Then you can hand over a beautiful, fragrant, delicious gift.

    There are many more ideas that bestow both fresh and dried flowers, as well as home plants. You can read about them in the following articles. In the meantime, we offer you to watch interesting video materials that will help you to better master the presented technique of creating bouquets:

    Round bouquets

    In most cases, round bouquets of flowers are intended for various celebrations (a wedding bouquet or a bouquet for an anniversary or a birthday), but they are also quite suitable for not too cheerful, but rather even for sad events.

    Also, these bouquets are presented to teachers, teachers. Flowers are usually placed in a vase and placed in the center of the room. Such a bouquet should look beautiful everywhere, so in it the arrangement of colors is circular.

    A round bouquet with your own hands should be made according to certain rules.

    1. In its central part there should be plants in which the stems are the longest and straight. Flowers with shorter stems and smaller flowers should be placed at the edges.
    2. The arrangement of flowers in a bouquet is based on a simple rule - the stems should not interbreed with each other.
    3. It is necessary to make so that all flowers looked outside, as if looking out from a bouquet.
    4. Making a bouquet with greens (this is done with the help of a fern, asparagus, and so on) is produced not only inside the bouquet itself, but also done outside, edging it around the perimeter. However, you must first see whether it will look beautiful.

    One-sided bouquets

    Such a flower arrangement is needed to decorate the premises. It is not always made from roses; it can be made up of exotic potted plants or flowers.

    These bouquets are placed in the foreground of the room, but it is quite suitable for installation in the far corners. If necessary, they can be mounted on the wall. Such bouquets are called interior.

    There are not too many rules for using different colors here, as it is by itself The design of the bouquet is quite simple.

    1. Ideally, if it turns out of roses or other flowers that will be of different lengths.
    2. According to the rules for the arrangement of flowers in such a bouquet, the longest instances are placed in the background, with shorter stems in the middle of the bouquet, and flowers with the shortest stems are brought to the foreground.
    3. In the center of a one-sided bouquet, you can select the central element by filling it with the most vivid and beautiful specimens. In the front of the bouquet, instead of flowers with short stems, you can put a small amount of greenery for the arrangement.

    How to keep the bouquet fresh?

    A bouquet intended for a celebration, such as a wedding bouquet, must be done in such a way that it can be without water throughout the day and at the same time be able to retain its original freshness.

    Immediately it is worth making a reservation that lately a bridal bouquet of roses has been ordered less and less, giving preference to other equally beautiful types of flowers. To preserve the original appearance you need to adhere to some recommendations.

    1. A wedding bouquet should be made exclusively from flowers that have just been cut. It must be cut at a slight angle, then immediately placed in water. If you do not do this, you will get an airlock and the water will not reach the flower.
    2. It is desirable to place flowers in water without impurity - rain or better distilled. In the most extreme case, a standing plumbing will do, but it can only be used for a bouquet of roses.
    3. In order for the plants to preserve their freshness as long as possible, they can split the stem. This is true for roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, jasmine and so on.
    4. Before being placed in ordinary cool water, cut-off places for flowers such as peonies, poppies and dahlias should be treated with boiling water.

    To make the bouquet beautiful, and also did not seem too tasteless, you need to use simple rules of compatibility of different colors.

    • Make a stylish and modern bouquet can be a maximum of three types of plants.
    • Exotic and rare flowers do not need to be mixed with field and fairly common.
    • A bouquet of roses should contain only roses without adding there other types of flowers, as they look great in and of themselves.
    • If there are other flowers in the bouquet together with roses, it is better to separate them - the stem sap of roses kills all other flowers.
    • Carnations and daffodils have even worse - if there are other flowers next to them in the next vase, they will surely die.
    • A beautiful and bright bouquet should be given to women adults or even old age. For girls, gentle and light colors will be more suitable.

    To make a beautiful wedding bouquet, combine several primary colors and their shades - red, blue and yellow. For example, the color purple (a mixture of red and blue) will go well with yellow. In turn, the orange color (a mixture of yellow and red) will almost perfectly match the blue.

    Not everyone will like the saturation of these artificial details that will distract attention from roses or other flowers.

    General tips for making bouquets

    The main rule of the florist is that the bouquet should look as natural as possible. Too bulky designs should not be done. By the way, even friable bouquets can look much more attractive in comparison with too dense.

    Gather a wedding bouquet, in principle, like any other, so that you can see at a glance any flower. Only well-known florists with extensive experience allow themselves to deviate from these rules.

    In general, it should be said that professional florists impose rather strict requirements on their work. In particular, this applies to three types of colors and competent combination of colors. However, you can find huge bouquets that will look more like a lush flower garden, but to competently create a similar bouquet is not an easy task.

    Often it makes sense to use the rule of monochromatic harmony, when flowers of different breeds are picked, of the same color but different shades. For example, the shades of red are perfectly combined.

    Doing it in the same way with green and blue is not too difficult, as you will probably have to use intermediate elements. It is worth noting that white color, as well as its shades, is universal - it is well suited for many combinations.

    The colors and shades of colors arranged side by side in terms of the spectrum are perfectly combined with each other - for example, the combination of orange and red colors will be almost perfect. Literate florists can make a contrasting combination.

    When finding a bouquet already in a vase, one should select such a vessel so that it does not distract attention from flowers. Much more important are indicators such as the size and stability of the structure.

    It is worth noting that not every vase is well suited for placing a bouquet. Versatile are the vases of the same color or completely transparent. A bouquet of roses, for example, will look great in a crystal vase. A wedding bouquet is usually not too tall, but rather heavy. In this regard, a high vase is not suitable for him.

    When packing a bouquet, it is necessary to analyze whether this package will emphasize all the positive qualities of each flower in the bouquet. At the same time, it should additionally hide their negative aspects and, in one way or another, be combined - to contrast or shade.

    It is not necessary to completely place the bouquet in cellophane or foil - they will only hide the natural beauty of the flowers. It is undesirable to arrange flowers with crepe paper or polyester, since it has long been unfashionable.

    Today it is much better and more modern to use natural and natural materials for decoration. Of artificial quite suitable would be felt, mesh, corrugated paper and so on.

    Decorative elements make a bouquet with great care. For example, a bow of small size can quite successfully fit into the composition, but if it is made too large, it will divert all attention to itself, thereby hiding the natural beauty.

    If the bouquet is made only from lilies, then they must be cut in the early morning hours, stored at low temperatures. In addition, they remove the stamens, which contain a large amount of pollen - this will allow for a long time not to get dirty.

    They are quite well combined with the colors of other breeds, but their size should not be larger than the lily bud. Otherwise, they will divert attention to themselves.

    It is undesirable to leave the finished bouquet in the sun. In general, florists recommend storing it only in a cool place. Only in this case will it retain its freshness for a long period of time. Lilies smell a lot, so you need to be careful with them to prevent allergies.

    How to make a floral bouquet in a spiral?

    The basis of this bouquet will be a fairly large and beautiful flower. It is set in the central part, and all other flowers included in this bouquet will be at an angle to him. In principle, you can make this bouquet only from one type of flowers, for example, from roses.

    To get a beautiful bouquet, you must observe the following sequencing.

    1. All stems of roses or other flowers are cut so that their height is approximately the same.
    2. The central flower is taken in the right hand, the auxiliary plant is taken in the left and placed next to the first, but with a slight inclination.
    3. Now it is necessary to do this: the next flower should be placed at a similar angle of inclination, but already beyond the second.
    4. All the flowers gradually introduced into the design will bend around the central flower and carefully go into a spiral.
    5. In this bouquet, you can add plants such as alstroemeria or gypsophila.
    6. To make the design even more voluminous, it can be supplemented with greens.
    7. At the last stage, the flower stems are tied with a rope, and if necessary, floristic tape is inserted.


    Despite the apparent simplicity, drawing up a beautiful bouquet is not an easy task. Here it is necessary to take into account a large number of important points, without which you will get complete sheer bad taste. Therefore, such a task should be approached as responsibly as possible.

    What is needed in the preparation of the bouquet

    First you need to understand the bouquet of what you want to make. If this is a bouquet of flowers, then the first rule is to not mix different types of plants.

    Flowers suitable for bouquets are:

    • garden
    • field
    • exotic

    Garden flowers we used to see in all bouquets: roses, asters, carnations, gerberas. Bouquets make up of such flowers more often, and they are made quite simply.

    Wildflowers grow everywhere in the country, they can be collected in the meadow: chamomile, lavender, cornflowers, freesia. Such bouquets turn out romantic.

    Exotic flowers make a bouquet unexpectedly bright: phalaenopsis, orchids, camellias, callas. To these colors often add only decorative greens, and the result is impressive.

    Декоративная зелень помогает при создании букетов из любых цветов. С ними герберы и васильки не выглядят лысыми и пустыми. К тому же, правильно подобранные травы определяют настроение букета.

    In addition to feather grass and tansy, decorative greens can be: apidastra, bergrass, gypsophila, Ruscus, monstera and others. Go to the flower shop and you will be surprised at the variety of suitable greenery!

    For bouquets of toys, socks, candy and other ingredients useful materials that are needed when creating a floral bouquet.

    To create a floral bouquet you will need: wrapping paper, ribbon, frame for the bouquet, floral sponge, basket, skewers

    What are the bouquets

    Bouquets are considered part of the holiday. They are given for birthdays and weddings, graduation and ceremonial events. Traditional flowers gathered together are no longer as interesting as, for example, a bouquet of toys or money. They become an original gift for those who want to surprise their loved ones or friends.

    Flower bouquets are classified according to the form. The name of the form depends on how you stack the flowers together.

    The shape of the bouquets are:

    • spiral
    • round
    • parallel

    How to make a spiral bouquet of flowers

    1. Take the largest flower in your left hand, hold it vertically.
    2. Lay the rest of the flowers at an angle to the center, that is, the largest.
    3. Clasp the stems so that they touch only at one point - where the fingers hold them.
    4. Small flowers and additional elements are better placed closer to the center.
    5. Large greens place on the edges.
    6. Tie a beautiful ribbon and pack it in paper. Done!

    Video, how to make a spiral bouquet of flowers

    How to make a round bouquet of flowers

    A round bouquet is made by analogy with a spiral.

    1. First, the largest flower is taken.
    2. From him all the rest laid out.
    3. Herbs are laid between flowers.

    Video, how to make a round bouquet of flowers

    How to make a parallel bouquet of flowers

    1. Take the largest flowers.
    2. Place them in the middle.
    3. Around add those with smaller buds.
    4. You can also add various herbs.

    Video, how to make a parallel bouquet of flowers

    Of course, it is most advantageous to make a bouquet of flowers, but if you want to distinguish yourself and surprise the hero of the occasion, then experiment with unexpected objects.

    How to make a bouquet of fruit and candy

    Prepare washed fruit, candy, herbs, skewers, scotch, tape and wrapping paper.

    How to make a bouquet of fruits and sweets with your own hands:

    1. Put on the fruit on 2-3 sticks, and fix the candies with scotch tape.
    2. On the tape you can also plant berries on the branches (grapes, sprig of currants, gooseberries).
    3. Collect the sticks according to a pattern similar to a flower bouquet (spiral, round or parallel).
    4. Dilute the composition with greens.
    5. Tie the bouquet with tape and pack in paper. If you wish, you can try to arrange a bouquet in a basket or in a pot with a foam ball.

    Video, how to make a bouquet of fruit with their own hands.

    Do not forget that vegetables, berries and any other edible products can be in the place of fruits. The main thing is to firmly attach them to the skewer.

    How to make a bouquet of soft toys

    We will talk about the simplest way of making such a bouquet. Bouquets of toys require more time and material, but the surprise is worth it.

    In order to make a bouquet of toys in addition to the main sets (see above), you will also need:

    • Styrofoam
    • cardboard
    • glue
    • drapery fabric
    • corrugated paper
    • pins
    • toys

    How to make a bouquet of toys with your own hands:

    1. Prepare the base of the bouquet. To do this, take the foam (preferably in the form of a sphere or hemisphere) and glue to it a leg of cardboard.
    2. Pin the fabric for draping with pins to the foam frame. From it you can make skirts for toys.
    3. Pack the resulting composition in corrugated paper.
    4. Now proceed to the main part. We roll toys on skewers (if you decide to make skirts, then put them on sticks before toys).
    5. Insert the resulting structure into the frame.
    6. If desired, you can add candy.

    Done! You are beautiful!

    Video, how to make a bouquet of toys with their own hands

    How to make a bouquet of socks and money

    This bouquet will be an original gift for men on February 23, the new year or even fathers day. You can make it only from socks or only from money, at your discretion.

    You will need socks, pins, skewers, as well as ribbons / strings and money if you decide to add them to the bouquet.

    1. Roll the socks into a roll and secure with a pin or small rubber band.
    2. Fold out the edges of the socks so that they look like rose petals.
    3. Put them on the skewers.
    4. Money is also rolled into a straw and tied with a ribbon (in the case of a men's bouquet, it is better to use a thread made of burlap).
    5. In order for money to hold onto a skewer, pass it not through a folded bill, but tie it with a string with money.

    This original gift is usually found and unusual packaging. It can be a bucket, a flower pot, a basket, interesting wrapping paper in military style. Think of your interesting options.

    As you understand, to make a flower bouquet, it is not necessary to turn to the services of a florist. You can create beauty yourself. Master these simple instructions for creating bright gifts and give joy to yourself and your loved ones!

    What tools and materials need to be prepared

    Of course, careful preparation is considered to be one of the main stages in the creation of any masterpiece. Beautiful bouquets of sweets require a certain mood and even inspiration, so you must first stock up on sweets in bright packages, suitable materials for creativity, as well as a good mood.

    If you look at the photo of successful crafts, you can select individual elements of decor and floral arrangements. It is possible to make a suitable bouquet of separately prepared flowers according to the principle of making the present composition.

    This will require not too many materials, an approximate list of which is presented below.

    Required materials and tools:

    • Chocolates selected assortment.
    • Corrugated and colored paper, organza, foil or ribbon for a beautiful “flower” decoration. Also used beads, satin ribbons, cords and ready-made figures for additional decoration of the bouquet.
    • Packaging, mesh or just a piece of cloth to create a bouquet.
    • Barbecue sticks or toothpicks if flowers are planned on stems.
    • Foam rubber or foam for mounting. It is possible to use the stiffened polyurethane foam.
    • The glue gun greatly facilitates such work.
    • Adhesive tape for fixing, and you need to purchase several varieties at once: transparent, paper and color.
    • If necessary, you can use ready-made containers: vases, flower pots and decorative dishes. A bouquet of sweets in a basket will be a wonderful interior decoration and leave a long memory of the donor.

    If a wire of small diameter is used for the framework, it is necessary to think of ways to mask it. In addition to the above materials, you can come up with your own design, as well as additional decor. It can be bows, paper butterflies and flowers, as well as small soft toys. Originally looks autumn bouquet of sweets with his own hands, which is based on real leaves, treated with paraffin.

    To work also need a tool. These are ordinary scissors, paper glue and small pliers if wire is used. In addition, you may need a glue gun for fastening large parts and spare rods to it.

    For decorating works can be used sheets of cardboard, ready-made dishes and wicker baskets. Original bouquets of candy are obtained by using interior items, handicrafts made from fabric and other tricks.

    There is no limit to fantasy, so take a close look at the possible elements.

    How to make bouquets of candy for beginners

    Creating such an original gift requires a preliminary “sample of the pen,” so be sure to practice creating simple elements and individual flowers. They are classified very simply: the original names and models are used, most similar to the standard, as well as fancy flowers, the production of which will require only a good idea.

    The step-by-step process of creating individual flowers for a bouquet is described below.

    A simple bouquet of candy with their own hands

    Having prepared everything you need and having decided on the execution of the necessary element, you can practice on the simplest flower. Fastening candy is carried out in several ways. For beginners, the easiest way to use products, wrapped on the principle of truffles. Long ends will facilitate fasteners, and the candy itself looks quite bright and spectacular.

    Then it is necessary to cut out the petals of the required form from corrugated paper. Mount, size and color of the petals is selected depending on your imagination. Some ideas can be spied on the photo below.

    To properly decorate the resulting bouquet, you can make additional decorations. Several techniques of spectacular framing decorative elements are presented below.

    Bouquets of sweets for beginners better to choose from the most simple elements. Each flower must be made carefully, with no visible flaws. It is best to use several types of sweets at once, selecting them according to the artistic plan of the master.

    Original ideas and tips for their implementation are presented below. The easiest way to start is to create it, having been inspired by the successful crafts made by the masters and masters. After you have mastered the art of creating bouquets of sweets, the master class will be taken from you.

    Small bouquets of sweets

    Such a gift would be appropriate to congratulate a large number of people, for example, the working group or kindergarten group. Making such mini bouquets of candy is easy, especially if you think over the product range in advance.

    For miniature products, it is necessary to select the appropriate sizes of sweets, up to multi-colored dragees, which look very original in a transparent package.

    Variants of small bouquets are presented on the photo.

    To decorate such beauty in an original way, you can use ceramic dishes of bright colors, wicker baskets and even glasses. It will be a great idea for a bouquet of chocolates to the teacher, as well as a birthday present.

    How to make beautiful bouquets of candy

    If you have already practiced creating simple and small bouquets of sweets, and your loved ones liked the sweet composition, then in this case you can safely begin to make more complex and beautiful compositions. With some examples we will introduce you further.

    Bouquet from candies on a wedding

    A good idea to surprise a young couple will give them an original gift made with their own hands. It can be a touching cake or a bridal bouquet, as well as a beautiful themed sculpture, decorated in the proper perspective. Wedding sweets are often complemented with newlyweds or soft toys.

    You can hint to the new family by decorating the craft with polymer clay baby figures, which are often used to decorate holiday cakes. Or make in the form of nipples for the baby.

    Several ideas for a successful decoration, for example, a bouquet of Rafaello candies for a wedding celebration. Such a gift will be suitable for a romantic evening, as well as congratulations on Valentine's Day.

    You can decorate the gift with a photograph of the couple, as well as thematic symbols (rings, postcards and other attributes).

    Christmas bouquets of sweets

    Winter holidays can not be imagined without a sweet treat. Photos of good crafts demonstrate the ability to make sweet bouquets of sweets on a bottle of champagne.

    The easiest and most affordable way to make an elegant Christmas tree is to decorate an ordinary cardboard cone with various sweets. To do this, it must be at least 30-50 centimeters tall. Starting from the top and in a spiral, it is necessary to screw the Christmas tinsel on it, fixing it in several places with tape. After that, in random order with the help of small pieces of duct tape or paper clips, candies are hung on the “Christmas tree”. The brighter and more diverse the wrappers are, the more interesting the composition will be.

    Bouquet of sweets for children

    Such a decoration will be a wonderful gift for a child. A bouquet of candies for a girl can be made in the form of a Barbie doll dress, as well as a favorite cartoon character. Some ideas are shown in the photo below.

    A bouquet of sweets in the basket will be appropriate, but for boys we offer an original performance of favorite activities.

    Children's bouquets of sweets be sure to make bright, and also take into account the tastes of the birthday man.

    A pleasant surprise for the baby will be the additional equipment of the bouquet with a soft toy, as well as a photo of the hero of the occasion himself. You can also use the kinder surprise at registration.

    Bouquet from candies for the man

    Such a gift will surely please your chosen one, especially if you bring something special into the idea. It can be a favorite football, a computer game and even a memento. If you go to a birthday party with such a surprise, you can also make a secret compartment for sweets or use a finished box of sufficient depth for this.

    Photos of similar examples can be seen below.

    It is also possible for representatives of the stronger sex to additionally decorate a gift with a bottle of good alcohol, a favorite perfume, or simply provide a congratulatory bouquet with a card with money. A good idea for a man's gift is a modified tree - topiary, which you will definitely like with the original performance.

    Tips and tricks

    You have already learned how to make bouquets of sweets, but other information is very useful here. It is advisable to view at least one video for beginners, as well as to pre-select the "standard" in the photo.

    As in every case, there are secrets and nuances. Many skilled workers in their experience will learn about their existence, and we will show you them right now.

    The main tricks of creating a bouquet of candy:

    • Using corrugated paper, you can manually give the product the necessary contour. To do this, simply straighten your fingers with a bend or bulge. The edge of the paper can be screwed onto a pencil to smooth the contour, as well as “curl” the needles of individual flower elements.
    • To attach the flower to the stalk is best to use a special decorative tape. If not, you can use a strip of corrugated paper lightly moistened with water. Slightly pressing it with your fingers can achieve a tight fastener, especially if the thread was previously used.
    • The basis for a bouquet of candy should be fairly stable, but it does not have a great weight, because with sweets such a gift will be too heavy. Ideal foam, pasted on a piece of cardboard. To work with assembly foam, it is advisable to make a contour of paper or cardboard where the foam will be placed before it cures.
    • For fancy crafts, it is best to cut the shape out of foam or foam in advance, wrap the visible parts with foil or crepe paper, and then decorate them with candy.
    • Bouquets of sweets for the day of the teacher is appropriate to arrange with the use of real leaves, pre-treated with melted paraffin. So they will not only keep their shape well, but also last for a longer time.
    • A bouquet basket can also be made from candies using flat tiles in individual packages. To give the product rigidity, chocolate bars can be pasted on a bent sheet of cardboard or a finished box.

    Choosing the main components for the upcoming work, you should not dwell on one type of sweets. Chocolate bouquets of sweets are varied, so you can vary and combine different types. Multicolored marmalade pieces in a transparent package, as well as unwrapped sweets look great.

    Flat tiles of small size are suitable for creating a frame, as well as a "building" material for sweet houses. Turning on the fantasy, you can adequately beat the beloved sweets of the birthday, as well as create a unique masterpiece using the most simple and affordable materials.

    It is appropriate to give it to a child or mother, as well as give a surprise to the newlyweds. Almost everyone loves sweets, and such a spectacular presentation will surprise and intrigue them. In our article, step-by-step master classes were presented on how to make a bouquet of sweets, as well as original options for congratulations were considered.