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Retinoic ointment for wrinkles: reviews of doctors, properties, use, analogues


At all times, women want to look younger and make every effort to speed up the process of their own rejuvenation. One of the most popular modern remedies is retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment.

Reviews of beauticians when using it confirm that this ointment is useful for the skin, but before applying it you need to take into account all the advantages, and carefully read the section with contraindications.

Opinion cosmetologists: the reasons for the popularity of ointment

The components of retinoic ointment affect the skin cellsby speeding up their update. With regular and constant use, the skin becomes smoother, fine wrinkles almost disappear and new ones are not formed.

The components of retinoic ointment affect the skin cells, accelerating their renewal.

The active substance - isotretinoin - affects the skin, causing an increase in the renewal and recovery processes.

Important to remember! According to observations and reviews of beauticians, the effect of retinoic ointment against wrinkles in the direction of improving and rejuvenating the skin is indeed observed, but it is not the only possible means.

In addition, ointment contains a number of restrictions on the use of, especially for women with high blood levels of vitamin A (for liver or kidney disease).

Components of the ointment, its purpose

The active element of the retinoic ointment is called isotretinoin. When checking their effects on the processes occurring in the skin tissue (formation of age spots, aging, wrinkles, acne), specialists observed a persistent improvement in their condition.

The most active of the above list is tretinoin, which also has a peeling effect. It is he who gives effective results.

The group of retinoids include:

  • retinol, i.e. vitamin A in fat soluble form,
  • retinol acetate - the result of a chemical reaction of acetic acid and retinol ester,
  • Retinol palmitate is a derivative of palmitic acid and retinol ester.

The most active of the above list is tretinoin, which also has a peeling effect. Due to its increased activity The duration of its use is limited to six months.

Products with active natural ingredients based on vitamin A are now often used to clean acne from facial skin.

They are also part of the cosmeceuticals (medical cosmetics) with the tendency of the skin to wilt and the presence of age-related changes in the human body - to get rid of wrinkles.

Products with active natural ingredients based on vitamin A are now often used to clean acne from facial skin.

Substances of the retinoid group accelerate the processes in the connective tissue for cell renewal. But to obtain the expected effect, you need a certain time (at least several weeks).

Therefore, the main thing here - be reserved with perseverance and patience, and then you can be proud of the result.

The use of this ointment helps to cope with the following problems:

  • the tendency of the skin to salting,
  • reduced immunity
  • inflammatory processes (acne),
  • dehydration of skin cells.

With the constant use of such an ointment, there is a stimulation of the regeneration processes, an increase in the rate of renewal of skin cells.

With the constant use of such an ointment, there is a stimulation of the regeneration processes, an increase in the rate of renewal of skin cells.

The result will be the disappearance of minor defects on the skin, the alignment of wrinkles, the face visually becomes freshened and healthy.

Instructions for applying retinoic ointment

The course of treatment with retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment is 2-3 weeks twice a year. According to reviews of cosmetologists can be used more often, but with great caution.

The procedure itself is optimally done in the evening, since after it the sensitivity of the skin to light is greatly increased, and it is impossible to go outside.

A ball with a small pea is squeezed out of a tube of ointment. Apply it to a very thin, light layer.

First, you should do the cleaning with the help of either cosmetic milk or deep peeling. This will increase the permeability of the active components of the ointment in the future.

A ball with a small pea is squeezed out of a tube of ointment. Apply it to a very thin, light layer., the excess amount is removed with a napkin. If you use a large amount of ointment, it may cause irritation and peeling.

Often, women use pinpoints in the right place of the face, but in no case can not use this tool in the area near the eyes, which can lead to severe irritation.

When using any cosmetic products requires careful skin care. In winter, exfoliation of skin cells increases, symptoms of dehydration may occur.

Often, women use a pinpoint application in the right place of the face, but in no case can you use this tool in the area around the eyes, which can lead to severe irritation.

In this situation, cosmetologists advise to use nourishing creams, face masks with moisture retaining in the skin, restoring effect. This helps reduce the risk of negative reactions to the ointment.

In summer, women usually face the problem of the appearance of pigment spots that arise from the action of the sun.

Therefore, according to reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists, one should either not start treatment with retinoic ointment for wrinkles at all, or use special creams that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

The best time of year for a rejuvenating course is spring or autumn.

The principle of action of retinoic ointment

The active component - isotretinoin - when penetrating through the epidermis affects the intercellular substance, restoring it.

The active component - isotretinoin - when penetrating through the epidermis affects the intercellular substance, restoring it.

This is an extracellular The substance includes collagen and elastin threads. The network woven from them loses its elasticity and durability under the influence of adverse atmospheric influences.

Isotretinoin stimulates collagen synthesis, renewal and restoration of skin cells. The active ingredients that make up the ointment, suppress the production of sebum and the formation of comedones, reduce the impact of pathogens on the epidermis.

Isotretinoin stimulates collagen synthesis, renewal and restoration of skin cells.

Vitamin A affects cell renewal processes and participates in the formation of pigment dyes.

Advantages of retinoic ointment

If a woman wants to buy any anti-wrinkle medicine for a small price, but at the same time actually acting on the skin, then this is retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment.

Beautician reviews show that efficiency distinguishes it from other similar and expensive drugs.

Retinoic ointment is a salvation for the majority of women who cannot afford the large financial costs of advertised expensive anti-wrinkle products.

Reviews of cosmetologists show that efficiency distinguishes it from other similar and expensive drugs.

There are no harmful impurities in this drug.which are often used to improve the appearance or smell of cosmetics and attract customers.

If there are no contraindications, and apply retinoic ointment for wrinkles correctly, beautician reviews will be confirmed, and results to improve the condition of the skin of the face will soon appear.

Ointment Allergy Test

Sample is very simple. It should be performed one day before the scheduled start of the course of treatment.

Sample is very simple. It should be performed one day before the scheduled start of the course of treatment.

On the inner elbow (where the skin is more sensitive) is applied ointment in a small amount, then this area must be sealed with a patch.

After a day he is removed, in the absence of irritation or redness, the conclusion is made: it is not forbidden to use ointment.

Consultation of a cosmetologist is also recommended, since each skin has a unique sensitivity threshold. In some reactions, the use of retinoic ointment against wrinkles will not be beneficial.

In some reactions, the use of retinoic ointment against wrinkles will not be beneficial.

According to beauticians it is necessary in the course of treatment to study the condition of the skin very carefully. When observing redness, irritated skin condition and, especially, itching, the application should be urgently stopped.

Contraindications when using ointment

Like any drug with medicinal properties, the ointment has contraindications.

It is strictly forbidden to apply it to women during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, in the treatment with tetracycline drugs.

Otherwise, the use of funds can provoke intrauterine disorders in the development of the fetus (during pregnancy).

It is strictly forbidden to apply it to women during pregnancy, while breastfeeding.

If a girl plans to have a child in the near future, then she should also choose a more suitable drug.

Contraindications are also:

  • disorders in women in the work of the digestive system,
  • problems with the work of the liver and kidneys,
  • the presence of neoplasms (even benign),
  • an excess of vitamin A.

Also before use you need to make sure that on the right areas of the skin there are no mechanical damage (cuts, burns), manifestations of eczema.

Statistical studies were conducted by dermatologists among middle-aged patients, therefore, the effect on the skin in the older age group may be stronger.

Statistical studies were performed by dermatologists among middle-aged patients, therefore The effect on the skin in the older age group may be stronger.

Possible side effects and effects of overdose

The skin of an aged person is more sensitive to any cosmetic procedures.

therefore side effects may occur, primarily in the form of:

  • severe dryness and peeling of the skin, the appearance of age spots and irritation,
  • hyperemia (redness due to blood flow) of the face,
  • changes on the nail plates of the limbs,
  • headaches, conjunctive eye inflammation, reduced vision,
  • discomfort in the muscles,
  • indigestion

Side effects can occur, primarily in the form of headaches.

Caution! If symptoms of discomfort appear during the first week, then the number of procedures should be reduced. If they do not pass, then you should abandon this way to improve appearance.

Opinions of cosmetologists

To confirm or refute the question of how retinoic ointment against wrinkles works in real situations, we give feedback from cosmetologists who prescribed a course of treatment for this ointment to their patients.

This tool is recommended for women with oily skin. The ointment helps to remove oily shine, almost completely removes acne, the skin will look smooth and rejuvenated. Moreover, all these results are achieved without large material costs, because the price of retinoic ointment is very low.

This tool is recommended for women with oily skin. The ointment helps to remove oily shine, almost completely removes acne, the skin will look smooth and rejuvenated.

With proper and careful use, a woman for a small price removes her problems with appearance and will look a few years younger.

Usually, patients are not assigned drugs that are not related to recognized cosmetic products.

but Retinoic ointment can not do any harm to the health of women. On the contrary, it has a positive effect and helps to return youth.

Retinoic ointment can not do any harm to the health of women. On the contrary, it has a positive effect and helps to return youth.

The only problem arising from excessive enthusiasm for this tool is peeling of the skin of the face. This happens with patients when they are too diligent and in large doses rubbed ointment into the skin. We have to stop the course of treatment.

This video will tell you about the effect of retinoic ointment against wrinkles under the eyes.

This video describes the benefits of retinoids from blackheads and eels.

From this video you will learn how retinol smoothes wrinkles in women and girls.

Composition, packaging

Does retinoic ointment against wrinkles work effectively? Reviews of doctors report that this tool is intended to eliminate other problems. However, women often use it for smoothing folds.

The main active ingredient of the drug is isotretinoin. It also contains the following additional components: emulsion wax, dibunol, butyloxyanisole, glycerin, vaseline oil, purified water and ethyl alcohol (95%).

The ointment goes on sale in aluminum tubes, which are enclosed in cardboard packaging.

Features of the drug

Does retinoic ointment for wrinkles help? Reviews of doctors say that the drug in question is positioned as an effective tool for the treatment of acne. It is very popular among women who want to quickly and inexpensively improve their skin condition.

However, it should be noted that the many years of experience with this drug has revealed another beneficial effect. Retinoic ointment for wrinkles under the eyes (reviews of the drug are presented below) is used by women very often. What is the reason? We will tell about it a bit later.


How does retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment work? Instructions and reviews indicate that this medicine has keratolytic, dermato-protective, anti-seboric and anti-inflammatory properties.

Retinoic acid is an active form of vitamin A. It is known that it is involved in the regulation of cell differentiation.

The instructions say that this tool is good for acne. Ointment normalizes the terminal differentiation of cells, complicates the formation of detritus and slows down epithelial hyperproliferation. This effect helps to reduce sebum production, and the skin condition returns to normal. Moreover, after using this drug, inflammation around the sebaceous glands is significantly reduced.

Drug properties

What are the properties of retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment? Reviews of cosmetologists report that there have been frequent cases of unsuccessful use of this drug. With prolonged contact with the skin, the drug often caused reddening of the integuments and their peeling.

When applying the ointment for a short period of time and following all the recommendations of the doctor, this drug stimulated blood circulation and increased the production of collagen. It should be recalled that it is the lack of this substance that causes the formation of early wrinkles.

Thus, the use of the considered agent helps to smooth out small and not having time to take root folds. However, for the best therapeutic effect, the course of treatment with this drug should be practiced not for long.

How often is retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment used? Reviews of beauticians report that such a drug should be applied twice a year. The first course of treatment is carried out in the spring, and the second - in the fall. In this case, the duration of application of the ointment should be no more than 2-4 weeks.

Effects of vitamin A on wrinkles

Does retinoic ointment against wrinkles really help? Customer reviews claim that such a drug smooths mimic and age folds on the face and neck. What is the reason?

It is no secret to anyone that after puberty a person begins the process of skin aging. It is supported by a decrease in the number of collagen fibers and the percentage of moisture in the integument. As a result, skin elasticity decreases.

When a person reaches 40 years of age, a person has a significant decrease in the content of collagen. During this period, it becomes 1/3 less.

To smooth out wrinkles and restore aging skin, many people use products with vitamin A. It is this component that contains retinoic wrinkle ointment. Reviews of doctors say that many women have already tried this tool for themselves.

What happens after applying the ointment? In the skin begins to regulate the process of proliferation. In other words, the active division of cells begins in order to form new ones.

It was also noted that the use of this drug contributes to the activation of intercellular communication. Thanks to the substances contained in the retinoic ointment, the pigmentation process is regulated, and the sebaceous glands return to normal.

The main indication for the use of this drug is the presence of acne. But, as mentioned above, this is far from the only problem that the medication in question is coping with.

When is retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment applied? Отзывы (аналоги этого средства перечислены ниже) сообщают, что этот препарат используют при старении кожи (после 30-40 лет), а также в молодом возрасте при наличии множества мимических складок.

Кроме того, этот медикамент может быть назначен при себорее, розовых угрях, дерматите периоральном и угрях папуло-пустулезных.

Mode of application

How should I use retinoic ointment? To smooth out wrinkles, the preparation in question is applied in exactly the same way as a night cream. However, prior to the implementation of this procedure, the skin should be pre-cleaned.

Ointment light layer spread over the face, excluding the space around the eyes.

At the very beginning of therapy, the agent should be used with a two-day break. If no side effects are observed, then go to the daily use of the drug.

Application tips

This drug should not be used without medical supervision. This is due to the fact that retinoic ointment is a medicine, not a cosmetic. The danger is that the local effects of retinoids on the skin have not been fully studied.

In the process of therapy with this drug should always use sunscreen. Also at the time of application of the ointment, you must abandon cosmetics, which has a drying and peeling action (that is, you should not use scrubs and alcohol-containing lotions).

In order to exclude photosensitization, the medication in question is applied immediately before bedtime (for example, at 9-10 pm). Such procedures will contribute to a deeper nutrition of the skin.

In the event that the patient's body reacts abnormally to the ointment, it should be discarded and consult a doctor.

Side effects

The use of this drug may cause the following side effects:

  • headache
  • neutropenia, decreased night vision, conjunctivitis, anemia,
  • dermatitis, pruritus, dry mucous membranes, erythema, cheilitis, sweating, palm-plantar peeling, growth of granulation tissue, paronychia, skin rash, nail dystrophy,
  • muscle pain,
  • change in platelet count, corneal clouding, increased ESR, impaired hearing, photophobia,
  • increase in glucose and TG concentration in the blood,
  • nausea,
  • appearance of nosebleeds.

Sometimes patients may experience thinning hair, vasculitis, photosensitivity, suicidal tendencies, depression, intracranial hypertension, seizures, hyperostosis, and hepatitis.

Similar means and cost of the drug

What can replace retinoic ointment? She does not have many analogues. According to experts, this drug is similar to the following agents: Roaccutane, Dermoretin, 13-cis-Retinoic acid, Isotretinoin, Retasol. In addition, doctors often recommend such medications as Retin A, Videstim, Radevit, Isotrexin, Differin, Adapalen, Effezel and others to their patients.

How much does retinoic ointment cost? The price of this tool is about 250 rubles.

Retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment: reviews are real

Reviews of doctors report that the considered drug is one of the most effective. It eliminates well not only acne, but also perfectly fights other skin problems.

As for consumers, they fully agree with the opinion of experts. However, it should be noted that the majority of patients use this drug for other purposes. Despite the fact that it is designed to fight acne, it is often used to smooth out wrinkles. With this cosmetic nuisance, the drug is doing its best.

According to consumers, with proper use of retinoic ointment, the skin on the face and neck becomes more elastic, supple and youthful. However, patients are confused by the fact that this drug can not be used during pregnancy and during its planning.

It is also worth mentioning that some consumers note that while using this ointment, they often had adverse reactions in the form of dry skin, rashes and painful sensations.

General information about retinoic ointment

Ointment with retinol is prescribed for external use, doctors prescribe, as a rule, means for the treatment of comedones, acne, rosacea, seborrhea. The composition of the ointment provides a powerful regenerating effect. Experts note the anti-inflammatory, dermatoprotective, immunomodulating, keratolytic effect of the ointment, which has a positive effect on the condition of the aged skin.

The main component of the retinoic drug is isotretinoin, which is a synthetic analogue of retinol (vitamin A). This active form of the substance helps speed up cellular metabolism and regeneration. Thanks to isotretinoin, the ointment effectively fights wrinkles, the first signs of aging, pigment spots, improves the complexion, evens out skin texture.

The lack of vitamin A leads to the fact that the skin becomes loose, dry, wrinkled and loses its elasticity. Ointment with retinol penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, moisturizes from the inside and promotes its healing. The medicinal substance stimulates the renewal, cell regeneration, activates the production of collagen, which provides wrinkle smoothing, returns skin tone.

The retinoic agent is produced in tubes of 10 or 35 g each. The concentration of isotretinoin ranges from 0.05 to 0.1 percent. In addition to the main component, the composition contains auxiliary agents that reduce the aggressive action of the main substance, soften the skin:

  • glycerol,
  • dibunol,
  • wax,
  • Vaseline oil,
  • ethanol.

Properties of retinoic ointment

The drug is officially intended for the treatment of acne, acne and other skin pathologies, but the unique properties of the tool are also used to rejuvenate the skin. Beauty salons recommend ointment for:

  • increase the turgor of the epidermis,
  • reduction of sebum (sebum) secretion,
  • leveling the skin relief, smoothing mimic wrinkles,
  • improve complexion, lighten skin.

Retinoic acne ointment helps activate cellular metabolism, speed up the natural renewal processes, and regenerate the skin. It provides a quick recovery, stimulates the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Retium ointment will help to clean the surface of the epidermis from sebaceous plugs, which contributes to oxygenation, normalization of the function of the sebaceous glands and a decrease in sebum production, inflammatory phenomena disappear.

An important positive feature of isotretinoin is its ability to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Other cosmetics affect only the horny (superficial) layer, the retinol analog also penetrates deep into the skin, affecting the function of the sebaceous glands, improves the skin condition at the cellular level. These medicinal properties of the drug in combination with keratolytic, anti-inflammatory effect determined the main purpose of retinoic ointment.

What does the instruction say

The main component of the tool is isotretinoin - synthetic analogue of retinol (vitamin A). This substance was previously used to treat cancer, as it can stop the division of cancer cells. Then they discovered another property of isotretinoin - it is able to regulate the function of fatty glands to reduce the growth of the epithelium in the excretory ducts.

Consider how it works and from what retinoic ointment helps external use:

• restores the skin,

• accelerates regeneration processes,

• improves cell metabolism,

• acts as an immunomodulator,

• reduces sebum production

The main purpose of retinoic ointment is to combat skin inflammation, it is used to treat acne, black spots, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, ichthyosis.

Isotretinoin is used in the fight against age-related facial aging, pigmentation and wrinkles. It is known that the deficiency of vitamin A skin becomes dry, flabby and wrinkled. Retinoids that make up the ointment help slow wilting. They even out the skin relief, improve the complexion, moisturize the skin. The components of the ointment penetrates deep into the lower layers of the dermis and act at the level of the stem cells of the dermis. They help the production of its own collagen, provide cell renewal.

Retinoic ointment is produced in a concentration of 0.1% and 0.05%. It is yellowish, not sticky, well absorbed by the skin. In addition to isotretinoin in its composition are:

• Glycerin and Vaseline - substances that additionally soften and moisturize the dermis,

• Ethyl alcohol - antiseptic component,

• Wax - it acts as an emulsifier, provides hydrophilicity and is responsible for the texture of the ointment.

From eels and comedones

Pharmaceutical preparation can be used in the fight not only with juvenile acne, but also sakne already in adulthood. Retinoic ointment for acne helps even in advanced cases when there are subcutaneous nodules and papular-pustular rash. It is used in the presence of acne and inflammation on the body.

Consider how acne retinoic ointment works:

1. The thickness of the epidermis decreases. When applied to the skin, the ointment has a slight irritating effect, as a result of which the cells of the surface layers of the skin exfoliate and fall off. There is a peeling effect. As a result, the pores open, sebum stops accumulating in them.

2. Dissolves grease plugsthat clog pores. This property of retinoic ointment is used in the fight against comedones.

3. Reduces the activity of the fat glands, thanks to what is the elimination of acne. After all, the main reason for their formation is an excess of sebum, blocking the excretory ducts.

When using retinoids, allergic reactions are possible, therefore a skin test should be carried out. A small amount of ointment applied to the elbow. If after 30 minutes itching elements appear in this place, redness, urticaria, you can not use the tool.

Terms of use of retinoic ointment for acne

The product is applied only to cleansed and dried skin; it is not recommended to use a scrub for these purposes. In the presence of severe acne rash is used in a concentration of 0.1%. As the inflammatory elements on the skin decrease, they move to a low concentration.

Apply ointment dotted on problem areas 2 times a day until completely absorbed, do not need to be rubbed. Course treatment should not last more than 12 weeks, in any case, prior consultation of a dermatologist is required.

The following scheme is most commonly used:

• 1-2 week - 0.1% ointment twice a day,

• 3 week - 0.05% concentration of 2 p / day,

• 3 week - means use 1 p / day,

• 4 week - applied every other day.

Judging by the reviews of dermatological patients, there is no dramatic improvement in appearance. On the contrary, a week after the start of treatment there is scaling, redness, and an aggravation of acne. This is due to the fact that dead cells are removed from the surface of the epidermis, decreases the activity of the sebaceous glands. To reduce these manifestations, you can use compresses with decoctions of herbs.

Since retinoids quite actively affect the skin, during treatment it is recommended to use only soft moisturizing cosmetics. Which do not cause irritation. This may be baby milk or cream from the pharmacy. Additionally, apply on the face of other drugs for acne can not.

After 2 weeks, the condition improves: acne disappears, the skin looks clean and radiant. Some comedones disappear on their own, the rest disappear after mechanical removal.

Consider what retinoic ointment does not help. The tool is ineffective in the presence of subcutaneous scars, keratinization, furunculosis.

special instructions

Since the main component of the product is an analogue of vitamin A, during the period of treatment it is necessary to stop taking vitamin complexes. Otherwise, there may be signs of hypervitaminosis: dry skin, inflammation of the red border of the lips, conjunctivitis.

Retinoids irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes, so it is not recommended to apply ointment to the eyelids. During the period of treatment you need to abandon contact lenses.

The benefits of retinoic ointment for the skin

Retinoic facial ointment is actively used to solve basic aesthetic problems. Its properties will delight owners of all skin types, including sensitive. At home, it is easy to make a full comprehensive care.

The use of ointment allows you to:

  1. Remove dead skin cells.
  2. Activate accelerated update.
  3. Reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands.
  4. Affects the synthesis of collagen, elastin.
  5. Relieves pigmentation.
  6. Regulates the concentration of melanin.
  7. Effective from comedones.
  8. Lets forget about acne.

The immune properties of the epidermis are noticeably enhanced, and resistance to external adverse factors is increasing. It is useful to use in the complex of skin care, as well as improving the state in the autumn-spring season, the recovery period after cosmetic procedures.

Composition and forms of release

The drug is available in the form of ointment, in tubes of 10, 15, 20, 35 gr. also different concentrations of the main active ingredient isotretinoin are used at 0.05% and 0.1%. In addition to the basics in the form of the most productive form of vitamin A, as well as additional ingredients are present.

Important editorial advice

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The composition of the preparation contains:

  • isotretinoin,
  • purified water
  • petroleum jelly,
  • emulsion wax,
  • Dubinol,
  • glycerol,
  • ethanol,
  • butyloxyniazole.

Indications for use

Wrinkle ointment is mainly used for dry, aged skin. Oily, rather heavy, the structure can clog pores, causing the appearance of comedones. Therefore, it is used in the treatment of acne with other drugs pointwise, directly in the area of ​​the resulting inflammation.

Indications for use are:

  • dry, sensitive skin,
  • stretch marks due to elastin loss,
  • bruises under the eyes
  • with dermatitis,
  • mimic and static wrinkles,
  • laxity of integuments.

You can get rid of acne with retinoic gels and creams that have a lighter structure than ointment. And from the scars and scars left after acne, you can get rid of using this drug.

How to use retinoic ointment

The main principle of action - to achieve a lasting effect of rejuvenation, as well as to solve additional aesthetic tasks - to strengthen the capillaries, get rid of age spots, improving the complexion. The use of ointment is recommended in cosmetology courses, it is not a cream for permanent use. The therapeutic drug can be effectively injected into the caring procedure, or applied for preventive purposes for a short time. With constant use will occur side effects due to the accumulation of vitamin A in the integument.

Rules for applying the ointment:

  1. Before starting the course, it is necessary to test for allergies, apply a small amount of ointment to the thin skin of the wrist, wait for a reaction for about ten / fifteen minutes, you can also add a retinol capsule to your cream to check the tolerance of vitamin A before purchasing a remedy.
  2. It is used mainly at bedtime, the skin is treated after cleansing, applied with a thin layer on a dry surface, preparations containing retinols are not used more than once a day.
  3. The most optimal time for the action of a therapeutic agent is 8-10 hours in the evening, the components will have time to be fully absorbed before morning.
  4. It is not recommended to use it before going out; the remedy causes a photosensitization effect on the skin, which can lead to pigmentation or burns of the integument.
  5. The course lasts from two to four weeks, no more, can be carried out two / three times a year, the use of medicinal ointment in the autumn-spring period is especially useful.
  6. At the initial stage, the appearance of redness, burning sensation is normal, if such symptoms appear, it is only necessary to reduce the frequency of use to once every two days, when the integuments pass through the stage of addiction, it can be applied daily.

Also, do not apply on the skin of the eyelids to avoid irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye. To restore thin epidermis, and smooth the crow's feet, retinoic ointment should be used in a special way. Apply a minimum amount to the pads of the ring fingers. Then distribute the driving movements along the contour of the lower eyelid, describing a semicircle.To get rid of acne from comedones, it is also better to use other forms of vitamin A, since wax and petroleum jelly create a dense film that clogs the ducts and provokes the accumulation of blubber in the ducts. In the reviews of cosmetologists advantage is given to the gel, due to the absence of comedogenic elements.

Interesting video: Does retinoic ointment for acne help?

There are analogues of the drug, which also effectively cope with wrinkles, but thanks to a lighter consistency, they help get rid of black spots. Retinoic ointment for acne helps only with dry type of dermis, but, despite the ability to regulate sebaceous secretion, additional components, represented by wax and petroleum jelly, can interfere with oxygen respiration, clogging pores.

Solcoseryl helps accelerate cell regeneration, accelerate wound healing. Effectively used to improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and stretch marks. The basis is deproteinized (protein-free) dialysate from the blood of healthy dairy calves, which allows it to stimulate collagen synthesis and activate oxygen metabolism at the cellular level. It is also recommended to use after peeling, hardware procedures that require a long recovery period.

Synthetic analogue of retinoic ointment or diferin, is a dermototropic drug. Due to this, there is no pronounced effect of irritation and redness. It also helps to deal with comedones, inflammations, acne. Treatment with ointment allows you to get rid of acne, only for dry dermis to use as a cream, for oily gel.

Radevit - in addition to retinol, also contains vitamins D, E, as well as retinoic ointment, there is petrolatum and wax in the composition, therefore it is not recommended for use with abundant amounts of inflammation comedones. It is a good dermoprotector, protects the integument from the action of free radicals. It helps to soften the cornified epithelium, which improves the general condition, structure and appearance. Successfully used to treat dermatitis, burns, allergic manifestations.

Video test - the effect of retinoic acid helps to protect integuments from stretch marks, sagging, loss of elasticity. Copes with dryness, the appearance of scaling, used in complex treatment of dermatitis, psoriasis. The ointment is well absorbed, not imprinted on clothing or other surfaces. Can be used as a mask for the age dermis also to eliminate scars, acne scars.

Effezel - a tool intended for the treatment of acne, acne. Analogs of retinoic acid can normalize intracellular processes, activate the accelerated update. It is used both with open and with closed forms; a persistent effect has been proven for the treatment of classic painful, purulent acne. The high cost (850–1100 rubles) will be explained by the rapid action of the drug in two weeks, and the visible changes will please the whole course, which lasts two months.

Isotrexin - gel contains a derivative of retinol, is an excellent way to get rid of acne. The action is aimed at the regulation of sebaceous secretions, has anti-inflammatory properties. Erythromycin blocks the action of pathogenic microflora, accelerates the process of restoring integuments. Unlike retinoic ointment, it is recommended only for oily, problem dermis, when used for a dry, sensitive type, it can provoke desquamation, itching.

Klenzit S - the drug is used for the treatment, prevention of juvenile acne, acne. It has a pronounced antimicrobial, antiseptic effect, decreases the intensity of inflammation, decreases the area of ​​the affected area. Not used on healthy skin or on burns, areas with cracks, ulcers. Dotted on eels, comedones, the duration of treatment is individually determined by the doctor. Unlike retinoic ointment, it is successfully combined with various preparations.

Tretinoin - the drug is presented in the form of a cream for dry skin, with fatty type, the advantage is to give the gel. It has the properties to mate the surface, reduce the increased secretion, smooth as static, also photomorsky. It has comedolic effect, it is effective when there are purulent pustules, it removes redness and inflammation. The gradual effect that retinoic acid has, reduces to a minimum the characteristic side effects - the appearance of itching, peeling.

Usage Reviews

Wrinkles have already appeared long ago, but ordinary creams do not work, they only moisturize the surface. I decided to try retinoic ointment, acted instructions for use. Indeed, at first it stings a little, redness appears, on the third application such effects disappear. After a couple of weeks, the appearance improved, the skin became denser, the contour was tightened, I also plan to complete the course. Photos before and after, applied 5 days!

Lately experienced a lot of stress, my work is also associated with night duty. She urgently noticed that it was necessary to do something urgently with a face when cardinal measures were already required. The peeling was done and the cosmetologist recommended retinoic ointment, I was pleased with the action, very quickly I managed to achieve a fresh, well-groomed appearance. Photo attach, before and after, the difference is two weeks.

Immediately went over the dosage, treated the entire face with a generous, thick layer. As soon as I started to tweak, I immediately washed it off, after I had to study the instructions more carefully. If you act according to the scheme, there is no particular discomfort, but the result is satisfied. Deep wrinkles noticeably smoothed, improved color, decreased bags under the eyes.

Alla Ivanovna, doctor-dermatologist

Due to adverse environmental conditions, more and more people are treated with dermatitis and various allergic reactions. After undergoing medical therapy, I recommend retinoic ointment to my patients. The effect on the dry, flaky skin is noticeable, after passing the course it becomes softer, more dense, the blood flow and biochemical processes normalize.

Svetlana Aleksandrovna, cosmetologist

For the prevention of photoaging, the appearance of premature wrinkles to my clients I recommend using not only creams with SPF-factor, but also to undergo a regular course of retinoic ointment. This is especially true for girls with dry and sensitive skin. The argument for the use of funds, is the absence of pronounced side effects, pleases quick effect.

Miracle remedy

Does retinoic ointment for acne and wrinkles help?

The above ointment is part of a large group of drugs that are called "Retinoids".

They were developed in the second half of the 20th century in order to anti acne on the face.

But later it was found that, in addition to this problem, these drugs contribute remarkably rejuvenation skin of the face.

Retinoic ointment includes several ingredients.

Also part of the ointment includes following components:

  • emulsion wax,
  • glycerol,
  • Vaseline oil,
  • ethanol,
  • purified water,
  • butylhydroxytoluene,
  • butylhydroxyanisole.
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What results to expect?

Retinoic ointment is actively used as careras well as anti-aging means for face skin.

Due to its composition, it helps to accelerate the renewal of the epidermis, as well as to increase its elasticity.

The appearance of the skin of the face, with regular use of the ointment, becomes healthier, skin becomes more tender, gets velvety.

This ointment smoothes mimic and medium wrinkles. It also has a noticeable tightening effect on loose skin. But such a result can be expected only with its constant use.

Also, this tool is used to eliminate the following problems associated with the skin of the face:

  • the presence of acne,
  • the presence of acne,
  • dermatitis on the face,
  • excessive secretion of fat on the skin of the face,
  • acne on the skin
  • seborrhea.
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Important editorial advice

If you want to improve the condition of your skin, special attention should be paid to the creams that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of creams of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, E214-E219. Parabens have a negative effect on the skin, and can also cause hormonal imbalances. But the worst thing is that this filth enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff analyzed natural creams, where the first place was taken by the funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic, a leader in the production of completely natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store mulsan.ru. If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

Instructions for use

Retinoic ointment is used only after pre-washing your face with mild soapRegardless of what purpose it is used: for smoothing wrinkles, for treating acne skin or for preventing its aging.

If after a specified period of time does not occur on the skin no negative reactions, retinoic ointment can be safely applied further.

If this drug is used to treat any of the above skin problems (acne, acne, acne, seborrhea, dermatitis, etc.), then apply the ointment only on the problem area of ​​the skincarefully rubbing it into it.

Use this ointment until the skin problem is resolved, but strictly only once a day.

How to use retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment? If this tool is used in order to rejuvenate the skin or prevent its aging, it is necessary to apply the ointment with massage movements on the entire surface of the face.

After 1 hour, residues of ointment that are not absorbed into the skin should be removed with a paper napkin.

You can also add it to the cream, which you use, in proportion 1: 1. It is better to use such a mixture before bedtime.

Masks at home

At home, the ointment can be applied as follows:

  1. Mix it with the pharmacy vitamin Ewhich is sold in ampoules, in a ratio of 1: 1. The resulting mixture can be applied to the face. for 20-30 minutesand then wash your face with warm water. You can apply 1-2 times a week.
  2. Make a mask by mixing the above ointment with a pharmaceutical ampoule vitamin a. Spread the mixture all over your face. for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water or decoction of herbs. A mask is used only once a week.
  3. A teaspoon of ointment mix with 1 teaspoon of aloe juice. Apply the mixture to the skin and hold up to 20 min, then rinse the face well with non-hot water.
  4. Make a mixture of equal amount retinoic ointment, almond and burdock oil. Apply it to the entire surface of the face. for 30 min. Then rinse with water.

All these masks remarkably fight wrinkles on the skin, and also visibly tighten it, give a fresh and healthy look. But during their application costs avoid eye area.


Retinoic ointment does not suit every girl. To use it There are the following contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation,
  • age category up to 14 years
  • intolerance to the components of the drug,
  • skin wounds, burns, scratches,
  • pregnancy planning.

Also needed refuse further use of funds, if after its use you notice such manifestations as the appearance of swelling of the lips and mucous eyelids, the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, swelling of the tongue or throat, with difficulty breathing after using the ointment.

All these symptoms may indicate individual intolerance to the remedy. Retinoic ointment can apply at any age (except as indicated in contraindications).

Make a conclusion

Effective skin care does not always have to be expensive. Retinoic ointment is inexpensive and results yielding results.

But it is necessary to use it only after checking for the presence of an allergic reaction to this drug, and also not to delay the application for longer than 3 months.

Before applying the ointment, you must carefully read the contraindications to its use, so as not to aggravate existing skin problems and do not earn other troubles. It is better to consult a dermatologist.

You can learn about the effectiveness of the tool from the video:

Composition and properties

Retinoic ointment is a medicinal product containing the first generation of retinoid, isotretinoin, which is one of the biologically active forms of vitamin A. In vivo in the human body, it is synthesized in small quantities. The drug is widely used in dermatology as an external antiseborrheic, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory agent. It reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands, accelerates tissue regeneration, improves metabolic processes, promotes shedding of dead epithelium cells and the formation of a new healthy layer of the epidermis.

The drug is prescribed in case of detection on the face and torso:

Note: Retinoic ointment is a homogeneous mass of yellowish color, packaged in tubes of 10, 15, 20 or 35 g with an active ingredient concentration of 0.05 or 0.1%. Vaseline oil, glycerin, emulsion wax and other substances were used as excipients to create the dosage form.

The effectiveness of the drug for wrinkles

Initially, the ointment was used only for medicinal purposes to combat acne. However, in the course of its use, specialists noticed a significant improvement in the skin condition and a rejuvenation effect in their patients, which attracted the attention of cosmetologists and caused the beginning of its use in cosmetics from wrinkles.

Vitamin A, which has a pronounced antioxidant effect, belongs to the group of so-called “beauty vitamins” and is included in many modern cosmetic care products. When it is deficient in the body, the skin becomes flabby and dry, losing its firmness and elasticity.

With external application of ointment, isotrethionine penetrates deep under the skin and has a beneficial healing effect:

  • stimulates epidermis renewal,
  • normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands and the water-fat balance,
  • smoothes, prevents the formation and reduces the severity of fine mimic and medium wrinkles,
  • tightens pores, eliminates shine,
  • levels a relief, improves texture, gives velvet,
  • improves color, gives freshness,
  • activates the activity of fibroblasts, increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid,
  • eliminates the effects of photodamage.

The drug significantly improves skin tone.

Applying ointment

Before applying the product should be cleaned with warm water without using soap, scrubs or cosmetics, then blot with a soft cloth or paper towel. Apply a thin layer of light oozing movements to spread the ointment over the entire face or only on problem areas, avoiding the area around the eyes. After 30-60 minutes, rinse off the residue with warm water.

Aloe vera mask

Retinoic ointment - 1 tsp.
Aloe juice - 5 ml

Mix the ingredients, distribute the composition on the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes, stand for 20 minutes. Wash your face with warm water.

Mask with cosmetic oils

Retinoic ointment - 1 tsp.
Almond oil - 5 ml
Burdock oil - 5 ml

Mix to a uniform consistency ointment with oils. Apply the product to the entire surface of the skin of the face, hold for 30 minutes and rinse with water.

Tip: After wrinkle retinoic ointment, it is recommended to apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream on the skin, as it has a pronounced drying effect.

Retinoic ointment refers to a group of drugs called retinoids. It is one of the cheapest products in this category. Retinol anti-wrinkle preparations are also produced, which are actively used in cosmetology, in the form of a gel, lotion, cream. They are considered more convenient to use and have greater efficiency in local application, however, they are much more expensive. In composition, they are slightly different from the ointment; they may contain additional active ingredients and other retinoids in structure (tretinoin, retinal, retinol acetate, retinol palmitate, alitretinoin). These include:

  • Retin A cream, contains tretinoin,
  • Renova cream 0.02% based on tretinoin,
  • Isotrexin gel contains isotretinoin and the antibiotic erythromycin,
  • Retasol lotion, the active substance isotretinoin,
  • Tritin lotion, contains tretinoin and zinc.

Also produced isotretinoin prescription drugs for oral administration in the form of capsules or tablets. These include Aknekutan, Roakkutan, Verokutan, Erase.

Precautionary measures

Before using the ointment, you should carefully read the instructions, familiarize yourself with the storage conditions, list of contraindications and possible side effects. It is best not to start self-treatment, but to consult about this with a dermatologist and a cosmetologist.Only a specialist will be able to assess the need for the appointment of this ointment and choose the most appropriate method of its application, depending on the problems on the skin.

Contraindications to eliminate wrinkles with this drug include:

  • hypersensitivity to any components of the ointment,
  • chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas and kidneys,
  • heart failure,
  • pregnancy, lactation,
  • benign and malignant neoplasms,
  • inflammatory processes, damage and violation of the integrity of the skin in the area of ​​application.

Of the side effects after applying the ointment may be dizziness, redness, burning, itching, dry skin, exacerbation of acne. To prevent allergic manifestations on the face, prior to its first use, an allergy test is carried out, inflicting some funds on the internal elbow fold and tracking the skin reaction for an hour.

It is not recommended to combine retinoic anti-wrinkle ointment with taking antibacterial drugs of the tetracycline series and glucocorticosteroids (including hormonal contraceptives), since in this case its action is weakened. Also, you can not use this tool when taking vitamin A or its derivatives inside. When using the product, it is necessary to provide skin protection against ultraviolet radiation by applying sunscreen before going outside, excluding visits to the beach and tanning beds.

Important: With prolonged use of ointment for wrinkles may develop an overdose of vitamin A, which is manifested in the form of lesions of the mucous membrane of the lips, dryness, peeling and pigmentation of the skin, conjunctivitis, brittle nails, insomnia, pain in muscles and joints and other symptoms.