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How to keep two cats in the same housing?


The main enemy of the cat is considered to be, of course, the dog. However, these two animals sometimes quite well communicate with each other. But two cats in the same apartment are fighting. This is often evidenced by their torn ears, as well as the side, gaping bald spots.

In this regard, the owners often think about the question of how to make friends two cats in one apartment or at least establish neutrality between them.

In order to understand the essence of this problem, it is necessary to know the characteristics with which fluffy pets are endowed. By nature, cats are convinced loners. They prefer peace, society of themselves and regularity. At the same time, these animals are stubborn, fearless, independent and incorruptible. Yes, this baleen princess has a rather steep temper. Understanding this, it is rather naive to believe that two cats in the same house will not find a reason to cling to their rival. Of course, sometimes you can see exceptions to this rule. Sometimes from the first day of living together between the cats a tender friendship is made. It is confirmed by duet chants, joint games that are started in the middle of the night, and other joys of baleen life.

However, as mentioned above, this is only an exception. As a rule, the owners have to puzzle over the question of how to make friends two cats in the same apartment. This task is not easy, because sometimes pets every day literally survive their rival from home, “pointing” at the door.

Get a second cat or not?

Does the house need a second fluffy pet? This must decide the owners of the apartment. After all, sometimes they don’t have enough of one animal and there is free time and financial resources. However, only so that the first cat was not boring, you should not do this. After all, these fluffy purring clumps are not herd animals. That is why the company they do not need. But if the owner of the apartment is not at home all day long and he has very little time for his pet, you can start a girlfriend for her. In this case, the cat will stop bored from the lack of communication. But it should be remembered that sometimes, despite all the competent actions of the owner, the cats still do not want to put up with each other. From this they are in constant stress, which provokes various diseases in them, both physical and mental. If animals are in such a situation, then one of them should be attached in good hands. Owners must be prepared for such a development from the very beginning.

How to prepare for the appearance of the second cat?

How to bring two cats in the same apartment? To do this, even before the second pet appears, special preparatory work will be needed. So, the space for cats will need to be divided into several zones. Two whiskered pets will get along in one apartment much faster, if they do not intersect during toilet, rest and feeding.

The bed for the cat, which is just to appear in the house, should be equipped separately from her future girlfriend. It is desirable that the place for recreation was even in a separate room. A bed for a cat that already lives in the house should become a taboo for a new pet. The owner must prepare for the second pet comfortable cottage or mattress. And put it in such a way that between the “bedrooms” of animals there is a door, which is recommended to close at least for the first time at night.

Will the two cats live in the same apartment, if their feeding will be joint? Hardly. If there is no contact between animals yet, then they will be the most aggressive right next to the food bowls. Dishes for the cat, which recently brought into the house, should be provided separately. In addition, feeding is recommended even in different rooms. And only after a certain period of time the bowls can be gradually shifted. In this case, the cats will need to be fed at the same time. Otherwise, an unoccupied animal will try to take away food from its rival.

Another set of preparatory work concerns the toilet of furry beauties. For a new cat you will need to purchase a separate tray. After all, if the animals have not yet become friends, one of them may sacrifice their cleanliness and begin to upset the owner, soiling the corners in the rooms. How to keep two cats in the apartment next? Over time, if the issue of reconciliation is resolved positively, the tray can be left alone.

For owners who decide to start a second cat, at first it is necessary for the old-timers to leave everything as it was before the appearance of her new girlfriend. She should not feel slighted, and then she will not fight for her rights.


However, the development of the relationship between cats will have a direct impact not only the preparatory work described above. An important moment for their friendship will be the first acquaintance. Sometimes owners who do not have the necessary information make irreparable mistakes. In order to introduce the cats to each other, they either push them face to face, or lock them in the same room, or immediately divide them into separate rooms. In the first case, the fight is simply inevitable. The second option also ends when meeting a serious battle. When animals are divided, they will certainly increase tension and anxiety, which later also ends in a fight.

How to correctly introduce the animals? First of all, both baleen queens will need a manicure. Their claws should be cut short and their sharp edges processed with a nail file. The second cat, such a procedure is done right at home at the breeder or at the entrance (if it was brought from the street).

It is great if the owner mixes their smells before the first pet meeting. To do this, wipe the animals with a towel, paying special attention to the cheeks, paws and genitals.

What should be the meeting of future girlfriends? A new cat should appear in the house in the carry. A closed box with holes for viewing is also suitable for this purpose. In addition, between the rooms in the apartment should be open all the doors. This will allow one of the cats to escape from the belligerent rival. But at the same time the windows should be closed so that during the scuffle one of the animals would not jump out onto the street.

The carrier after appearing in the apartment is left in the hallway. Old lady should sniff her and get used to the new smell. This will give her time to recover from the shock.

Only after a while the carrying can be opened. In this case, the cat does not need to pull out. The animal itself must decide when to leave its shelter. After it still turns out to be in the apartment, the old-timer will most likely begin to defend his territory and demonstrate superiority. It fluffs the fur and starts to hiss, roars ominously and will look at the uninvited guest with a close look. In such situations, settlers, as a rule, pretend that they are all indifferent. They try not to pay attention to the aggressor and show by their behavior that they do not want conflict. Owners at the same time will have to carefully observe the animals and not interfere in their relationship before the start of a serious fight. Single attacks, paws and lunges are considered normal. This is not at all a reason to get between cats, because the opportunity to clarify the relationship will only be drawn for a while. The faster the animals determine which of them is the master, the sooner friendship and peace will come to the apartment.

But if the cats are ready to fight, both growl, take threatening poses and do not take their eyes off the rival, then the owner should be on the alert. This means that animals do not want to yield to each other and are ready for a serious fight. A similar condition sometimes lasts for several hours. In the absence of time, the owner can dissolve pets in different rooms, be sure to close the door.

If animals fight

How to make friends two cats in the same apartment? If animals beat with their paws, rush at an opponent and immediately bounce off without causing wounds, and also drive a competitor around the apartment, then there is no need to interfere in this relationship. The owner should just watch their pets, separating them only after a serious fight ensued.

It is worth remembering that you can not drag off belligerent baleen pets with your hands! In the heat of battle, a cat, even the sweetest and most domestic, can redirect its aggression to the owner, clinging to his face. The most effective way is to douche with water, which is best sent to the head of the animal. If this method did not help, then you can throw heavy heavy fabric on the fighters. This can be a bedspread or sheepskin coat. The darkness, which came suddenly, scares the animals. In surprise, they will cling to the floor and become silent. After a few seconds, one of the cats is recommended to carry in a separate room.

But if the sudden darkness did not stop the fighters, then it would be necessary to take a mop and gently, but at the same time forcefully, crucify the fighters in the corners.

How to make them friends?

Two cats in one apartment - this is one of the most winning options. After all, they, in comparison with cats, occupy a small territory, and they defend it not so aggressively. The only exceptions are those moments when the animal is pregnant or nurses kittens. The task for the owner, how to reconcile two cats in one apartment, is much more complicated if one of the fluffy favorites has already turned seven years old, indicating a mature age, while at the same time she was the only animal in the house.

As a rule, two adult cats in the same apartment build their relationship in a certain way. So, one of them becomes the main one, and the second has nothing to do but to agree to be in the background. The most dangerous moment of finding two cats in the same apartment comes when one of them begins the time of a sexual hunt.

It so happens that pets at first glance perfectly get along with each other. However, quite unexpectedly, one of them kills the kittens of their rival, which were recently born. The description of the nature of the cat allows to conclude that for her this behavior is quite normal. This should be foreseen in advance, allowing only their mother for newborn babies. The second cat must be isolated. But it happens that "not the mother" took the kittens, began to gently lick and clean their bowel movements, and her friend calmly responds to this. In this case, the kittens do not need to worry.

But how to make friends of two cats in the same apartment, if none of the animals is going to give way to the championship? This happens rarely, but with such an adverse development of events, fluffy pets fight literally to the last and very desperately. In this case, the owner will need to sterilize them both. There is simply no other way to reconcile two animals that hate each other. The sterilized pet loses the aggression associated with sexual instincts, which gives a chance for a calm and normal relationship.

How many cats live at home after such a procedure? Some owners believe that the operation will damage their pets by shortening their lives. However, this is not the case.

How many cats live at home, if they are not sterilized? It is rare to find such an animal that has reached 10 years of age. But in sterilized cats, due to the operation, a change in psycho-emotional state occurs. Animals become more intelligent and calm. Their mood is not affected by hormones. In this case, the life expectancy of such animals increases and reaches a period of 15-20 years. To date, you can find individuals who are already 30 years old.

What do cat owners need to know?

In order to fully understand how to make friends two cats in the same apartment, owners must study the nature of the breed and its psychology. The better a person will understand the motivation of all actions of his fluffy pet, the more effective will be all his actions, the purpose of which is to develop friendly relations between pets, as well as preserve a certain neutrality.

However, it should be borne in mind that any cat has its own unique character. After examining her individual traits, the owner will become aware of her actions and the motives for their commission.

So, some cats are headstrong and stubborn, pugnacious and aggressive. They find it difficult to make friends with the newcomer. Others are distinguished by a mild and uncivilized nature. In this case, the absence of fights in the house provided.

And do not forget that the cat is an independent and proud creature. You should not cultivate hospitality in it by the use of force and punishment. Such an approach will cause even greater aggression towards the "new". In any case, owners are encouraged to show perseverance and tenderness, inflexibility and affection. You should not show your pet that you are the leader. The cat in a man never recognizes the chapter. It is more effective for the two animals to come together to remain for them a loving friend, support and protection.
Consider the characters of some breeds of cats.

This breed is the first oriental in the world. The main difference between these cats is in strong muscles, as well as in a long, slender body, large ears and a thin long tail.

Orientals are very playful and very attached to the person. They are fun and love being in the spotlight. Cats of this breed are very demanding. They need a lot of care and attention. However, if a new cat appears in the house, then Havana will take it with joy and make friends very quickly.

British Shorthair

This cat breed is one of the oldest. This kitty of extraordinary beauty is very neat. She prefers purity, well-mannered, supple and friendly with her owner.

British cats who know each other from the very first days of their life and who are in kinship, communicate with each other very gently. However, such animals may be intolerant of a rival reappearing in the house.

These miniature cats with unusual color have a very stubborn character. At the same time, they are very fond of people and quickly become attached to their owner. Two Siamese cats in one apartment get along with difficulty. After all, animals are extremely jealous. Even to the guests who came into the house, they are very wary.

Cases of attacks of these animals, even on the owners. To avoid this, it is necessary to surround the baleen queen with care and attention. And then she will repay the same coin.

Canadian Sphynx

These cats have a loving character. Animals draw attention to themselves with large ears, folds in the abdomen and lack of hair.

Canadian Sphynx has a strong character and is not afraid of anyone, including dogs. They can meet the competitor in the house wary. In this regard, the owner will have to take all necessary measures to make friends with their pets.

Two cats in the same house: the pros and cons

If you are still at the decision-making stage, first weigh the pros and cons. Let's start with the positives:

  • Two cats are a “double portion” of purring, affection and rumbling, especially if the pets are affectionate and sociable.
  • If the pets get along, they will be interested and fun together, which will partially free the owners from having to pay attention and free time to their pets. They will be fine without you.
  • It is interesting, exciting and funny to watch the communication of two cats: they will communicate in their own special language, play, organize competitions, bask against each other, and even sometimes help and support in difficult situations.

  • Additional expenses. You will most likely have to purchase two trays, two bowls for food, twice as much food, toys for each pet, and more. If the financial situation leaves much to be desired, then it is worth considering.
  • Twice as much wool and spoiled things. Wool in the house, subject to the presence of cats in it - it is inevitable, unless, of course, you decide to start two sphinxes. You can cope with molting by regularly applying special brushes, but this does not help to solve the problem completely.
  • If cats do not get along, they will fight, and some breeds are aggressive and can cause serious injuries and injuries to rivals.

Can two cats live in the same territory?

Cats are independent and rather capricious animals, although among them there are often obedient and affectionate animals. They usually do not become attached to one territory and a certain place, and yet if a pet lives with you for a long time, it considers housing to be its own and is sure that it is the rightful owner. And what will happen if a second inmate appears? Events can evolve in different ways.

Прежде всего, всё зависит от породы кошек, причём обеих. Есть разновидности, отличающиеся непростым характером и агрессивностью, а также рьяно охраняющие территорию, которую считают своей. И если один из питомцев именно такой, то второго он может воспринять как врага и просто не пустить в дом или всячески проявлять свой гнев. А если оба кота агрессивны, то будьте готовы к постоянным дракам. If the animals are peaceful, they will surely get along and even become best friends.

Much depends on when you got the cats. If one lives with you for a long time, he probably feels like a full-fledged mistress and because of this may not accept the second inmate. If you have recently acquired a friend, he may accept a “neighbor”. Under the condition of simultaneous “settling”, the chances of friendship or at least neutrality are even greater.

What is the best way to get two cats?

How to keep two cats in an apartment or house? The ideal option is to take two small kittens and bring them to the house at the same time. In this case, they will immediately begin to contact or even perceive each other as relatives. You can have two adult cats at the same time, but first introduce them, and then run into a dwelling, at one moment, so that they feel equal and initially share one house.

Much more difficult will be the situation in which one cat already lives in your home, and the second you are going to start. Whom to take: a kitten or an adult cat? If your first pet is female, then he can wake up the maternal instinct towards the baby, which will play into your hands and make animal life comfortable, because everyone will be happy: the kitten, and its foster mother, and the tender owner.

But cats with fatherly feelings are often much more complicated, and the “child” can be perceived as a weak opponent and, accordingly, expelled. If a new tenant is an adult, then everything depends on the characters and behavior of both animals.

Important content rules

In order for both pets to feel comfortable and not cause trouble to their owners, you should follow a few rules:

  1. Each cat should have its own tray. This is a purely personal accessory that keeps a special smell, so that if another animal suddenly aggravates it, the owner will either take it as an attack and show aggression, or become confused and stop relinquishing the need where it is. As a result, it is possible that both pets will leave pools in the wrong places. By the way, the fillers for the toilet can also be different, because what will appeal to one cat may be unacceptable for another, and this should be taken into account.
  2. Animals may have different appetites, taste, food habits and food needs, and this certainly needs to be taken into account. If pets eat one food from one bowl, this is great, and you only need to replenish stocks in a timely manner. Although it is still better to buy different capacities. If the preferences are different, then you will have to divide the area of ​​food intake and each pet will be given separate dishes. Food can be different: you need to take into account the preferences of cats. In addition, if one cat is aggressive and voracious, then the second one can remain deprived and hungry, and then the owner will have to control the process of eating food or feed the pet at different times and even in different rooms.
  3. If animals are opposite-sex, then they will certainly try to satisfy their natural needs. And if the offspring is not in your plans, take care of "contraception." You can operate on one of the animals: castrate the cat or sterilize the cat. But it is desirable to make it impossible for both animals to breed at once. If you have two cats, they can mark the territory, so their castration is also necessary.
  4. Try to interfere with the pet's relations to a minimum, if, of course, the situation is not critical and does not threaten to fight.
  5. The owner should share the affection, love and attention equally between the two cats, so if you stroke one, then do not forget about the second, otherwise deprived of offense will be offended and, perhaps, will start revenge on you and the one you have identified.
  6. The first time you should not leave the newly-made neighbors unattended, it is fraught with open conflicts and injuries.

Let the tips given above help the owner successfully contain two cats!

Should I start a second animal

Often the idea of ​​a second fluffy pet appears because the old-timer has sympathy for one of the family members, completely ignoring the other. The reason for the appearance of the second cat in the house also becomes the love of these graceful and beautiful animals, when one is not enough to meet the aesthetic needs of the household. In this case, the emergence of a new home has a planned character.

Representatives of the cat family by nature feel great alone, being individualists by nature. Unlike dogs living in wild environments in flocks, cats do not need companions. In this regard, the owner’s opinion that the pet is bored in an empty apartment during his absence does not have a scientific basis. And taking the second cat into the house only guided by the thought that together it will be more fun for them, is not worth it.

Often the decision about the second animal in the house comes spontaneously. Most often, small kittens and homeless poor fellows taken away from hooligans or torn from the dogs' mouth appear. Also, unexpectedly, the owner may be given a cat by relatives who have suddenly become allergic to wool or have a small child.

What to look for when choosing

If the appearance of the second fluffy creature is planned in advance, then you should pay attention to some points in the choice of the animal. So that the question of how to make friends of two cats does not become an unpleasant problem for the owner, you should know in which situations it will be easier to reconcile the pets.

The most successful option are kittens of the same age. Young animals easily converge with their fellows. Their relationship still does not affect the territorial issue and sexual competition, and the process of convergence takes place without complications.

If an elderly cat or cat lives in the house, then the appearance of a small restless kitten would not be the best option. The aged old-timers have their own habits that have developed over the years, and besides, the health of the old animal is not so strong as to withstand the games and harassment of the young kitten. Older cats are more jealous, and it will be difficult for them to get along with the newcomer, who captured all the attention of the owner.

An adult cat can quickly and easily adopt a little kitten if it has a well-developed maternal instinct. However, this phenomenon is not so often encountered. It happens that a cat sees a kid as a competitor to his existing or future kittens and may meet an uninvited guest with hostility.

Animals of the opposite sex find a common language faster and easier. However, there are some difficulties. Not the best option would be to purchase a young cat in a house where an unsterilized cat lives. The male individual will reach sexual maturity fairly quickly, and problems related to the continuation of the cat species will have to be solved. In this embodiment, one of the animals should be neutered or sterilized.

When the old-timer is a pet aged, the owner should consider purchasing not a small kitten, but an adult young peace-loving individual. In this case, problems how to make friends cats, should not arise.

When choosing a newcomer should pay attention to the nature and temperament of animals. You should not take a melancholic adult cat with a nimble and active pet. It should also be understood that two overly active cats can become a problem for the household. The temperaments of animals should not differ from each other too pronounced.

Possible reasons for conflicts between pets.

Conflict situations between the new-settler and the old-timer, as a rule, have the following reasons:

  • Territory protection. Being territorial animals, cats closely monitor the inviolability of their possessions. That is why the first days of a novice in the house are associated, as a rule, with serious clashes.
  • Competition for resources. The main stumbling block in the question of how to make friends of two cats in one apartment is the struggle for resources. This is not only food and water, but also a tray. The new pet is perceived by the old-timer as a competitor, even in conditions of abundant nutrition.
  • Fear. The cause of mutual aggression is often fear, especially clearly manifested in the newcomer. Aggressive behavior not only in relation to another individual most often becomes the protective reaction of the animal. But also in relation to households.
  • Sexual behavior. Conflicts of this kind between sexually mature males are most pronounced. In this regard, the owners can be quite difficult to reconcile two cats under one roof. Solves the problem of castration of animals.

Preparing for a new resident

In the case when the second pet is a weighted and planned decision, you can prepare to receive a newcomer in advance. After all, if you do not think out in advance how to make friends two cats, then problems can not be avoided. The recommendations of experienced breeders and zoopsychologists will help to properly prepare for the reception of a new settler:

  • Competition for resources should be reduced by buying in advance for a new pet separate bowls for food, water and a tray.
  • If the apartment is one-room, animals should create a vertical habitat by installing a special complex in the room. Such devices will reduce the territorial claims in a small space.

  • In order to avoid bloodshed, pets should cut their claws or wear special linings to prevent injury.
  • Before you reconcile the cats for normal coexistence in the same area, animals must be treated against worms and fleas, vaccinated. If the new home has not been vaccinated for some reason, it should be immunized and kept in quarantine for at least 2 weeks.
  • At first, cats should not meet each other when eating and going to the toilet, so the owner should divide the apartment into zones in such a way that there is no common intersection path.
  • In order for the first cat not to feel hurt, it is necessary to think about how to place a new pet, so that it does not annoy the landlady for the first time.
  • You should stock up with a spray with water in case of a pet fight.
  • It will not be superfluous to prepare disinfectant solutions for treating possible wounds during cat disassembling.

The owner should also be aware that the second cat is twice the cost of maintenance. Each pet should have its own individual carry, items care (comb, comb, etc.). To relieve stress and distraction at the beginning of acquaintance, you should purchase a new toy for an old cat, as well as treats for pets.

How to improve relationships

Important in how to make friends two cats in the same apartment, plays the first acquaintance. The best option would be if on the first day of the appearance of the newcomer the animals do not see each other. Cats have a well-developed sense of smell, and at first it will be enough that they smell another's smell. For this, animals should be placed in separate rooms. During this period, pets can behave aggressively: scratching the door, hissing, trying to reach with a paw a stranger, making loud sounds, etc.

To the animal accustomed to someone else's smell, you can apply the method of exchange of smells. To do this, wipe the novice and old-timers with a damp cloth, as if mixing their smells. Relocation of pets to each other’s rooms also helps.

Often the process of convergence contributes to bathing pets. Water procedures wash away the smell, and animals conflict less. When pets calm down, you can start a visual acquaintance.

Do not push animals to each other. Pets themselves must sort out and build a certain hierarchical relationship. They do not always add up in the obvious way. It happens that a young, but more active animal begins to occupy a dominant position over time, and the old-timer gives way to it.

It is important to understand how to reconcile cats, given the competition for resources. To do this, feed and water animals from different dishes. It is best to give food at the same time, setting their bowls at a considerable distance from each other, but in the field of view of cats.

In order for animals not to conflict with each other, they must have separate trays. At first, a third (spare) toilet will not be superfluous. Treat pets with a treat in the event that none of them show aggression. You can not iron and encourage hissing animal and showing hostility.

Pets should receive enough attention. This is especially true of the old resident. The young animal, of course, arouses the interest and affection of the household, but it is necessary to act competently and consistently on the issue of reconciliation.

What to do during fights

Often, despite all the tricks, animals are not just unfriendly, but also arrange periodic disassembly. How to reconcile the two cats, if they fight?

Experienced breeders do not recommend owners to take active actions if pets just conflict with each other without bloodshed. If you intervene in such disassembly every time, the animals will not establish a hierarchical ladder between them; the reconciliation process will be delayed indefinitely.

You should intervene in situations where there is a prolonged fight with the risk of injury and injury. In no case can you separate the fighting animals by hand. In a fit of aggression, cats can cause serious damage. Come to the aid spray with water. Cats do not like water procedures, such a shower will quickly cool the fighting ardor. You can push the fight mop.

Having decided to start a second cat in the house, the owner should have an idea of ​​the possible difficulties. Patience, consistency and competent approach to solving problems will allow friends to make animals and make their content comfortable and enjoyable.

Therefore, the problem of how to make a cat a friend with a kitten, occurs quite often. . It is necessary to have patience and then joy - and there will be twice as much positive in the house!

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Preparing for the second cat

Before the second cat appears in the house, you need to prepare the space, dividing it into several zones. Two cats in the house will get along much faster if they do not collide with each other in the recreation, feeding and toilet areas.

"New" cat should sleep separately from the "old", and preferably in another room. The place where the old-timer rests is a taboo for a beginner. Be sure to prepare a comfortable mattress or a house that will stand in some distance from the "bedroom" of your cat. It is desirable that between the recreation areas was a door that will need to be closed at night (at least for the first time).

Two cats who have little knowledge of each other, who have not yet had time to establish contact, will most likely be the most aggressive precisely near the bowls of food. Therefore, the newcomer must be fed from a separate dish, preferably in the wrong room where the “old” cat used to eat. Over time, if the cats get along, the bowls can be moved. Cats need to be fed at the same time so that each one is busy with its own bowl and does not try to take away food from its rival

Be sure to buy a separate tray for the "new" cat. The filler in the old tray should be soiled at the time of the emergence of the newcomer. So the likelihood that the “new” cat will go to a clean tray is higher (if the second cat smears the tray first, a conflict may arise, the first cat may give up cleanliness and begin to dirty the corners). Over time, if the cats make friends, you can leave one tray.

The second cat must be placed so as not to disturb the old-timers. For your first cat, everything should remain the same. In no case should she feel hurt in her rights due to the appearance of another animal in the house.

We introduce cats to each other

One of the important factors influencing the development of relations between cats is the moment of acquaintance. Many owners, not knowing how to make friends of two cats, make a number of gross mistakes: they push the cats face to face, lock them up in the same room or immediately share them in different rooms without giving the animals the opportunity to socialize. In the first case, most likely, a fight will occur. In the second case, the fight is inevitable and, probably, it will be a serious fight with bloodshed, since the animals do not have the opportunity to retire. In the third case, gradually increasing tension and anxiety, as a rule, again ends in a fight.

So, for the beginning we make a manicure for both cats - shortly trim the claws and process the sharp edges with a nail file. Novosel manicure can be done at the breeder's house or even at the entrance (if the kitten is brought from the street).

Tip: It is great if it is possible to mix the smells of two animals before the appearance of a “new” cat in the house. Make it easy: dry towel with a terry towel alternately iron each cat. Pay close attention to the genitals, paws and cheeks.

To bring the cat into the house you need to carry or in a closed box with cut openings for review. Откройте все двери в квартире, чтобы одна из кошек могла убежать от нападающей, если возникнет потасовка. А вот окна необходимо закрыть. Переноску поставьте в прихожей и не вынимайте кошку некоторое время – пусть старожилка обнюхает бокс, привыкнет к запаху, придет в себя после первого потрясения.

Через некоторое время откройте переноску, но не вытаскивайте из нее кошку – пусть она сама решает, когда ей выйти. Some cats immediately go to explore the area, while others may spend hours not sticking their nose out of the "shelter" - be patient.

When the cat leaves, the old-timer, most likely, will begin to demonstrate its superiority and defend the territory. The cat will hiss, look intently at the intruder, fluff the fur, ominously roar. Novosel, most likely, will take a pose and look "but I do not care," looking away and trying not to look at the aggressor. With such behavior, the cat shows that it does not want a conflict. The owners at this time should take on the role of observers and not intervene until a serious fight begins. Single attacks, paws, swoops - the norm. You should not get between cats, so you only delay the moment of clarifying the relationship. And the sooner the cats decide who is the boss, the faster peace and friendship will come to your family.

If both cats take a threatening pose, growling, gazing into each other's eyes - be alert! This means, but neither of the animals wants to yield, and both are ready to fight. This condition can last for a very long time, even a few hours. If it is not possible to observe, dissolve the cats in different rooms. It is necessary to isolate the newcomer, otherwise the old-timer will feel that he has lost part of the territory, and this will further anger him.

What to do when cats fight?

If cats rush at each other and immediately bounce off, beat each other with their paws, but it is obvious that they do not inflict wounds (warning shots are a series of short sweeps with their paw), or chase each other around the apartment - do not interfere, just watch. But when a serious fight ensued, the cats clasped together and roll around on the floor like a head over heels, or one of the cats fell backwards, defending themselves from the aggressor with claws, you need to separate the animals.

In no case can not separate the cats with their hands! In the heat of battle, even the cutest domestic cat can so violently cling to the face of the beloved owner that it will be impossible to tear it away (redirected aggression). The most effective way is to throw water over cats. It is advisable to get on the head. Do not be afraid, even if the water falls into the ears, nothing terrible will happen. If this does not work, throw heavy heavy cloth (blanket or sheepskin coat) onto the fighters. The sudden darkness will frighten the animals - the cats will cling to the floor in surprise. After a few seconds, the blanket can be removed, take one of the cats (which seems less aggressive) and take it to another room. If suddenness doesn't help, and cats fight without paying attention to darkness, strength will help - take a long stick (for example, a mop) and crucify cats in the corners. You need to act aggressively, but carefully! Cats can not be beat, they only need to push away from each other.

Flying cats are temporarily settled in different rooms (for a couple of days), and then repeat the dating attempt. And so on until aggression runs out, and the animals will not treat each other more calmly.

Important: Be sure to go to the wet clinic or call the vet if a cat is seriously injured in a fight. Treat minor scratches with any antiseptic.

How to make friends cats?

Two cats in the house - not the worst option. Cats do not often defend their territory, if at the moment one of them is not pregnant or does not feed the kittens. In nature, cats occupy a small area of ​​land (compared to cats) and react more calmly to the presence of stray cats. The situation is complicated if one of the cats has already reached a mature age (about 7 years) or has been the only domestic animal all his life.

Most often, one of the cats occupies a dominant position, and the other silently agrees to the "second role". A dangerous moment occurs when one of the cats is experiencing a period of sexual activity.

Sometimes cats seem to get along well with each other, and then one suddenly kills newborn kittens of a rival. According to the cat's standards, this is quite normal behavior. When raising kittens to babies, only their mother can be allowed, and the second cat should be isolated. However, if “not mother” took the kittens, you see that she gently licks them and cleans the stool behind them, and the cat-mother calmly reacts to the presence of “not mother” in the nest, you can not be afraid of the kittens.

But how to make friends adult cats, if none wants to give way to the head of the family? This happens infrequently, but this scenario is the most unfavorable. Cats fight desperately, to the last. In such a situation, it will be reasonable to sterilize both pets, as it is almost impossible to reconcile cats that hate each other. After sterilization in cats, aggression associated with sexual instincts will disappear - the chance for a normal, peaceful relationship increases.

Two sexually mature cats in the same house - a constant headache, because these animals very rarely relate to each other calmly. In nature, the territory of cats is much larger than the territory of cats, blocking several habitats of females. The more such areas enters the cat's territory, the more females it fertilizes. Therefore, territorial claims in cats are much stronger than in cats, because it is no longer just a matter of hunting, but of procreation.

Two adult cats can remain neutral for a while by periodically arranging fierce fights. In such a fight, cats find out which of them is more important, and try to remove a competitor from their territory. Passions run high if there is a cat nearby that is ready to mate. Fights in this period end in serious injury, and sometimes the death of one of the animals. Often, cats begin to mark the territory, constantly overlapping each other's tags - the smell in such an apartment is stupefying. Therefore, deciding to have a second cat, immediately tune in to the castration of both animals. And it is better to do this even a couple of months before the acquaintance (which, unfortunately, is not always possible).

How to make a cat with a cat?

Sex animals, as a rule, easily get along with each other. In many cases, neutrality develops into friendship and tender relations. However, the first time, most likely, the cat will often "bring up" the cat - warning blows, hissing, exile from the recreation area. It is especially important to feed such animals separately - the cat often leaves the cat nothing, eating all the food just to prove its leading position. As a result, the cat gets extra calories, and the cat remains hungry.

If it is not about breeding producers, one of the animals must be castrated. Cats are quite prolific, the period of "hunting" is not accompanied by secretions (like in dogs), and the cat is very resourceful in its desire to get to the female, who is in "hunting." Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to simply divide the animals at a time to prevent fertilization (or the owner will miss the deadlines, or the cat will still reach the female). But even if you put a cat or a cat in a cage, the problem is only partially solved - insane shouts and permanent tags can disturb the patient owner himself. In addition, neighbors are unlikely to tolerate round-the-clock op, and they will be right. And for animals to endure such stress is very difficult - the consequences will certainly affect the health of both pets. You can not even talk about permanent pregnancies and childbirth - not a single cat can withstand such loads.

How does a cat make friends with a kitten?

Cat and kitten - the best option (if you do not take into account the situation when two little kittens grow together). The cat either takes the kitten right away, taking on the role of his mom and teacher, or maintains neutrality. Cats rarely show open aggression towards kittens. Yes, they can rather rudely besiege the annoying fidget, but they are not satisfied with serious battles. However, it is important to bear in mind that the kitten is a baby aged 2-3 months. A half year old animal looks like a kitten only to people - for a cat it is already a teenager who can be dangerous, which means that you need to protect yourself from all four paws.

When the baby grows up, the relationship between the cat and the kitten will be transferred to a new level. The animals will either become very friendly, or one of the cats will occupy a dominant position (details are described above: a cat and a cat, a cat and a cat, a cat and a cat).

Cat and kitten

Cats treat kittens more wary than cats. In nature, males do not care for offspring and can even kill other kittens. Therefore, a domestic cat, most likely, will simply ignore the newcomer, avoiding contact with it for some time. Then the cat will understand that the kitten is not dangerous for him and, most likely, friendly relations will arise between the animals.

But open aggression is also possible - here you need to be alert. The cat can throw at the baby and try to strangle him. Therefore, the owners, especially the first time, should not leave the cat and kitten alone.

After the kitten reaches sexual maturity, the relationship of animals will develop depending on the sex of the pets.

To figure out how to make friends cats, the owner must study the psychology of these animals. The better a person understands the motivation of a cat’s deed, the more effective its actions will be to maintain neutrality and develop friendly relations between pets. But do not forget that each cat has individual traits and unique character. It is important to understand your cat, to understand why she does this and not otherwise. Cats can be stubborn and self-willed, aggressive and pugnacious - such an animal is very difficult to make friends with a new-comer. Other cats have a mild, indigestible character - in this case, even two cats get along well. And do not forget that the cat is a proud and independent creature. Do not try to force a hospitable "hostess" in your favorite by force and punishment - this approach will lead to the development of even greater aggression towards the "newcomer." Be persistent, but gentle, adamant, but affectionate. You should not play the role of leader - the cat never recognizes the head of a man. Stay for your tailed obstinates with protection, support and a loving friend.

One animal is good, and two cats in the house are already a problem? Not at all, if you follow a few simple rules. Two or even several cats in the apartment can live together without conflicts.

The easiest way is to take two kittens of the same age at once; But if an adult cat or a cat already lives in the house, it is necessary to acquaint him with a new animal very carefully and gradually.

The first few days of an old and new cat or cat should be kept in separate rooms. A new animal should have a separate place where it can remain safe, for example, a cot, a cottage or special vertical complexes. The cat should master some space and feel more confident.

The first cat needs to be told that there is someone in the house: bring a toy that smells like a new smell, do not wash your hands specifically before stroking the old cat after the new one.

When a new cat adapts, you can start a brief acquaintance: let the animals spend a little time with each other in your presence. The duration of the first acquaintance depends on the mood of the animals: from 15 minutes to 2 hours. After that, take the new cat to another room, so the old cat will understand that the animal will stay in this apartment anyway, and the new cat will be able to calm down and stay in a familiar environment.

Gradually increase the time the cats spend time with each other, but never leave them alone without your presence for the first week, even if it seems to you that they have already become friends.

If the first cat behaves aggressively, hisses, attacks a new pet, punish her, but not in the presence of a new cat. The fight must be stopped by the voice, it is possible to breed animals in different directions, if they behave inappropriately.

Showdown with the aggressor in the new animal will only exacerbate jealousy and anger towards the newcomer. The first cat will understand that in its relationship with the owner something has changed, and not for the better.

Try to occupy both pets with a game, perhaps together they will be even more interesting, and you will feel that friendship will take place. During their game, you will also be able to observe the relationships in a pair, cats, as a rule, quite quickly establish a hierarchy: someone always dominates.

Try not to miss a too aggressive domination: if the first cat offends a new one, does not give it a pass, blocks access to feed or the owner, be sure to stop this behavior. For both good behavior, encourage both animals with delicacy and affection.

The first time, be prepared to stop the fight at any time: keep the cold water tank ready, if you suspect that the acquaintance may be too aggressive. Flying cats can be poured with water, taken away at different angles if they threaten each other's health.

If the cat did not take a newbie the first time, this does not mean that the situation will not change. Repeat the procedure of dating every day, persistently and confidently demonstrating that both animals will remain in the house.

If you do not have two kittens at once, the newbie and the old-time animal should have a different toilet, this is especially important for cats. Feed the animals also need to be different, if they are of different breed, health and age. If animals steal food from each other, feed them at the same time in different rooms. The same goes for toys for cats: everyone must have their own.

Spend an equal amount of time for both pets, iron, feed, walk (if you practice walking cats) in the same way, take with you on a journey and visit both animals.

Unisex animals make friends easier, but it can be difficult for two males to get along in the same territory. Castrated cats get along better with each other, but if one cat is neutered and the other is not, most likely the non-castrated cat will seriously dominate the neutered one.

Purebred animals are usually less aggressive towards their congeners than animals from the street, so if you bring a mongrel cat into the house, you need to be attentive and stop aggression towards the old-timer.

An adult cat usually takes a kitten well, but an adult cat may take a kitten for a competitor, which also needs to be prevented. Older animals, as a rule, perceive the appearance of a newcomer at home as a problem. If you can not improve the relationship of two cats or cats, you should contact the felinologist, who has to develop the methods of socialization of two animals at once.

Should you get a second cat?

You can get a second pet only if the owner has a surplus of time. Simply put, you can fully take care of one pet, and you have time for one more. Why is it important? If you do not have free time, you simply will not have the opportunity to make friends with your pets, believe me, your participation will be needed. The only case where the cats will build the relationship themselves, is possible if you take two kittens at once, and they grow together.

The issue of the financial side is no less important. Can you fully maintain two animals? And if one of them gets sick and will require additional spending? It is not necessary to be guided by "feed on principle somehow." You cannot be sure that the cat will not develop an allergy or other chronic disorder. Cats can not be fed from the table, they will have to buy meat or food.

If the above two conditions confuse you, give up the prospect of having a second pet. Give up, even if you think your cat is bored. The second ward is not a toy, but the same full-fledged member of the family as the first.

It should be understood that cats do not belong to animals that need to have a pack. In nature, not so many species of cats live prides, and this fact is not explained by the desires of animals, but by the principle of survival. Domestic cats need the owner’s company; they rarely accept other animals with enthusiasm and open arms. Besides, Domestic cats are jealous and territorial, they are annoyed when there is another pet in the dwelling with a different smell. Conclusion: if you can communicate with the cat in sufficient quantities, do not start a second pet for the sake of entertainment of the first.

Last thing. You should not get a second cat, if you allow a normal cat to give the animal to other people or to a shelter. Yes, situations can be different, sometimes pets have to be passed on to relatives or even strangers, but to count on this option in advance ... “if you don’t succeed, just give, throw out, go to an orphanage” - very, very wrong!

Preliminary preparation

How often the owners complain that two cats do not get along in the house, and when discussing the issue in detail, it turns out that animals have reasons, and weighty ones. You probably will be able to reconcile pets, if you are prudent. There are pros and cons in having two cats, and there are individual nuances behind them. The first and most important of them is territorial affiliation. Каждая кошка должна иметь свое место, миску, туалет и порцию внимания. Разберемся немного подробнее. Все нижеперечисленное желательно проделать до того, как вы принесете в дом вторую кошку. Если же животное появилось в доме неожиданно, постарайтесь внести рекомендованные изменения как можно скорее.

Для планировки места понадобиться смекалка. Вам нужно так разделить пространство в доме, чтобы питомцы не сталкивались в первые дни проживания. The best option is to settle the cats in different rooms, if this is not possible, take care that the bowls, sun beds, scratching posts and trays are not next to each other. When one cat eats, the other should not be watching.

The second pet should not sleep in bed with the owner, however, it is better to refrain from sharing sleep with the first pet. Insist that your Pets slept on their loungers. On the first night it is reasonable to divide the cats, that is, to put the sun loungers in different rooms. It is very important not to infringe a pet who has lived with you longer. His lounger can not be moved only if you do not do this in advance, before the appearance of a new cat.

Important! If you are faced with aggression, you notice that pets sizzle, one attacks the other, for the safety of the second cat it needs to be closed in the carrying. It is important not to isolate the cat, which is the mistress, but to encourage her attacks is not worth it.

As experience shows, pets who are not accustomed to each other fight, quarrel when it comes to food. The second pet needs to be fed from a new bowl. It is desirable that the bowls are different colors and shape, so your first cat will be sure that it is not infringed. Before feeding, let the first cat sniff a new bowl and place that you have prepared for a new pet. Do not feed the first cat in place of the second one and do not shift the “locations” until the animals adapt to each other.

How to arrange the bowls? There are several options:

  • If the first cat was eating on the floor, its bowl can be transferred to the window sill. So the old-timers will be sure that he is more important and still manages his territory. This option is not suitable if the cat shows active aggression, because it will attack the newcomer from above, and this is a serious application, with the subtext: "leave or die."
  • Bowl of the second cat can be hidden in the space behind the door. A good option for both pets, because they will not see each other. Being behind the "wall", the second cat will feel more comfortable.
  • Feed the cats in different rooms.

Put food in bowls that stand on the table and place them in front of the cats at the same time. Both pets will be occupied, and they at this time is not up to the competition. In the first days it is reasonable to feed the animals strictly according to the schedule, so that they have time to get hungry and they did not have a desire to distract from the bowl. Watch the cats until they finish their meal and be sure to remove the bowls so that one pet does not go to inspect the other's lunchtime. Do not worry, in such an emergency pace you need to live only a few days.

The tray is a holy place. Every cat should have its own toilet.. According to the recommendations of zoopsychologists, there should be a spare tray in the house. Simply put, if you have two cats, then there should be three stalls. On the day when a new cat appears in the house, the tray of the first pet does not need to be cleaned, that is, you should have two trays with a clean and not quite clean filler. Why? The new cat will not go to the tray with a strange smell and will immediately understand where its toilet is fresh and not stained. If before the newcomer there will be two fresh trays and he, by mistake or because of confusion, will not go into his ... unsubstantial jealousy from the side of the guard. What is it fraught with? Puddles and heaps in the corners or in very prominent places, in protest of the cat and do not do that.

It is possible that over time, when the cats become friends, they will start walking in one tray or divide toilets for large and small businesses. This can go on for quite a while until one of the pets experiences stress or resentment. Being in a bad mood, the cat may sharply dislike to share the sanctuary with another animal, in this case, you need a spare “seat” - the third, clean tray.

The rest of the nuances need to navigate intuitively. Remember All changes must be made to a newbie.. Your first pet should be protected as much as possible from the stress associated with the replenishment of the family. At the same time, it is important not to go on about it, he will be jealous and your task is to calm, not regret.

First meeting

What to expect from the first meeting of two unfamiliar cats? There are plenty of options, animals can respond calmly, and they can also mate in a fight. Remember that the first meeting will set the tone of the relationship, so you need to prevent conflict by all means.

The first recommendation - do not make common mistakes:

  • Do not push potential rivals with your foreheads - most likely there will be a fight.
  • Do not slip a kitten to an adult cat, it will not share your emotion - most likely, the older cat will set itself a goal to get rid of a competitor.
  • Do not isolate animals without the possibility of contact, the cats have a very keen sense of smell, they will feel each other - the animals will accumulate stress, experience and still meet. The likely outcome - there will be a fight to the last breath.
  • Do not punish the first cat for a sharp reaction, and if it took place - divide the animals so that they can calm down. If you infringe upon the first cat, you will drive it into a state of stress with your own hands.

Some preparatory activities can be held in advance. If you buy a kitten, you need to visit a breeder, if you brought a baby from the street, we carry out manipulations up to the threshold. So, both cats need to cut their claws, not shortly, the main thing is to blunt them and grind them with a nail file.

Prepare in advance:

  • A large, heavy blanket that can cover one of the cats if there is a fight.
  • Spray bottle with water.
  • First Aid Kit

Next, take a towel, cut makhry or bikes. We take the first cat, wrap the hand in the fabric and stroke the pet by wool. Without pressure, but with special care we hold on the cheeks, in the area of ​​the ears, paws, and between the fingers and in the intimate area. With the same, already odorous cut, we rub the second cat. Next, we return the magic rag to the house and put it on the threshold so that the first cat can sniff it well.

Do not rush the pet and bring the second pet into the dwelling only after the first cat loses interest in the source of the new smell. By the way, it is better not to clean this cloth, but to shift it at the junction of the territories of the first and second cats. If you decide to settle pets in different rooms, it is better to put an odorous cloth on the threshold, “from the side” of the first cat, or to stretch it into the slot under the door.

How to pay off a conflict

A new cat needs to be brought into the home in a carry, not on hand. Put the carrier on the floor and do not open. If the first cat did not fit - do not worry. Wait 10–15 minutes. Before you open the door, make sure that all doors in the house are open, but the windows are closed. In the event of a fight, cats will have to retreat, and a new pet may jump out the window with fear.

They opened the carrier and slowly moved a few meters away - the moment of truth. Do not try to get a new pet, he must go out himself. Even if this stage takes an hour, do not interfere, do not call the cats, do not make unnecessary movements, your task is to observe. If everything goes well, you will observe the following:

  • Newcomer - gently out of carrying and carefully looks around. The legs are bent, the nose is constantly moving, the ears are turning.
  • Storozhil - takes the dominant position, takes his ears back, does not take his eyes off the guest, can hiss and growls.
  • Newbie - looks away and behaves according to the principle "but we do not care."
  • Storozhil - begins to bypass the novice from the side, can beat his tail to the sides.
  • Beginner - departs to the side that the guard does not protect.
  • Storozhil - continues to closely monitor.
  • Newbie - continues to drift away, can turn his back.

If all these stages are successful - you are very lucky! The newcomer admitted his position, the guardian was calm for his possessions, it remains to wait and help the animals adapt. However, things may not turn out so well. It is likely that your new pet will not want to recognize itself as a guest.

In the case of a bad scenario, a failure occurs at the second point, the newcomer will be greeted by the old-timers and both cats will die. Further, several scenarios can be observed; cats can arch their backs, growl, shout, and bristle fur. A fight is inevitable if the animals begin to move along the path of the circle and whip themselves with their tails on the sides.

If cats mate - splash water in them, if there is no spray gun ... you can also throw in the fighting (severe stress for both). Next, we cover the first cat with a blanket, take the second one out of the room. It is advisable to protect your hands so that your pet does not scratch you by inertia. We provide assistance to ourselves and animals if it is required and we introduce a moratorium on pet communication for at least one day.

Important! When you divide cats it is important not to harm the old-timers. If you close the first pet and try to feel sorry for the second petter, the not unreasonable anger of the territory owner will be added to all the adversities.

According to this algorithm, meetings should take place in the first days of living together. As practice shows, already from the second or third time, the guard is resigned to the presence of a novice. As soon as the cats stop clashing during the meeting, they need to start feeding at the same time - this will strengthen the hierarchy and help develop a certain order in the new lifestyle.

Fight or grind?

Do not confuse fights with building a hierarchy. Accept the fact that one of your cats will be alpha. The eldest member of the pack can growl at the younger one, beat him with his paw, demonstrate his superiority in every possible way and this is not a conflict, but a form of communication.

Do not interfere with the fights of cats, if they are not threatening. When a kitten appears in the house, the older cat takes it almost immediately. You may not know this, because alpha will behave very strictly and detachedly. The kitten will molest the cat, annoy her and eventually get a well-deserved slap paw. In most cases, the eldest cat will not even release its claws, since the use of force requires a reason.

If you see that now there will be a fight, you can do the following:

  • Stomping or slapping loudly - startle changes priorities.
  • Throw a towel in the direction of cats - a sharp shift of attention.
  • Throw a blanket over both cats — when the cat suddenly finds itself in the dark, she instinctively presses against the floor.
  • Splashing water in cats is a distraction factor.

There is another way that unknowingly does not use the owners. Seeing that the cats go to conflict, freeze, stare at the aggressor and begin to hiss. Make sounds as close as possible to the hiss of your pets, usually a combination of sounds “kh” and low “y”, do not hesitate, growl and even scream like a cat.

What will you achieve? The first is that you will show who is the main “cat” in this house, and this is important. Secondly, even if the demonstration of your feline significance seems to the pets unconvincing, they will be amazed at the cries. Taking advantage of the surprise and stupor, isolate the new cat. This method should not be used on hybrid breeds, since the cat can not get lost and attack you.