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Beautiful and unusual retro wedding


Do you know what styles of weddings in 2018 won the hearts of brides? And how to approach the design of the wedding decor? A lot of questions regarding the organization and design of a wedding celebration just drive the crowds of brides crazy. It's so hard not only to choose the style of the event, but also to emphasize its zest, character and personality.

Portal for future spouses Svadebka.ws will help not only to understand the intricacies of the festive decoration, but also tell you in what style to make the wedding, so that it matches the wishes and financial capabilities of the young. Still

What are the styles of weddings?

The modern world of festive fashion is full of amazing and unusual wedding themes. For example, one of the most popular wedding scenarios is the Russian wedding style, where the newlyweds are trying to revive forgotten traditions and rituals. The colorful and interesting event will surely be remembered not only by the young, but also by each guest individually.

Popular styles of celebrations in 2018 include:

  • Classic wedding style
  • Rustic celebration:
  • Rococo,
  • Renaissance theme,
  • Themed movie weddings,
  • Wedding styles in your favorite shades and more.

In thematic articles on our site you will find interesting information about each style, a pleasant bonus will be useful recommendations that have been checked by thousands of brides from different cities of the CIS and colorful photos of wedding styles. Find all the important and in one place - isn’t it necessary for the bride in pre-wedding preparation?

Wedding decoration in the style of rustic, boho, Provence and more

Before you start thinking about the details of thematic wedding decoration, carefully consider not only the theme, but also the wedding scenario in the style of the upcoming event. After all, even the smallest detail is capable of smashing the general idea, if it does not correspond to a given topic. Let us cite a few examples of the difference between seemingly similar in spirit styles.

Themed Provence Wedding:

  1. The basic palette is pastel shades. No bright colors!
  2. Vintage furniture telling about French villages,
  3. Gentle greens and plenty of floral decorations - a must!
  4. Accents on small areas of fabric, for example, napkins, with flower prints, in peas or a cage.
  5. Lace, ruffle, crochet details design.

Wedding style - boho:

  1. Wedding dress - always made of natural materials, on the legs - shoes with low heels or wedges,
  2. Natural colors that are found in nature,
  3. Ethnic motifs in the design. The main thing is not to overdo it!
  4. The celebration of the event is better to transfer to nature, emphasizing the unity of the wedding style with the environment.

At a rustic wedding There are many similar details from the above topics, but it also stands out with a number of important trifles:

  1. The color scheme of the wedding - natural soothing shades,
  2. In the design must be the presence of natural materials: wood, moss, cones, flowers, greenery, twigs and even wild berries,
  3. A bouquet is better to choose from wildflowers. Or make them additional notes,
  4. Clothing young - the most comfortable and made of natural fabrics.

To learn how to approach the design of the style you like, read below in the articles.

How to choose a wedding style in 2018

It is important for every bride to understand that you should not chase after a fashionable wedding. At the festival, it is young people who should first of all be comfortable and cozy. Actually, therefore, wedding styles in 2018 are so diverse in topics and even financial investments.

When planning a celebration, style and theme of the holiday, always rely on the wedding budget. It is about him worth taking care from the first steps of pre-wedding preparation. Having an idea of ​​the material possibilities, you can choose the styles of wedding decoration.

Further, the taste of each side should be considered. The bride and groom have the same word, because this day is especially important for each of them. Discuss every little thing so that during the ceremony there are no unpleasant surprises.

For example, the boho wedding style is perfect for romantic and airy natures, and for those who appreciate rigor and restraint we recommend a classic wedding event.

Remember, the wedding program, decoration, and even the script for a bachelorette party and bachelor party, must correspond exclusively to the taste of the young. It's so sad to realize afterwards that the moment was missed to organize a truly perfect wedding for yourself and your loved ones.

Ideas for a themed wedding

A wide variety of themed weddings have long been waiting for you on our pages! Funny and funny, touching and romantic - we will try to surprise every couple, because the ideal style of wedding decoration will help to reveal the taste and personality of future spouses.

More and more newlyweds are showing interest in original themed weddings. This may be a ceremony with a maritime theme or immersion in a vampire saga ... All for the sake of the holiday stood out and was away from the standard cliches.

How to decorate the hall?

This style will especially appeal to lovers of handmade jewelry, because with a sense of style and imagination, you can organize a very harmonious picture that is not subject to huge material costs. The first thing you need to prepare is the invitation to the wedding.

You can use simple motifs in the design: buy yellowed paper, on which the typewriter font will be informed about the date and venue. Also, invitations can be issued in the form of a beautiful vignette with a postcard, or give the appearance of a real movie poster.

As for the venue, you can rent a restaurant that has the style of the 20s-30s of the last century, and if there is no such thing in the city, then it doesn't matter: you can rent furniture, old gramophones and gramophones, buy several porcelain vases with live flowers. You can focus on the piano or fountain, but do not overdo it!

It is impossible to overload the room with a solid decor, it will look very ridiculous and artificially. By the way, it is very colorful looking at the walls of the room, which are decorated with black and white photographs of Hollywood stars of that time period.

Another important part of a themed wedding celebration is the tuple. It is necessary to choose vintage cars to match the chosen style of the wedding, for example, vintage cars with an open top will look perfect.

Of course, it will be difficult to find such cars in working condition, you can simply rent a Soviet Chaika or Victory, decorate it with ribbons and flowers, such cars help newlyweds and guests to plunge into the atmosphere of those years when cars were not yet the usual means of transportation, but were a luxury item .

Retro wedding should remain so until the very end, so it is important to observe the wedding scenario in retro style. He must be thoroughly discussed with the master of ceremonies and musicians. It is advisable that the music of those years be played all evening: jazz and rock and roll!

It is very appropriate to do the first dance of the bride and groom to some ballad. It is good if there is a saxophone among the musicians, and the waiters can be dressed in the style of that time. It is also necessary to discuss the bride theft in advance, this action can be made extremely bright and unforgettable, for example, in the form of a robbery or an armed attack.

The main details of the celebration

Young couples who decide to celebrate the holiday in retro style have a lot of work to do. First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of the time, learn about events and celebrities.

To make the triumph successful, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • issuing invitations
  • wedding venue,
  • selection of music.

What should be the invitation

The choice of invitations should be considered carefully. The best option is a joint photo of young people in black and white.

On invitations you can place old cars or other pictures that will remind you of past years. Ribbons, feathers, pearls and laces can be used as decorations.

Dude time

Making a wedding in the style of style, you need to remember the 60th year. At that time, ladies' dresses were notable for their romance and femininity. Flared skirts and skinny pants were in fashion. Wedding celebration should be bright and fun.

Particular attention should be paid to the color scheme. Blue, red, green dresses with polka dots are a real trend of the season. As for men, they should try on bright shirts with unusual ties or butterflies. Trousers in a cage and a strip - are most preferable.

Retro car

Vintage style involves the use of unusual accessories. To arrange a wedding with taste, will have to give free rein to the imagination. The main role is played by the choice of a wedding convoy. It can be anything, it all depends on the preferences of the newlyweds.

The most popular options are as follows:

  • retro car
  • horse drawn carriage
  • a wagon decorated with flowers
  • motorcade of cars "Volga".

Image of the bride

Preferring retro style, you must carefully consider the image of the bride and groom. It is important to choose the right outfits, accessories, decorations.

The image of the bride requires special attention. To make it perfect, you should choose the style of a trapeze dress or an hourglass. Fluffy skirts, voluminous sleeves, lace elements are also welcome.

And so, consider the components of the ideal image of the bride:

  1. The dress. From the deep cleavage, transparent inserts and open back will have to be abandoned. The material can be anything, but synthetics are most preferred.
  2. Decorations. The wedding image will be incomplete without various ornaments. For retro style fit large earrings, wide bracelets, bright beads.
  3. Gloves. Gloves of pink, turquoise, blue shade will help to complement the outfit. In addition, they may be the same color as the dress.
  4. A bag. The shape of the trapezoid is the most preferred. The bag may be small, with short handles.
  5. Makeup. The photo shows interesting ideas. Makeup should be evident. First of all, these are bright arrows and shadows, lipstick of a rich shade.
  6. Hairstyle. Babette or neat curls will be the best option.
  7. Manicure. Brides should pay attention to acid colors. The following tones are especially popular: red, purple, pink. Classic still does not lose its leading position, the French manicure will look appropriate.
  8. Bouquet. Tropical flowers will have to be abandoned, preference should be given to daisies, carnations, daisies, carnations, gladioli. Yellow flowers are a great choice.
  9. Footwear. Creating a wedding image, shoes play an important role. It should be not only attractive, but also comfortable. Boat shoes can perfectly highlight the retro style.

Image of the groom

The choice of attire for the groom should also be considered carefully. The best option is a three-piece suit, a bright shirt, a bow tie. A hat and pointed toe shoes will complement the look.

In addition to the outfit, you should take care of the hairstyle. Smoothly laid hair will look attractive.

Hall decoration

The easiest way to celebrate a vintage wedding in the banquet hall, the design can be viewed on the photo. Thus it is necessary to place accents correctly. Accessories play an important role. It can be heavy curtains, huge chandeliers, retro furniture.

The decor is of particular interest. Carpets, a few chairs, paintings, photographs, old sewing machines will help to convey the mood of the last century.

Wedding in vintage style provides for the presence of muted lighting, in the photo you can see the original ideas. Light twilight in yellow shades will help to plunge into the era of past years.

In preparation for the holiday, we should not forget about the design of the photo zone. It is advisable to make several of them and prepare a special props. For both newlyweds and invited guests, there is a good opportunity to take a lot of bright pictures.

Photos on the background of posters, tape recorder, old and interesting things, will remind you of a merry celebration. If you can, it is worth making a photo session on the street.

Retro weddings are very popular. More and more young couples want to go to the 60s even for one evening. To make the triumph successful, you need to recharge yourself with positive emotions and plunge into the festive atmosphere.

Retro wedding at the turn of the century

The fashion of the beginning of the last century still remembered balls and receptions in the royal palaces. Therefore, the representatives of the weaker sex can easily afford to wear dresses on the floor of lace, organza, flowing feminine styles, wide-brimmed hats. Mature ladies are ideally suited for tablet hats with veils. Men should be gorgeous in their severity, wearing coats, wide ties, watches with a chain on trousers.

The colors in the design should be chosen only gentle, pastel: beige, dirty pink, light gray, light green.

American retro wedding

Fashion of the last century from the 20s to the 80s of the last century is called vintage today. The 20s is a period of sensual luxury with a unique style of weekend dresses of that time. This is a luxurious boa on the shoulders, headbands with a feather, black velvet ribbon with a huge stone around the neck or a long string of pearls, high gloves, aggressive makeup. This style is also known as “American retro”. A woman of any age in such an outfit will be just a fatal beauty. A flared flared trousers in combination with a bow tie and a white jacket is an unforgettable sight in its own way.

Chicago retro wedding

Fans of strict classics can use the more concise fashion of the 30s. Women of the time preferred straight cut dresses with overhead shoulders, however, elegant fabrics were defiantly shiny, from Lurex or embroidered with sequins. In combination with bowlers on the head, which the yoke was wearing on its side, the outfits were simply amazing.

Accordingly, the ladies of that time men will be irresistible in suits with a white scarf or neck scarf instead of a tie. Chicago style allows young people to wear vests with suspenders. To achieve a complete picture of young people, you can make oblique partings on the head and richly lubricate the hairstyles with a brilliant gel, the type of “brilliantine” fashionable for those times.

If you borrow toy guns from children and take pictures in such an image, the wedding shots will be very original. The color scheme of Chicago weddings is violet, azure, indigo, pink with black print.

Retro Wedding Styles

After the military dullness come bold and uninhibited images. Women at the wedding will have to dress in cropped dresses with very full skirts. All guests as decorations can make the brightest scarves from light fabrics. The colors of the bridesmaid dress can be in bold large peas or sweeping flowers. A wide belt under the chest, a colored bandage on the head and the famous “babette” bouffant will become an integral part of the appearance of the bride and groom and her girlfriends. In addition, a special place in the image of retro takes makeup, which is characterized by volume arrows and eyelashes.

Regarding the appearance of the groom and the stronger sex, striped flared trousers, floral print shirts and red bow ties are appropriate. Colors should be only bright, screaming.

Retro wedding tuple

If possible, wedding cars should correspond to the chosen era. To the entourage of antiquity fit horses harnessed to a wagon and decorated with flowers. For a wedding in the style of Chicago, you can choose a convertible or a limousine. Dandies should ride on the old car brands. For example, the “Victory” or “Volga” of the old sample will probably be found at the box office.

Retro Wedding: Invitations

For such a vintage holiday invitation must be appropriate. You can style invitation cards for vintage postcards with a photo of the newlyweds in a retro image. Typically, they use artificially aged paper with sepia effect. To complete the vintage look try to pack an invitation in a graceful envelope, tied with a thin twine.

You can make the final touch by dressing up a courier in one of the characters of that time, for example, Al Capone or Marilyn Monroe. City animators can easily cope with this task. In the invitations, don't forget to mark the wedding scenario in retro style and recommend the outfits as a dress code.

Retro wedding decoration

As you know, the era create little things. Banquet hall should be decorated in the spirit of the selected time. For the beginning of the century, openwork linen tablecloths and napkins, velor or velvet curtains, huge candelabra, faded mirrors, fancy tableware made of crystal, porcelain, oval photo frames are suitable.

For the 20-30s, it is necessary to get gramophones, gramophones. Plates can be hung on the walls. Perhaps there are old heavy phones with a rotating handle, shiny dishes, mouthpieces in heavy ashtrays for the entourage.

Период стиляг более современный, поэтому кассетные магнитофоны, гитары, саксофон — все это будет очень уместно. Стиль стола должен быть простой, стандартно-ресторанный. Бутылочки с лимонадом в стекле и мороженное в вафельных стаканчиках приветствуются.

Свадьба в стиле ретро: внешний вид молодоженов

Свадебный наряд начала прошлого века может не ограничиваться по роскоши фасона. A typical ball gown with a corset, train, fluffy and gorgeous - what you need. If you decide to add a headdress to your image, let it be a princess hood, a sparkling tiara with a veil or veil, and a wide-brimmed lace hat. The groom for such a retro wedding is a strict and elegant man in a white, gray, black dress coat or tuxedo. On the head is a top hat or a hat, on the neck is a scarf or a bow. A boutonniere with a flower to match the bride's dress will not be redundant.

For the 1920s-1930s, low-waisted dresses, an elegant white boa, a feather veil or a large flower are characteristic. Bride's hair should be gathered in a smooth hairstyle. A classic suit with sparkling cufflinks on the sleeves is quite suitable for the groom. It is desirable to complement the image of the future husband with an elegant hat.

A stylish bride of the 60s can dress in a sun dress made of heavy lace or a flared skirt up to her knees. To decorate this outfit should wide ribbon with a bow. You can choose a color, for example, bright pink. Pink clutch in the hands of the same shade of the bezel or ribbon on the head will help emphasize the image. From shoe it is best to pay attention to the white boat. Hairstyle for creative brides - bouffant with garment, for more modest girls - high tail or loose locks. The groom-stye should look very bright and spectacular. This will help him flared trousers and a colored shirt with huge cuffs.

Retro Wedding: Dress Code

For the style of the celebration to be complete, all guests must match the image of the chosen era. But do not hope so. It is better to independently prepare accessories for those who are invited: scarves, hats, ribbons, bright jewelry. Thus, even those guests who come in modern outfits will be able to at least a little get into the image and arrange an unforgettable joint photo session of the wedding in retro style.

Wedding decor in retro style: the nuances

Vintage wedding looks especially gorgeous, causes genuine delight among invited, and in photos leaves an imprint of noble antiquity.

Retro-style wedding photos look beautiful in both color and black and white.

Last option especially effective, because against the background of such a modest range of emotions and facial expressions are clearly visible. The theme chosen in accordance with the mood and worldview of the couple will help to make the celebration bright and memorable for many years. Choosing an era, it is advisable to listen to your feelings. What is closer to you? Golden 20s, revolutionary 60s or dynamic 80s?

The color scheme of retro weddings varies widely. from pastel shades to indigo. Also look great accessories and decor in yellow or brown colors.

Wedding photo in retro style

Suitable venues for the celebration:

  • restaurant with appropriate decorations,
  • country mansion, built in the old style,
  • open lawn.

The last option is the most budget, because you can order "catering" - catering service. Do not forget about the musical accompaniment of good quality, and the most suitable music in this case is a live sound.

Musicians playing the instruments of that era will give a special flavor to the whole holiday and bring a lively moment to the feast.

How to come up with a retro wedding script?

Coming up with the script, you can learn something from the history of those years. How the weddings were played at the time what was said during the ceremony and feasts than surprised guests. If you want to organize a professional wedding decoration in retro style, then it is better to invite a toastmaster, giving him a thematic task. This person will think up the bride ransom, the line of conduct of the groom and relatives, and also concisely conclude the whole celebration, so that it will be remembered as a beautiful and nonsense "love story."

For variety, you can include in the script riding a horse drawn horse. In order for the fun to be complete, gypsy dances and romances with a guitar will be appropriate. This topic is especially close to the pre-revolutionary period. The scenario of the retro wedding of the “Soviet” period is even simpler to compose, because some moments will be prompted by grandparents who have not yet forgotten their own happy moments of life.

Invitation to the retro wedding

Do not forget about wedding invitations. Arrange them so that intrigue guests. For example, you can make invitations in the form of rolled-up rolls of vintage paper, or you can pack sheets in envelopes of that era. Small mementos, by the way, were made to be given to guests in the past.

So, vintage weddings are of three main types:

  1. Genuine vintage. From the organizer in this case requires a scrupulous study of the history and traditions of the past era, full immersion into it using ancient antiquarian gizmos.
  2. Stylization under vintage. This is a borrowing of some vintage elements, that is, an easier version of the organization.
  3. Combined version. This wedding involves a combination of equal proportions of vintage and modern trends.

Images of the bride and groom in retro style

For the main characters of the celebration, it is better to choose costumes from a fashion designer who knows a lot about retro-style, or sew them yourself, using as samples. models of vintage dresses and jackets. The most simple outfit for the bride - a tunic in the style of the 20s. It looks quite appropriate. It is possible to emphasize all the advantages of the figure with the help of a dress made in the style of the 50s.

A slimming corset makes an elegant high-profile lady out of the ordinary bride.

The choice of the groom at first glance seems more modest, but you can focus on a stylish bow tie, hat, vest in a cage, suspenders or gloves. Hairpin for a tie, pince-nez and cufflinks - these are also accessories from the past. The young groom will suit the image of dudes, complete with bright accessories. The main condition - the pair should look harmonious.

Silver cufflinks with cubic zirconia, S & P (price by reference)

Ring pillow is made of lace material or burlap. Lace umbrella, as well as gloves, also sound in unison with the leitmotif of those years. Universal decoration for brides is considered gentle pearl necklace. Another important touch to the image is the hairstyle. There are a lot of variations here: curls, falling waves, flirtatious bunches. A veil instead of a long veil will give the necessary freedom of movement, which is so important for self-expression. Also, retro-style allows you to decorate the hair with fresh flowers, hairpins, combs, feathers.

Retro hairstyle

Gold earrings with sapphires and diamonds, SL (price by reference)

Makeup that fits the term “retro” is clear arrows on the eyelids and bright, sensual lips. However, pin-up is also great. This make-up looks advantageous when taking photos in any weather.

Wedding background in the style of past years

The atmosphere plays an important role in creating an atmosphere that corresponds to the chosen epoch. The simplest solution is fleet of old car models. They can be moved during a trip to the registrar or on a walk, later arrange a delightful photo session. These cars offer to hire, and it is quite affordable.

The second point is the choice of the room. The more its design fits the theme, the deeper the immersion into the past.

Suitable surroundings can be found in grandmother's storerooms, where bags, records, photographs, cameras, telephone sets, tapestries, vintage pictures, and even the old piano are dusting.

For example, typewriters and Singer typewriters will also create the necessary flavor.

Instead of symbolic arch use antique doorsfinished with brass. Flowers in large stone flowerpots give a special pomp to the celebration. Traditionally used compositions of roses, daffodils and tulips. By the way, the bridal bouquet is usually decorated with cameo, and the groom's boutonniere is supplemented with feathers or a medallion. In order to give more romance to the wedding evening, it is better to light candles in antique candlesticks. In the celebration zone you can place lamps, lanterns, hanging them in the trees.

Groom's retro costume

The celebration in the mint-turquoise gamut from Tiffany is suitable for couples who want to make it as chic and spectacular as possible. Then the tables can be decorated with branded boxes, filling them with stones with imitation diamonds. Satin ribbons and bows are perfect for such décor. Designers are able to create real masterpieces, but you can do it on your own by borrowing ideas, for example, from old movies. Whichever of these styles is chosen, the main thing is that everything looks outrageous, but harmonious, as in the history of the Great Gatsby.

Retro or vintage? Distinctive features of styles and their components

Many newlyweds, who have decided on the scenario direction of the wedding, are sometimes confused: how to correctly call it “retro” or “vintage”, and what are its meaningful differences? We will understand with the concepts.

“Retro” is a term used to refer to various categories of antiques with any historical or cultural value. “Vintage” is a concept meaning stylization of things under “antiquity”. In other words, “retro” is genuine antiques and objects that were in use in the past, and “vintage” are modern items with a designer touch of “time”. Both concepts, as a rule, include the time frame of the end of the XIX - first half of the XX centuries. With regard to the same clothes, the frame is somewhat already - 20 - 80 years. vulgar century.

Photos from the site: kakprosto.ru

But do not think that a retro wedding is an unattainable design decision. Yes, indeed, antiques, and in good condition, is difficult to find. But you can use artificially aged things or made in retro style. Indeed, the entourage is important, not historical affiliation. In addition, retro wedding does not imply strictly following the canons of a certain time. And vintage items are more practical and convenient, and provide a wider field for experimentation.

Photos from the site: story-wedding.ru

So, retro-wedding and vintage wedding are indistinguishable in their content, and it is not worth making a sharp distinction between these concepts.

Wedding decor in vintage style

Let's start in order. Wedding always begins with invitations. A vintage style wedding begins with invitations in vintage design. Best of all, the given style will correspond to invitations made on paper with the effect of aging, or with photos of the newlyweds in retro-style. Handwork is welcome: appliqués from lace, feathers, sewn beads, wax seal and rope, etc. Invitations can be issued either by hand or typed on a real typewriter. Invitations, for greater persuasiveness in the mood of the celebration, can be tied up with a graceful ribbon.

Photos from the site: allhotelsru.ru

Photos from the site: sksbook.ru

Wedding procession should consist of retro cars or ... train, and other options are not even taken into account.

Photos from the site: onamag.ru

Photos from the site: holiday-for-you.ru

The venue of the celebration is not so important for its specialization and location, as much as its surroundings. The best solutions for a retro wedding:

  • Park, but always regular. The natural landscape will erase all the patches of grotesque and pathos, which are simply necessary in a retro-style wedding. But smooth lawns, neatly trimmed shrubs, bizarre finds of landscape design - best of all correspond to the retro spirit. Park area should be furnished with numerous benches and gazebos and benches in retro style.

Photos from the site: limauto-vrn.

  • Country house, architecture, or at least the interior decoration, which would send its guests to the time of the XIX century - the first half of the XX century, also perfectly fit into the theme of the wedding. In any case, the spirit of the interior will help things and objects in a retro style.

Photos from the site: dager.ru

  • Celebration on a yacht or boat. As in the previous decision, the interior should have a touch of antiquity.

Photos from the site: svadebka.ws

  • The simplest solution is a banquet hall, already stylized as antique. Wallpapers, vintage furniture, heavy curtains, large chandeliers and candelabra - everything should speak about the spirit of the times.

Photos from the site: itigd.com

The decor is especially important, because it is he who creates the necessary surroundings. But restraint is important here. Remember retro - it hurts practicality and minimalism. So carpets, a few old-fashioned armchairs, tables, and candelabra will be more than enough. You can dilute the interior with paintings and photos in retro style, old sewing machines and other utensils. And just need a grand piano of the last century.

Photos from the site: decokit.ru

If the wedding budget allows, it would be ideal to hold a wedding with live music. An orchestra that performs fashionable melodies of the past time will give the wedding a special flavor and chic. If the budget is limited, then soft music, jazz and foxtrot, flowing from the gramophone speakers will help to create an entourage ...

Photos from the site: dager.ru

The interior should be a lot of flowers in vases and vases, of course, the appropriate style.

Photos from the site: vyhozhu-zamuzh.com

An important role is given to lighting - light twilight, lighting with a yellowish drift or in the sepia solution will help to plunge into the era.

Photos from the site: prazdnikidey.ru

Banquet hall should be furnished with vintage furniture. It is important that the chairs were "dressed" in covers and tied with a ribbon on the back. On the tables - solemn white tablecloths.

Photos from the site: blog.hwtm.com

The interior should be discreet colors. Preferred pastel or dusty shades. Colors should not be dense and saturated.

Photos from the site: imarry.su

Food should not be from the retro menu at all, the usual standard menu will do, but the table setting and dishes should comply with all the canons of the era! But the main dish of the wedding table - the cake - should be deliberately artsy and florid. And because only a multi-tiered piece of confectionery art, richly decorated with large flowers of cream.

Photos from the site: bookmix.ru

Vintage Wedding: Photos of Bride and Groom Suits

Vintage wedding is particularly demanding for costumes, not only spouses, but also their guests. So therefore, if you decide to hold a celebration in retro style, then notify your guests about the dress code in advance. Modern costumes guests, just kill the whole concept of the holiday. It is not necessary to come in vintage clothes, it is enough to choose the desired style. Women will need the desired entourage to create a pair of veils and lace gloves, and men tie a bow tie.

Photos from the site: uaculture.com

But the bride and groom should acquire costumes in retro style. If you can get the costumes of past eras in good condition and suit you with their design, then safely use them, naturally fitting them to the figure. Consider options for the bride and groom's costumes for the wedding in a retro style, photos are attached.

Another couple of nuances for a vintage wedding

If you are going to hold such an unusual event as a retro wedding, take care to preserve it in the memory of your future family and your guests. The best gift for the wedding guests will be a spectacular photo session and video shooting in retro style. Photos with vintage carved border in black and white or variations of sepia, will help to create the desired effect. A wedding in vintage style in the photo for a long time will be reminded of its scope and the original decision.

Photos from the site: sr-svadba.ru

Naturally, modern technologies allow you to create any effect and object in a photo, but the process of shooting, surrounded by objects and the interior, which emanate the spirit of a bygone story, unusual scenery, immersed in a different reality, will give you and your guests a lot of pleasant emotions. So think about the plots for shooting, attributes and even costumes.

Photos from the site: 2006-2009.littleone.ru

Start your new life with a story! A retro-style wedding will give you that feeling, and will definitely “increase” the experience of married life ... at least in photographs.