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Gray coat


Hello, dear readers! Gray women's coat can be safely attributed to the ever young classics. Such a coat at all times was perceived, and will also be perceived stylishly, freshly, practically and nobly, if you are lacking in the image of these qualities - immediately go to the store for a new coat. Stylists assure that a gray coat will become a real wand for its owner, because it is so many faces, it can be put on for work, a business meeting, a date and a trip to a restaurant! It is enough only to occasionally dilute the image with all sorts of accessories: a scarf, belts or belts, a hat, a colored handbag, strict or sports shoes, decorations!

Will a gray coat fit a full girl?

Yes, of course fit! Stylists recommend that plump girls look at dark shades of gray, which visually make the figure more subtle. Take a closer look at the models freely cut, with the possibility of girdling. Give up thin belts and compact bags, remember - you need wide belts and bulky bags, only in this case your image will be perceived harmoniously!

Celebrities in gray coats.

The stars know how to properly present this or that clothes, look at the photo below, you can get a couple of stylistic tricks for yourself: Angelina Jolie Ashley Benson Jessica Alba Jennifer Lopez Kate moss Kim Kardashian Miranda Kerr Rosie Huntington-Wheatley Cameron Diaz Kate hudson Jessica Alba Victoria Beckham

Plunge into the world of fashion, look at the Vinicio Pajaro fur collection:

Dear readers, now you know that a gray coat can be really stylish, the main thing is to find your color and style! Do not be afraid of gray, he is able to make you a queen, and do not believe those who say that the gray tone is ugly, in fact, he is amazing! Do not forget to subscribe to receive news from the site "Kabluchok.ru", stay up to date with fashion trends!

Models and styles

As soon as the designers do not change the gray coat, trying to create unique clothes with classic elements! Thanks to this zeal, you and I can choose a gray coat from a variety of options:

  • sports models that need to be worn exclusively with sports shoes,
  • high-waisted, showing off the beauty of the breasts,
  • military, removing all the rules and restrictions

  • long to the floor, like dresses,
  • flared from the chest
  • with three-quarter sleeves or bat,
  • with smell.

Separately want to note short models - they look great on almost any shape and are at ease regarding the issues of combining with other elements.

Coat with stand-up collar it will look even better if a discreet accessory is successfully chosen for it - even a light scarf will make a gray coat interesting and expressive.

Under long gray coat it is not necessary to wear boots, it is better to choose shoes, shoes or ankle boots. As for clothes, under such a coat is better to wear tight clothes: skinny jeans, leggings, straight dresses, pencil skirts. Although with classic trousers you can achieve a harmonious combination.

We are accustomed to three variations of gray: classic gray, light and dark. But this is not all tones, which are based on gray. Even in the famous film it is mentioned about 50 shades of gray.

We will not consider such an amount, but the most interesting of them will be mentioned:

  • gray with a silver tint
  • almost white, slightly periwinkle,
  • pearl color,
  • pigeon gray
  • dark mouse, looking very noble,
  • dark anthracite, which a little more and will turn blue marengo,
  • unusual quartz,
  • the color of wet asphalt, which had become a classic.

When buying a gray coat, choose a variety of shades, because the standard gray is dull and not relevant this season.

Gray color itself is beautiful, deep and inviting, but designers try to dilute it in every possible way, to make it more interesting. Therefore, it is increasingly possible to see a gray coat with a different print in collections and in shops. It can be intricate and be the main element, and can also be simple and unobtrusive, to serve as a nice addition to the main color. A little retro style has not damaged even one thing.

Designers most often use a cage of various sizes, motley and herringbone.

For full

Who said that a gray coat should not be worn by full women? This is a big nonsense. Not only possible, but also definitely necessary. Only you need to choose dark shades of gray, which will add slimness and sophistication. You should choose free models to which you can add a wide belt.

Fashion trends

Coats with meek sleeves, which can be tight-fitting or loose, should be worn with long gloves - this look will look great and give off a casual luxury.

Wide sleeves of the well-known bat type persevere into all areas of fashion, and you can see them in a gray coat. Models in the best traditions of the classics began to decorate the most unusual details, taken from other styles.

Short pile on fur collars can be made in the same tone as the coat or be a contrast element. A particularly elegant look on the gray fabric fur, consisting of several colors that shimmer beautifully.

The coat with rounded shoulders is a novelty this season, and trench coats, coats in the form of capes, robes and ponchos have received a second life.

For the production of gray coat can be used a wide range of materials, among which the most commonly chosen are drape, noble leather, delicate cashmere, rich fur, playful velor and flannel.

If a winter coat is created in gray, then drape, leather or wool-based material is often chosen. The synthetic winterizer is actively used, which is indispensable for creating winter outerwear. As before, the combination of leather and fur trim remains at a height.

How to choose?

As we said before, gray has a lot of shades that you need to be able to choose. It is necessary to be based on the type and features of each girl individually.

The presence of dark hair and pale skin is obliged to choose a coat with a rich, deep color. If the coat was chosen light, then necessarily in the image should be bright and expressive accessories.

The predominance of light shades in the female image requires the choice of a coat in light pastel gray tones.

Reddish or chestnut-colored hair and a blush on the cheeks indicate an autumn type of its owner, to which the gray color in its pure form fits very well.

With the color figured out, it's time to get to the style, which is selected depending on the type of figure:

A triangular shape (thin waist, narrow shoulders and wide hips) will look good in a coat with wide collars. This element is able to bring balance to the image.

Sand figure is a reason for pride, because it is considered ideal. With such a figure is allowed to choose any coat, in any case, it will look great.

The apple figure (narrow top and bottom, but a voluminous belly) leaves little choice regarding the coat. A girl with such a figure will need to choose from O-shaped models and military style. The figure, which in its outlines resembles a pear, requires emphasis on the waist and the presence in the coat of expressive, voluminous collars.

The square figure is deprived of the correct proportions and indicates the presence of excess weight. In this case, the coat should reach the knee, have a fitted top and a wide bottom.

What to wear?

Colour. Coat without accessories simply can not exist, it will be a crime against fashion. Mistakes in the choice of additional elements make everything, from young girls to the wise fashionable experience of ladies.

Although the fashion world is constantly changing, but the main rules remain the same, except that with the exception of the three-color rule. If the image is romantic or business in nature, then this rule should be strictly observed, but when casual style is considered, then you can forget about the three colors and experiment in your pleasure.

Accessories. The list of mandatory accessories includes the following items:

Scarf. It can be chosen in almost any color, with various ornaments, patterns and prints. Even a gray scarf can be matched to a gray coat, but it is necessary to achieve maximum contrast. The scarf must match the season and weather conditions.

Special popularity is noted in the category of scarves "a la rus", Arabic scarves, products with animalistic animal prints.

A long coat will not look good with a wide-brimmed hat, but with a beret it looks very good.

Belt or belt can be leather - it is a win-win option, which is necessarily present in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. If you do not have it yet, then you urgently need to buy and wear under your gray coat. A bright belt will help to combine bright shoes and a gray coat into a single tandem.

A wide belt will highlight the waist, protect from the wind and transform any coat.

If we talk about colors, you can choose brown, red and black shoes. There may be controversy about brown, but the secret to creating a successful image is to choose the right shade of shoes.

Popular and suitable for a gray coat are sand shade, the combination of red and brown, camel color. Plunging headlong into the problem of choosing shoes, do not forget about tights. If your legs can not be called the standard of beauty, then tights are chosen strictly in tune with the shoes.

Stars in a gray coat

A gray coat is a frequent choice for many star women:

Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a gray coat and gray boots.

Emma Watson creates on the basis of a gray coat amazing and absolutely unique images that can be adopted.

Sarah Jessica Parker is probably an outcast fan of a gray coat, since there are several such cute little things in her wardrobe.

Stylish and fashionable images

What images did they choose for themselves and did they choose the right elements for outerwear?

Are you still afraid to combine gray coat with white color? Then pay your attention to the next lady who may be going on a date, to a restaurant or theater, or maybe just decided to conquer this world today. And she has every chance of it, because her image is perfectly matched. Playing shades, among which there is the color of milk chocolate, silver and ivory tint, would not be so charming without a gray coat, which serves as an excellent complement, and not the main element.

Gray coat 2017

Stylish and trendy gray coat 2017 can have a variety of styles. Young girls and older women successfully fit this piece of outerwear into everyday, urban, business and romantic looks, as it blends very well with other things. This season, women's gray coat can be made of various materials, for example:

  • tweed - a very interesting fabric, which is obtained from sheep's wool. This material consists of multi-colored threads, so that it acquires an unusual relief structure. The women's gray tweed coat is very warm and dense, so it can protect its owner even in fierce cold. In addition, products made from this material do not crumple and slowly wear out. For this reason, the fair sex appreciate tweed and very often give their preference to this material,
  • wool - natural or with the addition of impurities. Regardless of whether any other components are added to the wool composition, wool products are incredibly warm and comfortable, so they are ideal for winter,
  • boucle - rough material that requires careful handling. The women's gray boubed coat has many advantages over other models - it has a high density, does not hesitate, retains heat well and allows the skin to breathe,
  • knitted patterns are suitable for wearing only in demi-season, because they do not have high thermal characteristics. Meanwhile, these products are deservedly popular with beautiful ladies due to the fact that knitwear always favorably emphasizes the outlines of a female silhouette and makes them incredibly seductive.

Gray coat 2017

Fashionable gray coat 2017

What can I wear with a women's gray coat?

The question of what to wear women's gray coat arises from beautiful ladies extremely rarely, because this thing fits absolutely everything. It perfectly combines with bright clothes and wardrobe items of muted shades, strict suits and casual jeans, ankle boots with high heels and flat shoes. Meanwhile, there are obviously winning combinations that will look great in all situations. For example, a light gray fitted coat in an ensemble with a black pencil skirt and classic shoes will make a stylish and strict look.

Gray coat ensembles

Gray oversized coat

Things of overseas style is not easy to fit into an ordinary look. So, images with a gray coat that looks visually a couple of sizes larger than the standard clothes of the women of fashion may look ridiculous in some situations. Especially it concerns the shortened models of outerwear in combination with a mini-skirt, leggings and low shoes. Such a look looks sloppy and overly flirtatious, so even young girls will have to give it up.

With other things, the oversized women's gray coat is a lot better. This model can be easily combined with a variety of pants, jeans, dresses or skirts. It should be borne in mind that the shortened items of outerwear look harmoniously only with the bottom, which looks out from under the hem, and long products - on the contrary.

Gray oversized coat

Gray coat with leather sleeves

Bows with a gray coat, decorated with leather sleeves, always look stylish and attractive. This piece of clothing fits without any problems in the urban style and goes well with jeans, pants, skirts and any kind of shoes. So, this garment can be complemented by elegant boots or boots, as well as comfortable sneakers, sneakers or shoes in men's style.

Gray coat with leather sleeves

Long gray coat

The extended options are harmoniously combined with any items of basic wardrobe, but they require careful selection of shoes. So, an elegant light gray coat, reaching the ankle, can be worn only with high boots on stiletto, steady heels or wedges. A dark model can be complemented with boots in men's style, loafers or sneakers, but only in an ensemble with trousers or jeans.

Long gray coat

Gray short coat

The shortened variations are the favorite garments of young girls. They look very good with jeans and trousers of any style, skirts, dresses and other things. In this case, such products are best combined with the wardrobe elements of neutral colors, for example, black and white, however, red, yellow, green and other bright colors will also be relevant in a similar image.

Shoes for short coats, you can pick up any. So, business women, for whom it is important to make a pleasant and confident impression on others, combine this piece of clothing with strict skirts and high-heeled boots. Young girls who prefer the urban style can wear a short gray coat with a hood and complement it with torn jeans and comfortable lace-up sneakers.

Gray short coat

Gray coat bathrobe

The original gray spring coat, resembling a robe, looks great in combination with all things. In addition, it visually balances the figure, making it more proportionate. Thanks to this feature, coat-robes are chosen by both slim young girls and women of fashion with plus-size size. Shoes for such outerwear are also not difficult to pick up - in an ensemble with classic shoes, ankle boots or high-heeled boots it looks stern and elegant, and in combination with comfortable sneakers or sneakers it is stylish, defiant and youthful.

Gray coat bathrobe

Gray zip coat

The zip model is incredibly comfortable. So, women's gray coat, decorated with a long zipper, it is very easy to put on and take off. In addition, it is much less prone to blowing out, unlike similar models on buttons and clips. This variation can have the following varieties:

  • The classic model has a long zipper, located strictly in the center. It can be supplemented with a hood or high collar-collar,
  • the product with a slanting lightning looks very original, however, it should be remembered that the main element of the decor in it is the castle. For this reason, it is not necessary to acquire such decorations, overloaded with decorations. Косая молния не подходит для длинной верхней одежды, она может размещаться только лишь на классических или укороченных изделиях,
  • the version with the zipper shifted to the side is also quite original, but it was not widespread among modern fashionistas.

Gray zip coat

Gray coat - accessories

To look stylish and attractive, fashionable gray coat must be supplemented with suitable accessories. Since this thing is designed for cool and cold days, in most cases it is worn with a hat, cozy gloves and a dream or a scarf. In addition, each girl will certainly need a handbag in which she can place all the necessary little things.

Fashion accessories to gray coat

Scarf to gray coat

Snud or a scarf under a gray coat can be anything, depending on the individual preferences of women of fashion. As for the color range, when choosing this accessory it is best to stay on the tones from the following list:

  • A red scarf in combination with this item of clothing always looks advantageous. Thanks to him, the image becomes moderately noticeable and bright, but at the same time maintains restraint and moderation,
  • brown, beige, powdery, coffee and chocolate shades give the created look a confidence and status. This combination is perfect for business women.
  • Marsala's trendy color will add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the look,
  • a mint and blue color scheme will add freshness and make the resulting ensemble airy,
  • a yellow scarf will look harmonious, bright and a little bold,
  • violet or lavender accessory will complement the gentle and romantic image.

Scarf to gray coat

Cap to gray coat

Headwear to outerwear should be selected based on the basic style of the wardrobe item. For example, a gray wool coat in a classic design can be supplemented with an elegant hat or a knitted hat decorated with beautiful embroidery. The women's military coat will look great with a cap or a hat. If your choice is a luxurious winter coat with fur trim, you should choose a hat made from natural fur of the same animal. The color of the headdress can match the basic tone of the outerwear or contrast with it.

Cap to gray coat

Bag to gray coat

To pick up a handbag to this product is not difficult at all. The classic gray coat, ideal for business women, looks best with strict black genuine leather bags. Moreover, if you want to add a “zest” to the image, you can opt for a varnished accessory. The casual look can be “diluted” by a bright and unusual in shape storage, the color of which should contrast with the main tone.

For example, women's dark gray coat goes well with a bright green or crimson handbag. A light gray product can be combined with a blue, yellow or orange thing. In addition, a gray bag is suitable for this variant, but only in a situation where it does not merge with the outerwear, but differs from it at least by one tone. Finally, a sports or youth model can be supplemented with a women's backpack of any style, color and style.

How to choose a stylish gray coat

Currently, several models of similar outerwear are in fashion at once. Such styles are most relevant this fall:

  • Classic fitted silhouettes. This wool or drape coat is combined with casual and office style, and can be the basis of your wardrobe.

  • Models with leather inserts on the sleeves, which for several years have not surrendered their positions ranking the most fashionable things of the autumn-winter season. This is a youth version, well combined with casual style things.

  • Direct products with wide collars without finishing. The most current version of the current season of this cut: a gray-blue coat.
  • Overseas models are casual and sporty. These patterns will ideally sit on slim, tall girls. Avoid such cost is only plump girls, as well as young ladies of small stature - they can make their figure completely formless.

  • Coat-robe, as well as styles, flared from the chest. This is an ideal option for ladies with curvaceous, which looks especially feminine.

  • Products with volumetric sleeves, as in the photo. These fashionable things, as well as models with voluminous collars will suit girls with wide hips and small breasts. It is worth choosing such to lovers of romantic style in clothes.

As for the fabric, now it is possible to find a coat made of various materials. But the most popular, as well as practical, remain: tweed, drape, wool, felted knitwear, as well as cotton and cashmere. Products from such fabrics will never go out of fashion.

What to combine gray coat

Such a product will easily become the central detail of your winter wardrobe, since it can easily be combined with any other clothing. In particular, you can use such universal combinations for creating your own fashionable image:

  • With a dress-case, ankle boots with high heels, as well as a strict bag of bright color. For this combination, the most suitable model with a volume fur collar. Also, instead of a dress, you can choose a formal suit with a pencil skirt for such a set.

  • With dress pants, black suede booties and a strict bag. This combination is universal - you can easily combine with it even a fashionable coat in a cage, adding a black belt to the image, as well as white metal decorations with black inserts.

  • With leather black leggings, massive boots, as well as a large shapeless bag. With these things it will be most advantageous to look light gray oversized coat.

  • With a plain T-shirt, ripped jeans and a voluminous bag. This option will suit casual style lovers. Here you can pick up any shoes: if you choose a dark gray coat, you will ideally combine with it black massive ankle boots and even boots. But the gray-blue product can look spectacular with light beige shoes and even white sneakers - even sports chic lovers should look at this option.

Advice: you can use any similar image when choosing with which to wear a gray women's coat, but don’t be afraid to experiment while creating your own fashionable outfit. Remember that almost all combinations with such outerwear will look good.

How to choose a scarf and a hat for such a coat?

If you choose a neutral shade outerwear, you need to think about what kind of scarf to wear such a thing, and also what kind of hat to choose for this set. Everything is quite simple here. Experts recommend choosing accessories of contrasting colors or different shades of gray to this model. Best of all in this combination will look blue, red or brown. If you do not know what kind of hat to wear with such outerwear, and want to find a win-win option that would not look gloomy, you need to stop at the milky-colored hat of classic cut, for example, on a beret. You can read more about how to wear a scarf with a coat in this article.

When choosing which headwear to wear this outerwear, you also need to rely on the style of your chosen coat. So if you have a classic style model, a fur hat and a felt hat will do for her. If you prefer a sports thing, then the accessories should be sports style, but with casual models, knit berets will look good.

What shoes would look good with such a thing

Under a gray long coat, black, white, red, white shoes and various shades of brown and beige are perfect. The style of such shoes you need to choose, depending on what kind of cut your coat has:

  • If you choose a classic cut outerwear with a belt, then you should choose ankle boots for her or thin heels. It is advisable to choose products without bright decorative elements.

  • Flared outerwear models look great with strict suede boots in black or gray.

  • Oversize coats can be combined with shoes with heels, and sports-style shoes and even sneakers.

  • But under the outerwear in the style of boho, you can pick up short boots or boots in ethnic style. Best of all there will look a model of brown or beige.

Also, deciding with which shoes to wear such outerwear, you can easily match a straight gray coat and bright boots or ankle boots in blue, purple or green both on heels and on a flat sole. It is only important that such shoes match the other details of your image, for example, a handbag, gloves, a scarf or a belt - only in this case your outfit will look stylish.

How to choose a coat under the figure?

Current trends for fans of shades of gray

Favorite catwalks 2017-2018 - a coat of gray - in fashion collections presented in a variety of silhouettes:

  • demi-season coat of classic style,
  • gray oversized coat
  • autumn coat with a hood,
  • gray winter coat with fur collar,
  • demi-season wrap coat
  • women's cape coat
  • coat with leather sleeves,
  • elongated models for original bows.
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Sporty and military looks, high-waisted styles, sleeves with 3/4 sleeves and a bat also attract attention.

Gray Coat Combo: Stylish Accents

In the fashion outerwear in the combined colors:

  • A gray coat to the knees with a collar and / or black sleeves is a common model, it looks advantageous in bows of various styles, including classics and military. Relevant combination with high boots with heels or boots on the platform,
  • The gray-blue coat-cocoon is a harmonious combination, gives expression to the image and refreshes. Respectable bows with demi-season women's coats and sneakers,
  • gray-pink combination - suitable for young fashionistas, fans of bright accents.
  • Long knee length models complete with boots, ankle boots and sneakers are popular.
  • gray-blue coat-cocoon - actual combinations of pearl-gray with classic blue or standard gray with royal blue. In such a composition, the image routine, which is characteristic of this duet, is leveled
  • gray-beige coat with leather sleeves - in a perfect duet solo noble gray, beige accompany in details of outerwear,
  • gray-green - a combination of classic gray and dark green looks organic in business looks. Compositions with bright shades of green are suitable for active girls, fans of sports style.
  • Stylish gray coat in a cage - no less relevant trend in the fashion world. With the help of such a little thing it is easy to create a strict image of an intellectual. Fashion designers also emphasize the outerwear with the pattern "Krap" and "herringbone."

To suit

Gray color is calm and neutral, any colors will be combined with it. Gray color speaks of such qualities as intellectuality and severity. It is good both in itself and as a background for more vivid colors in your wardrobe.

Coats of gray can be recommended to any girl, regardless of hair color and color type of appearance. Gray color - achromatic. It is formed from the mixture of black and white colors. Gray shades do not count. Therefore, each girl can choose her "own" gray coat.

Deep dark gray is best suited for brunettes with fair skin.

Blondes of dark gray shades can recommend “monsoon”, and brown-haired girls and girls with a dark skin tint - “graphite”. Light gray coat love to choose blondes. But a completely pale gray color is more suitable for dark girls.

In terms of the type of shape gray color also does not impose any restrictions. Both thin and plump girls can choose for themselves the right style and the right shade of a gray coat.

Dark gray

To create calm images combine dark gray color with the same shades of other colors: dark red, dark blue, etc. If you want brightness, then try a combination of dark and light shades: dark gray and light pink, dark gray and pale yellow, etc.


Gray color is very beautifully combined with pink. Coats of this color would be appropriate for young girls who love bright accents. Big plus gray - it mutes too bright shades. So even flashy hot pink will not look vulgar in combination with gray.

A gray check coat will create a strong, intelligent look for you. Such a thing will give you solidity and seriousness.

Gray brown

In autumn, the combination of light gray and brown looks cozy. But it is better to avoid a combination of dark brown and dark gray in order to avoid excessive gloominess. Try different light brown shades (sand, beige) with a light gray color. Also light brown with dark gray, and dark brown with light gray are well combined.

Gray yellow

Choosing a gray-yellow coat, decide what impression you want to make. If you want brightness and originality, you can use a bright yellow or dark yellow color in combination with gray. If you prefer peace and elegance, then opt for a combination of pale yellow color with light gray shades.

The best choice would be a combination of standard gray with bright royal blue, or pearl gray with classic blue. Gray and blue colors are businesslike, classic. Combining their standard shades, you can get too ordinary image.

With hood

The hood on the coat will help you keep warm, while maintaining the styling. Now hoods are found on all models of coats, and not just on sports. Coat hoods are often trimmed with fur or contrasting fringe.

Designers actively use fur to decorate their coats. Fur trimmed collars, hoods, cuffs, pockets. Fur can be both long and short. With gray will look great any fur.

A gray coat with a smell is an elegant model, not burdened with excessive decor. The V-neck and belt at the waist formed by the smell will make your figure more slender.

Coats, trimmed with beads, look spectacular, original and solemn. Most often beads are decorated with sleeves, a collar and pockets of a coat.


Coat without lining - quite a popular model in the latest fashion seasons. This coat is very comfortable and light. But it is suitable for wearing only in warm, dry weather. This spectacular model performs only a decorative function.

Double breasted

Opt for a gray double breasted coat for a classic style. It will look spectacular as a straight, and fitted style.

The ribbed coat is a classic, always popular. A scar is a convex strip, which can be both narrow and inconspicuous, and wide, strongly protruding.

A short gray coat will suit both low and tall girls with any type of figure. Short most often are youth and sports models. You can also find versatile options for a short gray coat that will perfectly fit into any image.

A long coat will look best on tall girls. The most impressive and feminine look floor-length coat.

Tweed is a fabric derived from sheep wool. Tweed relief to the touch, it consists of multi-colored threads. Coat of tweed will reliably protect you from the weather, because it is very warm and dense. In addition, the tweed is practically not wrinkled and wears out very slowly. It is elastic, does not fade in the sun. Proper care of a tweed coat is only possible in dry cleaning. Also, tweed coat should be protected from moths.

The best choice for the winter period is a wool coat. In this case, you can choose as a model completely made of wool, and with impurities. The advantage of any wool coat are excellent density and high thermal protection.

There are several subgroups of woolen coat fabrics:

  • worsted. It features a clear pattern on the front side. This includes such materials as gabardine, diagonal, tweed, crepe, boucle, vigon, cashmere,

  • thin waxed. Differs relief patterned surface. This subgroup includes drape and cloth. Drap stands out in a separate subgroup, which includes: ratin, drape-velor and flakome,

  • coarse. Hard, heavy, dense, wear-resistant and well heat-retaining materials. Grub fabric: beaver, departmental, bike,

  • cotton Used for wearing in warm weather. Velvet cord, velvet scar and moleskine belong to this subgroup of fabrics.

Boucle - a fabric of shaped yarn, consisting of large knots, forming a rough surface. Boucle - very pleasant, elastic, soft material. It does not crumple, has a high density, "breathes" and retains heat. Minus material boucle - susceptibility to the formation of puffs.


К серому пальто подойдут шарфы любых расцветок и принтов: от пастельных до очень ярких.

Очень эффектно сочетание серого пальто и яркого бордового шарфа. Различные оттенки бордового цвета сейчас в тренде. Такой яркий аксессуар может стать главным акцентом в вашем образе.

You can choose both a bag of strict classic colors and a bright model. Handbag bright colors will be the main focus of your image.

The shape of the bag depends on the style of the coat. For a strict straight coat - a strict handbag of geometric shape. Both the bulk bag and the backpack will suit the free sports coat. Clutch is combined with almost all styles.

What kind of hat

For a gray coat fit either hats in tone or bright colors.

If you have a model of a coat with fur trim, complete the look with a fur hat. For sports coat fit sports hats. Classic coat can be combined with knitted hats or berets. Also to him you can pick up a spectacular hat.

As is the case with scarves, any stoles to your taste suit the gray coat.

What shoes fit

For a straight or fitted coat fit botilin, boots with high heels or heels. In warm weather, you can wear classic pumps or ballet flats.

With the Cape look good boots on a flat sole.

As for the color, then to a gray coat are appropriate shoes as classic colors, and bright.

With sneakers

Sneakers will look good with a straight oversize coat and oversize coat. You will create a sporty youth image.

But for fitted feminine models and capes it is better to pick up other shoes instead of sneakers.


This warm gray coat is made of raincoat fabric, quilted with Shelter insulation. Coat style - straight, in the model there is a hood.

An elegant charcoal quilted coat below knee length with a collar, belt, and hood.

Serge leone

Light romantic cropped coat with a gray print. Straight model with a fancy collar.

An elegant, straight coat of color that turns from light gray to dark gray. The waist can be emphasized with a dark gray belt. The shortened model with a round neck and a sleeve ¾ is perfect for warm autumn and spring days.

Sergio Cotti

A spacious straight single-breasted coat of gray-brown color is successfully combined with a wide-brimmed hat and square-heeled shoes.

Straight light gray double breasted coat just above the knee. The coat is decorated with buttons and a sharp collar.

Straight long coat with a boucle with a hood. If desired, you can emphasize the waist belt.

The classic gray spacious coat made of boucle will fit into any style.

This light gray cropped coat is perfect for warm weather. The model is decorated with a shawl collar, rolling in the hood.

A double-breasted mid-thigh length coat with a sharp collar will suit a girl with any shape.

Stylish images and bows

Elegant, fitted, light gray coat to the floor with a sharp dark gray collar and sleeves ¾. Black turtleneck, black pumps and a clutch are matched to the look.

Strict business look: a classic gray coat with a sharp collar, a white sheath dress, black pumps and a black quilted square bag.

Gray total look: gray volley midi length coat, light gray jumper, dark gray jeans, silver gray boat and print clutch. The image is perfect for meeting with friends, gathering in a cafe and walking.

Naughty youth image. A light gray overcoat goes well with a bright orange flounced mini-skirt, which is the main accent of the image. Another bright detail is the brown over-the-shoulder bag. All other selected elements of the basic colors: a jumper to match the coat, a cheerful knitted gray cap with a pompon, thick black tights and black shoes with a flat sole.

A strict gray coat, black turtleneck, dark gray skinny pants - a seemingly rather ordinary look. But everything changes with a bright red bag and original shoes with a red and white print.

Gray coat looks great with bright clothes. For example, with this fitted dress of mustard color with a brown strap.

Urban style: a gray cropped straight coat made of boucle, a white tank top with an inscription, black tight pants and black flat boots. Bright accents: burgundy knitted cap and a light brown rectangular suede bag.

The gray cropped straight coat looks very impressive thanks to leather sleeves. In this coat you will always look stylish, even if you are wearing regular black jeans, a simple white T-shirt and white sneakers.

Light gray coat perfectly refreshes the whole image. In this case, it goes well with a white jumper, light blue skinny jeans and black sandals.

Stylish urban bow: a gray checkered coat above the knee, a black jumper, black ankle boots with a small heel and a black leather bag. Make the image is not dark, and stylish help maroon skinny pants.

The fur trim of this gray single-breasted skin-tight coat looks originally.

A gray coat without a collar below the knee length is beautifully combined with pale pastel shades of pink. Gray and white sneakers and a light gray handbag with turquoise handles add non-standard and brightness to the image.

Selection of stars

Angelina Jolie chose a knee-length dark gray single-breasted coat, and she emphasized the waist with a belt. Under the coat wearing a strict dress of a lighter shade. There are light gray stilettos on the legs.

Jennifer Lopez also prefers gray. Total look: a fitted gray coat with a flared skirt, a handbag and shoes of the same color.

Miranda Kerr combines a gray straight coat with jeans and black: a black blouse, black ankle boots and a voluminous black bag.

Amanda Seyfried prefers to wear a gray double-breasted coat with black elements (collar and buttons) with sneakers and leggings.

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her love of strict style. In this image, she also does not change herself: a light gray loose coat, black striped pants, a black bag and golden beige pumps.

Sarah Jessica Parker in her daily life prefers a combination of straight gray midi length coat with wide jeans. A gray pullover of a different shade is matched with a gray coat, and black ballet flats with a bow on the legs.

Fashionist Olivia Palermo has chosen an original model of a light gray single-breasted coat, decorated with orange cuffs and a dark gray collar. The gray dress on Olivia is only a few tones darker than the coat. On the legs are light beige wicker sandals.

In everyday life, Kate Moss wears a dark gray coat, combining it with a handbag several shades darker. As shoes, she chose black boots with high tops.

Singer Nastya Kamenskikh chose the original light gray elongated coat, decorated with voluminous fur pockets of gray-peach color. A sweater and shoes matched the fur on the pockets.

Jennifer Love Hewitt complemented the extravagant bow of a cropped, shiny white top and black wide trousers with a classic gray coat.

Gigi Hadid correctly combines a light gray fitted coat with bright silver sneakers. Silver sneakers are a bright accent, so the clothes on Gigi are simple: a white T-shirt and blue skinny jeans.

Eva Mendez really loves her light gray single breasted midi length coat. She combines it with a black tight-fitting midi skirt, and with black tight pants and a spacious jumpsuit. Her favorite coat is decorated with a golden brooch on the collar.

How to choose the "same" color

In the trend - all shades of gray. According to stylists, in order to choose clothes that are ideal for a particular case of tone, consider your own color type. For girls with dark hair and pale skin, they recommend the model in a rich gray color. When choosing a product in a lighter shade, use bright and expressive accessories for a gray coat. Red-haired beauties are perfectly suited for a silhouette in classic gray, and pastel colors are preferable for blondes.

How to combine gray in the wardrobe?

Dark gray tandem with dark blue, dark red or other rich colors creates calm images. For expressive ensemble combine rich gray with accessories in pale yellow or light pink. A stylish light gray coat harmoniously looks in combination with the wardrobe items in such colors as blue, coral, yellow, purple, lilac, pink.

Popular images for all occasions

  • For a strict business look, wear a classic dark gray wool coat complete with a white sheath dress. Shoes and a bag portfolio in noble black are appropriate here. Underline the elegance of a bow stylish scarf, with cool weather, you can complement the image of the stole.
  • A fitted coat to the floor in an exquisite light gray color with 3/4 sleeves is perfectly completed with a black turtleneck in tune with pumps and clutch. The set looks good cropped trousers wide cut or leggings length 7/8.
  • Create casual looks with a total look gray coat that combines several shades of color favor. For example, wear a jumper in a light gray version and jeans in a dark gray under a midi coat. Use silver-gray pumps and a clutch with a dark print on a light background. In this form, it is easy to catch the admiring glances of passersby. Such bows with a gray coat are relevant for meeting with friends, exploring the city or going to cafes.
  • For a city-style look, wear a gray boucle coat, skinny trousers to match the black boots with a flat sole, and a white cotton shirt. A rectangular bag of light brown suede and a burgundy textured hat under a gray coat are bright accents of youth bow.
  • An ensemble in which a short gray coat with leather sleeves is completed with usual black jeans, a white shirt and sneakers looks stylish and bold. Coat Cape is another trend in youth fashion. Made of gray wool or tweed, the gray color is successfully combined with brown flat boots or ankle boots.
  • A luxurious gray coat with a hood and short sleeves is an interesting look for stylish women of any body type. The outerwear of this style is worn with long gloves. Another option is a gray-blue coat without a collar with wide bat sleeves. Here, the silhouette harmoniously looks with high-heeled boots and a fitted dress.
  • In the fashion collections there are long drape coats with a fur collar or fur pockets. A short nap in the finish often repeats the color of the product itself; in some models, the fur decor is made in the form of a contrasting composition. The multicolored fur on a stylish gray coat shines extremely beautifully.

What materials make a fashionable gray coat?

Among the foundations for the manufacture of outerwear of this type are used drape, tweed, boucle, leather, fur, cashmere, velor and other materials. In the production of winter models are relevant drape fabric, leather and imitation, various materials from wool yarn. A synthetic winterizer is used as a heater, and leather and fur are used in decoration.