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How to make hair smooth


Special rinsing will help to make hair shiny and soft. Tap water severely damages hair, making it brittle and dry. To avoid this, you can use mineral water instead of hair balm. Daily rinsing with non-carbonated mineral water will help to make hair dull shine and brightness and make them more docile. In addition, the hair after washing is recommended to rinse with "live" high-quality beer, because it contains in its composition a lot of nutrients necessary for the health of the scalp and active hair growth. Rinsing with a slightly heated beer will help make your hair shiny and silky.

Also, hair is often rinsed with various decoctions, such as decoction of chamomile, oak bark or nettle. These decoctions help to saturate the hair with nutrients, enhance growth and soften the effects on the scalp of hard flowing water.

To prepare the decoction of chamomile, you should take two tablespoons of dried flowers and pour them a glass of boiled water. The flowers should be infused for half an hour, after which you can rinse the washed hair with a decoction. Rinse the broth is not necessary. It should be borne in mind that a strong decoction of chamomile can give a copper shade even to dark hair.

Beauty Masks

Your hair will become softer and silky to the touch, if at least once a week you will apply any mask. Homemade hair care products can be prepared from products that are easy to find in any kitchen, such as:

- mayonnaise,
- kefir,
- egg,
- burdock oil, etc.

Professional hairdressers recommend using mayonnaise as a nourishing hair mask. It is necessary to apply fresh mayonnaise to the hair along its entire length, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water. It is better not to use this mask more often than once a week so that the hair does not become greasy.

To keep the hair always saturated with moisture and remain soft and shiny, apply a kefir mask to your head more often: fresh kefir warmed to room temperature is carefully applied to the scalp, hair roots and spreads along the entire length. Hair wrapped with plastic and a warm scarf. Such a mask can be left on the head for an hour or even two. A mask of eggs is also made in the same way, only whipped and filtered yolks are used instead of kefir.

The mask of burdock oil is best done in a course of 2-3 months at least once a week. For best results, you should rub burdock oil, which can be bought at any pharmacy, into the scalp, gradually spreading over the entire length of the hair. Then you need to cover your hair with plastic, wrap a warm scarf and leave the mask for 1.5 hours. It is necessary to wash off the oil with shampoo, because it is washed off rather hard. But the result will be noticeable immediately - the hair will be very soft and shiny.

Why does hair push

Naughty, very voluminous and brittle fluffy hair cause a lot of trouble. Girls have to make an effort to give them a well-groomed look. Many believe that this is a sign of weak, dry hair, but even if they are healthy, they can still push. On the general condition of their owner, this does not affect in any way, but problems begin with the hairdo. Hair becomes so from moisture, which is unevenly distributed in them. The porous structure of the curls leads to their twisting. Fluffy hair under the influence of heating devices increase the volume.

How to make hair shiny and smooth at home

What to do with the hair, which is strongly puschatsya and look lifeless? There are many ways to give them shine, strength and smoothness. A visit to the beauty salon is one of them. The specialist will make moisturizing masks and other procedures to restore healthy hair. If there is neither time nor money to visit beauty salons, but you always want to look amazing, there is a solution. How to make your own hair smooth now? Six steps will help you in this matter:

  1. The temperature of the water you wash your head should be around 40 degrees.
  2. Shampoo is chosen specifically for the type of hair.
  3. Conditioner is an obligatory care product, apply it after each shampooing.
  4. Wooden comb smooths the hair structure.
  5. Hair dryer dries hair, so it is better to give it up.
  6. The mask of oils makes them smooth, shiny, so use it regularly.

Another important cause of dry, brittle hair is a lack of vitamins. It is characteristic in winter or springtime, because the organism is weakened during these periods. You need to start drinking vitamin complexes to restore balance. An important role is played by proper nutrition, and bad habits adversely affect the condition of the hair. Following the tips, you will understand how to make your hair beautiful, and the density and volume of the hair, which you will receive after a while, will cause admiration.

Recipes cooking masks for shine and smoothness of hair

What to do so that hair does not get fluffy, look neat and well-groomed? Smoothness and shine can not be obtained without additional nutrition or enhanced care. It is not necessary to go to salons, use professional tools: masks prepared at home can easily replace them. Having selected the necessary composition, you will return the power, shine to your hair in the shortest possible time. The main advantage of the masks is that making them at home is easy, and using them is very easy and simple.

  1. Oil mask Using it twice a week, you give your hair all the necessary microelements, vitamins, improve their structure. It requires four ingredients: castor and burdock oil, chamomile decoction, chicken egg. This procedure is done in two approaches. At first, the oils are mixed, they are heated in a water bath, then the entire length of hair is covered with a mass, and the head is wrapped with a cloth or towel. An hour later, all this needs to be washed off, and then apply a mixed egg. After 15 minutes, rinse the head with chamomile decoction.
  2. Gelatinous. The use of this mask once a week will show how to make hair smooth and silky with minimal effort. Gelatin pour boiled chilled water, stir, and after 20 minutes, add balm. It is allowed to include other components in the recipe of a mask: mustard, kefir, egg, decoctions of herbs. Apply the mixture on your hair, put on a package, wrap your head with a towel, warm up with a hairdryer for 10 minutes. After half an hour, wash your hair without shampoo.
  3. Clay Strength and shine will return to the hair after one treatment. If they are severely damaged, the mask should be used twice a week. Clay bought in cosmetic stores or pharmacies, mixed with honey, butter or burdock oil, lemon juice and yolk in the same proportions. The mask should be thick in consistency, it is applied to the hair, and after 15 minutes, wash off the head with a shampoo. Balm to use after that is not necessary.
  4. Acetic. This is a good tool for hair, so as not to fluff, do not break, and had a well-groomed, presentable appearance. A mask is used every 14 days, and it is prepared from an apple crushed on a fine grater plus a pounded yolk. Two components are mixed, after which apple cider vinegar is added. Calculate its amount in the mask according to the type of hair. If they are fat, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar, and if they are dry or normal, add 2. The finished mask is applied to the hair and washed off after 30 minutes with warm water.
  5. Honey. With it, it will become clear how to make the hair soft and straight, and the procedure is considered the simplest and effective. For the mask, we take a teaspoon of honey, a little conditioner, onion juice and olive oil (it is often replaced with burdock). All components are mixed, put the mixture on the hair, we wind the head first with a package, then with a towel. After 20 minutes, wash off the mask with warm water. To fix the result before rinsing it add lemon juice. By applying this mixture once a month, you will get rid of dryness and dullness.
  6. Egg. For this mask, which makes hair silky, making it obedient, you will need castor oil, egg, glycerin and vinegar. Mix components in a bowl, and then rub the mass into the scalp. After that, it is necessary to wrap the head with a towel, slightly warm the hair dryer. After an hour, it is time to wash off the mask with warm water so that the egg does not curdle and turn into flakes: then the composition will be difficult to remove from the hair. The effect is fixed with the constant use of the mask once a week.

How much does hair straightening in the salon

Beauties want to know how to straighten hair forever. Someone is convinced that it is better to do it in the cabin, because it is more reliable: the effect lasts longer, and the quality of the final result is much higher. Homemade straightening curly hair is performed by ironing, the use of masks or special balms. Inside the cabin, chemical straightening with keratin is done quickly, and you don’t have to torment yourself with a grueling fight with wavy curls. The minimum price for the service and addresses of salons in Moscow are presented in the summary table.

Proper styling is worth starting in the shower.

  • And it's not a joke. Good styling is impossible without proper selection of shampoo and conditioner. In this case, you need to choose products with keratin, which is famous for its rectifying qualities.
  • After washing, use a towel made of well-absorbing material. For example, bamboo, which also has antibacterial properties.
  • Do not wipe your hair too hard, as this may cause them to curl and break. Just squeeze your hair everywhere to remove excess water.

The choice of combs also need to be approached wisely

  • Avoid round combs: instead of straightening your hair, they twist the ends.
  • For combing, use a comb, as it has wider teeth, which unravel the hair well, without tearing it.

You can straighten hair, even just combing

  • After washing your hair, let them dry, but continue to brush every five minutes. Split the hair into several parts, pull and hold each strand for a few seconds, so she remembers this straight shape. You can use a hair dryer, but only in the mode of cold air.

The horse's tail will help you in the fight against capricious hair

  • After washing your hair properly, wait until the hair is slightly damp and tie it into a taut low tail. If you have bangs or short strands that fall out of the tail, fasten them with stealth. Comb the tail so that there are no nodules left.
  • Arm yourself with rubber bands and wind them on the tail every 5-7cm to the very base (the number of pins depends on the length of the hair). Wrap your head with a silk scarf, wait until your hair is dry, remove the gum, comb it, keep it open and loose. Is done.

And you can use the secret of Hispanics

  • In Latin America, the secret of hair straightening is a technique called Toga. In order to cope with unruly hair, residents of hot countries wash their heads, blow dry using the cold air function and, without finishing their drying, wrap around the head, securing the hairpins. In the morning they wake up with straight and shiny hair.

A little bit about cosmetics for straightening

  • Creams and rectifying serums

Apply to clean and damp hair, spreading over the entire length, and allowed to dry. These tools are well protected from ultraviolet radiation and overheating. The only drawback is incompatibility with chemical paint, since it blocks their way into the hair, which means that the expected effect will not be.

  • Leveling Spray and Bonding Oil

Can be applied to wet and dry hair. Despite the fact that the sprays are convenient to use, they have a significant negative - most contain silicone and various additives that accumulate in the hair and destroy them. Oils are useful in all respects, they are used for hair leveling and for their thermal protection.

It is often necessary to pamper your hair with creams and masks so that they look smooth. And the thing is that the oily structure not only makes the hair heavier, but also contributes to the smoothing of scales, making the locks straight and shiny.

  • Oil mask

Olive, castor and burdock oils are mixed in the same proportion. The amount of oil depends on the thickness and length of the hair. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath, spread over the entire length of the hair and hold for at least 40 minutes, wrapping the hair in a warm cap.

  • Olive mask

If you do not have all three oils on hand, you can do with one. Heat about three tablespoons of olive oil in an enamel bowl. Wrap your head with a wrap and towel to create a “greenhouse effect.” It is recommended to make a mask in the evening and withstand all night.

But to wash off these masks is quite difficult. It may be necessary to repeatedly apply the shampoo and wash the hair. Well in this case will help liter of hot water, acidified with lemon juice.

Another true helper is colorless henna.

  • It is another popular tool used by many owners of curly hair. The fact is that henna thickens a hair, as a result it becomes heavier and loses its curliness. In addition, henna helps to get rid of broken ends and dandruff.

Perhaps there are still natural ways to straighten hair that you have tried on yourself. Share them in the comments.

1. Comb your hair properly.

Remember the old advice: so that the hair was beautiful, combing it, make a hundred strokes with a brush? Of course, a hundred is a bust. But if you slowly brush your hair or comb with a short and thick natural bristle (for example, from a wild boar) 20-30 times, they will become smoother and shinier. Hairdressers call this reception polished hair. Everything is explained simply: such combing really polishes the hair, smoothing the cuticle scales - and those begin to shine.

2. Use special products for hair shine

Almost every brand has such a line. These are various products with vitamins (primarily panthenol), plant extracts, collagen, keratin, glycerin, betaine, volatile silicones, various natural oils. If you need fast and maximum results, choose professional products. Only you should first consult with a hairdresser: having made a wrong choice (for example, choosing the care that is not suitable for your hair type), you can worsen the condition of your hair. Yes, she will get shine, but the hairstyle will quickly lose its shape.

3. Make hair lamination

In the beauty salon, to give your hair shine, you can offer a procedure lamination or illumination. Although the principle of operation of the compositions used for them is fundamentally different, the essence of the procedures is basically the same: a special composition (transparent or tinged) is applied to the hair for 20-30 minutes with proteins and other biologically active substances, which, as it were, glue together scattered cuticle scales and smooth porous hair, making them more shiny, smooth and docile. Moreover, the effect lasts 3-6 weeks.

4. Paint the hair with henna

Never mind - color or colorless - shine will be guaranteed. In contrast to chemical dyes, henna does not penetrate into the structure of the hair shafts, as well as the lamination compounds envelops them, filling irregularities in the upper scaly layer. An additional bonus is that the hair will become stronger and will grow better, as henna also strengthens them well. And still such strengthening "masks" - an effective remedy for fight against dandruff. However, remember that after dyeing with henna, chemical dyes can “not take”, or the result will be the most unexpected (up to a bog-green hue). For the same reason, after dyeing hair with henna, including colorless, it is not recommended to do a perm or chemical hair straightening.

5. Add acidity

Changing the pH to sour, it is also easy to smooth the cuticle and make the hair shine. According to this principle, many hair shine balms work - the effect is achieved by adding fruit acids, extracts or citrus essential oils to their composition. And a very simple option - you can add to the water for rinsing. lemon juice or vinegar (per liter of water - a tablespoon). By the way, this acidification also softens the water. And hard water is one of the reasons that the hair remains dull, despite all your efforts: the salts present in it react with the detergent. As a result, sediment forms on the hair, depriving them of shine. In order to remove it, fruit acids or salicylic acid are added to many shampoos.

6. Use natural masks

The simplest homemade hair shine mask - with egg yolk. Vitamins A, B and E contained in it. Amino acids and lecithin perfectly nourish, moisturize and restore even damaged hair. For maximum effect, it is better to mix the yolk with oil (for example, olive, avocado or jojoba). Полученная смесь наносится на волосы за 30-40 минут до мытья.

Почему волосы теряют блеск и шелковистость?

Причиной тусклости, сухости и ослабленности волос может быть:

  • poor nutrition,
  • нехватка витаминов и микроэлементов,
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • химическая завивка,
  • частое использование утюжка и плойки,
  • неправильно подобранный уход,
  • агрессивное воздействие солнечных лучей или же наоборот холода,
  • мытье головы жесткой водой,
  • the use of excessive amounts of styling
  • the use of dirty hairbrushes and rough treatment of hair (combing wet hair, shampooing with hot water, using metal hairpins and rubber bands).

Wash your hair with warm, not hot, water; this is one of the most frequent reasons why hair loses its smoothness, silkiness and shine. In the end, you can even rinse with cool water to smooth the scales.

Home mask for smooth and shiny hair

The mask is made before washing the head, all the ingredients of the mask are natural and useful for both hair and scalp.

  • 1 teaspoon avocado oil,
  • 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 2 tsp of aloe juice,
  • 5 drops of vitamin A in oil,
  • 5 drops of vitamin E in oil,
  • 1 yolk.

Mix all ingredients and can be heated to a comfortable temperature. Apply a mask on the roots (make a light massage) and spread over the entire length. Hold the mask for about an hour and wash off with shampoo, such a mask can be done once a week.

Total: The mask nourishes the hair with nutrients, makes them stronger, stronger and healthier, and also perfectly cares for the length of the hair.

Choose a special shampoo

When choosing care products for shine, smoothness and silkiness of hair, look at the composition of such components as lipids, keratin, amino acids, algae, herbal extracts, aloe vera extract, oils, there are even special series for hair shine, which include shampoo, conditioner, mask indelible remedy. The main thing to remember is that we select shampoo by the type of scalp.

Do not wash all hair with shampoo, it is enough just to lather the roots, and when you wash the shampoo from the head, it will drain on the hair and wash the length of the hair and always carefully wash off the shampoo so that it does not remain on the hair.

Shampoos for shine and smoothness of hair:

  1. Shampoo "Smoothness and Shine" KeraSys Salon Care Shampoo Straightening Ampoule
  2. Soft shampoo for shine and smoothness of hair
  3. T-LAB Professional Aura Oil Shampoo
  4. Cream shampoo for smoothness and gloss of hair Estel Otium Diamond
  5. Shampoo for softness of hair Orofluido Asia Revlon Professional
  6. Illuminated shampoo for dark hair John Frieda Brilliant Brush Liquid Shine Illuminating Shampoo

Scalp peeling

Scrub for the scalp helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin of dead cells, sebum, styling products, silicones and other contaminants. You can buy a scrub ready-made in the store, many manufacturers have introduced such a product into their hair care lines, and you can make it at home:

  • 2 tablespoons of sea salt (fine or medium ground),
  • 3-5 drops of essential oil (rosemary, bay, lavender, orange),
  • 1 tablespoon of base oil (olive, almond, avocado, wheat germ, pumpkin).

Peeling is done on dirty hair before washing the head, knead the scrub before applying. Peeling is done on wet skin, you must first wet the scalp, a few minutes under a warm shower. On the partings, we begin to rub the mixture, but only rub it into the scalp, do not touch the hair, a lot of salt will crumble, but even what remains will be enough to make the procedure. Then we carefully massage the scalp, but without pushing it hard, there should be no pain. Massaging for five minutes and another five minutes leaving the mixture on the hair, and then my head as usual.

Peeling can be done every two weeks if the scalp is normal or prone to fat and once a month if the scalp is dry or sensitive.

Total: hair is healthy, well-cleaned and ready for the following procedures, especially if you strengthen the hair with the help of strengthening agents (they work better on cleansed skin).

Rinsing for hair silkiness

The softness, shine and smoothness of the hair can be obtained by rinsing the hair with herbs, lemon or apple cider vinegar.

If we want to give softness and silkiness to the hair with the help of herbs, then for this we need the following herbs: chamomile, linden, coltsfoot, St. John's wort, lavender.

Herbs need to be boiled with boiling water, in the ratio of 2 tablespoons of herbs per cup (200 ml.) Of water. For hair of medium length, one liter of broth is enough. To brew the grass, you need to fill it with boiling water and boil for another 10-15 minutes, and then let it infuse and cool. When the broth is cold, it needs to be drained and you can already rinse their hair.

To achieve silky hair, you can use a softening hair rinse from apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. For one procedure, you need to take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice diluted in a liter of boiled water. This mixture is necessary to rinse the hair, the result will be noticeable after the first procedure.

Total: after rinsing the hair scales will be tightly pressed together, making the hair look smooth, soft and shiny.

Home indelible cream for hair tips

The composition of the cream is completely natural and very useful, it contains the best oils for the length of hair that nourish and care for any type of hair.

  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil,
  • 1 tablespoon of jojoba oil,
  • 1.5 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1.5 tsp shea butter,
  • 15 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil,
  • 1 teaspoon of beeswax.

First you need to melt the base oils along with the wax in the water bath, and when the oils have cooled slightly, the essential oil is added. The oils will thicken and you should get a rather thick cream of yellow color, which is desirable to keep in the refrigerator.

This cream is applied to clean, wet hair after washing, and it doesn’t need much at all, literally a droplet, the cream needs to be rubbed in the palms, and then rubbed into the ends of the hair, it is advisable not to touch the length, only the tips (2-3 centimeters), because cream can grease hair, especially thin. But, when the hair dries up, the tips look flawless.

Total: hair is soft, silky and shiny, besides, the cream prevents cross-section of hair and cares for the tips.

With these simple recipes, your hair will always be in perfect condition, just remember that they require constant and systematic care.

Wash your hair right

First you need to decide with whether or not we wash our heads at all. It would seem that in this procedure there is absolutely nothing difficult: just take the necessary amount of shampoo in your palm and begin to soap your hair, twisting it like a sponge.

but professionals argue, in order to give the hair smoothness and shine, it is necessary to "close" the hair scales, so when washing your hair you should observe some rules:

  • Before applying shampoo hair should be diluted with much warm water to achieve the optimal concentration of detergents and ensure easy distribution of the product through the hair.
  • Shampoo should be applied only to the roots, for the ends it will be enough foam flowing from the root of the hair.
  • During the wash should not collect hair on top, soaping movements should be carried out from top to bottom, it is necessary to close the scales of the hair, washing each strand.
  • Washing the shampoo from the hair, do not lower your head, a stream of water should be sent (this is best done with a shower) so that it flows from the top of the head to the ends of the hair, so that the scales close and the hair looks smooth and shiny after washing.
  • After washing your hair, rinse your hair cool otstoyannoy or melt water with the addition of a small amount of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar or citric acid, which also closes the scales and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

How to choose a shampoo for smooth and shiny hair

Healthy hair always looks shiny and smooth, so, first of all, it is necessary to ensure proper hair care. It is best to give preference to shampoos, not containing SLS and parabens.

But what to do if the hair structure is broken, and it is simply necessary to look luxurious, for example, on the occasion of some solemn event?

As an emergency measure You can resort to the use of shampoo, containing in its composition silicones, which envelop every hair, making the curls smooth and shiny. However, it is not necessary to abuse such means, as this will negatively affect the condition of the hair.

Balms to make hair smooth and shiny

Using a balm will quickly make your hair smooth and shiny. To achieve the desired effect, should remember, what:

  • You should not apply the tool on the root of the hair, because after this hairstyle will be devoid of volume. Hairdressers recommend nourishing hair with balm, stepping back from the roots by a distance of approximately 1 palm,
  • To maintain the tool on the hair is exactly so much time how much is recommended in the instructions for useusually 3-5 minutes, after which the balm should be thoroughly rinsed with running water.

Very useful at least once a week to pamper your locks with useful masks to make your hair smooth and shiny.

How to choose a comb and comb hair to make it smooth and shiny?

On how correctly chosen tools for hair care, directly depends on their appearance. First and foremost, it is worthwhile to take care of get a good comb. So, we will arm with the necessary information:

  • It is best if the comb is made from natural materials.However, if it is a tree, then it must be ensured that there are no chipping on the teeth. Otherwise, the structure of the hair can be damaged.
  • When choosing a massage comb it is important to pay attention so that the tips of the teeth have a rounded shapeso that the effect on the hair is as soft as possible.
  • Preference is best given to professional combs., despite the relatively high cost, such a tool will last for many years and will bring invaluable benefits to hair.

When combing curls should be rememberedthat it is impossible to comb wet hair, and if the hair is long, then you should first comb the tips, and only then go to the root part.

And further a little trick for those who want to add extra shine to hair: once a week you can apply a couple of drops of essential oil (rosemary, ylang-ylang, orange or lavender) to the comb. Such aromatherapy will not only improve the appearance of the hair, but also take care of their health.

Hair styling to make the curls smooth and shiny

In order to make hair smooth and shiny with styling, should take into account the features of their hair.

For someone, simply combing their hair so that they looked luxurious, and someone will have to make some effort, using a hairdryer or iron for hair.

Should rememberThe fact that the frequent use of “hot” hair styling devices may adversely affect their health, therefore, it is not recommended to constantly resort to such methods. And before the “hot” styling it is necessary to protect the hair with special thermal protective agents.

Smooth and shiny hair with a hair dryer:

  • apply on wet hair protective agent and foamby spreading them over the entire length
  • dry hair with hair dryer and comb, directing a stream of air from top to bottom,
  • enhance the effect of smoothness and brilliance by turning cold air function.

We will come to the hair smoothness and shine using the hair iron:

  • dry hair using a hair dryer or naturally
  • apply a protective agent,
  • straighten hair ironing, working through every strand,
  • if necessary, if there is high humidity outside or you want to keep the styling for a long time, fix the result with varnish for hair.

It is worth notingthat many manufacturers produce styling products that give hair smoothness and shine without the use of a hair dryer and ironing. For example, such products are in the line Sunsilk, Got2b, Maria nila and etc.

Salon treatments to make hair smooth and shiny

For those who dream that the hair always looks shiny and smooth, but does not have the time or the desire to do daily styling, you can advise make a professional proceduregiving your hair a great look.

Here are the most common ones:

  • Lamination or illumination - application to the hair of a special composition containing proteins, which provides smoothing scales, making hair smooth and shiny. Depending on the structure of the hair, the effect lasts from 1 to 3 months.
  • Screening - procedure, the purpose of which is to surround each hair with a dense film, giving the curls a glossy shine and protecting them from the negative influence of the external environment. The composition applied to the hair is created on the basis of soy protein and various plant components and does not contain ammonia,
  • Keratinizing It is a hair treatment with a composition that does not contain any chemicals that adversely affect the hair structure. The procedure provides long-lasting moistening of curls, blocking split ends, smoothing scales and, as a result, smoothness and shine of hair.

The decision on how to give the hair smoothness and shine, each girl takes on their own, however, first of all, remember that healthy hairs themselves look amazing.

How to make your hair smooth and shiny, find out by watching the video: