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Gifts for the child for the new 2018 year


New Year holidays are especially waiting for children, because for them this time is a real fairy tale, in which most of the adults are no longer able to dive.

New Year is a holiday, long-awaited holidays and, of course, gifts.

It is the last point of the New Year celebration that can become a headache for parents and grandparents: what to give to the children for the New Year 2018, how to please the kids, how to please everyone and don’t give disappointment to the long-awaited New Year’s present so that everything is useful and interesting.

In order for a surprise for children to be desired and long-awaited when choosing a gift, it is important to take into account not only the age, but also the wishes and interests of the children. As child psychologists say, it’s better to give children exactly what they dream of. Often parents think that if a child needs a new thing, then you can donate it for a holiday or when choosing a gift take into account the interests of children, but at the same time rely on your taste. For example, if a girl wants a fashionable doll “Monster High” and instead receives an expensive and solid doll “lady”. An equally important point in choosing and giving a New Year's present is the atmosphere of magic, pleasant emotions have a positive effect on the emotional background of the child, and the impressions remain for life.

Thinking about what to give to children for the New Year 2018, many parents make the choice of funny toys as a symbol of the year - Dogs. Stopping attention to this gift, you can choose a variety of options for children of different ages. So, for the youngest kids, you can buy wooden puzzles depicting an animal, a colorful designer or cubes, a big car decorated with drawings in accordance with the theme of the year. Such gifts are not only relevant and relevant as New Year's gifts, they also perform the function of educational games.

Pre-school children You will certainly like a toy in the form of an interactive puppy that will not only move and make sounds, but also execute commands, respond to the voice of its owner. If a child asks for a long time and enthusiastically to give him a live puppy, then in the Year of the Dog it is better to fulfill his dream, of course, having previously discussed all the nuances. In addition, a cute dog, donated by the time, will become a real talisman at home, bring comfort and well-being to the family. New Year is a special holiday, and therefore a gift should be special.

In most cases, New Year's gifts for children are chosen according to the age of the child, but it is important to take into account many factors, including desires and interests, for example, a six-year-old child and a teenager can donate skates for the New Year. In order not to disappoint children in the New Year's Eve, you should carefully listen to their desires, show interest in hobbies, then the question of choosing a suitable gift will not cause any problems.

The best gift for the New Year 2018 for children from one to three years will be a toy. Bright, colorful objects that make sounds attract the attention of kids, they like to play with them. As a gift under the Christmas tree for the kids of this age category, you can purchase a colorful toy book with poems or fairy tales. Already at this age, it is desirable to give gifts in accordance with the sex of the child, to the boys - big cars, on which you can sit astride, to the girls - dolls, soft toys. Versatile gifts for children of one and second floor will be bright inflatable skipping toy, developing puzzles, constructor, cubes, music mats, finger paints.

From the age of three, the kids are perfectly aware of their gender, and therefore gifts should be chosen, given this important factor. Still in the lists of New Year's presents - toys, toys more complex and entertaining. In addition, on New Year's Day, children from three to five years old can be given thematic sets, board games, books, accessories and equipment for sports. An excellent option could be to buy a sports complex with a minimum set of elements for proper physical development of the child.

Choosing a gift for the New Year 2018 children from five to seven years old, you should pay attention to the musical and gaming gifts. For boys, drums, a metallophone, a children's synthesizer will be a good option; you can also look at toys in the form of a railway, a racing autotrack, or parking for cars. Girls at this age love to play with dolls, so getting a new doll as a gift or a house for it will be a real surprise. At this age, girls often copy their adults, especially their mothers, they like to manage in the kitchen or mess with younger children. Choosing a gift for girls, you should pay attention to sets of dishes and household appliances, interactive baby doll or an animal, toy beds, strollers, kits for games in the doctor, a hairdresser. As a universal Christmas gifts, you can choose a magnetic board, board games, sports equipment.

Children of primary school age On the New Year, you can present more serious gifts, little ladies will be delighted with beautiful hair ornaments and children's cosmetics, handbags, toy watches, sets of doll accessories. As a developing game it is better to choose the option to which girls are more interested, it can be a set for embroidery, knitting, sculpting, drawing, weaving from beads or colored rubber bands. Young people under the age of ten should also give gifts more complex, interesting and entertaining. For beginners music lovers, an educational guitar or synthesizer will be an excellent option for a New Year's present. From toys - a race car on the radio, a quad bike on the battery, a walkie-talkie, an auto complex for a young mechanic. Educational and educational gifts - a compass, a telescope, an electronic clock with an alarm clock. Boys may like gifts in the form of complex constructors, sets for embossing, a device for burning.

New Year's gift for older children should emphasize their status, significance, and therefore it is better to stop the choice on things that are serious and necessary for them. Girls between the ages of eleven and fourteen become girls, so they are not happy to accept as a gift a new fashion handbag, a set of cosmetics by age, accessories. Future ladies can surprise surprises in the form of jewelry, it can be high-quality jewelry, made in the colors of the coming year: yellow, beige, milky, brown. An actual gift for the New Year 2018 will be amber and pearl jewelry, gold jewelry: earrings, pendant or ring.

The boys will love the radio-controlled street toys: helicopters, cars, a boat, computer accessories for games, game consoles, a camera, a video camera, sports equipment, equipment or fashionable clothes for playing sports. As universal gifts for both sexes of children, smartphones, headphones, accessories for mobile devices can be offered.

If you move away from the theme of material gifts, then the children on the New Year can be given a surprise in the form of exciting New Year trips. Check out the whole family for a winter holiday or in the water park, visiting the quest room will be an excellent gift options. Independent adolescents will appreciate the gift in the form of a trip to the New Year's tour for the winter holidays.

So, the New Year 2018 is very close, it's time to transform into the “good wizards”, to choose and give presents to your beloved children. And most importantly, do not forget to pay attention to your children, not only in the New Year. Happy childhood time will pass very quickly, so you need to fill it not only with gifts, but also with love and parental participation.

How to choose a gift for the child for the New Year?

Gift ideas for the child for the New 2018 are found on several thousand online resources. When choosing a present, the child should always keep in mind the age and sex of a small family member. Interests and hobbies change with age and you can not give a simple machine to a boy of 12 years. Also, it is not necessary to hand a 7-year-old child with a complex team model, which then he will not be messing with, but his father. It is advisable to purchase all toys for which energy sources are needed with batteries so that children can immediately check all the functions of the presents.

Boy 4-7 years old

A 4-7 year old boy will be beside himself with happiness if he finds under the tree:

  • Children's railway (the best modular, to which you can buy rails, locomotives and cars),
  • Racetrack with a "dead loop" and a large parking lot for cars
  • A set of statues of heroes of popular cartoons,
  • An exact copy of a Formula One racing car,
  • Transformer Robot,
  • A set of work tools for representatives of various professions (fireman, policeman, doctor)
  • Electric motorcycles, ATVs and cars.

From developing games and subjects for a child of preschool age will fit:

  • Puzzles (floor, table, double-sided with the number of fragments not more than 200),
  • Designers with plastic or wood parts,
  • Binoculars or telescopes with a slight increase (1.5-4 times),
  • Sets of magnets that need to be placed on a special board.

If a small family member is interested in music, he will like:

  • Microphone on the rack,
  • Toy guitar,
  • Harmonica,
  • Drum kit
  • Mini synthesizer,
  • Xylophone,
  • Fife

The boy is 7-10 years old

A son, grandson, nephew or brother of 7-10 years old on the New Year can be given:

  • Radio-controlled models of aircraft, tanks, boats, cars,
  • Electronic watch in a bright case,
  • 3D and 4D puzzles,
  • Electronic designer for compiling chips.

A storm of emotions will cause a boy of 7-10 years old sets for:

  • Bonding of models of tanks, airplanes, cars, ships, locks, figurines of knights made of cardboard and paper,
  • Conducting simple chemical and physical experiments,
  • Plastic assemblies of scale models of airplanes, warships, armored vehicles.

A child who is a student at a music school should be given:

  • Collection of notes from popular cartoons,
  • Guitar amp,
  • The lectern in the form of sculpture,
  • Microphone,
  • Metronome.

The boy is 11-14 years old

All children love digital technology and electronic games. For this reason, boys of middle school age will like:

  • Electronic prefix or disks for it.
  • Game controllers (steering wheel and pedals, steering wheel for flight simulators, joystick),
  • Premium editions of one of the popular games (“GTA V” or “World of Tanks”),
  • Camera,
  • A robot that you can program yourself,
  • Smartphone with a powerful processor
  • Photo Printer

A future athlete will be immensely happy if he receives:

  • Soccer shoes
  • The shape of the famous club (Real or Barcelona),
  • A backpack with symbols of a leading football or basketball team (for example, Chicago Bulls),
  • The ball with the signature of the famous athlete,
  • Bicycle (preferably with a wheel diameter of 26 or 27.5 inches, so that after 1-2 years you do not have to buy a new one).

Focusing on the interests of a child of 11-14 years old, you can purchase and put under the Christmas tree:

  • A set of young chemist,
  • Real microscope
  • Kit for mastering physics outside the school curriculum,
  • A set of drugs for laboratory work in biology.

Girl 4-7 years old

A girl of 4-7 years old with all her heart will love:

  • Dolls and various accessories for them (furniture, dishes, clothes, houses, decorations),
  • A soft toy that can drink, walk in need and make sounds (meow, bark),
  • Handbag, which can be painted (set of markers is included),
  • Figures of domestic and wild animals, dinosaurs.

The young hostess will not be left without attention:

  • Children's household appliances (microwaves, blenders, mixers, irons, toasters),
  • An interactive kitchen with a sink, dishes and a stove that tells how to make make-believe dishes and reproduces the sounds of cooking, frying, boiling, etc.

Girl 7-10 years old

In 7-10 years old girls begin to acquire the first professional skills. For the best training little beauties will come in handy:

  • Children's sewing machine,
  • Mannequin for creating hairstyles and applying makeup,
  • Puppet show,
  • Sculpting kits,
  • Cups with markers for painting on porcelain,
  • Gouache paints and albums,
  • Pastel,
  • A set of young perfumer.

Also, young people will be crazy about:

  • Books of fairy tales or creative techniques (drawing, making paper crafts),
  • Board games
  • Bicycle, scooter or roller skates and accessories for these vehicles (helmets, knee pads, elbow pads),
  • Women's video games (for example, the Sims series).

Girl 11-14 years old

From about 11 years old, girls become truly creative individuals. They can already be given sets for:

  • Embroidery or knitting,
  • Making jewelry made of artificial stones,
  • Women's handbags,
  • Creation of sand and plant pictures,
  • Paper weave,
  • Cooking homemade soap,
  • Mural caskets.

Also, it is in the middle of school age that the fair sex wants to be beautiful and like boys. Young fashionable women need to donate:

  • A set of cosmetics for children,
  • Umbrella,
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair styling gel,
  • Perfume
  • Stylish wrist watches,
  • Original umbrella
  • Certificate of purchase in a clothing store.

How to hand a gift?

You can give a gift:

  • Classically - put under the Christmas tree or on the bed, pass through Santa Claus.
  • Unusually - arrange a quest with riddles, pack a small thing into a ball or a huge box, play with the child in the "hot-cold."

The choice of one of the methods depends on the traditions of the family and the desires of the parents.

Choose according to children's temperament

Children, like adults, are divided into four types of temperament: sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic.

The first ones are funny, active, funny fidgets, cling to everything at once and immediately throw it out, they can in no case be presented with complex designers that require long attention, but interactive toys or the same sticky-style designers are fine.

Choleric people are quite mobile, but prefer active games with friends. Phlegmatic ready to sit for hours over small details, without being distracted by the world around. Melancholic more creative, calm.

Take into account their hobbies

No less important criterion is the child's enthusiasm. From an early age, literally after 1-2 years, babies tend to certain things. Some people love to play music, others - to build, paint, fold. Someone is fond of cars, someone steam locomotives, pupae, animals, puzzles.

From about 3 years old, kids are actively studying cartoons, fairy tales, films, they have favorite characters that are easy to find on the shelves of the stores in the form of the toys themselves or games based on the work. For example, a child who loves "Fixico", "Barboskiny" or "Cars", will be delighted with the toys, which have at least some relation to the favorite cartoon.

What to give your baby from 0 to 2 years

Although the baby is still little able, but it is actively developing. Useful toys will help speed up this process:

  • the game tent, where the crumb can spend a long time in safety, having received a personal place for games and personal space, will suit the closed, quiet kids and fidgets, that they can endlessly climb into and out of the “house”
  • interactive animals (dog, cat, parrot, bug), they will teach the baby to take care of the pet, but the error will not be lethal
  • rocking horse
  • children's fitball with convenient handles for games, jumps, playing sports
  • simple constructors, cubes
  • cars that are easy to assemble, disassemble
  • panoramic book
  • board with a magnetic alphabet on which you can draw with chalk or felt-tip pen
  • children's notebook, facilitating the study of words and letters
  • toys with large buttons
  • finger paints, markers will help the smallest to express themselves.

I will add that in this period many gifts are universal, the crumb develops, making no distinction between the conventionally “boy” and “girlish”. Only in a few years, sex differences will predetermine the choice of the present.

What to give for the New Year child 3 years

At this age, children begin to realize themselves as individuals, begin to learn role-playing games, so good gifts can be:

  • autotracks, cars for future drivers
  • constructors for young builders
  • tool kits for the future owner of the house
  • baby dolls, pupae for the game of "daughter-mothers"
  • young cooks will be delighted with a set of dishes, food, stove
  • musical children can give a gaming mat with large keys.

Стоит добавить, что в этом возрасте кроха воспринимает Новый год как сказку, а родители просто обязаны соответствовать статусу главного волшебника, создав настоящий праздник для малыша. Можно сходить на специальное представление, пригласить Деда Мороза домой, растянуть празднование на несколько дней. Ведь вскоре ребенок подрастет, и больше не будет верить в чудо.

Gifts for the New Year for children from 4 to 5 years

Games become more diverse, more fun, children begin to understand what they like best and personal features come to the fore, so:

  • young musicians will appreciate children's learning guitar, accordion, drum, xylophone
  • young hostesses will be delighted by the interactive kitchen, where the light is burning in the oven, the doors are opened, and the pan is sizzling on the stove - exactly like mom's
  • the future racer will be delighted with the bright track, beautiful cars (already available on the radio), multi-level parking
  • railway lovers will appreciate steam locomotives, real rail sets
  • warlike boys rejoice pistols, bows, rifle
  • it is already possible to try various, the most simple board games like walkers with lots
  • Can I buy a children's bicycle for the next season?
  • for the future mother - cots, strollers, baby dolls, pupae of different series
  • young hostesses will like toy irons, washing machines, stoves, teapots, sets of dishes
  • interesting is often the set of the young doctor, the seller, the hairdresser
  • A big soft toy is a universal gift.

Again, I recommend paying attention to the choice of a present, the organization of the New Year, so that the crumb from the bottom of my heart rejoiced over these days. After all, the school with its constant troubles, worries and lessons is not far off, where, besides everything, the secret of the origin of gifts under the Christmas tree will be revealed to the kid.

What gift will Santa Claus give to children of 6 - 7 years old?

Now the child, most likely, already knows for sure who buys gifts for him for the New Year, but the holiday does not get any duller. But you can directly ask what the child wants, acquiring the most desirable, interesting, favorite thing. So, good options are:

  • car, plane, boat on the radio for the boy (well, and dad too)
  • set for creativity
  • interesting designer, age appropriate
  • beautiful smart watches to keep in touch with the child, to know where he is, what is happening around
  • for the girl - a beautiful porcelain doll, with which the grown-up beauty can already play neatly
  • future hostess - doll furniture, real, but tiny dishes for a toy tea party
  • baby sewing machine so the girl can sew dolls first dresses
  • a set for modeling, crafts of any kind (wood carving, engraving, embroidery, weaving with beads)
  • magnets, houses for coloring
  • three-dimensional puzzles
  • toy ticket office with retractable drawers, keys and other attributes
  • constructors, mosaics.

Gift for child 8 - 10 years

This is the age when the children still want to be children, but some adult inclinations are already apparent, you can get for the holiday:

  • radio control toy
  • set for embossing
  • the designer from which it is possible to make the real chair, a figure of an animal, various objects
  • personal mobile phone to communicate with family and classmates
  • tablet for games, learning
  • musical instruments.

How to surprise a child 11 -13 years old

No longer a kid, but not yet a teenager - a great time to “play a little”, while developing, gaining interesting knowledge. You can look at the child:

  • a real, true, small microscope for young researchers
  • a set of young chemist, physics, engineering
  • computer games
  • gaming mouse, keyboard, good headphones, special consoles
  • programmable robot
  • set for weaving, painting, making bags, decorative home cosmetics for girls
  • good umbrella
  • The first cosmetics for the young beauty.

What to give adolescents 14 - 16 years

Here you will have to abandon the traditional "children's" toys, so as not to accidentally offend the child, because he is so eager to show his adulthood. The exceptions are cases when children themselves are asked to buy them toys, constructors, and other things intended for babies. This age is more consistent with:

  • good smartphone
  • powerful tablet
  • personal computer, laptop for study, surfing, watching movies, social networking
  • game consoles, joysticks, steering wheels, pedals for computer games
  • camera
  • Printer
  • beautiful smart watches
  • interesting headphones
  • music player
  • the young beauty will appreciate the personal hairdryer, curling hair, cosmetics, jewelry
  • A good option would be high-quality, stylish clothing that matches the taste of a teenager.

What to give for New Year's daughter

Over the years, sex differences become more pronounced, so the parents of babies think about what to give for the New Year to the girl.

Ladies are such ladies, regardless of age, preferring from an early age everything is airy, sophisticated, tender, feminine. The youngest young ladies will love pupae, dishes, toy kitchens, and household appliances. Older babies - more interesting dolls, toys from favorite cartoons (“My Little Pony”, “Cold Heart”, “Barbie”, “Monster High”), various popular things (LOL dolls, others).

Young ladies over 7-8 years old will already appreciate the first cosmetics, jewelry, and the teenage girl will approve electronic gifts, good things, accessories.

New Year's gift for son

The future man at a young age loves cars, locomotives, pistols, designers. A little older, by the age of 5-7, the interest in animated characters, collecting, wakes up. As we used to collect Kinders, now the boys are painstakingly searching for various figures of Lego-ninjago, Fixiki, cars from “Wheelbarrows”, “Robokar Pauly”.

Slightly older guys find their hobbies, someone conducts chemical, biological, physical experiments, someone makes, others play music, draw, deal with technology. This should be taken into account when buying a developing gift, thinking about what to give to the boy for the New Year.

Teenagers love fashionable, modern things more - phones, various gadgets (smart watches for sports, e-books, tablets, MP3-players), devices for computer games.

Sweet gifts for the new year 2018 children

A tasty gift is ideal for a New Year's party, such sets literally fill the shelves of supermarkets on the eve of the holiday. I am glad that such a gift will appeal to everyone (after all, parents forbid to eat a lot of sweets for a whole year) and will not cause unhealthy envy in other children. And at home, under the tree, to find such a bag would be nice.

You can purchase the easiest ready-made set, but there are other, more interesting options. For example, buy the box you like, filling it with not tasteless cheap candies (which many New Year gifts manufacturers commit sin), but the most favorite sweets of a child. So it will turn out a little cheaper, much better, the products are guaranteed not to cause side effects.

Another way out is to order exclusive candies, muffins, cookies on specialized Internet sites or in pastry shops.

Well, the most original, pleasant option is to make a gift yourself. For example, to make a piece of cardboard from a piece of cardboard, rain, decorating it with real candy instead of toys. Or make curved American candy "sleigh" for "sleds", putting in their favorite chocolate bars. There are many such options; a master class on creating unique sweet presents is on the net.

I hope with our help you can easily come up with what to give your child for the New Year. Have a nice shopping and a happy holiday!

The best ideas of magical New Year's gifts: general rules of choice

It is impossible to foresee a universal recipe for every family, however, some nuances in the rules for choosing New Year's “miracles” for the smallest ones should be followed. You will never lose, if you use some tips:

  • It is desirable to proceed from the sex and age of the child.. If you do not know what to donate, contact the managers of the toy store, you will be offered a lot of options to choose from for girls and boys in accordance with the age category.
  • Choose a gift that will really delight the baby, that is matching his interests. For example, a boy who is passionate about cars will hardly like a machine gun or a toy dinosaur.
  • If you missed the moment and no longer have time to buy something original, feel free to choose sweets in themed boxes. The original small souvenirs included in the kit will really please the child.

Be sure to make a real New Year surprise, do not give the baby a gift before the holiday. Let him find it under the tree, so that the feeling of a miracle would be complete.

Photo of baby gifts for the New Year from the children's store

What can you give to boys and girls under 5 years old?

For the little ones, those who still do not even know how to walk, there are enough impressions of what is happening around him: bright christmas tree with lights and tinsel, funny faces, laughter, elated relatives. This is quite enough for a baby to feel absolutely happy. But to give a new, bright rattle will be useful.

Children from 2 to 5 years will fully appreciate the New Year's gift and will be immensely glad that Santa Claus remembers them and brought such magical surprises

The best gifts for little ones can be as follows:

  • Small cheap backpacks no sweets and sweets. These gifts will be liked by both the youngest and the older kids. Just imagine three surprises in one thing - sweets, a soft toy and a backpack, with which you can then go outside or wear your little things in kindergarten. If you buy an empty gift, you can put in the toy as a gift those candies and sweets that you see fit. This is convenient for those whose children suffer from allergic reactions to nuts, lactose, chocolate or other ingredients that are part of the candy.
  • Smart educational games as an alternative to the sweet gift would be quite appropriate. Today, in toy stores you can find a lot of options for such entertainment. It can be lotto, cubes, puzzles, constructors and much more.

Video gifts for children for the New Year

  • For the little ones there are unusual children's gifts. For example, these include finger painting set. Just imagine the joy of the baby, whom mother allowed to paint the pens in this beautiful paint, which you can paint on a sheet of paper with your fingers!
  • Older kids can buy children's developing laptop or an interactive toy.
  • Girls will love set of gum pins, mirror and comb.
  • For boys, a great fit fireman, policeman, ninja sets etc. More gift ideas for boys for the New Year - here.

Variants of creative gifts for children from 6 to 8 years

Has your child grown up and is now harder for him to please? Listen to the opinion of the baby and give him exactly what he wants. It is not possible to buy a large designer or an interactive toy cheaply, these gifts are worth serious money. But you can come up with no less interesting surprises and arrange cool gifts as you like.

How to make cool gifts for a child on New Year - fresh ideas

The most popular gifts for kids of this age category include:

  • Autotrack or mini-railway.
  • Small machine with remote control.
  • Garage with several parking levels and an elevator.
  • Any toy weapon with light music.
  • Magnetic boards for learning the alphabet and counting.
  • Drum, xylophone, mouth organ, guitar, etc.
  • Bicycle, roller skates, skates, skateboard.
  • Sets for dolls: crockery, houses.
  • Game sets of hairdresser, doctor, military, etc.

Adult children from Santa Claus can give something more substantial. For example, the first smartphone, tablet, game console.

Modern robots-designers, microscope, sets of young physicist, chemist, biologist, smart wristwatch with many functions, stylish accessories for devices will be no less interesting.

Videos of New Year's gifts:

Top small gifts with the symbol of the year Dog for Children

Since time immemorial, it is customary to give sweets to children and adults on this holiday. Therefore, good modern gifts with New Year's theme with and without delicacies can be found on the shelves of any stores. The top popular gifts for the New Year include:

  • Boxes of Christmas theme with candy. Perhaps this is one of the most popular and desirable gifts for most children. In addition, it is an excellent collective popular mini-gifts for school or kindergarten matinees. Boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Almost every one of them necessarily depicts Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the symbol of the year - the Yellow Dog. The set includes a lot of different candies and other delicacies, from which children are just crazy.
  • Soft dogs, backpacks, pads, just toys. They are also filled with sweets, the children really like this surprise.

Popular mini gift for children - plush toys

  • Soft toys as a symbol of the year - Dogs. These can be small presents or big plush dogs. Perfect and interactive heroes.
  • All kinds of children's kits for creativity with embroidery threads or beads, drawings or sewing dogs.
  • Cubes and puzzles for the little ones with pictures of dogs.

If for some reason adults do not want to give sweets to the child, you can buy a beautiful package and make your own gift.

The composition of interesting savory gift sets for children for the year Dogs may include:

  • For girls. A plush doggie, a set of elastics or hairpins, a small box of puzzles, a doll princess or a watch with your favorite fairy-tale characters.
  • For boys. The plush dog in this case is also a mandatory component of the kit, a toy transformer or a small machine, a thematic set of a policeman, a fireman.

Variations of what they put in the combined gifts, mass. The main thing - all the components are inexpensive and assemble a set is not difficult.

Princess doll is included in the collection of gifts for girls

What useful gifts to give a couple with children: selection criteria

Family gifts are a serious topic. Many of those who were invited to a holiday in a house where adults and children live, are faced with the most difficult choice - to buy a gift for each household or to make a common gift? Family with children can give:

  • Certificate for visiting the water park, oceanarium, circus, ice rink.
  • Horse riding or parachute jumping, if the child is already an adult in the family.
  • Board game for all households: traditional lotto, "Monopoly" or other sets of your choice.

Modern universal gifts to children of friends should not be expensive, because by the same token you will put adults in an awkward position. They will consider themselves obliged.

Therefore, it is worth counting your own opportunities and taking into account the rules of decency.

A teenager can give a book, the kid will like a small toy and certainly a set of sweets.

Board game - a modern universal gift to children of friends

Give parents inscribed circles with symbols the coming year. Actual next year, dogs can be present in any gift. If you are giving a set, a set of cosmetics, bed linen or some other gift, just attach a card with the symbol of 2018 with the warmest wishes.

Creative Christmas gifts for New Year's children

Perhaps your child will prefer creativity to all toys and sweets? Think it over! Buy as a gift to the child a set for creativity.

Set for creativity as a gift to the child for the New Year

To date, the options presented in the shops set. These can be sets:

  • for embroidery,
  • knitting,
  • sewing and knitting plush toys,
  • creating figures, masks and items from papier-mâché,
  • batik,
  • for burning out
  • weaving beads, elastics, ribbons,
  • to create prints, drawings,
  • dough making and many others.

It is necessary to choose based on the preferences of the child.

Elite New Year's gifts for children

Giroskuter - an expensive gift for the New Year for a child

Expensive gifts for the New Year for children to buy within their means not all parents. However, once there is an offer, there must be demand. It can be:

  • gyroscooters,
  • children's electric cars,
  • quadcopters,
  • laptops or super modern tablets, smartphones,
  • costly huge LEGO kits and more.

A gift to the boy for the New Year

Table football - the best gift for a boy for the New Year

Gifts for boys can be divided into categories in accordance with the family budget:

  • Books. These clever friends can buy a boy at any age. For the little ones there are sets of books-babies, for older kids fairy tales, fantastic adventures and stories are perfect.
  • New toy. This may be a machine, transformer, wooden, plastic, metal constructor.
  • Educational games and kits for creativity.
  • Most boys just love toys sets of favorite cartoon characters - “Cars”, “Paw Patrol”, “Robocar Polly” and others.
  • Cars on the radio.

Gift girl for the New Year

Interactive baby doll - the best gift for a girl for the New Year

Christmas gifts for girls amaze with their diversity. It can be both dolls-princesses favorite by all babies, and large interactive dolls.

Older children especially like kits for creativity: drawing, embroidery, knitting, sculpting, weaving, etc.

No one will mind if you present a wonderful fairy tale book to a child girl. Тематические наборчики героинь любимых мультфильмов «Феи Винкс», «Монстр Хай» и другие будут приняты с огромным восторгом.

Что подарить подростку?

In this case, the choice is really serious. If your child has all the possible gadgets, give him useful gifts. For example, a subscription to attend a fitness club, swimming pool, dance school, handicraft club, or a joint trip with friends to the cinema for an interesting film premiere. The more unexpected the present, the more joy you deliver to your son or daughter.

Stylish gadget - the best gift for a teenager for the New Year

Christmas toys for children

Christmas toys for children can be very different. Like all of the above, and surprisingly bright, colorful sets of Christmas balls, animals, stars, cones. After all, every child with great pleasure helps parents to decorate the Christmas tree. Therefore, it is worth it to buy him his own colorful balls, which can be made to order with the name and photo of the child.

However, no matter what you give your child, the New Year's fairy tale will take place in any case, and the baby will be happy to believe in miracle, magic and kindness. therefore Give children your love and attention, but only last but not least gifts.

From 1 to 4 years

At this time, perception is actively developing, speech is being formed and visual-effective thinking. The child comprehends the world through objects. They give the kid the first ideas about the shape, size, color, taste and other properties.

After a crisis of three years, the game becomes the leading activity, yet subject-manipulative. The kid plays, as a rule, one, trying on different roles.

Game tent

In stores a huge selection of game tents. There are ordinary, similar to the tourist.

There is in the form of a yurt or wigwam.

And there are tents, combined with a pipe pool for balls. Such a model will appeal to mobile children.

Game tent - a gift that will suit both boys and girls of any temperament. Calm children will retire there with their favorite toys, and fidgets constantly climb and crawl out, open and close the tent, play hide and seek.

Interactive pet

They look exactly like real ones: they bark, meow, react to touch, walk, and sometimes even eat and visit the toilet. Only these dogs do not need to walk, and cats do not rage in the spring.

You can choose a model a la plush toy or as close as possible to a live pet. Last realistic, but not suitable for allergies.

And such a dog can be walked on a leash.

If your baby is interested in unusual pets, give him a bird with a cage, a mouse or a turtle.

Such a gift will be for the child not only entertainment, because with the help of interactive pets, girls and boys learn to care for animals.

Musical gifts

If a child has an interest in music from an early age, he will be happy to find a children's guitar or synthesizer under the Christmas tree. The smallest can give a xylophone.

But if the child is not very musical, such gifts will quickly bore him. Another thing is the carpet singing and flashing with different lights.

If you want to dance on it, if you want to create melodies with your hands. Suitable for both sexes and group games.

Finger paint

If melancholic and phlegmatic can still be seated for drawing with ordinary paints or felt-tip pens, then choleric and sanguine people get tired of this occupation too quickly. Unless, of course, it's not about the colors with which you can make a row.

Finger paints develop fine motor skills and imagination, stimulate the creativity of kids.

The main requirement for them - environmental friendliness. It is also good when there is an easel in the set, an album with tips and other accessories for the young artist.

In addition to the finger, you can try other unusual techniques of drawing: on a wet sheet, splashes or stamps, and so on.

Toy kitchen for the little mistress

After three years, the child actively tries on various social roles: mothers, fathers, doctors, hairdressers and so on. Gifts for plot-role-playing games can and should be differentiated by gender.

Girls can give baby dolls, which they will feed, bathe and put to sleep. The more accessories a toy has, the more interesting it is. Take a closer look at the dolls with strollers, cribs and baths.

No less delight will cause a gift on the culinary theme. What is there for the girl to cook like a mom: from colorful sets of dishes to plastic products that can be cut, and carts from the supermarket to go shopping.

You can buy a whole kitchen unit with a stove, oven, dishes and other utensils. It is more expensive, but it looks very impressive.

A set of tools for the young master

In the early preschool years, children imitate adults. If the son saw the father with a hammer or screwdriver, he would definitely want to also screw something, nail it or saw it off. Therefore, a great gift for the boy plot-role-playing games will be sets of tools.

It can be just a set of plastic imitations of keys, files and the like, or a set with a case or a box (all grown-up).

The composition of the kits is varied. Somewhere only screwdrivers and pliers, somewhere even a chainsaw and a helmet. There are also game modules that mimic carpentry shop.

Montessori fans will love the wooden tools that develop the child’s cognitive abilities.

Bright large sets of tools exactly attract the attention of boys, and choose from what.

From 5 to 9 years

In the preschoolers, games are already more complex and diverse, there are rules and competition in them. Sports and fantasy games are added to the subject and subject-role-playing. Increasing interest in children is the construction.

At the age of seven, the child is again in crisis. The kid goes to school, learns that he, like adults, has responsibilities. The training activity interferes with the game. At the same time, memory is actively developing, thinking becomes visual-figurative, and then verbal-logical.

Magnetic easel or teaching board

Many parents buy or make to the kids educational boards (busy board). Then they are replaced by magnetic and slate easels, where the child first simply draws, and later learns the alphabet and counting.

If you already have an easel, you can give a separate teaching board with an alphabet or numbers.

And if the family still does not have such a thing, it will be a great gift for boys and girls over five years old.

A collection of favorite characters

By the age of 4–5, children begin to watch cartoons thoughtfully, read magazines and books themselves or with the help of adults. Gradually, favorite characters appear, interest in collecting wakes up.

As we once collected icons and toys from chocolate eggs, so do modern children collect figurines of their favorite heroes. They just have their idols.

For example, many are crazy about minions, smeshariki and fixes.

The girls collect fairy figures from the Winx Club and a pony from the animated series “Friendship is a miracle.”

Boys like bionicles, ninjago and LEGO Star Wars characters, as well as car models.

It is important to know your child, to give a character that is really interesting to him.


“The designer gave the child, and he opened the box and ran away,” parents often complain. The reason is that they did not take into account the temperament of their offspring.

The phlegmatic person will be interested in finding out with a wooden constructor and building a fabulous house, and the creative melancholic kid will surely like cardboard 3D puzzles.

Movable sanguine and choleric suit designer, with whom you do not need to sit at the table. For example, with a set of shaggy sticky balls you can simulate literally on the go.

You can find a variety of designers, which will interest both girls and boys.

Board game

Board games - a great pastime for the whole family. But they should also be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the child. Age on the box - just one of the landmarks. Remember also about the character and hobbies of the baby.

For children who like math problems and logic tasks, you can give a wooden Tetris or a tangram puzzle for the New Year. The essence of the latter is to fold the figures marked on the cards. You can play alone, and in the presence of several sets - to compete for a while.

Children with a twinkle need more gambling nastolki: from the classic kicker to walkers with a playing field and dice, where you need to overtake rivals and score points. Boys and girls can also be attracted to jenga and various mnemonic games.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about popular challenge games: “Pie Face”, “Bad Dog” (Bad Dog), “Spitting Camel” and others. Attitudes towards them of psychologists, teachers and parents ambiguous. On the one hand, it is fun, but on the other hand, the educational and developmental components tend to zero. Write in the comments how you feel about the game-challenges.

If you are not choosing a New Year's gift for your child, ask your parents if they approve of such games.

Railway or auto track

There is a huge selection of railways and autotracks on the market. Realistic remote-controlled railways are particularly popular.

This is a classic of the genre. Who in childhood did not dream of a railroad and a great garage for typewriters? Such a gift will be happy as a calm child, and fidget.

Radio-controlled toys

Speaking of toys with remote controls. Radio-controlled helicopters, mini-quadcopters, tanks, trucks - 99% of boys and even older schoolchildren will enjoy all this for 99%.

Do you have eyes? Can't choose? Then just buy a cute flying minion.

Walkie Talkies

At this age, boys often play war games, depict policemen or firefighters. Machines, pistols and other weapons are usually a lot of every boy. But the radio, on which you can talk with allies, for many will be a novelty.

Here, for example, a model in the style of Spiderman.

Barbie and dolls princesses

Barbie dolls appeared in 1959, and for almost 60 years, girls all over the world have been dressing and combing these beauties. Original Barbies are quite expensive, especially with Ken, the house, and other extras.

But now there are many variations for every taste. In addition, the popular dolls in the images of Disney princesses: Anna and Elsa from "Cold Heart", Cinderella, Rapunzel and others.

If the girl already has such dolls, look at the accessories: furniture, clothes, jewelry, dishes and so on.

Jewelry Making Set

The girls at this time wakes up interest in needlework. Therefore, kits for creativity - an excellent gift for older preschoolers and younger students.

There are many options. There are sets with beads and fishing lines to create bracelets and beads.

There are sets for weaving bracelets of gum.

10 to 15 years

This period is characterized by the transition from childhood to independent and responsible adulthood. Breaking sometimes painful. Children feel that they are growing up, and they want to be treated appropriately.

Teenagers have their first serious hobbies: favorite band, favorite football player, favorite writer. Boys try to behave like real men (to show strength and endurance, not to show fear) and to attract the attention of girls, who also turn into women (pay attention to clothes, are interested in cosmetics, and so on).

Sports equipment

If the child is involved in sports, choose a gift is easy. A footballer will be happy with a new ball or boots, a runner with a fitness bracelet and so on. If funds permit, donate a hoverboard. It is now fashionable.

If you are only striving to introduce a child to the sport, donate winter equipment so that you can immediately try out (skis, skates, snowboard) without waiting for the summer. In order of funny hooliganism, you can add a gift with a snowball machine and arrange family snow battles.

Research and cosmetic kits

Now many sixth, seventh graders are actively interested in science. These children can safely give a microscope, telescope, starry sky projector, kits for chemical and physical experiments.

With the onset of puberty, adolescents are increasingly paying attention to their appearance. In this regard, boys can be given perfume or personal care products. For girls there are interesting kits to create your own fragrances, home soap or bath bombs. Well, the fair sex is sure to please the first cosmetics. Just be attentive to the quality of products: teenagers have delicate and capricious skin.

Game console

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S will make almost any teenage boy happy (and many girls too).

If the game console is already there and you do not plan to update it, look at the accessories. You can give a joystick, steering wheel or virtual reality glasses.

VR helmets are generally a separate category of gifts that you should pay attention to. Relevant and will delight the teenager, following the development of technology. If you don’t understand anything about it, read Layhhacker's article on how to choose virtual reality glasses.

Teens listen to music often and a lot. Nowadays wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular. Do not make a mistake with the choice of this article Layfhakera.

For centenials, not only convenience and quality is important, but also design. There are many bright and stylish headphones on AliExpress.

Whether we like it or not, but in the youth subculture, what kind of phone you walk with does matter. The minimum set of functions is a good camera and access to social networks.

Decent models can be found in Asian brands Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo. The choice of a particular depends on the budget that you devote to New Year's gifts.

Choose a gift for the New Year child is not as difficult as it seems. Write in the comments what idea inspired you the most.

What gift to choose for the new year 2018: tips and tricks

The undivided mistress and generous patroness of 2018 will be the Yellow Earth Dog, and the ruling element will be the land. These aspects directly affect the choice of gifts for the New Year. To some extent they are obliged to display the main qualities of the hostess of the year:

  • emotional stability
  • friendliness,
  • justice,
  • sincerity,
  • loyalty to the traditions and the "right" principles
  • chastity,
  • foresight
  • generosity and selflessness
  • amazing "flair" (well-developed intuition),
  • sociability

New Year's gifts should be consistent with the characteristics of the ruling element, which embodies wisdom, fertility, abundance, wealth. This can be expressed in the colors of gifts. The main colors of the element:

Various shades of the listed colors are also suitable for selected gifts. By the way, the white color for 2018 is considered neutral, therefore it is quite acceptable to combine it with other colors. Of course, the gift itself (object, thing) may have a completely different color, for example, blue. But in order for it to overlap with the elements of the earth, one should choose packaging material of the appropriate color for it. This can be a gift box with a fluffy bow, corrugated paper with a ribbon or a beautiful package.

What to give for the new year 2018 husband, boyfriend, beloved man

Considering the ideas of gifts for the new year 2018 for a beloved man, remember two basic rules: a gift should be of interest to him and also be useful. Yes, small souvenirs and various trinkets also give a man aesthetic pleasure, but they will not be of practical use.

A successful option will be a gift associated with the passion of the chosen one. If your favorite is:

  • An avid fisherman or hunter, you can buy a quality tent, spinning, a camping set (bowler, canteen, special dishes), a folding chair,
  • motorists, get a certificate for racing race (karting), a buggy ride, an extreme ride on a quad bike over rough terrain,
  • athlete, buy a certificate to attend a climbing class:
  • a musician, then a master class for playing drums or electric guitar, as well as recording a song in a professional recording studio will be a wonderful gift:
  • Extreme by nature, it means that the ideal for him will be a present in the form of a flight on an airplane with an instructor who will show how to perform aerobatics. Also interesting will be a balloon flight or climbing a mountain peak.

In addition to the hobby, do not forget about the professional activities of your soulmate. Perhaps you look a good thing that is useful to a man for work. For example, if he is a businessman, he often has to sign various documents, concluding transactions and contracts. In this case, you can choose a quality parker, leather briefcase or stylish watches, etc. These gifts will complement the image of a successful entrepreneur.

Do not strive to choose a trivial gift, because there are enough banalities in everyday life, especially since the New Year is a holiday when you want to believe in miracles, therefore non-beaten presents will be very useful. Surprise your chosen one with something original. Do not rely on such gifts as a tie, shirt, perfume, shaving kit. It is so ordinary, although they can be good and useful gifts. It all depends on the situation.

Что подарить на новый год 2018 жене или любимой девушке

Женщины несколько иначе относятся к новогодним подаркам, причем и в практическом и в психологическом плане. Большинство дам обожает разные мелочи, которые способны вызывать восхищение и бурю положительных эмоций. That is why it is believed that for women the process of choosing a gift is easier than for men. In fact, the complexity of choosing a present is the same for both men and women, just the options for presents for the ladies a little more.

A win-win version of the gift for the new year 2018 for a beloved woman will be:

  • fine fur coat. What beauty does not dream of having such a thing in her own wardrobe? Before you make a choice, carefully find out from your beloved what color she likes, what type of outerwear she prefers,
  • jewel. When choosing you need to build on the preferences of the beloved. You can buy a bracelet, earrings, necklace or ring. If finances allow, it is better to take a set, for example, necklaces and earrings, inlaid with stones,
  • Underwear. Such a gift is intimate. Therefore, it should be given on the condition that you are close enough with your chosen one and you know her parameters, as well as your taste preferences,
  • elite perfume. Surely, every woman wants to become the owner of a rare eau de toilette or perfume with a unique smell, which were released in limited quantities.

Do you want to surprise the lady of your heart by presenting her with an original gift on New Year's Eve? Then choose a gift according to her hobbies or secret desires, which you managed to find out by chance. For example, you know that the beloved wants to learn to ride a horse. Buy a certificate for a horse ride for two. If your darling is romantic, a little sentimental, loves to read adventure and detective stories, she will definitely rejoice at the gift in the form of a certificate for the game in the quest genre.

If you cannot decide on a gift in any way, present to your beloved a universal gift that will not only give her pleasure, but also be beneficial to her health. We are talking about certificates to visit a beauty salon, where they provide the following services:

  • relaxing massage:
  • Mani Pedi,
  • haircut and hair styling,
  • visage
  • cleansing the skin of the body and face
  • wraps,
  • anti-aging baths, etc.

Dear men, do not forget to reinforce your gift with sincere words of love and a luxurious bouquet of flowers.

Christmas gifts 2018 for mom

The most expensive person in the world must be congratulated in a special way. Here you should be guided by the lifestyle that your mother leads. If she is keen on sports, as a New Year's gift you can present a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription to the gym (swimming pool, fitness, oriental dance classes).


Do not give your mother and anyone else gifts that are somehow related to diseases, reminiscent of age and the need for treatment. For example, you should not give a tonometer, expensive medications, a bandage to support the spine, orthopedic shoes, etc.

If your mother is creative and leads a moderately active lifestyle, surprise her with a gift in the form of a subscription to visit a skating rink or a video salon where a stereo movie is shown. An original gift for Mommy will be the ticket to the concert of her favorite singer. For outrageous and extravagant ladies of mature age, you can purchase such certificates:

  • ride in a carriage drawn by three horses,
  • visiting a costume ball,
  • master class in the preparation of original dishes, cocktails.

If creative gifts are not suitable for your mother, useful household items and items will be a good option: an ironing board, a stylish lamp, a set of kitchen utensils, a slow cooker, a juicer, a coffee machine. A good option would be the gifts associated with the care of appearance. For mom, you can buy a certificate for the purchase of high-quality cosmetics, a beautiful home bathrobe, a set of bath towels, various cosmetics (lotion, cream, shampoo, shower gel).

Christmas gifts 2018 for dad

From the gifts, carrying practical benefits, for the pope, you can choose the LED strap, which is designed to illuminate the space in the dark. This device can be attached to an umbrella, bicycle helmet and other items. If your father often has to be outside in the winter, you can buy heated insoles.

Pape-motorist, for sure, will come in handy for a breathalyzer, which can save you from an undeserved fine. An anti-theft tag, a device that allows you to quickly find things, will also be a nice gift. It can be mounted on the purse, keys, collar for a pet.

If you do not have a high income or are a student, from which you can only afford an inexpensive gift, do not despair, the main thing is that it should be presented honestly. As such gifts to the father can be presented:

  • accessories for visiting the sauna / bath (hat, birch or oak besom, bathrobe, set of towels and sheets, wooden ladle, aromatic essential oils),
  • Thermocup. Such a gift will be useful not only at home, but also on trips, as well as hiking,
  • set (hat, scarf and gloves),
  • computer accessories (briefcase / laptop case, mouse, mouse pad, USB flash drive, USB keyboard backlight),
  • beer mug with a congratulatory inscription or a memorable photograph printed on it.

If your dad is a fan of attacks on nature, buy him a brazier or a charcoal grill. This useful thing makes it easy to cook various dishes of meat and fish during picnics and rest in the country.

Gifts for grandfather for the new 2018 year

To show respect to your grandfather, as well as to surprise him, will help original New Year's gifts. Does your grandfather like to philosophize? Then by the way the following gifts will fall:

  • beautiful smoking pipe (if he smokes),
  • rattan rocking chair,
  • books of famous thinkers and philosophers.

Reaching their advanced years, many people begin to appreciate things and objects that are reminiscent of their youth. Make a grandfather a nice New Year's surprise will help a gift in the form of a family photo album or a collage made with your own hands.

In order to make a collage, you will need memorable photographs depicting a grandfather, all family members, friends, and acquaintances. Photo must be pasted on the paper. Also suitable lyrics favorite grandfathers' songs and poems - they must be placed between the photographs. This is a spiritual gift that will certainly please the most respectable member of the family.

Gifts such as a set of garden tools, a power saw, a secateur, a set of wicker baskets for picking fruits, berries and vegetables are perfect for the dacha grandfather. Also the grandfather, who likes to tinker around the housework, will need a system for watering the backyards. And so that grandfather experienced a great surprise, you can make him a gift in the form of a pre-ordered gazebo, which can be installed in the courtyard. Together with the gazebo, order the manufacture of garden furniture (tables, benches).

Gifts for grandma for the new 2018 year

As a rule, in adulthood, women are prone to the manifestation of talent, the development of which they did not have time in their youth. Watch your grandmother, talk to her, find out what she has been fascinated with recently. Perhaps she loved to embroider, knit or grow houseplants. Having learned about the hobby of your grandmother, you can easily decide on a present. In these cases, suitable sets of threads, knitting needles and crochet hooks, beautiful pots and flowerpots for flowers, as well as the indoor plants themselves.

A grandmother who enjoys cooking can be presented with modern kitchen appliances, such as a double boiler, a dishwasher, a multifunctional blender, a bread machine, a food processor. If you are limited in material means, and the New Year's gift for the grandmother was never able to choose, pay attention to the universal versions of the gifts that will fit and will be useful to any grandmas:

  • kitchen towel set,
  • set of pots / pans,
  • tablecloth,
  • set: apron and tacks,
  • beautiful candlestick
  • a set of bed linen.

If you do not have the opportunity to spend a significant amount on a gift to your grandmother, but at the same time want to surprise her, order the tailoring from the master. The purchase of material and payment of the wizard will require a relatively insignificant amount. You can make a beautiful hat, a bathrobe, pajamas or warm sneakers from clothes for a grandmother.

For little boys

It is always nice to please your child, and on New Year's Eve, when the little son is waiting for magic, it is doubly. Pamper the little boy with a special gift, because the holiday should be a real miracle for him. To make the gift not only pleasant for the son, but also contribute to the development of his abilities and talents, you can give him kinetic sand, from which children love to build various figures. It develops imagination, observation, natural ingenuity and hand motor skills.

You can surprise and surprise your little son with the help of an invitation to the New Year not a banal Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, but a favorite cartoon character or fairy tale. Now there are a lot of agencies that provide such services. Gently ask your child which hero is his idol. Perhaps this is a ninja turtle, Ivan Tsarevich, or the serpent Gorynych.

For little girls

All children love toys, so your daughter will surely be delighted with a given backpack in the form of an animal, for example, chanterelles, sisters, bunny-runner, hen or hen-breasts. As in the case of a little boy, on New Year's Eve for a girl, you can arrange a real show by ordering in advance of the corresponding company the organization of a small children's play with fairy-tale characters.

What girl doesn't like sweets ?! Multicolored lollipops, a variety of chocolate, gingerbread and, of course, fruit candy, all of which have incredible power over a small child. Sweets for children, especially for girls, are a desired delicacy, which they are ready to consume in tons. Therefore, by the New Year, buy your child many original, tasty, and most importantly, sweets made from high-quality products.

For teenage boys

Psychologists and experienced educators know how important it is to develop curiosity, to inculcate in the child a love of knowledge and self-improvement in adolescence. Therefore, the following gifts will be interesting and useful for a boy aged 12-16 years:

  • set of a young magician
  • Spyglass,
  • set for young researchers "science laboratory" (the kit includes samples of biomaterials, a microscope, slides, descriptions for various experiments),
  • binoculars,
  • small telescope
  • constructor "Expert". With it, the boy will be able to independently assemble any device, for example, a flashlight, an alarm, a touch lamp, a radio.

A young man who is fond of sports will like such New Year's gifts as darts, hockey skates, a basketball and a ring, boxing gloves and a pear. Original gifts for boys who are prone to the manifestation of their creative talents, will be the sets: "painting stained glass windows", "engraving on metal", "sawing with a jigsaw", "burning wood". And if your son is a lover of clay modeling, he will surely be delighted with the “Pottery Mastery” certificate.

For teenage girls

As well as for boys aged 12-16 years, for teenage girls it is important to develop curiosity, perseverance and determination. In order not to give the girl banal things and at the same time to direct the consciousness of a teenager in the right direction, you can choose such options for Christmas gifts:

  • master class on baking holiday cakes,
  • Ping Pong set,
  • designer "Puzzle"
  • set "Needlewoman". Here the choice is great, you can buy a set for embroidery, knitting or crocheting, weaving beads, etc.,
  • the book "100 recipes for milk-fruit cocktails."

All girls at a young age are very romantic, therefore, as a New Year's present, they will be happy to receive a collection of disks of their favorite group (singer / singer), a romantic photo session, a master class on make-up and care for their appearance, a set of cosmetics for young skin, a set Create a romantic design of your room ", a master class in painting.

For teenagers, physical development is also very important. If a girl likes active forms of recreation or enjoys some kind of sports, give her roller skates, a dance workshop or accessories for fitness. And, of course, all girls in adolescence love fashion. Perhaps the most desirable gift for your daughter will be a beautiful dress, a stylish backpack or trendy coat.

For adult sons

It’s not so easy to surprise an adult son. Most often this is a fully man. A Christmas present for him can be a certificate for visiting a tasting show of skates or whiskey. If you have a sufficient amount, you can purchase a weekly ticket for your son and his second half to an exotic country.

A business son will be pleased to receive a stylish cufflink or tie clip. If there is a certain amount, these products can be made of precious metals. If your son likes to go hunting or fishing, get him a set of icebreakers, a hunting knife, fishing boots, a quality and roomy backpack, thermal underwear.

From universal gifts for adult sons fit:

  • knitted things (scarf, socks, sweater, hat),
  • exercise equipment or sports equipment (orbitrek, treadmill, exercise bike, barbell, dumbbells). It all depends on the preference of the son,
  • eBook,
  • shirt,
  • acoustic system,
  • media player
  • globe bar floor.

For adult daughters

How do parents want to please their mature daughter, as once in early childhood, to once again see her happy eyes and a joyful smile. The childhood years, alas, have passed, and the daughter has long had a family. And now she is unlikely to be happy with the same gifts that caused her sincere delight in her childhood. But you can still try to surprise your daughter with a New Year's gift.

In addition to banal towels, bed linen, blankets and pillows, you can purchase a set of high-quality sheets with heating. Such a gift will be original and useful. Surely, my daughter will be pleased with the gift in the form of a personalized piece of jewelry: a pendant, a bracelet or a ring. After purchasing the product, you should order the application of the desired engraving on its surface.

A stylish leather wallet, the color of which intersects with the colors of the ruling elements in 2018 - the earth - will also be a good New Year's present. If your daughter is a connoisseur of exclusive gizmos, you can order for her the manufacture of unique candlesticks, beautiful carved caskets, jewelry. Is your daughter a big fan of antiques? Then she will be delighted with various antiques:

  • mantel clock
  • porcelain figurines,
  • works of art
  • flower pot,
  • silver, bronze or brass kitchen utensils.

Does your daughter drive a car? Then new seat covers, floor mats, a set of new winter (summer) tires or a DVR with many useful features will come in handy. If you just can not decide on a gift for an adult daughter, you can buy a certificate store quality clothes / shoes. She herself will choose all the necessary things for themselves in the amount specified in the certificate.

What to give to the head for the new year 2018

For many people, buying a New Year's present for their manager is confusing. It’s one thing when you know exactly about addictions and habits, it’s another thing when you just have to guess about them. In this regard, you can stay on the gift, which definitely will not leave the head indifferent.

Any boss will be pleased to receive a gift, emphasizing his high status. If your head is a smoking man, you can buy a set: a stylish cigarette case and a lighter. Also suitable and high-quality Cuban cigar, a bottle of elite alcoholic drink, for example, whiskey, gin, brandy or rum.

If your leader is a woman, get a beautiful picture for her with the positive plot depicted on her. And in order to surprise her even more, order the writing of her portrait in the image of a queen (for this, the master will need to provide a photo of the boss). As a gift for the New Year, a woman head can be presented with a desktop business card holder made of silver, a certificate for visiting the spa, a set of personalized feather parkers, high-quality chocolate in beautiful packaging, a table fountain.

Among the original New Year's gifts, which will suit the boss and male and female, can be identified:

  • an invitation to the corporate of his / her favorite singer, who will sing several songs in his / her honor,
  • backlit keyboard
  • Biofireplace which can be floor or wall,
  • desktop weather station
  • wall bronze key hanger,
  • hourglasses of unusual design.

New Year's gifts for colleagues

Surely, all employees will prepare for each other pleasant New Year's surprises and gifts. To stand out, think about how you can pleasantly surprise your colleagues. Well, if you have a team, you plan to organize a New Year's Eve corporate party. Вы умеете и любите танцевать? Тогда выступите на корпоративе с эксклюзивным танцевальным или юмористическим номером. В конце номера можно прочитать поздравительные стихи.And for each colleague, it is desirable to come up with a personal congratulatory quatrain.

As a New Year's gift for colleagues and souvenirs made by hand. It can be beautiful covers for stationery, figurines of the symbol of the New Year - Dogs and puppies, embroidered cloth napkins, computer mouse pads. If you do not have the time or desire to make New Year's presents yourself, you can buy universal gifts that will be useful to each colleague:

  • desk clock,
  • business card holders
  • ashtrays (for smoking colleagues),
  • stylish diaries,
  • parkers
  • stationery sets.

I always want to be creative, extraordinary and original. But in the New Year especially. You can successfully demonstrate these qualities with the help of non-trivial gifts presented to relatives, friends, colleagues and managers. Surprise your close people with pleasant surprises and do not skimp on warm words. May, in the coming year, the Yellow Earth Dog will be your reliable helper and patron, and the New Year's Eve will be held under the motto “Love, joy, magic!”