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  • Career and child: what is more important for a successful woman?
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Given the economic realities of the country, more and more women seek to build a career initially, and only then - plan the birth of a baby.

However, the age when a woman can easily carry a healthy child is between 20-35 years old. Next come the health problems in general and fertility in particular.

What gives a woman a career:

  • The possibility of self-realization,
  • Financial independence
  • Social status.

At the same time, the birth of a child entails not only a change in social status that will be approved for life, but also the possibility of self-realization - at a higher level.

Among feminists, one can often hear that a child is born by a woman who is not capable of anything else. However, this position leads to the fact that as a result, 20% of marriages remain fruitless: time is lost, health is destroyed.

The second popular thesis reads: “There is no one to give birth to, the men are gone.” Yes, it is difficult enough to raise a child independently, both from a material point of view and from a psychological one. Difficult, but possible. The state provides such mothers with benefits and subsidies. And no high post can replace the satisfaction of the idea that it was possible to raise a beautiful person.

Attitudes toward women remained traditional

It must be said that in the 21st century on the labor market the distribution of promising jobs between men and women often depends on the traditions and prejudices of the past. For some reason, it is considered that a man is a "breadwinner and head of the family", and a woman is primarily a "mother and housewife." “The church, the kitchen, the children” are the main limitations that, as an invisible fence, they still often try to limit the interests of a woman. Even today, in our time, most employers consider any young woman primarily as a potential mother. Or a woman is discriminated against while she is preparing to become a mother.

Different women, different desires

Each woman can choose her own way of life in accordance with her free, independent decision. Although today we are mainly talking about choosing between family, children and career, there are so many women for whom this decision does not present any dilemma. For them, the decision is clear and does not require reflection - they want to have children! And strive to create a family.

At the opposite pole there are quite a few women who love their job and give so much effort to move up the career ladder that they don’t want children. Their profession is much more important for them and brings more satisfaction and opportunities to be realized than family care.

However, there are also many such women who are somewhere in the middle: they want to have a family, but at the same time they understand that, having devoted quite a lot of time to study, they want to achieve something more in life than just to give birth and raise children . And they also know well that, having children, they will have to find enough free time to be able to take care of their family. This, of course, can be done only at the expense of a career. And another thing: women understand that the day will come when the children will mature and leave the nest, and what then to do with the newly acquired free time? After all, time is lost, a career is not made ...

We must also mention women who would be glad to stay as much time as possible at home with their children, but for financial reasons they cannot afford it.

How to find the optimal solution?

From the very beginning it should be said that the optimal solution for each woman will be different, and it is very difficult to generalize the situation. The decision should be based on the desire and needs of the woman herself. Even at the Delphic oracle above the entrance was the inscription - "Know yourself." Most likely, in ancient mythology, this statement means that no one can escape his fate, and by studying himself, a person will be able to know his future. But nowadays we can interpret this statement differently: we always have many ways and ways to solve our problems, listen to your desires, recognize the motives of these desires, evaluate your capabilities - and arrange your life in accordance with your deepest desires. Only in this way it is possible to understand that it is more important for you personally - children or career, as soon as the woman herself becomes clear, the decision will come immediately.

For many women, the question is not whether or not to have a family or a career; the main question for them is how to make these two most important components of our life best fit together. Modern women do not want to give up their family, but they do not want to give up their lives outside the family. Psychologists call such throwing intrapsychic conflicts - when a person suffers from the contradiction between what his body, mind, and soul want and what he has in reality.

Trying to understand ourselves, we should not forget that our ideals and ideas have a great influence on our behavior and on the adoption of any decisions by us. The idea that the ideal woman is able to combine both career and care for children and home is quite common among women. Making a decision for ourselves, we must remember that in real life it is absolutely good to do both, and it is unlikely that both will succeed.

Which path to choose?

No matter how difficult, yet every woman has the opportunity to follow her choice. There are not so many options, but each of them can be ideal for some of you:

Become a mother immediately after graduation or at the very beginning of his career. This situation has great advantages in that a woman is at the ideal age for conceiving and giving birth to a child. She is full of strength and energy, and all her forces are aimed at creating a new lifestyle (family, husband and child). She does not have to take precious moments of communication from her family for the sake of work.

There is one big advantage in staying at home with the child - for three years we have the opportunity to influence the upbringing of the child. During this time, you can teach him the basic rules of behavior, we can teach how to manage anger, frustration, impart to him good habits. And the child will not suffer from a lack of closeness and love from the mother - what could be more important ?!

However, this option may have its drawbacks - the woman will return to work and start a career as a novice, and will stand on the same level with recent graduates, being a few years older than them. In addition, some professions require retraining, training courses (for example, doctors or teachers), and the woman will have less time for her family and home.

Postpone motherhood to a later date. Then the woman will be able to calmly complete her education, go through a period of practice, gain experience and make a career. Becoming a mother, such a woman can safely return to work when the baby is older. Return to work will not be for her "leap into the unknown."

Such a solution has some significant drawbacks: some women find it difficult, after they feel like real professionals at work, to interrupt their career growth and adapt to the role of an unselfish guardian of a small creature. And yet, the most important thing is that a woman who has postponed the birth of a child for a more convenient time for herself, every year more and more approaches the age when it becomes harder to conceive and the pregnancy goes harder. In addition, such a woman most often gives birth to only one child, she simply does not have time to give birth to the second or more. But often then she has to regret the lost time - having finally come to know the joy of motherhood, many women want to have several children. After giving birth, a woman often realizes that the hunt for money and career is by nature ephemeral, while the child is our tangible continuation, our future.

To bear children and continue to work. This path has several options and largely depends on the woman herself and on her environment. It also largely depends on the age of the child and the number of children in the family. Relatives and older children can help in caring for a working woman baby. In the end, the father of the baby can go on leave to care for the child, especially if his wife eventually earns more money. In such situations, much depends on how demanding the woman is or, conversely, is undemanding to housekeeping and raising children. If you are satisfied with how others do it, then it will be easier for you to leave your home as an assistant and go to work. Or you simply will not waste your precious time off work on restoring perfect order, and spend it on communicating with children. And then the career and the birth of a child will not conflict with you.

I must say that high-quality child care does not depend on how much time each day you are with him, but on how much time you devote directly to him, how often you respond when a child needs you. A woman who plays after work with her child only an hour or two, but at the same time teaches him something, tries to build open and friendly relations, is a much better mother than the woman who keeps the child in sight all day, but This is mainly in itself, watching TV or sitting in a chat with friends.

Continue to work? Why not!

If you have a good employer who appreciates you as a promising employee, then you will be able to find the optimal solution acceptable to both parties. Each side will make some concessions in order to observe each other’s interests.

For example, there are employers who allow them to partially do work at home. They will even be happy if a woman continues to perform work outside the office - the main thing is not to lose a good specialist.

If it happens that you cannot find a common language with your employer, do not despair. If you are a good specialist, you will always find a job. In addition, while the child is small, you can work on the newly acquired specialty - try, for example, to finish makeup courses or accounting courses. Now there are many specialties that are easy to get while on maternity leave, and then work at home or via the Internet. The main thing is to choose exactly what will be really interesting for you, then it will be easier to earn money. If you also have a loving partner who is ready to support you, then very soon you will be able to make sure that everything will go like clockwork - and the baby will be supervised and the money will start to flow into the family budget.

Fortunately, most women can rely on a partner, grandparents or other relatives who usually help in the first critical moments. This is also very useful for your partner - close communication with the child contributes to the emergence of a special relationship to the baby, and he himself will teach to be a father (after all, for him it is not as natural as in the case of the mother).

Children are our joy and happiness

Every healthy woman should experience the joy of motherhood. The child is the true purpose of the woman. Maternity is the best thing that can happen in a woman’s life. The smile of a little princess or prince is an indescribable reward for pain and tension, fatigue and any deprivation. Of course, the birth of a child helps to reduce the financial well-being of the family, and this often becomes one of the main reasons for delaying motherhood in later years. In the case of single mothers, we are talking in general in a literal sense about the struggle for every penny. Sometimes this stage of life becomes a great test for a woman, but women are usually strong in spirit and withstand this test with honor.

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website b17.ru

life is so short. need to do everything. best of all is to do it all at once. at the same time to go in several ways, to set many goals. need to do everything. Every day, live like the last. there is such an aphorism: "dream as if you will live forever., live as if you die tomorrow".

definitely a child! he needs a mom, and work will wait. children grow up quickly, you do not have time to look back as he grows up. then work

Are you already pregnant or just planning? If pregnant, leave the baby. My pregnancy came unexpectedly, and for my own stupidity. And I have just the peak of growth. But I will not give up children for anything, I will not get rid of them for any career and money, I will combine my family and work with all my might. What I advise you. Well, if you are not pregnant, and age is not critical, make a career. You will stand firmly on your feet, and this is also important in raising children.

definitely a child! he needs a mom, and work will wait. children grow up quickly, you do not have time to look back as he grows up. then work

Neither one nor the other. I prefer to live for my own pleasure.

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I once chose children. I do not regret at all. The children grew up wonderful, TTT. Everything else is also ok.

Family is more important to me.

Though I am childfree, I would choose a child, since I simply hate working and I don’t need any career, it’s better to sit at home with the child and do nothing)

Here you are a fool. A child to grow and provide 18 years is necessary (according to the law). Who the fuck 40-year-old employee with no experience? Maybe they will wash the floor for 5 thousand per month.

Though I am childfree, I would choose a child, since I simply hate working and I don’t need any career, it’s better to sit at home with the child and do nothing)

Though I am childfree, I would choose a child, since I simply hate working and I don’t need any career, it’s better to sit at home with the child and do nothing)

she herself was a fool, why should she have been babysitting before 18, had been training for up to 10 years and had gone to work by 30-35

I went to work and let us plow - then into circles, sections, skis, etc, etc.
and at the age of 18 he / she will decide to marry. Come on, plow on - to the wedding, to housing the newlyweds. On yourself you can put a cross eternal and bold. Pasha for children, then for grandchildren .. Awesome perspective (mind you, mind you)

Up to 30 career - how much have time, then the family in the foreground.

it does not interfere)

If you are already pregnant - choose a child, of course.
If you are not pregnant yet, do not listen to anyone, make your own decisions.
In general, many successfully combine.

Fortunately, no one puts me before such a choice. Work is very important for me, but when the time comes, I will find it for the child. Although I do not plan to leave the decree, I will simply revise the schedule.

I would choose self-realization, for me it consists in finding a favorite job. Children do not want and never wanted. In general, it is useless to ask others about such things, listen only to yourself.

If there is a secret tyly and a good husband who is able to adequately provide for his family - what for?
Career is the lot of single women who could not get a good life, like me. Understand, no normal mother who loves her child wants to devote her life to a career, while a child is small. Career (not work) takes a lot of time - you have to be ready to work 10-12 hours a day, answer calls / emails before night coming home, be ready to break off and go on a business trip at any time, make contacts at corporate parties (drink and chat with the right people), improve skills, learn. For this house there must be a person who will completely take over the life. I unfortunately have to pursue a career, the men turned out to be all my nekudyshnye, the last one has completely cleaned it out, now it is necessary to pay debts and earn an apartment, put the child on his feet, so I took up a career with a clear statement that I have nothing to lose, I have to get out - this is the bosses already noticed, raised, gave an increase. But at what cost. and for me this is only the first step, I intend to go further. Believe it is very difficult, considering that I don’t do anything at home at all - dinner comes prepared, the child is all washed, ironed, busy, the weekend, too, most of them rest on a sofa or in a sports club. I understand that I have no other way out .. If I had the opportunity, I would have worked on half the rate while the child was in school ..

Tell me honestly, if you were given a choice: CAREER OR CHILD, what would you choose? And why? I found myself at a crossroads and I cannot decide on my own: ((I know one thing for sure - it will not work to combine.

She chose a career, in the end everything earned herself what she wanted, opened a business in parallel with the work, established it and gave birth to a healthy boy at 41 years old. Now I live very well, I already have a desire to spend my time on a child, I have wisdom - I am not angry at a child for nothing. And all the friends who were in a hurry to give birth and reproached me, now do not know how to solve teenage problems provoked by their own “upbringing”. If I could not give birth, I would adopt a baby, there are such options, you just have to pay extra.

And for what reason you may need to choose? Does one another interfere?
Вообще, конечно, выберу семью, если вдруг встанет такой странный вопрос.

Ребенок. Карьеру можно и в 30 и в 35 и даже в 40 начинать. А забеременеть и родить здорового ребенка сегодня очень очень трудно даже молодым!

Ага, только нужно учесть, что бабы щас любую работу в офисе КАРЬЕЕЕРОЙ величают.

She chose a career, in the end everything earned herself what she wanted, opened a business in parallel with the work, established it and gave birth to a healthy boy at 41 years old. Now I live very well, I already have a desire to spend my time on a child, I have wisdom - I am not angry at a child for nothing. And all the friends who were in a hurry to give birth and reproached me, now do not know how to solve teenage problems provoked by their own “upbringing”. If I could not give birth, I would adopt a baby, there are such options, you just have to pay extra.

Is it not possible to give birth and work to a child?

I choose a child. I work as a nurse, what nafig career, I still will not be a doctor

She chose a career, in the end everything earned herself what she wanted, opened a business in parallel with the work, established it and gave birth to a healthy boy at 41 years old. Now I live very well, I already have a desire to spend my time on a child, I have wisdom - I am not angry at a child for nothing. And all the friends who were in a hurry to give birth and reproached me, now do not know how to solve teenage problems provoked by their own “upbringing”. If I could not give birth, I would adopt a baby, there are such options, you just have to pay extra.

She chose a career, in the end everything earned herself what she wanted, opened a business in parallel with the work, established it and gave birth to a healthy boy at 41 years old. Now I live very well, I already have a desire to spend my time on a child, I have wisdom - I am not angry at a child for nothing. And all the friends who were in a hurry to give birth and reproached me, now do not know how to solve teenage problems provoked by their own “upbringing”. If I could not give birth, I would adopt a baby, there are such options, you just have to pay extra.

Is it not possible to give birth and work to a child?

until you fall out of work, they will find another in your place. for at least a year, it certainly usually falls out.
Of course, you can work before the birth, then the nurse. But why not give birth to you to admire the first success, not to educate you?

yes, it will be especially good for a child with an elderly mother, who has a climax, and then there are discos, friends, and lessons. how great it is when a child is told: "what is your young beautiful mother" than: "why is your mother so old?" you, by the way, gathered early, 50 just right. Had time to ALL!

I'll tell you how I was. Early married, became pregnant immediately, gave birth. The husband turned out to be useless - as it came to responsibility for the family and the child, he “merged” right away. Divorced, then everything had to itself. The child was with the grandmother, I was making a career. This, and not just in the office pants wiped. She became a sought-after specialist with a good salary, in the meantime her son grew up on grandmother's "upbringing" (he lived with me, but in fact she brought him up) and oh, horror! So the situation came, about which it was written above - the child became uncontrollable, I for him - zero. Although travel, and clothes. And then I came to my senses. What I have? And nothing. No love, no family, no son, as it turned out. no happiness. But career. But I was lucky - being over 30, I met a man, fell in love, got married. She followed him to another country, gave birth to common children. Naturally, I had to completely abandon my career, and I, of course, have no regrets. BUT! The second husband is mega-responsible, earns well, I can afford not to work and only be engaged in children for my pleasure. From the rogue the second time would not give birth and the choice would be for a career. Something like this. By the way, I have a girlfriend, still single, without children. Successful lawyer. So there are only gigolos around her, so sorry for her. Here in her case I don’t even know what I would choose. drag on yourself all, or better alone, but without the burden on the neck. But I think she just has a bad taste on men, I wouldn't even look at those she chooses.

Why paternity is not a help, but a full contribution

Most people mistakenly believe that the father is not obliged to invest in raising a child. He can only help his mother sometimes, but most of the time he has the right to spend at work or with friends.

But it is - just a replicated myth. In fact, for the full upbringing of the child, both parents are needed. The father also participated in the conception, he must make a contribution to education.

What kind of sex is maternity leave?

In the Russian Federation, the definition of maternity leave means that it is a guarantee for working women. However, a man can take it, but only if he can prove that the mother, grandmother or other relatives are not able to care for the child.

But only a girl can go on maternity leave, which is not surprising.

Experience decree in other countries

In some European countries there is compulsory paternity leave - the time a man must spend with a child. Moreover, the guy can go on maternity leave instead of a woman.

Among the countries with paternal leave are:

  • Sweden, 2 months.
  • Iceland, 3 months.
  • Spain, 10 weeks.
  • Portugal, 5 days.

There is a men's decree in China, Great Britain, Finland, Austria, Belgium and France.

Myth of the getters

Often, mothers are told that they must stay at home. When asked whether a family or a career is for a woman, the society answers that you need to choose the first. It is justified by the fact that the husband must provide the wife. But in reality, in the conditions of life in the Russian Federation, this is simply impossible.

Count a bit. The average salary of a resident of our state is 35 thousand rubles. A pack of diapers will cost 1000 rubles. Clothing - about 10,000, and it will have to change almost every month. Stroller - one time, but about 15,000. Shampoos, goals, powders, towels, diapers - 2000. As a result, even in the conditions of saving for a child, 27,000 are needed. Therefore, it is better for the wife to work on a par with the father.

The rights of pregnant women and nursing mothers under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation

After going on maternity leave, a pregnant woman has the right to receive benefits, calculated on the average wage for several years of work. The employer must transfer it to easier work.

Pregnant and nursing can not be attracted to work on holidays and weekends. They cannot work at night. Prohibited trips, overtime and watches.

How does the Labor Code protect the rights of pregnant women in case of dismissal

Dismissing pregnant women is prohibited - no judicial organization recognizes the transaction as valid. The exception is if the expectant mother works in conditions incompatible with carrying the child, or she wants to leave herself.

If the boss tries to circumvent the law, he faces a considerable fine. A woman will receive compensation and will be able to return to her place while retaining her salary.

Types and sizes of benefits for mothers per child

There are several options for child benefits paid by both the employer and the state. But not all are reported to women, trying to save money.

You are entitled to:

  • The maternity allowance. The average earnings for all time maternity leave paid one-time.
  • For women registered at 12 weeks earlier, 600 rubles.
  • At birth, 16 000 rubles.
  • Maternity capital for the second and subsequent children, 453 246 rubles.
  • Care allowance, up to one and a half years, 40% of the monthly wage.
  • Payment to families in need once a month, 1 regional minimum.

Average payment

If the mother is at work, then you need to hire staff to care for your child and home. Otherwise, the house will quickly fall into neglect, and the baby will begin to feel abandoned.

On average, the nanny takes about 100-200 rubles per hour, depending on their qualifications and the region. Housekeeper at a time must be given from 1000 to 3000 thousand, depending on the time and complexity of the work.

Requirements for the nurse

To find a good girl sitting with a child, it is better to use the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Taking a person from the street is not worth it in order to avoid a terrible tragedy.

It is better to turn your attention to people with pedagogical education, experience in the garden. For older children, an educated governess with knowledge of foreign languages ​​is well suited.

Mother's conviction

Of course, a mother who decides to go to work regularly encounters accusations. "Cuckoo", "Does not love the child" - such phrases painfully beat on the psyche. But do not rush to listen to "well-wishers."

Tell us what life you will have if you stay on maternity leave. Show total income. Mention that you will never become happy and turn sour when you are constantly at home. But if it does not convince anyone - throw such people out of your social circle.

The importance of time "only for the child"

Often, women do not think about how to combine the work of the child and push all the duties to the nurse. But you can’t do that. The child should feel your care and love.

Throwing children means getting an unlucky person with a lot of complexes who can neither show sympathy nor be gentle. In life, he does not expect anything good.

Why and how to find time for yourself

Every woman should have time for herself. Going to the salon, spending time on a hobby or reading a book - without all this, you can easily turn into a wedge or a workhorse.

Ask your husband to sit with your child on the weekend, for example. If you feel that you can not stand it anymore and go crazy, persuade him to take a vacation at least for a week and just relax.

Cooperation with friends and neighbors

You are lucky if you have friends or neighbors with children or pets. You can arrange cooperation on the principle of "you for you - I am for me." For example, a friend can sit with your child while you go shopping.

You can go for a walk with her dog when she goes overseas to the warm seas for a week.

Job search places

A huge exchange for people who want to work remotely. Access to it is absolutely free. There is a considerable base of vacancies from people from all over the world. It is possible to write texts or publish translations, provide design services, voice videos, edit videos and much more. You can even offer legal advice.

ETXT copywriting exchange

More highly specialized place of work for freelancers. He specializes in copywriting and rewriting - writing texts and rewriting other people's works with high uniqueness, respectively. Access is also free, but there is a rating system. You will not get access to expensive orders if the moderators do not like your work.

If the question “work or child” was not even for you, and with all your heart you want to start building a career as soon as possible, then a site called Avito will help you in finding a new job. This is a huge online resource with free and paid ads. There are many categories, including job search. You can either place your ad or read other people's offers.

Another resource that is very popular in Russia. You can sit through the site, as well as through a convenient mobile application. The principle is quite simple. A person creates a task for remote or physical work, indicating the appropriate category. After that, the artist can leave a response. The customer will select one of the candidates.

Unlike the other options presented, this is a physical agency operating in St. Petersburg. Provides a huge number of vacancies for every taste. Works on the principle of a normal labor exchange. Artists and job seekers should not spend a penny - the employer pays for office services. The only negative: will have to come to them personally.


Like many professions with remote access, copywriting can be practiced from scratch. You need the ability to write beautifully and competently, quickly search for information and use search engines correctly. On average, it takes about one year to promote. On average, rates of a popular specialist are in the range of 30-50 thousand per month.


Start without any knowledge here will not work. You must know a foreign language - at least English. Work with atypical adverbs is encouraged to eliminate competitors. It takes about half a year to promote, if you actively complete tasks without breaking the deadline. The average salary is about 50-60 thousand rubles.

Student performer

It is better to work in the area where you yourself studied or at least understood. Mathematics is better not to take up tasks in the Russian language. The promotion is fast enough, especially if you start working during the session, when a lot of students are looking for at least a little rest. Earnings - from 20 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the time of year.

Call Center Operator

The easiest job that does not require any skills and promotion. All that is needed is to find the appropriate vacancy on the site and always be in touch. You can work both from home and in the office. He earns around 15-25 thousand rubles. This figure varies greatly depending on the region in which you are looking for work and in which company you are working.

Video blogger

It is possible to start from scratch. All that is needed is a camera (if you are going to shoot vlogs or conversational videos) and a good computer for editing. You can start with a bad technique, and as the channel develops, upgrade.

Promotion is unstable: you can either get into the wave, or sit with hundreds of subscribers. However, the income level of successful bloggers can reach a million.

Moderator in a public or group

At first, a moderator without experience will only be taken in a small public. For a full-fledged promotion will take several years, but the work is quite stable. Requires a lot of free time. Basically, the earnings are estimated at 10-20 thousand rubles. However, there are high-paying jobs for commercial projects. Career

Who can have a flexible schedule

One of the best choices for mothers. You can work with a fairly flexible schedule and hourly pay. For example, you are given the task to "sit with your child on Thursday evening." If you are free, you can get to work, if not - skip the order. The average payment is 200 rubles for one hour of work.

To be able to work on your own schedule, you must select the option "at home". Such a make-up artist comes to clients at some hours before important events, such as a wedding. In Russia, the average level of earnings is about 45 thousand per month excluding related expenses.

The hairdresser

It is also more profitable to make hairstyles at home, because salons often require to be in place according to a certain schedule. But if the owner is adequate, you can create a fairly flexible schedule - it all depends on the place of work. Earnings at first - from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.

Another profession where you can take a job and walk on students at a convenient time for themselves. To do this, you must either settle yourself or conclude a contract with some agency. The easiest option is to teach general education subjects to schoolchildren. Earnings can reach 100,000 rubles.

Sales Representative

One of the easiest jobs. All that is needed is to advertise a product. Some even go to the apartments and offer cosmetics Oriflame, for example. This requires a well-hung tongue. The average salary is about 10-20 thousand rubles, in Moscow a little more.

If you have not yet decided whether a woman needs a career, and want to stay at home, you can turn your attention to the profession of a realtor. People spend most of their work in an apartment, picking up interesting options for apartments. It is necessary to leave only for show. Salary - about 50 thousand rubles a month.

Manufacturer of souvenirs and hand-made goods

For the purchase of material for the manufacture of souvenirs it is necessary to set aside about 3,000 rubles. Equipment will require approximately 2-3 thousand, depending on the chosen niche. In this case, the cost of the product is about 70 rubles. You can sell for 350 p or a little more expensive.

To register yourself as an entrepreneur will require 5,000 rubles, registration of a sanitary book - about 2000. The conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station that your room is clean and suitable for baking will cost the same amount. The equipment will be needed at about 10,000. On average, a spinning bakery earns 40,000 net.

To organize a really profitable manicure room will have to spend a lot. It is necessary to rent an office, furnish it with equipment, purchase consumables and hire personnel if necessary. On average, it will take about 400,000 rubles. However, every month there is a net profit of 200,000 rubles.

Candle making

No special equipment is needed here, enough of what everyone has in the house. Enough to spend about 15,000 for consumables. Net profit is about 90,000, subject to trade via the Internet.

The easiest option, no investment required. You can learn through the Internet under articles. Revenues can reach 100-200 thousand, depending on what industry you have decided to work.