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Do-it-yourself Topiary: 100 photo ideas


How to make your home comfortable? If a bright and original accent in the form of topiary or other flower arrangements (paintings, panels) is made in our house, then we will most likely achieve the task. Since it is often just such little things that are not enough to create a complete interior, stylish and attractive, pleasing you and your guests.

Topiary also called trees of happiness. And there is an explanation. The roots of the assumption that such trees bring happiness, go far to the East. Since ancient times, it was believed that the ball is a symbol of the sun, creative unity, an image of infinity, which implies constant movement in a circle. In the East, the rising sun is associated with spring, hope, childhood, the beginning of life, and therefore pleasant in an emotional sense was presented in the form of a ball. Having presented topiary, you can consider that you gave a piece of happiness to a dear person.

Topiary is not an imitation of a particular tree in nature, but a fantasy-fabulous tree, decorative artwork in which the crown can take on a wide variety of forms (ball, heart, cone, etc.)

Topiary can be made from anything: from natural materials (lagurus, twigs, shells, nuts, cones, leaves, sisal, straw), from dried spices, coffee beans and candy, from artificial flowers and fruits, from cloth, cords, ribbons and yarn, from paper, napkins, polyethylene, plastic.

Master classes of our teachers will help you learn the art and technology of creating topiary.

Topiary do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos

Coffee flower pots with their own hands. Master class with step-by-step photos Author: Romanova, Eugene V., Teacher-Psychologist, Kindergarten No. 6, Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka Territory. The master class is designed for teachers and parents in joint activities with children. Purpose: a pleasant and fragrant gift to relatives and friends, interior decoration. Purpose: Development of creative abilities, imagination and taste. Materials: flower pot, building plaster, foam ball, wooden trunk, bu.

How to make topiary of coffee beans with their own hands. Step-by-Step Workshop Description: Topiary wallet do-it-yourself is a wonderful gift for loved ones. Such decoration can make creative people, teachers, parents and children of school age. Purpose: making topiary with your own hands. Tasks: development of creative abilities, imagination and taste, development of fine motor skills of hands. Topiary is also called the "Tree of Happiness" - interior decoration. In recent years, such crafts are very popular.

Manufacturing topiary "Victory Salute". Master class with step by step photos. Completed Noskov Michael, 10 years Teacher: Olga Vladimirovna Dubova. Description: this master class is intended for children 10 years and older, teachers, parents. Purpose: a gift for Victory Day. Objective: to teach how to create a festive topiary from natural material with your own hands. Tasks: 1. To acquaint with the technology of creating topiary. 2. To learn the effective use of natural, waste and construction materials.

Topiary from napkins "Tree of Tenderness". Master class with step-by-step photos. Author: Marina Mikhailovna Goncharova, educator MDOU kindergarten No. 1 “Berezka”, Verkhneuralsk, Chelyabinsk region. Purpose: This topiary is a wonderful gift, created by hand, carrying a piece of the soul. Topiary will add a special zest to the interior and originality. Description: The material will be interesting to teachers, schoolchildren and all creative people. Just try! Purpose: making topiariya from paper.

Master class on making topiary with their own hands. Author: Elena Yuryevna Derisheva, teacher of additional education, MBU TO “RTsTD and M“ Spectr ”, smt. Novoagansk. The master class is intended for lovers of needlework: teachers of additional education, children of primary and secondary school age, as well as adults who love to create. Purpose: souvenir, interior decoration, gift option. Purpose. Making topiary on a magnet with your own hands. Tasks. 1. Teach to make top.

Gentle topiary from napkins "Gift for loved ones." Master class with step by step photos. Material Description: This material is designed for children of senior preschool age with the support and guidance of an adult, as well as schoolchildren, creative teachers and parents. This master class will help to make a gentle, romantic gift with your own hands. Modern topiary is a miniature replica of trees and bushes. Topiary is a tree of happiness. Cute decoration of your interior. Author: Vafina Julia V.

Master class on making New Year's Topiary Master class on making New Year's Topiary from scrap materials. My dear friends, I want to dedicate this MC to making a New Year fake - Topiary. Topiary - a tree of happiness! The original decoration of any interior, infield, as well as a wonderful gift. We will make it completely from scrap materials and will not spend a single ruble, which is very important before the New Year holidays. Author: Tsarkova Elena Vladimirovna,.

Making topiary from yarn do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos. Author: Goncharova Irina Ivanovna, tutor of the highest category, KOKOU VO "Ostrogozhsk center of psychological, pedagogical, medical and social assistance to children of preschool age", Ostrogozhsk, Voronezh region. Description: Here is the winter. The most long-awaited holiday is approaching - the new year. In anticipation of this moment, I want to create a pre-holiday atmosphere and make some unusual crafts with children. Work with nit.

"Festive tree" of crepe paper. Step by step instructions. A gift for the Day of National Unity with your own hands. Author: Pukhanova Natalia Vladimirovna, teacher of additional education, OKU "Zheleznogorsk Center for Social Assistance", Zheleznogorsk, Kursk Region. Description: the master class is designed for children of senior school age, teachers of additional education, educators, parents, and creative people. Purpose: interior decoration, a gift to relatives, relatives, friends. Purpose: - and.

Topiary for Valentine's Day do-it-yourself. Master class with step-by-step photos How to make a “Tree with wishes”. Author: Larisa Anatolyevna Maslienko, physics teacher at MBOU Secondary School No. 96, Barnaul, Altai Territory Description: This master class describes how you can make a beautiful and unusual gift from simple materials birthday or any other holiday. Cup topiary decorated with flowers in the technique of quilling. This souvenir will serve as a good interior decoration. Wishes what.

Flower tree do it yourself. Master Class. Master class with step by step photos. Flower tree do it yourself. Master - the class is designed for children of senior school age, teachers, parents and creative people. Purpose: It will look great as a gift, a beautiful and original interior decoration. Purpose: the production of floral wood from paper in the technique of "quilling". Tasks: to develop creative abilities, aesthetic perception, fine motor skills of hands, to educate artists.

Blooming tree do it yourself. Master class with step by step photos Author: Kislova Anastasia Vyacheslavovna, tutor of the State Budgetary Educational Establishment of School No. 1400 to No. 5, Moscow. Description: I offer you a master class for making a fabulous flowering tree that will please the eye all year round. We did this kind of collective work with the guys in the preparatory group, everyone was interested, and the result still pleases the eye. Objective: Creating crafts from scrap materials Tasks: Continue to teach children to work with.

Topiary from foamiran "Sunflower". Master class with step-by-step photos. Author: Markina Natalya Ivanovna teacher of additional education, MBU DO Center of extracurricular work, Volgodonsk district, Rostov region. Description: The master class is addressed to children of senior school age, additional education teachers, parents, and all those who like to do handicrafts. Purpose: gift, interior decoration. Purpose: making topiariya from foamiran do it yourself. Objectives: - develop t.

Tree of happiness do it yourself. Master-class with step-by-step photos. Author: Markina Natalya Ivanovna teacher of additional education, MBU TO Center for extracurricular activities, Volgodonsk District, Rostov Region. Description: The master class is addressed to children of senior school age, additional education teachers, parents, and all those who like to do handicrafts. Purpose: gift, interior decoration. Purpose: making a tree of happiness. Tasks: - to develop creative imagination, - in.

Master-class on making maple leaves topiary in an extracurricular event. Author: Ivanyushina Olga Andreevna senior counselor MBOU "Secondary school number 46" of the city of Bryansk. Description: The master class offered by me will be useful to teachers of additional education, teachers-organizers, senior counselors, class teachers, educators, parents and of course children of school age. Purpose: crafts for the competition, gift, interior decoration. Objective: to learn how to make topiary from to.

Corrugated Paper Topiary

Topiary dresses with cute corrugated paper buds are often used to decorate wedding or birthday parties. Many brides even prefer to use artificial analogues of flowers for a bouquet, because such details will not spoil at the most crucial moment, moreover, they are not at all inferior to natural peonies or roses.

So, for the manufacture of handicrafts with roses, stock up with the following materials: corrugated paper of a selected color - for the inflorescence, scissors, glue, pencil, green ribbon for the trunk, strong thread (you can replace with a small wire), ruler, foam plastic, stick for the trunk (for example, Japanese chopstick, pencil, branch), newsprint or other thick paper, pot for indoor plants.

To get a standard size topiary, prepare 30–40 flowers. Cut strips with parameters 3-4 cm wide and 35-45 cm long for each rosette. Bend the ribbon along by a third, and then wrap the upper section at a sharp angle and repeat the turns three times - this is how you form the center of the rose. Continue to make turns, until you twist the entire strip. Secure the tip with glue, and fasten the bottom of the flower with wire.

Sphere-basis can be purchased already finished or formed from newsprint. Tightly wrap a balloon from a newspaper with a thick thread. Please note that the paper blank must be larger than the size you want to receive, as the thread will significantly reduce it. Glue the flowers securely to the sphere.

Take the selected wand for the barrel and wrap it in a string or glue green ribbon. You can use corrugated paper by cutting out long strips from it, putting glue on the inside and wrapping it around the base. Slide the ball onto the barrel or fix it with glue.

Use foam or alabaster as a primer. In the latter case, fill it, leaving 2–4 cm from the edge, and insert the barrel. In this case, the stick should be kept until the solution is dry. Decorate the finished soil base with a cloth, tinsel or beads - as you like. Done!

Video workshop topiary from coffee beans:

You will need to prepare the following materials:

  • Old newspaper.
  • Paper corrugation. It is recommended to choose a brown color or its shades.
  • Threads.
  • Stick for work with glue.
  • Whole bean coffee.
  • Glass.
  • Pebbles of different sizes.
  • Unreal money.
  • Plasticine.
  • Dry, strong twig.

Do-it-yourself topiary, step by step instructions:

  1. Required to take one piece of newspaper, roll up. Wrap another newsletter.
  2. Repeat this two more times. The result should be a shape resembling a ball, and consisting of four newspaper layers.
  3. Further the ball is required to wrap threads.
  4. After received ball wrapped in paper corrugation. This will make small gaps during sticking coffee beans, there will be no white spots. So topiary of coffee beans will look neater.
  5. The next step is to wrap the thread again.
  6. After you want to take dry twig and wrap it with twine. The coil should be located close to the coil and resemble a tree trunk.
  7. Next two details (ball and barrel) connect. In a ball using scissors, make a small hole equal to the diameter of the base of the stick. The tip of the wand must be greased with glue and fastened in a ball.
  8. From this step begins the most crucial part of the whole process - decoration of the crown of the tree of happiness. It is required to prepare a stick for working with glue, with its use evenly distribute glue over the entire surface of the ball. Next, start to stick the grain. Topiary made of coffee will look much more beautiful if all the grains fit snugly together.
  9. Before proceeding to the next stage, we face the question: how to do and How to decorate a pot for topiary?To do this, you need to prepare a mug, put a tree in it, fill the rest of the place with pebbles. Their task is to make the product harder, strengthen the tree.
  10. Further art clay is necessary close all the pebblesby evenly distributing the material over their surface.
  11. Last step - decoration mugs. For this, the author needs to include his own fantasy and design it as he likes. The resulting coffee topiary can be presented to a husband or colleague.

Pineapple Topiary

Cones and Cones Topiary recommend doing in the fall. At this time of the year there will be no problems with similar forest materials, but they look attractive.

Master class topiary do-it-yourself:

  1. First you need collect materials for work. It will take: a smooth branch of the tree, twine, beads, glue gun, acorns with caps, cones, stand and acrylic paint of a bronze shade.
  2. The first step is to make a tree crown. This can be done using foam or newsprint.
  3. After get engaged trunk manufacturing. To do this, a dry twig is required to wrap twine.
  4. Further connect the ball to the barrel using twine. Place the resulting product firmly on the stand. As it you can use your favorite jar or glass.
  5. Next step required beautiful decorate the crown. It is recommended to choose beautiful and whole acorns and cones. Tip: dry acorns can begin to crack during work, and this will not make topiary more beautiful. It is necessary to glue materials using glue. After it dries, paint the acorns and bumps with bronze paint.
  6. After the end of work with the ball, there will be gaps between the acorns. They need to get rid of. This will help corrugated paper. She needs to grind or glue the product.
  7. At the completion of the work required decorate topiary beads or sparkles.

In a similar way you can do chestnut topiary do it yourself

Napkin Topiary

Most often as an element of decoration is found napkin topiary. He brings to the interior a certain raisin, it becomes more saturated and complete.

What is needed for topiari from napkins?

  • Cache pot of small size.
  • CPS (cement-sand mixture)
  • Newspaper sheets.
  • Napkins.
  • Decoration elements: artificial leaflets, beads, ladybug.
  • Stapler and scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Threads.
  • Thick and strong willow branch.

Master class topiary do-it-yourself:

  1. In pots necessary to fill in TsPS (2/3 of the height of the pots), add a small amount of water, mix thoroughly. The edges of the pots must be wiped off the cement.
  2. The branch must be inserted into the center of the clay mixture. Place decorative pebbles on top of it. They will serve as decoration, hiding the gray mass. Leave the product for a while, it will harden the mixture.
  3. Branchserving as the main tree trunk twine willow twigs. It is recommended to use scotch tape to secure its tip.
  4. Next you need fold a newspaper sheet alongwrap them up the upper part of the trunk.
  5. After make some more layers, they will be the basis of the crown of the tree. Next, the ball must be fixed with threads.
  6. Next step - decorating the crown of the tree. It is required to take a napkin, fold it twice in half. From the resulting square cut neat circle. In the center of his need to staple stapler.
  7. The result will be a product resembling a flower. Every layer of napkin needs to be crushed.Tip: crumple napkin required each time in different ways. Thanks to this, the flower will look lush and beautiful.
  8. To design topiary It will take about thirty of these flowers, everything will depend on the size of the crown of the tree and the thickness of sticking.
  9. Next step stick the flowers on the ball using glue. It is recommended to perform this procedure from a tree trunk.
  10. In a neat and well-designed composition newspaper stains do not show through between flowers.
  11. Napkin topiary necessary beautifully arrange. Помогут искусственные листики, божья коровка, бусины.

Советуем использовать салфетки двух цветов. Например, часть будет изготовлена из голубых салфеток, и лишь несколько цветочков из синей бумаги. Это выглядит красиво и необычно.

Topiary from cotton pads can be done in the same way. The only thing you need to remember: they do not need to be folded to cut out flowers.

Satin Ribbon Product

Satin Ribbon Topiary will be a great gift to close people and relatives. It looks gentle and luxurious, perfectly fit into almost every interior.

Materials to make a topiary of satin ribbons:

  • Satin ribbons. It is recommended to prepare them in two different shades, the preferred width is 2.5 cm.
  • Fabric green color for the design of the leaves. You can also use a satin ribbon.
  • Glass.
  • Silver fabric to create balls.
  • The tape is white, its width should be equal to 1 cm.
  • Sequins, beads and sequins.
  • Tennis ball.

Topiary do-it-yourself for beginners, instruction:

  1. For the first stage of work, prepare a tennis ball, make a small hole in it.
  2. Insert a dry wooden stick into the holewhose tip will be pre-lubricated with glue.
  3. In the glass you want to add alabaster and some water. Stir the mixture thoroughly, it is necessary to obtain a mass of homogeneous composition.
  4. Further insert the trunk of the future tree in the middle of the glass, wait for complete solidification. At the same time support the tree, otherwise it will lean in one direction.
  5. Next step - making roses from satin ribbons. For this work, you will need to fold the ribbon in the shape of a triangle, then twist it.
  6. It is necessary to twist until there is a small piece. It is required to bend to the base of the resulting rose and sew gently.
  7. It is impossible to count the number of roses required for work. It should take into account the volume of the surface of the crown and the location of roses on it.
  8. For some roses you can sew leaves. Take a satin ribbon square, fold it into a triangle near the base, stitch it with a stitch, and tighten.
  9. We now turn to making balls. It is required to cut a square from a white ribbon, fill each of them with a padding polyester, wrap with threads. You need to make about twelve balls.
  10. The next step is to choose the arrangement of roses. They can be fixed to a tennis ball with decorative needles. After choosing the location of the balls and roses, you can glue them.

This is a do-it-yourself topiary production, and our step-by-step instruction is finished, but attention is required even making a pot.

For its decoration it is necessary to pierce holes in it that are located at the same distance from each other. The indent from the edge line should be 2 cm.

Next, cut out a silver fabric from a circle that exceeds the surface area of ​​the pot. It is required to put it on the pot and attach using threads. They need to pass through the holes, punctured in advance.

And the final stage of how to make a topiary with your own hands for beginners is decorating a pot with sequins. Then he will look tender and attractive.

Paper Topiary

Corrugated Paper Topiary will be an excellent accessory for decorating the holiday table. It will perfectly fit into any decoration of the room on the occasion of the celebration and make it special.

Topiary made of artificial flowers include this kind of tree of happiness. This is due to the presence of colors made from corrugated paper in the process.

How to make topiary with your own hands? First you need to decide on a list of materials for work:

  • Corrugated paper in multiple colors.
  • Acrylic paint yellow.
  • Brush, scissors, glue, foam.
  • Lighter, plastic cup and a small cap.

Instruction to make corrugated paper topiary, step by step:

  1. On a sheet of foam is necessary depict the contours of any flower. To facilitate the work it is recommended to use a ready-made template.
  2. Using knife cut a flower along the contour.
  3. It is recommended to do deep grooves between petals. This will allow to consider the relief of the finished product.
  4. Do not forget about a circleserving as the core of the flower.
  5. Before starting to be required arrange the base of flowers future product. They need to paste over corrugated yellow paper.
  6. For core making It is recommended to stop the choice on corrugated orange paper.
  7. The role of the stem will play bamboo stick. It is necessary to put glue on its sharp part, then insert a flower made of foam plastic into the blank.
  8. Now it's time to prepare sustainable position. Then there will be no inconvenience when trimming a flower. It is necessary to prepare a plastic cup, insert a suitable circle from foam plastic into it, then pierce it in the center of the barrel.
  9. After the corrugated paper of different colors is necessary cut into strips. Their width should not exceed 2 cm.
  10. These strips need to be cut into squares. Each side is equal to 2 cm.
  11. Each of the squares must be properly screw on a straw, dip in glue, press to the right place.
  12. This process is called trimming. At the core should be paper corrugation orange. For registration of the rest of the recommended use of the same paper, but yellow.
  13. It is necessary to face a polystyrene flower on both sides., do not forget about the side faces.
  14. Last step - beautiful decoration and decoration pot.

New Year Topiary

New Year Topiary of sweets is a great and interesting idea. It will decorate the interior, complement it and bring with it a festive and cheerful mood.

Christmas tree topiary is a familiar accessory. It looks beautiful, but not original. For the manufacture of an unusual tree of happiness for the New Year will need to use:

  • Any sweets.
  • Styrofoam.
  • Glue.
  • Wire.
  • Cable.
  • Decorative components: paper, beads, balls or sequins.

How to make topiary with your own hands for the New Year? Instruction:

  1. Wrap a decorative tapemake a harness.
  2. Attach a bell to the wirewrap it with decorative tape. Don't forget about fixing.
  3. Prepare a foam cone. Starting from the bottom edge wrap it with sisal. Sisal topiary always looks attractive.
  4. You need to wrap tightly periodically secure sisal glue. Sisal topiary looks original, but it's not so easy to make.
  5. Above the cone is necessary insert the finished wire together with a bell.
  6. To the bottom attach cablethen decorate it with candy.
  7. It is recommended to use as a stand. small cup. It is necessary to decorate with beads and ribbons.

This topiary for the New Year of sisal and sweets will undoubtedly attract the attention of others.

Autumn Topiary

Autumn Topiary from the leaves can be not only a beautiful decoration for the decoration of the room, but also a wonderful gift. For its production using natural materials. For example, topiary of maple leaves, twigs and even berries.

Fruit topiary looks beautiful, but to make such a tree of happiness you need to use strong glue.

Materials to make a wood topiary with your hands:

  • Autumn leaves.
  • A stick made of wood.
  • Glue.
  • Scotch.
  • Pot.
  • Two balls of foam.

How to make topiary of maple leaves, instruction:

  1. In a pot arrange one ball of foam. He should sit tight. Otherwise, you need to fix it with glue.
  2. Next, the ball must insert wooden stick. It should touch the bottom of the pot.
  3. Next step is required tape the foam balllocated inside. Paint the trunk of the future tree and the pot in bronze or golden color.
  4. Remaining foam ball must be attached on top of the sticks. This will be the crown of the tree of happiness.
  5. It is required to attach or glue maple leaves, berries, blade of grass. It is worth including your own imagination and beautifully arrange all the elements. In the end, should get a well-designed and decorated composition.

Do not forget about pot decoration. It plays a big role, because the appearance of topiary depends on it.

Marine Topiary

Topiary is a tree of happiness, it can be made from different materials.

Topiary from natural material looks more beautiful, similar to a real tree. It will fit into the design of each room, will remind of the beauty of nature. For example, shell topiary Refresh the memory of each person, the sea, the sun and the warm days spent on the beach.

Materials for work:

  • Newspaper sheets.
  • A variety of seashells.
  • Glue.
  • Chopsticks for eating.
  • Gypsum.
  • Tiny stone.
  • A glass.
  • Twine.

How to make sea ​​topiary DIY instructions:

  1. To get started is to do making a tree trunk. You need to use for this strong dry twig or chopsticks. Between them, we advise you to tightly tie a regular thread. The resulting trunk must be tightly and tightly wound with twine.
  2. It is recommended to make a balloon for topiary with foam plastic. It is convenient to attach additional elements to it.
  3. In a prepared cup mix plaster with a little water. In the resulting mass is required to insert the trunk of a tree of happiness. Leave for a few hours to set.
  4. The barrel should be exactly centered.otherwise the whole tree will be tilted to one side.
  5. After drying is required attach the crown to the top of the wand. To do this, you need to make a small hole in the foam ball, and grease the tip of the stick with glue.
  6. Polyfoam can be pasted blue paper. Further to it it is necessary to mount shells and beads.
  7. To make a cup you can also use seashells or blue satin ribbons.

Receive pasta topiary can be the same way. To create such an accessory it is recommended to use several varieties of pasta. Before sticking, they need to be painted in different colors. This is a laborious job requiring the author's assiduity and desire to create a unique tree of happiness.

Money Tree

Today money topiary found in the design of many houses. This is not surprising, because such an accessory not only looks beautiful, but, according to legend, is able to bring wealth to the house.

The following materials will help to make a topiary of coins:

  • Coins 10 kopecks, bills of 10 rubles.
  • Foam ball.
  • Aluminum wire with a large diameter.
  • Satin ribbons for decoration.
  • Tools: glue, scissors, tape.

Production of topiariya from banknotes and coins, instruction:

  1. Foam ball paste over with scotch tape.
  2. Starting at the top center, you will need attach coins using hot glue.
  3. Around the first coins with a slight slope fasten the rest of the coins.
  4. Such cash rows need to glue the entire ball.
  5. Large attention is recommended to pay the latest coins. Do not forget about the space required to connect the crown with a tree trunk.
  6. Next step Wrap a thick wire with satin ribbons.
  7. One brush the tip of the barrel with glue in the ball to make a small hole. Connect both elements.
  8. The crown of the tree is beautifully decorated with rhinestones. This will require PVC glue.
  9. As a pot, you can use a simple cup. And it is necessary to decorate it with banknotes. For beauty, they can be covered with golden sparkles on top.
  10. Make small loops of ribbons.connected to each other. They need to glue the upper part of the trunk.
  11. Large beads must be mounted on coins, and on the cup, and on the trunk.

This completes the manufacture of the money tree. Install it on a table or shelf in the hall, living room. And, it is not known whether monetary changes are for the better, but a change in the usual interior and design is guaranteed.

Other options

There are a huge number of materials to create a tree of happiness. Looks beautiful felt topiary. From it you can cut beautiful flowers and petals. Felt goes well with beads and satin ribbons, so it looks soft and attractive.

Such a wedding topiary will not go unnoticed during the celebration. He will attract the attention of guests, and catch the views of others.

Hard to do flower topiary. This requires a long time to prepare the material. Find suitable flowers, dry them correctly and only then use them to design the tree of happiness.

Mount these flowers can be a regular glue. A special protective varnish will help them to keep their shape.

Much easier to do organza topiary. To do this, usually prepare squares of this material. Their length and width should not exceed 7 cm.

Difficulties will be encountered in processing the edges, so it is recommended to purchase floristic organza, ideal for creating a tree.

Organza topiary should be placed in an empty flower pot.

Unusual Topiary

The unusual tree of happiness always looks much more attractive. These accessories include:

  • Topiary from tulle. This material not only looks charming, but is also great for this purpose. To fasten the tulle is required a small pin. That is why before work is to stock up on such accessories.
  • Topiary heart. The course of work will be exactly the same as when creating a tree of happiness from corrugated paper. The difference - cut out of foam is required not a flower, but a heart. Accordingly, it is necessary to decorate it with pink and red paper.
  • Foamiran topiary. This is a beautiful decorative material from Iran. For decoration of the tree of happiness, the future flower petals are carefully cut out of the foamiran. Next, they must be connected to each other to get a rose. This rose topiary can be installed in any room as an ornament.
  • Topiary flying cup do it yourself This accessory looks incredible. It seems that some of its elements are hanging in the air. For the manufacture of this unique composition is required to bend the teeth of the fork and its upper part. Attach the teeth to the base of the topiary, and the top to the bowl or crown of the tree.

Every tree of happiness is beautiful in its own way. Bead topiary is perfect for decorating a girl's room, an accessory made of satin ribbons can be presented as a gift.

The author of topiary should show his imagination, beautifully arrange all the elements and correctly decorate the product. Then topiary made of beads or other materials will become the center of attention!

Participate in the survey (Click image for larger version):

Blue Lagoon

Sea topiary from shells of ultramarine-painted snails and the large halves of brine on the crown. The tree is planted in a homemade pot of shells and ice cream sticks.

Detailed master class - the Blue Lagoon tree with photos and videos: https://topiarii-mk.ru/morskoi-topiariy-laguna/.

Secrets of the tree of happiness

Floral tree has a very important meaning. It is a symbol of fertility, wealth and health. Amazing decoration favorably affects the energy of the house, because topiary not only attracts good luck, but also produces a powerful energy of happiness.

Tip!If the interior of the house is designed in classic shades of a grayish scale, it can be emphasized by a topiary made of tapes of cool shades (blue, blue). In a “warm climate”, where there are many sunny colors, choose darker colors for the tree.

Romantic topiary made of blue, white and burgundy flowers, decorated with satin bow and lace

The original topiary will be a great gift for any holiday. Such a miracle can be created from paper, artificial flowers, cloth, grains, feathers, seashells, cones, coins, beads - everything that can be found in the house of needlewomen. Topiary will be appropriate in any situation:

  • New Year. The perfect gift or decor element for the winter holiday. Especially original will look topiary of sisal, decorated with cones, small spruce paws and shiny balls. And if you add glitter, lurex, tinsel and gold jewelry, a snowy tree of happiness can be an excellent substitute for a Christmas tree.

Tip!Silver and gold are ideally combined with contrasting shades (blue, green, red). Brilliant elements optimally shade light, pastel colors.

Christmas trees, topiary of lurex threads and candy

Sunny Christmas with a funny fluffy yellow topiary

Elegant winter home decoration: spruce cones topiary

  • Romance of St. Valentine. A love tree or topiary heart decorated in red and white colors and decorated with satin or paper roses, valentines, fluffy feathers, will be a real romantic gift.

Topiary made using the indispensable attributes of Valentine's Day: red, hearts and bows

  • Celebration from a colleague. Give your colleague a coffee topiary. Decorated in the colors of coffee delight, decorated with fragrant grains, this tree will perfectly decorate the office and fill it with sensual aroma.

Topiary made of coffee beans and decorated with coins will be the best gift to a colleague

  • Mystical Halloween. For fans of the Celtic holiday topiary, designed in the form of a pumpkin. Decorate it with canvas, set a witch figure on top, and the spirit of a mysterious celebration will burst into your house.

For Halloween you can make topiary of small painted pumpkins and decorate them with figures of witches, ghosts and other fairy-tale characters.

  • A gift to a friend. To the birthday of a close friend, you can create a tender topiary of roses. To make flowers, take ribbons, napkins, cloth, or corrugated paper. Artificial flowers of small sizes will do.

Bright floral topiary in a white pot with a floral pattern - a charming gift for a friend

Lilac topiary made of shells and beads will remind you of a sea vacation

Tip!Flower tree is better to plant in a container of white, light, pastel colors. Glass figured vases will also be ideal. They can write a memorable greeting.

  • Wedding. Romantic wedding topiary will be a real highlight among the gifts to the newlyweds. Decorated with satin, lace, pearl beads, sisal, flower topiary will remind young people of a wonderful day for a long time.

Funny Topiary as part of an unusual themed wedding decor

Modest, but very beautiful romantic topiary as part of the wedding decor tables for guests

Pearl bead topiary in an aluminum bucket: a cute piece of decor for a chebbi-chic wedding

  • Novoselam. Our ancestors, when they laid the first log for the construction of a new hut, put a handful of grain under it, so that well-being reigned in the house. The best gift for a housewarming party will be a modern topiary made of grains. You can take any large grain (sunflower, pumpkin, beans, peas). For decoration, use canvas, splits, buttons.

So that in the house of new settlers reigned wealth, you can make for them a gift-money tree, decorated with souvenir banknotes

Autumn abundance: Topiary of their chestnuts, nuts and acorns

Topiary in the interior

It is not for nothing that topiary is called the "Tree of Happiness." Advantageously located in the interior of the house, it acquires magical power and brings good luck and fulfillment of desires:

  • Kitchen. The owner of the most important room in the house will be a coffee topiary with decorative elements made of natural materials (straw, canvas, twine). A napkin topiary will fit into the kitchen.

Topiary from dried citrus slices - a godsend for kitchen decor

  • Children's Make for your kids baby trees using funny souvenirs. For girls, create a fabulous topiary of corrugated paper, and for boys, decorate a tree in the shape of a soccer ball.

Multicolored plush trees as part of children's holiday decor

The tree made of patterned ribbons of different colors looks unusual

  • Bedroom. The organza topiary made in pastel colors and decorated with lace, ribbons and beads will help to keep love and loyalty to the married couple.

Romantic top rose and red rose and lace topiary

  • Living room. A bright, elegant topiary made of satin ribbons, made in the overall style of the room, will create an original living room style.

Bright, but succinctly decorated topiary can be an elegant decoration of the living room.

Stylish home decoration: trees that look like real park topias in black and white striped pots

A gift is an unusual tree from newsprint. It will be very pleasant to many reading friends.

You can make edible topiary from lollipops quickly and simply

The most powerful impact of having interior trees, created with their own hands. This science is simple, we will gladly tell you how to make topiary.

How to create a homemade topiary with your own hands

For starters, it is better to try to create a simple topiary for beginners.

Orange tree. For a juicy orange tree you need only 3-4 hours. What do you need:

  • Sintepon.
  • Brown thread.
  • The core of the gel pen.
  • A small pot for the base.
  • Orange beads for decoration.
  • Corrugated paper green.
  • Large Christmas ball made of plastic (any).
  • Wooden sticks with pointed tips.

From the tools you need a glue gun, scissors, stationery knife. Production steps:

Step 1. Trunk. Take one wand, tie the threads to it on two knots (on both sides). In the neighborhood we link another wand. We continue to knit them further to the end, leaving long tails of thread. We will have some semblance of a wooden rug. In the middle we impose a narrow strip of glue on it and wind the sticks into the straw. We wrap all the construction with yarn tails and fasten it in a knot. For reliability, they can be glued together.

We do topiary "Orange Tree" with our own hands. Step 1-3

Step 2. The resulting barrel sharp edges of the sticks gently insert into the hole on the ball, put on the glue. You can pre-poured inside the ball grits, so that the tree turned out "talking."

Step 3. Glue the glue to the bottom of the pot.

Step 4. Paint the tree trunk in brown. The ball itself is better to paint green to create additional volume of leaves.

We do topiary "Orange Tree" with our own hands. Step 5

Step 5. Leaves. Cut the paper into small squares. Take one square and put it in the center of the rod from the handle. Wrap the paper or roll your fingers in a circle. We put a drop of glue on the center of the paper square and glue it to the ball with the help of a stick.

We do topiary "Orange Tree" with our own hands. Step 5

Step 6. We put a synthetic winterizer in a pot. Above you can lay twisted thick terry thread or decorate with a piece of soft, fleecy fabric. We put the decor on a few drops of glue.

We do topiary "Orange Tree" with our own hands. Step 6

Step 7. Decorations. We make small oranges from orange beads. We plant them in random order on the crown of the tree (fastened with glue). Beads can be decorated with a pot of our topiary.

We do topiary "Orange Tree" with our own hands. Step 7 and finished view

Orange tree is ready!

Christmas Topiary can be made with golden foil

Christmas story. New Year's topiary in red and gold style will become a stylish decoration of your home and create a fabulous mood for the New Year.

Master class: New Year's topiary with their own hands

  • Potty
  • Toothpicks.
  • Satin yellow ribbon.
  • Silk red fabric.
  • Thick branch or cardboard tube.
  • Small plastic balls of gold and red colors.
  • Ball basis (you can use foam or floristic oasis).
  • Decoration for decor (cones, Christmas decorations, beads, tinsel or sisal).

From the tools we need glue gun, scissors and double-sided tape. Stages of work:

Step 1. Pot. Decorate the pot with a red cloth, which is fastened with scotch tape. Inside we lay floral oasis or foam.

Master class: New Year's topiary with their own hands. Step 1

Step 2. Trunk. In the center of the pot we fix the trunk of the future tree. In the absence of a branch, you can install a cardboard tube, prewound with a yellow satin ribbon. The place of connection of the trunk is decorated with sisal or tinsel.

Step 3. The upper part of the trunk sits on the ball of foam or floristic oasis (pre-give it a circle shape). The place of attachment is tied with a satin ribbon.

Master class: New Year's topiary with their own hands. Step 2-3

Step 4. Sticking toothpicks to Christmas balls and placing them in a ball-based.

Master class: New Year's topiary with their own hands. Step 4

Step 5. The decor. We insert cones, small Christmas-tree decorations, toys, beads, tinsel into the empty spaces between the balls with the help of toothpicks. For reliability, we glue them together.

New Year's magic tree is ready! Make a wish on New Year's Eve wish, and topiary will fulfill it.

Bright fabric topias can also be summer garden decorations.

Airy white topiary in an aluminum bucket - a pretty attribute of decor in the style of shebbi-chic

Bright candy and candy topias are a great idea for parties in the garden or at home

Basic instructions for beginners

Topiary even the most complex design are made about the same principle. Having mastered the basic manufacturing technology, you can create a variety of topiary, changing only the materials for decoration.

So, to make a mini-tree with your own hands, you need to create it:

Step 1. Design planning

Topiary can be different not only in design, but also in service life. Before you get to work, think about why you need a “tree of happiness” and where will it live? The purpose and future place of topiary will determine its style, color scheme and even materials for its creation.

If you want to make topiary for a festive table setting, then the materials can be used not too long-term - paper, napkins, sweets, fresh flowers, fruits. If you want to make a topiary as a gift or for interior decoration, it is better to use a more reliable decor - cones, artificial flowers, coffee beans, ribbons, organza, etc.

In the next selection of photos you can learn ideas for the design of thematic and festive topiary.

  • Sweet candy sweets for a children's party

    Halloween decoration with potted sweets

    Halloween decorations for pumpkin seeds, ribbons and sweets in tea cans

    Easter trees of eggs, artificial flowers, satin ribbons and moss

    Christmas topiary made of artificial leaves and holly berries, cones and ribbons with a stem from a branch

    Candy tree for the holiday table

    Topiary for a festive table setting of artificial flowers, natural twigs, dry moss and satin ribbons

    Fresh flowers topiary for the holiday table

    But a selection of photo examples of design exclusively interior topiary (scroll through!).

    Step 2. Preparation of materials

    To make your own topiary, you will need:

    • Foam ball with a diameter of 8-12 cm (sold in many stationery and art stores) or a ball of floristic foam (sold in stores for gardening and flower shops).

    If desired, the ball can be made independently of foam, the same floristic foam, polyurethane foam, papier-mâché, etc. etc.

    • Decor for the crown - depending on your idea, use flowers, satin ribbons, organza, coffee beans, bank notes, etc.
    • Barrel - it can be made from a dry and clean branch, a simple pencil or any other stick. In addition, the trunk and the pot can replace a high candlestick.
    • Decor for the barrel - the barrel can at least be covered with a matt varnish or painted. And at most - wrap one or two tapes.
    • Cache-pot - it is most convenient to pour the mixture into a clay pot, but also any nice cups, mugs, vintage buckets, etc. will do.
    • The fixing mixture is best for making topiary with your own hands a mixture of alabaster, as it quickly hardens, almost does not crack and is cheap. You can also use a cement-sand mortar, gypsum or putty. However, not only binding mixtures can fix a tree in a pot, but all the same foam, floristic foam or stones.
    • All for mixing the mixture - capacity, water, chopstick, etc.
    • Decor for masking fixing mixture - to create an imitation of the soil cover, it is best to use natural materials: dry moss, small pebbles, expanded clay, sisal fiber. Also artificial moss and stones will do. Candies and dragees can be put into the pots of “edible” topiary.
    • Glue gun and a few sticks of glue - if necessary, it can be replaced with glue like "Moment", but the best thing to do is not, because the glue in the gun is more convenient, and most importantly - allows you to remove random "web".
    • Scissors or cutter.
    • Tailor's studs with a very small cap (optional, used in addition to or instead of glue, for example, for fastening beads).
    • Side cutters or nippers for cutting the trunk or any decorative elements.

    At the preparatory stage, divide the decorative parts for the crown into groups - for example, large, medium and small. So it will be more convenient for you to alternate the decor and distribute it evenly over the ball.

    Step 3. Create the crown

    First, you need to mark up on the ball - mark the place for fastening the trunk and around it mark the border, beyond which, for some time, you do not need to enter, pasting the decor. Thanks to this technique, in the future you will be able to easily fix the barrel in the ball without spoiling the decor.

    Marking for mounting the trunk

    As soon as the glue warms up, proceed to the design of the ball in the following order: “fitting” the part without glue — applying glue to the right place — fixing the part. Remember that you need to act quickly so that the glue does not have time to be absorbed into the foam. That is why the decor is better to first apply and try on.

    Here are a few more details:

    • It is necessary to glue the decor on the ball from the large elements to the small ones. For example, if you make a topiary of artificial flowers, then first glue on the ball the largest buds, then the middle ones, and only then small flowers and additional beads.
    • Some decor can be fixed on the ball with the help of tailor pins-studs. But the best way to combine cloves with glue.
    • If some parts have bases of wire (for example, the same artificial flowers), then their “tails” should be left about 2 cm. Then you can not only stick the decor, but also stick it into the ball.
    • To make the white base ball less noticeable in the gaps between the pasted parts, it can be painted to match the decor.

    Step 4. The trunk decor and its attachment to the crown

    Now we need to work with the barrel. As already mentioned, making it your own hands is not difficult from a branch, pencil or any stick.

    If you use a branch, then you can not paint it, but only cover it with a matte varnish so that the natural beauty of the tree can be seen. If you use a wooden stick, it can only be slightly toned, artificially aged, etc. If you want to disguise the surface of the trunk completely, then you can wrap satin ribbons, cloth, paper, rope around it or completely paint it.

    How long should it be? Since the barrel deepens both in the pot and in the ball, its length can be calculated using the following formula:

    • Barrel length = 1/3 of the ball's diameter + pot height + desired barrel length between the crown and the pot.

    To fasten the barrel, you need to make a hole in the ball about 2-3 cm deep in the ball (depending on its size) at the marking with an awl and a knife. When the hole is ready, fill its bottom with thermo-glue and push the crown onto the barrel until it stops. Then continue to hold the barrel and gradually fill the hole with glue around the barrel.

    Fastening two twisted trunks

    • Keep in mind that thermo glue will melt the foam and deepen the hole even more. In order to prevent the barrel from penetrating into the crown more than 1/3 of its diameter, small pieces of paper can be laid between the layers of glue.

    As soon as the trunk is fixed in the ball, disguise the place of fastening with the decor.

    Step 5. Preparation of the binder mixture and fixing the tree in the pot

    It is time to “plant” the resulting tree in a pot. For this you need:

    • Departing from the edge of the pot about 2.5 cm, put a mark - to this level will be poured the mixture. If there is a hole at the bottom of the pot, you need to close it with scotch tape or thermal glue.

    Filling the hole in the pot with glue

    • Dilute the mixture according to the manufacturer's instructions and fill the pot with it.
    • Align and fix the topiary in a pot, holding its stem until the mixture hardens.
    • Leave the mixture overnight-day until completely dry.

    Fixing the trunk in a mixture of alabaster

    Hint: As already noted, it is best to use alabaster as a binder mixture. To fill 1 medium pot, dilute about 1 kg of alabaster with 600 ml of water. The mixture is kneaded for about 1-2 minutes to the consistency of thick cream, and then quickly poured into the pot and topiary is fixed in it for 2-3 minutes.

    Step 6. Dressing the cover of the "soil" and the pot

    Hooray! The topiary is almost ready, it remains only to create an imitation of the soil in the pot and mask the fixative mixture. If you use sisal fiber (see photo), shells, artificial grass or moss, then they need to be fixed with a small amount of glue.

    Master class 1. Corrugated paper topiary

    Topiary with paper flowers is especially suitable for decorating a festive table or festive interior decoration. For example, this topiary of roses was made for Valentine's Day.

    • Ball base with a diameter of 12 cm
    • Medium density corrugated (crepe paper) (master class uses corrugated paper in the form of a ribbon, but you can use regular rolls),
    • Floral foam bars and / or any fixative mixture (see basic instructions),
    • Cache pot or pot for topiary base,
    • Barrel length about 30 cm
    • Dry moss for pot decoration,
    • Tape for the decor of the trunk,
    • Glue gun.

    Step 1. Cut corrugated paper into strips 60 cm long and approximately 4.5-5 cm wide. If the paper is too thick and stiff, remember the stripes a little so that they become more plastic.

    Step 2. Now you need to turn the resulting ribbon into rosebuds. This is done very simply, just a couple of training sessions and the principle becomes clear. Возьмите одну из получившихся бумажных лент и подверните ее на 1/3 как показано на фото ниже.

    Затем загните один конец ленты по диагонали под углом 45 градусов и начните сворачивать его в рулетик. После трех оборотов у вас получится сердцевинка бутона. Теперь свободный конец заверните во внешнюю сторону, а сердцевину розы продолжайте сворачивать – ву-аля, у вас получился первый лепесток.

    Continue to twist the roll-bud, while tucking the free end of the tape until it ends. At the end, fasten the base of the rose with a speller or glue in a pistol.

    There are a lot of such roses to be made - about 80 pcs., Therefore it is more pleasant to twist them sitting, say, watching a movie.

    Step 3. Take the ball-base and mark on it a place for mounting the trunk. Next, start pasting the ball with flowers.

    Step 4. Once the crown is completely covered with roses, attach a trunk to it (see Step 4 of the Basic Instruction). In this master class, the barrel was pre-sprayed white.

    Step 5. Next, fill the pot with floral foam (see photo) or fixing mixture (see Step 5 of the Basic Instructions), and then fix the tree at the base.

    Foundation topiary from a bar of floristic foam

    Topiari fastening in the base of floristic foam

    Step 6. Lay dry moss on the "soil" and glue it in some places on thermal glue. Finally, knit a bow on the trunk.

    In the next collection of photos, there are other design ideas of topiary that can be made with your own hands on this master class not only from corrugated paper, but also from satin ribbons, paper, quietness, etc.

    By the way, not only roses can be made from paper, but also lush peonies or hydrangeas. Methods for making such colors are easy to find on the Internet.

    Master Class 2. Topiary made of artificial flowers

    Topiary made of artificial flowers can become a permanent decoration of the dining table, wardrobe, coffee table, mantelpiece. Moreover, in most cases it is better to do two identical trees at once, in order to create a sense of symmetry in the interior. And topiary made of artificial flowers is a great idea for a gift or a wedding decoration.

    • 2 pcs. artificial hydrangeas or a few other colors,
    • Ball base with a diameter of 10 cm
    • Acrylic paint to match colors (for painting a ball),
    • Foam roller brush,
    • Clay pot
    • The barrel (in this project the barrel and pot from the factory topiary is used),
    • Cotton ribbon in contrasting colors,
    • Glue gun,
    • Office knife or awl,
    • Side cutter or wire cutter for cutting the wire base colors.

    Step 1. First paint the ball with the paint to match the colors and let it dry.

    Step 2. While the ball is drying, separate the flowers from the “stems”.

    • If your flower has wire “stems”, then leave their tails about 2 cm long. For cutting, use a side cutter or wire cutter.
    • If the wire has no flowers, it doesn't matter. Cut the "stems" at the root, so that in the future the flowers can be simply pasted.

    Step 3. Mark the place where the trunk will be mounted on the ball and start sticking flowers, keeping an equal interval between them. It is desirable that the petals come over each other so that the ball under them is almost not visible. Leave the area near the mount of the trunk without flowers.

    • Fasten the flowers on the wire to the ball in the following sequence: creating a hole under the “stem” - filling the hole with a drop of glue - planting the flower until it stops (see photo below).

    In this master class, flowers were staggered at an interval of about 2.5 cm.

    Step 4. Make a hole in the ball with an awl / knife, fill it with glue and attach the topiary as recommended in Step # 4 of our Basic Instruction. Next to the base of the crown, glue one or several leaves as shown in the photo below. In our master class, the sheet of hydrangea was additionally fixed in the desired position with a pin.

    Fastening an artificial leaf to the topiary base

    After that, empty the area near the trunk decorate with flowers.

    Step 5. Place the topiary in any fixative mixture and decorate the “soil” (see Step 5 and Step 6 of the Basic Instructions). The final touch is a bow of wide cotton ribbon tied on the trunk right under the crown.

    Below are the ideas of topiary design with artificial flowers that you can realize with the help of our master class.

    Master Class 3. Satin Ribbon Topiary

    Topiary made of satin ribbons will be especially appropriate on a festive table, for example, on the occasion of a child's birthday, a new year or a valentine's day.

    • A LOT of satin or any other ribbon of different colors,
    • Clay pot or any pots,
    • Trunk,
    • Ball of foam or floral foam,
    • Fixing mixture or floristic foam
    • Scissors,
    • Tailor-studs (with small hats),
    • Glue gun,
    • Materials for decoration topiary.

    Step 1. Spray the paint pot and let it dry.

    Step 2. Insert the stick into the ball according to Step 4 of the Basic Instructions.

    Step 3. Place the wood blank into the fixative mixture (see Step 5 of the Basic Instructions) or into the floral foam.

    Step 4. Cut a skein of ribbon into a set of ribbons 7-8 cm long. To save time, cut the ribbon by folding it into several layers. Tapes of different colors are better not to mix, so that in the future it will be easier for you to distribute them over the ball evenly.

    Step 5. Take one ribbon and make a loop out of it as shown in the photo below. In a place where the ends fit together, stick a carnation, and then insert it completely into the ball. Repeat these steps until the whole ball is decorated with ribbons.

    Step 6. As soon as the topiary crown is framed, put candy, paper, stones or any other decor into the pot.

    The following photos show other examples of topiary ribbons.


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