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Means for washing - how to choose?


The pledge of beautiful and healthy skin is its proper cleansing and moisturizing. To provide a complete face care, you need to choose a cleanser that matches the skin type and completely copes with its task. On the shelves of cosmetic stores and pharmacies presented a wide range of such products. By what criteria to choose cleansers? Which of them are in great consumer demand? Let's figure it out.

Gel Yves Rocher Pure Calmille

Cleanser Pure Calmille is ideal for owners of normal skin. Its task is to clean the epidermis from dirt and residues of decorative cosmetics, except for the one that is characterized by increased resistance.

The gel is good because it does not contribute to the emergence of irritations, has vegetable components in its composition, is thick in texture, and foams well.

In the reviews on the means for washing from "Yves Rocher" it is mentioned that it is economically spent and copes well with cleansing. According to users, this cosmetic product is not suitable for dry-type skin, as after washing it may cause a feeling of tightness. Chamomile extract prevents irritation, eliminates rashes. This component is ideal for both oily and dry skin.

Gel for washing for oily and sensitive skin Effaclar from La Roche Posay

Effaclar from La Roche Posay The best cleanser for oily skin. This gel is also ideal for owners of sensitive skin types. This cleansing cosmetic product contains thermal water. Among its components are not listed soap, alcohol, dyes and parabens. The tool gently cleanses the skin, removes excess fat and penetrates deep into the pores, thereby preventing the formation of inflammatory elements.

If you regularly use the remedy for "La Rosh", you can keep your skin healthy and successfully fight acne and acne. French cosmetics of this brand produces a line of products that the manufacturer recommends using in the complex.

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel

Facial cleanser with the healing effect of the French brand has proven itself in case of problematic skin. The gel is made on the basis of thermal water. Thanks to the components of the component has a soothing effect on the skin, eliminates itching, peeling. Pumpkin extract normalizes sebum production. The remaining substances that are present in the composition of the gel, are characterized by antibacterial properties.

Means for washing this brand does not provoke allergic reactions, refreshes the skin, fully cleans it without causing a feeling of tightness.

Cream-gel from NIVEA for dry skin

The composition of this gel contains components that are ideal for dry skin. Almond extract makes it smooth and supple. Due to the unique technology Hydra IQ provides long-lasting hydration throughout the day. Nivea gel has a peeling effect and gently cleanses dry, sensitive skin.

There are no alkalis in the composition of the cosmetic product, so it does not dry the skin. The advantages of this gel include the minimum consumption and securely closing packaging. It is worth noting that such face wash products do not foam well and do not cope with deep skin cleansing.

Normaderm from Vichy

Vichy Normaderm is the best way to wash your face if acne and other rashes often appear on your skin. The effectiveness of this cleansing product is due to components such as salicylic acid and thermal water. Gel gently and gently cleanses the skin, normalizes the production of sebum, is characterized by antibacterial action.

Means well foams and economically spent. If there is such a problem as acne, it is desirable to provide the skin with complete care, using the entire line of Vichy Normaderm products.

Clearasil "3 in 1" cream-gel for washing

Cosmetic products from the company Clearasil with the best hand proved to be problematic skin. One of these means is a cream-gel for washing, which cleans the epidermis, inhibits pathogenic microbes, which provoke acne. This product deserves close attention due to the fact that it is ideal for sensitive skin. Salicylic acid is the main component of the product; therefore, after its use, inflammatory elements are eliminated, the skin becomes clean and becomes well-groomed.

Gel from "Klerasil" cleans pores, removes black dots, removes redness. Cleanser for problem skin can be used in the treatment of acne. Does not dry the skin.

Klapp Clean & Active Cleansing Gel - cleansing gel for combination and oily skin

Soft gel Klapp Clean & Active Cleansing is designed for oily and combination skin types. The tool gently cleans, without affecting the natural balance of the epithelium.

The gel is suitable for daily washing and removal of decorative cosmetics. The composition of the product contains components such as aloe vera, nettle extract. The tool cleanses the pores, moisturizes and tones. After using the gel, the skin becomes smooth, velvety and pleasant to the touch.

Kart Pomegranate Liquid Soap - Pomegranate Soap

Liquid soap with garnet acid - an excellent means for washing. Thanks to the active ingredient, excess fat dissolves and pores are cleaned. In addition, garnet acid regulates fat balance, dries inflammatory elements on the face, brightens the skin. The tool eliminates oily shine, tightens pores, gives freshness and smoothness of the treated area. After using pomegranate soap, the skin heals up noticeably, shines less, all redness disappears, the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases.

Ichtiol Holy Land Double Action Soapless Soap

Black cleanser effectively removes sebum, cleanses the skin, has a disinfecting effect, eliminates itching.

Ichthyol soap evens the complexion, promotes the resorption of nodules, brightens postacne. It is recommended for use as a therapeutic agent for seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.

The basis of the soap are the following components:

  • Ihtiol. This substance is famous for its healing properties in the treatment of wounds, burns, skin pathologies. Differs anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and absorbable effect.
  • Peruvian balsam. This resin, obtained from the bark of balsam wood, has deodorizing properties, thanks to which soap perfectly copes with acne.

Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel Cleansing Gel

Cleanser suitable for daily use. The gel is ideal for combined skin types. Deeply clears, economically spent, interferes with reproduction of pathogenic microbes.

Restores the balance of microflora and has a healing effect on the skin. The composition of the product includes components such as boiling water extract, glycokol, thermal water, olamine. Does not contain soap.

Gentle Cleansing Powder - cleansing powder

Means for cleansing the skin can have a very different consistency. Instead of traditional gels and foams for washing the face, you can use light powder finely ground. This product carefully removes dead cells, residues of decorative cosmetics, excess sebum. After using the powder, the skin becomes dull and healthy looking. Lightweight soft powder of fine grinding has an amazing unobtrusive aroma.

Gentle Cleansing Powder in contact with water turns into a delicate creamy foam. Powder is very delicate and thoroughly removes dead cells, makeup residues and excess sebum, softens, refreshes, gives the skin a silky haze.

In the composition of the powder are present:

  • Surfactants that are based on amino acids,
  • biosynthetic polypeptides,
  • hydrolyzed corn starch powder,
  • talc and silica - due to these components, pathogenic microbes are inhibited.

Regular cleansing of the skin with the help of Gentle Cleansing Powder will help get rid of enlarged pores, even out the skin's relief, visibly refresh it and make it dull. Powder has a light unobtrusive fragrance. Suitable for daily cleansing.

Pore ​​Vacuum Gel

Black cleanser contains in its composition activated carbon, which deeply cleanses the pores. The unique ANTI-SEBUM acids inhibit the hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, reduce the production of sebum (sebum), and prevent the growth of bacteria and inflammation. The gel contains no soap, parabens and coloring matter. Thanks to an effective formula, the gel deeply cleanses the skin, does not dry it and does not affect the barrier layer.

How to choose a cleanser

It is necessary to choose cleansing cosmetic products for the skin according to its type. So, for normal and dry skin, mousse, cream-gel are ideal. In such "umyvalka" contains nourishing softening ingredients, which especially needs dry skin. Preference should be given to those funds in the list of ingredients which contain oils, extracts of chamomile, aloe.

But owners of oily skin should carry out the procedure of cleansing with gels. This tool has a slightly acidic pH, seboregulirut acids, essential oils. All these substances do an excellent job of dissolving sebum, matting the skin, removing inflammation and constricting pores. With the help of cleansing gels can prevent the appearance of acne, acne, acne.

Ladies in age should abandon the means for washing, in which there is alcohol and other components that provoke dry skin. In this case, it is worth buying anti-aging cosmetics in the form of mousses, foams, light fluids.

With age, the stratum corneum of the skin becomes more dense, therefore, the composition of such agents include acids that perfectly cope with dead skin particles on the surface of the epidermis, as well as active anti-age ingredients. Thanks to this composition, a complete cleansing and moisturizing of the skin takes place. In addition, small wrinkles are smoothed, and the cells acquire protection from the influence of free radicals.

How to wash

For the skin to remain fresh, supple and moisturized for a long time, just choosing the right cleanser will not be enough. It is very important to follow the rules of the procedure itself:

  1. Wash your face with water at room temperature. Hot water should be discarded, as it can cause the expansion of capillaries. Cold water is also not good, because it can not fully cope with the removal of dirt and makeup residues.
  2. During washing, you should consider the dosage of the means used. If gel is used, it will be enough to squeeze out a small amount and lather it in the palms. It is necessary to clean the face carefully. Stretch and rub the skin should not be.
  3. If facial cleansing occurs with the help of milk, this tool should be applied to a cotton pad and gently wipe the face, and wash off the remnants of water.
  4. The skin of the face needs full cleansing. The washing procedure should be carried out twice a day - in the morning all dirt accumulated during the night is removed from its surface, and color cosmetics and excess sebum are removed in the evening.
  5. If the skin is oily, in the summertime you should wash your face more than twice a day.
  6. After washing the skin, it is necessary to tone and moisturize the skin using properly selected means.

To restore the normal breathing of the skin, refresh it and deeply clean the pores, you should not forget about such cosmetic products as peels. As part of these funds are present natural extracts and fruit acids. For oily skin, deep cleaning should be carried out 2 times a week, for dry skin - 1 time. If the skin is classified as a combination type, you can use peeling 1-2 times a week.


If you properly clean the skin and do not neglect other procedures, you can refresh it and make it smoother. Many means for washing are characterized by a therapeutic effect, so they can be used to combat acne and acne.

All of the above brands launch proven cosmetics to the cosmetic market that help keep skin young, deeply clean pores, dry inflammations, mate and, most importantly, do not violate its natural pH. To see the effect of a particular remedy, you need to be able to select it correctly. Some of them are ideal for daily use, and some should be applied in courses.

How to wash?

Simple tap water is not very suitable for washing - it is hard and dries the skin. You can wash filtered, but it is troublesome and costly. There are also means for washing - they soften water and clean the skin from impurities, grease and cosmetics residues. The effect is definitely worth it - regularly cleansed skin looks fresh and healthy and well absorbs nutrients from caring creams. The main thing is to choose a tool that is right for you.

There is a popular myth that laundry soap is a good way to wash your face and body. Arguments, as a rule, boil down to the fact that it is a traditional remedy, rich in fatty acids, which was used by our grandparents, and at the same time had good skin. Proponents of this theory do not attach importance to the difference in the ecological situation and the health of people of that time, and they did not see how many people had acne on their face. Yes, it is impossible to deny that there are people with very healthy skin, to whom practically any means for washing will suit, but more often soap does more harm than good. Increased alkalinity dries the skin and creates a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that cause acne. Modern cleansers are more acidic, “adjusted” to the acidity (pH) of our skin, and additional additives allow you to create a tool suitable for any skin type.

How to choose a cleanser

Product-test experts will help you figure out how to choose a product that suits your skin type.

- If you have oily skin, then you should give preference to means for washing in the form of a gel. In gels for oily skin, as a rule, they add ingredients that help regulate the secretion of sebum, relieve inflammation, thoroughly clean the pores and reduce the number of acne. These can be salicylic acid, clay, tea tree extract (as in The Body Shop Tea Tree), coal (for example, Garnier "Pure Active Skin"), menthol, lavender essential oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, rosemary, hamemelis, lemon extract, raspberries and others.

- For dry and dehydrated skin, you can pick milk, cream or emulsion for washing. In such products for dry skin, a large amount of emollient and moisturizing ingredients, natural oils, are often added to combine soap and cream. Sorbitol, propylene glycol, aloe, raspberries, lingonberries, cranberries, cocoa, vitamin E and D, stone oil and glycerin, as in Mary Kay Botanical Effects, should be sought as part of such agents.

- For sensitive skin, choosing a cleansing agent is more difficult. As a rule, there are “dermatologically tested”, “hypoallergenic” marks on such products. Also, owners of sensitive skin can purchase hypoallergenic drugs from the pharmacy series. They should contain soothing substances, such as chamomile, rose, allantoin, as in Black Pearl Bio-program “Deep Cleansing Gel for Washing”. What should not be in the composition of such means is irritating fragrances: linalol, limonene, geraniol, hexylcinnamal, butylphenyl methylpropional.

- For normal skin, various means are suitable, including in the form of a gel, foam and cream. They may contain argan, peach, apricot, olive oils, grape seed oil, white and green tea and antioxidants. This will help keep the skin in good condition.

- Foams and mousses are suitable for any skin type, the composition can be made taking into account the characteristics of dry, oily and normal skin.

- For aging skin, white and green tea, vitamins E and C, wheat germ oil and retinol are added. Of course, care for such skin is not based only on the means of washing, but it will be a good addition to caring means.

Double cleansing

In Japan, double cleansing is a common ritual. From the European double washing it is distinguished only by the means used.

So, for removing makeup, Japanese instead of the usual means we use hydrophilic oil. Hydrophilic oil due to its composition in contact with water turns into an emulsion, which is easily washed off with the remnants of cosmetics. Такие масла доступны и нам: можно приобрести аутентичные от японских фирм или выбрать очищающее косметическое масло в магазине или в аптеке.

Следующий этап — очищение кожи от остатков косметики, пыли и жира и прочищение пор. Для этого японки пользуются специальными пенами. Из средства для умывания с помощью специальной нейлоновой сеточки они делают нежнейший шар из пены, затем осторожными движениями, практически не касаясь руками кожи, очищают лицо. This method allows you not only to gently and gently cleanse the skin, but also to turn routine washing into a pleasant procedure.

It is also available to us, even without special devices. A large and strong foam can be made with a small nylon washcloth, sponge or shaving brush that men use to shave. As a basis, you can use your usual cleanser, as long as it foams well. If you get too thin foam, you need to reduce the amount of water that you put on the loofah.

The best cleansing gels for washing

The main function of washing gels is to cleanse the dirt accumulated during the day or night. It is important that the product not only removes makeup, but also effectively cleans the face. Some of them, besides the main function, additionally take care of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. We chose the best gels that provide quality washing and gentle care.

The French brand gives its fans a novelty - cleansing three-phase gel with butter marula. Light melting texture effectively removes dirt, excess fat, cosmetics. An important feature - the tool copes even with waterproof makeup. The composition includes the oil of the African tree Marula. It has an antiseptic and soothing effect. Forms on the skin a film that prevents the evaporation of moisture, thereby regulating the water balance.

The product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. After application there is no irritation and allergic reactions. Benefits: copes with the most persistent makeup, does not contain harmful components, pleasant aroma, deep moisturizing. The disadvantages include high cost.

The famous brand Nivea offers a gel with exfoliating microparticles that deeply cleanse and prevent inflammation. The product does not contain alcohol and parabens. It effectively removes makeup, dirt, excess fat. The special formula maintains an optimum level of humidity, keeps haze for the whole day.

The gel is suitable for oily and combination skin, prevents acne, reduces inflammation, regulates the greasiness of the glands. The consistency is thick, thick, it foams easily and is distributed on the face. Castor oil and algae, which is a part of it, soothes, relieves from discomfort. Advantages: scrub effect, remove shine, moisturizing. Judging by the feedback from customers, a slight redness after application can be considered a minus.

Gentle and smooth face - a sign of beauty and health. For their maintenance it is necessary to use care products suitable for you. Gel or foam - which is better and more effective? We learned the pros and cons of each tool.

How to make a choice?

An ideal cleanser should, firstly, effectively cleanse the skin, secondly, eliminate the existing problems, such as excessively dry or, on the contrary, oily skin, acne, redness and so on. That is why when choosing you need to be especially attentive. We list the most important criteria.

Release form

Means for washing are available in several forms:

  • Gel is the most common form. This tool is best suited for owners of oily skin, as it contains no oils and fats. It is pleasant and easy to use gels, they foam well and quickly wash off.
  • Milk or emulsion - ideal for sensitive, dry or mature skin. Such products usually have a light and delicate texture and not only cleanse the skin, but also take care of it, that is, they provide nourishment and hydration.
  • Mousses and foams have a light texture, are applied comfortably and have the most gentle and mild effect on the skin. Mousse or foam would be an excellent option for sensitive skin.
  • Cream. The special soft formula makes the application very convenient and simple (the cream instantly foams when there is even a small amount of water), and also gently cleanses and cares. This form is suitable for almost any type of skin.
  • Micellar solutions are relatively new products that have recently appeared on the market, but have already managed to become popular and be loved by many. Such a solution is very effective, but at the same time gently and gently cleanses the skin without damaging them.
  • Two-phase agents with oils consist of two phases: water and oil. They do not interact with each other, but when the bottle is shaken, they mix and turn into an effective composition for washing, which removes impurities and intensively nourishes and moisturizes. A good option for mature, fading or very dry skin.

How to choose a face wash? To make a decision, determine your skin type. There are several possible options:

  • Dry skin. She often peels off and is constantly pulled down due to lack of moisture. Means for this type should contain moisturizing ingredients: natural oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins E and D, glycerin and others.
  • Mature or fading skin. It is less resilient, sometimes rather coarse and has a stale color. Select special products containing components designed to combat the main signs of aging. Hyaluronic acid, phytoestrogens, retinol, oils, peptides, vitamins C, E, A and plant extracts are effective.
  • Oily skin. It often appears greasy, it seems greasy to the touch. Choose tools with various acids and tannins that will remove excess sebum and normalize the work of sebaceous glands. Such components as tea tree extract, citric acid, birch extract are effective.
  • Combined skin. The so-called T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oily, while the cheeks are dry. Only special products are suitable that will simultaneously eliminate the shine and nourish the skin.
  • Problem skin. Acne and redness often appear on it. The composition of products for problem skin should include antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components, such as extracts of chamomile, calendula or green tea.
  • Normal skin is not prone to dryness or oiliness. Almost any means will approach, but without aggressive components.
  • Sensitive skin is prone to redness and often reacts to aggressive or allergenic components. For her, only special hypoallergenic and careful means are suitable.

There are also universal means on sale, but they are, rather, a ploy of manufacturers, rather than really means "from all ills." So do not believe advertising and certainly take into account their features, if you want to care for your skin properly and effectively.

Carefully study the composition

The composition of the means for washing may include the following components:

  • Oils. They effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, and some of them have anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antibacterial effects. The most commonly used oils are avocado, almond, tea tree, olive, flax.
  • Vitamins. They are necessary for nutrition and restoration of the skin. Especially important are the vitamins of group B responsible for metabolic processes, tonic vitamin C and deeply moisturizing and intensively nourishing vitamin E. And vitamin A is responsible for the normal color and freshness of the face.
  • Acids. They remove dirt, dead and dead skin cells, as well as excess sebum. The composition of the funds may include such acids as malic, lactic, citric and others.
  • Glycerol. Firstly, it can be the basis of the remedy. Secondly, this substance helps the skin to retain moisture.
  • Surfactants (surfactants) affect the surface of the epidermis, clean it, and also remove dead skin particles and excess sebum. There are 4 types of surfactants. The first and practically the most useless is non-ionic. The second type is cationic substances. They penetrate the skin, but can destroy the lipid barrier and cause irritation. The third type is negatively charged surfactants. They do not penetrate too deeply because they are literally repelled by the skin. Products based on such substances foam well, but do not provide effective cleansing. The last type is amphoteric surfactants. They effectively, but gently cleanse the skin.
  • Mineral, thermal, micellar or ordinary distilled water. This is the basis of the means.
  • PEG (polyethylene glycol) - a set of moisturizers, tonic skin.
  • NUF (natural moisturizing factor) - a set of special molecules that attract moisture from the environment and preserve it in the tissues.
  • Hydramine is a substance that accelerates metabolism and restores lipid balance.
  • Chitosan normalizes metabolism and has an antiseptic effect.
  • Allantoin is a component that triggers cell regeneration.
  • Panthenol is a substance that has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and regenerating effects on the skin.
  • Herbal extracts. Many of them are highly active and help to solve many problems.

How to use?

Now you know how to choose a cleanser. But it is equally important to use it correctly:

  1. Wash twice a day: in the evening and in the morning.
  2. Wash with water at room temperature.
  3. First wash your hands, then go to the procedure of washing.
  4. Massage the skin for two to three minutes so that the active ingredients penetrate into it and begin to act.
  5. After washing, gently pat your face with a towel, and do not rub it.
  6. You can use a special sponge.

  1. Even if you think that you have found the best product in the store, first purchase a small sample package.
  2. If you can not choose a suitable tool, seek advice from a cosmetologist or a dermatologist.
  3. If the tool suddenly ceased to fit (this may well happen), change it.

The benefits of washing

Many women neglect the cleansing of the face in the morning, believing that this is not necessary, because at night there is no makeup on their face, and street dust does not settle.

But it's not right! This can even lead to clogged pores, since at night our sebaceous glands work no less actively than during the day. While we sleep, the sebaceous glands continue to secrete sebum and toxins - and this is a favorable environment for bacteria that can cause acne on the face. Therefore, morning washing is just necessary for our skin.

Your every day must begin with a wash!

1. Facial gel

Gel is a clear, viscous suspension, which contains substances that dissolve fat, as well as various useful and caring ingredients: herbal extracts, oils, antibacterial substances.

Gels for washing perfectly cleanse the skin of fat and dirt, penetrating deep into the pores. Suitable for oily and combination skin. Oily skin is characterized by increased sebaceous excretions and a tendency to the formation of acne, and the gel cleans the face well and dries slightly, which helps the owners of this type of skin to deal with imperfections.

  • Gel AVENE Klinans - for deep cleansing of problem and oily skin, effectively cleanses the dermis from dirt and sebum.
  • There is also a good gel too, but at a more affordable price: Pure Line with Aloe Vera Purification For combination and oily skin. Means deeply cleans, mattes and refreshes.

2. Micellar water

Micellar water not only copes with pollution, but also cares for the skin. This is a mild cleansing agent, which is a liquid that consists of microparticles - micelles. They are fatty acid solutions and moisturize the skin.

Most suitable for women with dry and sensitive skin. Delicately cleanses and tones, leaving a feeling of freshness.

  • Good demand for women enjoys water garnier whose soft formula is suitable even for sensitive skin, cleanses and soothes.
  • AND micellar water NIVEA - it consists of natural components, it does not irritate the skin and does not cause an allergic reaction, since it does not contain parabens, silicones and fragrances.

3. Foam wash

It is a foaming agent with a light texture. The structure includes components that effectively clean the pollution, but it does not adversely affect the water-fat balance.

Manufacturers produce different skins for different skin types, so when choosing this tool, be guided by your type.

  • Among the most popular - SECRETS OF ARCTICA from PLANETA ORGANICA It contains organic extracts and oils. Gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin.

This cosmetic is specially created for sensitive and dry skin. The substances that are part of the most gentle way remove dirt.

Mousses are enriched with useful components: extracts, oils, panthenol, glycerin, etc. Carefully cleanse the skin.

  • Suitable for daily cleansing Mousse Bark for sensitive and dry skin . Gently acts, cares for the skin, does not contain irritating additives.

5. Milk for washing face

With the help of cleansing milk in the morning, you can gently and carefully cleanse the skin from dirt accumulated overnight.

This tool is most suitable for owners of dry and normal skin. It gently cleanses, not irritating and not tightening the skin, nourishes and moisturizes. Typically, the composition of such funds includes a lot of oils, so the milk is so useful for dry skin, but is not suitable for oily and problematic.

  • There is a popular Milk Black Pearl - for dry and sensitive skin. Cleans and soothes, moisturizes, nourishes and enhances skin turgor.

6. Hydrophilic oil

This is a two-phase remedy consisting of two parts - water and oil. Before use, this tool must be thoroughly shaken.

Thanks to its oils, suitable for mature and dry skin. It will soften and nourish tired, dry skin, and with long-term use it will also smooth fine wrinkles. With all this, it copes well with pollution.

  • According to women, the most popular hydrophilic oil APIEU DEEP CLEAN , it does not violate the lipid barrier and prevents the appearance of a feeling of dryness.
  • Also, good reviews deserved hydrophilic oil Kanebo Kracie Naive Deep Cleansing Oil (Olive) . Contains macadamia nut oil and olive oil. Deeply penetrates the pores, cleanses the skin, removes toxins and relieves irritation. With a light floral scent.

This cosmetic has a creamy texture with a soft, gentle formula. Washing creams contain many oils, extracts, minerals, as well as natural surface - active substances, and do not contain aggressively affecting components.

Due to this natural composition, the cream has a lot of positive qualities: it is very delicate - but at the same time effectively - cleanses the surface layer of the skin and pores, does not dry or irritate the skin, promotes cell regeneration, moisturizes, tones, nourishes, rejuvenates, helps to overcome dryness - and, importantly, supports healthy skin pH balance. Such properties make it indispensable for sensitive and very dry skin type.

  • Good example - cream for washing "TasteVille" . Soft and gentle cream for washing includes ingredients that are not dried. After applying the cream, the skin becomes soft, silky, moisturized and takes on a well-groomed appearance. Without parabens, artificial colors, lanolin and mineral oils.

8. Facial Wipes

One of the most effective types of skin cleansing is washing with napkins. They are of different types and are suitable absolutely for any skin type.

Wipes are massaged, perfectly cleaned, toned, give a blush and a radiant look to the skin, and also contribute to exfoliation - the process of deep cleansing of the skin from the outer keratinous cell layer. Lacks of napkins for washing virtually none.

  • Napkins, which have many positive reviews - OLAY Skin Comfort . Toning and gently peeling, soothing effect even on very dry skin. Carefully remove pollution. Ideal for daily care.

These are small porous sponges, usually made from natural materials.

There are different sponges for washing: from soft and gentle - to more rigid ones, made from various raw materials, with different cosmetic properties. But, basically, they all share common characteristics - they cleanse them of impurities and excess sebum, exfoliate the stratum corneum of the epidermis, stimulate blood circulation, promote the renewal of skin cells, are suitable for normal and prone to oily secretion of the skin.

  • Due to its availability, it is popular Sponge for washing and removing cosmetics Mirage made from natural pulp. Upon contact with water, this material acquires a soft porous structure, which is ideal for effective, delicate removal of cosmetics and impurities from the skin. The sponge also provides a gentle facial massage and has a mild exfoliating effect.
  • Women received good reviews from the air Konjac Sponge Company Facial Sponge . It is natural, removes the skin from dark points, cleansing it. Gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin.

The remedy that will wash your skin “to the creak” is soap. It is very different: with oils and without, natural and not very, liquid and solid.

Washing with soap is not recommended for people with dry skin type, as it dries, and for oily skin, soap fits much better.

Но нужно помнить, что любое мыло (какое бы натуральное оно не было) нарушает липидный слой кожного покрова.

Тем не менее, популярностью пользуется мыло для лица ORGANIC SHOP Organic Kitchen . Это — питательное мыло для лица. Деликатно очищает и эффективно борется с несовершенствами кожи, оздоравливает, дарит нежность и естественное сияние.

Morning does not begin with coffee, but with cleansing the skin.

Girls, share in the comments your favorite cleanser!