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Surely in every house there is such a dresser or wardrobe, where clean sheets, duvet covers, spare blankets, pillows, clean towels and blankets are stored. How neatly they do not fold, and eventually they will begin to pile on each other, to crease and create chaos in the closet.

To avoid such situations, simply lay out the bedding in separate baskets. Metal accessories with large slots are perfect for this. So, the underwear does not become clogged and does not acquire an unpleasant smell; it will always be in a state of airing.

As a result, you get order in the closet, you will always know where and what lies, and also achieve a pleasant aesthetic effect.

Convenient shoe holder

One of the main causes of confusion in the hallway is shoes scattered in the corners of the room. When shoes or boots are standing here and there, it is inconvenient to move around the room with your owls. Therefore, consider a convenient storage system for shoes or make a holder yourself.

For the manufacture of such a creative interior element you will need a plastic pipe, a stationery knife and glue. Of course, in this organizer you can place a lot of pairs of shoes. In addition, the storage system does not take up much space and looks neat.

Wicker log storage boxes

Glossy magazines occupy a lot of space in the living room, especially when they accumulate a sufficiently large number. It's a pity to throw them away, and sometimes you want to look through them. So that they do not "callous" eyes, put them in a wicker box, and if there are a lot of magazines, use 2-3 organizers at once. So it turns out to hide from the eye of a mountain of magazines, they will never be lost, and the interior will become more interesting visually.

Toilet Paper Organizer

In a small toilet it is extremely difficult to find a place to store such necessary small things as rolls of toilet paper. Exit the situation will help organizer, which is mounted directly on the toilet. Typically, such models are directed not only to the storage of paper, but also other things, for example, magazines, cans with cotton pads. It is very convenient!

Cup storage system

To visually in the kitchen was clean, you need to maximize the discharge of horizontal surfaces. A lot of space in the kitchen cabinets and shelves occupy the cup. There are not many of them, because guests can always come or relatives can come. If the cups on each corner of the kitchen become annoying for an hour, place them on the wall. Use a multi-hook pendant for this. It looks stylish, neat and interesting.

Drawer dividers

Most often, all small things are hidden in the drawers, from which they form a complete mess. All objects are moved and mixed, to find the right thing in such a mess, sometimes it is hard. To make your life easier, use the help of special dividers or small organizers that are inserted directly into the drawers.

Mobile shelf above the sink

A sink always has a lot of little things - a sponge for washing dishes, detergent and not one, an iron brush, brush, cleaning soap. To organize their storage, it is enough to supplement the interior of the kitchen with one very useful and necessary accessory - a mobile shelf, which can be placed above the sink. It will accommodate all the little things that should always be at hand.

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Great article, many valuable (and fresh!) Ideas!
Machine translation has crept twice into the text: where the storage of the lids is in the dryer, and at the end, where the уч

Super! The article is cool. A lot of interesting and useful things.

Everything is very cool and original.

Yes, the article is what you need + 1

Tips not for life.
1. In no case do not hang anything on the doors of the cabinets - you will throw up all the fasteners (they are not intended for this!).
2. If you hang on the door all that offer - wait for it to fall on your child at any time! And she will distort it in a week.
3. Cabinets or boxes under the tables - what size should a table be - and why is it needed? It is better to put a small table and a rack.
4. Magnets for circles - and how should it be used later? It is inconvenient to take it from the side, you cannot put it on the table. And after 5-10 washings any magnet will fall off.
5. To fasten banks with covers - and how to open them then? constantly twist, and you try to do it in a limited space in the closet.
This is just what I most caught my eye. And so on throughout the article. A set of tips from a person who collected everything on the Internet, but did not even think about using them.

Natalia, then this is not for you! A selection of competent. 1. About doors and doors - if the master does a normal one, they will not vomit and do not warp even with a significant narguska and not from papers)), if Master RukoJo - then they will fall off themselves. 3. I have been using boxes for shoes as the best organizers for over 30 years, the most important thing is to cover the new one with either kozhzam or adhesive wallpaper. 4-5. A magnet for a mug is just a good glue to glue, and not a PVA)) - the idea is also a classic, especially relevant in the country house, in the garage. Thanks to the author, who even if he collected information on the Internet, analyzed it, built it into a logical chain, and saved time! And in general, the impression was that for some trolling is a negative sublimation)).

collected great ideas. but in general there is a whole industry in the field of storage systems for the home. In Russia, "this topic" went from the beginning, probably 2005-2007. Now there are entire production with a specialization in storage systems for the home. For example ORHOME, empire order and so on.

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