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Features of cheating during the diet


Translated from English. cheating - “deception”, “cheating”. In other words, this is a deliberate violation of the diet, with the help of which we are trying to deceive your body so that it in turn “burns” a few extra kilos.

Imagine that we are "sitting" on a diet, the daily caloric content of which is approximately 1200 kcal. Arranging cheating in diet One day a week, 800-900 kcal should be added to this figure. In the case when the “boot day” lasts 1-2 days, then 10–20% is added to the daily caloric content. If our diet is long-lasting, then cheating can be arranged every 5 days, and then about 50% of calories are added to the daily rate.

How does cheating work in nutrition?

The fact is that during the diet our bodies do not understand that we are doing this because we simply want to have a flat stomach by the summer. He perceives our hunger strike as a danger that we are in extreme conditions and cannot find food for ourselves. And then the body turns on an economical mode: the metabolism slows down, reserves in the form of fat cells are consumed more slowly, and in addition our body manages to store fat even from a leaf of lettuce. It sounds terrifying, isn't it?

The role of cheating is simple: it accelerates metabolism (as well as green coffee and acai berries). That is, it gives the body to understand that, they say, everything is in order, there is food, and there is no need to save energy consumption, and even more so to put off fats in store. Those who have already tried cheating diet reviews give a positive.

Cheating in the diet, the golden rules of the "boot days"

• The menu during cheating should be varied: fruits, vegetables, cereals, cereals, foods rich in protein (meat, fish, seafood). Sweets and flour should be reduced to a minimum.

• On the day of cheating, you can not overeat to heaviness in the stomach. Fractional eating and small portions are the components of success.

• Do not forget to drink. 1.5 - 2 l. Clean drinking water is recommended every day for losing weight, not only during cheating. It speeds up the metabolism and boosts metabolism.

• Coffee and alcohol are prohibited.

In short, “boot days” is the most effective way to cope with weight stagnation after several days of a strict diet. The culinary site Delikates.me guarantees that if, along with cheating, you regularly exercise, the result will not take long.

In addition, the “boot days” have a positive psychological aspect. After all, in fact, cheating in diet - this is a breakdown, but a breakdown is planned, and, therefore, it saves us from remorse, helps us to better adapt to the diet and to endure with all limitations and deprivations.

Do you dream of harmony, but strict diets you can not afford? In this case, you are suitable reading in the diet. This is the so-called deviation from strict diet. Do not confuse cheating with a breakdown, as the "smoke breaks" are scheduled on strictly allotted days.

Pros and cons of cheating in slimming

Fans of computer games are well aware of what reading means. This is how they call getting any advantages in comparison with other players, by using appropriate programs or special actions. The word itself is borrowed from English (cheating) and literally means "cheating, deception."

And what is cheating slimming? This is the disinformation of your body when you allow yourself to eat a small amount of forbidden food during the diet period. And such a planned violation, oddly enough, contributes to further successful weight loss.

Besides the fact that such a deception of himself and his body does not violate the norms of morality at all, there are several positive points in it:

    Psychological comfort. Those who are on a diet, often nerves are shaken because of the desire to eat something tasty. Planned breakdowns allow you to avoid such experiences, because you are sure that you will relax on weekends.

Lack of beneficial substances. For normal functioning, the body needs various components and trace elements, including fats and carbohydrates. Long-term low-calorie diets can harm the health precisely because of a shortage of such substances. Cheating is the solution to this problem.

The exception of the "plateau effect". The boot day accelerates the metabolism, and it is possible to avoid stopping weight loss, often even with the strictest adherence to a diet.

  • The ability to increase the duration of the diet. Cheating, depriving the monotony of the diet, introducing variety and psychological comfort in the diet, makes it potentially longer.

  • There are few drawbacks to the diet with the planned boot days:

      Risk of failure. A rather serious minus of food fraud during a diet is the risk of breaking with it, forgetting about your desire to lose weight. The main thing is not to lose your head and remember: permission to eat everything you want, in cheating day does not mean that you can eat it in any quantities.

  • Risk to overeat. A portion of high-calorie delicacies should be small. In general, for such a boot day, you can eat no more than 2500 calories, which, by the way, may seem insufficient for athletes, and for miniature representatives of the fair sex - overly satisfying. It is important to remember that gluttony after a low-calorie diet can be harmful to health (the work of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder will be disturbed).

  • To spend cheating days should be regularly, and women need to also monitor the phases of the menstrual cycle. The fact is that the desire to eat something tasty in women is often associated with ovulation and the influence of hormones. On special days of the cycle, when the body needs fats and carbohydrates to form the so-called corpus luteum in the female body, it is difficult to break away from the cake and the bag of fries. But it is important to remember that for the full functioning of the female body does not need pounds of high-calorie food. It will be enough to eat something extra nutritionally on the right day of the cycle.

    Types of cheating

    There are different approaches, exactly how and in which diet cheating days should be introduced. Here is a list of the most famous versions of cheating:

      Cheater's diet. The concept of cheating in nutrition in 2005 was introduced by American Paul Rivas, who described his principles in his book The Cheater's Diet. He developed a metabolic swing: a diet accompanied by days when you can afford to lose yourself. According to Rivas, for five days, the diet should be low-calorie, with a reduced amount of carbohydrates (something like a Mediterranean diet). On the weekend you can eat anything you want, cheese, ice cream, nuts, pizza, but within reasonable limits.

    Bodybuilder chitin. In 2008, athlete Joel Marion described the carbohydrate slides, which he personally tried. According to Marion, supported by a large number of interesting medical facts, he mentioned in his book “Fool to lose weight”, six days a week you need to follow a low-calorie diet and use a variety of healthy foods. At the same time every day a little bit to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. The last day of the week should be relaxed, allowing yourself all the beloved and tasty. Sports with this diet are required. For 16 weeks, you can turn into a puff of a plumper into a possessor of a magnificent sports figure.

    Classic cycle. It was developed by fitness trainers and nutritionists Heidi and Chris Powell. Their plan is designed for 3 months, during which it is necessary to carefully calculate the calories eaten. The diet begins with a reading of the day, when you can afford anything for 2500 kcal. Then six days in a row you need to alternate protein and carbohydrate days for 1200 and 1500 kcal, respectively. The seventh day - the boot, 2000 kcal, after which the cycle repeats.

  • Hedonistic approach. This version of cheating was offered by New York food blogger Marissa Lippert. In her opinion, you should not devote your life to eating celery. Her 8-week diet consists of low-calorie, but diverse and tasty foods. Two days a week, you can "sin" by allowing yourself something high-calorie. But with the condition: nasty things like chips are not, forbidden food should please both eyes and taste: a wonderful dessert fits perfectly into its concept.

  • Basic rules for the boot day

    Cheating has rules, following which you will be able to hold back and not fall apart in all serious, relaxing and forgetting about your desire to lose weight.

    You can eat whatever you want, but remember that half of the daily diet should be vegetables, a quarter - proteins (eggs, seafood, fish or meat), the rest - carbohydrates (potatoes, cereals, bakery products, etc.). A prerequisite is to drink a lot, at least 1.5-2 liters per day.

    The amount of food is within reasonable limits. If you want to eat the cake, then allow yourself not all in one piece, but one piece. During the day, you should consume no more than 2500 kcal.

    Dates - 48 hours, not more. Such a period is reserved for boot days in all major types of cheating. Usually "belly feast" is planned for the weekend.

    Frequency - one or two cheating days a week, it depends on which diet option you choose. If the diet is short, then boot days should be arranged less often.

    Sometimes losing weight is difficult to stick to a diet, even if there is a day of cheating ahead. And it happens that he becomes the cause of an unplanned breakdown. To avoid such problems, follow these tips:

      Drink a lot. If you feel the desire to eat, first drink water, perhaps you are confusing thirst with hunger.

    Remove the temptations. There should be no sweets, cookies, cakes and other prohibited joys in your home. Buy goodies strictly according to plan exactly on the day of reading. Do not go to the store on an empty stomach, try to plan your route so as not to meet on the way pastry shops, stalls with fresh pastries, etc.

  • Brush your teeth often. After each meal, and when you suddenly want something tasty - and you psychologically do not want to dirty food with a clean mouth.

  • Menu for the boot day for 1 day

    The menu for reading the day might look like this:

      Breakfast. Porridge you love. Fruits or berries (apple, pear, orange, banana, kiwi, strawberries, grapes).

    Lunch. A piece of chocolate, better black.

    Dinner. Green borscht, meat, baked with vegetables.

    Afternoon tea. A slice of cake or cake or a portion of ice cream.

    Dinner. Fish, baked with lemon and herbs. Vegetable salad with cheese (you can fill with olive oil).

    Weekend Reading Menu

    Here is an example of a weekend reading menu.

      For breakfast - oatmeal, seasoned with nuts, seeds and pieces of fresh fruit or dried fruit, a glass of yogurt.

    At the second breakfast you can eat candy.

    At lunch - vegetable soup with meatballs and a piece of fish baked with vegetables.

    In the afternoon treat yourself a portion of coffee with milk and a piece of your favorite pastry.

    For dinner - chicken breast with a light vegetable salad.

      For breakfast - buckwheat porridge, fruit salad, a glass of yogurt.

    At the second breakfast - a portion of ice cream.

    At lunch - vegetable soup with garlic croutons, seafood salad, juice.

    In the afternoon - cake.

    For dinner - fish and mashed potatoes, fresh cucumber.

  • Before bed - an apple.

  • Developing a menu for yourself, keep in mind that during the boot day you can eat no more than 2500 kcal. That is, all planned products can not be consumed in unlimited quantities. Calculate how much candy you can in the morning so that it does not turn out that for dinner, in order not to disturb calories, the piece of chicken you need should be the size of a match head.

    Menu for the boot day for the week

    This is a classic cycle menu option, when protein and carbohydrate days alternate for 1200 and 1500 kcal for six days, and on the seventh day you can be pampered and increase the number of calories to 2500 kcal.

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday (squirrels, 1500 kcal):

      For breakfast - buckwheat, rice or oatmeal (100 g) with nuts and dried fruit, a glass of kefir.

    For second breakfast - 2 any fruit or a handful of nuts (or rye crackers cooked at home), green tea without sugar.

    For lunch - fish (hake, cod, pollock) or meat (chicken, beef) steamed, boiled or baked, vegetable garnish without potatoes.

    In the afternoon - any fresh fruit or vegetable, or loaf with a slice of cheese and green tea without sugar.

    For dinner - cottage cheese or boiled eggs or a piece of boiled meat.

  • Bedtime - kefir or yogurt.

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (carbohydrates, 1200 kcal):

      For breakfast - muesli with honey, milk and dried fruits.

    For the second breakfast - an apple.

    For lunch - buckwheat or rice porridge, vegetable salad, rye bread, as an option pasta, seasoned with tomato sauce.

    In the afternoon - any fruit.

    For dinner - meat or fish, leaf salad.

  • Before bedtime - kefir or ryazhenka.

  • Sunday, cheating (2500 kcal):

      For breakfast - 2 pancakes with syrup and a piece of butter, 2 pieces of bacon.

    At the second breakfast - oatmeal with banana.

    For lunch - 100 g of turkey with a vegetable salad of tomatoes, avocados, leaf lettuce, bagel, cheese, mustard.

    At lunch - a glass of yogurt, half a cup of raspberries, 30 g of salty crackers.

    For dinner - chicken fillet (100 g) with rice and mushrooms, soy sauce, boiled egg, sweet pepper and onion salad, seasoned with olive oil.

    The results of the cheating diet

    What will get as a result of those who decided to follow a cheating diet:

      Weight loss. Moreover, it is significant, because cheating a diet can be long, it is easily tolerated.

    Variety in diet. Whatever the fasting days of your diet, in cheating days you will get all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements that your body lacks.

    Psychological comfort. Cheating diet allows you to lose weight without psychological discomfort, because on weekends cheater is waiting for the desired boot day.

  • Metabolic swings. They cheat the body, and he does not give the command to make stocks. They also help to avoid the "plateau effect" when the weight, despite the ongoing diet, is not reduced.

  • What is cheating when losing weight - see the video:

    Cheating in the diet: what is it?

    Translated from English, cheating means "deception." In dietetics, the concept of "cheating" implies a deliberate violation of dietary rules in order to mislead the body and force it to lose weight itself. This happens as follows:

    • when you restrict the caloric content of your diet during any weight loss program, the body begins to “think” that difficult times have come and is trying with all its might to keep in place all the previously deferred energy reserves,
    • However, it is believed that if from time to time you indulge yourself with something tasty, the body will decide that there is no threat and will continue to eliminate body fat.

    Especially cheating is needed for those people who are going to "go on" a diet lasting six months or more. This method will help avoid stress and relieve feelings of depression.

    Cheating: rules

    It is not naive to believe that with the help of cheating, the need to limit harmful products is completely eliminated. Remember, cheating is not gluttony, but just a small trick for your body, which greatly increases the chances of overweight. This means that there are also strict rules here.

    1. For a start, it is worthwhile to understand for yourself that cheating is not a diet, but just a short pause during the diet program that you choose for yourself. Therefore, the “unloading” should be arranged no more than 1-2 times a week.
    2. High-calorie delicacies are not prohibited. However, preference is still better to give such products that will help for a long time to get rid of feelings of hunger. All sorts of cereals, nuts, vegetables, dried fruits, etc. are perfect.
    3. Keep track of the amount of food eaten. If, for example, you really want to eat a cake, 1-2 slices will be quite enough. A sense of proportion should be paramount.
    4. Drink plenty of water. The amount of fluid consumed affects the metabolic processes in the body. And if there is little water, all these processes slow down, as a result of which the food is poorly digested and not absorbed in the proper quantity.

    Cheating Day: what should the menu be?

    You must create your own cheating diet according to your personal eating habits. However, for clarity, you can use our option:

    • breakfast: favorite milk porridge with honey, nuts, berries and fruits + coffee without sugar,
    • snack: a few pieces of black chocolate without sweeteners and other additives + a glass of freshly squeezed juice,
    • lunch: soup “Kharcho” with meat, salad from fresh vegetables,
    • snack: a piece of favorite treat,
    • Dinner: baked chicken fillet with mushrooms and vegetables with sour cream sauce + greens and fresh vegetables,
    • before bedtime: a glass of kefir with dill and salt.

    Is bodybuilding cheating like?

    It turns out that the concept of "cheating" is found not only in dietetics, but is also actively used in sports. For example, bodybuilders often use this technique in order to successfully overcome various loads. Так, для преодоления большого веса штанги спортсмен в положении лежа выгибает поясничный отдел позвоночника и, вставая на носки, отрывает грудной отдел от скамьи. В результате этих действий нагрузка на мышцы перераспределяется уже «уставшие» мышцы разгружаются, а ранее не задействованные — начинают работать.It is thanks to this technique of cheating that the biceps of athletes become less prone to tearing of tissues.

    Reading: reviews

    Judging by the reviews, many who have tried this method of "unloading" during the diet claim that:

    • cheating is an excellent tool for maintaining psychological health, especially true for those people who cannot imagine their life without sweets, smoked meats, roasted, etc. However, here you should not get carried away. After all, cheating was not invented for overeating, but in order to convince the body that there is no danger of fasting and it is easier to postpone all diet days,
    • if the diet you choose is very strict and severely restricts the diet, during the "unloading" you can increase calorie content only by 1000 calories. After all, a sharp transition from a minimum amount of food to an unlimited one can adversely affect the digestive system of the body,
    • You should not worry if after two days of cheating you will recover by 2-3 kg. If everything is done correctly, the excess weight will gradually go away,
    • cheating unloading really brings results, but only if the diet program is designed for at least 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, you may simply not have time to lose weight.

    Women's weight loss: did you know?

    1. 50% of all women on the planet believe that the ideal time for losing weight is spring. At the same time, only 37% of them achieve the desired result.
    2. It is believed that with age, the weight gradually increases. This is because the metabolic processes slow down and the body simply does not have time to spend all the calories received. That is why nutritionists recommend playing sports even in old age and reduce caloric intake by 400-500 calories from 45-50 years old. In this case, the risk of getting better will be much less.
    3. All over the world there are only 5% of women, whose figures can for a long time meet the current standard of beauty without compromising health. Therefore, do not be afraid if you find yourself waist size is not 60, but 62.

    In order to define cheating, one should take into account the translation of this word, which means nothing more than a scam, a deception. And in this case, you have to deceive your own body. Practically everyone knows what apple fasting days are, or kefir, and many, not only know, but also successfully practice.

    But now, nutritionists offer periodically to arrange your body boot days. As a rule, subject to strict diets that imply significant limitations, weight sooner or later stops at one indicator, and it is impossible to move it even if you cut back an already meager diet.

    Cheating in the diet what is it, how will it help to lose weight successfully? You should know that if you sharply restrain the body in calories, limit fats, carbohydrates, and at the same time actively perform physical activities, the “self-preservation” mode is automatically activated. This means that fat is not only not consumed, it is heavily stored. And even with the use of minimal portions of food, there is still an increase in weight.

    This means that the body perceives the situation as a “black line” and tries to escape. Cheating involves the legalization of breakdowns, if you follow a strict diet. That is, there is a deliberate increase in the daily diet, which allows you to deceive the metabolism. The body understands that all is well, and there is no need to save fat, you can burn them.

    What is weight loss cheating

    However, weight loss has its own rules, so cheating should not be a frank gluttony, and experts emphasize that the body should also be deceived by the rules. So, in the days of cheating it is allowed to eat what you want, but at the same time you should pay attention to less fast carbohydrates in the consumed dishes, which are sweets and sugar, and it is also better to limit the fat of animal origin.

    But this does not mean that these elements should be completely abandoned. It is better to give preference to proteins and slow carbohydrates, cereal cereals, fruits

    If you decide to do cheating in the diet, what will this change in losing weight? The effect will be positive, but note that when drinking is important drinking mode, drink more water, carbonated and sugary drinks are prohibited. In addition, give up coffee and alcohol, instead switch to herbal drinks, and if you want tea, then drink green, you can with lemon.

    For one-day or two-day cheating, the daily calorie is more than the used diet by one thousand calories, and sometimes by two thousand. If you have planned cheating for more than two days, then the number of calories can be increased by no more than twenty percent. For example, if the diet that you followed includes two thousand calories, then the boot day involves eating two thousand four hundred calories.

    What can you eat when reading

    In weight loss, cheating can have a different duration, and this takes into account individual gastronomic preferences. Moreover, some have enough one-day "holiday of the stomach", and someone prefers to enjoy a few days. It is important to know that you can boot in this way once every two weeks, and not more often.

    The advantage of cheating is that this approach provides prevention of disruptions, which are almost inevitable with any strict diet. In addition, psychological health does not suffer, since satiety when cheating provides a good mood, irritation and aggression disappear.

    Cheating in a strict diet, what is it, are there any downsides? It is necessary to carefully count the calories of the boot day, and it is required to record which foods you can eat and which ones to refrain from, even under the condition of the boot day. As you know, people who follow low-calorie diets are accustomed to counting calories, so such a calculation is not a problem, and you can use ready-made tables.

    Doctors speak ambiguously about cheating, as the restriction of food is stress, and in some cases, the boot day becomes an additional blow. The danger is that losing weight does not always follow the methodology, and perceive cheating, as permissiveness in the diet.

    With illiterate cheating, malfunctions of the liver and stomach may occur, the gall bladder suffers. In this case, the organs are shocked by the abundance of food, and they simply cannot cope with it. As a result, fermentation occurs, the formation of toxins is activated. Such inept attempts to outwit the body create problems in the form of weight gain and even illness.

    Fasting day after cheating

    If the cheating is done correctly, the doctors treat this method positively, since in this case the metabolism accelerates, the body gets a shake, which is beneficial for it. But after cheating, spent one or two days, it is time to return to the previous diet, and the question arises about the discharge day.

    After loading your favorite and tasty products you can arrange a fruit fasting day, or stock up on low-fat kefir. That is, the power is the same as with the classic fasting days. Then you can use the old diet, or choose another, but the calories should be considered as before.

    Cheating in a diet what is it, does it really help to lose weight? In some cases, after cheating, the desired weight is kept, and therefore it is possible not to arrange unloading, but to follow the usual dietary diet. Some nutritionists recommend arranging a protein fasting day after cheating, especially if you intend to use, for example, a buckwheat diet, or another low-carb diet.

    A good meal after cheating is the menu consisting of steamed chicken breast, steamed lean fish. As for fermented milk skim products, then you can add frozen berries and mix in a blender. It turns out very tasty, and at the same time you do not break the diet.

    If there are problems with the stomach, it is not recommended to do unloading on apples or other acidic products, the excreted acid may cause aggravation. In any case, consult your doctor, and then boldly start the chosen diet.

    Such a thing as cheating for most people causes a lot of different kinds of questions and sincere bewilderment. So what is it? Where and how is cheating applied? Let's try to briefly answer this question. The word cheating is of English origin and literally means fraud or deception. For the first time this concept arose in the sport. They were appealed to by athletes in violation of the technique of performing the most difficult exercises in sports competitions. Well, in dieting cheating is not used very long ago. Dietitian Joel Marion, author of the best-selling book "Fool Yourself to Lose Weight."

    The use of cheating in the diet

    It has long been known that with a sharp infringement of the human body in proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which support the vital processes of renewal of all cells and tissues, as well as with simultaneous heavy physical exertion, the self-preservation mode is automatically set in the human body. In this mode, there is an accumulation, rather than burning of fat, which consequently leads to an increase in weight, even when eating very small portions of food taken.

    Nutritionists have scientifically proven that in this way the body is trying to survive. In addition, most people who want to lose weight, almost any diet is associated with food that does not have a taste, a constant feeling of hunger, with a tedious calculation of calories consumed and psychological discomfort.

    And here comes to the aid of cheating, which, subject to a rigid diet, recommends doing pre-programmed breakdowns in the diet, during which there is a sort of deception of the body. And only at the time of the cheating, the human body begins to understand that everything is fine, the mode of self-preservation can be turned off, the fats are not accumulated, but burned.

    Joel Marion writes in his book that it is best to start any diet designed for weight loss from the so-called day of deception, that is, on this day you can eat food that is rich in carbohydrates. However, the next day, the food should contain as few calories as possible. For the next five days or so, Marion recommends a gradual increase in the carbohydrate content of the foods consumed until it reaches the level that they had on the day of the cheat. Then repeat the breakdown day. According to a nutritionist, it is possible to follow such a diet for twelve weeks.

    However, when using cheating in a diet, one must adhere to a number of conditions, namely:

    1. To strictly observe the diet to maintain normal functioning of the human body,
    2. To minimize animal fats in order to avoid cholesterol overload of the body,
    3. To limit the consumption of foods containing fast carbohydrates,
    4. Drink plenty of clean drinking water, herbal infusions, and green tea, and best of all with lemon,
    5. Refuse coffee and alcoholic beverages,
    6. Use sugar substitutes
    7. Eat foods that have the ability to reduce appetite.
    8. Do not neglect sports activities.

    Boot days - what is it?

    Recently, obese, overweight people appear more and more. With an increase in weight, psychology and self-esteem change, many develop eerie complexes, their health deteriorates. Increased consumption of high calorie foods and a decrease in physical activity are two main reasons why this is possible. Therefore, in order to feel at a height, many try to lose weight and go on a diet. However, every day to limit yourself to food, following certain diets, and at the same time and at the same time monitor the calorie intake is difficult.

    And here so-called boot days come to the aid of those who want to lose weight, during which you can safely break the ban and eat foods that are forbidden in the chosen diet, which can not be eaten daily, as this can adversely affect the results of weight loss, but it does not feel guilty . It has been scientifically proven that boot days have a great effect on the moral and mental state, and therefore, they are actively helping to lose weight.

    Most doctors treat cheating positively, though only if it is carried out in compliance with all the subtleties, since it is only when it is carried out correctly that the metabolism is more clearly regulated. In addition, it is very important after him to competently return to the previously selected diet in order to consolidate the result obtained and to arrange a properly selected fasting day during this transition. For example, kefir, fruit, vegetable or meat. The criterion when choosing a fasting diet should be age and health problems, such as the gastrointestinal tract.

    Meals during and after cheating

    Currently, the basis of a huge number of effective diets is cheating, but we must remember that it is only part of a program designed for weight loss and therefore, when applying it, you should try to choose dietary ones, making a choice in favor of foods that contain few calories. For example, using meat on boot days, give preference to turkey or lean beef.

    You should also, if possible, not to eat foods that contain simple carbohydrates. For example, replace sugar with honey, jam or chocolate, and the percentage of cocoa beans should be at least 70%. In addition, it is strongly recommended to include porridge in the ration, giving preference to millet or rice, various fruits and vegetables. These products contain a lot of fiber. Once in the body, it literally absorbs fat, preventing it from being deposited. Fiber itself is not digested and is rapidly excreted from the body along with fat. It is also desirable to exclude spicy, fried and salty foods, as they can cause exacerbation of existing diseases.

    Thus, in the days of cheating, you can use almost any product without bothering to create a menu. It can be both dried fruits and fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, seafood, chocolate and nuts, cheeses. They can be safely included in the diet with a planned breakdown, but of course within reasonable limits, since the ultimate goal of cheating is not gluttony at all, but preparation for the return of a strict diet.

    Nutritionists recommend that you remember that the right diet food can be quite tasty and varied. It retains a sense of satisfaction in nutrition. When reading, the most important thing is to maintain the right balance between restrictions and programmed permissions. Only in this case, the body does not experience stress, suffering from forced starvation, and the weight gradually decreases.

    So, cheating is a new tactic in the diet. Its main advantage is to allow your favorite diet to be consumed on certain days. However, using cheating it is necessary to take into account that it has not only positive, but also negative sides. But when properly carried out, cheating not only has a positive effect on the human body, in particular on its psyche, but also actively contributes to weight loss.

    What is chitings, why is it needed and how does it work?

    Nutritionists have observed their patients and concluded that many people can not keep a diet all the time. Because of this, of course, there are breakdowns. And well, if such a breakdown meant the use of something forbidden in small quantities (for example, a piece of cake).

    But if there was a “foray” into the fridge or even more so at the store, then nothing good will come of it. The kilograms left with such difficulty will come back and, probably, in an increased quantity. And so nutritionists came up with a chittin. From English, the word translates as "deception", "scam." In fact, this technique is a hoax.

    What is chittin? What is its essence? This is a day or a few days during a diet, in which you can relax a bit and eat what the diet forbids. But what is the deception? To understand this, you need to get a little deeper into the essence of what is happening during the diet.

    Losing weight limits carbohydrate and fat intake. As a result, the body receives much less energy. And the energy that previously did not have time to be spent and was sent “to the reserve” on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks and settled there in the form of extra kilograms is no longer enough even for the simplest and most vital processes occurring in the body.

    But the body is designed in such a way that, in conditions of deficiency, it begins to expend what it has, that is, adipose tissue. As a result, the weight goes, and the person loses weight. Losing weight continues to limit itself to food. But the body understands that something is wrong. Energy is less, reserves are also reduced.

    As a result, metabolism slows down, and everything that comes from food, immediately goes into strategic reserves, which are necessary in case of total deficit. Вес встаёт, а человек расстраивается и не понимает, в чём дело. Но тут на помощь может прийти читтинг.

    Читтинг – это так называемый «загрузочный» день, который является альтернативой разгрузочному. И если такие «загрузки» в период диеты устраивать регулярно, то можно обмануть организм. Он будет думать, что всё в порядке, что острого дефицита нет. Метаболизм нормализуется и ускорится, а жировая ткань вновь начнёт сгорать. Кроме того, худеющий сможет избежать срывов и неудач. Вот такая вот ложь во благо.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    First, let's list the benefits of reading:

    • It makes the diet more benign. For example, for those who lose weight is very difficult because of the need for restrictions, this option is most appropriate.
    • For many people who lose weight after a long diet, their weight freezes at one mark and does not want to go any further. Every next kilogram is given with difficulty. Chitting - a kind of shake-up for the body, which allows you to program it for proper and permanent weight loss.
    • Chitting - a kind of feast belly. But if many people who lose weight after breakdowns feel guilty about their weakness, then the reading is a planned, necessary and proper breakdown. And it will help avoid apathy and depression, which often arise when you need to give up delicacies.

    • Chitting should be done only occasionally. But some, having survived the day of “gluttony”, do not want to return to the previous diet regime the next day.
    • Such a technique, of course, is useful, but it lengthens the duration of the diet by one and a half or even two times.
    • You still have to count calories, since with a significant increase in their weight will not decrease.

    How to spend?

    How to chit? There are some rules on which your progress and results will depend:

    1. Do not arrange the "boot" days too often. Once a week is enough. But if you endure longer, chitter less often. In general, be guided by your condition and the severity of the diet you are observing (if you follow a too strict diet, you can arrange “loads” more often).
    2. Duration can also be different. Someone is enough for one day, someone needs two days. But if you go to such a kind of food "spree" for three days or even more, then do not wait for weight loss, it will not work.
    3. Understand the menu. In principle, you can almost everything, because it is "loading". And still it is worth refusing the so-called simple carbohydrates contained in cakes, cakes, convenience foods, fast food and other "hazards." If you really want all this, then use these products is best in the morning. Nevertheless, it is desirable to prefer complex carbohydrates, which are spent on energy rather than going to the reserve. They are found in nuts, cereals, cereals. Also eat vegetables, meat, fruits, berries, seafood, fish.
    4. As for the amount of food consumed, then overeat is not worth it. Eat to the feeling of fullness, and not to the severity and "to the blade". And the best of all forbidden foods to eat less than dietary.
    5. Now about the daily calories. It will depend on the number of calories consumed per day of the diet, on the length of the chitling, as well as on physical exertion. So, if you plan to “boot” one day, lying on the couch, then increase your daily calorie intake by 500-700. On an active working day, the increase can be 1000-1500 calories. If you plan to stretch the reading for two days, increase the daily rate by 10-20%. If you get 1000 calories per day on your diet, then doubling will be optimal. But if the daily rate is 2000 calories, then add no more than 500 calories in the period of chittin.
    6. Adhere to this ratio: 70% of products are all that the body needs (that is, healthy food), and 30% is all that you have dreamed of.

    Lose weight effectively, correctly and with pleasure. The reading will help you in this.

    What is the uniqueness of the cheating system?

    During the observance of any diet comes the so-called "stupor", when the weight, reaching a certain mark, stubbornly remains in place, despite the observance of all the rules of the diet.

    This is due to the slowing down of the metabolism as a result of the stress experienced by the body, which perceives a decrease in calories as a danger to its existence. He begins to literally "out of the air" to gain calories in order to set them aside. The load days allow the body to be deceived, to convince him that everything is going well and that hunger does not threaten him. This trick allows you to find a compromise with your own body, which thankfully loses weight in exchange for encouragement in the form of boot days!

    How often do you need to read? Against the background of a low-calorie diet, you need to arrange boot days regularly, every one or two weeks, depending on how hard the diet is given and how great the desire to break. Cheating, oddly enough, speeds up metabolism and gives a new impetus to further adherence to the diet. One realization that every seven days it will be possible to afford everything inspires, everyone who has ever sat on a strict low-calorie diet agrees with this.

    Special recommendations

    So, you decide to practice reading from time to time. Remember about his two “pitfalls:

    • danger of breaking
    • the risk to eat is significantly greater than what is allowed, that is, not to load 2500 Kcal into the body, but, for example, 3000.

    Having enjoyed delicious food, you can thoughtlessly decide that there is no point in dieting, that you are tired of following it and it’s time to "live to the fullest." In this case, the departed kilograms will quickly return to the waist and hips, and even “bring” new ones with them.

    If you do not continue the “exercise day” further, but keep within 24 hours, but at the same time allow yourself too much too much, there is a risk to arrange for yourself a malfunction of the digestive tract. The stomach, liver, gallbladder and intestines during the diet are used to work in a limited mode, and here you will give the entire system a large load. This is a direct way to the exacerbation of gastritis, slowing intestinal motility and bloating. Therefore, even the long-awaited "boot" day should not be too filled with goodies.

    Separate recommendation - for women of reproductive age. They can make their diet easier if they manage to adjust the days of cheating to the rhythms of their own menstrual cycle. There is such a pattern, explained by hormonal fluctuations: in the first half of the cycle, it pulls less on the sweet and flour, it is easier to hold back, looking at the delicious piece of cake in the store.

    In the second phase, starting from about 14 days (the period of ovulation), the body begins to prepare for a possible conception and accumulate fat reserves. It must form a full-fledged yellow body to support a potential embryo. Therefore, it is more difficult to tolerate dietary restrictions. Plan to read on your most “dangerous” day regarding gluttony and eat with pleasure, without remorse!

    What does reading in numbers look like?

    If you are supposed to eat 600 to 900 kcal a day, on the boot day, you can add another 500 kcal (if it is arranged on a day off, with the expectation of reduced physical activity). If it's a weekday, then you can “load” 800 - 1000 kcal - the main thing is that they be recruited with favorite dishes, memories of which can be held for the next seven days!

    Cheating rules

    The general rules that are worth adhering to are: let half of your diet on a day of cheating be protein food, a quarter - carbohydrate. and everything else is fat. And try to main load fell on the first half of the day. At this time, you can even have:

    • sweets and ice cream,
    • chocolate, including milk,
    • delicious cakes with cream.

    Do not be afraid to add to your diet "stress" days. They boost metabolism and improve mood. "Delicious" you "cheating" days!

    Sample menus and rules of reading

    Nutritionist Rivas advises to eat in the Mediterranean style, but do not overdo it with carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, flour). Try to eat bread and other carbohydrates only at lunch, and for breakfast and dinner, prepare protein dishes with vegetables.

    It is not necessary to count calories, be guided on a plate: half a plate should be occupied by vegetables, one-fourth plates of protein (meat, fish, poultry), and one-fourth carbohydrates (brown rice, whole-grain pasta, baked or boiled potatoes).

    Or follow these rules:

    - A piece of meat, fish, poultry or a portion of low-fat cottage cheese should be the size of a deck of cards,
    - Rice, buckwheat and other cereals are served on the table in the amount of one ordinary tennis ball,
    - Vegetables - in the amount of two your fists put together,
    - Berries and fruits - no more than one cup or one medium fruit,
    - Nuts - a handful or 30 g, and vegetable oil - one tablespoon for one portion of salad

    So, for breakfast, you eat protein for five days in a row — cottage cheese, eggs, scrambled eggs, buckwheat with milk, fruit or berries, and drinks without sugar.

    For lunch, you take a small plate, half of it is filled with fresh vegetables, one quarter with a small portion of the protein product and one quarter with carbohydrates — brown rice, boiled or baked potatoes (cooked without butter), whole grains, buckwheat. You can do without yeast or whole grain bread. Sugar free drink.

    At dinner, you eat protein with vegetables, for example, a salad with chicken breast or seafood.

    Sample menu of the working day on the Chiting:

    On weekends, you can break away, and, the nutritionist cites a list of products on which he advises to break away:

    Pizza, wine, chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon rolls, ice cream, strawberry milkshake, cheese, bread, meat, nuts.

    Of course, even these days it is important to be guided by common sense and not to be superfluous if you feel the strength to refuse. Do not set your goal to obozryatsya these days. Just try to enjoy the food that you missed. And having received this pleasure, stop.

    Additionally, nutritionist advises to take natural dietary supplements to speed up metabolism and burn fat:

    L-tyrosine - from 250 to 1000 mg twice a day
    Yerba Mate - Paraguayan Mate Tea (extract) in the amount of 225 mg per day
    5 HTP - a natural mood enhancer, from 50 to 100 mg 20 minutes before each meal
    Green tea extract - 200 mg twice daily
    Mucana Pruriens - Herb from Ayuverda, 50 mg twice a day

    All these supplements can be ordered here. Delivery will be about a week.