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What can you wear with boots?


The most important thing you need to pay attention to if your choice is on this shoe is its color. There is no defined framework, but here we will look at the most trendy options. Stylists advise when choosing such shoes to give preference to dark tones: dark blue, brown or black. Choosing the boots of one of these colors, you can be sure that the foundation for your image already exists.

Variants of images with high boots

High boots look very harmoniously paired with a dress of knee-length knitwear. Even these boots look great with skirts of almost any style. If you choose a mini-skirt, then to avoid the vulgarity, forget about fishnet tights.

You can wear trousers, jeans, leggings or leggings for high boots. Pants and jeans should be narrow-cut, then the combination will look very beautiful and elegant.

As you probably already guessed, high boots like short outerwear. In winter, you should choose a shortened fur coat or jacket for them, it looks very good with a fitted coat of boots.

If you like short boots

Under the short boots you can wear jeans, narrowing downwards, however, you can just roll them up. This option, of course, at your discretion. If the jeans are not tucked, the legs will visually look longer. If you want to lengthen your legs even more visually, wear black skinny jeans as a duet with black boots.

Jeans of various shades can be worn with short boots in neutral colors. Wide trousers should be worn over boots, they look good with ankle boots with heels. If you decide to wear denim shorts, then you should opt for ankle boots, expanding upwards.

A casual and light look can be created by putting on ankle boots with a medium-length dress. Short boots look great with dresses above and below the knee, to the floor, but do not choose a combination with a mini-skirt.

Boots without heels

Boots without a heel visually reduce the length of the legs, and this is the most undesirable effect that can be achieved. To avoid this result, first you need to pick up leggings or panty hoses to match your boots - the colors should be combined with each other. If your choice fell on white boots, then you will need to choose an accessory with the same shade. Skinny jeans or pants look great with these boots. Slender young ladies can recommend wearing a skirt with boots without heels. Elongated sweaters or tunic dresses will look very stylish and elegant.

As for the choice of outerwear, such boots are quite versatile, any outerwear will do for them. Even a jacket or a down jacket will look neat and impressive.

No less attractive will be the image with a dress or shirt, blouse. This is a very versatile shoes, with it you can create images in different styles.

What clothes do cowboy boots go together with?

Classic cowboy boots are made of genuine leather and have a brown or black tint. You need to choose for yourself the necessary color. Usually cowboy boots have a sharp nose, a sloping heel and height to the middle of the shin. The heel height of cowboy boots, like ordinary casual shoes, so they will look very well under jeans with a wide cut. But this option will make your legs a little bulky and big. If this result is not included in your plans, wear jeans, narrowing down.

To add femininity to the image, you can resort to a very extraordinary way - wear a flowing fabric dress with cowboy boots. The dress should be contrasted with coarse cowboy boots - it will look very impressive. The length of the dress should be chosen just above the knee, in order to slightly open them.

We combine colors

Beige boots should be combined with clothes of warm shades: milky, coffee, brown.

Suede maroon boots look great with black and burgundy clothes.

Under the brown boots, blue jeans are just perfect, however, the clothes of beige and dark green shades go well with them.

Boots of a red shade can be worn with things of the same color as is the case with brown boots. Even if yellow tones appear in the image, they will also look good.

Boots of bright red color will accentuate the clothes of black, cream, dark blue colors.

The gray color of the boots harmoniously looks with burgundy, gray, eggplant and black.

Blue boots are no less attractive than others, blue or gray clothes fit in a pair, they are very well combined with clothes of light colors.

Jeans in boots - to be or not to be

Many are interested in whether to fill jeans in boots. There are rules under which they refuel, and under which, on the contrary, it is best to tuck or put on jeans over boots. If your boots are with a wide and high top, then it is worth tucking the jeans inside. This will not only help to complete the image, but also visually make your legs slimmer. If you are going to wear rubber boots, you can safely fill in their jeans - this will be the best option.

Jockey boots also look very good if jeans are tucked into them.

It was listed those options in which not only you can fill jeans in boots, but even necessary.

See what you can wear high boots, boots:

Useful tips will be on the choice of winter boots on the style:

We offer to see a selection of photos of fashionable images with boots.

What can you wear fashionable boots with a pipe?

It is recommended to wear pipe boots without a heel or with heels with midi skirts, short shorts, knitted dresses or long tunics. These garments make it possible to smooth out a little aggressiveness of the boots, which creates an interesting and unusual textured contrast. The casual look will be very interesting if you add it with lace stockings or fishnet tights, while this combination will not be vulgar, as is the case with boots and boots. Supplement the pipe boots with original models of trousers breeches, leggings, tight pants or skinny jeans. Since the boots have very wide and even tops, they can also be worn with tweed or woolen wide trousers.

Another interesting option is the combination of such shoes with a pencil skirt. The contrast between the loose tops of the shoes and the tight cut of the skirt allows you to create feminine and original images. Bright and extravagant women of fashion prefer to combine the most diverse styles in their looks, so they can combine suede pipe boots with chiffon colored dresses. In itself, such a dress will look too summer-like, so it must be complemented with a turtleneck or a warm jumper. You can complete this look with a short suede jacket.

Who is suitable?

For some reason, many girls formed the opinion that the boots-pipes are very rough and bulky shoes that can fit only into the image of some informal rock girls. But this is not quite the case; rather, this is precisely their main zest.

We will not hide, create a romantic, trembling image with such shoes you will not succeed, but the image of a feminine, sexy and stylish confident lady - easily!

Fashionable boots boots are ideal for girls and women with the type of figure "pear" or "hourglass": wide hips "balanced" by the wide tops, which allows you to translate the accent from the volume of the fifth point.

Naturally, girls with an athletic physique with taut and slightly pumped legs, they also play only at hand. But ladies with too thin legs and a “boyish” physique (a pretty butt, poorly pronounced waist), this style will not work, and it will really look rough.

And yet it is worth noting that for a certain type of thin girls "pipes" can be a great idea, since their deliberate brevity only emphasizes the elegance of the ladies.

And to remove the imbalance in the hips, they are best combined with fluffy short skirts such as “skirt-a-line”. How to choose the "pipe" plump ladies?

Contrary to popular belief, pipe-boots are a real salvation for women with full legs or ankles, many designers claim that they, on the contrary, are able to visually enlarge full legs and add a few extra centimeters to the total volume. Therefore, girls with this type of figure should be attentive to the choice of these boots and first carefully examine themselves in the mirror.

What to wear?

Such shoes, in spite of their external bulkiness, are capable of fitting into everyday, elegant office and walking looks with great success, and it is very important that you wear it on top.

Stylists recommend: to reduce some of the aggressiveness of the "pipes", it is ideal to combine them together with short skirts or dresses, the length of which can vary from cardinal mini to extravagant midi.

As for styles, anyone will fit in here, even a pencil skirt, only the main thing is to ensure that its edge does not coincide with the edge of the boots, otherwise the legs will turn out as cropped. The ideal distance from the edge to the bright one is 10-15 cm, which can be seen in the photo, where models at the world shows of 2015 demonstrate fashionable style.

Perhaps the only style of a skirt or dress that will not be combined with such shoes is the year skirt, which fits in the upper part and diverges with wedges to the bottom. Skirts and dresses of maximum length are not considered, as it will completely hide all the beauty of your boots. The denser the material of your skirt, the tighter you can pick up panty hoses, preferably, the color in color matching the boots.

By the way, even color or openwork variants will suit here, which in the case of the same boots would look vulgar, would be quite appropriate here.

In addition to skirts, “pipes” are ideally combined with leggings, skinny, skinny jeans or short shorts, which are also worn under tight tights. In the case of leggings as the top, you can choose a voluminous knitted sweater or a nice elongated tunic, which will give the image of lightness.

Jeans will look good with fitted blouses, which, without fail, must be supplemented with a cardigan, jacket or jacket. With regard to the choice of handbags, then turn your attention towards the bulk options, which in color and texture will be combined with the "pipes".

Features of fashion models

High-quality soft leather boots are easy to put on, despite the lack of buckles. This is achieved due to the increased width of the tops, as well as due to the elastic lining.

Boots-pipe without a heel or low-heel resistant is a good choice for winter, as walking on ice and snow on heels is not only inconvenient, but also unsafe. Winter models are made of genuine or artificial leather (the first option, of course, is preferable) lined with fur.

Autumn models look little different from winter ones, but they do not have a fur lining. Boots, pipes with heels are quite suitable for autumn or spring. It is possible to choose a model, both on a thin hairpin, and on a more stable version of the heel.

For decoration models use discreet decor options. As a rule, designers use straps with buckles, inserts of materials differing in color and texture, chains, spikes. Sometimes the boots are decorated with fringe, metal rivets, rhinestones, stitching.

Who is suitable?

Who are women's boots-pipes? Before you buy this unusual shoes, you should objectively evaluate your physique. Ideal "pipes" fit slender and fit girls.

Boots-pipes on a flat sole is an excellent choice of shoes for long-legged beauties. But miniature girls subtle physique such shoes are not suitable. In this case, the "pipes" will look rough, weighing down the lower part of the figure.

Stylists recommend this style of boots to girls with a body type of "pear" or "hourglass." These ladies have wide hips and thin calves, so the “tubes”, which make the tender part of the figure a little heavier, will make the silhouette harmonious, distracting attention from the problematic “fifth point”.

But on the full foot boots-pipes must be chosen carefully. If the calves are wide, then this model will visually make this part of the leg even more massive, which naturally does not decorate a fashionista.

However, full girls should not definitely refuse to purchase this model. Try on several options, carefully looking at yourself in the mirror (you can attract outside observers - your sister, girlfriend), you may be able to find a model that will look good.

Thin girls also should not categorically reject such a model, if there is a desire to purchase fashionable "pipes". To make the image harmonious, it will be enough to choose clothes so that it balances the silhouette. For example, wear a fluffy skirt that will hide too narrow hips.

What to combine?

Initially, boots-pipes were created to complement the images in the brutal rock or punk style. However, over time, the stylists began to recommend combining the "pipes" with the clothing style "urban casual." We will understand with what to wear this original model.


It is clear that only narrow trousers can be worn with boots of this type, having tucked the legs into the tops. Therefore, all wide and flared models should be immediately put aside.

It is possible to put on with boots with wide tops with skinny trousers, skinny jeans, leggings. The top of the ensemble is better to choose volumetric, so that the silhouette is proportional.

Onion example: We will wear the blue tabernacle with a free navy sweater. To this ensemble we will pick up boots-pipes from black matte leather on a steady heel. We complement the ensemble with a massive black necklace and a dark blue bag with a fancy print.

Another option: narrow black pants, light gray suede boots-pipes with a low, steady heel, red pea coat with a belt and wide lapels. We complement the ensemble with accessories: a dark blue bag, suede gloves in the color of the bag, a stole in a red and black large cell.

Skirts and dresses

Dresses and skirts can be used in almost any style, you just need to choose the right length of the model. It is important that there is a gap of 10-20 centimeters between the edge of the tops and the hem of the skirt. Stylists do not recommend wearing skirts, the hem of which reaches the level of the tops or overlaps it. In this case, the lower part of the figure will be too “heavy”.

You can wear almost any style of skirts with boots of this style. Straight and tapered skirts, as well as flared options will look perfect. The only exception is the skirt of the cut year, which expands downward due to the insert wedges. With this skirt boots-pipe does not look.

Onion variant: a gray straight skirt with a palm length above the knee, an elongated knitted tunic of red color with a relief pattern, a black belt-ribbon tied with a bow. To such an ensemble you should wear red boots-pipes with heels, as well as pick up black jewelry and a sulfur-white bag.

With boots of this style will look great dresses made of wool, thick knitwear, as well as knitted models. Girls with narrow hips can wear a fitted dress with a flared skirt to their boots.

Tights should be chosen in the color of the boots. With pipe boots, you can wear thick tights and models with an openwork pattern (but not fishnet tights!)

Onion variant: short knit dress in “Charleston” style with long sleeves and low waistline in blue with black trim, black knee-length boots-tubes, stylish hat in the style of the 20s, sunglasses.

A bag

Best of all, rather bulky bags look with boots-pipes. It can be a briefcase, an envelope, an office bag and even a backpack. But clutches and other miniature models of evening bags with such shoes look not too harmonious.

In the photo from the fashion shows it is clear that the boots-pipes this season at the peak of popularity. Models of this type can be seen in the collections of Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chanel, Rag & Bone, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Alexander Wang.

In a fashion most different models. Most of all, in the collections of knee-length boots. Moreover, designers use both heels and wedges, as well as a flat sole. In fashion bright and catchy colors - red, rich blue, chocolate.

Often, designers use a combination of materials, combining smooth leather, embossed leather and suede in one model.

What are pipe boots?

Boots-pipes have long occupied the position of one of the most fashionable models of autumn-winter shoes. They represent boots with equally wide tops, both at a hip, and at a heel. They are distinguished from boots by the fact that they should not fit a leg, but, on the contrary, should sit freely. Hence their name - “pipes”.

Появились сапоги-трубы достаточно давно, но были не особо популярными вплоть до 2012 года, когда дизайнер Рикардо Тиши продемонстрировал разнообразие сапог-труб в коллекции для дома Givenchy. С тех пор эти сапоги не покидают модный олимп. И на то есть объективные причины.

Кому подойдут сапоги-трубы?

У«труб» есть одно существенное преимущество перед привычными моделями сапог, которые в большинстве случаев очень трудно подобрать и правильно носить, потому что в итоге они так или иначе портят внешний вид, то укорачивая, то утолщая ногу. С сапогами-трубами вы можете забыть, как смотрится ваша нога. Therefore, they - the best option among the variety of autumn-winter shoes. I especially recommend to pay attention to the models in which the tops are going to harmonica.

Boots-pipes VS boots-stockings

Not long ago, the designer of the house Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia invented another revolutionary model of boots - boots, stockings. They look like textile (and sometimes even vinyl) leggings, coupled with pumps, mostly very bright colors. The model is quite extravagant and as yet unusual. Should I try? Definitely - yes, but as an experiment and in an appropriate situation. In them you will be comfortable and everyone’s attention will definitely belong to you. It is possible to combine such boots with anything, except for the trousers and the fitting dresses.

Stocking Boots by Balenciaga

Do not forget about other shoes

If you spend a lot of time and effort, you still did not find that ideal model of boots and every time you are confused, it is better not to risk and turn your attention to less demanding models of shoes: boots and ankle boots. Among them, you will definitely find an option that does not harm your image and will feel confident, and look no less stylish and modern.

Trends from podiums

Autumn-winter 2018-2019 will definitely be bright and stylish. What have fashion designers prepared for us?

Tibi, Dior and many more famous brands adorn the boots with bright stripes. The advantage of this stylish decor is that it visually lengthens the legs. So, we must take!

Tibi Dior

Predatory, sharp, extravagant. For the most courageous and fashionable.

Zimmermann Rochas

It is time to clean black and brown shoes on the mezzanine. This autumn should be bright. Fendi in one model combined both fashionable color and “predatory” texture.

Roksanda Fendi

Western walks not only on the catwalks, but also on the streets. Join the cowgirl army of fashionistas.

Emporio armani Marant Coach

This tartan, and the Prince of Wales, and goose foot. One of the most elegant trends, boots from Balenciaga precisely for real ladies.

Fendi Balenciaga

The more distance from which you can see from which brand your boots, the more fashionable.

Off white

Boots with a wide ankle accordion.

This trend has migrated since last year, but is still relevant. This season, models look more neat, which means that they are easier to adapt to everyday wardrobe.

Ferretti Elie saab

Strapped, in the ankle or across the height, the boots look original and stylish. The model from Pucci will easily fit into the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Pucci Mulberry lo

We continue to shine and not be shy. Well, what can you do, glamor designers missed you! Yes, and we, honestly, too ... a little.

Rochas Anna Sui Ferretti Chanel

Lacing and sharp cape.

A reference to the Victorian era. Stand-up collars, lantern sleeves and boots from Dion Lee - everything is like at the queen's court.

Tibi Giorgio armani

The combination of two contrasting colors will add raisins to both autumn and winter look. There is no third!

Roksanda Bottega veneta

Nice, cozy home patchwork got to high fashion. Touching boots from Dior, as if collected from shreds by a caring grandmother.


Rivets. Rock, gothic, romance.

A bit gloomy, but terribly stylish.

Sonia rykiel

Flowers in the winter? Why not? We extend the summer and at the same time bring spring.

Van noten

Loose wide boots.

The infinite height of the boots is now also of serious width. It is unlikely that someone now dares to call the boots vulgar, even if they are heels.

Off white Derek lam

How to adapt fashion trends?

And how do we wear it all now? The fact is that as soon as the main trends appear on the catwalks, the brands of the middle price segment and the mass market adapt them for life. Everything has already been done for us: a fashionable concentrate is diluted, and it is added to the basic models of shoes. For example, the same flowers can elegantly settle on the tops of winter boots. And fashionable, and fits perfectly into everyday life. Snake print? Easy! But dosed and delicately. The print can be a muted shade, and the boots themselves on a flat sole. A wide leg of fashionable boots will not be exaggeratedly wide, and an elegant stud balances the brutality of the current model.

Well, if you are a real brand hunter, then ultrafashionable shoes can be worn straight from the catwalk in everyday life. If the boots are made of material that is not very practical for our weather (textiles, sequins), then leave them to go to a restaurant or a nightclub. But the actual boots with stripes or logo will perfectly fit into everyday wardrobe.

How to wear boots this season?

Consider what to wear with the most relevant, beautiful and acceptable models for our weather in the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season.

Let's start with the boots. Most questions arise when picking high boots and short skirts / dresses. Is it permissible, not vulgar, not old-fashioned? It all depends on the image as a whole. Of course, the lacquet heels and a leather mini skirt are unlikely to have a positive impact on your fashionable reputation. But suede matte shoes and voluminous, albeit short "top", look very modern and not at all vulgar. What else are well equipped boots-boots?

  • Narrow plain jeans.
  • Leather leggings (it is better if the boots are matte suede).
  • Bulky shorts.
  • Midi and maxi skirts.

Outerwear, depending on the style of the kit can be absolutely anyone. In addition to the classic coat, a leather jacket-jacket, a bomber jacket or a short down jacket will do. Soft knitwear, cardigans, oversized sweaters perfectly complement and balance even the most daring boots.

And what about the Cossacks? This characteristic element of a western can be both an accent of a casual look, consisting of jeans (or denim skirt) and a white shirt, or be part of a stylized set. Cossacks well complement the boho image with a long voluminous skirt and a rough knit cardigan. Well, and of course, the western clean water itself: a cropped leather jacket with or without a fringe, a belt with a large buckle, skinny jeans or a cheeky mini. A checkered shirt, as one of the main components of the Wild West style, will also make an ideal party to the Cossacks. The simpler the kit, the brighter and more original the boots can be. Conversely, if you are dressed like a cowgirl from head to toe, then let the Cossacks be black, concise without bright details and eye-catching accents.

If you decide to add the season of autumn-winter 2018-2019 shine sequins or metal - do not deny yourself anything, the main thing is not to wear such shoes in the rain and slush. And for a dry early fall, this original solution is quite suitable. What can you wear with fashion shiny boots? With something definitely not brilliant. The image should be as simple and minimally artsy. Boots with metallic luster perfectly complement a simple monochromatic coat of neutral colors and dark skinny jeans. Knitted dress and voluminous jacket are also able to withstand beautiful active shoes. And no shiny bag! Accessories should not overlap, otherwise you can become a victim, greedy to shine, magpie.

The result is this: even though designers try to surprise and amaze us, but most fashion trends are not difficult to put into practice in everyday life. What, by the way, it is time to start to engage in, to begin to shine already in September!

Choosing a fashion image

Insulated winter boots-boots look great with jeans, which means they can fit the casual look. You can wear such shoes with leggings that can be complemented with an elongated cardigan.

On the catwalks, the models present winter trumpets in knitted and knitted dresses. Silhouette looks more than feminine, but because such an image is perfect for work and for a romantic evening. Stylish look pipe boots with tunics made of pastel shades of textiles.

Such winter footwear is perfectly combined with a tight skirt-case, which is made of woolen fabric and has bright colors. Want to create a spectacular image? Then you should wear a mini-skirt and boots-pipe. A leather leather jacket, a long coat or a raincoat will complement your look. A handbag for such an image is better to choose a small one and in a classic version, it is excellent if it is thrown over the shoulder.

Another option is to wear boots-tubes with lace outfit. Such an image has been repeatedly demonstrated on the catwalks by renowned fashion designers.

Having decided to replenish your wardrobe with such winter shoes made of contrasting materials, you should combine it with tight-fitting trousers, a short jacket and a scarf of dark shades. Then all attention will be attracted to your new clothes - boots, pipes, while the image will be organic and very fashionable. Do not forget also to experiment, to create unique silhouettes that cause admiration.

Buying Trendy Boots

Can't wait to replenish your wardrobe with trendy pipe boots? Then it's time to decide on what colors you buy them. The peak of fashion today is the color of spices. It is universal, which allows you to create a mass of images with such shoes. Leading designers also offer such boots in beige, coral, gray and blue colors. If it is difficult to decide, then the ideal solution would be to buy black boots-pipes. They will suit any of your outfit. If you want to surprise your new clothes, then choose such shoes with embroidery, made of gold or silver thread.