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10 simple tips on how to enjoy life day by day


With age, you rejoice less and less at small things and enjoyable events. Often you catch yourself thinking that life is no longer the same as before, it has lost bright colors and has found many problems and disappointments. Why is this happening? How to maintain a state of peace and celebration in your soul? Before answering these questions, you should understand yourself and try to create a world full of positive emotions out of everyday gray everyday life.

Extremely serious condition can become a depression, knocking out of a rut. How to survive and learn how to enjoy life again will help to understand the material of this article.

Symptoms of depression

Women are much more emotional than men. The symptoms of depression are many, but if there are at least a few of them throughout the month, it is worth thinking seriously. This is the condition that prevents to live fully, and the work and only worsens the general emotional background.

Depression is usually divided by the following manifestations:

  • despair,
  • loss of meaning of life
  • constant feeling of sadness,
  • depressed and sad mood
  • exacerbation of phobias and phobias
  • mood swings,
  • constant emotional stress and expectation of negativity,
  • decrease in self-confidence
  • anxiety and constant fear for the health of loved ones,
  • favorite thing or hobby does not bring joy
  • complete indifference to the world,
  • the fear of making even a minor mistake while doing work.

Experts in the field of psychology make the main emphasis when making a diagnosis, if at least one symptom is present:

  • it is difficult for a person to make an independent decision
  • attend thoughts related to suicide,
  • sense of worthlessness and uselessness
  • feeling of helplessness
  • inhibited thinking
  • the presence of constant thoughts related to anxiety for one’s life and the world at large,
  • inability to focus on the object of attention.

A psychologist needs only a few signs that appear for more than 3 weeks to diagnose a person with depression. This condition is quite insidious, so timely recognition followed by the adoption of measures is necessary when the early signs appear.

How to get rid of depression

Unfortunately, the period when you do not want to do anything and give up is the case with most people. This is an unpleasant condition, like a trap from which to get out is rather difficult. It adversely affects the state of health, current affairs, relations with relatives and close people. And it is necessary to get out of it as quickly as possible.

Following the basic rules, you can understand how to overcome depression and learn to enjoy life:

  1. Understand your experiences and clearly decide what you expect from the future. Initially, it will be difficult to focus on desires, as current problems, troubles at work or in personal life make it difficult to create a positive attitude. Perhaps in those same weekdays, overflowing with complexities, it is worth looking for advantages, due to which problems are solved. Life is fleeting and constantly in full swing. And sometimes we have to accept its rules, the main thing is to see only the best sides in everything. Even if it is difficult to recognize them, it is necessary to search. Only a positive attitude in any business and undertakings can bring success.
  2. Live for today. In constant thoughts of unrealized plans lies a huge loss of energy. To understand how to learn to enjoy the small things of life, such as caring for loved ones, which eventually ceases to be appreciated, you need to notice the warmth and tenderness. And do not dwell on the problems, sooner or later they will be solved, and you risk remaining depressed.
  3. Learn to give love to native people all the time, please with smiles and pleasant words. Such a regime will fill the soul with warmth and act with healing power. And from loved ones and dear to the heart of people will always follow the return, which is also important.

Following the above recommendations, you can easily get out of the negative and start to live a little more colorful. Perhaps, it will turn out to rejoice in those things that until recently seemed commonplace.

A lot of opportunities related to how to learn to enjoy life, the advice of a psychologist provide, and most of them work fine. The main thing is to start acting, and everything will work out!

First tip: always wake up with a smile

Initially, to set the day, you need to learn how to smile and enjoy life. A smile opens a huge stream of positive energy and must certainly become an obligatory ritual upon awakening. Even if many unsolved problems, financial troubles and family misunderstandings have accumulated, look for the strength to remain happy, they definitely are.

We woke up, even with the lack of make-up and disheveled hairstyle, which is not particularly conducive to such an action, we still perform and charge ourselves with a positive mood. Gradually, this approach will develop into a habit, and it will become much easier. A charge of cheerfulness will positively affect the whole current day.

When you go out into the street in the morning, on the way to work, try to smile at passersby, especially for little children, who will answer with bright emotions and will certainly charge you with tenderness and a feeling of inner warmth.

Second tip: love sports

If the place of your work is located not far from home, then refuse transport or personal car. Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air and look around, very often we do not notice the beautiful views around us that have become ordinary.

Walking and physical activity positively affect the release of the hormone of happiness in the body, and pushing in a bus or spending time in traffic jams, each person deprives himself of this unique opportunity.

Choose one day a week and dedicate it to walking through the woods, cycling or evening jogging through the stadium. Let it become a family tradition that will benefit not only you, but also the most beloved people.

Nothing brings so much out of balance as exercises in the gym. If there is no opportunity to attend the complexes, you should devote time to home training, it will not only have a positive effect on your state of mind, but also perfectly tighten your figure. Sport has the ability to rid the head of unnecessary information.

A trip to the mountains or excursions will teach you to enjoy life as children do.

The third tip: always be beautiful

Only a reflection in a mirror that she likes herself can make a woman happy already.

It should start with a change of style, perhaps the wardrobe lacks bright colors, or has long wanted to update some of the things.

Visit the beauty salon. Change the color of the hair cardinally, and if you are afraid of such changes, you can prefer haircuts, botox or lamination.

Spa treatments can not leave anyone indifferent. Plunging into the atmosphere of relaxation and having undergone several wraps or massage procedures, you feel like a completely different person. A woman who understands that you need to love yourself always, and knows how to learn to enjoy life.

Try to fill the interior of the house with exquisite objects of decor. Arrange the candles in the bathroom with an inviting and attractive smell. In the kitchen, it is advisable to use sticks of vanilla or cinnamon, creating a feeling of comfort and warmth. All this has a positive effect on the state of peace.


  1. Tips to forget about depression
  2. How can you forget about depression?
  3. How to learn to enjoy life - 4 easy steps
  4. How to learn to enjoy life every day

Tips to forget about depression

If there is a period in your life when you don’t want to do anything and give up, and for once, but it happens to everyone, you need to start believing in yourself again.

That is why we have prepared a small selection of recommendations on how to learn to enjoy life on the advice of a psychologist.

By following these simple rules, you can get out of bed, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start doing something.

  1. Understand yourself, accept and understand your desires. It is very difficult to learn how to live well, without worrying about anything, when a huge number of problems and family troubles that require quick solutions are pursuing you. Often, all our problems arise only from the fact that the habit has developed to dwell solely on the bad, completely forgetting about the good. Although it is at such moments just need to look for positive aspects.
  2. Live for today. This is very useful, many leave this quality in childhood, constantly trying to make plans and figure everything out a few steps ahead. You should not do that, because if something does not work, sorrow cannot be avoided. Constantly thinking about the future, you lose a huge amount of energy, which does not allow you to enjoy the simple joys of life. Every day, you need to take everything that he has prepared, without being obsessed with the next.
  3. Learn to give. When you wake up in the morning, adjust yourself to the mode of bestowal, so you will be able to feel the joy that lies ahead. For some, this is a kind of creativity, and it manifests itself in its best facets, for example, in caring for loved ones.

The habit of thinking about everything in a negative way invariably leads to depression

Constantly following the tips above, you can make your everyday life a little bit more colorful, while the changes will be felt not only in yourself, but also in the attitude of others to you.

How can you forget about depression?

If you want to say goodbye to depression forever, then we will tell you how to learn to enjoy life and see positive things in everything.

First of all, everyone should be able to smile and give smiles, charge others with positive things in spite of everything, be it moments of parting or ordinary sadness because of a broken soul.

It is the little things that can make both a woman and a man happy, so do not dwell on problems and radiate warmth.

Every day try to find more and more the strength to fight for a positive perception of the situation that has happened.

From it, too, can draw useful conclusions.

Find strength, become more confident and then in difficult times you will be able to resist, find a positive moment, cling to it and not even remember about depression.

It is very important to understand that a good mood is hidden in the details.

Tip: Many scientists argue that exercise helps to forget about the depressive state and at the same time increase the level of endorphin (the hormone of joy) in the blood.

We can not forget about the healthy food that can instantly cheer you up.

They are very useful and energize in minutes.

Among them are bananas, dark chocolate, nuts, seeds. Excellent helpers to get rid of problems, while they are uplifting, setting up exclusively on positive thoughts.

How to learn to enjoy life - 4 simple steps and you will succeed

If you decide to forget about the bad and start to enjoy every day, you need to strictly adhere to the advice of psychologists, learn to find new facets of your personality and not be afraid to show them in everyday life.

Keep an active lifestyle and spend more time with your family.

  1. Start looking for a bit of happiness in every passing minute. The main skill that a person can get is the ability to enjoy life, but for some reason many people abuse it. If you want to master this art perfectly, you just need to start doing what brings you positive emotions. For example, appreciate the work and work that you do, clearly express your opinion. After all, happiness is very close, sometimes it is hidden in the usual smile of a passerby, listening to a favorite song, talking to a friend.
  2. Radically change the opinions and views of others about yourself. It is very easy to do, you just need to start loving yourself. To think only good, praise yourself more, rejoice at even the smallest achievement, make compliments, look after your appearance. If you strictly follow these instructions, the result, changes in yourself will not keep you waiting, and believe, people around you will notice it too.
  3. Do not stop, constantly move towards your goal. You need to decide and clearly set a goal, this should be what you have long wanted, but did not dare to do. Always remember that there are no unreachable peaks. That is what most motivation specialists say. If you can set yourself a bar for which you will constantly strive, while doing everything you need, the result will be noticeable very quickly. In this case, you can do a lot of useful things and tasks that you just would never do. You can also learn how to get out of a variety of uncomfortable situations, while gaining confidence. But you must understand: your goal should not break any aesthetic rule, because we all live in society and should respect each other. If you start to neglect the needs of others, it will not bring you any joy.
  4. Begin to treat everything easier, with a positive. Do not try to constantly monitor every moment of life, it still will not succeed, and the mood will deteriorate. Relax, behave naturally, learn to deal with fear. You just need to find some good even in the worst. Do not laugh with someone else's blunders, help loved ones.

How to learn to enjoy life every day

If you dream of becoming much more confident in yourself, you need not only to think about it, but also to begin to make it happen.

Adjust yourself to the positive

The only thing you need is to start taking the first steps.

Do not focus on the bustle and everyday worries, concentrate on more important matters.

Waking up every day, set yourself up for success. You should try to find the right words and answers to all your questions.

Tip: only we can lower or raise our self-esteem, so you need to constantly work on yourself and not stop at the slightest difficulty.

Happiness will come to someone who is willing to spend on his achievement a lot of effort and time.

See how to learn to enjoy life in the councils of psychologists and selections of thematic video on this topic.

With their help, you can develop your personality more.

Think more often that life, like a swing, then raises you up, then lowers down

Do not cease to please others, become every day easier and more positive, throwing depression into the background.

What you do for your loved ones comes back a hundredfold.

The main thing is not to stop at what has been achieved, always go forward to new achievements.

If, nevertheless, depression has overpowered you, you can use light antidepressants, but not for a long time, and even then only after consulting a specialist.

Believe that you have enough strength to overcome various obstacles and troubles.

So, if you want to expand your knowledge about how to live in harmony with yourself and how to learn to enjoy life, watch the video to expand your horizons.

But remember that you need to eat right, play sports, smile more often.

All these things contribute to a good mood, do not give to go into yourself, and charge a positive and good mood.

The rule of "half an hour"

Sometimes accumulated cases, stress, and especially problems that worry us can lead to obsessive thoughts. All day long, a person can somehow return in his mind to the subject of his anxiety, unwind possible scenarios and because of this panic or upset even more. As a result, everything falls out of the hands, the work does not go well, conflicts with family, relatives, colleagues. It resembles a vicious circle. In such a case, there is one very simple but effective exercise.

Its essence is very simple: you need to set aside for your experiences a certain time every day. The timing of the daily reflection and reflection on the objects of their anxiety - exactly 30 minutes.

Thus, when your thoughts again led you to a troubling problem, you need to realize this moment, pull yourself together and give yourself the setting: "I will think about this problem, but not now." And so - every time during the day you are drawn to the sadness. In the evening, you set an alarm clock for yourself, which will measure exactly half an hour for you to think. It is better at this time to be alone with yourself, to be able to show emotions if necessary. Remember: throughout all 30 minutes you have to think about what worries you, even if at that particular moment you don’t want to. To arrange such a half-hour unloading should be strictly daily without a pass for 1-2 weeks. В течение этого времени вы приучите свой мозг к ясности в течение всего дня и мрачные мысли не будут отравлять вам каждую минуту. За те же полчаса, которые даются на размышления над своей проблемой, вы сможете выплеснуть накопившиеся эмоции и трезво оценить ситуацию, с большой вероятностью найдя выход.

Список приятных событий

It seems to you that nothing good happens around and nothing pleases? Do you focus on minor troubles and it spoils your life? Believe me, everything is not so bad, and you just need to pay more attention to positive incidents.

Get a notebook in a convenient format: beautiful paper or just in a smartphone application. Every evening for two weeks, remember the last day in the details and write down everything you liked on this day.

You will recall many pleasant events - from a delicious cappuccino to a pleasant compliment. These events are fleeting and quickly forgotten, if not to pay attention to them again. If you are prone to negative thinking, just one annoying little thing can overshadow a number of successful coincidences. And when you see a list of your "good" little things that are not getting smaller every day, after a while you will develop the habit of noticing beauty around you and begin to enjoy life again.

“Imagine that ...”

If thinking about a problem does not let you go, it is helpful to do one exercise every morning. From the very beginning of the day, it will give you a positive attitude and lift your spirits.

First thing in the morning, go to the bathroom to wash your face or go to the kitchen to drink coffee, ask yourself one question mentally: how would you behave if you didn’t have a problem that takes all your thoughts? X

Well, think about how your behavior and perception of the world would change. Perhaps you would smile more often. Or told close people more warm words. Or change your wardrobe. Who knows where this thought will lead you!

The main thing in this exercise is the following: having thought up such a “change” for yourself, you need to put it into practice. It doesn't matter if your problem is not solved yet - you should behave as if everything is in order. Important: the exercise must be repeated from day to day for two weeks, daily adding another qualitative “change”. For example, yesterday you smiled at your colleagues, today you bought new clothes, tomorrow you will disassemble the trash in the old closet. You will see how your problems restrain you from making many decisions and prevent you from living and developing. And over time you will learn to adapt to live in full force, without giving all the attention to temporary difficulties!

Try practicing these simple exercises and remember that all problems can be solved by working on yourself. Sigh with relief!

Fourth tip: dream a lot

Create and write down your dreams. They are able to withdraw from the cycle of daily routine.

Only when there are goals and plans, life gives chances for their implementation, and sometimes we simply do not notice them.

You can dream that seems unattainable. On the purchase of a luxury country house, a long vacation in the Maldives, the purchase of amazing foreign cars and more.

It is important to focus on real goals: lose weight by 4-9 kg or do an expensive procedure in a beauty salon. All these achievements fill the routine with small joys.

Compose dreams, they make life interesting and fulfilling.

Fifth Council: Positive Attitude

How to learn positive and enjoy life, when negative thoughts and emotions deprive us of mental equilibrium, we lose strength and are exhausted physically? Sometimes only a positive attitude can help to cope with all the problems in complete peace of mind. From the fact that a person is nervous, it becomes better for no one, the turmoil is not resolved faster and health is not added, rather, on the contrary.

Therefore, it is necessary to solve problems in a positive mood and with a smile on your face. Life is one, and it must be appreciated.

Sixth tip: travel

The constant presence of the two guides "home - work" and the pastime at the TV only drive into the framework of indignation.

Even journeys for close distances can envelop you with an atmosphere of happiness, joy, and help you learn to enjoy life again. How it works? Discovering new places and enjoying the beauty of nature, people are able to be filled with emotions that make you love life and enjoy every day.

If you can go abroad, it’s awesome. New culture, familiarity with other people and beauty will charge with positive energy for a long time, and the memories of the trip will only warm up the positive emotions associated with rest.

Seventh tip: shopping

What could be better than walking around the store with friends. Buying a new stunning set of linen, a delicious perfume, an exquisite pair of shoes or clothes can make everyone feel like a happy person.

In order for shopping to not be accompanied by negative emotions, it is necessary to avoid spending too much. For such cases, try to create a list of desired things in advance so that you do not make thoughtless and unnecessary purchases while shopping.

Well, after a tiring shopping, you can sit in a cafe with friends over a cup of aromatic coffee and emotional conversations.

Eighth tip: the joy in the details

Try to look for happiness in the details, enjoy the good weather, the sun outside the window and beautiful landscapes.

Surround your space with cute things. A beautiful set will make the daily tea-drinking process extraordinary. A painted picture of a child, which can be hung in a prominent place, will warm the soul.

A funny trinket in the form of a key fob on the keys to an apartment or a car is also capable of making a contribution to the excellent perception.

Ninth tip: make a comparison

Many people are very demanding of themselves and have long been looking for a way to learn how to enjoy a simple life. It’s quite difficult to work on yourself. First of all, in such a situation, one should pay attention to other people and analyze the comparison. Most often, others are much worse off, there are those whose problems and life situations can make you cry, but they love to live and continue to do this, despite difficulties and troubles.

Not everyone will like the method of empathy, but in some cases it works quite well.

Tenth tip: do what you love

Only a hobby, passion or favorite work can inspire us to undertake an initiative that can fill our lives with joy and teaches us to give our whole soul, as if the whole mission is being fulfilled. If your current job brings only feelings and disappointments, it may be time to think about changing it. Employment by useful and favorite business improves, fills the person with energy and force for movement forward.

By doing most of the recommendations, you can easily overcome depression and learn to enjoy life every day. And it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Of course, working on yourself is a fairly time-consuming task, but it's worth it. And it should be remembered that each person creates his own happiness with his own hands.

I want to live happily and enjoy life every day

It is important to learn to live here and now.

Often, we are upset by the thought of what happened a long time ago or about what was not yet (and there is no certainty what will happen). We are considering possible options for the development of certain events, fantasizing how we could act to prevent any unpleasant consequences, and the like. Thus, we are not present in the present moment, wandering through the outskirts of the past and the ghostly future. Thus, we deprive ourselves of our present. That is why it is very important to drive such thoughts away. Of course, sometimes it is pleasant to plan a vacation, or think about what interesting gifts can be made close, for example, on the New Year. Such thoughts will not harm your day, but do not let the negative allow your thoughts to occupy you.

Cheer up, no matter what

In order to live happily, it is important to learn to be optimistic. Surely, you noticed that there is a category of people who try not to lose heart, no matter what. And they do it great! At first, many of us are perplexed when looking at such people, but over time we understand that it is much easier to live this way. Sometimes it can be very difficult to find positive aspects in certain situations, but you should always try to do it. If this task seems unbearable to you, adjust yourself to the fact that even if everything is not very bright now, one day it will pass. Unfortunately, life cannot be filled only with joyful events, but they, of course, follow the sorrows. Maybe that's why we eventually learn to appreciate them for real.

Enjoy life in full

Do not postpone life for last. If possible, enjoy your present in full. Perhaps you have a dream that can be fully realized in a short period of time, but do you leave its implementation “until better times”? You can bring these “best times” right now if you do what you really want!

Psychologist's tips: how to find joy in life

Your life will be joyful if the people closest to you will have a reason for joy. It would seem that there is no connection, but this is obvious! It’s very difficult to live happily when your loved ones are not doing well, but if you find a way to improve the lives of others with pleasant surprises, support, help, then you yourself will live easier - at least from the realization that you bring positive emotions to the family, the second half or friends. Undoubtedly, close people will try to answer you the same.

How to overcome depression and enjoy life

It is important to live your life.

Often we fall into depression due to the fact that we are shouldering other people's burdens or living as we are told, and not how we ourselves want. It is not surprising that under such circumstances it is quite difficult to get real pleasure from life. In the meantime, if you learn to distinguish between what you want yourself and what you are being pushed for, then you will undoubtedly be able to find inner harmony. There is nothing wrong with helping another person, but you sincerely have to do it yourself! When a person takes on the burden of not stretching, he often "breaks" under its weight. Do not doom yourself to it! Remember that only filling your life, you can help someone else, but if not, then you need help yourself. Soberly assess your capabilities.

Learn to smile every day

In each day, you can find a reason to smile, if you really want it. A person who has decided to become an optimist is undoubtedly able to enjoy the warm weather outside the window, successfully prepared coffee, a tasty cake, a purring cat, flowering trees, soft snow-white snow, and so on. Learn to notice the beauty around you, and you will have many reasons to smile.

Learn to hammer on all bad things and let go of the past.

Unfortunately, many of us are trapped in the past. Even if everything is fine now, we remember the moments that once hurt us, and we cannot fully enjoy the joys that life gives us today. Subsequently, most often, they understood how foolish they were, not appreciating true happiness, swarming in the events of bygone days. Do not let this insight come after years! Let go of the past right now, and start paying attention to what is happening in your life at the moment. What methods can be used for this?

Thank for the lesson

No matter how hard your past may be, if you still cannot part with it, then most likely it has taught you a lesson. Realize that this was his task - to give you the wisdom that you can use in the future. Nothing happens by chance, so the only thing you can do, letting go of any situation, is to thank her for teaching you something, and this, of course, was the case.

Learn to be happy for other people.

When we begin to sincerely rejoice over other people, luck comes to nm. It is not known how this “boomerang” works, but it really is! A person who lives in envy and disapproval is so immersed in these emotions that he simply misses the moments of joy that fate is trying to give him.

Enjoy the little things and what you have

It is very important to learn to notice and appreciate what we have today, and not to concentrate on something completely foreign — alien or past. So, how to learn to notice all the amenities that surround us life. Many have heard more than once how useful it is, at times, to “disconnect” from problems and direct their consciousness in a completely different direction. Often we just smile, hearing such advice, parrying the fact that there is simply no time for the implementation of all these techniques. Of course, this is our main mistake - time is always there, it’s just that we set priorities incorrectly.

Each person, if desired, will be able to "switch" one event to another. As already emphasized, this will happen only when there really is a desire! To facilitate your own life, first of all, you should think about how you build your “internal dialogue”. Do not allow pessimism in your thoughts, consciously tune yourself into an optimistic mood, cheer when you need it and calm it down. Do not reproach yourself if something does not work!

Learn to be grateful

Often, truly, we begin to appreciate what we had, only when we lose it. Do not allow this to happen to you! Sometimes, we ignore close people, without thinking that one day they will stop communicating with us and they simply will not be there. However, if this does happen, we reconsider our attitude towards them, and begin to regret some of our deeds. In your power to avoid these regrets. Learn to thank dear people in word and deed for being present in your life.

Grow, do not stand in place

If it seems to you that life does not at all please you with truly pleasant and happy moments, then take this task upon yourself! Be the master of your destiny, and do not wait for gifts from the outside - achieve the desired. When you begin to develop in one direction or another, no doubt changes will be made in your life, and it is in your power to make these changes positive. So, in what directions you can develop, so that for you in the end it turned out to be positive results?

Take time to play sports. Even if some of its types are contraindicated to you, this does not mean that everything is forbidden. Surely, there are disciplines in which you could develop. What do you get in the end? If you are really engaged in building your bodies really seriously, in a short time you will at least see an improvement in your appearance. Agree that this can not be a reason to lift the mood. You can also make new acquaintances or simply increase your level of knowledge in a direction that you were not strong in before. Also, do not forget that you are waiting for not only external transformation, but also “internal”. Simply put, if you do everything right, as experts advise, then surely this will add to your health, which is never superfluous.

Of course, a hobby can be not only sporting - you can find a lot of other activities that will have a positive effect on your development and, therefore, will bring you new successes for joy. Think about what you really want to do, and do not delay these plans for last. If you are already interested in what you

like, it is possible that in a year, in parallel with your main occupation, you will be a skillful photographer, a talented programmer, an extraordinary artist, an active snowboarder, an experienced traveler or someone else! Many people think that the question: “Whom do I want to be?” Is actual to ask myself in school years, and to bring these ideas to life in my youth. This is often not the case! Ask yourself this question right now and make a determined attempt to get closer to your goal. Do not deprive yourself of the chance to live as you want.

Ways to cheer up

  1. "We start with a smile." It has long been confirmed that the human body affects the brain and vice versa. Therefore, if in the morning you sincerely smile at yourself in the mirror, whether it is in a bad or good mood, the body will give a signal to produce positive hormones that will play a good role all day, a person will be tuned to an active mood from the very beginning. But do not forget that a backlash can occur if you constantly frown in front of the mirror.
  2. "The forbidden fruit is always sweet." It often happens that this applies more to women, that a person restricts himself in some products, most often it is sweet or junk food, like fried potatoes or fatty meat. As they say, once in a long time, you can. Eat a chocolate bar, drink a cup of your favorite coffee or tea, enjoy a cake or a piece of cake. Also, it would not be superfluous to eat foods that contain “happiness hormone”, for example, strawberries, pineapples, bananas. Not only are they tasty, they are also very healthy.
  3. "Help a friend." Человек по своей сути существо социальное, это потребность, можно сказать, врожденная, она передается на генетическом уровне, поэтому если не удовлетворять потребность в общении, то может настать общее психологическое расстройство, упадок сил и ухудшение физического состояния. Кстати, мужчин могут начать выпадать волосы, а у женщин исчезает половое влечение. В общем, чтобы не допускать такого, просто позвоните или встретьтесь с человеком, с которым вам комфортно и приятно, можно поболтать «о том, о сем и ни о чем».Such easy communication, which is accompanied by a discussion of news and gossip, will be able to distract you from the "heavy" and "important" thoughts that are oppressing your moral state.
  4. "The Goddess of Shopping." Often the question arises, how to cheer up a girl, because they are often so thin and vulnerable, they need support. Almost every woman starts to rejoice, like a child, on hikes through bright and beautiful shops, and if you manage to buy something new, no matter what, the main thing is to like it, then you can assume that the plan for raising your spirits was a success. In general, a hike in shopping centers, boutiques and shops is a special ritual in places from which breathes pleasure and beauty, you don’t even have to buy something, just walk, try on something and look after yourself for the future - this is already a pleasant procedure.
  5. "Sport". Yes, and do not be surprised, exercise perfectly tones not only the body, but also the soul. Choose a lesson for your liking, you should like it and then you will go there with pleasure, who knows what this fleeting passion can grow into. Yoga, Pilates, dancing, gym, strip-plastic or swimming, choose what always attracted you and then, without a doubt, your attention will be transferred from your spiritual experiences to a vigorous and vibrant world around you.
  6. "Hobby". Do not be too long to suffer over what to do to improve the mood of yourself or your friend, because the answer is very close. Each person has a certain list of things that he likes to do, life interests, which, unfortunately, many simply do not have enough time. Highlight certain hours when you know for sure that you can practice your hobby. Everyone has his own, someone reads books, someone is not averse to review the next series, and someone plays the guitar or draws pictures, it does not matter, it is important to find time in such a fleeting life.
  7. "Music". If you are overwhelmed with depressive and intense thoughts, then put your favorite musical composition, it is desirable that it be rhythmic and active, you can even sing along and beat the rhythm, it will help you to relax and forget, and the first tune will be followed by another one, and you will not notice how your sad mood has surely crept up. Psychologists recommend listening to classical music to improve your mood: works by Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven and other musical authors.
  8. "We act!". If your bad mood has a rationale, a specific reason, then you should, as soon as possible, try to solve it. No matter how difficult it is, you can’t wait for a miracle, everyone knows perfectly well that there is a way out of any current situation, it may just be necessary to seek help from family and friends, think carefully, and what you can do on your own to solve this problem. When you begin to act, you can regain confidence in your abilities, and this will definitely lift your spirits.
  9. "A change of scenery". Another effective way that can cheer up a sad person. Make yourself a trip, at least a small one, for example, on a weekend. Immerse yourself in places where you have not yet been, look at the "new world", take pictures and chat with the locals. And for this it is not at all necessary to go to the edge of the world, it is enough to visit the neighboring town or village.

Enjoy life and try to find positive points in everything!

Popular Phobias

  • The fear of death (thanatophobia) is a phobia of a person, expressed in an obsessive one.
  • Fear of failure (athyphobia) is peculiar to each individual, but one person succeeds.
  • The fear of being alone at least once in every life was experienced by each individual. Many people understand.
  • How to learn to live here and now enjoy life?

    Learn to overcome your weaknesses. To achieve the desired, it is necessary to make efforts to form the correct habits, overcome obstacles, and remove by force of will the negative from yourself to which you are used, replacing it with positive. In other words - you should overcome yourself and leave the comfort zone. While the person does not put these efforts, he is forced to exist in the cramped room of his automatism. If you learn how to do all this - you will inevitably become a successful person who knows how to rejoice not only at positive moments in life, but also to share someone else’s happiness, without envy that will multiply joy by the number of your friends and acquaintances.

    How to learn to enjoy life and see positive? For this, all psychologists advise to develop a state of being here and right now, deriving pleasure from it. When you walk in the park - do not soar, thinking about the past or the future, in the clouds, but enjoy the surrounding nature right now, breathe in deeper fresh air, look at the sun, smile at the sky. When you communicate with a good person - feel the pleasure of this communication, start a conversation about something important and pleasant for you, translate the topic in a positive direction. When you eat - feel the taste, enjoy the food. Even when you go to bed - feel like you are lying in a warm apartment, hiding with a soft blanket.

    Develop the habit of seeing always good, thinking about light. It means moving away from scenes of aggression, not watching someone squander money and words while burning their lives, not even entering companies where you get a negative charge. Strive to enjoy the nature around you, harmonious music, bright people, after communication, with whom you have a good mood. Learn to choose creative material for your attention and thoughts, properly configure your own mind filters for this.

    How to learn to enjoy life - the advice of a psychologist

    How we think - so we feel. In a difficult moment helps to reconsider the good that you have. Reconsider also that which you have from the bad, learn to get rid of the unnecessary, both outdated installations and experiences, and things. Activate pleasant memories, take care that your attention is occupied by joyous moments, for which you can hang out your favorite photos from vacation, throw out old furniture associated with a difficult past, and acquire even simple, but comforting you. When a person reconsiders what has become worthless - he realizes that half of everything can be taken out - the territory will be freed, and changes will come to this place. Most often, we ourselves interfere with the changes to come to us. Create a positive environment, and the joy can live with you.

    In order to feel good in relationships - give your partner what good he can think of, set him up for positive moments. For example, write about what good you thought you were enjoying right now - then he will think about your positive. Charge it with light emotions - he will begin to return them to you, multiplying.

    Think as much as possible in images. When all the time we turn on the head - it only hinders. Even a very intelligent person who quotes great truths, but does not let them through his life, turns out to be a divan philosopher, and his reasoning easily turns into criticism of what is happening. It is easy to talk about the bad around, whereas to rise and begin to live life personally in its entirety - and there is a realization of the program that you have chosen for yourself.

    It can be argued that the universe decides everything, but God does not have any other hands, legs, except human ones, it depends on you exactly how you will create life. Moreover, this does not mean that you need to smile through strength, even when it is bad. Give your sincere reaction. However, try your best to program good. We program it when we plant flowers, give birth to children, invest in a better future — we program all the good when we increase it.

    Allow yourself to enjoy the pleasant moments, whether it will be buying exotic fruits, a glass of wine with friends or an unplanned weekend trip. Set aside a small amount of money in case it will be difficult, “spread straws” in order not to get upset at a crisis moment, but be sure that everything is fine with you.

    Pay attention to the truly happy and relaxed people, observe what they do, how they behave. If you find it difficult to enjoy how they are - the roots are most often sought in childhood. The frequent reason is that the child was praised little and demanded a lot from him. As a result, now he, having become an adult, absolutely does not praise himself or others, demanding maximum in the program.

    For example, a child is happy, jumping on a puddle, enjoying even the fact that he smears dirt on himself. Mom approaches, scolds and slaps him. At the body level and at the level of consciousness, an attitude is formed in his mind - he will have to pay for joy. Or, as a child, the child did not know exactly how his parents would behave the next minute; they would scream or rejoice, scold or praise, because in his adult life he seemed to wear armor, is in ongoing protection, can never relax. Naturally, it is difficult for him to experience joy.

    Also, parents convey their beliefs to the child, for example, that if you laugh for a long time, then you will definitely cry. Parental messages are fixed, and the child is waiting for the consequences. How to fix these programs, are there any specific recommendations?

    One of the interesting tips of psychologists is to find your joy in the body. Where she lives? Maybe she is like a sun ball in her chest or warm waves in her stomach. Focus on your feelings. After, when you have found your joy in the body, it needs to be given special attention - to increase it, perhaps it will transform in size, change color, become brighter. Note the time - it takes 5 minutes to shift attention to your joy. This exercise must be done within 21 days. But start with the fact that you do it for 5 days, then take a breather and, when you feel the need again, continue.

    The next way is to start the feeling of joy on the body level so that it will be remembered later in the mind. This exercise will simply make those adults who already have children. But if there are no children, there are still memories of their own childhood. Remember how exactly in childhood you admired some little thing, for example, when your mother bought you ice cream or your favorite candy - what could you buy for yourself now and be happy. Having bought this thing for yourself, stay alone, activate the sensations, as if in childhood you had fun now, and be sure to rejoice just like in childhood, with your body - you can shake hands, jump, shout for joy. Run the body to feel a sense of euphoria and joy through it. Give it to yourself, and then your inner child will be filled with impressions, and it will be easier to enjoy a more complex, adult.

    And the third, simplest and at the same time difficult way is to stop looking down. When we look down we launch negative emotions. When up - we have an emotional lift, a surge of hormones, joy starts even at the physiological level. Looking at the clouds, we see some perspective, we recall pleasant moments, we launch hope for the best and brightest.

    Light from inside

    First of all, you need to learn the main rule: to change the world, you need to start with yourself. Of course, miracles happen, but, most likely, in real life the wizard on a blue helicopter will not fly and will not give five hundred popsicle! One should not expect that one's day the world will color up with all the colors of the rainbow, and long-awaited happiness will come. On the contrary, it is necessary to independently figure out how to learn to enjoy life and find the very light within you that will illuminate all the way, and maybe even become a beacon for others. It is not so easy to make it, but if you really want it, it is very possible!

    If a person reads this article, it means that there is a desire to change something, and this is already half the question! The rest will help expert advice.

    Tip 1. Smile will become brighter

    How to learn to smile and enjoy life? It is not difficult at all. You should start with a simple exercise: in the morning, waking from sleep, look at yourself in the mirror and smile. At first, this smile will be strained and unnatural, but after a while the person himself will not notice how sincerely he smiles to himself and how he rejoices at each new day. To make the process faster, it is worth every time, looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning, to note something good or fun. For example: what neat cute ears, what wonderful tattered curls, how bald in the sun ridiculously, what a marvelous eye shape. To understand how to learn to enjoy life, you must first love yourself.

    Exercise number two: smile to your family and friends, colleagues and neighbors, sellers in the store and the bus driver, etc. Of course, it will be unusual at once, but not at all difficult. What is impossible in that the phrase “one ticket, please” or “good morning, Ivan Ivanovich” brighten up with a smile? Almost immediately, people instinctively smile in response, and so simple uncomplicated communication gives positive emotions and fills life with joy. And if someone did not smile back, so do not worry, and do not pay attention to it.

    Tip 2. Movement - life!

    Sports and exercise are the best way to learn how to enjoy life. The advice of all specialists necessarily contain this item. Why? Everything is very simple. When playing sports in the body endorphin is secreted. This hormone is also called the "hormone of happiness." Thanks to this wonderful substance, a person feels more invigorated and more active, and how not to rejoice, having experienced a surge of strength and energy? If you can not go to the gym, it does not matter. You can go for a run at the nearest school stadium or fill several empty plastic bottles with water and use them at home as dumbbells, children's sledges will do an excellent job with the role of a sports steppe. Training programs and classes are freely available in large quantities, so it’s easy to choose them individually, taking into account physical abilities and needs.

    Tip 3. Beauty will save the world

    A very good way to overcome depression and learn to enjoy life is to add something new and beautiful to life. This may be a new haircut or hair color, accessories or clothing style, fashionable pleasant aroma or the color of nail polish. Changes in appearance make you feel more confident, and according to the laws of human nature, it immediately attracts the attention of the opposite sex, which, in turn, will bring a good mood and a sea of ​​pleasure. Especially well this advice is suitable for those who have a loss of interest in life caused by unhappy love or rupture of relationships. Moreover, this method is relevant not only for women. Of course, it’s not like a man to paint his nails with red lacquer, but to replace a well-worn sweater with a shirt and jacket under the strength of any member of the stronger sex. The effect of such changes will also be amazing!

    If appearance is perfect and there is nothing to change, and there is still no joy in life, then you can add beauty around you. For example, to make repairs in the apartment. Or at least just change the wallpaper to a beautiful and bright. There is no opportunity for such a radical change? Then you can purchase a small flowering plant and put it in a prominent place. A beautiful flower is sure to make you smile and rejoice.

    And do not forget about the beauty of Mother Nature. If you can, you should go out of town and enjoy the silence of the winter forest or the smells of a summer meadow. Just do not forget about the most important rule - the light inside a person, so negative thoughts need to be driven away, and positive ones must be developed, thereby developing joy in oneself.

    Tip 4. Dreaming is not harmful

    Dreaming can and should be at any age and about anything. After all, this is exactly the case when you can not limit yourself in anything. You can dream about family, about children, about your home, about traveling, about large purchases, about good work, about a great inheritance. Yes, about anything, as long as the dreams were extremely positive. No idea what will happen if a war or flood happens! Such thoughts immediately need to be discarded, because dreams, as you know, come true! Only you need to dream with all the fantasy and dedication that only a person is capable of. Close your eyes and imagine the object of your dreams, enjoy the moment and get joy from it. And then think carefully about what needs to be done to make this happiness a reality. And proceed to action! Perhaps this is how the path to happiness and joy will be paved for many years.

    Tip 5. More active, comrades!

    How to learn to enjoy life, sitting sluggishly on the couch watching television? No way! First you need to tear your fifth point from the soft haven and look around. There are so many interesting things in the world! No opportunity, money, time - it's all excuses. An active lifestyle does not mean spending a lot of money and time. Это могут быть прогулки в парке или общение с друзьями на природе, участие в группах единомышленников или посещение выступлений местных драматических кружков, рыбалка или занятия танцами в группе «Для тех, кому за…» и многое-многое другое. Главное, выключить завораживающий телевизор с его угрюмыми новостями и депрессивными передачами и занять каждую минутку своей жизни положительными мыслями о чем-то приятном. Когда человек активно принимает участие в социальной и культурной жизни даже маленького городка, у него просто не остается времени, чтобы грустить.

    And, of course, traveling is a great active pastime. If possible, it is worth going to distant countries and imbued with the culture and customs of different nations. And you can become an active tourist and explore all the sights of your native land, where you can get on foot or by train with a backpack on your back.

    Tip 6. Shopping

    Another good way to learn how to live and enjoy life is shopping. This does not mean that you need to urgently take all your savings or borrow money on the security of an apartment and go squander everything in the nearest boutique. Of course, this is also possible, but the consequences of such a campaign can even more drive into a dead end. This business must be approached wisely.

    First, set yourself up for this purpose, for example, one day a week or a month, tune in to a positive and go shopping and shopping. At the same time, it is necessary to apply Council No. 1 (smile to sellers) and Council No. 5 (take an active stroll).

    Secondly, if there is no money for grandiose purchases, then you can go shopping for any small things, for example, for women it can be hairpins for hair, and for men - screwdrivers.

    Thirdly, the task of shopping in this case is not the acquisition of a large number of new things, but rather a distraction from negative thoughts, active movements (it is better to move on foot rather than by car), and communicate with new strangers.

    Tip 7. Everything is relative

    How to learn to enjoy life again, if something very bad has happened, and it seems that the light has gone out forever? First of all, look around and compare your position and yourself with those who are even worse. There are many people around whose problems and losses cannot be described without tears, but nevertheless many of them find the strength not only to live further, but also to enjoy life. It is worth thinking about those people who suffered great losses, who do not have health, who live on the street and not every day can eat. The way, maybe, to someone will seem horrible, but it is effective.

    Tip 8. Welcome back a hundredfold

    If you don’t like walking, traveling, playing sports or shopping, then how to learn to enjoy life? There are tips for every person! So, another great way to regain the feeling of fullness of life and joy is to help other people. You can become a volunteer in a charitable organization and help the sick. Or take care, for example, of old women from their home, take patronage over them and help with the housework. Or hand out food to the homeless once a week. Or find out what help is required in orphanages, and take feasible participation. In general, there are a lot of sick and deprived people around, therefore there are a lot of options for helping others.

    How does this help? Very simple! First, Council No. 7 will automatically work, and in comparison, many problems will seem far-fetched and frivolous. Secondly, sincere gratitude and grateful smiles of those who have been helped will bring satisfaction and will give joy.

    Tip 9. Nice little things

    It is imperative in life to learn how to enjoy simple things. It is impossible to estimate that the sun shines brightly or the snow on the trees is white-white? We apply advice number 7. Someone is blind and will never be able to see either the sun or snow, so seeing is already a great joy! There is a simple exercise to make sure of this: blindfold with a thick cloth and try to live at least one hour of time, without seeing anything. Taking off the blindfold, you will surely feel a state of relief and joy from such a simple everyday thing - to see everything around.

    Another option is to surround yourself with lovely heart and meaningful trifles. Put on the desktop a picture drawn by the little boy in kindergarten. Or get a tea set “for a special occasion” from a cupboard and drink tea from it every day. Or buy this funny pendant in the form of a hippopotamus in a store around the corner and wear it, despite the suspicious looks of colleagues. The main thing is that a simple object delivers joy and gives positive emotions.

    Tip 10. Patience and a little effort

    How to overcome depression and learn to enjoy life? Another easy way is to work! To occupy your hands and thoughts is a useful thing. This may be a permanent job with a full schedule and a specialty, and classes for the soul or active work for the benefit of society and the country. For example, devote yourself to accounting and build a good career. Or knit for the whole family sweaters, hats and mittens for all winter ahead. Or become an active member of a political party and promote ideas to the people. In general, the main thing is to do something, and then there will be neither time nor energy for sadness and despondency, and the joy from the achieved success will come by itself.

    Special cases

    How to learn to re-enjoy the life of those who have experienced the loss of a loved one? If the case is not particularly difficult, then you should try all or separately taken, the tips given above. You can also join groups and chat with those who have experienced similar troubles. However, there are cases when a real psychologist cannot do without, and self-medication can only harm. Do not be afraid to seek help from a specialist, because mental illness - these are the same ills as physical. Help not rendered in time can lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, if you can not cope with the trouble yourself, it is necessary to urgently make an appointment with a qualified specialist.


    So how to learn to enjoy life? The advice of a psychologist listed above is not the whole list. These are only indications of the directions in which you should move in search of your individual effective method. The main thing is to want to be happy and enjoy life, not to wait for the weather from the sea, but to act and look for problems and their solutions inside you, not among others. And then everything will work out.


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