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12 interesting places in Karelia, where you can go already this weekend


Karelia is beautiful in any season - every season opens new facets of the beauty of this republic. Here come those who are tired of sightseeing tours in Europe and beach holidays. Karelia is chosen for the opportunity to be alone with nature, go fishing or learn extreme sports. What are the most popular vacation spots in Karelia and what are they ready to offer?

Rest on islands, lakes and rivers in Karelia

Rest in Karelia for many residents of Russia has become the first step towards rapprochement with wildlife. More and more people go on tours or independent trips to explore this wonderful land and enjoy its natural resources, explore the unique history and spend time in places with perfect ecology. It should be noted that the attractiveness of Karelia is such that many tourists first bought clothes for hunting and fishing or active recreation just before going to Karelia. Subsequently, most of those who have been in these parts come back here again and again.

One more largest lake of Karelia, Onega - a place that attracts with its harsh, but enchanting nature. Fishing lovers come here to "hunt" for more than 50 species of fish. No less impressions get mushroom pickers and hunters.

Mount Sampo

Few people know that 40 km from Petrozavodsk there is an amazing observation platform on Sampo Mountain. The view from there is breathtaking, and climbing on it is not for long. It used to be that people, having climbed this mountain and spoke out their desire loudly, would surely wait for its fulfillment. The entrance to the mountain is free. The main thing is not to drive past the mountain. It is better to grab a map or a navigator with you and navigate through them.

Marcial Waters

After visiting Mount Sampo, you should continue the journey and get to the Martsialny Vody Museum-Reserve. There you will find four wells, a source of medicinal mineral waters. Voditsa, to put it mildly, the taste is not lemonade, but they promise that it will cure any diseases. Water is worth drinking from the tube, so as not to harm the enamel of the teeth. It’s better not to take a lot of water with you - after a short time it loses its healing properties. You can drink water for free.

Zoo in Black Stones

Another zoo, which is located near the town of Sortavala, is a zoo at the “Black Stones” tourist center. Noble and spotted deer, roe deer, guanaco, wild boars, llamas, alpacas, Schetlen ponies, domestic yaks, mouflons, deer, fallow deer, curly pigs, Nubian and dwarf goats, ponies, various sheep and many other interesting species can be found there. Ticket price - 150 rubles.

Recreation in Karelia

The easiest way. But the most expensive. On the Internet, a lot of offers to remove houses or cottages in Karelia, private rooms in large hotel complexes. Consider that in summer prices in Karelia are even higher in some places than on the Black Sea.

We got acquainted with Karelia in 2008, when we decided to rest not in the familiar South of Russia, but in the North. We worked out the route for a long time, searched for a suitable base for a long time and finally found it. The recreation center "Beach" on the Syamozero (the one on which the terrible tragedy occurred in this 2016). What to do there? Fishing, swimming on the Syamozero (sandy beach, invigorating water), walking in the forest for mushrooms and berries, sauna, just relax in nature in good conditions and get distracted.

In the summer of 2016, a two-room suite for four will cost about 5,000 rubles per dayThe price includes breakfast.

Accommodation in the area of ​​Syamozero is convenient if you want to relax in Karelia with a cultural program. Right (look at the map) 50 kilometers Petrozavodsk, a beautiful city, the capital, the embankment of Lake Onega, a wonderful museum of local lore. There are enough hotels on Ostrovka and Bucking, we stayed at the hotel-ship afloat. From Petrozavodsk you can go to the museum-reserve Kizhi, a unique historical and cultural natural complex under the open sky.

To the left of the Syamozero is Sortavala (in 2008, local residents advised to go through Petrozavodsk, and not through Suojärvi - 100 km more, but the road is excellent). Quiet calm town, felt the influence of Finnish culture, from here you can go on Balaam. Also we stopped here for two days with an overnight stay in a hotel.

Keep in mind that if you want to rest in Karelia at the recreation center or rent a house / cottage, it will be more convenient to travel by car. But, honestly, after a single experience of accommodation at the recreation center, we are unlikely to repeat it in the near future. Let's count. A week for two without power will be about 15,000 rubles. For this money you can buy an excellent tent, two skins and two sleeping bags. For the next campaign to spend money and buy self-inflating mats, mattresses, and then comfortable living conditions in nature are guaranteed, and you do not depend on anyone!

The cost of rest in houses and cottages in Karelia in the summer of 2017

Prices for "civilized" rest in houses and cottages as of summer of 2017 You can clarify in the diary of a trip to Ladoga skerries Karelia-2017 (Tiurula, Kilpola, Murolahti).

For example, the cost of placing a company of 11 people in a huge cottage based on Boyarinov Dvor was 10,000 rubles on weekdays and 12,000 rubles on weekends. And rent a cozy house for 4-6 people at the recreation center "Kanapelka" - 5000 rubles per day. Without power. It turns out that annual inflation is minimal.

The cost of rest in houses in Karelia 2018

In August 2018, we visited Petrozavodsk near the Verkhovye recreation center. Details of the rest - in a separate review Hotel Verkhovye, 20 km from Petrozavodsk: they love to meet guests here.

The cost of family accommodation (two adults and one child) in a separate house with a veranda was 3500 rubles per day. The cost of food - about 1000 rubles per day for three.

10 Guest Complex "Seasons"

Opens the ranking of the best recreation centers complex "Seasons", which settled in the Karelian wilderness. The nearest settlements are located tens of kilometers from the houses, there are no highways, with the exception of a small driveway to the place. The owners of the base did everything to ensure a peaceful rest in silence: the guests enjoy the view of the islands in the middle of the lake, bathe in clear water, walk along the paths in the forest and arrange picnics. Activities are not provided, then they seem superfluous. Guests of the Seasons do not make noise and do not disturb others. The cafe with panoramic windows and lake views serves local and Russian dishes.

Seasons is one of the few recreation centers with a heated indoor pool. It is located in a spacious room with huge windows and views of the pines. The staff is ready to help organize fishing and suggest trails for hiking. The database has excellent reviews on booking sites, residents enjoy contemplative rest and comfortable homes. Of the downsides, there are problems with water, since the water heaters in the rooms, it becomes completely dark outside during the winter nights, the lighting is not installed. They also talk about modest breakfasts, but there is no other choice - the nearest restaurant is a few dozen kilometers away.

9 Tourist center "Rainbow"

We could not but add Karelian Raduga to the rating, since only here you can find a huge amount of demi-season entertainment on the shore of a sandy beach, in a pine forest and in the fresh air. The territory has a large sports club with a rope park, professional instructors, a picnic, football, basketball and volleyball fields, a bonfire area and an active program for families with children. At any time, you can rent sports equipment, badminton and bicycles. It is impossible not to mention a large area for camping, which is kept clean. In winter, Rainbow offers cheesecakes, sleds, ice-boats and snowshoes. Only in cold weather, guests can use an air-cushion ride on the ice of a large lake.

Having played enough in the park and rolling off the slide, the tenants sign up for tours of the main sights of Karelia. Most routes take a whole day, it is recommended to stock up on warm clothing (in winter) and food. There were also minuses at the recreation center: the sauna should be ordered much in advance, otherwise it will not have time to warm up. In large homes, one shower, bath accessories for the company may not be enough. Sometimes you have to remind you to remove the number.

8 Inzhunavolok

The recreation center Inzhunavolok is located on the shores of a picturesque lake in the middle of a pine forest, offering guests a modern winter and summer holiday by the clear water and sandy beach. The most active tourists will enjoy the time from May to September: in these months you can rent fishing equipment, take a boat and go fishing on one of their forest lakes. In summer, a huntsman works at the base, which organizes and conducts hunting for ducks, black grouses, moose and even a bear. Inzhunavolok arranged its own sandy beach with a large barbecue area and a Russian bath. Periodically, local concert groups come to the recreation center and entertain guests, conduct master classes and teach local crafts.

The company does not offer excursions or any entertainment in the winter (except fishing), and can only organize hunting for animals. The main objective of the base is a quiet holiday of tourists with little entertainment, it is not designed for activity. However, Inzhunavolok copes with its goals perfectly: high-class service, modern houses, clean area, crystal water and amazing air will not leave indifferent a single resident of the city. Of the downsides, guests note the problematic passage to the base and the rainy Karelian summer, which makes it difficult to fish and pick berries.

7 Hotel Kalevala

Hotel Kalevala welcomes guests at any time of the year, but it can offer the best rest in winter. On the territory, all amenities are designed to relax in the heat after a cold day: in-room fireplaces, several types of baths, national refreshing drinks, an indoor heated pool and a separate heated karaoke room. In the evenings there are concerts and performances. In winter, there is a heated gazebo with barbecue, which is closed from the cold winds. All equipment for a picnic in the snow-covered forest is provided free of charge. The restaurant serves delicious breakfast and lunch, dinner needs to be ordered separately.

To prevent guests from getting bored at the base, Kalevala organizes outbound tours of the sights of Karelia. Most of them take several days and include camping in tents on the lakeside and songs with a guitar. The firm offers to visit the resort Marcial waters, founded in the 18th century, to go to the Kivach waterfall and explore the oldest wooden churches in Russia. Guests warn that WiFi is only available at the reception, and that is not always the case. Residents recommend driving or ordering additional excursions in the summer, as there is no usual entertainment in the area.

6 Tourist complex "Karjala Park"

Karjala Park is the only place in the region aimed at active recreation and entertainment. Due to the uniqueness and high ratings, we gave the base a place in the ranking. The company has organized a huge number of excursions that begin right in the houses of the guests: the opportunity to ride dog sleds and play with the Huskies, take part in rafting on rapacious rivers, practice riding quadrocycles on rough terrain, and this is not even a third of the list. In winter, there is less entertainment, but there is also something to do: ride a snowmobile (and even get to Kizhi Island), learn ice fishing and see deer in a large nursery.

Guests celebrate the thoughtful organization of rest. The rooms have modern equipment, the restaurant offers free breakfasts, then serves European and Karelian menus. Karjala Park is one of the few in the region where excellent WiFi operates and there are no communication problems. Separate reviews deserved friendly staff, always ready to help. The downside is that tenants attribute overpriced entertainment and old tourist camps around the recreation center, which spoil the landscape a bit.

5 Cottage complex "Umostu"

Umostu is the only one on the list that is located on the Karelian Peninsula, combining the best elements of water and forest recreation. Visitors are invited to search for mushrooms and berries in the forest, fishing for fish from the lake and kayaking and boating. There is a spacious Russian bathhouse on the territory, even a large company will be comfortable. The base staff is ready to help organize excursions to Karelian attractions, show forest routes and suggest local entertainment. Umoost hosts snowmobiles, jeeps and quad bikes, and in summer there is the Adventure Week program, during which guests will try all the Karelian activities.

Residents speak well about the territory of the recreation center, noting its purity and a huge amount of greenery. Fishermen praise fishing, many people liked to pick mushrooms and berries. Residents warned that there is no Internet at the recreation center or in neighboring villages. Communication is in good weather, during thunderstorms and rains, it disappears. To the disadvantages of the guests carried the opportunity to cook and have a picnic in a strictly designated place, on the lakeside or on the beach, it is prohibited to kindle fires. For lovers of active recreation, there is nothing to offer, it does not focus on entertainment.

4 Country complex of apartments "Silver Onega"

Silver Onega takes the honorable 4th place due to small wooden houses in the heart of the ancient forest, where the noise of the roads and villages does not reach. This recreation center is designed for small companies and families with small children who have escaped from the city rush into the silence of Karelia. Inside the houses installed modern equipment, a terrace, a fireplace, a TV and WiFi. Although Silver Onega does not have a lot of active entertainment, but it offers rental of rowing boats, catamarans, sledges and skis. On the territory there is a small Russian bath for 6 people, which is valid until 10 pm. Just 2 kilometers away there is a stable where you can go with your whole family and get acquainted with horses and other animals.

Residents of the base are advised to try Karelian fishing on a catamaran. Although the cost of rent in Onega Silver is somewhat overestimated, these sensations cannot be experienced in other Russian regions. The staff does not cause complaints from the guests, who note their willingness to help and answer questions. There were also disadvantages here: all the bedrooms in the houses are on the second floor, to which a very steep staircase leads. In winter, there is really nothing to do for those who do not like fishing and skiing. There is no entertainment for children on site, and the nearest sights are many kilometers along a dirt road.

3 black stones

Opens the top three best base "Black Stones", has developed a diverse summer vacation and preserved an atmosphere of calm and comfort. The full potential of this place is revealed in the warm season, since only from May to September you can rent water transport and get to the sights by water. A distinctive feature is the ability to fish with a professional fisherman or to hunt for a boar and deer with a local huntsman. Black stones are one of the few places in Karelia with an indoor pool and a large sports center for children and adults. Having walked in the middle of the forest and tasted traditional entertainment and cuisine, the guests go to the sauna complex and go for evening fishing. Karelian summer night is as bright as day, so many entertainment work around the clock.

Guests write positive reviews about the possibility to rent equipment and vehicles for active summer and winter holidays. There is always something to do at the base: ride bicycles (including water bikes!), Cheesecake, jet ski, speed boat or snowmobile, take skates, rowing boat or sleigh, and this is not the whole list. Separately noted well-groomed territory and polite staff, especially the waiters in the restaurant with European and national cuisine. Of the disadvantages emit scant free breakfast and a weak pressure of water in the shower.

2 Country recreation center "Uya"

The worthy second place was taken by "Oi", one of the first to appear in Karelia and to fence off the best place for fishing and quiet rest. The base is located in a picturesque forest area on the shore of a lake rich in perch and bream. In this case, the city is relatively close, at any time you can return to civilization. All the houses are made of Karelian pine, inside are presented the amenities needed by modern man. On the protected area there is a clean sandy beach, a football field and a small playground. Baths, cafes and barbeque houses work at any time of the year.

Visitors celebrate the opportunity to book excursions directly from the house, including the famous Kizhi Island. Летом жильцам бесплатно предоставляются бадминтон, мячи, иногда доступно снаряжение для лазертага. Зимой гости арендуют снегоходы и могут взять все необходимое для рыбалки. У базы много положительных отзывов, наиболее часто отмечают окружающую природу и летний отдых. Вежливый персонал и ресторанная еда заслужили дополнительных похвал.It was not without flaws: in the winter for children there is no entertainment, they can become bored. Food is required to order in advance in the restaurant or to cook independently.

1 Denisov Cape

The first among the best was Denisov Cape, located far from cities and towns, among a birch forest, right on the lake. Here, tourists will find everything they go to Karelia for: singing birds, clean air, the smell of wood, fresh fish, mushrooms and berries. Even the most active residents will not have time to get bored: there is a shooting range, billiards, tennis on the territory, you can play board games. In the summer it is recommended to go to the forest for mushrooms and berries, and in the winter to catch fish from under the ice and cook it on the grill. When the lake is covered with ice, the owners of the recreation center organize hockey, drive guests along the ski routes and learn to ride snowmobiles. For children poured a large slide and offered to rent cheesecakes for rent.

The base has a lot of positive reviews on popular booking sites. Special attention was given to the games of laser tag and paintball, as well as the rope town. High marks were obtained by a clean beach with a convenient approach and a pier from which you can jump into the water. The restaurant has earned individual accolades - the prices on the menu are much cheaper than in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and the food is delicious, the choice includes not only familiar, but also national Karelian dishes. Of course, there are certain disadvantages even in the best base: in some rooms there are no refrigerators, in the summer it becomes stuffy inside.

Geographical position

Every self-respecting tourist should be familiar with the geographical features of the region before traveling. And they are very interesting. For example, did you know that there are amazing amounts of water resources in the region? The rivers are twenty-seven thousand, the lakes are over sixty thousand, and the northeast of the republic is washed by the waters of the White Sea.

“The Land of Forests and Lakes” is about Karelia. In addition to other areas of the country, the state of Finland borders on it, forming a single natural ensemble with parks and reserves. Two hundred thousand square kilometers live seven hundred thousand population, and, according to statistics, there is one lake for eleven people. Where else can you find such a special place in the country?

More than ten cities and less than forty settlements are located on the territory of the republic with the capital in Petrozavodsk. In addition to them, there are a large number of bases, cottage settlements, ready to receive tourists with hunters and fishermen at any time of the year.

Travelers of local lore attracts the variability of the northern nature of the region, from granite rocks with boulders to green meadows, from pine forests to mirror-clear lakes, from which you can drink water without fear. A relatively small republic can boast of three national parks and two reserves.

And even a cold climate with a short rainy summer and long winter with abundant snow is not a hindrance to traveling in this unusual and exciting region of our country.

Climate conditions and related entertainment

Greater tourist influx is peculiar to the summer period, when the long-awaited summer comes. It is usually cool and rainy, with temperatures varying from fifteen degrees of heat in June to thirty in July.

On hot days it is pleasant to swim in the clear waters of rivers and lakes, with clear water. And, of course, to engage in water tourism and sports. Inventory can always be rented in tourist centers and from local residents living on the banks of reservoirs.

July is the time of ripening of wild berries. Here you can enthusiastically wander among greenery, breathe in fresh air and gather in abundance the familiar raspberries, exotic cloudberries and the most delicious and useful blueberries.

And these white nights? Magic! It is possible to absorb the beauty of Karelia for days. August is cooler, with temperatures up to twenty degrees Celsius on separate days, which does not interfere at all with perfect fishing and hunting for waterfowl.

September is the month of mushroom pickers. In Karelia, an abundance of mushrooms and mega-berries, such as lingonberries and cranberries. This is a real paradise for fans of fried potatoes with mushrooms, who can, of course, distinguish a good mushroom from a poisonous one.

The average winter temperature is minus fifteen degrees and there is always a lot of snow, which allows you to make ski trips, with enthusiasm to descend from the hills on a sled. You can rent snowmobiles and ride reindeer.

In winter, hunting and fishing are not stopped, but with extreme sports. But with a good outfit and the presence of experience - this is a very interesting pastime.

Flora with fauna

Do not forget to take a camera with you, because you will not find a more beautiful nature anywhere else. You can endlessly admire the unique views of the mountains, pine forests and water surface. Collect willow-tea in the meadows, wander among the piles of boulders, fantasizing. Gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, reflected in the crystal water.

Since there are swamps in a large part of the region (thirty percent), this is not only the joy of gathering cloudberries, but also the annoying midges that appear after the snow has disappeared.

Great forests (sixty-five percent) with a predominance of pine, a variety of mushrooms and many ripe berries - cranberries, lingonberries, blueberries.

Karelia is a nesting place for a large number of birds - black grouses, wood grouses, eider. Here you can meet hares and martens, foxes and wolves. Among the larger representatives of the animal world, it is worth mentioning the northern elk and the forest brown bear.

The cool climate is favorable for fish farming. You may be lucky enough to catch a predatory pike, which has a special delicate taste, thanks to a diet consisting of grayling and whitefish. You will not taste such pike anywhere else!

In lakes and rivers there are a lot of prickly ruff, thick pike perch and slow burbot, perch with ide, bream with roach. You can catch some delicious lake trout. Not an edge, but a storehouse of natural wonders.

How to get to the wonderful edge?

By rail from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk, and then to any corner of the region. Romantic sea voyage along the major rivers of Karelia and the largest lakes - Onega and Ladoga to the desired place. The most exotic holiday in the settlements of lumberjacks and wood raiders, which can be reached by specially developing a route.

Travel Tips

Well, in Karelia? We are waiting for white nights and lakes in summer, ski slopes and hunting in winter. The region has all the amenities for outdoor activities - specially laid routes through the forests, ponds for successful fishing are stocked, boats for long journeys through water resources are rented, equipment and inventory are always available at the bases.

You can improve your health not only by breathing in the ecologically clean air of the republic, but also with the help of healing water from mineral springs. Not only active recreation can offer an amazing edge. There is something to see guests of Karelia, rich in attractions.

  1. Go to the museum, located in the last house of the village with the remarkable name "Palaces". He enters the museum complex of the Marcial Waters resort, founded under Peter the Great, and proudly bears the title of the first Russian resort. By the way, at the present time there are sanatoriums and health clinics in the region, which can be noted. And yet, only here, in Karelia, you can purchase unique mineral cosmetics. Its main component is the mineral shungite, which is not found anywhere else.
  2. Of course, you will not forget about the masterpieces of wooden architecture located on the island of Kizhi. This name is widely known, because so many well-preserved architectural monuments - churches and churches, temples and monasteries, chapels and bell towers, are only in the unique reserve of the same name. In the open-air museum, pay special attention to the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is enormous in size, antiquity and the production technology "without a nail".
  3. Valaamsky archipelago in the waters of Lake Ladoga, covered with legends and secrets of the past, will make an unforgettable impression on you. Pay special attention to the Transfiguration Cathedral, located on the mountain complex of Valaam. This is a magnificent and inspiring sight.
  4. A visit to the Paanajärvi National Park will delight you with views of high rocks and waterfalls, wonderful landscapes and the lake of the same name in rocky faults.
  5. In the mountain park of Ruskeala - a historical and natural monument, you can not only admire the Marble Canyon, but also explore the flooded old mines, traveling by boat through artificial caves, where marble has been mined for three centuries in a row.
  6. If you want to visit Karelia in the winter for a close acquaintance with the ski slopes, visit the ski resorts in Spasskaya Guba, Jalgor. Here is the expanse for beginners and professionals. Excellent service and great views made the resorts a tourist attraction in the region.
  7. With lovers of archeology, Karelia is ready to share petroglyphs and stone labyrinths on the Solovetsky Islands and the Krasnaya Luda peninsula.
  8. In the reserves Kostomukshsky and Kivach you can wander along ecological paths, admiring the local beauty, and expand your horizons in biology. Personally to see the waterfall competing in size with the European ones - Kivach on the Suna River.

For lovers of the festivities, too, there is an offer. Every year, avid fishermen attend a fun festival, where at one of the Karelian lakes, Yanisyarvi, they compete in catching predatory fish species. Here are the bards going. Fresh fish soup with a bard song - “the very thing” for a real romantic!

My general recommendations for visiting Karelia

- Take protection against mosquitoes and ticks. Anticipating questions, I will add: no, there are no more bloodsuckers here than anywhere else. I did not notice this! Of course, the more we delve into the forests, the more there are, but I repeat, they are also here, as elsewhere. And in some places listed above they were not observed at all. But you can take the funds, it will be calmer.

- If you travel by a savage and go to places far from residential areas and / or into forests (from my list, Impiniyemi, Koyonsaari, Ladoga skerries and Lynx Mountain can be attributed to them) it is always better to have scare away wild animals. 😯 Just in case. This may be, for example, false lights. To us bears-lynx-boars, thank God, have not met yet. And we are afraid of them. But as they say, to fear wolves is not to go to the forest. And we want to walk!)

- In all popular tourist places it is really best to come to the very discovery, as long as there are no people.

- Take paper cards. Sometimes phones fail or buggy and incorrectly show geolocation. We have several such cards. Maps of Karelia exist.

- Take a memory card in the camera more and clean the phone in advance) Because here you can take a picture without end, especially if this is your first time.

To be continued. Stay with me!