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Famous size plus models


Fashion is a capricious girl, she manages to touch on every aspect of human life, be it a dress or a shawl, home furniture or a houseplant.

Everything is subject to its quirks, including the female figure: once upon a time, men wouldn’t even look at flat and anorexic girls like those that are walking on world catwalks, finding it at least uninteresting, and at most ugly.

Each century makes its own adjustments and, if in the early 2000s, plus-size girls could not even dream of a model future, today the situation has changed a lot.

Lush forms and very feminine hips more and more often inspire young and sometimes experienced eminent fashion designers. The annoying “hangers” are increasingly being replaced by juicy and mouth-watering plus-sized beauties who are ready to prove that they are no worse than, and in some ways, better, their skinny colleagues.

At the moment, there are large model agencies with which a large number of plus-size models cooperate and, I would like to note, these girls are in great demand and have already gained considerable popularity in their circles. Today we will talk about the most famous among them.

1. Whitney Thompson.

To a large extent, this blonde beauty is known for winning first place in the 10th season of the popular show “Top Model in American”. She confidently furnished all her slim and “standard” rivals for two accounts, after which she received a contract with the famous model agency Elite Model.

Today, the model continues to actively appear in advertising: represents the Diana Warner jewelry collection, is the face of many brands of clothing and accessories, represents a dental company, and is also actively removed for the covers of popular glossy publications.

The girl spends a lot of time talking to other young persons about a healthy body and nutrition, and is also a representative of the Nutritional Behavior Disorders.

2. Tokkara Jones.

Another participant of the show “Top Model in American”, which, in spite of its “plus” volumes, remained a model of the week for a long time and was a serious competitor to its rivals. Unfortunately, in the show Tokkara failed to win, but this is not the main thing, because she was able to prove that beauty is not only world standards, which are expressed in blue eyes, light skin and parameters “90-60-90”.

After the show, Tokkara was spotted by one of the model agencies that work with plus-size models, after which she began to appear on the covers of popular fashion magazines, participate in fashion shows for the full, and also began to try herself on television as a correspondent and presenter.

3. Kate Dillon.

With a growth of 180 cm, Kate weighs 81 kg, but at the same time she does not cease to be incredibly feminine and attractive. Once she successfully worked as a skinny model, but because of constant diets and the almost absence of any kind of food, the girl became ill and was hospitalized with a serious diagnosis.

It was a kind of point of no return, after which Kate ended up with diets, began to lead a correct and enjoyable lifestyle for herself, but at the same time, she did not part with the modeling business. Today, she collaborates with most popular fashion magazines, as well as advertising brands such as L’Oreal Cosmetics, Gucci, Elena Miro and others.

4. Ashley Graham.

An attractive British woman in her 26 years has already achieved a lot in the modeling business, and this is with her 58 size clothes! Ashley has a lush and appetizing form, thanks to which she has already become the face of the model agency Ford, has concluded numerous contracts with other companies, and also periodically appears on the covers of such popular publications as Glamor, Vogue, Latina and others.

5. Sophie Dahl.

She is often called a mystery woman, a fairytale woman with a doll face and eyes like two oceans. Sophie is an English fashion model and actress who, at the invitation of Yves Saint Laurent, appeared in the well-known and provocative advertising company for the perfume Opium.

Sophie, with her height of 180 cm and weight of 80 kg, was shot for such glossy publications as Elle, Vogue, Haspers Bazaar and many others, and also became an active participant in the movement against excessively thin models, eventually becoming his face.

Surprisingly, in spite of this, the girl herself, after a while, rapidly lost 30 kg, but this did not lose anything, but continued her career.

6. Crystal Rennes.

Like many girls in the modeling business, Crystal began her ascent to the 14-year-old skinny girl, but the consequences of heavy diets and restrictions did their job: a lot of diseases related to the digestive tract led not only to serious health problems, but also to the loss of her career model .

However, Crystal did not give up, over time, gaining weight, she acquired lush and sensual forms, thanks to which she began to promote herself as a plus-size model. And I must say, she did it very well: today she is the highest paid model with full forms. However, today it cannot be called such, since Krystal lost weight again to 42-44 size.

7. Tara Lynn.

Tara became popular only at the age of 28, after being shot for the cover of the French magazine Elle. Today, model 32, it has a very solid size: with an increase of 170 cm parameters are "110-86-120", but it remains one of the most beautiful women in the world, and is also a very popular model in its segment.

The most popular representatives of the form size plus

To be a "plus-size" model, it is not enough just to come to the agency and leave there your data and portfolio. As well as all over the world of show business, there is a big competition for a place in the sun.

Each advertising agency has its favorites, each designer also chooses his own type.

There are a lot of models with magnificent forms, but not everyone has managed to achieve real success. Let's get acquainted with the brightest and most successful representatives of such non-standard sizes. How are they so different from their fellow models?

Judoksi Yao - the most interesting "non-standard"

The African plus size model, which we know as Judoksi Yao, is the most interesting representative of the lush models.

Her main advantage - remarkable buttocks and thighs. The most interesting thing is that with big breasts and prominent hips, Yudoksi has a thin waist. This figure gives the girl a very feminine look.

Plus size model Yudoksi Yao says that she is the owner of the biggest priests in all of West Africa where she came from. Looking at her photo, you can not accept this fact.

Judoksi never complexed about her figure, on the contrary, she was proud of her, which caused envy of the girls of the same age, whom nature did not reward with such forms. This woman does not hide her immense forms, she emphasizes them in every possible way, preferring tight and bright clothes.

Now Yao is one of the most sought-after models, she is a favorite guest at social events and parties. Many advertising agencies are ready to tear each other for the right to get the model in their own hands.

When Judoksi began to gain popularity, she began to discuss it in social networks. There were people who claimed that her photo was the result of work in Photoshop, it was allegedly impossible to have such magnificent forms with such a thin waist.

The size plus models, whose photos are consistently photoshoot by social network users, in order to prove to everyone that they are really just fat, are used to not paying attention to such attacks of envious people.

Ashley Graham, in which no one believed

Getting into a model agency has always been difficult, even in the plus size model. Model Ashley Graham, having become a star in the model world, was able to prove not only to herself, but also to many other people that fat women can be sought-after models.

Unlike Yudoksi Yao, Ashley has been complexed since childhood because of large volumes. These complexes developed more and more from the mockery of classmates, the parents also did not forget to remind their daughter that she was complete.

Once Ashley publicly declared that one day she would become the most popular model. Of course, the girl herself didn’t believe in that, but she wanted to stop laughing at her. This statement did not knock off classmates arrogance, it only podzadorilo children even more morally destroy the complete girl.

Once Graham wandered through the supermarket, looking at the windows. On the same day, an agent from a modeling agency walked through the same supermarket, his eyes were attracted by a pretty, curvaceous girl - Ashley. He approached her and invited her to test shooting at his agency.

At this point, Ashley was only 12 years old, but by the age of 14 she became a star advertising clothes in a fashionable teen magazine.

To date, photos of Ashley Graham are printed in the most popular magazines - "Glamor", "Ell" and other similar. Ashley mostly advertises underwear for obese women, she became the creator of her own line of underwear.

Not the largest, but also popular

Are there any Russian successful size plus models? Of course have. One of them is Alexandra Deinega.

Alexandra was born in Moscow, but began her career on European catwalks and filming in foreign magazines. This beautiful Russian girl was noticed immediately, not even because of the shape of her body, but more because of her regular features.

Sasha is a pretty tall girl, her height is a meter and seventy seven centimeters. At the same time it weighs 77 pounds. One could argue: which of the size-plus model is! Yes, she is not very full, but she has big breasts and rather wide hips. It was precisely because of these parameters that Sasha could not have become an ordinary model, but the road was open for her in “plus plus”.

Now Alexander Deinega - one of the most popular models in this category. Her photo flashed in fashion magazines, she boldly walks on the catwalks, showing clothes for magnificent ladies.

Ekaterina Zharkova - antianorexic advertising

This Russian beauty, as well as Alexandra Deinega, gained popularity abroad in Russia.

With ease and quickness of the cat, she conquered New York. Catherine has been working for one of the most popular American modeling agencies for several years. But this is not her only occupation. In Russia, Ekaterina is the TV host of the program “There is one secret,” she is producing large-scale projects on the Muz TV channel. This is a very active and popular girl.

But still, for the most part, Katya is busy shooting for the gloss and demonstrating outfits from the catwalk. She managed to become really popular because of one sensational photography for PLUS Model Magazine.

In this magazine, published photos of nude Catherine, under each picture was information about the complexity of anorexia and its consequences. These inscriptions urged girls to eat normally, to take care of their health. Katina nude photos were an example of feminine beauty and attractive curvaceous forms.

Indeed, it is time for many girls to reflect on the fact that they are beautiful in the form in which nature created them. No need to be ashamed of their forms, thinness goes out of fashion every year, it is replaced by a new trend - magnificent forms!

After all, our ancestors never tried to lose weight, their wives took full girls first and foremost, thin people were not considered beautiful. The paintings of the great artists of past centuries depict women in their bodies as examples of beauty. Soon the fashion for curvy shapes will take root again in our world!

Luxury female beauty

The appearance of fashion models with non-standard parameters not only develops confidence in their attractiveness in women. Many of them are also starting to think about a model career. And on the pages of magazines you can now see such beauties, whose external data will be envied by slender girls. But not everyone understands that to be a model and model for advertising large size clothes is not so easy. It is necessary to have not only external beauty, but also internal attractiveness, to have the harmony of the soul and radiate happiness. Plus-size models should be proud of their figure and the parameters that nature has given them.

What is recommended plus size models girls, women who want to see themselves on the pages of fashion magazines or on the catwalk? It is imperative to carefully care for your face, body, hair. Even if the figure has non-standard parameters, it should be well-groomed, fit, athletic and very feminine. It should be remembered that the attention to the models plus the size is more intent and critical, it is important to fully comply with all perceptions of female beauty. Although there are certain discounts for such women, because they are allowed to have a small belly, wrinkles in the waist and even the appearance of cellulite.

For non-standard models, the ability to behave in front of the camera is also important. Each photo shoot or fashion show requires good physical fitness, endurance, endurance. Few can easily appear in front of the camera to advertise underwear or swimwear. And very valuable plus size models with a curvaceous figurewhich look spectacular in the pictures and make high-quality, unforgettable, beautiful advertisements for clothes or other products.

Thanks to models with large shape parameters, designers are now more free in their work. They can design beautiful models in a full size range. And stylish, fashionable dresses, coats, large-sized suits also look impressive and attractive on world catwalks, as well as outfits for slim and frail girls.

AT Top 12 most beautiful models plus size includes famous fashion models, models from around the world.

12. Rosie Mercado / Rosie Mercado (born March 28, 1980, USA) - American model, designer with Mexican roots. Interest in the person Rosie has arisen because of the good-looking appearance and weight of the model under 185 kg. Within a few months, she lost weight, and also had an operation to reduce the stomach, while throwing off up to 108 kg. Now Rosie Mercado weighs about 80 kg and is considered a successful model.

11. Markita Pring / Marquita Pring (born July 19, 1990) - American model.

10. Denis Bidot / Denise Bidot (born June 13, 1986, USA) - American model with Puerto-Rican and Kuwaiti roots.

9. Chloe Marshall (born March 27, 1991, Surrey, England) - English model size plus size. She won the title of Miss Surrey 2008, becoming the first model of the 16th size (Russian size from 44 to 46), which reached the final of the beauty contest Miss England and received the crown. Chloe said that she wanted to go to the finals of Miss England to break the stereotype that in order to be considered beautiful, you need to be tall and thin. However, in Miss England 2008 ranked second.

8. Flavia Lacerda / Fluvia Lacerda (July 31, 1980, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - American model with Brazilian roots. It works with such well-known brands as Torrid, Kmart, Biluzik, Bilka, Igigi, with several fashion houses, appears in commercials, participates in photo shoots. Flavia was shot for Plus Model Magazine covers as well as Vogue Italy. In a fashionable environment, it is called "Gisele Bundchen Plus Size".

7. Tara Lynn / Tara Lynn (born June 13, 1990, Venezuela) is an American model advertising underwear. It has Spanish and Venezuelan roots.

6. Ekaterina Zharkova / Ekaterina Zharkova (born in 1981, Minsk, Belarus) - Russian top model of "plus" size. The host of the program "There is one secret" on the channel "Friday!".

5. Alexandra Deinega / Alexandra Deynega (born in 1990, Moscow) - Russian model. Removed for magazines, calendars, catalogs of linen and clothing. Her first major achievement in the market abroad was working with the EastWestModels modeling agency (Germany, Frankfurt am Main), and also Alexandra was shot for clothing catalogs: SVESTA, Furmonde, Wildberries.

4. Jenny Rank (born June 13, 1989, USA) - American model. She starred in advertising the H & M brand in a new line of swimsuits, which aroused an incredible interest in her person.

3. Justine Lego / Justine Legault (1985, Quebec, Canada) - Canadian model and TV presenter, promoting healthy beauty.

2. Ashley Graham / Ashley Graham (born October 30, 1987) - the American model. She gained considerable popularity for her work as a model for underwear for obese women in the Lane Bryant apparel retail, where she appeared in a commercial in 2010 that was viewed 800 thousand times on youtube and caused a lot of media attention. She starred for popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamor, O Magazine and Latina. In 2016, she became the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

1. Robin Lawley / Robyn Lawley (born June 13, 1989, New South Wales, Australia) - Australian model. It is the first plus-size model (according to the magazine itself) that appeared on the pages of the annual release of the Swimsuit Issue. For the first time in its history (more than 50 years), the magazine published a photo session on the pages involving a plus-size model. She starred for international fashion magazine covers. In 2011, Lawley hit the list of "100 influential people in Australia" according to Sydney Magazine, and Cosmopolitan Australia called the model the rising star of the year. In 2013, Robin launched a personalized line of swimsuits for girls plus size.

8. Cristina Mendez.

Стала известной благодаря тому, что является первой испаноязычной моделью, которая сумела завоевать призвание и успех в самых крупных модельных домах. Кристина активно снимается для самых модных и популярных глянцевых изданий, учувствует в рекламных компаниях одежды, а также является довольно-таки успешной телеведущей.

9. Барбара Бринкер.

Интересно, но, когда Барбаре предложили стать моделью размера плюс, она оскорбилась, не считая, что себя дамой с нестандартными размерами.

But after traveling, high fees and popularity that fell on her, she stopped being offended by such a title, believing that she had nothing to be ashamed of, but, just the same, she had something to boast of. The girl worked with many fashion brands, reaching peaks in this area, Barbara did not stop and decided to develop herself as a singer of country style.

10. Markita Pring.

Sultry brunette 24-year-old Markita is completely convinced that size does not matter, the main thing is to keep your body in good shape. The girl with a height of 180 cm and the parameters "91-83-114" took part in fashion shows of modeling agencies, advertised the Evans brand, and later became the advertising face of the famous fashion brand Levi’s.

Fashion has two standards

Today everything is mixed up and people are divided into several opinions. Someone for a slim and tiny body, and some, on the contrary, for appetizing forms. And this is a matter for everyone, as long as everything is in moderation. Naturally, the rising skeleton from under the skin, or a 200-kilogram girl with many folds, is not very attractive and should not go to extremes.

Little about fashion

Modern fashion, in addition to the standard models with tall and slim body, shows the appearance of full girls. They are called Size plus models, they have a lush chest, hips, rounded tummy, and it is beautiful. They are showing clothes for ordinary women on the catwalk who don’t starve themselves with diets, or they just physiologically cannot have miniature sizes and shapes. Plus size models are also involved in the Curves photo project, and not only here. Many fashion photographers prefer to shoot models in a magnificent body and see more beautiful in them than in thin ladies.

How to determine the model: plus size (Size plus)

A model of large size can be a girl who has a height of 170 centimeters, a beautiful and pleasant appearance, proportional to the part of the body. But in volume it can be more than 90x60x90, within reasonable limits, her clothing size should be from 42 to 54. If there are coincidences, it means that you are Size plus models, parameters of waist, hips, breasts do not have an exact value.

Known models of large sizes

Size plus models differ from each other in many, and among them are the best of the best who were not afraid to show their bodies to the whole world. They did not move back or to the side, experiencing difficulties, stresses, experiences, a lot of views on their own body.

  1. Crystal Renn, she liked the model agency as a teenager, but the condition was to throw off those extra pounds. Unfortunately or fortunately, she did not succeed. And she decided to show everyone her beauty in a full body and she succeeded. A few years later she was on the cover of the famous publishing house of Harper’s Bazaar. Over the course of time, she created the book Golodnaya, where she described her life, the desire for success, and all the difficulties she had overcome.
  2. Robyn Lawlay captured the Australian Vogue and flaunted on their cover. Its parameters are not very different from the standards 92x75x99, but it is considered a model with an increased plus size.
  3. Kate Dillon was initially slim and engaged in modeling business, but after learning about her anorexia, she decided to recover, thereby gaining excess weight. Today, she is considered the face of Vogue and Gucci, having a plus size.
  4. Katya Zharkova, a famous Russian TV presenter, model, became the winner of the competition "Sweet Woman". Imprinted in Vogue, and in the Italian magazine Marie Claire. At the same time, its weight is more than 80 kilograms, but this does not bother her at all.
  5. Whitney Thompson participated in the show program "Top Model in American", where she was on equal footing with slender models. And in the future, bypassed all and reached the top place. He has a contract with Wilhelmina Models, which allows her to participate in well-known shows and work with outstanding photographers. Participates in charity events.
  6. Sophie Dahl began her career with the agency Storm Model Agency. Famous photographers shot it for Vogue, Visionaire, Marie Claire and more. After she began to advertise many brands, among them Versace, Patrick Cox, presented Opium fragrance, where she allowed to expose her body. She also wrote several books, became a TV presenter. All this she achieved, having a size larger than the standards of the models, her weight reached 80 kilograms.

No girl should be ashamed of her weight and full appearance, having a penetrative character, you can achieve great success. You need to start small, love your appearance. To do this, you can start to care for your hair, skin, buy clothes by size, combining and inventing a suitable style that will decorate the exterior. To uplift the spirit of insecure women, designers and photographers presented photographs where Russian Plus size models showed all the beauty, femininity and superiority without wearing any clothes.

One of the successful size models plus

Russian Plus size models are also quite popular around the world. An example to follow can be Ekaterina Zharkova, having success around the world. She became famous in Russia and abroad. You can see pictures of the Plus size model, the photos are fascinating and allow you to increase self-esteem.

Katya began her advancement in the model world, starting at the age of 14, but, unfortunately, she did not fit the standards. Everyone advised to stop eating cakes and sweets, and under this condition she was accepted into a model school. While studying, Catherine kept to a diet, did not eat sweets, tried to lose weight, but the weight did not reach the standard parameters. Over time, she saw the potential of the model and closed her eyes on her extra pounds. Since 1997, she has moved on the world of fashion and developed internally and externally.

After advanced on television, became the leading on TNT, Muz-TV, Friday, was a producer. And then she got to Los Angeles, signed a contract with Wihelmina and became a famous model plus, and she still remains. Removed for Russian and foreign magazines, is not afraid to show his naked body to people, proving that perfection can weigh more than 60 kilograms. It helps ladies with magnificent forms to understand themselves and understand that all women are beautiful in their own way.

The pursuit of excellence

Every woman and girl can become a model, not paying attention to weight. Size plus models are beginning to appear more and more often on magazine covers, participate in shows and represent well-known brands. The main thing - to be able to care for themselves.

  1. It is necessary to go to the hairdresser and make a fashionable, suitable hairstyle. She will emphasize beautiful features of the face, something will hide from extraneous eyes. Refresh the image and set up for further achievements. One hike is not enough, you need to learn how to care for your hair at home and always look great.
  2. A trip to the beautician will help transform the skin and achieve the desired result, looking in the mirror. If you start from agencies and designers, they pay attention to the skin of the face and body, it should be smooth and clean.
  3. A visit to the dentist will allow you to turn simple teeth into perfect and little white ones. A beautiful smile will help to turn the right views, to break into the world of advertising.
  4. Shopping helps get rid of depression, allows you to find clothes in size and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Thereby the mood rises and the appearance blooms.

Now there is little knowledge to figure out how to become a Plus size model on your own, even having extra weight.

Love yourself, the world around you will change

Paying more attention to her own appearance, she raises her self-esteem. She adjusts to positive emotions, strives to achieve the goal. Therefore, do not get upset, seeing on the scales all the big numbers, you need to learn how to love yourself in any guise. As an example, women are clamped - Plus Size models, whose photos help to see all the beauty in a magnificent body.

The right approach is the key to success.

No need to pinch and hide your body under a pile of baggy clothes, sit in the room and stick to cakes and pies. You need to do any sports, aerobics, swimming, so that the skin does not hang, was taut and elastic. Food should also be correct and balanced, more vegetables, fruits, water. In the future, maybe some kilograms will leave, the body will become slim, and, possibly, according to physiology, a person cannot weigh less and just tighten the sides and stomach.

You can try to go to the studio of photographers, where the professionals capture all the beauty in the pictures, and the woman will finally see herself from the best side. Understand that he can stand on a par with skinny girls, in no way inferior in beauty, and maybe vice versa. Prove to the whole world that a woman is more beautiful when she has rounded and appetizing forms. And do not be shy, you need to be able to present yourself.

10 most stylish stars plus size

Star owners of feminine forms have long been aware that plus size is not a reason to refuse fashionable clothes. Be inspired by their example!

You complex because of too wide hips or a big breast? Totally for nothing! To have feminine forms and at the same time to look stylish is more than real: 10 famous heroines of our collection vividly confirm this fact!

Melissa McCarthy

44-year-old actress looks stylish and on high-profile movie premieres, and on the red tracks of pathos film awards, and in everyday life. Melissa's secret is simple - pure colors, laconic strict cut and no shapeless “bags”.

Queen latifa

Queen, like Melissa McCarthy, prefers simple shapes, but her "trick" in bright juicy shades that are in perfect harmony with the dark skin of the singer. In addition, Latifa loves pants-two suits - they are great for semi-formal outlets and visually draw a figure.

Christina Hendricks

Christina is a happy owner of an hourglass figure. Feminine forms best emphasize slim silhouettes, sheath dresses and, of course, low-cut outfits. Note that Hendrix never crosses the line between sexuality and vulgarity and does not show anything superfluous. 15 brands that sell fashionable plus size clothing.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah, like Queen Latifa, loves colors that contrast with dark skin, but the TV star chooses less bright colors. Winfrey prefers rich, but calm shades and the most concise outfits. And no complicated forms that can make it larger.

Adele loves total black looks, but chooses silhouettes that are complementary to her figure - often this is a new look. By the way, Adele is not at all afraid of prints - the main fear of many girls is plus size, allowing them to dress themselves moderately.

Octavia Spencer

Octavia is also the owner of the hourglass figure, so she allows herself to experiment with texture and color, but is very careful with prints. Another favorite "trick" Spencer - V-shaped notches, visually pulling the figure.

Rebel wilson

Rebel is maximally open to new trends, and sometimes she doesn’t mind making a fool of herself - she walks even the “naked” dresses on the red carpet without showing anything superfluous. Wilson wisely approaches the choice of styles of dresses - no oversight that can add volume, only dresses on the figure.

Katya Zharkova

Katya is a plus size model, so she is quite professional in choosing clothes. Zharkova prefers casual style and also doesn’t like oversized things - Zharkova wears skinny dresses, classic white shirts, pencil skirts and looks just great!

Kate Winslet

We do not know if Kate chooses outfits herself or her images - the merit of her stylist, but the fact remains: the actress always pleases the eye. Winslet is not indifferent to sheath dresses, emphasizing her feminine form. And a prerequisite - heels comfortable height. Plus size or obesity? Dietitian argues.

Ditto is a great example of the fact that plus size girls should not limit themselves in experiments with style. The images of Beth can be attributed to glam punk, and her style delights not only her fans, but also the masters of high fashion - Beth has often participated in the shows of her friend Jean-Paul Gauthier.