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Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the world


Dogs are companions of people throughout much of human history. Today they are more popular than ever, and the number of breeds is steadily increasing.

The main characteristics of the breed include: appearance, ease of learning, suitability for families with children and the ability to protect.

What makes the breed popular?

There is no single factor contributing to the popularity of the breed. And, sometimes, dogs are popular, despite some flaws.

Dog selection studies show that the aforementioned characteristics are not necessarily the only ones that are considered when purchasing an animal. The breed is chosen according to the size and appearance - “refinement” and “rage” are the determining factors for different people - with little consideration of other important characteristics of the breed.

Some breeds are chosen for being cute, while others are for protective qualities. However, in the future, owners may encounter behavioral problems that they may not have thought about when choosing a pet.

Nevertheless, the size (small or gigantic) plus the appearance (cute or awesome) made some breeds more popular than one would expect if behavior problems were taken into account.

It's not just about looks

Other, possibly unexpected, factors also influence the popularity of dog breeds. For example, after the release of the film, the popularity of the breed increases for up to 10 years. The release of the film "Lassie returns home" in 1943, led to a 40% increase in sales of collie dogs. Thanks to the film "Shaggy Dog", the popularity of the Old English Sheepdog has increased a hundred times. And it is not surprising that sales of Dalmatians increased after the film “101 Dalmatians” appeared in 1985.

The effect of films today is less pronounced than before. Although many people still buy pets based on a beautifully filmed movie. Again, dogs that are popularized by films do not necessarily have the most valuable features. In general, we see that breeds showing good behavior or having better health do not show appreciable popularity in comparison with other breeds.

It is also surprising that some of the unhealthy breeds are also among the most popular. Country size also affects popularity. If the breed of dogs is very popular in a country with a large population, this distorts the statistics in favor of this breed - even if it is relatively unknown outside of a particular country.

Thus, there are many factors that determine the popularity of the breed compared to others. Nevertheless, the only statistics that actually measure the popularity of a breed is the number of dog registrations. Thus, it becomes known which dog breeds are more popular.

Below is a list, a brief description and a photo of the best and most popular dog breeds in the world.

Labrador retriever

Few breeds deserve so much their enormous popularity as a Labrador Retriever. This is a kind, calm family dog, especially known for its friendly, warm personality.

Labradors are ideal dogs for people of different ages. Since they are retrievers, Labradors are used to working with people and serve them very well. These dogs need to be part of the family. They will follow their owners, striving for the company of man. Tender and social personality makes them suitable dogs for families with children. These are very loyal and playful pets.

Labrador Retriever is also the most popular dog breed in the United States for many years.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd - one of the most recognizable breeds in the world, popular in Europe and the USA. This is a smart breed that is often used as a service dog. The dedication and courage of the German shepherd have no boundaries.

Despite the fact that this breed combines many positive characteristics, it is not suitable for everyone. This dog with high energy, it needs a lot of activity and a sufficient amount of exercise. Without it, it can become bored and destructive, will howl, and also chew various items. The German Shepherd is sometimes alienated and suspicious - it is a great watchdog breed, but not a family breed. However, if she is properly trained and socialized from an early age, she becomes an excellent pet.

Golden retriever

This sports breed has a sweet, obedient and people-oriented personality. A well-mannered golden retriever doesn’t have strong guarding instincts, so don’t expect it to protect your home from robbers. Most likely he will make friends with them.

Fun, easy to learn and eager to please, the golden retriever is the perfect dog for everyone, especially children. He gets along well with new people and strange dogs. Breed loyalty, intellect and balanced temperament made them favorites in many countries of the world. These dogs need a high level of activity, as well as the attention of the owners, otherwise they will become destroyers.

Yorkshire Terrier

Calm and intelligent, the Yorkshire terrier loves to play, gets along well with cats, and tends to dominate large family dogs. The beautiful coat of this dog needs good care, even if it is cut short. The breed is popular among many dog ​​lovers due to its button-eyes and soft wool.

Yorkshire terriers are wary, easily trained and unobtrusively curious. Usually weighing less than 3.2 kg, yorkies - room-decorative dogs, but they also need a sufficient number of walks. These dogs will be happy to walk for a long time and they can be quite decisive and violent watchmen. York is not a good choice for families with small children, because a child can injure an animal.

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, which is considered one of the most beloved on Earth. This breed is really common, it can be found in the deserts of Mexico, on the boulevards of Paris and in the chic apartments of New York.

As a rare and expensive spice, Chihuahua can change the taste of life. A chihuahua is more than a small dog. The special status of this breed is determined by its function in life. Other breeds were supposed to make a living catching rabbits, grazing sheep or hunting ducks, but not the adorable chihuahua. From the very beginning, people seemed to have reserved a higher calling for them: friendship.

Confident, courageous, wary and impressive rottweiler - a popular breed of dogs due to its ability to protect. As befits a confident character, he tends to be stubborn and often overbearing. This is a reserved dog, which is often wary of strangers.

A Rottweiler may be overly protective if it senses that its family is in danger. This is a powerful dog that needs socialization, consistent training and daily exercises to grow loyal and controlled pet.

The dachshund is a breed of dog that was bred to hunt badgers and other tunnel animals, rabbits and foxes. Flocks of dachshunds were even used to follow boars. Today, their versatility makes dachshunds excellent family companions, shows for dogs and small hunters. Dachshunds have three varieties that differ in weight and size. Regardless of size, these dogs are a delightful addition to any family, so they are on the list of the most popular breeds since the 1950s.

It is hard not to smile, despite the confident dachshund, which proudly carries its long and muscular body on short legs. Nevertheless, this cute breed was bred for more important tasks. Dogs' short legs allow you to maneuver through tunnels and even fight badgers and other animals. Dachshunds are brave, but they can be somewhat stubborn and independent, especially when hunting. They are active and love to chase other small animals, birds, and toys. Dachshunds are often strongly attached to one person, and not to all family members. However, this playful dog will be happy to chase the ball. Dachshund gets along well with children if they do not harm her.

The Poodle is a graceful, intelligent and active dog who loves to be part of the family. This breed has been popular for a long time, as it is an obedient, agile and friendly companion. Such a dog can not be judged solely by appearance, because under a beautifully well-groomed shell is a lively, active and very intelligent person.

There are three recognized sizes of poodles. These dogs are affectionate and love their family very much and, as a rule, treat children very well. They may be a bit distant from strangers, but usually do not show aggression. This is a well-trained breed that needs a lot of physical and mental stress. The poodle is a hypoallergenic breed, therefore it is suitable for people with allergies.

The beagle is a hunting breed of dog, which is distinguished by friendliness, tenderness and vigor. These dogs are not aggressive and are great for people of all ages. Despite the fact that the beagle is a territorial dog, he is a playful, sensitive and loving companion for his owners. Beagles can often be seen with their heads down while walking. This is due to the fact that they are known to be particularly sensitive to different odors, due to the presence of a large number of olfactory receptors.

Beagles are known as social dogs, accustomed to life and hunting in packs, in the company of other dogs or people. Sometimes these dogs are able to deliver a lot of problems. If he starts to get bored, he will begin to bark, howl and dig, and also to study forbidden places and objects. Special toys will help suppress this behavior, but if no one is at home during the day, the dog may become a destroyer.

German boxer

Boxers are big, muscular dogs that look awesome. This is a smart, wary and fearless breed that is notable for playfulness and friendliness. A typical boxer is devoted to his family, but he is also stubborn, especially if harsh methods are used during training.

With minimal care needs, legendary patience and gentleness with children, boxers are excellent family companions. However, they need a lot of mental and physical exercise. Boxers are famous for their great love and devotion to their owners. At first, they are often distrustful of strangers, but they will not be aggressive if they do not feel threatened by the family. Due to their strength and courage, boxers are widely used in the army and the police, as well as for search and rescue.

List of other popular dog breeds in the world:

  • English bulldog,
  • English Cocker Spaniel,
  • English Springer Spaniel,
  • Border Collie,
  • West Highland White Terrier,
  • Doberman,
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
  • Kurzhaar,
  • Maltese,
  • Pug,
  • German dog,
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier,
  • French Bulldog,
  • Miniature Schnauzer,
  • Shetland Sheepdog,
  • Shih Tzu.

7 rottweiler

This dog breed belongs to the service dog breeds of the Molossian group. Rottweiler growth, most often, has from 56 to 70 cm. The weight of a dog of this breed is mainly about 45-50 kg. Rottweiler wool consists of two types of wool: the covering hair and the undercoat - straight wool. The outer coat has an average length. It fits snugly to the dog’s body and covers the undercoat. The rottweiler's outer coat is coarse and thick.

6 English Bulldog

This breed of dog is considered bodyguard dogs and companion dogs. The height of the English bulldog is usually about 50-55 cm. The weight of a dog of this breed, most often, is approximately 23-25 ​​kg. This breed of dog belongs to short-haired dogs.

3 chihuahuas

This breed of small dog belongs to decorative dogs and companion dogs. The growth of a representative of the breed Chihuahua, most often, has 15-23 cm. The weight of a dog of this breed is usually 0.5-3 kg. There is a short-haired and long-haired Chihuahua.

The best dog breeds

Mind, beauty, dedication, size and strength. Here are the criteria according to which you can select the best dog breeds.

For whatever purpose the breed is bred, the dog's intelligence will always be the most important indicator. When they talk about intelligence, they imply three of its facets:

Instinctive intelligence They call the excellent performance of the dog genetically laid functions.

Adaptive intelligence necessary when performing a task only on its own.

Obedience - the ability of the animal to learn the commands that gives people.

But such an approach to determining the intelligence of a breed is not absolute, for a good riding dog, for example, should be able to drive a team, choosing the best path on its own, and the habit of independent actions reduces obedience.

Attention! The genotype of dogs of recently bred breeds is very different from the genotype of the wolf, so they learn teams much faster than representatives of ancient breeds.

Rating of the smartest breeds (descending abilities):

  1. Border Collie unusually quickly remembers teams, but the amazing thing is that he is able to predict the host team.
  2. A poodle is capable of thinking, may have a feeling of compassion. Learns easily, with pleasure, no wonder he can be found and as a circus artist, and as a guard.
  3. German Shepherdable to remember the team after five repetitions. Excellent mental abilities easily allow you to master the skills of a guard and a snooper.
  4. The intelligence of a golden retriever perfectly characterizes the scope of its abilities: customs, police, companion for a blind person.
  5. Doberman sometimes called a dog with a human mind.
  6. Sheltie eagerly learns, well understanding and remembering the commands, but because of the mobility of the nervous system is a little timid.
  7. Labrador remembers a new command in five repetitions, but for successful learning requires strong motivation.
  8. Papillon learns with pleasure, even withstands the routine, but knows how to bypass the owner's prohibitions - such is the uncommon use of intelligence.
  9. The Rottweiler has an excellent memory, he is smart, able to make decisions himself. For the development of intelligence requires physical exercise.
  10. The Australian Shepherd (Aussie) learns with pleasure, likes challenging tasks.

Important! Doberman is able to intuitively understand any situation, and assesses the intentions of people by intonation.

When people call dogs the most faithful creatures in the world, they are not mistaken, they are not exaggerated. The loving dog is devoted to the owner to the last breath. That is why we become so attached to our pets.

Attention! Obedience can be obtained from the dog, but love and devotion must be earned by a kind, caring attitude.

However, there are top 10 best dog breeds. based on their devotion to the owner:

  1. Akita Inucalled the symbol of devotion. The animal is tied to the owner forever, without him very sad.
  2. German shepherd chooses a host once and for all, everywhere will go for the owner, without hesitation will give his life.
  3. Labrador is a gentle and kind dog, attached to all family members.
  4. Dachshunds are so strongly attached to the owner that separation for even a couple of hours for them becomes torture.
  5. Collie, Border Collie, Sheltie are strongly attached to the whole family, loneliness is experienced with difficulty, may even get sick from anguish.
  6. The rottweiler's attachment to its owner is striking: never give up, always ready to protect.
  7. Beagleinfinitely loves his masterI am ready to be with him for days.
  8. The boxer adores the owner, often enters the fight for his love. Will rush to protect absolutely in any situation.
  9. The Staffordshire Terrier is very attached to all family members, but especially loves the host.
  10. Doberman - brutality symbol, loves and protects the whole family.

Important! A boxer cannot be given to other people - he will not take root, he will become aggressive.

There is no concept more ambiguous than the concept of "beauty." For someone, a huge dog is charming, for someone - a tiny dog.

In the ranking of the best breeds of dogs in the world of beauty and they got the others:

  1. The Siberian Husky is very beautiful: a symmetrically painted muzzle with a strip, almond-shaped blue eyes are circled in black. The dog looks like a young, full of strength wolf.
  2. Samoyed is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very affectionate, on the face a constant expression of a smile.
  3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a miniature spaniel with round sad eyes. Kind, delicate, playful dog.
  4. Playful little dog - dwarf Pomeranian - It looks like a toy bear or chanterelle.
  5. Papillon's earslook like butterfly wings, hence the name.
  6. Bobtail - long-haired dog of white or gray-blue color. У серо-голубых экземпляров обычно и глаза голубого цвета.
  7. Йоркширский терьер – маленькое, милое, веселое существо с необыкновенно красивыми мордочкой и шерстью.
  8. Бернский зенненхунд – мощная собака с очень красивой трехцветной шерстью.
  9. Akita Inu is a proportionally folded dog with slanted eyes that is simultaneously similar and on the chanterelle, and on the wolf.
  10. Collie - recognized by all handsomewith luxurious wool.

Ratings of the most breeds of dogs can not include record-holders in height at withers and weight:

  1. English Mastiff - the largest breed: at the withers - 90 cm, weight 100-110 kg.
  2. Great dane reaches 80-87 cm at the withers and weighs from 70 to 90 kg.
  3. The Pyrenean mastiff with a height of 77-81 kg weighs 70-100 kg.
  4. The Spanish mastiff at the withers reaches 77-80 cm, weighs 80-100 kg.
  5. Moscow Watchdog grows to 77-78 cm, weighs 60-80 kg.
  6. St. Bernard can grow up to 70-90 cm with a weight of 80-100 kg.
  7. Alabai with growth of 70-75 cm can weigh 50-80 kg.
  8. Leonberger grows to 72-80 cm with a weight of 54-77 kg.
  9. Tibetan mastiff has a height of 66-81 kg, weighs from 60 to 82 kg.
  10. Newfoundland reaches 64-70 cm with a weight of 70-90 kg.

Physical strength and endurance of dogs respected at all times. The strength of an animal depends on its size and weight. according to these indicators, mastiffs, shepherd dogs, wolfhounds will be on the first places.

But the power is not only in the muscles, but also in endurance. Huskies and Malamutes can get around here.

Power is also in powerful jaws, and here come to the first place fighting dogs:

  • Mastiff's jaw develops a force of approximately 39 kg / sq. cm. To be clear this is 13 times more than the pressure of the roller when laying asphalt,
  • Rottweiler compresses the jaws with a pressure of 23 kg / sq. cm,
  • German shepherd's jaws are compressed with a pressure of 16.7 kg / sq.cm,
  • The strength of the jaws of the American Pit Bull Terrier is 16.5 kg / sq. cm.

Choose a dog, conforming to its purpose, because a dog of any breed will first of all demonstrate genetically incorporated functions: Rottweiler will never play a ball, and lap-dog - to show the wonders of courage.

Additionally, read the brief video about TOP-5 best dogs:

Japanese hin

Lifespan: 12–14 years

Japanese hin (Japanese Spaniel) refers to the decorative breed of dogs. It is believed that the animal came from the union of a tiger and a lion, which explains his ability to talk, meow and act like a cat. Representatives of this breed are characterized by small size and body weight of about 1.8-3.5 kg.

These dogs differ in light temperament, however, there are wayward and proud. Usually, pets are emotional, loyal, sociable and obedient. They get along well with children and pets and are ideal for living in small apartments.

Top 10 most popular decorative dogs:

1. Yorkshire Terrier. Today, these little cute shaggy dogs are incredibly many, because they give birth to both celebrities and ordinary people who dream of a pet, but are not able to have a big dog and regularly take it for walks. This breed was bred at the end of the 19th century in England, in the county of Yorkshire by crossing several breeds.

These dogs are considered among the smallest in the world and are great for keeping even in small apartments. Such a pet will be devoted to its owner, and rather friendly to the rest of the family. The Yorkshire Terrier can get along with other animals, but it will probably dominate and show its superiority.

Representatives of this breed are very active, inquisitive and, despite their small size, very brave. Yorkshire terriers are well accustomed to the tray and can cope with the needs of the house, but still need walks.

2. Chow Chow - one of the oldest dog breeds. Many people think that it cannot be fully classified as decorative, and this opinion is true, as the Chow Chows are excellent guards. And yet, many give birth to such a pet, not because of its qualities, but because of its stunning fluffy fur and tongue of unusual color.

The dog is quite large, so it will require regular walks in open space. Intellectual chow can not be called, although the training pet can resist, but only with the diligence of the owner and with the right approach.

It is worth noting that the representatives of the breed are stubborn, temperamental, resolute, self-confident and straightforward, but not too sociable. And yet the pet will require care, love and attention.

3. Chihuahua. One has only to look at this cute little creature with protruding ears, thin legs and a pointed muzzle, and you can instantly fall in love. But the appearance of representatives of this breed is rather deceptive, since behind this angelic appearance can be obnoxious. Chihuahuas are very active, temperamental and sometimes unbearably capricious.

This pet may be offended and even take revenge for the fact that you, for example, did not give him a favorite treat or did not take it with you for a walk. Representatives of the breed have a very stable psyche, fearless and curious. Even if the dog meets face to face with a strong rival, he will not back down, but will fight, barking loudly. But It is worth noting that such pets are very observant and insightful, thanks to which they feel the owner's mood very well and can even adapt to it.

4. Shih Tzu - one of the oldest dog breeds, which is considered to be China's birthplace. Shih Tzu is a small-sized dog with long hair with wide-set eyes and a slightly upturned nose. Color can vary from white to dark gray or brown, some representatives have white and red, white and blue, black and white and other color options.

Shih Tzu is a cute, gentle and absolutely tame dog that will happily spend time with its owner. But it is worth being prepared for the fact that such a pet will require a lot of care and time, and also always strive to be in the center of attention.

Representatives of this breed are rather proud, but at the same time very active, cheerful, sociable and sociable. They will find a common language with all members of the family, and with other animals.

5. Maltese or Maltese - a small dog. The breed is considered to be quite ancient, and was allegedly discovered in Malta, for which it received its name. A distinctive feature of the Maltese canary is a boiled white color without inclusions and transitions to other shades (only a shade of ivory is allowed), so the appearance of such a pet with full confidence can be called attractive and undoubtedly decorative, which is noticeable in the photo.

But the long white shiny wool is not the only feature for which the Maltese is so fond. This pet is very devoted, sociable, active, good-natured and will certainly give all its love to its owner. Maltese lapdogs love outdoor games, especially with children. Maltese are intelligent, but due to stubbornness, restlessness, and excessive activity, training is not very good.

6. Pug. These clumsy and seemingly cumbersome dogs are representatives of the ancient Chinese breed, the breeders of which have long been representatives of the nobility. The pug is a compact and firmly folded dog with a small muzzle, covered with skin folds, with bulging eyes, a flat nose and curled ears.

The tails of representatives of this breed are usually twisted into rings, which makes the appearance even more fun and alive. This pet is not very active, although it will play with pleasure if it is offered an interesting game.

All pugs are very friendly, sociable and easy to get along with children and other animals. These dogs are very intelligent and not bad trainable. But if you do not have free time, then it is better not to start a pug, as it requires attention.

7. Pomeranian - A small dog born in Germany, which has a short body and not very long legs. The muzzle looks like a fox, the ears are not very big and set apart. Although the pet's coat is rather long, it rarely falls, which suits many breeders. In addition, the representatives of this breed are active, playful (especially they like to frolic with children), are sociable and friendly.

The Spitz is very devoted to his master, follows him everywhere, feels his mood subtly and always tries to please. In general, this is a wonderful pet for those who not only want to have a decorative pet, but also find a true friend.

8. Sharpay. Although this breed today is considered by many to be decorative, it can be called hunting, guard and even fighting. China is considered the homeland, and such a breed appeared a long time ago. The dog's head is rather large, the forehead is wide, the nose is large, the skull is flat, the llamas are muscular and powerful, as is the whole body.

A distinctive feature of the breed are the folds, which are located on the body and face of the pet. Shar Pei may be wary of strangers, but he will be betrayed to his family.

Such a dog is independent, intelligent and friendly, but in a family with children it is better not to contain it, since some of their games may be unacceptable for Shar Pei. The owner of the pet must dominate, because otherwise the dog can feel its superiority and literally seize power in the house.

9. Poodle - This is an incredibly intelligent dog with a truly aristocratic appearance and relevant habits. Surprisingly, a poodle can become an excellent hunter, as it has all the prerequisites for this.

Such a pet will be easily and quickly trained (it is not for nothing that the breed is often called a circus) and it is with pleasure to interact with the owner and with all those around (representatives of this breed are quite friendly to strangers). A poodle tends to be in the center of attention and amuse its owner with its tricks.

10. King Charles Spaniel. Such pets were originally wound up by lords and other representatives of the nobility. This pet is beautifully complex and has a bright appearance and soft nature. Representatives of this breed are mobile and cheerful, active, loyal, intelligent and quite playful. In response to the care of such a pet will give all his tenderness and affection. In a city apartment you can keep a dog, but only with regular walks.

These were the most popular ornamental breeds.

American Cocker Spaniel

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Breed of dogs of American origin, whose history is rich in a variety of events. American Cocker Spaniel is characterized by intelligence and a lively mind. They are active and lively dogs, regularly finding a variety of entertainment. Animals love to eat, for this reason it is necessary not to exceed the standard portion of the diet. They get along well with children, are affectionate, sociable and friendly.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Lifespan: 12 - 15 years

The breed appeared in Wales and became the first shepherd dog breed. Welsh Corgi spread in the 10th century. Ancestor of the breed allegedly became the Icelandic dog or the Swedish Walhund. The Welsh Corgi Pembroke belongs to a miniature family of sheepdogs, which made it possible to successfully dodge the horns and hooves when performing shepherd's work. The nature of these dogs, as a rule, is benevolent, intelligent, and animals are always devoted to their owner.

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Beagles in the past used as a hunting dog. They always had a very keen sense of smell that could sense prey at great distances. Even today, the scent of these dogs is used by people for various purposes: to sniff out drugs or explosives. In addition, it is on the representatives of this breed that dogs test cosmetics, and conduct various medical experiments.

Beagles are great companions. They are recommended to start as a family dog. But for the training of these dogs you will need a lot of patience and strength, because Bigley is rather stubborn.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Lifespan: 9–14 years

Belongs to the most miniature breeds of spaniels. The animal is selflessly devoted to the owner, intelligent and intelligent, loving, a wonderful companion. It has a good character and good nature.

A small dog is not demanding care. The British, who are the founders of the breed, called Spaniels a dog that can create coziness and comfort in the house. This breed is very popular among English dog breeders.

Pomeranian spitz

Lifespan: 12–16 years

Pomeranian spitz (orange) refers to the breeds of decorative dogs. Representatives of this breed are somewhat reminiscent of German Spitz dogs, but they are slightly different in appearance: the Pomeranian dog is characterized by more wadded, padded and soft wool, a short muzzle, and the German - by awning hair and an elongated muzzle. This dog is mostly miniature and small, but the average is very rare. Received its name from the historical region of Germany - Pomerania.

Oranges have devotion to their master. They love to play and have fun. But you need to practice and train with them often, otherwise they will become disobedient and aggressive. Fortunately, dogs are well trained. Exercise for these dogs is necessary as air. Sometimes these dogs are not averse to bark. A bit selfish, but easy to get along with other pets and with small children.

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Translated from German, the name of the dog is translated as “splashing in the water.” Basically breed decorative, the most common today. It is on the 2nd place in the ranking of the most intelligent dog breeds, second only to the Border Collie breed. It is also distinguished by high activity, playfulness and devotion to its owner. Poodles are great for training. That is why they are used as circus dogs. Dogs willingly take on any task assigned to them.

The animal is able to adapt to almost every climate. There is an assumption that France is the birthplace of the poodle. Here this breed is called caniche from the word cane - duck.

And now let's see which large breeds of dogs are considered the most beautiful.

Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie

Lifespan: 12–13 years

The Shetland Islands are home to a sheltie. It is believed that the breed is as old as the islands, but there is no evidence of this. Previously, the dog was used as a shepherd, because in conditions of scarcity of herds, medium-sized sheep and green grass, they were perfectly adapted for this. In Scotland in 1909 the club “Scotland” was created, thanks to which the breed received international recognition. Dogs of this breed are distinguished by their playfulness, devotion, responsiveness and high intelligence.

Long haired collie

Lifespan: 14–16 years

For the perception of all the grace, serenity and extraordinary beauty of this animal, it is necessary to observe the work of the dog in the process of grazing. Actually for this work this breed of dogs was bred. They gladly serve the shepherds, help the shepherds to look for lost sheep, and even help the cattle to get out of the pits and ditches. A collie is capable, with tireless fervor and unprecedented enthusiasm, to take up livestock grazing and is able to replace 20 people.

The dog is characterized by a high level of learning, can quickly memorize commands. Collies require increased exercise.

Bern Sheepdog

Lifespan: 6–8 years

The Bern Sheepdog (Bernese Mountain Dog) is a shepherd dog breed that originates from the canton of Bern in Switzerland. It is used for herd protection. The dog is sensitive, good-natured, peaceful and very hardy. It is betrayed to the owner, but treats strangers with wariness. Easy to train. Protects the property of the owner from any encroachment, although not aggressive, barks infrequently. It has a long, shaggy coat.

Australian Shepherd

Lifespan: 13–15 years

This breed of dogs is distinguished by extraordinary beauty that it is even difficult to understand what blend of blood is to blame. It is believed that the animal is a descendant of Collie, Pyrenean and Basque Sheepdogs, introduced in the XIX century. from Australia. In the US, the breed has become very popular. Initially, these dogs were used as guards and herding dogs, while protecting both their owner and his dwelling.

By the nature of this is a very active animal that is betrayed to its owner and always tries to please him. It has a developed intellect, therefore it is easily and quickly trained. Love outdoor games in the fresh air. Extremely intolerant of small spaces. Even a big apartment for an Australian shepherd will seem like a prison.

Lifespan: 10–12 years

At the sight of this fluffy healthy, it is very difficult to keep a smile. Abundant wool covers him almost the entire review, which did not prevent the animal used for grazing and protection of livestock.

It is believed that bobtails are excellent family dogs and get along well with children. Dogs require a lot of time for grooming. However, it is necessary to agree that such beauty is worth it. In addition, the bobtails are distinguished by high intelligence, devotion to their owners, and obedience; they get along well with other pets. Bobtails do not require large space, they feel quite comfortable even in small apartments.

English Springer Spaniel

Lifespan: 12–14 years

Значительный отрезок времени спаниели относились к единой породе собак, которая не имеет подклассов. Разделение осуществилось лишь недавно, благодаря чему появилось множество разновидностей таких собак. Животное относится к самым старым породам английских охотничьих собак, из которой были выведены все остальные спаниели. Characterized by a cheerful character, high intelligence, devotion and a playful mood. Mobaki of this breed are almost not prone to aggression.

Scottish Setter

Lifespan: 10–12 years

The Scottish setter (black and tan setter, gordon) is a hunting breed of dogs. The progenitor of the breed is the English black and tan dog. Only by 1860 the breed was fully developed. The animal is characterized by endurance, perseverance, able to work absolutely in any terrain. Requires patient training and regular combing wool. Not bad adapted to stay in the apartment, but the dog needs space for active exercise.

Lifespan: 9–15 years

The name of the chow-chow breed literally means “dog - shaggy lion”. It belongs to guard dogs, companions and is one of the most ancient breeds of dogs. About the chow-chow met mention, the age of which is more than two thousand years. The animal belongs to the group of Spitz, however, the Chow Chow have an admixture of blood mastiff (Tibetan mastiff). The purebred breeding of the chow was supported by the monks of Buddhist monasteries, where even special journals (genealogies) were kept.

Surprisingly, all these dogs have blue tongues. In China, there is even a legend, according to which, when God created the sky, the chow licked its edge, painting its tongue blue.

Hungarian Kuvas

Lifespan: 10–12 years

The breed was bred in Hungary and was originally intended for the protection of livestock. Kuvas is characterized by short hair, making it easy to move among tall plants and herbs. Also, kuvasy were widely used for hunting. The pure white color of the dog made it possible to distinguish it from a wolf or a bear. The breed has a patient and tough character, it requires attentive and caring care. Hungarian kuvas - a great defender for the house, loyal friend and just a beautiful pet.

Tibetan mastiff

Lifespan: 10–12 years

It belongs to the oldest dog breeds. Due to the geographical isolation of Tibet, the purity of the blood of these animals is indisputable. Tibetan mastiffs are strong and powerful, able to withstand the harsh way of life and the harsh climate conditions. Differs calm, restrained and a little stubborn character, gets along perfectly in the family, being at the same time an impeccable guard at home and a loyal friend. A savvy animal that is perfectly trained. But in the absence of training, Tibetan mastiffs can be unpredictable and even dangerous.

Lifespan: 10–13 years

Breed dogs, characterized by a spotty color. Due to the archaeological excavations carried out in Greece, it was established that dogs of this breed were popular in ancient times. And this means that this ancient breed has a history of several thousand years.

Dalmatians are very active dogs that need heavy loads and long outdoor activities. It makes no sense to start this dog if you do not like frequent walks. Dalmatians are distinguished by playfulness, devotion and friendliness.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Lifespan: 10–11 years

The largest breed of dogs that has existed for more than two thousand years. The birthplace of the breed, as the name implies, is the Caucasus. Animals are characterized by thick hair, thanks to which they are able to withstand severe frosts. The dog has a strong, bold and persistent character. But at the same time, she is calm and alert. Refers to the ancient shepherd dogs. In the past, "Caucasians" served as dogs for the guard in the Turkish army. But even today dogs adequately carry guard duty in private households.

German dog

Lifespan: 6–8 years

This breed of dogs is very large. Great Danes are excellent defenders, companions and watchmen, and just kind and affectionate comrades.

The ancestors of this breed were bulldogs and boar dogs. The very meaning of the term "dog" means a big, strong dog. In the 19th century there were several breeds of dogs, slightly different from each other in size and color: English, Ulm, Danish, Great Dane, Hunting, Large - all these dogs were considered different breeds. But in 1878 in Berlin thanks to the efforts of the committee of 7 breeders, which was led by Dr.Bodinus, it was decided to classify all these dogs as “Great Dane”.

Afghan hound

Lifespan: 12–14 years

This animal is a hunting dog, outwardly similar to the Saluki breed, but having a thicker coat. At the end of the 19th century, the breed was brought to Europe by officers from England who served on the border with India and Afghanistan. The animal is characterized by an increase of about 70 cm, as well as a long and silky hair. Afghan hounds belong to one of the oldest dog breeds. Animal training is difficult to train; this breed is not distinguished by outstanding intelligence.

English Mastiff

Lifespan: 10–12 years

English mastiffs belong to the ancient English breed of dog type. They are the largest and largest dogs among all the mastiffs. Mastiffs are very stubborn, which in some cases causes a lot of problems. In fact, sometimes it turns out to be unrealistic to force an animal to repeat a certain command in the process of practicing. Dogs are very individual. Some are energetic, while others are calm. Raising a mastiff requires endurance and perseverance. But the happiness, love and dedication that this pet suppresses you cannot compare with any inconvenience in raising an animal.

Lifespan: 11–15 years

It belongs to very ancient dog breeds, which was bred in Akita province on the island of Honshu in Japan. Her ancestors are considered breed of spitz-like Chinese dogs, crossed with mastiffs. Akita for a long time acted as a dog for hunting a large beast: a deer, a bear and a boar. The animal is characterized by courage, vigilance, courage, cheerfulness and vigor, combined with balance.

The whole world knows a dog named Hachiko, who every day met the owner, who was returning from work on the train. And even when the owner died, the dog came to the station for several hours waiting for its owner. This went on for nine years.


Lifespan: 8–9 years

Leonberger is a large breed of dog. The breed owes its name to the German city of Leonberg, where the breed was bred. The creator is considered the mayor of the city, Heinrich Essig. Leonberger is a shaggy dog ​​with a fearless heart. It has a balanced temperament and devotion. Animals become excellent guards, family dogs, as well as companions. Bred in the process of crossing St. Bernard with Landseer.

Lifespan: 10–13 years

It is a service, short-haired breed, bred in the late XIX century. in Thuringia (Germany) and got its name in honor of the creator of Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Animals are widely used in the police, the army, because it is a very good sleuth, with a striking scent and flair. Live dogs about 13 years. Initially, the breed was called the Thuringian Pinscher, but after the creator's death, the name changed to Doberman Pinscher.

Kurzhaar (German Pointer)

Lifespan: 12–14 years

Homeland Kurzhaar is Germany. Active dog, for the creation of which the basis was the old German short-haired cop. Langhaar and Drathaar are close relatives of these dogs. Kurzhaars were widely used for falconry and net hunting for birds. The animal perfectly floats, apportiruet, it can be used as a blood bloodhound with the developed instinct of the hunter. The dog is rather quick-witted and intelligent and easy to train.

Hungarian Pointer (Hungarian vyzhla)

Lifespan: 12–15 years

The dog is quite an ancient breed of dogs, the hound was taken as the basis for breeding. Hungary is the birthplace of a dog, the ancestors of which records were found dating back to 10th century AD.

The animal is very energetic, agile, rarely stays in a calm state. She prefers exercise and games to rest. They are characterized by a balanced character and rarely show aggressiveness. He is friendly to people. Smart and courageous, easily trained to execute commands.

The dog will be a great and devoted friend to its owner. Differ in high intelligence.

Weimaraner (Weimar Pointer)

Lifespan: 10–12 years

Duty hunting dog. Her grandparents were used in the hunt for big game. The animal is very obedient and unusually sharp. Weimarners are easy to train, they are smart and attentive in their studies.

They are excellent watchmen and bloodhounds. The breed is characterized by an ancient history, the progenitor is considered to be a European bracken. Thanks to the quickness, dexterity and speed, the animal was originally exclusively a hunting dog, and is currently used as a snooper and watchman.

Giant Schnauzer

Lifespan: 12–15 years

Among all schnauzers, this is the largest breed of dog. The ancestors of these dogs were shepherd dogs that lived in the German and Bavarian lands.

The distinguishing qualities of a Giant Schnauzer are the guardman’s persistent instincts, reckless courage, unbreakable loyalty and inexhaustible energy. All these qualities only multiplied by 2 will give a clear idea about this breed of dogs.

They need constant physical exertion, education and training. The Giant Schnauzer is a very attentive companion who loves the close proximity of the host and the whole family. These dogs are used in various roles: as a companion, family dog, snooper, guard, and police dog.

Samoyed dog

Lifespan: 12–13 years

Samoyeds - a very ancient breed of working dogs, characterized by great activity, which becomes visible even during a walk. The character is cheerful and playful. Homeland of these dogs is the north of the Russian Federation, where winter lasts most of the year.

No one will doubt that Samoyeds are very beautiful dogs, the appearance of which is able to provide more moral satisfaction than its riding, hunting and herding characteristics. Samoyeds are so gentle and loyal that they used to be used as nannies for children. And now, of course, this breed is highly recommended for families with small children.

Central asian shepherd dog

Lifespan: 12 - 15 years

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of the most ancient existing breeds. Historically, this breed has received its distribution among the peoples of Central Asia. The breed was formed on a vast territory, in the blood of these dogs quietly the blood of various ancient dog breeds inhabiting the territory from the Caspian Sea to China. From ancient times the Central Asian Shepherd Dog was used as a guard and guard breed.

Despite their excellent fighting characteristics, these dogs show loyalty and restraint towards people and animals. But in the case of extreme aggression or encroachment on the protected territory, the shepherd dog "includes" combat mode.

These dogs are easy to train, differ in strength, endurance, as well as curiosity and calmness.

Siberian Husky

Lifespan: 12–14 years

This breed of dog from ancient times was used as a sled dog of the indigenous peoples of the Far North. Today, huskies are used as companions, as well as a show dog.

Dogs are not at all aggressive to people, love to communicate with children, are also quick-witted and very intelligent. Even attempts to instill aggression in dogs against man have failed. Huskies absolutely can not harm people. That is why they are not used as guards and guards. Also husky can never be hunters.

Huskies are not demanding to their owner, they are simple in care. They are very clean. The only thing they need is constant exercise and a little attention.

Alaskan malamute

Lifespan: 10–12 years

According to various polls conducted among Western audiences, Alaskan Malamutes are the most beautiful dogs in the world. For some, this is a controversial issue, but to call these dogs ugly is unlikely anyone will succeed.

The appearance of the animal resembles an independent, experienced and lonely wolf, in whose eyes you can see the wild power and wisdom of the millennia. And this is not surprising, because the breed is descended from a wolf. It is this close family relationship that makes the dog incapable of barking. Malamutes, like wolves, are prone to growling. This feature of dogs also has similar blood Siberian Huskies.

The Alaskan Malamute is the oldest breed of dog. They were used by the peoples of the far north as sled dogs.

The animal differs fervent, cheerful, noisy and playful character. Loves all sorts of games, as well as fun. True with age, the dog becomes softer, calmer and more sedate. They love poking around in the ground. In a few minutes the Malamut can dig a very large hole. This hobby is connected with the past of the dog - they had to get their own food by digging rodents out of the ground.


So our rating of dog breeds, distinguished by their beauty, came to an end. We are interested to hear your opinion. Which dogs do you think are superfluous on this list, and which dogs should be added to it? Answers to these questions as well as your suggestions, please send in the comments under the article. Thanks for attention!