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Rare bangs: who is suitable, how to make and put


Sooner or later, even the most fashionable and modern hairstyle may get bored. When a girl has a desire to somehow diversify her image, but she is not ready for radical measures, a torn fringe will be the most acceptable option. She certainly will add charm and successfully hide some of the flaws in appearance.

Bangs with a ragged texture are perfectly combined with voluminous and stylish hairstyles. Alas, many girls refuse such experiments with their appearance due to fear of difficulties that may arise during installation.

Bangs with a ragged texture make the look more feminine and complete.

Yes, from the first time it may not all turn out perfectly, but this is not a reason to deny yourself such beauty. A couple of trainings will fix the situation, and you will be able to shine, constantly drawing on the views of men.

Features and types of torn bangs

Carelessness can be sexual

Due to its natural and slightly casual look, the torn bang adds to its owner some bohemian chic and a touch of insolence. There is no haircut from which she would not look. There is no face shape that she would not brighten.

Experienced hairdressers can provide many types of bangs with a torn texture.

Depending on the length, short and long bangs are distinguished:

By the presented photos you can understand what a torn bang looks like.

  1. Long ragged bangs with a graduated texture fits almost every. It does not cause any particular difficulties in the process of laying, at the same time providing its owner an incredibly stylish look.
  2. Short hairs blend beautifully with large features. Want to make your appearance a few years younger? Short ragged bang for you!

Short fringe - stylish look

Now we will talk about the forms and types of torn bangs.

It seems that oblique bangs will never lose their relevance and will always remain in trend. Of course, she has a lot of advantages that no fashionista can pass by.

So, what is capable of slanting graduated fringe:

Long oblique bangs as in the photo fits almost everyone!

  1. It will help to hide almost all the flaws of the face.
  2. Make the image more feminine and romantic.
  3. Oblique torn bangs on the side will visually correct excessively heavy brows.
  4. Will make the irregular forehead more symmetrical.
  5. It will hide age spots, unsightly moles or wrinkles on the forehead.
  6. Make the styling process as simple as possible. While drying hair, simply combing the fringe to the side with a comb with occasional teeth.

If you have naturally disobedient curly hair, then ironing will help to simplify styling bangs.

This type of bangs will help to visually improve the shape of a very elongated face, making its features softer and more attractive. Haircut cascade with bangs torn looks as luxurious as the combination of straight graded bangs with square.

Straight milled strands are also in fashion.

Such styling will help to focus on the eyes and add to the image of expressive notes. They also add hairstyles of volume and look really stunning.


In spite of everything, asymmetrical bangs still remain in demand among the beautiful half of humanity. Their main advantage is that they look great with almost any haircut and hair of any length.

Who said asymmetry went out of fashion?

Such a bang with your own hands, you can easily make it smooth or, if necessary, add volume to it. In any case, it will look very advantageous.

Myself a hairdresser

If you are not afraid of experiments and passionately want to change your appearance, then information on how to make a torn bang at home will be useful. But remember, it is worth carrying out a similar procedure only when you are 100% confident in your abilities, otherwise it is better to seek help from a hairdresser.

The haircut scheme at home

He will not only tell you what type of styling will suit you the most, but also protects against possible consequences in the form of sloppy or too short strands instead of the expected luxurious hairstyle. Yes, the price for its services can be quite high, but more often it is worth it.

If you are still firmly confident and focused on a spectacular result, then the following instructions will help you.

Making a slanting torn bang

This type of bang is best to cut on dried and smoothly combed hair. So you protect yourself from cutting the excess.

For a beauty session you will need:

  • standard scissors
  • blades
  • scissors for thinning.

The process of cutting the bangs will consist of the following steps.

In the process of cutting the main thing - to stop in time

  1. Twist strands of bangs in a few loose bundles.
  2. Use a sharp blade to make short, neat cuts. Choose the side on which you will be laying the strands. Thanks to this stage, in the end, you will get more volumetric and natural locks.

When working with a blade, exercise maximum care and caution.
In this case you should not hurry, it is better to carefully and carefully work out each strand.

  1. Comb your hair and carefully inspect the result. If you notice that some hairs appear to be knocked out of the general pattern, twist them again into a bundle and process the blade again.
  2. To complete the image, lightly process the hairs with thinning scissors.

Now you know how to cut a slanting torn bang yourself, without the help of experts. This will help you to qualitatively change the image at will, and without leaving home.

Create a direct bang

  1. Moisten the selected strand of curls at the forehead with water and smooth it smoothly.

It is important to know!
Before you cut a torn bang yourself, remember that after drying, the hair will be shorter.
So correctly calculate the length of the future bangs.

  1. Separate it with a triangular parting.
  2. Trim the hairs with ordinary scissors, moving along its entire width in zigzag movements.
  3. Divide the treated strands into several vertical partitions in centimeters wide.

To create a beautiful bang at home is quite realistic, there would be a desire

  1. Hold each strand between your fingers and pull perpendicular to your head to the hair framing your face. Smooth cut the hairs that protrude beyond the fingers.
  2. Dry and style the hair.

Rules for styling and bang care

Haircuts with bangs require a little more attention and time for styling, however, the result is definitely worth it. We will reveal to you some secrets that will help give your hairstyle the best look:

Beautifully laid hair will make you truly irresistible.

  1. For styling, use a hairdryer of sufficient power, having several temperature regimes and the possibility of cold blowing.
  2. While drying your hair, a slit-shaped narrow attachment will become your great assistant, with the help of which it is very convenient to direct the air flows towards the strands and align them. This will not only facilitate the installation process, but will also significantly speed it up.
  3. To maintain the shape of the hairstyle, it is necessary to dry the hair with hot air, and then fix the shape with cold.

To keep the styling longer, at the end dry the hair with a stream of cold air.

  1. Do not get too carried away with all sorts of means for fixing and styling. Overdoing them will make your hair stale and sloppy. A very small amount of gel is enough to make the locks and make them look like light feathers.
  2. The styling process is greatly simplified if the hair is clean. To do this, you do not need to wash your hair every day, it will be enough just to wash the bangs.

To quickly refresh your hair and give bangs a neat appearance, you can use a dry shampoo.

  1. Do not forget that the tips of the strands must be constantly cut. From the flow of hot air, they split, so they should be shortened every two weeks. This can be done in a barbershop or on your own by purchasing pre-scissors for thinning.

Create your own uniqueness

  1. To make curly strands more docile and well laid down, put on them a little serum for straightening, then put the bangs on your own. Secure the result with a strong hold lacquer.
  2. Another option to pacify disobedient strands - combing them throughout the day with a comb, the teeth of which are sprinkled with varnish.

Summing up

Milled and seemingly careless bangs at first glance will adorn women of any age. They not only rejuvenate, but also give the image a certain romance and at the same time an element of rebellion. With them, any image seems more complete and solid.

Properly selected bangs make your look attractive and seductive

Now you know why a torn bang is not in vain for many years is crazy popular and does not leave the pages of glossy magazines. Even more useful information on the topic can be found on the video in this article. All questions ask in the comments to the material.

Properly made and laid bangs - a guarantee of external beauty

Not always the cause of the brilliant outer beauty for women is a lush and thick hair. Sometimes a rare bang with a ragged haircut can most clearly reflect the hidden facets of its attractiveness, adding a certain zest and charm to its image. It all depends on a person individually. For some, a rare bang is really suitable; for others, it is clearly unsightly. It all depends solely on the natural data, human appearance.

Modern and beautiful

Rare bangs (the photo of the haircuts you see in the article) is very fashionable today, so there are quite a few fans of this hairstyle. Sometimes the desire to have a similar hairstyle can be based on keeping up with fashion. But still such a blind approach is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary to treat everything carefully, think carefully about everything before making any radical decisions about changing your external image. Of course, some ladies can be advised to contact the competent hairdressers-stylists, who can take into account all the exquisite wishes of their clients related to their external reincarnation. After all, they are all able to professionally display all this in an original hairstyle.

Who is most likely to get such a bang?

It is completely erroneous opinion that hairstyles with rare bangs are suitable only for those people whom nature has awarded with sparse and thin hair. As already described above, all depends on the individual qualities of each person individually. However, general recommendations, who still need to pay more attention to this type of hair, it is possible to give.

For example, those women and girls who have a small stature, a rare bang can fit perfectly. On them she will look more spectacular than a lush hairstyle. And, on the contrary, for tall and slender women without much need there is no point in making themselves rare bangs, since they are more impressed with just lush, thick.

If a representative of the beautiful half of humankind has curly curls by nature, she is also recommended to make herself a rare long bang. In this case, there is no need for its styling, as well as careful care for it.

Hairdressers can give practical advice to people with stiff hair to make a rare bang in such a way that its length is at least 6 centimeters. Otherwise, the strands of hair will not be able to be beautifully laid, and will randomly stick in different directions.

Torn bangs on sparse hair will look just right. A woman will look elegant and beautiful. Wonderful would be such an option for the oval-type face.

The main types of rare bangs

Oblique long rare bangs can look very creative from the outside, so often they are made by those girls and women who always strive to keep up with fashion. The most remarkable thing is that this type of hair can harmoniously look not only on thin, but also on thick hair. The only mandatory requirement for the hair in a similar situation: they must be straight, as this type of hairstyle looks very ridiculous on curls.

Straight rare bangs can give a person’s image a certain feature of an elongated face with a total of rounded features. Thus, in addition, you can emphasize the beauty of expressive eyes, which for many women is a very important task.

Rare short bangs are best suited to those who naturally have heavy cheekbones and a wide chin. The very haircut in this case, it is desirable to do in a ragged style.

How can you make a rare bang at home

If the goal is to make yourself a rare bang, it is not necessary to contact a hairdresser for this. It is possible for a woman to even cope with this task herself, especially if she already has certain experience and skills in such a matter. It is important to follow only the well-known rules, consisting in the following theses:

  • it is necessary to cut wet hair, because when drying, they tend to significantly shorten, especially curls,
  • you need to use large and sharp scissors when cutting, as they will not pull the hairs,
  • in order to accidentally catch the remaining hair when cutting and not cut it, it is important to fix it,
  • in order to get straight bangs, scissors must be kept straight, if the bangs need to be made oblique, the scissors must be in an upright position.

Benefits of rare bangs made in hair salons

However, if a woman is very worried about her appearance and does not want to do this hairstyle herself, she always has the opportunity to contact a beauty salon or a professional stylist. Usually businesswomen do this in such a way that every hour of their daily life is clearly defined and there is not so much free time. They are very worried about their appearance. After all, they often have to be in circles of reputable people, to be regular participants of business meetings, at which sometimes fateful decisions are made in the field of their professional activities. In this regard, the issue of hairstyles for such women can be very important, because their image and a certain status are closely related to her.

The advantage of a rare bang, made by true masters of hairdressing, is its professional styling, as well as the corresponding stylistic image that can be perfectly combined with the beauty of a woman. And let the services of stylists and hairdressers cost considerable financial costs, but for a woman her appearance and status are much more expensive, so it is logical that such costs will be quite payable.

The sequence of actions when styling a haircut with a rare bang

Haircut with a rare bang - it is beautiful and stylish. But, of course, only if proper care is provided and all rules for its installation are observed. Girls should not neglect the advice of experts. It is necessary to remember that styling a haircut with thinned bangs begins only after the hair on the head has completely dried out. Sometimes, to speed up the process, use a hair dryer. Drying must occur from the roots, in order to give the strands additional volume.

For fixing the hairstyle, specially designed varnishes, mousses or other styling products are used. The tips of the hair are usually twisted with the help of irons or a round brush. After all these manipulations hairstyle give the desired look, using for this comb. Thus, having completed the specified actions, the hairstyle is fixed in the desired position. Rare bangs at the same time will look at the woman very attractive, complementing her beauty, laid down by nature.

Instead of epilogue

As you know, the external image of a person can directly influence his behavior in our rather rich and difficult life. In this regard, you should not discard the possibility of drastically changing your appearance with the help of rare bangs, even if you have never worn it before. Perhaps it is this image that will most harmoniously fit into your appearance, giving extra strength and being an incentive for achieving your life goals. Beautiful image adds confidence. And it can push on new achievements, help solve problems that seemed previously impossible. Be beautiful in any situations!

Types of torn people, their choice by type of person

The effect of graceful negligence of graded people is achieved by using different-sized strands, clipped at a certain angle relative to each other. Each strand is first cut and then milled along the entire length with a razor.

А вот на вьющихся волосах рваная чёлка потеряется либо для её укладки придётся регулярно пользоваться утюжком, что для волос, увы, не полезно.

Косая чёлка

При помощи асимметрии можно «оживить» любое лицо, придать ему выразительность, а образу в целом — динамичность. Oblique bangs are never boring, they are suitable for very thick and too thin hair. Such detail looks equally impressive on both long and short hair.

Oblique torn bangs can be of different lengths.

Small features with a short ragged bangs will become more prominent. It will favorably emphasize a high even forehead, will focus on the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones, you will begin to look a few years younger. Particularly advantageous looks short bangs on dark - black or brown - hair.

Owners of wide faces of round or square shape will help them to visually narrow their long oblique fringe. This stylish hair detail will hide problems in the forehead, if any, smooth out excessive roundness of the cheeks, give the whole image a special charm and mystery.

Straight torn bangs

With the help of a long straight bangs, completely hiding the forehead, you can fix too long oval face, visually making it more rounded. This length will distract attention from the prominent nose and emphasize the lips, as well as mask the possible defects of the forehead. Such a detail will also suit beauties with rectangular faces with a very high forehead.

Straight long bangs can add volume to a hairstyle, and even hair that is not very thick by nature will seem like an impressive shock.

Short straight bangs look good on the faces of a round, triangular and regular oval shape with medium-sized features. It will perfectly complement both short haircuts and long curls.

A short torn bang on short hair looks quite bold, so this image is suitable only for the most courageous women.

Graduated short bangs of straight shape will decorate long hair, creating a romantic and somewhat puppet image. That's why this hairstyle is more suitable for girls of tender age.

Young ladies with perfect features can afford a super-short, ragged bang. If the forehead is too high, then it is better to cover it at least by half.

Table: examples of the combination of torn bangs with different hairstyles

  • short and medium "pixie"
  • "Aurora",
  • "Cap",
  • torn square and medium length,
  • "Debut",
  • "Gavrosh",
  • "Garson",
  • "Rhapsody",
  • "Caprice",
  • short and medium "bob"
  • long and medium "ladder".
  • Ripped square and leg length
  • short and medium "Page",
  • long and medium "Italian"
  • short and medium "bob"
  • short and long cascade,
  • long and medium "ladder",
  • "Garson",
  • long hair.
  • medium and long straight car,
  • short square on the leg,
  • long and medium "ladder",
  • "Cap",
  • "Bob-car"
  • long straight hair.
  • torn square on the leg,
  • torn caret of medium length,
  • long and medium "ladder",
  • long hair,
  • "Garson",
  • "Military",
  • "Bean".
  • long straight hair
  • long and medium "ladder",
  • "Page",
  • short and medium cascade,
  • "Gavrosh."

Ragged fringe do it yourself

Ragged haircuts require constant correction. But it is not always possible to visit salons. Of course, no one can afford to perform the whole haircut on himself, but to get a bang cut with his own hands many succeed.

Haircut is done on clean, dry hair - it is easier to avoid errors with length. For a fashion experiment, you should arm yourself with:

  • sharp scissors of medium size
  • small hairbrush
  • razor
  • a few invisible or any other clips,
  • for long hair will need a rubber band.

Technique asymmetric torn bangs

  1. Make a side parting on the line where the top point of the future bang will be. In order for the piquant detail to subsequently lie naturally, the parting must be natural. To find it, take a rather wide but thin strand in the middle of the forehead on the border of the transition of the hair part of the head into the skin of the forehead. Stretch your hair a little, and then loosen the tension and see how your hair will split into two parts - this is your natural parting. Split it along this line from the forehead to the crown and then you will unmistakably determine the top point of the future bang.
  2. Using a comb, separate the part of the hair from which the bang will be cut.
  3. The rest of the hair fasten clips or rubber band, so as not to interfere.
  4. And now determine the lowest point at which the bang will end. Haircut will start from here.
  5. We proceed directly to the haircut. Separate the hair bristles thoroughly comb, clamp between the thumb and forefinger and pull at a 45 degree angle to the face.
  6. Start cutting diagonally in a straight line from the lowest point to the top.
  7. We look what happened. If the result is satisfactory, then from different parts of the bangs alternately seize narrow locks, about a centimeter wide, and cut them with a razor at different heights from the edge, thus creating the effect of torn ends.

For more advanced home hairdressers, there is another way to trim an asymmetrical torn bang - by the method of hair. Here the bang is cut out not entirely along the same line, but in separate strands. At the same time with scissors you need to make such movements, as if you are doing stuff.

How to make a straight torn bangs

In the case of straight bangs, it is better to work with moisturized hair.

  1. Separate the area for future bangs from the rest of the mass of hair, making a triangular parting, and moisten with a spray.
  2. Comb the bangs area thoroughly with a fine comb, tie the rest of the mass into the tail or fasten with clips.
  3. It is necessary to cut from the middle to the edges. With the middle and index fingers, we grab and pull the large central strand, the fingers should form the border of the future bang. We begin to cut slightly below the intended line, as the hair will become slightly shorter when it dries out. We work with scissors at a small angle to get torn tips.
  4. Having finished the haircut of the central strand, we seize the remaining part of the adjacent hair from the side. Focusing on the length of the center, continue to cut in a similar way.
  5. The same is repeated on the other hand.
  6. Dry the finished bang with a hair dryer, directing the stream of air from top to bottom.
  7. Then grab the wide central strand of the bang with your fingers, stretching it perpendicular to the head.
  8. Gently shape the fine strands, holding the scissors strictly vertically and running their ends parallel to the growth of the hair.
  9. If the result does not satisfy the first time, you may have to repeat the operation several times.
  10. Similarly, work the entire surface of the bangs until you reach the desired volume.

Common mistakes when self-fringe

Beginning hairdressers at first make mistakes. Let's try to warn some of them:

  • no need to try to cut the oblique bangs out of the straight parting, this is fundamentally wrong, the correct oblique bangs are cut only from natural side partings, the method for which is described above,
  • if you do not quite understand what length of bangs is more suitable for you, start cutting with the maximum, you can always adjust this length,
  • when cutting, holding a strand of hair between your fingers, do not pull it too hard, otherwise there is a high probability of excessive displacement of the cutting line,
  • do not forget to pin up hair that is not involved in a haircut, so as not to accidentally seize them with scissors,
  • use only sharpened scissors for work, otherwise the haircut will be sloppy, besides you can injure yourself,
  • when cutting wet hair, leave a margin of length - when dried, the hair is slightly shortened.

Styling options for torn bangs

The effect of elegant negligence is achieved by deliberate efforts. A few simple tips will help you to make the perfect hairstyle:

  • styling should be done while the washed hair is still wet,
  • first, the bulk of the hair is laid, but the bang is left for the final, if it has dried out by then, it is necessary to re-wet it,
  • for laying bangs you need to choose the minimum temperature of the hair dryer,
  • if you need to give volume to a long bang, you should use a mousse that needs to be applied at the roots and slightly beat the hair,

  • with the selection of strands or the underlining of oblique sections, the gel will cope better than other means,
  • for styling short hair, it is more expedient to use wax - only the tips are slightly lubricated with it,
  • if the hair is curled, you will have to use irons, otherwise the graduation will not be noticeable,
  • soft and docile hair does not need to be applied with styling products - it is enough to dry them with a hair dryer and a hairbrush, in the case of hard or unruly curly hair you cannot do without special tools.

How to care for torn bangs?

Torn bangs do not need special care or careful styling, but it needs regular correction. If you abuse the hair dryer or ironing, the tips will become brittle and begin to split. In this case, it makes sense to shear them once every two or three weeks with the help of thinning scissors.

Fast-growing hair correction is required at least once every two weeks.

To fix the hair on curly hair during the day, you can sprinkle hairbrush with lacquer and periodically walk it on disobedient curls.

Torn fringe in the trend for many years and is not going to give up their positions in the short term. This stylish detail with a touch of light negligence will always help you look younger and fresher.

Wonderful transformations

The main feature of torn bangs is that it is suitable for any type of haircut due to its varieties:

  1. Long It harmoniously looks on almost all types of faces. This is a great option for busy ladies, because it does not require special styling. It is enough just to use tongs for leveling. This change in appearance will give the girls elegance.
  2. Short It will be to the face of the ladies with soft features, giving it even greater tenderness. In addition, it has an incredible "rejuvenating effect." It will look especially harmonious on an oval and triangular face. This is one of the most favorite styles of young girls.
  3. Oblique. Looks fashionable and creative, helping to hide some of the flaws in appearance, and drawing attention to the expressive eyes. This option can afford all the fair sex. However, in the case of curly or curly hair, you will have to spend a lot of time on styling.
  4. Straight. It combines perfectly with cascading haircuts and medium-length hair. In addition, rare strands will help close the high forehead and make the oval face more round.

Strongly milled versions will also look great in a company with a haircut made on short hair - “bob” or “pixie.”

Women who are not rewarded by nature with thick curls should not be upset. A ragged edge is ideal. It gives lightness and ease hair. If the entire haircut is performed in this style, it will help to visually narrow the cheekbones too wide and soften the rough features of the face.

For long hair, hair-stylists recommend choosing a rare bang, trimmed in the form of an arch.

Owners of hard hair fit short variation. But the length of the strands should not be less than 6-7 cm, otherwise they will look like protruding wire.

To give the image more glamor, you can use staining of torn tips in a lighter color. Such jewelry work of the master-hairdresser will pay off with interest - the face will become fresher and younger.

The work can be done with scissors, but most often a special blade is used for this. With it, make neat cuts, which not only give a beautiful shape, but also protect the curls from the section.

Healthy and well-groomed hair is an indispensable condition for an attractive appearance. A properly selected and trimmed torn bangs can give any type of face individuality and charm. Do not be afraid of change, because they are always for the better!

What kind of bangs to choose?

An overgrown bang on two sides gives the face some special charm. There are no girls who would not come such a hairstyle. She pulls her face out, making it narrower. This option is ideal for those who have a massive chin and cheekbones. Soft waves laid on the side of torn bangs will make facial features softer. It seems that a ragged bang never went out of fashion. She always looks stylish and elegant. Hair can be of any length and shape: an extended cascade, four of a kind, it doesn't matter. Such bangs will make any image much more interesting and fresh. Not for nothing so loved by Hollywood stars. Torn bangs can be of any length: regrown, completely covering the forehead or one that can be tucked behind the ears. A short version of the bangs is more suitable for girls with an oval face. And the elongated bangs look great with any face.

How to lay?

If your hair is curly and porous, or you don’t like to blow it with a hairdryer, then it’s better to abandon this idea. Torn bangs require constant styling. You can lay it with brushing or ironing. Depending on the structure of the hair and your personal preferences. The iron will make the bangs smooth and take away a bit of volume. They can also slightly twist the tips. Laying on the brushing requires a little more time, but gives a lot more volume. To keep the bangs shape, use styling tools. And if you want your hair to crumble, creating a soft transition, you can use oil.

Types of bangs and their features

Most often has a length of eyebrows or slightly below. Usually it does not undergo filing, because it requires a clear cut geometry. This bang is perfect for the face of an elongated shape.

It makes it possible to visually balance the proportions of a rectangular as well as a square face. Bangs are suitable for long and short hairstyles. She is able to cause inconvenience to curly girls, as she quickly begins to "shaggy" and crawl into the eyes. For this reason, oblique bangs are often done on a straight or wavy hair. Sharp scissors are used to get a clear graphic cut. If you want to get a more airy version of the bang, then make a thinning.

Depending on the angle at which the master cuts curls and length differences, the bangs can be made soft and neat, sharp and noticeable. Graduation helps to soften the features of a square, round and triangular face. It is often used by women who want to look younger.

It harmonizes with elegant long hairstyles, as well as with short haircuts, such as a bob. The easiest way to create volume bangs on thick curls. But if you have thin hair, do not be discouraged: you can achieve visual splendor at the expense of a properly shaped border and a complex game with color (when using coloring or highlighting).

Depending on the degree of filing, bangs will give the face a touch of softness and romance, or, on the contrary, extravagance. Usually associated with sexuality, activity and some aggressiveness.

Helps to create a soft elegant look. She is especially to face ladies who prefer a strict classical style.

She is usually chosen by extraordinary creative individuals who seek to attract attention to themselves. And while it does not matter what kind of bangs you choose - heart-shaped, in the form of a corner, arch, penguin, or another option. In all these cases, you should take into account that haircut requires frequent correction and careful care. Pay attention: since it is important that the cut of the haircut is clearly visible, it is advisable to do it not on blond hair, but on dark hair.

Adds hairstyle volume and pomp. The bang is straight and serrated. It is advisable to do it on thick and strong hair, because thin and weak will be unable to hold the volume. It is more suitable for straight hair because wavy hair will be knocked out. The straight type of multi-layered bang goes to the owners of a square and round face, and the short one - to women with small features.

It can be short, opening most of the forehead (suitable for young girls or extravagant natures), elongated (creates a feminine image), filmed (gives the impression of additional volume).

Usually its bottom edge ends at the level of the earlobe or chin. This type of bangs not only softens the angular features, but also creates a glamorous image. This may be an option with a corner, divided in two, combed sideways, laid curl or smoothly turning into the bottom line of the haircut.

Bring in the appearance of notes of mischief. A short, smooth bang will help its owner to become a stylish French woman (remember Audrey Thoth in the movie “Amelie”). Short and torn fringe gives the impression of eccentricity, audacity and originality - that is why this type of haircut is often chosen by young girls from subcultures.

By type of face

Oval. Any bang will do for him.

Triangular. It is necessary to choose a straight and oblique version of the bangs to the length of the eyebrows or slightly lower. A short one will not work, as it emphasizes cheekbones.

Square. To smooth heavy lower jaw and massive forehead, look at asymmetrical bangs with graduation or multi-layered. From thick and long bangs, as well as too short should be abandoned.

Rectangular. To hide the high forehead and smooth the elongated chin, use a thick asymmetric or straight bangs to the eyebrows. It is desirable that the ears were closed, but you should avoid straight and long curls. Для смягчения угловатых черт в том числе подойдет удлиненная косая челка.

Round. Чтобы отвлечь внимание от широких скул, можно использовать косую, асимметричную или градуированную челку. Силуэт стрижки не должен быть округлым. Например, сэссун категорически не подходит.

Сердцевидное. The best option for a triangular face is a graduated type of bang with strands of different lengths.

Diamond shaped. Perfect elongated bangs, combed to the side.

Pear-shaped. Bulk milled bangs help balance the face.

Long nose brighten up lush bangs.

If you have a small nose, give up the bang, because it can still visually reduce it.

High forehead. Hide this flaw will help lush bangs.

Low forehead. It harmonizes with light bangs.

By hair type

Straight lines All variations of a bang will suit you, but straight and figured look better.

Curly and wavy. They are in harmony with the graduated and elongated bangs. Do you want perfect straight strands to cover your forehead? Then you have to lay them and straighten ironing.

Curly. If the curls are very naughty, from bangs should be abandoned, or regularly use styling tools and ironing.

Fatty. With a fat type of curls and face skin, the hair will absorb sebum not only at the roots, but also from contact with the forehead. It is better to choose the volume (for example, elongated graduated) option, abandoning straight bangs.

Dry Usually they are lighter and airy, so step-type haircuts such as cascade with milled bangs are well suited. However, too thinned tips should be avoided.

Thin. Haircuts with a long massive bang, made a blunt even cut, give the impression of thicker hair. Oblique bangs with side styling are also used. A few strands look good with an interesting graduated structure.

Hard. Since the rigid head of hair has a dense and dense structure, and it is difficult to lay, pay attention to the straight or long version of the bang, which is brushed sideways.

Rare. Liquid curls look good with a bang to the side, as well as with a flat or short milled.

Thick. Thick strands are usually heavier, so fit bangs that do not require additional styling and fixation. These can be classic straight, arched or layered variants.

By type of haircut

Short haircuts

Bean. A straight, oblique or long side bang will do.

Kare. The graphic form of a hairstyle implies a direct bang, and a multi-layered, filmed or volumetric suit is suitable for a large square.

Garson. This hairstyle means easy carelessness, so choose a short, asymmetrical or oblique bangs.

Pixie Highly graded bangs with feathers.

Sassun. Since the hairstyle has a rounded shape, an oval bang will be a suitable solution.

Medium length haircuts

Cascade. This fashionable hairstyle is suitable straight, elongated, layered or graduated version.

Ladder Straight semicircular, stepped or elongated bangs.

Debut. Haircut involves framing the face in the shape of an arc, so thick oval or graduated bangs will do for her.

Rhapsody. The scheme of a hairstyle implies thinning bangs.

Long hair

Long caret, cascade, as well as graded and smooth haircuts - they can all be complemented by bangs. Depending on the shape of the face and hair, you can choose any kind of bangs, guided by your taste and advice of the stylist.

Recommendations and useful tips

Most often, girls refuse bangs because they do not know how to properly lay it. But if you look at it, this activity will take little time and effort, but it will allow you to create a new image every day.

  • Brush installation. Lay wet hair with a round comb of large diameter and a hairdryer. It is desirable to pull the strands, directing hot air from the bottom up, and then - cold from top to bottom. This will help the hair to keep its shape.
  • Ironing. If you like a raised or slightly twisted bang, use the iron. Direct it in such a way that the ends of the hair are slightly bent towards the forehead.
  • If you have a slanting long bang, you can put a little bit of styling on it and direct the air stream from the hair dryer so that your hair is beautifully laid on its side.
  • Long bangs can be laid in curls. To do this, use a curling iron.
  • If you want to give your hair more volume, it is better to choose bangs, starting from the top.
  • Low fat girls better to give up the volume bangs, and high - from the straight and long.
  • If you want to beat the hairstyle interestingly, add bangs with accessories - a bandage, a ribbon, hairpins, invisible hair, a hoop, a wreath, etc.

If you want to revive a slightly annoying haircut, better means than a bang, you can not find. Choose the perfect option in accordance with the shape and features of the face, the type and color of hair - and you can be sure: you will get a completely new and fresh look!

Features torn bangs

As the photo shows a torn bang, it looks great, but these are not all the advantages of this form. Also worth pointing out:

  • Very easy styling
  • Versatility - it goes well with most modern haircuts,
  • Diversity - from a variety of different options, you can choose exactly your model,
  • This bangs well complements any face shape,
  • It looks very youthful, bold, fashionable, relevant. Not for nothing that women who want to keep up with the times choose a torn bang.

What is it like?

There are many variants of this form. Consider the main ones.

Short and super short

This stylish model is ideal for girls with an oval, triangular and square face and not very large features. Short ragged bangs can lose a couple of years and make the image piquant and sexy. It is complemented by bob, graphic square and other straight haircuts.

Long bangs with torn ends rightfully bears the title of universal. It is in harmony with the hair of the most different texture and fits almost all forms of the face. The only condition is that the forehead should be rather high. The main advantage of this form is very fast and easy installation. It must be combed and flattened. Owners of such bangs look feminine and romantic, natural and careless. Long torn bangs go well with long hair. Most often, it is performed on graded and cascading haircuts.

Straight torn bangs - a classic version that blends perfectly with four of a kind, bob and cascade. She is considered the best choice for owners of high forehead and elongated face. Torn strands will help to hide all its angularities, slightly rounded face, hide too low forehead and make the eyes extraordinarily expressive. In addition, straight bangs have a rejuvenating effect - it can be trimmed to women of all ages.

Oblique bangs - this is one of the most modern and popular options. It can be combined with both classic and creative haircut. Hair type is also irrelevant - oblique bangs look great on thin and thick strands. The only taboo - curly hair. A little chelochka of such form draws attention to the eyes and successfully covers all defects and nuances. If such a bang to work from the roots of thinning scissors, it will become more voluminous.

Asymmetrical version in fashion for many years, because it perfectly emphasizes the cheekbones and the beauty of female eyes. Asymmetry bangs are suitable for thick and thin hair. The main thing is that they are perfectly smooth and smooth - not a hint of a wave or tight curls. She is able to decorate girls with a round face, because it makes it oval and hides her cheeks well. The length of asymmetrical bangs is made medium, but if desired, it can be lowered to the chin line. It is often decorated with a square, a ladder, a cascade or a trendy bean.

Check if the torn bang is right for you?

Not sure how to make a torn bang at home? Use our step by step instructions. Experts say that cutting such a bang is absolutely easy. For this you will need:

  • Hairbrush,
  • Water spray bottle,
  • Thinning scissors,
  • Conventional Hairdressing Scissors
  • Mirror.

Now let's get started:

Step 1. Separate the strands for bangs horizontally. Slay the rest of the hair so as not to interfere.

Step 2. Moisten the bangs with water.

Step 3. Using ordinary scissors, cut the bangs of the desired length. Remember, dry hair will be shorter by 1 cm.

Step 4. Thinning scissors with serrated ends, walk along the entire length. Keep the instrument parallel to the face.

Step 5. Dry the bangs with a hairdryer and evaluate your work.

Attention! If you are not confident in your skill, trust a professional.

Styling secrets

To form a torn bangs looked even more spectacular, learn how to lay it. To do this, you probably need wax, gel, mousse and varnish. So that the strands are not too disheveled and look tidier, use intensive mode during drying.

And now we will consider the main ways of laying.

Method 1. Careless

Such styling can be done for such graded haircuts.

  1. Lubricate with foam or wax.
  2. Stretch your bangs with your hand.
  3. Dry it with a hair dryer, giving the strands a chaotic order. As a result, they will look like feathers.

Method 2. Laying on the side

Bangs on the side perfectly complement the square or short bean.

  1. Apply a little mousse to the strands.
  2. Comb it on the side and blow-dry the hottest air.
  3. At the end, fix the form with cold air.
  4. Brush lightly.
  5. Make sure that the bangs lie with natural parting and blend harmoniously into the hair.