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Orange oil: application and properties of essential oil


With a low calorie content, which is only 36 Kcal per 100 grams, oranges contain a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, such as:

- vitamin PP,
- Vitamin B1,
- vitamin B2,
- vitamin A,
- Vitamin C,
- vitamin E,
- potassium,
- iodine
- calcium,
- phosphorus,
- magnesium,
- iron,
- Sodium, as well as antioxidants, essential oils, pectic substances, organic acids, flavonoids and phytoncids.

About the benefits of oranges for the body

Sweet oranges with red flesh, which are also called “Sables” or “Sicilian”, are considered the most useful: they contain more vitamin C than other varieties. To reduce the risk of developing and developing cancer, it is enough to eat only one red orange per day.

In addition, the use of oranges contributes to the natural cleansing of the body, the removal of toxins and toxins. Rich ascorbic acid oranges are widely used for the treatment and prevention of influenza, sore throats, bronchitis and other colds.

Of considerable benefit is the regular use of oranges and orange juice and the immune system, greatly improving its functioning. Especially useful for immunity to eat orange peel, which contains substances that stimulate the production of antibodies and, accordingly, protect the human body from the harm that it causes free radicals.

The essential oils contained in the peel of oranges help to strengthen the immune system.

The use of oranges and orange peel on the work of the circulatory system also has a positive effect: blood is diluted and blood circulation is accelerated, and this, in turn, contributes to the improvement of respiration and nutrition of all human organs. Due to vascular strengthening, oranges reduce the risk of many vascular diseases: atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, and others.
In China, there is a tradition: on the second day of the New Year to eat oranges, which according to belief bring happiness to the house.

The wonderful properties of orange help to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Eating an orange each day, you can quickly establish the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Traditional medicine recommends oranges as a laxative. Oranges are extremely beneficial for pregnant women: they contain folic acid, which prevents the development of congenital malformations in children.

In the 19th century, it became fashionable to grow orange trees in special rooms - greenhouses, the name of which comes from the word “orange” - “orange”.

Freshly squeezed orange juice perfectly quenches thirst, stimulates the appetite and speeds up the metabolism in the body. It is useful to drink with beriberi, anemia, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, bleeding gums, disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems.

Oranges and beauty

With rejuvenating and antioxidant properties, oranges are widely used in cosmetology.
The essential effect on the skin has an essential oil of orange. It is successfully used for bathing, massage, rubbing, compresses, inhalations, as well as in aromatherapy.
Orange essential oil is used in the fight against cellulite: it is mixed with cream and rubbed into problem areas.

Orange masks perfectly tone and whiten the skin, giving it freshness and smoothness.

It is useful to wipe the skin prone to fat content with lotion prepared from:

- 1 orange,
- 100 grams of vodka
- 1 teaspoon glycerin,
- mineral water.

Grated orange on a fine grater (with a crust) pour vodka and leave for 5-7 days in a dark place. Strain and dilute with the same amount of mineral water. Add glycerin. Using lotion in the evening before bedtime and in the morning helps to reduce fat and narrow pores.

In the autumn and winter, when the skin is in dire need of vitamins, you can impose on the face a mask of carefully mashed orange pulp. If the skin is oily, add egg white, whipped to foam, to the orange pulp. After 15 minutes, wash off the mask with water at room temperature.

Vitamin properties of oranges are also used in hair care, helping to keep them healthy and shiny.

Orange mask for oily hair with sea buckthorn

- 1 orange,
- 2 tablespoons of sea buckthorn oil,
- 1 tablespoon of potato starch.

Grate the orange with the crust on a fine grater or grind it in a blender. Mix the resulting orange puree with starch and sea buckthorn oil (the consistency should be like a thick cream). Apply to the roots and the entire length of the hair and cover the head with a handkerchief. Keep the mask for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

The origin of the essential oil

Historically, oranges are associated with generosity and gratitude, symbolizing innocence and fertility. This evergreen tree has dark green leaves, white flowers and bright orange round fruit with rough skin. The essential oil is extracted from orange peels. Essential oil of neroli is isolated from flowers, and petitgrain, a very effective ester for cellulite removal, is extracted from leaves.

Orange trees native to China and India are currently grown extensively in North and South America, Israel and the Mediterranean. Orange oil is used in countless products, in many Curaçao-type liqueurs, beverages and confectionery.

Properties of orange oil

It has a fresh and pungent smell, which is synonymous with joy. The color is golden, from yellow to orange, has a watery viscosity. Shelf life is about 6 months.

This unpretentious essential oil is used in aromatherapy to create a feeling of happiness and warmth, has a calming effect on the human psyche and eliminates digestive problems. Very well, the essential oil of orange copes with a cold, accelerates the removal of toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system, supports the formation of collagen in the skin.

[irp] Orange oil with grapefruit oil contains a high percentage of limonene, a natural blend that is being studied as a chemopreventive agent for the treatment of cancer. Researchers from Japan found that using orange oil reduced the dosage of drugs needed for patients suffering from depression.

Medicinal properties of the essential oil of orange

  • Antidepressant.
    Orange essential oil soothes, relaxes the mind and helps relieve stress. Its refreshing and relaxing property is used for the treatment of anxiety.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
    It helps with internal and external inflammations of an infectious nature.
  • Antiseptic.
    It prevents the growth of microorganisms on the mucous membranes, relieves sore throat, heals sores in the mouth when rinsing.
  • Normalizes digestion.
    Orange ether helps with constipation and increases the absorption of vitamin C.
  • Improves skin.
    Orange oil promotes the production of collagen, increases blood flow to the skin. Useful to soothe sore, acne prone skin. Oil is used for rubbing into the feet, to prevent the appearance of corns or their increase.

Therapeutic use of orange oil

Orange oil helps to treat many pathological conditions:

  • Skin problems: acne, age spots, eczema, oily skin, cellulite, psoriasis.
  • Common cold: bronchitis, cough, flu, fever.
  • Mental: boredom, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, fear, lethargy, mental exhaustion, nervousness, anxiety, stress, seasonal affective disorder.
  • Internal: constipation, fluid retention, pain in the joints and muscles.

Although the oil is safe, care should be taken when applying it. Orange oil is phototoxic, it is necessary to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, after topical application to the skin (even if it is diluted). Do not take orange essential oil inside.

Oil combinations

Orange oil combines perfectly with these oils.

  • clary sage,
  • vetiver
  • sandalwood oil
  • bergamot,
  • ginger,
  • lemon,
  • carnation
  • grapefruit,
  • lavender.

The use of orange oil in cosmetology

This is the No. 1 oil in the world in terms of frequency of use against cellulite. It causes the body to remove excess fluid, thereby reducing its accumulation in fatty tissues. With an essential oil of orange prepare baths, mixtures for massage and wraps.

Bathtub recipe: Orange and lemon oil mix 4 drops and dilute in a spoonful of milk. Add to the bath and take a water treatment for 20 minutes. You can apply grapefruit and orange oil in the same proportion, the effect will be noticeable with regular procedures.

Frequent use of hair and face is also justified. His ability to restore skin tone, soften it, tighten pores and increase blood circulation in the dermis was evaluated and actively used not only at home. Improve your face cream or lotion.

Add an orange of 5 drops for every 10 g of cosmetic. It will perfectly cope with mature skin, dermatitis, acne and soothe irritated skin. The dermis acquires the tone due to the support of the formation of collagen, which is necessary for a healthy and young-looking face.

Hair becomes obedient and shiny, dandruff disappears. To do this, you need 5-8 drops of ether to drip into a bottle of shampoo and shake it before use. Orange oil has found application in cosmetology, a series of products for body, hair and face care have been released. Its “sunny” fragrance is the basis for colognes and perfumes.

Essential oil warms and refreshes. Inhale its aroma in the morning, take a cool shower and you will “wake up” much faster.

"Ginger" oil helps to relax. Mix 3 drops of orange and 4 drops of lavender oil and take a bath before going to bed. Night rest will be complete, insomnia is not terrible.

To improve digestion and relieve discomfort in the stomach mix 1 drop of mint, 1 drop of orange and 1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil. Gently massage the abdomen with circular movements, soon you will notice an improvement.

Orange essential oil has aphrodisiac properties . Systematic and regular use can cure many problems: frigidity, erection problems, impotence, decreased libido.

Trust the orange "miracle" to your body, face and mood. You can hardly refuse all those positive moments that it will give you.

Composition of matter

  1. Limonene, which contains ascorbic acid, tones, heals wounds, has antiseptic properties. It promotes the restoration of tissues and cells of the body, and also improves the process of microcirculation in tissues.
  2. Linalool - gently and naturally fights depression.
  3. Farnezenes and geraniol slow down aging and accelerate cell renewal.
  4. Citral and cadinen - kills harmful bacteria.
  5. Citronellal - thanks to him, orange has such a pleasant smell, well influencing emotions.

Healing properties of orange oil

Orange essential oil is widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in traditional medicine. It is also indispensable for aromatherapy. This substance soothes, well reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, helps to relax, promotes regeneration. In addition, it has an antiseptic effect, is able to relieve headache and joint pain, muscle spasms. With it, they fight neuralgia, while women reduce pain during menstruation.

  1. After an illness, the product is used to strengthen the immune system. Due to the antiseptic effect, it is indispensable for stomatitis, periodontal disease and bleeding gums, colds, ARVI. When eyestrain, as well as a lack of vitamins, helps relieve stress and fatigue from the eyes. In addition, vision improves.
  2. We can not say about the positive impact of the product on the work of the digestive system. It improves appetite, and also helps the body to remove toxins, prevents the absorption of harmful substances.
  3. This product is used for constipation and poisoning. Due to its choleretic and diuretic effect, it is used for prophylactic purposes, preventing the formation of kidney stones and gallstones.
  4. For those who care about cholesterol and excess weight, it will be helpful to know that orange oil can slow down the formation of cholesterol plaques. In addition, the body's metabolism is normalized. This is a good help in fighting obesity.
  5. Due to the fact that it is able to normalize blood pressure, improve blood composition, and improve blood circulation, it is often used in diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as for the prevention of diseases of these organs.
  6. The substance affects the state of the nervous system extremely positively. It soothes, relieves insomnia, promotes relaxation, due to the fact that it helps relieve fatigue and discomfort, it is used in the treatment of nervous disorders, stress, and of the consequences. When this product is exposed to a person, the concentration increases, it becomes vigorous and concentrated, ready to work with new forces.

What effect does oil have on skin and hair?

Due to the fact that orange oil is able to protect the skin from adverse effects, as well as restore the structure, beauticians often use it to care for the skin of the face. It is suitable for the care of the skin of any type, acts on it versatile and extremely positive. Here are a number of reasons why it is simply necessary to use it for every woman who wants to preserve her beauty and youth.

  1. Helps maintain a healthy complexion, brightens and removes freckles and pigmentation.
  2. Regulates the sebaceous glands, which is very important for people with problematic oily skin.
  3. Cleans the skin, helping to narrow pores. The skin breathes and looks healthier.
  4. Cells actively produce collagen fibers, which are responsible for the youth of the skin, and hence for its elasticity.
  5. Toxins are removed from the skin, and wrinkles are smoothed out.
  6. If the skin is dry, prone to flaking, then orange oil will have a very good effect on its condition. The tool will not only moisturize, but also help to maintain the proper moisture level of the skin of the face.
  7. The ability to stimulate regeneration helps the growth of new cells.
  8. This essential oil is a wonderful remedy for purulent inflammation of the skin, various dermatitis. Raw materials obtained from bitter fruit varieties are indispensable for the prevention of acne, black spots on the face, which is very important for owners of problematic oily skin.
  9. The substance stimulates blood flow to the skin of the face, and also helps in the fight against edema. This problem often occurs with kidney disease.
  10. If a woman has scars and blemishes on her face after teenage acne rash, this miracle cure will also help with this problem.

Cosmetic manufacturers add orange ether to a variety of products. It is also often a component of anti-dandruff shampoos, and many other dry hair products, as well as cosmetic products designed to combat orange peel. Due to the pleasant smell, the substance is added to perfumes, shower gels, and soap.

For hair, this oil also brings irreplaceable benefits:

  1. Helps against dryness and brittleness.
  2. Due to the acid contained in the orange, products based on it reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, as well as remove fat from the surface of the skin.
  3. Such agents fight microorganisms that cause seborrhea and other bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin of the head.

Contraindications and precautions

  1. If you plan to go out to the street where the bright sun is shining, then you should not apply orange oil to the skin. This can cause a burn on the skin, as this substance is phototoxic, and will attract a lot of solar energy.
  2. When too sensitive skin should not use the tool often, as this can not only lead to irritation, but also increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.
  3. If you are allergic to citrus fruits, then you have to give up this miraculous substance. Check it this way: put a drop of ether on the inner surface of the elbow. If in half an hour there is no reaction, then you can apply it.
  4. When storing the product it should be kept away from sunlight. Better in a glass container with a dark glass, while the lid should be very tightly closed.
  5. Since the substance acts on the skin quite aggressively, it is better not to apply it in its pure form. This is especially true of the mucous membranes.
  6. Pregnant women and those who breastfeed will be harmful to any dose of this substance.
  7. When applying cosmetics with orange ether on the skin or hair, use gloves. Otherwise, the skin will stain.

How to determine the quality oil

To choose high-quality raw materials, you must follow the following rules:

  1. In a good oil, the color is always yellow-orange, very rich and bright. Но само вещество почти прозрачно.
  2. Чтобы определить, правильно ли соблюдена технология изготовления, посмотрите, как льется вещество. It should flow evenly and easily.
  3. Consult with cosmetologists or independently familiarize yourself with information about which companies produce the highest quality products.
  4. If the ether leaves a non-evaporating yellow trail, this will indicate that it is not diluted with any impurities. In the process of extraction, it inevitably gets a lot of pigment contained in the peel.

How to use orange oil for various purposes

  1. When a sore throat do rinsing with water, with a drop of substance dissolved in it.
  2. If the gums are inflamed, applications will help. To do this, mix it in a one-to-one ratio with any vegetable. You can also lubricate the gums with a means of a few drops of orange and a teaspoon of Hypericum ether.
  3. In viral diseases of the upper respiratory tract inhalation is very useful. For this, three drops of substance are added to a glass of hot water. You need to breathe for about 5 minutes. If you suffer from a sore throat, just put a few drops on the fabric and inhale. Closing the eyes while avoiding irritation.
  4. To make the baby sleep better, put an aroma lamp in the room. Every day, light it for half an hour, adding one drop of money for every 5 square meters of room.
  5. You can also massage your baby by adding 2 drops of orange to vegetable oil.
  6. To soothe the child, while bathing in the tub, add a drop of ether diluted in milk.
  7. To improve the properties of the cream, mask or shampoo, for every 10 g of cosmetic add five drops of oil.
  8. Ether from a bitter orange is well suited for a bath. On the stones pour a little water solution. But be careful, do not stay in the room for more than 5 minutes after that.
  9. For pain during PMS, massage the lower abdomen. To do this, in 50 ml of vegetable oil, add 4 drops of orange ether, lavender, and juniper.
  10. When diseases of the joints on one teaspoon of the main take 15 drops of orange. It should be rubbed into the skin in the area of ​​the source of pain.
  11. For compresses, pain in the joints dissolve five drops of the substance in half a glass of water. Cotton fabric is moistened and tied to the place of the diseased organ. Duration of action - half an hour.
  12. Also, this air is recommended to add to any tea two drops per cup, but do not get carried away, drink this drink once a day. This will help not only to clean the blood, but also to improve the appetite, speed up metabolic processes, reduce pressure, forget about insomnia.

Face masks

Masks with the addition of this ether from bitter fruit varieties make the skin softer, increase its elasticity. Before using the face masks, you must first clean well.

  1. To help tired skin, grate a small cucumber. Mix a spoonful of cucumber pulp, a spoonful of cream and the same orange ether. The effect of such a mask is 20 minutes. After that you should wash it off and moisturize the skin with a cream. Instead of a cucumber, you can take strawberries.
  2. If you have dry skin of your face, take the yolk of one egg, whisk it with the addition of a drop of orange ether and neroli. Wait for the mixture to dry.
  3. Blue clay can help with oily skin. 15 g mixed with 30 g of grapefruit juice, also add the protein of one egg and orange ether from bitter varieties in the amount of three drops. This mask is washed off after 10 minutes.
  4. In the finished face creams in one portion, add a drop of orange and sandalwood oil.

Recipes for improving hair condition

If you have dry or normal hair, then these recipes will suit you. Means will help get rid of dandruff. Masks hold about half an hour. Then wash off with shampoo.

  1. To 15 ml of jojoba oil add 2 drops of orange and eucalyptus. Mix well and apply to hair. Especially carefully apply on tips that are damaged.
  2. To get rid of dandruff will help a mixture of 10 ml of burdock oil with orange and eucalyptus with a few drops of each.
  3. The yolk of one egg is ground with honey, then 3 ml of olive oil are added, as well as 3 drops of cedar and orange oils.
  4. To speed up hair growth, a mixture of grape seed oil, orange and lemon is rubbed into the scalp. The procedure must be repeated every 3 days.
  5. If the hair is depleted and the scalp is very dry, then 3 drops of ylang-ylang oil and orange are added to 3 olive spoons.
  6. To make hair stronger and to get rid of hair loss, this mask will be useful. Several times a week, a mixture of orange, chamomile and pine oils is rubbed into the scalp.
  7. To make a ready-made shampoo more effective, add 5 drops of ether for every 10 ml.

As we can judge from the above, this tool at a low price has a huge amount of both therapeutic and cosmetic properties and practically does not cause harm. However, be careful, consult a specialist before using it.

Description and composition

Externally, orange oil is a rather fluid oily liquid of bright yellow color with an orange or brown tint. It has the characteristic invigorating aroma of sweet citrus. Orange oil is obtained by cold pressing or by distillation. The composition of this amazing phyto-essences contains such valuable components as D-limonene - a powerful antioxidant with a pronounced bleaching effect, organic acids, vitamins A, C, groups B, as well as terpenyols and aldehydes.

How to choose and store

Cosmetologists recommend paying attention to the packaging when choosing the essential oil. On a quality product must be present the name of the product in Latin. The best orange oil is made from Spanish and Guinean fruits. If you drop a little money on the paper, then after the volatiles evaporate, there will be a colored speck, if the oil is 100% natural. If instead you see a fat spot, then you are dealing with a synthetic or diluted ester.

Any oil, including orange, is subject to deterioration and oxidation if it is stored incorrectly. Symptoms of a spoiled product are: turbidity, change in flavor and texture. The oil becomes sticky and heavy. Such a broadcast can be safely thrown into the ballot box.

Bottle with a pipette for storing oil

Useful properties of citrus oils

Citrus oils, including orange, are used in areas such as cosmetology, aromatherapy and traditional medicine. Such a wide range of use is due to the fact that their esters have a huge number of priceless properties:

  • have a calming, relaxing, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect,
  • are an effective painkiller and antispasmodic,
  • have a diuretic and choleretic effect,
  • restore damaged cells of the epidermis:
  • fill the body with energy after a long illness,
  • positively affect the digestive system, suppressing putrefactive processes, as well as improving peristalsis and increasing appetite,
  • remove dangerous toxins from the body,
  • sufficiently increase immunity and performance,
  • normalize metabolism
  • tones the body
  • lower cholesterol levels, beneficially affecting the heart and blood vessels,
  • stimulate blood circulation and normalize lymph flow,
  • promote concentration and mood improvement.

It is difficult to assess the benefits of orange oil for skin and hair. It is actively used by women and cosmetologists for face and body care, as it is known for its strong regenerating abilities. This wonderful oil will moisturize and heal any type of skin, improve the functioning of the sebaceous glands of the fat epidermis and soften dry. It also visibly and quickly lightens freckles, relieves pigment spots, makes the complexion fresher and more even, smoothes wrinkles and reduces the signs of cellulite, accelerates the healing of scars.

In addition, orange oil is also an excellent prophylactic agent aimed at preventing various inflammations of purulent character, dermatosis, acne, blackheads and comedones. Fans of citrus aromas just adore its sweet smell and add to all cosmetic products: shampoos, creams, emulsions, masks, mixed with other oils (lavender, nutmeg, cinnamon).

The use of orange oil in traditional medicine

The remedy is very good for beginning tonsillitis. Prepare a mouthwash from a glass of warm water with a drop of oil. Regular procedures will reduce the symptoms of acute angina, at the same time freshen breath. It is very useful to do cold inhalations - drop a little on a napkin, then inhale the vapors of the ether with your eyes tightly closed.

If the child needs to be massaged, there are no contraindications to any components, it is recommended to use this mixture: 2 drops of orange ether mixed with 50 ml of almond, olive or coconut oil. The same tool can slightly massage the lower back, if you are concerned about pain in the premenstrual period, sore joints.

With muscle inflammation, osteochondrosis, problems of the nervous system and respiration, it is worth taking a relaxing bath. Take 5-6 drops of ether and dissolve in 2 tablespoons of milk, pour into a container filled with water at a comfortable temperature for the body. Duration - 15–20 minutes, regularity - every other day, course - from 10 to 20 procedures.

Cosmetic recipes from orange oil

Try to enrich the shampoo with vitamins by adding a few drops of orange oil to a fresh portion of 10 ml. It is not necessary to dilute the entire bottle, since the ether evaporates very quickly.

With pronounced signs of cellulite and to restore skin elasticity, massage and rubbing of the cleared and steamed problem areas is recommended with a warm mixture of a spoon of any vegetable oil, in which about 10 drops of orange ether are added.

A very good effect is given by the wraps of the following mixtures:

  1. 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil, in which 3 drops of orange, juniper and lavender oil are added.
  2. 2 teaspoons of honey mixed with 3 drops of ether.

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the problem areas using a scrub, apply the finished product and wrap them with film, and then wrap. Exposure time - 40 minutes.

Whitening and nourishing face mask and eyelids

You will need 2-3 strawberries, which should be pounded. In the resulting gruel you can add medium-fat cream in the amount of 1 teaspoon and 3 drops of orange oil. The composition is applied to perfectly cleansed skin for 20 minutes, then washed off and richly moisturize the skin.

Mask for problem skin

Dilute 2 tablespoons of blue clay with the juice of any citrus (grapefruit, mandarin or orange). Rub the ingredients until a homogeneous slurry. Add 1 egg of whipped protein and 3 drops of orange oil to the mass, preferably a bitter variety. Apply to clean face. Hold time is 10 minutes.

How to cook orange oil at home

Preparation of a natural product does not take much time and effort. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Peel thoroughly washed 3 oranges should be carefully cut, scalded with boiling water, finely chopped and dried.
  2. Ready raw materials pour 150 ml of base oil (olive, coconut, almond).
  3. Capacity to close tightly and leave for 3-4 days in a cool, dark place.
  4. Within 20-30 minutes, sweat the composition in a water bath, strain and pour into a container made of dark glass.

Do not hesitate to use homemade butter for any procedure.

How to get orange oil

Once upon a time, orange peel served as the raw material for oil production - and the process of its processing was very long and complicated. Now the production looks much easier.

First of all, not only the peel, but also the leaves and flowers of citrus fruit are used to obtain the remedy. The oil is obtained either by cold pressing, when parts of the plant are crushed under high pressure, or by hydrodistillation, in which juice and oil are first extracted from the fruit, and then one is separated from the other.

The finished product, depending on the method of processing, has a greenish-yellow or brownish color and a pleasant, sweetish aroma.

The chemical composition of orange oil

To understand the beneficial properties of the product and the possible harm, first of all you need to look at the composition. The product includes:

  • phytoncides responsible for antiseptic action,
  • vitamins A, C and B, beneficially affecting the immune system, the metabolic system and the state of the nervous system,
  • natural flavoring D-limonene with antioxidant properties.

The latter component takes about 90% in the composition of the product - and it is this that determines the high medical and cosmetic value of the product and its unique properties.

Useful properties of orange oil

The benefits of the product extend to almost the entire body. Orange oil:

  • strengthens immune system resistance to viruses and infections
  • acts as a good choleretic agent
  • stops bleeding and helps rapid wound healing
  • disinfects abrasions, cuts and burns,
  • soothes and simultaneously has a tonic effect,
  • rejuvenates the body - this is especially pronounced on the skin,
  • strengthens hair and nails
  • softens the skin and gently moisturizes it,
  • helps to restore the work of the digestive system,
  • works well with a strong cold, cough and runny nose.

Hair benefits

The most popular area of ​​application of a useful tool is cosmetology. The product is often found in the composition of hair care products - in shampoos, rinses and masks.

The use of orange oil for hair is that vitamin C in the composition of the product returns the hair strength, makes them smooth and soft. Hair strengthens, begins to grow thicker, visually the volume of curls increases. Thanks to the moisturizing properties, the scalp is softened, which means that the problem of dandruff and itching disappears.

Skin Effect

The remarkable property of orange oil is that it benefits the skin of any type - normal, dry or oily. The specific effect of the remedy depends on what other components it combines. But in general, the benefits of orange essential oil for the skin is that it:

  • softens and moisturizes the upper layers
  • deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin with vitamins
  • evens out the shade of the face and helps get rid of freckles and pigment spots,
  • eliminates acne, acne and pustules, disinfects and promotes micro-scar scar healing.

Orange Slimming Oil

The basis of any diet is proper nutrition - and exercise. Essential oil can not be actively used inside - however, the beneficial properties of the product still contribute to getting rid of extra pounds.

First of all, anti-cellulite wraps are popular. Also used massages and baths with the addition of orange remedies. The product acts on the body through the skin, starts active metabolic processes. The benefit is that the excess fat goes faster, and the new is stored in much smaller quantities.

Orange oil mask against wrinkles

Orange oil and avocado oil will help tighten the skin, improve the contours of the face and get a light rejuvenating effect. Make a useful mask as follows:

  • 3 drops of orange ether mixed with 8 ml of avocado oil,
  • mix thoroughly to make the product uniform in structure,
  • applied on the face with light massage movements, trying not to touch the areas near the eyes.

After a quarter of an hour, the tool will need to be washed off. The benefits of orange essential oil for the face will manifest if you apply a cosmetic product on a regular basis.

Mask with orange oil for acne

Healthy orange ether is an excellent cleanser that not only removes acne very quickly, but also fights the causes of their acne.

  • 1 large spoon of cosmetic blue clay is mixed with 2 large spoons of grapefruit juice,
  • whipped egg white and 3 drops of orange oil are added to the mix,
  • all components are well mixed,
  • put on your face with your fingers or a special brush.

After a quarter of an hour, the composition is washed off. Repeating the procedure is also recommended twice or thrice a week.

Moisturizing mask for dry skin

Dry skin especially often cracks, flakes, becomes covered with irritations. Can help mixture consisting of several beneficial oils.

To prepare the product you need:

  • combine 10 ml of avocado oil and jojoba,
  • then add to the mixture 2 drops of esters of rose and jasmine and 3 drops of orange ether,
  • apply the resulting product on the previously cleansed skin and gently massage, and remove the remnants with a napkin.

After a quarter of an hour, you can wash, but completely remove the tool is optional.

Mask for oily skin

If the skin pores too actively through the pores of the skin, then the face is often covered with acne, on such skin acne often occurs. A mask that uses orange ether is used to adjust the situation.

  • 7 ml of celery juice is mixed with 14 g of oat bran.
  • Хорошо размешивают и добавляют еще 5 капелек апельсинового масла.
  • Средство наносят на лицо легкими круговыми движениями.
  • По прошествии 10 минут маску удаляют — умыться можно как теплой водой, так и травяным отваром ромашки или подорожника.

Маска от перхоти

Если кожа головы слишком сухая, не исключено возникновение перхоти. Orange remedy will help get rid of unpleasant problems.

Preparing a healing composition is very simple:

  • 1 large spoonful of burdock oil, heated in a water bath, is mixed with ethers of orange, rosemary and lavender - they are added in a couple of drops,
  • The resulting product is applied to the scalp, carefully rubbed into the hair roots and wrap the head with cling film, and on top with a towel.

An hour later, the head will need to wash. The procedure is done weekly - in this case, it gives a quick and noticeable result.

Firming mask against breakage

If the hair is split and fall out, it makes sense to regularly apply the following healing composition:

  • The steamed sunflower oil is mixed with 1 teaspoon of brandy and lemon juice, taken in the same volume,
  • 5 drops of orange ether are added,
  • how to mix components,
  • applied to the hair and scalp with a rubbing motion.

After applying a useful tool, you need to wear a shower cap or wrap the head with a film, and wrap a towel over the top. Keep the mixture for just half an hour, then the hair is washed with regular shampoo. It is also recommended to carry out the procedure at least once a week.

From cellulite

The oil improves blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers, accelerates metabolic processes, due to which cellulite fat begins to break down and leaves the problem areas. Also, the tool has a tightening effect, smoothing the skin.

  • The most effective in the fight against cellulite are wraps with orange oil. To 1 large spoon of honey add a couple of drops of oil, put the composition on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks and for an hour tightly wrapped with cling film. The effect will be noticeable after 10 applications.
  • Also from the "peel" on problem areas helps massage with orange ether. A few droplets must be mixed with 10 ml of any aromatic oil serving as a base. After that, a strong, but careful movements are carried out directed massage of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The blood circulation is accelerated, metabolic processes are triggered - and after several sessions the result becomes obvious.

From a cold

The easiest way to relieve nasal congestion with the help of a healing agent is to conduct inhalation with hot steam. Add a couple of drops of healthy orange and pink oils to the hot water, a little black pepper, and then breathe over the container with rising steam for about 5 minutes.

Steam should not burn the nasopharynx - this will only harm.

From herpes

To quickly eliminate herpes ulcers on the lips, you can simply lubricate them several times a day with essential oil. The tool quickly eliminates the virus itself, stops the inflammation and helps the rapid healing of damaged skin.

Inhalation and aromatherapy with orange oil

Benefit means manifested not only when applied to the skin. Orange oil can just be inhaled - it will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, help get rid of headaches and even contribute to recovery from a cold.

  • Preventive and therapeutic inhalations at home are made very simply. You need to add a few drops of healthy oil to a glass of water - and inhale the scent for a few minutes.
  • If there is an aroma lamp in the house, then it is possible to drip orange remedy into it at the rate of 8 drops: 15 square meters. m room and for a quarter of an hour to enjoy a pleasant smell.

Bathtubs with orange oil

To improve mood, relieve fatigue and as a prevention of cellulite and stretch marks, you can take aromatic baths. Not more than 5 drops of orange ether are added to a fully filled container in order not to get harm from an overdose, and then lie in hot water for about a quarter of an hour.

An additional benefit of a bath with orange remedy is that it strengthens the immune system and reduces pressure. It is recommended to take it at least once a week.

Cooking Orange Oil

Essential oils are intended primarily for external use, so the kitchen is used in very small quantities that do not bring harm. Orange oil can be added in a couple drops:

  • in salads, sauces, as a seasoning for meat or fish,
  • in tea brewing - ready tea will get an unusually pleasant aroma,
  • in sweet pastries - with the addition of orange remedies, it will seem especially tasty.

How to make orange oil at home

Few essential oils can be prepared on their own without any problems, but orange oil is one of those. The technology is very simple.

  • A handful of orange peels are cut into small pieces and left to dry for a couple of days - so that they slightly dry up, but do not dry out until the end.
  • After that, they are thoroughly crushed in a blender to get just big crumbs, and fall asleep in a glass jar.
  • In a separate container, the vodka is heated for a couple, and when it becomes warm, pour the crushed peel with it and tightly close the glass vessel.
  • The contents of the vessel shake for several minutes, then for 4 days put in a warm and bright place, continuing to shake up vigorously once a day.
  • When the mixture is infused, the vessel is opened, the liquid is filtered through gauze into a separate deep plate.
  • The plate is covered with a towel and left to stand at room temperature for another 3 days.

During this time, the resulting mixture should completely evaporate the alcohol. When the towel is removed, only orange ether should remain on the plate. Of course, the quality of home-made orange remedy will be inferior to the purchased one - however, many useful properties will remain in it.

Possible harm of orange oil and contraindications

Since the product is mainly used externally, it does not often cause harm, and it has few contraindications. However, the orange remedy cannot be used for:

  • individual allergy to the product,
  • hypertension,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Apply the product to the skin is not recommended in the summer before going out in the sun - the harm will be that you can get burns.

How to choose and store orange oil

When choosing a quality product you need to remember a few rules.

  • Good oil can not be too cheap.
  • It is best to buy the product in pharmacies or health checked shops.
  • A high-quality product is realized in small bottles made of dark glass - such packaging provides greater safety of useful properties.

It is necessary to store means in the dark and dryness, at a temperature not higher than 8 degrees - it is the best of all to keep oil in the refrigerator. If the vessel lid is tightly closed, and the storage conditions are not violated, the product retains its properties for 2 years, and its benefits do not turn into harm.


The benefits and harms of orange oil are a matter of its careful application. If you do not exceed the recommended dosages, the tool will help improve health and will regularly delight you with a pleasant aroma.

Orange Tree Varieties

Currently there are several varieties of orange trees. The most popular among them is a sweet and bitter orange. Bitter has another name - orange. Citrus fruits of bitter wood are unsuitable for human consumption, but they produce more fragrant orange oil. The color of the resulting product may have different shades, ranging from dark yellow to dark brown.

Unlike the fruits of bitter orange, sweet citruses are eaten fresh, they are made from juice, canned. However, sweet orange oil has also found wide application. Moreover, its content in the peel is much more. For reference: to get 1 kg of orange oil, you must take 50 kg of fresh peel of these fruits. The smell of sweet orange essential oil is less bright, but in sweet and bitter fruit it is very close to the natural smell of fruit. The color of the oil is mostly dark yellow.

The process of obtaining the essential oil

Orange oil in production is obtained during the process called "cold pressing". No less popular is the process in which there is a simultaneous production of orange juice and essential oil. In this case, the fruits are pre-shredded in special machines placed in centrifuges. During processing, the separation of solid substances (peel) and liquid substances (juice, pulp). Then from the peel get the essential oil of orange. Its properties are incredibly wide. However, the quality of the oil thus obtained is somewhat worse, but the amount significantly exceeds the volume of the product obtained by the method of cold pressing.

Teaching oil at home

Despite the fact that, at first glance, the production of the essential substance is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, in fact, it can even be prepared at home. The end result is an excellent orange oil. Its application is possible for various purposes. How to get orange oil with your own hands?

For manufacturing are necessary:

  • fresh, soft, thick orange peel,
  • vegetable oil, odorless (optional sunflower, it can be olive, corn, cotton).

So, first you need to rinse the peel under a stream of hot water. Then cut it into small pieces and put in a glass bowl or jar. Pour the vegetable peel with a layer of approximately 1 cm of vegetable oil, cover with a lid and put in a dark place, for example, a kitchen cupboard. After three days, the resulting mass must be heated in a water bath for half an hour. Allow to cool and then squeeze the peel dry to obtain more orange oil.

In the manufacturing process, not a single chemical ingredient is added, only natural products are used, which means that one should not worry about the quality of the obtained essential oil. It is worth knowing that the product can be stored no more than 10 days, so you should not prepare it for future use.

Application area

Regardless of how the essential oil of orange is obtained, it can be used for various purposes. It has found wide application in cosmetology procedures: in the manufacture of masks, creams, scrubs, etc. To improve the taste in cooking, orange oil is added to the dishes. Its properties are very diverse, which is why it is also used for health purposes.

Properties of essential oil of orange

  1. Removes toxins from the body, helps with poisoning.
  2. Promotes the emergence of appetite and at the same time struggling with overweight.
  3. In dentistry it is used as an antiseptic, relieves inflammation of the gums.
  4. Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, thereby reducing the likelihood of atherosclerosis.
  5. Relieves eye fatigue, helps restore visual acuity.
  6. Relieves anxiety and fear, helps fight depression and relieves tension.
  7. Helps focus and focus on really important things.
  8. The perfect assistant in the fight against cellulite.
  9. Evens the tone of the face, gives it a healthy look and helps get rid of age spots.
  10. Increases immunity.
  11. Cheers up.

This is just a small list of medicinal properties possessed by essential oil of orange. Properties and its application are still being studied, therefore every year the list is supplemented.

In cosmetology

As mentioned earlier, orange oil is an indispensable tool in a woman’s arsenal in the struggle for beauty. It has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and, in general, on the state of the female body.

It is quite difficult to find ready-made products with an orange oil content - shampoos, masks, creams, since the shelf life of the essential substance is not more than 6 months. That is why to obtain a healing product, it is enough to add a few drops to your favorite cosmetic composition, or to prepare the product yourself.

The most popular masks are those that do not require a large number of ingredients. For example, a fairly simple mask of fresh cucumbers and sour cream:

  • for cooking, you must mix the pulp of fresh cucumber with one tablespoon of sour cream, add 2-3 drops of orange oil. The mask is ready, put on the face and leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.

Another “summer” strawberry-based mask:

  • take 4-5 ripe strawberries, pound them into mush. Add one teaspoon of cream and 2-3 drops of orange essential oil. Apply to face. Leave for 15-20 minutes.

There are many recipes in which not only orange oil is added, but also other essential substances. For example, chamomile, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, tea tree oil, etc. The basis of the mask can be therapeutic mud, blue or black cosmetic clay, egg yolk and much more.

Important! When making a tool, you need to check whether its components do not cause allergies.

Hand and hair masks

In order to tidy up the skin of the hands, to give her tenderness and smoothness, it is not necessary to resort to the services of cosmetologists or use expensive creams. Daily care at home will help to maintain the excellent condition of the skin of the hands for many years. Perhaps the simplest mask is made on the basis of sour cream, in which you can put geranium oil, chamomile, myrrh and orange oil.

For hair, it is enough to add orange oil to shampoo. It is not recommended to pour it directly into the entire bottle, it is better to add a couple drops right before use. Enriched means will give hair smoothness and shine, as well as help get rid of dandruff and brittle hair. All this is due to the fact that the composition contains orange oil. The beneficial properties accumulate, and with each use the condition of the hair improves. This is only the smallest list of beauty recipes that use orange essential oil. Its application in cosmetics is very wide.

In aromatherapy

Due to the large number of useful and healing properties that orange oil has, its use for various inhalations has become a salvation for many people. Just 15 minutes of being in a room filled with citrus scent helps to increase efficiency, increase strength, relieve fatigue, and a person has a feeling of happiness and joy.

Aromatic lamps with the addition of orange essential oil are very popular. In order for such procedures to bring only positive emotions, it is necessary to choose the right dosage. So, for a room of 16 square meters. m is enough four drops of essential oil. It can be used not only with the help of oil burners, it is enough to put on a clean cotton fabric and put, for example, on the heater. In this case, the room will also be filled with a terrific citrus scent.

It is very useful to take baths with the addition of the essential oil of this fruit. It is important to know that it cannot be used undiluted. Milk, honey or sea salt may be suitable as an emulsifier. Bath time should not exceed 15 minutes.

Lovers of bath procedures are also encouraged to periodically use orange oil. Reviews after visiting such a bath are only the most pleasant! You should know and remember the dosage: for 0.5 liters of water - 4 drops of the essential product. The time of visiting the steam room should not exceed 4-5 minutes.

In cooking

It is possible to use orange oil not only for various masks, aroma procedures, but also for preparing various dishes and drinks. Thus, daily consumption of tea with the addition of one drop of oil helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body, improve digestion, and increase appetite.

On New Year's Eve, try adding one drop of the essential substance of sweet orange to a glass of champagne. The taste of the drink will instantly change, become more saturated, and the color more golden!

Essential oil of orange, the properties and the use of which are not fully studied even at the present time, thanks to the available useful qualities is very popular.