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In a gray coat you are not a gray mouse!


To make a gray coat look elegant and stylish, when buying it you need to pay attention to the following important points:

  1. Material. Of course, almost all the representatives of the weaker sex dream of a fur coat made of natural fur. And the most desirable option is the mink. In such a silver coat with a beautiful sheen, anyone will feel like a real queen. A rabbit will become a worthy and more affordable substitute, its fur is no less soft and very pleasant to the touch. You can also choose a practical and warm muton, but it will not play with highlights, although it also looks noble. If the budget is limited, but the coat is very desirable, then choose a model made of faux fur, some materials do not differ much from natural ones, and sometimes make the product original and exclusive.
  2. The length depends on the weather in your area, lifestyle and personal preferences. So, avtoledi will appreciate short models, but it’s impossible to call them warm exactly. If you are forced to go to work every day by public transport and wait for it at bus stops, then the best option would be the length to mid-thigh or to the knees. A luxurious long fur coat is suitable for special occasions.
  3. The style can be almost anything, there are fitted models, straight or trapezoidal fur coats.

What is combined?

What is fashionable to wear a gray fur coat? There are many options, and for all occasions.

  • Artificial fur can be combined with jeans of any cut, as well as sweaters, sweatshirts and pullovers. Such tandems will allow you to create free, stylish and youth images.
  • Under any fur coat, you can wear a fitting wool or knitted dress. Its optimal length is midi: firstly, it is in fashion and suits many representatives of the weaker sex, secondly, the thing will close most of the body, thirdly, you will not look vulgar. And do not forget to wear tight black tights.
  • A chic mink coat can be worn over a no less luxurious evening dress. And the outfit of passionate scarlet or classic black color will be harmoniously combined with the outerwear.
  • The silver coat will perfectly fit into a business style, so it can be combined with classic pants and discreet blouses or sleek shirts.
  • To look strictly but feminine, choose the real “must have” of any female wardrobe - sheath dress.
  • To create a casual look, try to wear skinny trousers and a turtleneck or a discreet jumper under the outerwear.

Completing a stylish look with accessories

To make your beautiful gray coat look even more fashionable, stylish and bright, be sure to complement it with accessories. And start with the shoes. Depending on the style and cut of outerwear, you can choose boots with stiletto or stable heels, semi-boots, winter boots, jack boots. Their color can be black, gray, brown, red, dark blue.

Choose a suitable handbag, for example, a silver, red or black clutch or a more capacious everyday model. If the style of a fur coat allows and assumes a belt, then pick up a thin contrasting shade. Pay attention to the choice of headgear. And there are a variety of options available to you: berets, elegant hats, youth caps (for example, “bini”), various scarves, including bright and decorated with flowers.

Good color combinations

Although gray itself is considered to be a neutral color, compatibility with many other shades, including bright ones, is considered to be its great advantage. So, you can create a monochrome composition by adding a coat of black or gray tones to the coat.

Helping to share in the image of passion and sexuality will help red. An elegant and noble companion of gray - burgundy. Young girls will appreciate sunny yellow. Brown is also suitable. You can also choose a cool range of blue and lilac tones. Very interesting in combination with gray will look blue, purple, lavender, purple.


Useful tips for fashionistas:

  1. Can't make a choice and create an image? Check out photos from fashion shows or from popular magazines.
  2. Remember that the gray fur coat is marking and requires care, so watch out for its condition.
  3. Wear your coat proudly and do not be afraid to merge with the crowd, complementing the image with bright accessories!

A stylish gray coat will make you bright or chic, if you combine it with other things correctly and beat them with details.

Models of fur coats of gray for the winter 2018-2019

Modern fashion can offer a wide variety of styles of fur coats with gray fur. Their main difference is in the type of fur and its shade.

Today, the most popular model is the cross. It received its name for the transverse, horizontal position of the bands. This position of the skins can be performed on the entire product or on some part of it. For example, the top of a fur coat and its sleeves may have transverse stripes, and the hem may be made of a single web.

Looks very nice gray coat transversely with the natural color of the skins characteristic of the animal. In this case, the color gradually goes from a light tone to a more saturated, dark gray.

The gray fur coat with a hood is another version of the top fur clothing. Most women refuse to wear a headdress, as he crushes his hair, which can not be said about the hood. This element does not distort the specified image and allows you to use it only as needed, which is very convenient and practical.

Who is wearing a gray fur beauty?

  • The fur coat of light gray color conveys well all the beauty of the fur. And in general, the light color can be called the most advantageous, because in such clothes a woman looks even more tender.
  • Fur beauty of dark gray color conveys saturation and depth of natural fur. This shade is suitable for almost all types: brown-haired, blonde, brunette and red.
  • In a fur coat of dark saturated color a woman looks charming at any age.
  • Fur coats of expensive types of fur with a silver sheen seem to be created in order to warm and adorn blondes and brunettes. Look at this photo of how elegant a model looks in a gray coat in a cold gray color.

How to choose a style and shade?

  • When choosing a long or short gray coat, caution should be exercised. Choosing a store, you need to be guided by customer reviews, but you can check the quality of tailoring and fur yourself.
  • To do this, inspect the seams of the product. Of them should not stick thread. The seams should be smooth and even, not puff.
  • If the skins are not sewn to each other, but glued, such a fur coat should be discarded.
  • If you want to buy a real mink, and not, say, a woodchuck, which can be issued as a mink, look not only at the color of the fur. Try to determine the type of fur by its properties. So, to touch the mink fur is softer than the groundhog fur. In turn, groundhog fur is tougher and more prickly.

We select companion items for the gray coat

A hat to a gray coat can be either gray or another color. The ensemble of gray fur beauty and a knitted hat or a beret of white or blue color looks beautiful.

Headgear can be fur or knit. Mink "Kubanka" looks very feminine and non-shaved.

On the head you can tie a scarf of gray color with a dark pattern. This ensemble can be supplemented with high boots with heels.

A scarf with a gray coat must be worn properly. It is not allowed to wear a scarf over a fur coat. This is a moveton. You can add an image with a light scarf under a fur coat.

Shoes under the gray coat can be absolutely anyone. It all depends on where you go. So, shoes or boots would be appropriate for everyday wear. At the exit fit shoes with high heels.

The choice of color of shoes depends on the length and style of fur coats. The colors that go well with gray are: black, brown, white, gray, red.

On the bottom, you can wear tight jeans or pants that blend in well with a turtleneck and wide oversized sweaters. It can also be a pullover or a tunic.

But where in the winter without warm gloves, which not only warm, but also complement the charming image. For a gray fur coat made of natural fur, only leather accessories will be the best companion. Moreover, this concerns not only gloves, but also a bag, which can be of any size, so long as it is stylish and blends in color with a fur coat.

Give up the bag over your shoulder, because, firstly, such an ensemble does not look holistic, and secondly, the bag strap will always strive to slip from the shoulder. In addition, due to constant friction on the coat hanger, fur can start to fall out. Ideally, it should be a clutch.

Choose restrained jewelery from jewelery, as bright jewelery and fur in tandem look simply vulgar. By itself, the fur is already self-sufficient, therefore it does not accept competitors.

Knowing what shades of gray fur coats are and what to wear them with, you will always look stylish and feminine.

What kind of headgear is worn with a fur coat?

A hat and a mink coat are an undesirable combination, but if there is still a need for a headdress, then it is permissible to choose a mink or any other fur hat. But the knitted headgear should be abandoned, although in casual style such combinations are permissible. Let the fur caps not exactly convey the shade of the fur coat, but it is also not worth creating contrasts with it, unless contrasting elements were embodied in the outer clothing.

Scarves, wide scarves and shawls that replace hats are becoming popular again.

What is the combination of different models?

For the correct formation of the image, in which the main element is a fur product, it is often necessary to take into account the model of the fur coat, its style and the style to which it corresponds. Some fur coats are so original that the general rules for the selection of additional elements simply cease to operate and you need to look for other combination methods. We will consider the most difficult options in which the combination rules are very special.

  • Fur coat-robe - this is a fresh trend, from which emanates originality. Here you can safely form a business image with ironed trousers, culottes and other classic trousers in the classic colors. On the basis of the coat, a bathrobe, you can create a casual style that is so loved by young people. In this case, a sweater with a collar like a collar, jeans, tight pants, floor skirts with a knitted structure will do. Skirts of various lengths and styles can be combined with this coat, depending on the style chosen.

  • If earlier everyone tried to choose a solid coat, now designers specially create models from small pieces of fur. Under such a fur coat, you can wear leather pants, which will be complemented by ankle boots on the wedge. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you can experiment with a bright shawl, a hat in the shape of a bowler hat.

  • A long fur coat made of long fur is a small case when jeans, knitted headgear and massive shoes will be more appropriate than classic clothes.

  • The beautiful style of Chanel, which is embodied with the help of fur, often becomes the choice of elegant women. This is an amazing phenomenon in the fashion world, where simplicity and brevity look so elegant and elegant without adding any elements. In such images there should not be anything bright and catchy, as a decor a brooch can be used, but no more.

Combine a fur coat of different lengths?

The choice of additional elements to the fur product primarily depends on the length of the fur coat. All short models are perfectly combined with classic and skinny trousers, trendy jeans. If your fur coat does not slightly reach the knees, then you can still choose pants, choose a short skirt or a dress that will not look out from under the fur product.

Well, with a long fur coat you definitely need to wear either a skirt or a dress.

Black fur coat is best combined with black elements of leather or suede. Images of total black always look interesting and in no way boring. Several bright elements do not interfere, but this is a matter of taste of every fashionista.

For multi-colored fur coats you need to choose more simple and even monophonic things that will bring harmony to an already bright image. A bright fur coat can be shaded not only with a calm color, but also with an unusual texture, for example, silk or chiffon.

Classic and natural shades of fur, which include beige, nut color and chocolate, next to black things will look boring and muted. More successful will be the image created from different shades of brown.

Fur blue and sapphire shades can be combined with gray suede, this image will be light, relaxed, but very stylish.

Leopard coats are best combined with black elements, other options should not even be considered, because a smart coat with an animal print can turn out to be vulgar.

A white fur coat requires a responsible approach to image formation from its owner. White boots can be confidently excluded from the list of available items. For white fur you can pick up brown, gray, black and beige things. Accessories can also be considered in which there is a combination of white with other shades.

What shoes are worn?

Even when choosing shoes you need to focus on the length of the fur coat. If your fur coat is short, then shoes can be chosen from high boots, short boots, high boots and half boots. In the case of a fur coat with a French length (to the knee), it is better to choose high boots - this will be the perfect image.

For a fur coat on the floor, it is recommended to choose boots, which will be no less elegant than the mink itself.

About uggs worth talking separately. No matter how much such shoes are loved by you and no matter how fashionable a model gathers dust in your wardrobe, waiting for the onset of the season, it’s absolutely impossible to wear ugg boots under a mink coat. Let such shoes remain for a sports jacket, but not for a noble, expensive mink fur. And, in general, uggs are considered shoes for every day and they are not a pair of fur coats.

Many women of fashion are concerned about the height of the heel. In this matter, it is also necessary to look at the length of the fur coat, even among stylists there is an unspoken rule that the heel height increases as the fur coat lengthens.

Choosing accessories

It's time to choose accessories. Mink coat does not require the allocation, placement of accents and the introduction of contrasting elements. In such outerwear everything is so beautiful. But still a silk or thin woolen scarf / shawl around the neck does not hurt, if the design of the fur coat allows. It is possible to choose contrasting elements, but still undesirable.

An elegant brooch can be placed on a plain fur coat that will compensate for the lack of expressive buttons. If you choose a brooch, then definitely it should not be cheap jewelry. The same rules apply to jewelry. Just one cheap item will ruin the whole image and even an expensive fur coat will not help here. Gold goes well with fur.

You can replace the cold precious metal with natural pearls. If there is no opportunity to buy expensive jewelry, then it is better not to include them in your image at all.

Hands also need to keep warm in order to preserve their beauty and youth as long as possible. After buying a fur coat you need to think about purchasing leather gloves. No mittens and knitted patterns. If the sleeves of the fur coats are long, then the gloves may be short. Long gloves must be worn with a fur coat with a sleeve in ¾.

It remains only to deal with the bags to the image was fully formed. The bag should be fashionable and expensive, to match a fur coat. Therefore, you can explore the contents of the latest collections, which were created using genuine leather or noble suede. You can surely forget about the leather, textile materials and plastics, such bags only spoil the whole image.

In order not to spoil the bag with a bag, you need to choose a model that could be worn in the hand, on the elbow and on the shoulder. The process will have to combine these three options to keep the fur holistic. The style of the bag may not coincide with the style of a fur coat; modern fashionable laws allow you to select clutches, large handbags and totes for fur coats.

Stylish images

Spectacular mink model with a fitted silhouette and a belt that highlights the waist. The main decoration here is the rich texture of the fur, its noble light color, which in each lane goes from a light shade to a little dark. The free hood adorns the owner of such a fur miracle, and warms in fierce frosts, allowing you to do without a hat. The wide gray belt demonstrates the success of a combination of light mink with gray accessories.

Black beauty with smooth fur and cold shine - what could be more beautiful than such a fur coat. Her fitted silhouette clearly sits on the figure, enveloping its owner and engaging her in a warm and soft captivity, which is impossible to enjoy. The wide matte belt further enhances the shine of the fur.

А вот и яркий представитель молодежной меховой моды. Яркие кусочки самых неожиданных расцветок создают единую модель, которая на любой девушке будет смотреться свежо, актуально и броско. А что же еще нужно в этом возрасте: быть ярче всех, удивлять мир и в полной мере выражать свою индивидуальность, пусть даже за счет коротенькой шубки. As we said earlier, with such a bright fur coat it is necessary to wear the simplest things possible: black pants and a bag, a light jacket, natural make-up.

Fashionable shades of 2018: why gray is in fashion

Some women of fashion often ask a question about why gray is so fashionable in 2018? After all, for objective reasons, it can be called dim. And how is it possible to create an original image with the help of a similar color scheme Sorry, but my personal attitude is a little different from the opinion even of top stylists. They believe that the gray tone is neutral, so it suits most girls. In my opinion, this is a completely wrong position. There are many fashionable shades that differ in saturation and presence in the color of another color scheme. So, you can see gray-blue or pink coats, which you will read about in other issues on the site.

Dark gray

The most successful in the opinion of stylists is dark gray. In other sources, it is often the opinion that the fur coat should be practical. Therefore, in this shade the model is the most popular in 2018. Well, what about the look? He should not suffer from the choice of color. In fact, we can agree that the dark gray coat is universal. Here it is more important what fur it is made of. In fact, models made of artificial material in a dark gray shade look unsuccessfully. Color emphasizes cheapness. Therefore, if you like the shade, then try to choose a natural fur coat.

Light gray

Luxurious and expensive looks light gray coat, which is very popular among business women. The fact is that despite the margins of this shade, it always looks fresh. Even after several seasons, the owners of the trend gizmos point out that the color is durable and does not fade when exposed to sunlight. Light gray fur coats are chosen by self-confident ladies. It is easier to combine with other things. This product looks equally good with business and casual outfits.

Gray beige fur coat

The most interesting option is a coat of gray-beige color. This color is more like milky. The predominance of soft tones looks luxurious and bold. These innovations include stylists gray coat with white tips. If the product is fluffy, then it acquires additional volume. Therefore, such products are not recommended for full girls and those who do not like street style.

Models and current styles of gray coats in the photo

The models of gray fur coats always look very expensive and respectable. Many modern stylists rely on this. Such products look equally attractive on young girls. But even older women do not deny themselves the acquisition of the actual style. Let's look at the photo of gray fur coats, where they are presented in a wide variety of stylish models.

With hood

In winter, you want to hide from the cold. But this should not be an obstacle in order to look fresh and attractive. If there is no strong frost in the region where a woman of fashion lives and no strong winds are observed, then you can try to wear a gray fur coat with a hood, it is a very popular attribute of a woman’s wardrobe. Stylists emphasize the fact that the hood of a fur coat is much warmer than some caps. Choosing a product without such a detail, it is best to wear it with hats in warm weather, and in the deep winter to combine the model with a fur hood. Coats with a hood of a contrasting shade — white, black, pink and others — look bold and relevant.

Stylish short fur coats are a real must-have of modern fashionistas. Of course, this product will not allow you to make long walks in the winter city. But they are perfect for those who like to drive a car. In this regard, short gray fur coats are much more practical than long ones and up to the knee. Natural or artificial material will not be subject to wear, as only the backrest will come into contact with the seat. These models include short-sleeved fur coats. They also easier to drive your favorite car.

Long luxury products in gray are the privilege of self-confident business women. The coat on the floor with full sleeves looks very impressive. Such products can also be made with a warm hood. Some girls pay attention to long straight models with stand-up and Chanel style.

Fluffy and cross

Fluffy models are presented in the model cross. A gray coat in this design shimmers in the sun with silver hues. There is an opinion that such a style in 2018 went out of fashion. But, if he likes a fashionista, then why not afford such a novelty? As a gray coat "cross" often meet short models. Long styles are also popular, but less practical.

From pieces

If you do not have a large budget for the purchase of winter clothing, then pay attention to the gray coat of mink pieces. Such models look no less impressive. The only and biggest drawback is that this product will last only a few seasons. It is more exposed to the strain, but fashionistas are attracted by the low price.

Gray materials for women's fur coats of 2018

Almost all natural materials can withstand the color of gray. In such a performance, you rarely see expensive models, for example, of a seal or sable, as they are tried not to be spoiled by the coloring procedure. The most common in 2018, a fur coat of gray color from arctic fox, as the animal has a fluffy fur. Under the influence of the sun and frost, it becomes fluffy and overflows with numerous shades of silver color scheme.

To fox fur coats can be attributed products from fox. The silver fox has a gray tint. But, such fur coats with white tips. These products look very volume and luxurious.

The neutral gray tone in a completely new way reveals the iridescent pattern of astrakhan. Despite the fact that such products are not designed for a frosty winter and are very expensive, they are still often chosen. The lamb's fur has small curls that are difficult to fake on purpose. They form a beautiful pattern and shimmer in the light. Most often, such products are worn as a coat in warm weather. Under the influence of cold air, astrakhan fur can be severely deformed and lose its beautiful appearance.

The most common model in this season is a mink gray coat. Material well maintains coloring and looks expensive. Fashionable shades used by designers include gray-pink and gray-blue. Mink has a short-haired and very valuable fur. In gray, it looks better than sable.

From Mouton and Rabbit

The budget options include gray mouton fur coats. This is also short-haired fur. The biggest drawback of the product is its weight. If you want a furry coat, then pay attention to the beaver's fur. After the work of designers, he becomes very luxurious and stylish. Rabbit has the cheapest price. But, it easily wears out and loses its original appearance. Therefore, some girls, choosing between a manto from a rabbit and an artificial gray fur coat, choose the second option. Modern technologies allow you to create products as close as possible to the appearance of natural materials.

What to wear with a gray coat for women

Neutral gray tone allows women to wear a fur coat in this color with absolutely any other things. Very good natural fur looks with clothes made of leather. Therefore, accessories and shoes are best to choose from such material. The combination of the product with suede textures remains controversial. This does not apply to similar models of dresses. This combination looks very style. The suede dress complements the look with a gray natural fur coat and makes it even more luxurious, as can be seen in the photo of modern bows.

Try to wear stylish short gray coats with boots and high classic boots. Stylists say that with such a coat looks good the whole palette. But, best of all, the shoes match the shade with the selected accessories. In warm, but not wet weather, try wearing a fur coat with hats. In such an ensemble, gloves made of genuine leather look interesting. If the hat has a short sleeve, then pick the appropriate mittens. Do not combine knitted mittens with such a product. Better, let it be high quality gloves.

You can safely wear a gray fur coat with jeans. In warm weather, wear American women who are very fashionable in 2018. Do not forget that in frosty weather it is worth warming. Otherwise, you can earn a cold.

Good looking coat in gray with a green sweater. In general, things of this color are well combined with a neutral tone. Remember that such a fur coat allows for some errors in the image. It can be worn casually, creating a very original casual look. The model of free or direct cut is well combined with everyday things and bright accessories.