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What to give to the child and his parents for christening?


A family celebration celebrated in Orthodox families is modest, but with joy, it is the communion of the baby and its baptism in the temple (church), where it is taken by a font with consecrated water. Father and godparents - from now on new members of the family, spiritual mentors of the child. Traditionally, gifts for christening do they. But other relatives close to the family can bring memorable gifts to the child on one of the important days for him - the day of his baptism.

Orthodox families pay great attention to such an event in the life of a baby as baptism. This small, but very important family holiday is of great importance for the soul, and most often they try to christen the child at a very young age - up to a year. There is an explanation among the people: as long as the soul has not touched the earth, that is, until the child has taken his first steps in the earthly stronghold, she is sinless. They say another way: before the age of seven, children are angels, but at the age when the baby does not know anything wrong, is not yet aware of the essence of being, his pure soul is closest to God in the greatest way.

Meaning of baptism

The sacrament of baptism consists in properly preparing for a serious and measured step — who can be trusted with the responsible role of godparents. After all, the baby does not make an informed decision to be baptized, therefore the godfather and the godmother are responsible for such an action and raising a child in an atmosphere of spirituality. First of all, they are the most important and honored guests on this day.

Of course, you can celebrate an event in the family with a magnificent feast, but there is no need for it, and if you take into account the state of the baby’s mother and his own peace, you shouldn’t invite a lot of guests, make noise and fireworks. The essence of the event is not to celebrate it as much as possible, but to make it a holiday for the initiated - godfathers and the closest relatives.

Attention sign to godparents and parents

Gifts to godparents on christening day can be symbolic - it can be a small nominal icon, a miniature candlestick for one church candle, spiritual films, a themed card or an angel figure, but it is not necessary to give gifts at all - on the day of the child's baptism . According to the tradition, godparents should not be forgotten for Christmas - on Christmas Eve the godson brings the godfather and uzvar, and the godparents respond to the kid with a small gift.

Gifts to parents for christening should be tied to the baptism of their baby, in tune with him, because for them practically the first holiday of a newborn or older baby is one of the first memorable dates.

What gives the godfather to the christening

It is believed that for a male child more important than the godfather, than the godmother, although, of course, it would be better if both godparents were in charge before God for the baby. Both godparents and parents will give the necessary knowledge: the godmother will teach wisdom and goodness, the godfather - the strength and courage of the spirit. Therefore, it is said that only a godfather can baptize a boy, but it will be better if the baby’s godmother also has it.

A gift for christening for a boy from a godfather is traditionally a silver chain with a cross. Often, the godfather also pays for expenses in the church for the very procedure of baptism, but there is no mandatory rule. A costume in which the baby will go home after being introduced to the Orthodox world can be presented as a gift.

A god-girl godfather can give a gold chain and cross. The cross can be simple, and the chain - the usual consecrated cord, the luxury of such a gift is not essential. However, symbolically, considering silver as male metal and gold as female, the godfather puts in his present a wish for his godson or goddaughter of health, material well-being and success.

What gives the godmother to the christening

The established tradition prescribes the cross several options for gifts. Of course, the godmother, like any mother, should take care of clothes for the baby after christening. Therefore, it is often from her that the child receives as a gift a kryzhma or a baptismal shirt, a baptismal cap, a baptismal towel, in which the child is taken from the font.

If such things do not have a need or have already been bought by mom, the godmother can make gifts for christening and more luxurious. It used to be a tradition to give a small icon to a baby on the day of christening. And such a gift was the prerogative of the cross. Due to the fact that the icon is made to order, it takes time and the search for craftsmen, you can make such a gift for the christening of the girl from the cross, as a beautiful elegant dress of white, cream or beige color.

Instead of a dimensional icon, the godmother can donate an icon of a guardian angel, which should stand at the head of the baby’s crib and keep it from misfortune and disease. The godmother cares about the soul of her little ward, so she herself must be a deeply religious person, pray for him, take care and support.

Another traditional gift from the godmother is a silver spoon (tea or dessert) "per tooth". There is a special prayer of the cross, which, giving the child a silver spoon for the first tooth, makes it a ritual object. In order for a child to eat well, he should take lures and good food from this spoon. The answer to the secret is simple: silver is an antibacterial metal, silver ions cleanse and disinfect everything that they come into contact with. Such a gift, symbolizing spiritual food, will also be useful for physical health.

Measured icon

Such a gift is gaining popularity, because the beauty and semantic potential of a dimensional icon are very peculiar. Measured icon is written to order. Its distinctive feature from others is that its base size corresponds to the growth of a baby at birth, and this makes it unique. In addition, the measuring icon depicts the patron saint of the baby, that is, it is nominal.

What do relatives and friends give

On the bright holiday of bringing a small Christian to the church, gifts for christening from grandparents can also be religious. It will be appropriate to give the child a children's Bible (Holy Scripture), which parents will read to him when he is ready to accept the stories of the Old and New Testament. You can make a gift more prosaic and give a personalized icon to a grandson or granddaughter. As the closest relatives and grandparents can also give a child a dimensional icon. Such a gift will also symbolize strong family ties.

A talented grandmother, a needlewoman can make a gift for christening with her own hands. This can be a beautiful themed embroidery, the schemes of which are offered by online stores and handicraft stores. You can also embroider the first portrait of a newborn by converting the pixels of the digitized image into cells on the embroidery. The same can be done by a close friend of the family invited to a celebration. Friends who want to present such a gift to the family, but cannot do it on their own, may well make such a gift to order, beforehand making sure that the gift is made by the deadline.

Ideas useful gift is not on the subject of christening

As a rule, close family members are aware of what is missing from the young family in which the newborn has appeared. Perhaps it is a cot or a stroller, a changing table or a musical carousel, a highchair and so on. Such a gift will be useful for the baby, and parents will be grateful for participating in the process of his physical comfort and development.

Silver souvenir gifts are pleasant and beautiful, but if there is no money for such a gift, or ideas, time, there is no choice, you can give money (in a beautiful envelope with religious motifs). A cash gift will also be appropriate. A kid for this amount or with its account may get something that is needed, but not enough money.

How to make your gift for christening memorable

If for a child you want to pick up an original gift for christening, you can turn to options that are in tune with the theme. A nice and beautiful gift from both relatives and friends can be a set of dining items for a child with teddy bears or bunnies. It can be a silver beanbag to a very young Christian.

Great engraving ideas can make a christening gift for a girl unique and personalized. For any child, and especially for his mother, it will be pleasant and meaningful to receive a silver box as a gift for the first curl (when the child is first cut, the mother will definitely keep the fluffy and soft baby tuft) and the first tooth dropped.

A bank silver coin with the image of christenings or a church, a newborn, etc. can also become a beautiful souvenir.

Silver souvenir toys - beautiful christening gifts

Silver rattle for a baby is likely to remain a souvenir and will not be used for its intended purpose. If a gift for christening for a boy is chosen more practical, you can pay attention to silver souvenirs in the form of cars or ships. Often they perform the function of a piggy bank, so in a more conscious age they may become useful to him, reminding of the donor. An original gift for christening for a girl of this type can be a silver cube-coin box, a silver mug. The girl can give a soft toy. There are special soft toys, consonant with the event, with the image of a cross embroidered with silver threads.

Gifts to the child from the godparents

Special responsibility is placed on the shoulders of the godfathers and fathers, because, according to church canons, after baptism, they will become second parents and spiritual mentors for the child. They should also give their godson or goddaughter a gift in honor of his rebirth as a believer.

Godparents can present the following gifts:

  • Cross. It can be made from noble precious metals such as gold or silver, or from other materials, such as wood, bronze or amber. Such an important Christian attribute will require an additional accessory, and it is better for the child not to give the chain: it can rub soft baby skin or break. The best option would be gaytan - durable textile or leather cord.
  • Baptismal set or kryzhma. The latter is a cut of clean cloth into which a child is wrapped after baptism. For a girl, you can buy a beautiful lace shirt or dress, and a cotton shirt will suit the boy.
  • The icon will also come in handy and mark the importance of the sacrament of baptism. Godparents can purchase a lighted nominal image of the patron of the baby, under whose name he is baptized. And the measuring icon, which is made to order and corresponds to the growth of the child, will become an especially significant and important attribute.
  • Silver spoon, as a rule, is presented with a “first tooth”, but such an event can be timed to coincide with christening. And this gift will definitely not be superfluous and will certainly come in handy with the introduction of complementary foods. Such a spoon can become a personal tableware object of the baby and be used exclusively by him.
  • If desired, godmothers can pay for video or photography of christenings, and such a gift will be remembered for sure and will allow you to capture one of the most important events and save it not only in memory, but also on the information carrier.

Not everyone knows which of the godparents should acquire specific gifts. There are no strict rules in the canons of the Orthodox Church, so the spiritual father and mother can give what they consider necessary. But they must agree among themselves and distribute duties, and also inform their parents of the baby about their intentions so that they do not worry about acquiring the necessary attributes.

Tip: especially appreciated gifts made or decorated with their own hands. So, the godmother can sew a kryzhma or a baptismal set on her own or embroider on her the name of a child or some spiritual attributes, such as an angel.

Gifts to the child from guests

What can you give to the christening baby? If you are invited to the sacrament of baptism as a guest, then the appearance on it with empty hands can be perceived as a bad form or disrespect for the child and his parents. Therefore, guests can also give gifts, but less significant than those presented by godparents.

Guests can give the child something pleasant and useful, for example:

  • New clothes. Children grow up very quickly, so donated sliders, vests, pants, bodysuits, overalls, dresses and other things will come in handy. And it is better to acquire them for growth.
  • First Bible. This is the most important Orthodox book, and it can be presented by relatives of the child, for example, his aunt or uncle, grandfather and grandmother. And so that the baby can learn as early as possible the history of the creation of the world by God, the Bible can be illustrated with vivid and understandable images.
  • A set of bed linen is also certainly useful. You can choose a set, sustained in soothing colors and complemented by images of animals, fairy tale or cartoon characters.
  • A towel or bathrobe will be needed after swimming. Such a product should be of high quality, pleasant to the touch and soft.
  • A good gift will be a blanket, which parents will hide the crumbs on the street or at home during the cold season.
  • It is possible to teach a child a toy that is suitable for age and high quality. It can be a rattle, a set of rubber bath figures, a sorter, a pyramid, a bath book, a designer with large and bright details.
  • Photo album or photo frame. The album will store photos, including those with christenings. And in the frame you can put a beautiful picture of the crumbs or a family photo.
  • As a gift for the baby, you can present children's cosmetic and care products, for example, shampoo, bathing foam, cream under the diaper, massage oil, powder and so on.

Should I give gifts to parents?

Although the culprit of the celebration is a child, his parents can also be presented with gifts as a sign of such an important event. For example, close friends or relatives can give a household appliance that is useful in the household. And in order to present something really necessary, you can ask in advance what technique the father and mother of the baby would like to receive. No less useful gifts will be sets of dishes or cutlery, dinner sets, and other kitchen utensils.

Relatives can give parents a photo or video of the ordinance of baptism, taking on such responsibilities as finding a good photographer and paying for his services. This gift will certainly be appreciated. Another option - a family or children's photo shoot, not related to the christening. You can present a certificate for visiting a photo studio on any pre-arranged day.

A gift can be symbolic, and even in this case it will be pleasant and show the sincere attitude of the giver. So, a child’s mother can be presented with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of good champagne or sparkling wine. Also a pleasant surprise will be a statuette or angel figurine, a decorated bag for storing the first curls of the crumbs, a photo album or an original frame, a topiary, and a houseplant in a cache-pot. Dad can get alcohol, such as brandy.

Christening is an important event in the life of the child and his parents. And in order to emphasize its significance, godparents and invited guests can make gifts both to the baby, and to his father and mother. And now you can decide on their choice and present something useful and pleasant.

What the godparents give to the christening

  • Cross or crucifix. The most responsible and honorable role on the day of christening is assigned to the godparents. From this day onwards, the godparents become the spiritual parents of their Christian chaplain for life. According to custom, they should give a baptismal cross to the ward. The product does not have to be gold or even better for it to be silver. The chain can not buy - just buy a strong thread for the cross. A crucifix can be not only silver or gold, but also from another metal and even from wood. The value of such a gift can not be overemphasized. After all, for the Christian cross, crucifixion is an essential attribute and symbol of faith, religious affiliation.

Before the beginning of the ceremony, the cross, the crucifix must be consecrated at the priest’s (although in the church shops they often sell consecrated items). Прежде чем покупать крест, следует убедиться, что у изделия нет острых углов, способных поцарапать младенца.

Если вы еще думаете, что дарит крестный на крестины, знайте: согласно традиции ритуал Крещения оплачивает именно крестный.

  • Крыжма. Другой традиционный подарок крестнику от крестных – крыжма — лоскут ткани, в который малыша заворачивают после обряда. Крестильное полотенце, что дарят на крестины, может быть сделано из пеленки или простой белой ткани.

The main requirement for the material is that it be natural, high-quality, absorb moisture and be pleasant to the body.

More often, the white kryzhma is one-color, but it is also decorated with patterns, church symbols.

It is believed that the presence of the cross on the Kryzhma - the main symbol of faith - a good sign. Before using the kryzhma, the father should consecrate this fabric.

When a child is dipped into a font, the godmother takes him from the hands of the priest, who wraps the baby in the roof. In such a dress the baby remains until the completion of the ceremony. Then the baby is dressed in standard clothes.

After all, it is considered that the fabric of the kryzhma, in which a person is wrapped around a person after being immersed in holy water, becomes miraculous. All baptism should be left in the house in which the child lives.

  • Baby clothes.The girl-goddaughter is supposed to buy a new dress, the boy-godson is a shirt. Handmade or embroidered items are especially welcome. As a rule, objects related to baptism keep their whole life.

The baptismal shirt is what you can give to the baptism of a girl.

Another presentation option is a ready-made set of elegant textiles. As a rule, such a kit includes a dress, hat or cap, socks, sometimes also tights, blouse, bib. Elegant gizmos decorate patterns, lace, bows, ribbons, ruffles.

  • Dishes and toys. For some time it has become a tradition to give a practical product to the christening - a silver spoon. This is not only a symbolic and kind gift, but also a thing that is always useful in everyday life.

Naturally, it is not a business to leave a baby without toys. It is better for a girl to present a doll, a soft toy in the shape of a puppy or a bear cub. What to give to the christening boy? Present him a toy-typewriter or a special developing mat.

Christening gifts from guests

If you participate in christening as a guest, prepare a small gift for the baby and his father and mother.

Successful gifts to parents - candy box and flower bouquet, photo album or small souvenirs for memory.

Don't know what to give to the baptism of a girl from the godmother or guests? If you want to make a symbolic gift, choose a gift. personal icon. This product the child will be able to keep all his life and, perhaps, all his life he will turn to this icon for help.

As a talisman you can give a child cedar hanging or Bible for kids with colorful printing.

Traditional christening gift - baby clothes.

The girl will suit a sarafan, a dress, a set of hats and scarves.

A boy can be given a warm or elegant suit, sweater or overalls.

A useful and practical gift for a child - a blanket, a comfortable pillow, a bedding set for children or a towel.

Today it is permissible to give to christenings:

  • children's furniture,
  • walkers,
  • toys,
  • bicycles
  • swing,
  • cars.

Give a gift gold chain goddaughter girl or Golden earrings, and years later, the product will remind its owner about who presented it with such a gift.

Christening gift for an adult

Adult baptized people do not always organize a holiday on this occasion. If you want to congratulate a loved one or acquaintance with his spiritual birthday, you can purchase an icon or the most important book for the Christian - the Bible - in an exclusive design, in a gift edition.

A good gift will be stands for icons, crucifixes, crosses, containers for holy water, candlesticks, audio CDs with orthodox films, audio books.

12 gift ideas for baptism

  1. Kryzhma.
  2. Cross or crucifix.
  3. The Bible in the edition for children, Bible legends, Gospel stories for children.
  4. Baby clothes.
  5. Silver spoon for christening - a traditional gift. At baptism, you can give not only a spoonful of silver, but also a set of silver dishes.
  6. The icon is a nominal one (a guardian angel with which the name of the godson, goddaughter is associated) or dimensional, on which the patron saint of the baptized is depicted in full height. The length of the board at the dimensional icon coincides with the growth of the child. Also give universal icons, for example, Panteleimon the Healer - for children with poor health. Do not know what to give a goddaughter on the day of baptism? Give the baby the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the female patroness, as a gift, and you will not go wrong.
  7. Jewelry: chain, ring, earrings - this is the answer to the question of what to give to the christening girl.
  8. Caskets for jewelry or trifles, cases for relics, bags for documents, tags, cross.
  9. Photo frame or photo album.
  10. Bedding or towels.
  11. Toys - perhaps the most desirable gift for a child.
  12. Money is a universal gift that is given if it is not decided what to give to the baby for baptism from objects, things.

Thinking what to give for baptism, consider different options. The choice of possible presents is huge. But we should not make a decision about the gift in a hurry.


The sacrament of baptism is never repeated; this event can occur only once, just like the physical birth of a person. For this reason, the attitude towards christenings in Russia has always been very serious and responsible. All participants of the event (parents of the child, godparents and father, relatives and friends of the family) prepared for the celebration in advance.

The church has not set a certain age at which to baptize a child: this can be done both in infancy and in adolescence. In addition, a person can be baptized as an adult. For this reason, the answer to the question of what to give to the person receiving the baptism depends on the person’s age. In any case - the gift should be useful and necessary. It is very good if it continues for a long time and after many years will remind of an important stage in a person’s life. At baptism is not accepted to give weapons, alcohol, money. Gifts must be filled with warmth and demonstrate sincere care and love of the donor.

What do godparents give?

In ancient times, when mortality was high (people died of disease, died on the battlefield), they tried to christen their offspring as soon as possible, because in the event of the death of the mother and father the child did not remain to the mercy of fate. Responsibility for him took godmother mom and dad.

Now the godparents are mostly close people who will be able to assist their parents in the spiritual upbringing of the child, in his correct guidance on the righteous Christian path.

They bear a responsible mission, but because gifts from the godparents to the godson - a special topic for conversation. There are traditional gifts that are usually given to the baby for baptism:

  • Orthodox cross. It can be a gold, silver or the most common cross. The main thing - that he was consecrated in the church. To cross you need to immediately buy a rope or string. Chains for small children are not suitable - kids can break them.

Traditional gifts for christening

Orthodox christenings are the second birth of a child. As on any other holiday, it is accepted on this day to present gifts to the hero of the occasion. You can, of course, get along with a standard set of toys, clothes or sweets. But it is much more interesting to choose such a gift for a baby, which will become symbolic and will remind of this important event.

The most common traditional gifts for the baptism of a girl or boy can be considered the following:

  • Silver spoon "on teeth"

This gift is very useful, because from a spoon you can then feed the baby. Such an object is also used to disinfect water, for which it is sufficient to lower it into a jar of water. On the spoon you can make an engraving with the name of the baby.

  • Silver cup

It was noticed that those children who used silver utensils in childhood did not turn black.

  • Not knowing what to give to the christening of the girl from the godmother or from the godfather, present the icon. A similar gift will suit the boy too.

This gift is one of the most important. Not knowing which icon to give to the christening, you can opt for the icon depicting the Guardian Angel. Usually they put it on the crib, considering that in this case the baby’s sleep will be strong and serene. Suitable as a gift and any icon of the Virgin. You can present the icon of St. Nicholas. The icon with the image of the face of the saint - the patron saint of the baby - is perfect as a gift.

Such a baptismal gift will remind parents that they should raise a worthy Christian accordingly.

  • Kryzhma

It is an edge of white monophonic fabric, a sheet or a towel. This item is necessary in order to wrap the baby after swimming in the holy water. Upon completion of the ritual, the kryzhma becomes for a person something of a talisman that must be kept for life. Neither the wash nor the use in the home, this flap should not be exposed. It is believed that the kryzhma as a result of the rite of baptism is endowed with magical properties. For example, to cover a sufficiently sick child with this cloth, as he will soon recover.

Previously, the kryzhma looked like a cut piece of white cloth. Today you can buy special, beautiful, embroidered thematic drawings.

The peculiarity of such gifts lies in the fact that they are equally suitable as a gift for the christening of a girl and for the christening of a boy. These items are usually given to godparents.

A gift for christening from godparents

The godparents, like no one else, are concerned with the question of what they give to the christening of a girl or boy. I want the gift to be appropriate.

What gives the cross - a question of interest to many. It’s a long time to think about donating a godchild to a christening from a godmother. According to tradition, the godmother should present a set for baptism, a special shirt, cap, and diaper with an image of Orthodox symbols stuffed or embroidered on fabric. The priest must notify the color of the set in advance. Beige, white, pale blue colors are acquired more often than others.

For those who do not know what to give the godson to the christening from the godfather, it should be clarified that first of all he should take care of the cross. The material from which this item will be made can be anything, depending on the financial situation of the donator.

Important! The purchased cross should first be illuminated in the temple or it is better to buy it there immediately.

When deciding what to give a godson or a goddaughter for christening, some godparents stop focusing on a special bag for storing the first strands of hair. The task of parents is to keep the curls, because you can not throw them away. By the way, it will be original if you embroider the name of your ward on a bag.

What do ordinary guests give to the christening of the baby?

Guests invited to the celebration, the traditional items associated with the Baptism, do not have to give. In order not to be mistaken with a surprise, it is advisable to inquire in advance with the parents of the baby what gift to present. If they cannot get any information on this issue, then you can choose something from the list below.

  1. A beautiful soft toy in its original packaging will do.
  2. Any item of clothing (for example, a fancy dress or dress).
  3. A set of baby bed linen, but only necessarily high quality.
  4. Baby blanket is always useful in the household.
  5. Photo album or photo frame, special children.
  6. A large terry towel or bath robe will last for several years and your parents will remember you with a kind word for a long time.
  7. Rocking horse, walkers, highchair, playpen - all these items will be useful to the baby, however, they are not cheap. In addition, you should ask your parents in advance if they really need this item.
  8. Kolgotochki, socks, sliders - useful items that are required every day. Parents will undoubtedly be delighted with such a gift.
  9. A set of rubber toys for swimming, rattles, teethers for teeth - such gifts will bring benefit and joy.
  10. A set of cotton shirts will come in handy.

Without knowing what to give the child for christening, limit yourself to a neutral gift. Come up with an original greeting with christening. The main thing is that it should be presented from a pure heart.

Gifts to godparents - a touching sign of attention

Baptism is a holiday not only for the baby and his parents. The focus is on the child's godparents. For them, too, you can prepare gifts that will always remind you of a wonderful event. For example, such:

  • Large photo in the original frame. On the reverse side must indicate the date of baptism.
  • Festive composition, made by hand from beads, cardboard, colored paper, beads. The subject must necessarily correspond to the Sacrament of Baptism.
  • The impression of the leg of the godson, unusually designed, will undoubtedly please the godparents.
  • Souvenir figures of angels.
  • Parents can give each other icons.

Not knowing what to give godparents to christenings, we can limit ourselves to a banal gift, the main thing is that it should be decent and not carry any vulgarity and rudeness.

It is very touching if the gift of christening to the parents of the baby will be presented. The simplest and most accessible sign of attention will be flowers or a beautiful fruit basket.

Do not bypass the momentous event and grandparents. Deciding what to give a granddaughter for christening, they can opt for the following gifts:

  • personally related things
  • Golden earrings,
  • silver things
  • spiritual attributes, etc.

It does not matter what gift you will give on the occasion of the baptism of the child. The main thing that he was appropriate and brought joy.

2. New clothes

Since at baptism a person is cleansed of sins, attached to a new righteous life, then deciding what to give to the christening, it will be right to give something new from clothes symbolizing a new stage in a child's life.

In addition, this gift has a practical side: the baby very quickly grows out of clothes, and the new one will never be superfluous.

Fit and new bedding or baby blanket.

3. Required attributes of baptism

Not knowing what to give to the christening, you can directly ask parentsAre they all prepared for the rite?

If not, then a nice gift will be a new towel, a special diaper for wiping off after holy water or a traditional shirt. Supermams.ru is confident that parents will appreciate such participation and assistance in preparing christenings.

4. DIY gift

Nothing is as good as a gift filled with patience and love of handwork.

Deciding what to give to the christening, you can independently sew a shirt for the child or decorate the finished clothing with fine embroidery or merezhka.

On the towel valances will look good: a way of fillet knitting crochet.

Pleasant and harmless to the baby will be homemade toy. A soft toy can be knitted or sewn.

And more complex and solid structures can try to build men. Their contribution to making a gift for a baby can be simply invaluable! If a craftsman easily copes with a lathe or a jigsaw, has a minimum of imagination, or just listens to someone's advice, then you can get a non-standard and interesting the developing toy, a rattle or a pyramid.

5. Christian symbols

As baptism brings the child closer to the church, you can give him specific things saturated with the Christian spirit: personal icon, children's bible, etc.

Very unusual, rather painstaking in execution, and from that a very valuable gift can be embroidery on a blanket or towel prayer for the godson. Neither the parents of the baby, nor he himself, will surely remain indifferent to such a gift, when he grows up and realizes the value of giving.

6. Silver Spoon

This is quite a frequent decision of the question “what to give to the christening?”. Silver spoon becomes the first in a childstarting the study of food. Silver is a material that does not accumulate bacteria, and this is very good for a baby.

You are completely taken aback that to give to the christening, you can resort to the traditional and win-win option - toys. For a baby they are never enough and the joy of the child is assured.

Some traditions of the process of baptism are even connected with money. For example, taken to put money near a newly baptized child (in a stroller or crib). And when handing out cakes, the money is put on the dish from under them.

Since the tradition is such that parents are not allowed to attend baptism, the godparents become the main persons of the process, after the child. They are expected to receive the most help and gifts. Therefore they should be better prepared than other guests and think about what to give to the christening. The choice of the gift is yours, but the main gift for the baby is two other guardians who are ready to protect and support the crumbs.

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Gift Ideas for Godfathers for Boys and Girls

Many guests can not decide on a gift, because baptism is a sacred rite, so the gifts must be appropriate. To help deal with important nuances, it is important to understand that there are two possible surprises:

  • compulsory: they are presented by the baby's godparents,
  • обычные: гости выбирают самостоятельно или советуются с родителями ребёнка, что именно нужно малышу в это время.

Before the ceremony, future spiritual parents talk with the priest, who tells you what things you should take with you on the day of the sacrament.

Many parents draw up a festive table in a certain style that symbolizes the conduct of the rite of baptism.

What should give godmother mom and dad

Godfathers have a big responsibility for their father and father. On the day of the ordinance of baptism, they should give the child:

    baptismal outfit: dress, cap, socks for girls. For a boy, it's just a baptismal shirt. In cold weather, you can complete the kit with a warm jacket. Clothing must be white, which symbolizes purity and purity. Outfit buys godfather

You can order such a kit with a personalized embroidery for the baby.

Kryzhma: a special baptismal towel, which is also presented by the godmother. On sale there are special kryzhmy that are made of dense natural white fabric. It may also have a thin diaper made of cotton to wrap the baby in it, and then into the cottage. The fabric is usually decorated with embroidery with church symbols and patterns. It must have a cross - a symbol of Orthodoxy. In recent years, many people have bought Kryzhma with an embroidered child’s name on fabric,

After the rite of baptism, the baby is wrapped in a kryzhma. This fabric is not washed, but kept in the house where the baby lives. It is considered a strong talisman against all diseases.

pectoral cross: the main gift given by the godfather. It can be from any metal, not necessarily gold or silver. Before the sacrament, the priest must sanctify him. You can immediately buy a cross in the church. It is not necessary to give the chain, but godparents can make a joint gift and present it to the baby. Most often they use ordinary string, and the chain is bought later, for example, crumbs on the first birthday or they put on the child when he grows up.

Traditionally, the sacred metal is silver, so most often buy silver crosses.

Sometimes parents cannot choose both godfathers for a child. In this case, there must be a godfather for the girl and a godfather for the boy. Then the little girl gives the cross a godmother, in addition to other mandatory gifts for the baby. And if a male baby has only a godfather, then he buys only a cross, and the parents of the child give the kryzhma and baptismal attire. Although if the spiritual father wants, he can buy everything he needs himself.

Church gifts for the child

Such gifts are important, because the child quickly becomes attached to the faith, learns to understand the spiritual meaning. For church gifts include icons for the baby and the Bible. Of course, the relatives of the baby can also give them, but it is better if spiritual mentors - godmother mom and dad - do it.

These gifts are better to buy in the church, especially icons. There you can buy the Bible.

Giving icons to children is a tradition that has been observed for more than one century. They protect the child from negativity, disease and evil forces. You can choose several options:

    nominal icon: most often it is bought in the church after the infant is baptized. The fact is that not always a child is baptized with the name that his parents named him. If the baby's name is not an Orthodox name, the priest and mom and dad pick another. After this, godmothers can purchase and present such an icon to a baby. It must be kept in a visible place in the house. The patron saint will protect the crumbs,

The name icon is placed on the wall in the baby's room.

Measured icon ordered and made individually for each child

Icons with the Guardian Angel can be of different sizes

Before buying such an important gift it is recommended to consult with a priest, because everything is individual. For example, an infant who has poor health can buy the icon of Panteleimon the Healer. For strong protection from misfortune and bad weather give the face of the Holy Matrona.

Another very important gift will be the Bible for children. On sale there are special editions for kids, which are printed in a simpler language in the form of stories, large print, and are also provided with illustrations. Most often, this book gives the godmother. As soon as the child begins to grow up, they begin to acquaint him with the Bibles, reading stories and explaining their meaning.

The Bible for children is sure to have bright and colorful illustrations.

Variants of gifts for the christening for the girl

As for the rest, no special requirements are made to gifts from relatives and guests for the christening of the child. Of course, you can consult with the parents of the baby and buy those things that will please mom and dad and will be useful to the baby. Presents can remind of such an important event in the life of the crumbs or be just interesting and useful.

On sale there are whole sets for baptism, which can give not only godmothers, but also guests, relatives of the baby

Surprises from grandparents

Grandmother and grandfather are the closest people to a child after their parents. Therefore, they are carefully prepared and selected granddaughter original, memorable, and most importantly, a useful gift. Options may be completely different, for example:

  • golden earrings: the girl will grow up and soon her ears will be pierced, so this gift will be very useful. Moreover, it is also memorable. Today, many mothers take babies to a beautician, until they are even one year old,
  • interior doll: you can order this toy individually. The master will fulfill all the wishes of the customer, down to the smallest details. For example, a doll can be made with hair of the same color as that of a granddaughter. A dress can repeat the baptismal dress of a child. Such a gift will decorate the children's and a memorable gift,
  • silver spoon: it is often donated small baby spoons for baptism. Sometimes they order an engraving, for example, the name of the child and the date of his baptism,
  • a silver or gold coin with the image of the Guardian Angel on one side and the name of the baby, date of birth or baptism on the other.

Also, grandparents can give clothes, toys and other things that the baby will need. But usually it is given by the guests of the holiday, but from the closest relatives they are waiting for special gifts, memorable and valuable.

What do guests give for baby

In this case, the choice is simply huge and focuses primarily on the financial possibilities of the guests. The most common gift ideas for a little princess are:

  • clothing sets: the set includes several items of wardrobe, they are packed in a gift box and combined in style. In the stores of children's goods you can find many different options. There is never a lot of clothes, because children grow up so fast,
  • fluffy white dress for the first birthday: some guests prefer to make surprises on the growth of the crumbs. This is popular and is a good idea, because on average, all children under one year of age grow about the same and it is easy to choose clothes for them. And so the baby will have a chic outfit for your holiday,
  • toys: developing a rug, mobile, a pool with balls, large soft toys — this is always the way, because baptism is a holiday for a child,
  • highchair: time flies by unnoticed and after half a year it will be very useful for the baby,
  • walker: another very necessary fixture. There are many models for sale, both classic and gaming panels or gurneys,
  • copyrighted toys: today on the shelves of stores you can find truly incredible toys that would be happy and an adult. They can be sewn to order and supplemented with a personalized tag or made completely individual, so that no one else in the world has the same

It is worth paying attention that author's toys in most cases are expensive, sometimes the cost is measured in tens of thousands of rubles. Therefore, not everyone can afford to make such a gift to the baby.

  • easy chair-bed: this adaptation represents the soft padded stool executed in bright tones and added with a set of elements. The crumb can spend time in a prone position, and when he grows up, the chair is transformed so that the child can sit in it.
  • Gift Ideas for a Boy

    Of course, many gifts for christening are universal and will suit both a girl and a boy. But some options, however, will suit only one sex and are completely inappropriate for the other. Therefore, when choosing a gift, you should carefully consider all possible ideas so that the surprise will be really useful and memorable.

    What grandchildren will give to grandson

    Memorable gifts from close relatives to the boy can be as follows:

      a set of silver dishes for the baby: it can include a spoon, fork, cup,

    Such kits are sold not only in stores, but also in church

    The pendant can be not only with the Guardian Angel, you can give a personalized icon

    These kits can be ordered individually.

    Gifts from those invited to the feast

    Many gifts like a highchair will suit the boy as well. But there are other interesting options that parents of the baby will be only too happy for:

    • a chaise lounge for the baby: a very useful thing, especially when it is necessary that the crumb be in the same room with the parents and the bed cannot be moved. This invention can be worn in any part of the apartment, and there are also models with a motion sickness mechanism and relaxing melodies,
    • tolokar: it is not only fun entertainment for the crumbs, but also during a trip on such a machine, the child strengthens the muscles. After all, the basic idea of ​​such a toy is that the baby pushes himself with its feet, and only then does the car travel,
    • electric car: recently, they want to buy such an invention not only to the baby, but also the parents themselves, especially dads. Of course, an adult man will not sit down and ride in an electric car, but to operate it like a car on the console is only several times larger, dad will be more pleased. And how much joy the boy from these games,
    • baby pouf: it's also easy to move to another room if necessary. On the product there are special seat belts that fix the child so that he does not fall,
    • pool with balls: a great invention, it is not only interesting for children, but also has a positive effect on the nervous system and motility of the baby.

    Handmade christening gifts

    Every year more and more prized gifts, which are made in the style of hand made, which translated from English means "made by hand." They are individual, the master puts a piece of his soul into each product and it is always pleasant to accept such gifts.

    The undoubted advantage of the products that the professionals make by hand is that the customer can control or choose independently the material from which the gift will be made. After all, these things are for the baby, so the naturalness and safety of products is important.

    Embroidered picture

    Many are engaged in embroidery, but not everyone can do it professionally. Masters perform works so that the image on them seems to come alive, penetrate the soul and fill it with warmth from the inside. At the baptism of the baby, you can order or try to embroider a thematic picture yourself. Add her baby's name, date of birth or christening. Then in the framing workshop to pick up the frame and wrap the gift in the package.

    On the baptism of the baby embroider themed paintings

    Crib sides

    Children up to two or three years old sleep in cots, so the bumpers will be an excellent gift for christening. You can consult with your parents and order, or sew on your own, such a set that will be suitable in color to the children's room of the child. You can supplement the set and bedding:

    • cushion pad,
    • a sheet on an elastic band,
    • canopy
    • a blanket
    • rollers for the baby in the crib.

    The set should be made of their natural fabrics, it is better to give preference to cotton, so as not to cause irritation on the delicate skin of the baby.

    The sides can be made in the form of original and fun pillows

    Toy with metric

    In this style, you can give the crumbs a personalized toy with a metric. Those. it will contain information about when the child was born, with what weight and height. Today such individual toys are very popular. Some order them according to an individual sketch, so that there are no repetitions and a completely individual product is obtained.

    Often toys of this kind are not designed to play, because children quickly bring them to the wrong form. Rather, they are an interior detail and a memento. Popular toys are tilde, they are soft, interesting and original design.

    Toys can be completely different, but should be placed in size in the infant’s crib and do not take up much space.

    Volume soft letters-pillows

    Pillows in the form of beech crumbs name today - a real boom. And this is not surprising, because they:

    • beautiful: you can choose any material and color,
    • soft: a child can use them instead of a pillow when he grows up,
    • Original: serve as decoration of the room, and if you sew stitches, such letters can be fastened on the baby’s crib,
    • natural: the master is discussed in advance the material from which the pillows will be sewn, and the filler so that it does not cause an allergy in the crumbs.

    You can not give the whole name, and one capital letter, and the full name of the child embroider on the side of the letter.

    Such letters are a great decoration for a baby’s crib.

    Reversible blanket in the crib

    Donors try to make their gift the most memorable and useful. Therefore, more and more guests prefer not ordinary, factory sets of toys, but something more original, exclusive. But today for kids so much can come up with. Therefore, one of the excellent options for a gift on the day of christening will be a double-sided rug. On the one hand, it is made of soft, hypoallergenic plush, and on the other hand, it is made of natural, dense cotton fabric. Coloring can be ordered independently, and also the master will add a product with personalized machine embroidery.

    Packaging plays an important role, because it is a gift. Therefore, the manufacturer must make a beautiful plaid so that it would be pleasant to hand it to the parents of the crumbs.

    You can add a plaid and a pillow to match, then you get a real gift set

    Bombon blanket

    The blanket is sure to come in handy in the cold season. But even if the christening takes place in the summer, the bomb will be a great gift. After all, it can be used as a soft mat on which the child can play. This model of blanket is light, and the filler is hypoallergenic material, so parents should not worry about the health of the baby. The colors can be chosen brighter in one color or in several colors, so that in the future the little one will remember different tones.

    Included with the blanket can be presented as soft pillow letters in the same color scheme.

    Author's doll for a girl

    All the girls love dolls, so when the crumb grows up, she will definitely appreciate such a necessary gift. In the meantime, such a toy can decorate a baby little princess. You can order an original doll from the master, who will sew it exclusively by hand. Hair color, clothing style and the growth of such a toy are discussed in advance.

    It would be a great idea to buy a set of clothes for the baby as a gift, and order a wardrobe for the doll to be the same. Then both gifts will harmoniously complement each other: both useful and original.

    The author's doll may even be similar to its owner.

    Cocoon for baby

    Newborns are accustomed to be in a small space, they are both more comfortable and safer. Therefore, for children up to three to six months, a special cocoon for sleeping will be an excellent gift. It can be donated separately or with a set of bumpers and bedding in the crib. Another advantage of this product is its mobility: the cocoon is easily transferred to another room and the baby can sleep next to the parents.

    Cocoon helps the baby to sleep more calmly, he reminds of the presence of crumbs in the mother's belly

    Photo album for baby

    Album for a photo in the scrapbooking technique is another interesting and memorable gift. It is drawn up depending on the gender of the child, because there are many kits for making products in this style on sale. For girls - with butterflies, flowers and ruffles, for a boy - in a more aged form. Parents will be able to fill in the photo pages of the baby, as well as take notes, which then will be interesting to re-read with the child.

    You can attach a gift certificate for a family photo session to the album to keep in memory the most important moments in the life of the baby.

    Photo albums can be of different sizes.

    Is it appropriate to give money

    This issue is of concern to many guests, because adults are not always able to choose the really necessary gift. And I don’t want to give something that never comes in handy. In some cases, parents themselves even ask to make a gift in cash equivalent, and they themselves will buy what they need for their baby. Therefore, in the gift of money there is nothing terrible. But the main point remains open: how much is considered acceptable. In fact, it all depends on the financial possibilities of the donor and the salary in the region. В среднем на сегодняшний день подарок в виде трёх-пяти тысяч рублей станет вполне нормальным. Конечно, те, кто может и хочет преподнести в конверте больше, волне могут это сделать.

    День крещения младенца — большой праздник и для ребёнка, и для его родителей. Therefore, many guests, relatives and close people always come with gifts to congratulate the crumbs with the introduction to the Christian faith. Gifts can be completely different: memorable and useful, expensive and not very, made with their own hands and purchased in the store. The main thing is that they are made from the heart and with pure thoughts.