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Transparent powder: overview, palette, application features and reviews


Face powder is a product for creating beautiful makeup that is used daily by girls and women from all over the world. A variety of types, forms and cosmetic brands allows you to choose the appropriate option for each customer. What is facial powder and what are they for? This will be discussed in this article.

What is powder?

The history of the powder goes back to the times of ancient Greece, where women used any ingredients to create fine dust, which was then applied to the face. To date, the production of powder has changed, and it includes a large number of nutrients: silk, kaolin, talc, moisturizing ingredients, as well as shining particles to make the skin healthy and rested appearance.

What is powder for? It performs the functions of matting the skin, smoothing the complexion and giving it a beautiful coating. Modern technologies allow us to make this cosmetic product completely invisible on the face. There is a huge amount of powder, which are separated by the presence of certain components in their composition.

On the modern cosmetic market there is a huge variety of powders, which at the same time facilitates and complicates the process of choosing the right product. Each product performs certain functions, is suitable for different skin types and incorporates various ingredients.

The two main types of powder for the face, which differ in their consistency and are not interchangeable, are as follows:

Modern production of cosmetics involves the release of several more options that are popular with the fair sex:

  1. Cream powder. It is great for dry skin types and can replace the foundation. Why do I need face powder in the form of a cream? It does not contain alcohol and alcohol-containing components, it does not dry out the skin and girls use it as the main covering for the face. It is easy to apply with the help of sponge and does not require additional matting.
  2. Powder in the form of balls It is aimed at creating a flicker effect on the skin, which gives it a beautiful, rested look. Packed balls are of different shades and contain reflective particles that look very natural on the skin.
  3. Shimmering powder or highlighter. This is a product that has a huge amount of radiant components, and it does not need to be applied to the entire face. Enough only light movements applied to the cheekbones.
  4. Antiseptic. It is used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for the care of problem skin. The composition of this powder includes components that are aimed at combating bacteria that cause inflammation and rash.
  5. Bronzing. What is this powder for? It differs in shade from the usual cosmetic products in this segment. The composition includes pigments that create the effect of a light tan on the face and allow you to adjust the shape of the face when applied to the cheekbones.
  6. Clear powder is very popular with girls all over the world. It is used to fix the makeup, prolongs the durability of the foundation and removes oily shine without adjusting the shade.

These are the main types of powder, which are represented in the cosmetic market. There is a huge amount of cosmetics that are separated by the main component in their composition: rice, bamboo and mineral.

How to use face powder

Each type of powder requires a specific application technique in order for it to fully perform its functions and not create a mask effect. But there are some general rules of use. The first thing to note is to apply it on the substrate. This may be a tonal tool, a base for make-up or a thick moisturizer. This is an important rule, because particles of a cosmetic product can become clogged in the pores and provoke the appearance of rashes.

Applying powder to areas of skin with oily sheen should be done after using a special cloth that removes excess fat. This is necessary in order not to cause the appearance of new acne, and the effect will last several times longer.

The exact choice of shade is one of the most important rules for using powder. To choose a suitable tone that will look beautiful and natural on the skin, you need to take into account that it should be quite a bit lighter. Before buying, you should put the product on the neck and determine the appropriate shade.

Do not use the original sponge that is in the package. There are several reasons for this:

  • most often the sponge is made of poor quality material,
  • it doesn’t distribute the powder well on the skin
  • failure to comply with sanitary and hygienic norms leads to the fact that a large number of bacteria accumulate on the sponge, which are transferred to the powder.

Subject to these rules, the cosmetic product creates not only a smooth and beautiful coating, but will not cause inflammation and perform all the stated functions. What is face powder and what is the difference of all its types?


This is one of the most popular types of powder, which can be found in the beautician of each of the fair sex. It is aimed at eliminating oily shine during the day, perfectly hides imperfections and evens the skin. Compact powder for the face was created so that it can be conveniently carried with you in your purse.

Makeup artists do not recommend using it to anchor tonal tools, because the coating is quite dense and can create a mask effect. Compact powder is great for use during the day on selected areas of the skin.

What else is needed for face powder? It consists of a large number of components that are aimed at eliminating oily shine and excessive sweating in the forehead and nose wings. SPF powder perfectly protects the skin from exposure to sunlight. The advantages include convenient packaging, which is equipped with a mirror and allows you to use the tool anywhere.

  1. Before applying on areas with oily sheen, you need to use a matting cloth.
  2. Gather a small amount of powder on a brush or sponge and shake off the extra particles.
  3. Apply the product to the skin and carefully distribute it over the area.
  4. Check whether the borders of the powder are visible, and if they are visible, then use a clean brush again.

Compact powder is an indispensable assistant for girls at evening events or on the road. The main thing - to follow the rules of application and find the right shade of the product. Girls with problem skin are advised to choose an antiseptic powder.


This is the very first type of powder, which later turned into a compact by pressing the crushed product. Why do I need powder for the face in a crumbly form? Makeup fastening is the main function of this cosmetic product. It is light in texture, does not clog pores and falls on the skin with a thin natural layer. Powder perfectly mattes and prolongs the durability of foundation.

The tool does not emphasize the age-related changes on the skin, evens out the texture and corrects the shade of the face. On the cosmetic market presents a huge amount of loose powder for the face of various brands, shades and cost. The advantage of this powder is that it allows oxygen to penetrate the skin cells and does not clog pores. Makeup artists often get the question: "Why do I need powder for the face?" First of all, it protects the skin from exposure to external factors, sunlight and pollution, and also fixes and prolongs the firmness of the tonal framework.

Among the disadvantages of loose powder, it can be noted that a special brush is required to use it to obtain a thin layer on the skin. The package does not allow carrying it with you and using it outside the house, since it is a jar with a twist off cap.

Recommendations on how to apply powder to your face are as follows:

  • cleanse your skin with tonic
  • apply a moisturizer or makeup base,
  • use tonal means
  • type a small amount of powder on a clean fluffy brush,
  • lightly apply the product to the entire face.

The cosmetic market is represented by a huge variety of representatives of this segment, but the most popular is crumbly transparent powder for the face.


This cosmetic product is a favorite of many girls and women around the world. Powder is suitable for every skin type, even for the most sensitive, and is a completely hypoallergenic product. It has a huge number of advantages that make it incredibly popular. What is colorless face powder for?

First of all, it has the functions of loose powder and perfectly fixes makeup, prolonging its durability. Unlike the previous type, it does not correct the skin tone and does not cause difficulties in choosing the right tone for each girl. Powder can be applied to problem areas of the skin and under the eyes.

The technology of application does not differ from that for crumbly powder, but it is important that the brush should be large and made from natural lint. When using a sponge or puff, white spots remain on the face, which spoil the appearance.

Why do you need white powder for the face? It not only perfectly fixes the tonal base, but also smoothes the skin in the photographs and creates the effect of retouching. The skin looks beautiful, rested, matte and smooth. Make-up artists all over the world use this powder to create various images for events, photo shoots and just daily.

Powder and Tone Selection

You can buy powder in any cosmetic store, which provide the buyer with the opportunity to test the product before purchasing. Without applying the product to the skin, it is not worth buying it, since the shade may absolutely not be suitable. For a better choice, you can go outside and see how the powder looks with natural light.

The ideal option is when the powder is lighter in tone than the natural skin tone. It is necessary to check even transparent powder for the face so that there are no difficulties with its distribution and not to get white spots on the face. Before buying, you need to view the composition of the product and shelf life. Powder, which included talc in the first place, is not suitable for problem skin and for daily use. It is necessary to give preference to a mineral, rice or bamboo based product.

In stores, the seller must advise on what powder is needed for the face of a particular brand. It is better to buy two types of powder - compact and crumbly, which will be the same shade. If you need to use the powder in a public place on the face do not form spots of different colors, and the coating will be perfect. A huge variety can lead to difficulties when choosing a particular product, therefore, based on customer reviews, the best powder rating for the face is presented.

Based on feedback from makeup artists and buyers, you can make a list of several of the best representatives of this segment. With such a huge choice in the global cosmetic market, difficulties arise, as the powder must perform all its functions and have a budget value. The list is based on the needs of different skin types.

Top face powder rating:

1. Hydra Touch Powder Foundation NYX Moisturizing Powder. It has a natural composition and is perfect for girls with dry and oily skin. Powder is enriched with beneficial trace elements, eliminates oily shine and is not felt on the face throughout the day.

2. Resistant powder Infaillible 24 h, L'Oreal Paris. This powder is one of the most popular among budget analogues. What is L'Oreal face powder for? It mattes the skin for the whole day, and its composition allows it to be used daily. The texture provides a smooth and even finish, and evens out the tone and does not clog up.

3. Transparent friable rice powder Paese is a bestseller in the cosmetics market. It suits absolutely every girl with any skin type, perfectly fixes makeup and protects from sun exposure. Its cost is quite low, and it meets all the needs of customers.

4. Loose powder Naked Skin, Urban Decay. How to use Naked Skin powder? It provides makeup fixation, tint correction and the removal of oily shine all day. Powder hides the roughness of the skin and lays a thin natural layer on the face.

5. Powder with the effect of healthy radiant skin Belle De Teint, Lancôme. It consists of a small amount of reflective particles to give a fresh, rested appearance. The composition includes caffeine and apricot oil, which are aimed at combating fatigue and intensive skin nourishment.

Powder brush can both facilitate the application process and spoil the appearance of the girl. It should be wide, of natural lint, which causes a thin layer of powder, leaving no spots on the face. The brush must be constantly washed, so that the bacteria do not multiply and do not cause the appearance of problems on the skin.

Pile should be long and soft for comfortable application of powder on the face. Only cream powder is applied using a special sponge. The larger and denser the villi of the brush, the denser will be the coating on the face, and there is a risk of getting a mask effect.

What it is

Those who are accustomed to powder with a beige or brown tint will be surprised to see for the first time a transparent version. The fact that it is completely white, but when applied to the face does not leave any shade. The product is available both in a loose form in jars, and in the form of compact powder. The main purpose of this cosmetic product is to touch up makeup at work or on the road.

Due to its color and very fine grinding, white transparent powder is applied with the thinnest invisible layer and makes the skin velvety. Many compare it with the effect of Photoshop, so quickly transformed face. This is due to the reflective white particles that hide bruises under the eyes and imperfections of skin tone. Zinc, titanium dioxide and kaolin in the composition of the product are responsible for good covering ability, as well as for a snug fit to the skin. This means that the cosmetics will not crumble and last all day on the face.

The velvety skin is given by the stearates. They, in combination with white talc, allow the product to glide well on the skin, which means that it is spread by a brush with a very thin layer.

Do not be afraid that when using such a bright white powder, your face will look like powdered flour, this product has a completely different purpose. If other analogues are designed to transfer their shade to the face (or shine, in the case of shimmer products), then the transparent skin gives velvet and dullness to the skin, the face becomes rested and well-groomed.

The most important advantage of this powder is its effect - the face becomes well-groomed, matte, velvety, with an even tone and healthy color. The advantage is that the product is universal, there is no need to choose shades, and it is suitable for all ages. Also, the product perfectly masks small wrinkles and skin irregularities.

Transparent powder is applied to the face with a very thin layer, so the makeup will not be overloaded, and the pores will not be clogged, as it happens with ordinary powders. The face will remain natural, which is good both for evening and daytime makeup, and even for nude make-up.

The product does not clog pores, which means that it is ideal for oily skin, as it absorbs fat and provides haze, but does not cause black spots or inflammation.

Also, transparent powder perfectly fixes makeup, and most of these products are suitable for summer, because in addition to eliminating oily shine, they cope with protection from UV rays, because they have SPF.

According to experienced consumers, this cosmetic product works great, but, alas, does not perform miracles. So, he will not hide obvious skin problems - acne, rosacea, black spots, deep wrinkles will remain.

Also, experts in the field of cosmetology do not recommend the use of such powder, if the skin is flaky or inflamed. Be sure to do the care procedures - masks, peeling, moisturizing, otherwise makeup will only aggravate the problem, highlighting all the imperfections of the skin.

The downside is some difficulty in applying, which is characterized by a transparent powder. Unsuccessful makeup and busting can happen with any powder, and with this too, although it seems that it is transparent. And a bad surprise can give your photo. В жизни избыток пудры будет практически незаметен, а вот на фото, особенно со вспышкой, обилие белых светоотражающих частиц сделает лицо похожим на клоунскую маску - места скопления этих частичек (под глазами, на скулах или на кончике носа) будут ярко-белыми. Поэтому не переусердствуйте с макияжем.

Когда наносить

Пудра транспарентная - это финишный продукт, то есть он наносится на лицо на завершающем этапе, поверх готового макияжа для придания законченного вида и закрепления всех нанесенных ранее продуктов. Так как пудра не имеет своего оттенка, она не исказит цвета уже нанесенных средств, особенно это касается тона и румян.

Use transparency and as concealer under eye fixer. If you apply ordinary powder on top of it, you can get the effect of an unnatural mask, and a transparent one can avoid this by hiding bruises under the eyes. By the way, its light-reflecting particles even help to hide dark circles.

Among the secrets of professional makeup artists there is one with transparent powder. Since it absorbs fat well, it can be applied on the eyelids before the shadows, and not after. This will help keep the shadows from rolling away if you have oily skin. Apply concealer, then powder, then do eye makeup and powder again to fix - this make-up will not exactly “run away” all day long.

In principle, transparency can be applied to the “bare” face. If the skin is in good condition, you can simply powder it over concealer and blush to remove excess shine. This is the perfect light breathable makeup for young girls for the summer.

How to use

So, in order to achieve the very effect of Photoshop, it is important to apply the product correctly. For this you need a good brush. You can, of course, use both the sponge and the powder puff, which are usually included, but it is better to use them only on the road. At home, doing your morning makeup, apply powder with a brush - then it will lay down as thin as possible with a natural layer.

The tool must be big, fluffy and soft, then it will not pick up a lot of product and will easily spread it across the face. Type on the brush a little powder and shake off the excess. Move from the top down and from the bridge of the nose to the temples and remember that you should not re-lower the brush in a jar - another layer of powder will ruin everything.

Top budget stamps

Transparent powder today is produced by many cosmetic brands - both budget and luxury. Moreover, the effect of inexpensive analogues is sometimes not inferior to more expensive copies.

TOP 5 budget transparent powders:

1. NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder (750 rubles) - transparent mineral finishing powder, crumbly. Ideal fixes and mattes.

2. Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder (760 rubles) - reflective transparent transparent powder “Mary Kay” mattes the face well and fixes the tonal tool.

3. Manly Pro (990 rubles) - mineral powder, fine. Comes with a special HD puff for maximum thin application.

4. Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder (940 rubles) is a cheerful pink jar from a famous Korean brand. Contains cotton, orange and lotus extracts.

5. Skin food Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder (765 rubles) - another Korean, powder in a cardboard box, with a soft powder puff and a pleasant peach aroma. The perfect weightless product for summer makeup.

Luxury and professional transparent powder: reviews and specifications

Those who prefer cosmetics from expensive, world-famous brands should take a closer look at these brands:

  • Caron Poudre Libre Transparente (4550 rubles) is a truly luxury product in a large metal rounded jar. The powder itself, judging by the reviews, perfectly mattes, fixes the makeup, gives a thin and inconspicuous coating.
  • MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder (2290 rubles) - as assured by advertising, it is really transparent and invisible, and reviews of satisfied customers echo it. Transparent powder “Poppy” - a real cosmetic mast-hev.

Transparent powder can make your face fresh and rested, as if Photoshop has worked on it, but its excessive use can play a cruel joke and ruin all makeup, so keep in mind the sense of proportion.

Which tool is better to choose?

Powder is a mixture of mineral and organic components. It contains magnesium carbonate, colloidal kaolin, talc and other ingredients. Currently, the amount of talc in the formulation is reduced, it is replaced by silicates, spherical and polymeric particles.

  • pressed,
  • liquid,
  • powdered,
  • in balls.

Compressed - it is actually loose powder, which is compressed into a tablet using cellulose ethers, tragantha and water-soluble resins.

A liquid agent is a suspension of a conventional agent in a water-glycerin solution. Add fat components, alcohol, fragrances and dyes, as well as moisturizing ingredients.

Powdered or loose consists of talc, starch, fats, dry coloring pigment and zinc stearate. The ratio of these components depends on the purpose of use.

In the balls, of course, consists of balls of different shades. Such powdered skin is leveled.

  • mineral,
  • shimmer,
  • bronze or terracotta,
  • green
  • transparent.

The mineral look of the product eliminates shine, removes moisture and grease.

Shimmer gives skin glow and shimmer, as it contains gold and silver particles. It can be used in the evening, it is not suitable for daytime makeup.

Bronze or terracotta emphasizes the contours of the face. It should be used for tanned skin, pale will look unnatural.

Green masks flaws. It is necessary to apply it only on those places that need to be masked, and on top it is necessary to apply ordinary cosmetics.

Transparent means transparent powder. It gives a natural shade and is suitable for any skin type. Let's take a closer look at the transparent powder.

Makeup with a transparent makeup

This cosmetics has no tone and shade. In a container, it looks white, and on the skin the product becomes transparent.

It gives the skin a matte finish, depending on the complexion and foundation. This look is considered universal, it is suitable for any color and skin type.

Transparent powder friable, and it promotes uniform distribution in all parts of the face. With its help, you can create a weightless thin layer, so it is almost invisible on the face. Since the composition of any loose type includes components that nourish and reduce fat, it gives shine.

Its main purpose is to give the makeup a natural look and fix the makeup base, hide minor defects. At the same time, the pores remain free.

This cosmetics does not cause allergic reactions, so it is perfect for women with sensitive skin. It is indispensable for redness and inflammation. Transparent powder can disguise small wrinkles, as the particles do not accumulate in the skin folds.

However, with transparent powder, bad makeup is possible. The fact is that with this powder it is easy to overdo it and you can apply it too much. Under normal light, it will not be noticeable, but with a flash it will be displayed in white. If you decide to take a photo for memory, the photo will be spoiled.

How to apply transparency?

In order for the cosmetic to look good on the face, it is necessary to prepare the skin. You should regularly do peeling and use moisturizers, then cosmetics will go well. Apply the product should be after the foundation or foundation for makeup. This should be done with a sponge or a large brush. It is necessary to move from the forehead to the chin and from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Fat areas should work more carefully. It should be applied in one layer. But a few layers - this is an unfortunate option. Thus you can only spoil everything.

If you want to preserve the natural image, get a good complexion and do not constantly update the makeup, use cosmetics in moderation. It will hide wrinkles, smooth out and give shine. And you will look young and irresistible!

What is the powder?

The habit of puffing up your face appeared more than one thousand years ago, and for a long time not the most useful means were used for this purpose: a mixture of lead and chalk, rice starch, rice or wheat flour. Most modern powders are based on talc (one of the softest minerals), and there is no harmful lead in the composition at all, its role is played by zinc oxide. It may also contain white and red clay, flower oils, moisturizing ingredients and vitamins, which allow the product not only not to clog pores and not to provoke inflammation, but, on the contrary, take care of the skin.

What is better: powder or foundation?

Powder and foundation belong to the same category (actually, tonal resources), but at the same time have different characteristics and properties. At the same time, there is no unequivocal answer to the question what is better, and it cannot be: in different circumstances powder and foundation can be useful.

For more information about foundation creams, look here:

Mineral powder

Externally, the mineral powder is no different from the usual crumbly or compact powder, but its composition is different. It does not include substances that cause an allergic reaction, but included caring ingredients and useful minerals. This type of powder can use everything, but most of all it is most suitable for sensitive skin.

Powder in balls

Powder in balls produces not many cosmetic brands, so it can hardly be called very popular. It is sold in round jars, like crumbly, inside there are balls of compressed powder (monochromatic or colored - the latter help to make an easy color correction of the face). The main feature of this type of powder - in the composition there are reflective particles that give the face extra radiance and freshness. This powder is suitable for daily use, but girls with oily skin should be more careful in handling it: shining particles can add unnecessary shine to the skin.

Baked Powder

Another fairly rare option for face powder. As the name implies, it is baked in a special way at a temperature of 60 ° C. "Identify" it can be a certain structure: the composition of the powder is heterogeneous and more like the surface of some distant planet, visible shiny streaks. There are two types of baked powder: matte and glossy. There are more luminous particles in glossy powder than in matte. Baked powder can be used by girls with any skin type. It can be applied with a brush or a sponge.

Dry skin powder

  • Look for moisturizing and caring ingredients: vegetable oils, vitamins, flower extracts. For example, the Hydra Touch Powder Foundation moisturizing powder contains a whole scattering of ingredients useful for dry skin: extracts of cactus, chamomile, Chlorella algae, wheat germ.
  • Matting powder will not suit you (this will dry the skin even more), but cream will be the best solution.
  • Even if you choose a cream-based powder, be sure to use a regular moisturizer before applying it. Apply it with massaging movements and wait until the product is well absorbed.
  • You should not actively layering one tonal tool on another: in the case of dry skin, the risk to get the effect of puff pie is especially great.
  • Do not apply powder to those areas that are highly flaky or dehydrated the most: usually these are the cheeks and the area around the nose.
  • If you want to add a little shine to your skin, use mineral or powder with reflective particles.

Problem Skin Powder

  • Give preference to mineral powder. This does not contain oils, waxes and fragrances, which, as a rule, are part of the usual powder: they can have a negative impact on the problem skin.
  • It is better if the package will have the following marks: “for sensitive skin”, “non-comedogenic”, “does not cause allergies”.

Oily Skin Powder

  • Any matting powder suits you - compact and crumbly.
  • Avoid products with light-reflecting particles in the composition: they will provide your skin not with a beautiful glow, but with an unpleasant shine.
  • Waterproof powder will also be a great solution for oily skin.
  • Before applying the powder, use a primer: it helps matte the skin and controls the production of sebum.
  • Apply the powder in your case as follows: first, brush the entire face with a brush, and then add another layer of product to the T-zone.